Munich Police Give 'All Clear' After Mass Shooting; 9 Killed, Gunman Commits Suicide; Police Say May Have Acted Alone

Follows ax attack earlier this week


Matthias Balk/dpa/picture-alliance/Newscom

Deutsche Welle reports Munich police have given the "all-clear" after an hours long manhunt that yielded no new suspects. They say they found the body of the gunman, who had killed himself, and that he may have acted alone. Nine people were fatally shot at a shopping center, with 10 more injured. Police identified the alleged gunman as an 18-year-old German-Iranian.

CNN briefly reported police were looking for suspects with "Islamist backgrounds," as Jake Tapper tweeted.Police said they were treating the incident at the time as a "terror situation."

Munich have asked residents to shelter in place, and media outlets to hold off on posting photos or video of the incident, according to Deutsche Welle, specifically asking social media users not to share live streams of operations.

Last week, an Afghan refugee attacked several people on a train near Würzburg, and a home-made ISIS flag was found in his residence. "The violent actions of a 17-year-old on a train have exposed a naivety about the challenges of migration," The Guardian warned. If only they were so cautious about the right to bear arms as well. In Germany, guns are a privilege, not a right. J.D. Tuccille explained last year that gun laws in Europe tend to disarm victims, not terrorists and other criminals.

President Obama commented on the Munich attack while attending a policing task force. He said the U.S. would pledge whatever support Germany needed. He also noted that attack was "a good reminder of something that i've said over the last couple weeks, which is, our way of life, our feeedoms, our ability to go about our busines evey day, raising our kids… that depends on law enforcement. It depends on men and women in uniform every single day."

Despite the recent attacks, terrorism is less common and less deadly now than it was in the '70s and '80s. The shooting comes on the five year anniversary of the worst mass shooting in post-war European history, when the far-right Anders Breivik killed 77 people in Norway.

ISIS reportedly praised the attack through a newsletter, claiming Europe was "under our terror" and that the attack meant "prosperity for their fighters." Police earlier said there were "no indications of Islamic extremist involvement" but that they were not ruling it out, according to Fox News.  The Munich transit system and many of the city's major roads were closed for hours as police searched for suspects.

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  3. Apparently, ISIS is looking forward to a Trump presidency.

    1. Maybe because Hillary is more likely to put boots on the ground?

      1. Or perceived to be, I should say, since it’s all guesswork. But she has a record of military intervention and Trump has a record of being a blowhard.

      2. If Trump were to get his way, it would piss off a lot of American citizens who are muslim. That might make it easier to radicalize a few, which would be in their favor since they don’t have to grow them elsewhere and pay to import them.

        I don’t know which is worse, but either seems likely to get the same bad results we’ve already got.

        1. “May piss off superstitious zealots” is a worthless reason.

          Muslims seem to be the bitchiest of little brats on the planet. The rest of the world should maybe make this stupid cult as unfashionable as the toothbrush mustache after the 1940’s. You don’t see many people naming their kids Adolf, Mohammed and Islam need to go the same way.

    2. Now, kinnath, we do not yet know the motivation of the shooter or shooters. Perhaps this was a workplace issue, or someone was having marital difficulties or something.

        1. The punchline being that the Munich attacks were barely afforded a raised eyebrow by the IOC even during the 1972 games themselves!

        2. well if you’re going to go back decades to find german massacres to use in an argument…

          1. It’s less an argument and more ‘here’s how a modern media source would write about a Palestinian terrorist organization attacking Jews.’

        3. Canuck neo-nationalsocialists? Gidadaheah!

          1. At least it’s an ethos…

      1. Perhaps this was a workplace issue, or someone was having marital difficulties or something.

        Don’t forget that it could also be mortgage related.

        1. Come on guys. The connection is obvious.

          Trump gave his speech last night. Terror attack today. Clearly it’s a Trump supporter. Duh!.

      2. I blame the Quakers. Terrorism didn’t exist until those nutjobs came along and took over the oatmeal business

  4. Police said the current situation remained unclear but that several people have been injured.

    Have they even figured out the axe thing yet? Or are they still working on it?

    Our police might suck, but they usually at least have a comment to make within a week of a shooting.

    1. Yeah, but the comment is always something like: the suspect moved furtively causing our brave officer to make a split second decision to use his service weapon. Bullets impacted the citizen and brain matter was scattered about a wide area. The suspect later turned out to be an unarmed 86 year old whose cane was mistaken for an AR-15 in the split second our hero had to react.

      1. But it’s okay because he was actually shooting at the the guy in the wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy next to the 86-year-old.

        1. BLM demands he provide proof that he actually intended to shoot the disabled white guy.

  5. Okay who wants to take bets? Marital problems or workplace violence? Or maybe a youtube video?

    1. I’m putting my chips on frustrated gay.

    2. At work, they had discovered he was watching softcore gay porn on youtube and then they contacted his wife.

      1. Softcore gay porn… Is that a thing, or do you mean the Food Network?

      2. This is turning into Clue.

        It was Muhammed in the porn theater with a truck.

        1. Oh that’s fun. I’ll take the Iman in the Food Court with a scary Assault Rifle.

          1. What does Bowie’s widow have to do with anything?

            1. She’s available now.

            2. Heh

          2. I call Second-Generation Refugee in the Airport with a Pressure Cooker!

          3. Billy Bob at the womens health clinic with a bazooka


          4. Saudi prince in the Chipotle parking lot with a late model Lamborghini.

            1. If you gotta go, this way has style at least

            2. Saudi Prince in a Lamborghini with Chipotle

              1. Much less stylish.

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          1. You guys are the best.

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            This is why I come here.

            Not even a euphemism, homie.

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            1. Granny and I played a lot of board games.

        3. Col. Mustard in the conservatory, with Prof. Plum.

    3. Anti-Muslim, anti-left extremist?

      1. Going for the long odds?

        1. A coy reference to the shooting five years ago, babes.

          1. It’s coy references all the way down.

            1. It’s like a coy pond around here.

        2. I suppose those sure of the coming anti-Muslim pogroms aren’t so surprised.

          1. It wasn’t supposed to happen yet!

            An even more impressive prediction of mine: this summer would be baaad. Though honestly, I was expecting larger and more coordinated actions by angry Europeans. Still might be in store.

            1. It might take a little bit longer for the levels of desperation and anger to rise to pogrom suitable levels.

              1. I lean less towards pogroms (at least in anything but long term), and more towards mob or vigilante justice. And largely in response to the sexual violence, and not so much for terrorism.

    4. The NRA and Republican Christians.

      1. Wie sagt man “teabagger” auf Deutsch?

        1. Teebeuteler?

          Though I have on pretty good authority it’s just Nazi, since they’re literally equivalent.


  6. This is how groups of people end up on trains. Everybody goes to the mall. I think it hits home more than an airport, or gay nightclub attack.

    1. And I’m not advocating, I’m just saying I think the visceral reaction is different and will really get people lathered up.

      1. Your ‘end up on trains’ comment confused me in the context of this week’s earlier attack on a train. It’s trains all the way down.

        1. Ha. Sorry. How groups of people end up jammed into cattle cars and sent on a one way trip…

          1. They enlist and show up at basic training?

            1. Less chow, more beatings, but other than that…

          2. They’re afraid of flying?

          3. I asked for directions at the mimic airport years ago and the helpfull German guy told my wife and I to “go down de stairs and get on train”.

      2. get people lathered up.

        Man, these euphemisms…

    2. Yeah. I always imagined that 9/11 would have been worse if they had hit Mall of America and a random elementary school instead of the Pentagon and WTC.

      1. Yeah. I always imagined that 9/11 would have been worse if they had hit Mall of America and a random elementary school instead of the Pentagon and WTC.

        That’s what you get when you send Saudis do to a Chechen’s job.

        1. +100

        2. Thanks. Half my coffee went on my keyboard, the other half’s in my lungs.

        3. If we had Comment of the Year award, I don’t see how this wouldn’t win.

      2. I thought Saturday afternoon, Ann Arbor and Knoxville, take out 100k+ at a time.

        1. Mardi Gra, wipe out a bunch of parents kids right on the cusp of becoming a fully functional adult. You literally destroy the entire family.

        2. Thank God they don’t understand American football. I mean, I wouldn’t even root for Gainesville and College Station in that scenario.

      3. I’d have converted if they took down the MOA.

        Probably most of Minnesoda would be with me too….

      4. Then who is Ward Churchill gonna call little Hitlers? The grade school kids?

    3. Who goes to the mall anymore? Or maybe they don’t have Amazon in Deutschland.

      1. No Amazon.

        1. ? Of course they have Amazon.

      2. Have you seen how many pokestops are in the mall. Plus, clothes and shoes. You can buy ’em online but it’s hard to make sure they’ll fit even with sizing charts.

      3. I have it on good authority that the answer is teenagers. Where else are they going to go to find other teens to ogle who are wearing less concealing clothing than the school dress code will allow?

        I think it makes less sense to adults who know the value of a dollar and buy clothing intended to last for years. The kids don’t want to be made fun of for wearing anything older than a few months or isn’t currently in fashion.

        1. What, is there nowhere to go drink beer and smoke weed?

    4. Ayn Rand would write an article about how they all deserved to die.

  7. I wonder if the shooter(s) will have anything in common with the people perpetrating other recent attacks, for no known motive that anyone can imagine.

    1. This is clearly caused by a lack of Kristallnacht gun laws. In Schindler’s List, where only the government had guns, this kinda crap did NOT happen!

  8. There’s allegedly video and photos of one of the shooters.

    1. There is, a grainy cell-phone video shot from some distance. The shooter (armed with a handgun – but he can’t have that in Germany!) opens fire in front of a McDonald’s. He looked vaguely swarthy, but otherwise the video doesn’t show much.

      1. He seems to completely miss the half dozen or so people in front of him in that clip. I hope his performance stayed that poor throughout.

        1. OR he did hit them and they kept running. Unless you nail someone in the brainstem with a handgun, they won’t immediately drop. Odds are they are going to keep moving until blood loss causes them to pass out.

          1. Humans are roughly deer-sized animals, and I can tell you from extensive experience that a deer will run hundreds of yards after taking a .30-06 round through both lungs. So, it’s not unlikely that he hit someone and they kept going.

            1. Dammit, I was trying to look on the bright side.

            2. The kill shot you are talking about Animal is great for taking game as it destroys a minimum of tissue. All you are doing it allowing the lungs to collapse. People may be deer sized, but they are much more delicate creatures.

              1. True. someone I know shot a bush deer; the round picked it up and flung it spinning about five yards, it got up, sprinted off and when finally found 150 yards out in a thicket, the entire heart was missing and then some.

          2. You are correct tarran. The currently popular feeble 9mms, 40s, are hard round nosed medium velocity pop-guns. Most people don’t know better and I won’t set them straight on that.

        2. They’re now reporting the shooting that happened outside was after they were already shooting inside the restaurant.

  9. 3 shooters. US Consulate issued a shelter in place advisory in Munich.

    1. Even people at the mall?

      1. They’re screwed.

    2. This “Shelter in Place” mentality is so stupid and quite likely really dangerous.

      Ohh please dear jackbooted thug with poor trigger control on your MP5, come save me while I cower helplessly in my home where you will barge in with flash bangs to injure and deform my baby. What ever would I do without your fat rolls and doughnut stained costumes? Guide me to where to lick your boots so that I may know, in my hour of death at your hands, that you are truly a servant of the free people.

      Shelter in place my ass.

      /this comment is old feelings from the Boston marathon bombing incident. The commenter understands that Germany is not the US. The commenter also points out that it is highly likely he would be better treated by

      1. I’m feeling randy today…

        Jesse hardest hit.

      2. hmm last bit O’ comment cut off there…it WAS to say:
        The commenter also points out that it is highly likely he would be better treated by GERMAN POLICE as opposed to US Cops.

        1. You know who else was not likely to be treated well by German police?

          1. No, I was making the point that, as far as I know, the German PoPo does not go around fleecing their own citizens.

        2. Heck. I thought it was US cops visiting Germany that suddenly went berserk and started killing civvies. Tradition is a persistent thing. Besides, who else would eat at a McDonalds?

      3. That mock prayer was really, really good, Bandito.

      4. A commenter is not ready to become no one, but he is ready to become someone else.

      5. Shelter in place seems like reasonable enough advice compared against “grab a gun and look for trouble while a bunch of cops are doing the same more fearfully and less accountably”

        1. How about run the fuck away?!

  10. Sadly, I think John’s prediction that there is going to be an anti-muslim pogrom before this is over is spot on.

    The salafists want a war to the death, and the local security services are both unable to defend the people and unwilling to let people defend themselves against individual attackers.

    My guess is that the people who follow less extreme variants of Andre Breivik’s thinking are going to start winning elections, try to deal with the problems using collectivist policies, and the countries will get further polarized until violence breaks out, and the muslims will discover that Europeans aren’t quite as effete as the dominant political movements make them appear.

    1. I think it’s true of any people. Push them far enough and rightly or wrongly lead them to believe that their tribe is on the precipice of destruction, then all but the most feminized butt raped refugee fetishists will push back very hard.

    2. I don’t know if the Europeans have that same historic capacity for violence left in them anymore. I guess we’ll find out.

      1. I wonder to what extent German collective guilt will prevent them from acting against their Muslim population.

        1. Well if they did, it would help to atone for how they cozied up to Muslims in the Balkans during the late unpleasantness of 1939-45.

      2. I don’t know if the Europeans have that same historic capacity for violence left in them anymore


        1. what the flying fuck was that

    3. I don’t see it ending any other way. To me the amazing thing is is why the Muslims already living in Europe didn’t stand up and demand the governments stop the refugee flow. They are the ones who are going to end up being most hurt by this. Here you are a Muslim living in Europe and maybe not doing great but doing better than you would back in the middle east and at least able to live in peace. Then along comes a bunch of refugees, many of whom belong to the absolute worst sect of Islam and are bent on starting and fighting a war of civilizations against the west. If I am a local Muslim, I want those fuckers shot at the border if necessary to keep them the fuck away from me and where I live.

      1. Because even if they did, no one would listen to them. We only trot out minorities to support positions typically considered proggy.

        1. True. And for all we know they may have. If they did, no way would the media have reported it. In fact, I can’t recall seeing a single article that examined the attitude of existing Muslim population about the refugee issue.

        2. Because even if they did, no one would listen to them. We only trot out minorities to support positions typically considered proggy.

          Because the real threat to western civilization comes from within, specifically from within the left. The Muslim colonists and terrorists are just their means to an end.

      2. I don’t see it ending any other way.

        It could end with the destruction of all that is good about European civilization. We’ll see.

        1. The good parts seem to have survived killing a lot of people in the past.

        2. I hope not. Europe goes to the shitter and they’ll start immigrating here. It’ll be like California only worse.

          1. Presumably the first wave of immigrants will be people who are sick of socialism; these are the people we should welcome. The trick is to cut off immigration before we start getting the people who still believe that socialism could work “if only the right people were in charge.”

            1. We could try this with California. I think stopping emigration from there would be a good test. Colorado and Texas would probably thank you.

              1. If only, I just wish these guys would go to other blue states when they leave Cali instead of coming directly here. They don’t want to be here, we don’t want their policies, why is it so hard to both get what we want.

              2. As would Utah

              3. NO!!! I will not be trapped here against my will! I’m a temporary Californian I swear it!

              4. It’s the cities in California that are nuts. The more rural areas are like another country from LA-SF.

          2. I’m not sure if these European refugees would be a boon to North America either. These will be the people that surrendered the lands, cultures and civilization(s) that their (and my) ancestors have fought to build and maintain going back to before recorded history.

        3. Those are the choices. Cattle cars or Caliphate.

        4. This may be neither here nor there, but European civilization also gave us socialism and multiculturalism (and Fascism and Naizsm and lots of other neat stuff). I’m not so sure that you can separate out the good from that stuff. Maybe every civilization carries the seeds of its own destruction.

          Just a thought. And of course that doesn’t mean that you give up on trying to keep the good stuff.

          1. It really would not be a bad thing if immigration drove out Europe’s collectivist, anti-freedom cultures.

            1. People like you are the seeds of our civilizations destruction.

      3. Here you are a Muslim living in Europe and maybe not doing great but doing better than you would back in the middle east and at least able to live in peace. Then along comes a bunch of refugees, many of whom belong to the absolute worst sect of Islam and are bent on starting and fighting a war of civilizations against the west.

        I have two hypothses:
        Hypothesis 1) Fear. The people at most danger from salafists are the non-salafist muslims. So the people who would normally make these demands are afraid for their safety. So they keep their heads down and hope not to be swept up in the violence

        Hypothesis 2) Charity. They figured they had a duty to welcome the immigrants because they are all brothers in allah.

        Hypothesis 3) Gags. There are people sounding warnings, and it’s not being publicized, because the local media/political complex doesn’t want to give ammo to the right wing. They covered up the new year’s sexual assaults for how long?

          1. Also 4) “Not My Problem”.

            1. Also 5) Secret sympathy for the objectives of the terrorists.

          2. We have only two weapons, (1) fear and (2) surprise.

            Oh yes, and (3) ruthless efficiency.

        1. Probably a mixture of all three. But I bet number three a lot more than we know. Like I said above, I have never seen a single news report discussing the attitude of the existing European Muslim population to all of this. I honestly can’t see the Turks in Germany being keen on a bunch of barbarian Afghans and Syrians showing up.

          1. I’d be interested to hear about Muslim attitudes toward those of the same religion but different nationality in general.

            1. I can tell you that turks look down on arabs, as do the persians.

              1. For what reason in particular? The bestiality?

                1. Basically. They are viewed as uncivilized, deceptive, thieving, unclean ragheads.

                  1. I think you just lit the David Duke signal.

              2. I can tell you that turks look down on arabs, as do the persians.

                There’s a lot of “looking down” going around in Islamic circles. A friend of Arab extraction who took PoliSci courses at Uni with me back in the day once told me that, in Islam, the Arabs considered all non-Arabian Muslims to be “second-class” Muslims. And non-Arabian Muslims were very well aware of that uncomfortable attitude.

                Adds even more fuel to the fire, doesn’t it?

            1. Don’t forget nuclear physicists.

      4. Most of the recent terrorist attacks have come from local Muslims, not the refugees.

        1. True, but not at all reassuring, or a reason to take in more refugees.

          1. Not only do their kids not assimilate into western civilization, they go even more in the extreme opposite direction of where they should. Which is a really good argument NOT to take more of them in.

            1. Yup. Europeans seem to be figuring that out. We have yet to do so.

              1. 30,000 Somalian immigrants. Not one attack.

            2. ‘Their kids’ = ‘a tiny handful of weirdos’

              1. Why Are There Jihadists In Minnesota?

                Minnesota is home to the largest Somali community in the United States, and over the last six years, at least 22 Somali-American men have left the Twin Cities and joined al-Shabab, two of whom as recently as July 2012. These are only the confirmed cases; in fact, some community members say the number could be as high as 40. Dozens more from Minnesota and around the country have been indicted for providing material support to the terrorist group. Virtually all have been convicted.

                30,000 Somali Settlers In Minnesota Stressing Welfare System

                1. Cytotoxic is such a fucking twat it’s unbearable.

                  1. See that there block feature?

                    1. See that there block feature?

                      Touche. In another thread today I was just talking about my inability to block people. I can’t close my eyes to the derp, I can’t look away.

                2. Why Are There Jihadists In Minnesota?

                  They’re depressed by how much the Vikings suck.

      5. You’re not part of the collective or you wouldn’t even ask this question.

      6. There are some Muslims that do want to stop the mass migration.

    4. I really doubt that. You don’t understand how much people over there-specicially in Germany-fear and loathe going back to that kind of thing. They carry a collective shame over Germany’s history.

    5. this+1,000,000

    6. For once I hope Jawn is right. In all this mess, attacks on people of Jewish extraction, civilization and culture have been so frequent as to cause a Diaspora out of Europe into Israel. There mohammedan berserkers run amok for very short time intervals, and with few victims. If mohammedans were to realize they are suddenly Ground Zero and withdraw back to those parts of the Ottoman Empire the Bush Dynasty used to bombard, Europe would at least cut its losses. With any luck and proper tax exemptions, Israelis might be persuaded to return.

  11. Your counting the time period where the Irish were literally fighting an occupier on their home turf against the modern terrorism (I may be wrong on this aspect in which case correct me)? Well yeah, that’s going to result in different numbers, but it says basically nothing about the situation we are in currently.

    1. One might better construe those troubled times as a nationalist insurgency whose aims were much more ephemeral and grounded in the physical universe, versus that of modern Islamic terrorism whose practitioners and supporters are vociferously declaring their goal of divinely commanded world domination by any means necessary.

  12. “If only the NRA didn’t prevent Germany from having better gun safety lawz!!”

  13. Despite the recent attacks, terrorism is less common and less deadly than it’s been in the 70s and 80s.

    What the fuck does the fact that the Palestinians and the IRA racked up a decent body count over a couple of decades prior have to do with the current attacks?

    1. Good thing this is the last one, and not just the most recent one, so we can compare body counts. It’s not like there’s going to be another attack, right?

      1. Plus the fact that the frequency of these things seems to be trending in the, uhm… wrong direction.

        1. But, there was a much bigger European body count in WWII, so this doesn’t matter at all, even if it is escalating.

        2. I’m wondering about that. These things were fairly spread out before. What’s with the sudden uptick.

            *looks around, paranoid*

            1. That’s been going on for a while. I’m wondering why the big spread of time between the france concert killing and the next one compared to what’s happening now. Maybe it is just critical mass, does seem a little odd, though.

              1. Or Isis/associates/sympathizers see how successful the last attacks are and realize they could launch another one and get away with it. How many attacks have been stopped? That one on the French train that the Americans (and others) handled?

                1. Maybe it’s all false flags, part of the Trump campaign… Fear trumps reason…

          2. Strongman governments don’t just let their people go. Now you have three (four if you count Egypt) countries that cannot effectively control their borders. So you get a refugee flow. Then you have distributed groups like ISIS who see an advantage in striking at nations perceived by the people they are trying to rule as both (a) strong and (b)Christian. These distributed groups use the refugees as cover to move agents into the West and recruit and provision low level attacks. Its pretty much insurgency 101. Without the large number of refugees, though, the border patrol forces would be able to pick out most of the troublemakers.

            1. If that’s the case, that the country of origins can’t or won’t function like prisons, then Europe would have been overrun with Middle Eastern and African migrants centuries ago.

              It comes down to the unwillingness of the European host countries to have the balls to say no or to take any action to preserve the integrity of their own borders, to deter 600,000 others from moving in behind them. Right or wrong an unwillingness to preserve your own society will result in having others that actually do have an in-group preference that they’re willing to act on, take over your society.

              1. More important, to my mind, is the unwillingness to say “support yourself or fuck off”. Many of these people are coming for the free shit. And they and their children are going to have fuck all to do but sit around or cause trouble. The fact that the Muslim communities can exist without being particularly productive or having any stake in the broader society is the biggest problem, I think. Both because it encourages more migration and because it gives teh people who do come no reason to assimilate or be productive.

                1. The fact that the Muslim communities can exist without being particularly productive or having any stake in the broader society is the biggest problem

                  That is the giveaway that the left doesn’t see, or maybe does see but not as a negative thing. This sort of arrangement would be impossible without a welfare state. The Muslims in Europe are like an algae bloom in a farm pond, in that the resources necessary for their population to explode, figuratively and literally, would not be present under “natural” conditions, but with enough welfare runoff the whole ecosystem comes dangerously close to being irrevocably damaged. This is why it’s important to remember that the left is the real enemy. Hopefully we can cut the supply of welfare fertilizer before everything in the pond is wiped out.

                  1. Welfare jihad. Tear down the non sharia economic system by becoming a leach, breed little jihadis on the backs of the welfare system. Build up critical mass, take over.

    2. What the fuck does the fact that the Palestinians and the IRA racked up a decent body count over a couple of decades prior have to do with the current attacks?

      Both major parties are trying to tell us that we live in a “New Normal” of unprecedented terrorist activity that requires us to rethink our model of government.

      That’s why it’s important to point out that we don’t, and we don’t.

  14. “The violent actions of a 17-year-old on a train have exposed a naivety about the challenges of migration,” The Guardian warned.

    Those right-wing xenophobes at The Guardian again. (sigh)

    terrorism is less common and less deadly than it’s been in the 70s and 80s.

    “Problems” will always be defined by the way people choose to measure them.

    What’s the objective of terrorism, and why do we call it terrorism rather than mere ‘random murder’? because it is done to draw attention to a political cause, and is intended to cause a political over-reaction.

    By its own measures, its hardly ever been more effective.

    While it seems convenient and superficially appealing, the same argument about “gun violence” in the US – i.e. that it has been in long term decline, and proves that ‘wider gun ownership’ has zero correlation to crime or mass-killings – does not work when ported over to talking about Terrorism.

    Even when terror-acts ‘fail’, and kill few, they are generally as effective in their objective as when they kill many. Generating awareness that there are organizations willing to strike and kill innocents at any time is the objective. Mere casualties #s are not the measure of its effect or impact, and its misleading to pretend so.

    1. Excellent post, peasant.

  15. Despite the recent attacks, terrorism is less common and less deadly now than it was in the ’70s and ’80s.

    And? This has fuck-all to do with what?

    1. Meaningless and soon to be wrong. Good chance 2016 beats any year in the 80’s – which included an armed insurgency in the UK.

  16. J.D. Tuccille explained last year that gun laws in Europe tend to disarm victims, not terrorists and other criminals.

    I miss 2-Chilly.

      1. Away from us.

        1. Well, yeah. But that’s just a small part of the overall dream.

  17. “The violent actions of a 17-year-old on a train have exposed a naivety about the challenges of migration,” The Guardian warned.

    When you’ve lost The Guardian

    1. Reason is now officially more idiotic than the Guardian on this issue. That is a bold statement.

      1. It really is a shame that they are going full-retard to try to avoid facing the issue that there just may be a problem with adherents of a certain religion and that all immigrants are not necessarily an asset.

        1. It really is a shame that they are going full-retard to try to avoid facing the issue that there just may be a problem with adherents of a certain religion

          Really? I suspect they’re going to go full-bore in pinning this on the Jews “Zionism” and its discontents.

          1. Well, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the religion of peace.
            Could be those gay-hating Christians, though.

          2. Unless they go for full “Mossad organized it”, I’d love to see how they pivot to it.

            “Hitler killed a bunch of Jews, so the remainder up and went and created Israel ab-nihilo, and thus it’s Germany’s fault”?

  18. Sky News now saying at least six killed and ‘many’ injured.

    1. With the number jumping around so much depending on who is talking, I think we’re just going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out the truth. All we know is it’s more than one.

      1. But we may NEVER know what motivated it.

        1. Some sonofabitch was probably making a disrespectful movie in California again.

      2. The victims and their families will no doubt be comforted by the fact that they were statistically more likely to have drowned in a swimming pool.

        1. Maybe they won’t realize it at first, but they’ll find comfort once President Obama lectures them on how their racism caused this.

          1. And their obviously lax gun laws.

            1. Fucking NRA is EVERYWHERE, man.

        2. These days, they are statistically more likely to be molested by a Muslim refugee in a swimming pool than to drown in one.

          1. + 1 groped 12-year-old girl

  19. Holy shit. Just saw part of the video. Guy calmly pulls a gun outside McDonalds and starts shooting.

  20. We’ll never know the motive.

    1. I think it’s obvious that he was inspired by Republican Christians.

      1. No one has mentioned if the shooter glimpsed a Confederate battle flag yet, nor an electoral map with crosshair graphics.

        1. He was triggered by something “white”, obviously.

      2. Tha TeeeeeParty

        /Maxine Warters

  21. And Sky News jumps the shark. Says right wing groups have tried to plan these types of attacks on the dark net equating lack of actual attacks with actual attacks.

  22. My daughter just arrived in Rome and is going to Krakow next week for World Youth Day. She had a layover in Berlin yesterday. I know it’s far away but still too close for comfort. Hopefully Polish security is on top of things. The Pope in an outdoor venue surrounded by crowds would seem like a tempting target.

    1. The Pope in an outdoor venue surrounded by crowds would seem like a tempting target.

      Nah, too much security. They have learned to go for the really soft targets with little or no security nearby to respond.

    2. I read that they reinstated internal border checks in Poland weeks ago, that the U.S. is providing a lot of the security, and that security is really tight in Poland right now–all for WYD.

      I’m sure she’ll be safe.

      1. Cool, thanks for the info!

      2. There was a NATO summit in Poland (Warsaw, I think) recently.

    3. An attack on the Pope would be really unwise. It would risk turning this one-sided jihad into a full on religious war.

      1. Mmmm, I think Latin America is the only place where people care enough about the pope to still go to war for him. It’d piss off first world Catholics, but not enough to change their opinions.

      2. Deus Vult! *grabs bastard sword off the wall


          *dons mail shirt and tabard*

        2. Deus may or may not vult, based on circumstances

          Deus DEFINITELY vult!

      3. Meh. The last time anyone tried to seriously attack a pope it did not set off a crusade. Ali was a Kurdish citizen of Turkey, but he claimed political, not religious motivation.

  23. “We must immediately suspend immigration from any nation that has been compromised by terrorism until such time as proven vetting mechanisms have been put in place.”

    —-Donald Trump, Republican Nomination Acceptance Speech, July 21, 2016

    That seems reasonable.


      1. Xenophobia is the clitoris of the GoP.

        1. Are you saying it’s a myth?

          [goes home, sleeps on couch]

          1. I’m just squeezing Gillespie’s best line from the RNC wherever I can.

            1. That’s barely even a euphemism.

          2. I would be speechless but Reason doesnt allow a speechless post.

            But I did lol.

    2. Have you read nothing from Reason over the past 2 days?

      1. But it still seems reasonable!

        1. Look, it simply CAN’T be reasonable. Because TRUMP!
          Do you see?

      2. “Calm down everyone, Trump is the real threat…”

        1. Nah, it’s a tie.

    3. Is there a lot of immigration from Germany to the United States?

      1. There may be native born Germans who’d like to apply for asylum in the United States since they’re fleeing all the hate brought by asylum seekers.

        I also think that Swedish women under the age of 35 should be free to come and live here–just the women.

        God damn the government that keeps Swedish women from immigrating to the United States.

        In all seriousness, I wonder if SJWs’ heads explode when you ask them what to do if rape victims find the presence of Muslims triggering.

        1. They don’t care. Concern over triggers only applies if it caused by non-mtf men in general or white men in specific.

        2. I like your “more hot blondes” policy, Ken.

    4. It seems vague, and incredibly stupid if it means anything but areas overrun by ISIS or other crazies.

      Wow you really have your head up Trump’s ass don’t you Ken?

  24. My God, Zombie Hitler has arisen from the grave to launch his zombie beer hall putsch. I always knew this terrible day was coming.

  25. You know who else shot people in Germany?

    1. The Nuremburg firing squads?

    2. The 101st Airborne?

      1. Currahee!

    3. Two of my uncles and my Dad?

      1. (Well, technically, my Dad dropped bombs on people in Germany.)

        1. My grandpa flamethrowered a few. Told me out of nowhere. It was an odd day.

          1. Kind of odd to realize that a beloved old relative once burned people alive. Gramps was likely more badass than you could ever imagine.

          2. I smell knockwurst.

          3. My grandpa was captured by them in Belgium. So, I guess I am here, today because of your grandpa and his flamethrower.

            1. He was also captured. Battle of the Bulge.

              1. Damn.

                Se if you can get a beer or two in him and get him to open up to you playa.

                Tell him honestly how you would love to tell your grandchildren about your granfather.

                I bet he has some hair raising tales.

                1. He died in January. I’m the only one he told.

        2. Might’ve dropped bombs on my old babysitter then. She lived in Dresden.

          1. Nah, Dad never saw Dresden.

            Funny story: When I was sent to Germany for the Balkans dust-up in 1996, I landed in Frankfurt at Rhine-Main AFB in Frankfurt. Once I got into some quarters, I found a phone and called Mrs. Animal and then the folks to let them know I was in Germany OK. When I mentioned where I’d landed, Dad told me “Oh, I saw Frankfurt once.”

            I didn’t get it at first. “But Dad,” I said, “I thought you were stationed in England?”

            “Well,” he said, “we didn’t land.”

            1. And apparently I really wanted to emphasize that I landed in Frankfurt.

    4. My dad’s uncle, who still won’t talk about it?

    5. The Red Army?

    6. A generation of American heroes?

    7. Santa?

    8. The Russians?

    9. The English?

    10. Bestiality porn producers?

      1. “Mom… If you were in a German schei?e video… You’d tell me, right?”

    11. Gustavus Adolphus?

  26. Comment section of regional paper in my blue state has someone arguing to go in and glass parking lot the Middle East and feed the males to pigs and the response has been that arguing against the details, instead calling the whole thing immoral genocide. Wow.

    I am really surprised there hasn’t been a backlash, even if it’s just a mob armed with baseball bats and clubs, in Europe against Muslims or Muslim looking people.

    1. Well, on the plus side, a few Italians will get beat up by mistake.

      1. That made me smile.

        1. Yup! Laughs like that are why I read the comments (instead of the articles) here…

    2. I am really surprised there hasn’t been a backlash, even if it’s just a mob armed with baseball bats and clubs, in Europe against Muslims or Muslim looking people.


      1. I would expect that in France more than Germany.

        1. It’s come to this: The French are quicker to violence than the Germans.

          Didn’t see that coming.

          1. That just means they will surrender sooner.

    3. We sure there hasn’t been? I imagine that’s one of the things that European governments would cover up along with all the rest.

      1. They might try to cover it up, but that’s hard to do effectively in the cell phone and internet era. Those sympathetic to the perps would have that all over their websites and inevitably US-based fascists (think Stormfront) would pick that up. From the other side, the victims’ families would publicize this and the anti-fascist crowd would be all over that and it would eventually hit US-based commie websites (Jacobin?).


        Read the translation. If we lived in Germany, everyone on this thread would have their homes raided this weekend.

        1. “The number of cases right politically motivated hate crimes on the Internet have increased significantly in the wake of the European refugee situation,” said BKA President Holger M?nch. “The hate crime in the network must not poison the social climate.”

          How do these people say this shit with a straight face? The left is just fucking evil.

          1. I don’t support it at all. But I at least understand where the notion comes from in Germany. I don’t know what excuse countries that didn’t generate the Third Reich have though.

            1. It’s rooted in the same sort of white/western guilt mindset. Just in Germany’s case it’s on steroids.

          2. “hate crimes on the internet” should be a completely absurd phrase. Man, they are fucked.

        2. I don’t want to go there. Can someone summarize – how many homes raided, who were the raid targets, etc?

          1. 60 home raids. Mean people who said impolite things about Muslims were the targets.

            “The authors of criminal hate postings threatening severe penalties. The Internet is not a legal vacuum. For crimes in the network there is no tolerance. “Maas warned but also the civil society had the responsibility to take action against radical agitation. “Analog and digital: We must not leave the field to radical agitators. The silent majority must not remain silent, “Interior Minister Thomas de Maizi?re (CDU), said:”. We have moral principles – offline and online “Linguistic violence is unacceptable, and prepare the ground for real violence.. “Even the criminal law applies on the Internet,” said de Maiziere.

            Don’t think they would take kindly to woodchipper humor.

            1. The silent majority must not remain silent

              Yeah, somehow I don’t think he’s going to like the results if they start speaking or acting.

            2. Holy Crap! Thanks, Drake.

            3. Linguistic Violence

              Now that’s a band name.

              Paging Heroic Mullato !

              Paging Heroic Mullato !

              Please pick up the white courtesy phone.

              Can you give us a definition of linguistic violence please ?

          2. “For hate comments on the Internet some relatively heavy fines imposed by courts. “Merkel has to be publicly stoned,” wrote one user, and then had to pay 2000 euros. ”

            Woodchipper-related threats more expensive or cheaper than stoning?

        3. Some of us can actually read German. :-p

          1. I wish I couldn’t. That was a real Nu?knacker.

            1. N?sse.

              (And H&R’s idiotic commenting system makes me add this because it has a thing against the letters in the second half of ISO-8859-15.)

              1. It has a mind of its own. I have written complete German sentences with no English before, and it took it. Other times I put one German word in English and nope.

    4. I am really surprised there hasn’t been a backlash,

      There has been. the EU media have kept a very tight lid on reports about populist anti-immigrant sentiment, lest they discover that readers respond “WELL GOOD!” in a shockingly-high-percentage

      basically, the establishment is terrified to even acknowledge opposition. instead, they tut tut these things the same way Obama does, and say, “That’s not us” – which is an especially patronizing remark when you’re talking about a Nativist backlash. Their entire complain is that *it IS ‘us’*

      1. complaint

        re: “It IS ‘us'” – the complaint being that the native tax-paying citizens are frustrated that their concerns are being ignored. Politicians cease listening to the public, and instead pretend that “They Know Better”. Its not a good look.

      2. Well at least they are keeping everything under wraps. It’s mildly better than the Sony approach, keep a lid on everything reasonable and highlight the worst elements.

      3. And like previous backlashes, it will fade.

        No surprise it’s most felt in eastern Germany. Eastern Germany is worst Germany. Backwards, rife with skinheads and commies.

    5. There has been a ton of suppression of even negative comments about Muslims by the German government.

  27. Who could be behind such a thing? The Amish? Those xenophobic neo-nazis? Donald Trump? I have no clue….

  28. Clearly they were adamant fans of Burger King.

      1. The Whopper with Cheese is vastly superior to anything except Whataburger, Five Guys, and — according to their Reputation — In’n’Out Burger. The french fries and everything else are terrible.

        1. Bullshit! Bang! Bang! Bang!

        2. In N Out is solid. Just don’t expect to actually be in n out. The lines are always so long it’s not really fast food.

          1. In N Out = disappointing fries.

              1. Animal style tends to give me explosive pants-shitting episodes. So, perfect choice.

                1. Wait, Chipotle has Animal Style too?

              2. I think the secret may be to order the fries “well done.”

        3. That only works when it is prepared properly, which it usually isn’t. Like Toad-style Kung-Fu, when practiced properly, it is invincible.

        4. Fatburger’s okay, too ? at least here in Canuckistan.

          On the other hand, Red Robin has turned into a complete abomination that serves dessicated, carbonized hockey pucks instead of actual burgers.

          And now, we return to our scary European Muslims thread, already in progress…

          1. I loved Fatburger, but the one near me closed.

          2. Red Robin has turned into a complete abomination that serves dessicated, carbonized hockey pucks instead of actual burgers.

            I thought that was “Steak and Shake”… But the shakes are mighty tasty.

        5. I like some of the thickburgers from Hardee’s best personally.

        6. Wait, you came out here for your honeymoon, and you didn’t try In N Out? There’s one at the airport.

        7. Five Guys

          A Five Guys is supposed to open up this summer down the block from my office. Are they really that good?

          1. Not as good as In N Out, but they have a lot of customization options.

          2. I have been unimpressed with Five Guys.

          3. They are good. Tried Habit Burger this week – maybe better than Five Guys or Smashburger.

          4. Bacon cheeseburger, lettuce, grilled onions, jalape?os.
            Add whatever condiments you prefer.

          5. Solid. Not great.

          6. Are they really that good?

            Worth going once to determine for yourself if they’re better than your local best burder place? Yes.

            Better than your local burger place or even just your preferred semi-local chain? Probably not.

            I wouldn’t say their portions are small or that their burgers aren’t good but I always feel like I overpaid. Like I can readily go to a half-dozen local places and get more or better food for the same price.

          7. I like Five Guys, but they have a peculiar presentation. They wrapped every burger in foil, which sort of squashes the buns. And can make the buns soggy is you don’t unwrap them fairly quickly.

            You will be served a ridiculous amount of fries, though. It’s sort of their thing.

            The best burger I’ve ever had was at the original Shake Shake location. I haven’t tried any of the new locations to see if the quality has stayed high.

            I really like In n’ Out as well, but their fries are terrible. Just terrible.

            1. And go for the Cajun spiced fries at Five Guys. Sort of like Rally’s fries, which are some of my favorite fast food fries.

              1. And that was Shake Shack.

                Stop talking to me. I goofing off at work here, dammit.

            2. Colorado has Good Times which really is a very good burger, unfortunately it is really not one you “crave” too often. I don’t know why.

              1. “I hate The Colonel, with his wee beady eyes and that smug look on his face. ‘You’re gonna buy my chicken. Oh!'”

                “Dad, how can you hate The Colonel?”

                “He puts addictive chemicals in chicken making you crave it fortnightly, smart-ass!”

            3. I love Five Guy’s fries when they’re well done.

              There’s a Shake Shack opposite Barclays Center now – I’ve had the original and it tastes the same to me. Good but a little greasy.

            4. Madison Square Park Shake Shack, so damn good!

          8. They’re decent. A little different from most of the others in that the burgers are “well-done” but not in a horrible way.

  29. terrorism is less common and less deadly now than it was in the ’70s and ’80s.

    Well, the Olympics are coming.

  30. Some of the Munich Police are wearing bright fluorescent green reflective vests while they’re searching for the gunmen.

    Safety first!

    1. Its fucking Germans. If the rules say they have to wear vests near traffic, then by Gott they vill.

    2. Yeah, makes it easier for the gunman to see you, but also makes it easier for your fellows to see you and not accidentally shoot your ass when they see a gun. Uniforms in militaries are used for good reason.

      1. Just not the one your thinking of, Thirty years War? anyone?

  31. asked via Twitter for Munich residents to remain home

    M?nchen stark! Ach, zu bald…

  32. Obama commented on the Munich attack while attending a policing task force. He said the U.S. would pledge whatever support Germany needed. He also noted that attack was “a good reminder of something that i’ve said over the last couple weeks, which is, our way of life, our feeedoms, our ability to go about oru busines evey day, raising our kids… that depends on law enforcement

    (image of obama shoving cop-sucking Trump aside, dropping to his knees, shouting “MY TURN!!”)

  33. Police Work Will Make You Free

  34. Slate commentators think the shooter is Alt-right and hates Muslims. According to their completely unsourced comment he shouted he hated foreigners before shooting. I can’t imagine how bad your bubble must be to have this as your first assumption. It could end up being true, but it’s not likely.…..unich.html

    1. Just watched some video of a guy on the mall roof parking lot they say is the shooter and he’s yelling about welfare or something.

      1. Seriously, dumb ass, whelp, this news event isn’t going to get buried anytime soon.

      2. Ah. translation says he grew up in area, is german. It’s weird. He’s just wandering around on the open top deck and actually talking with the guy filming him from another building.

    2. Apparently ISIS has claimed responsibility. The left can deflate their collective boner now.…..ed/326016/

      1. Alright, ISIS has claimed responsibility, but I found out where the reports of nationalist came from. According to the Sun:

        “One of the gunmen screamed “Schei? Ausl?nder” meaning “f***ing foreigners”, it’s been reported.

        The man was heard shouting the racial slur, according to

        There is also reports that a video has been shared of an apparent shooter shouting “I am German”.”…

        1. What I don’t get is, if you are a nationalist, why would you start shooting your own people first? A mosque would be a much better target.

          1. I’ve wondered that too. Breivik (sp?) targeted some socialist summer youth camp because he blames the socialists and communists for the migrant problem. But at the same time, if vigilantism is the method you’re going to choose, why not target some salafist Imam or Muslim gangsters that literally litter the streets of Oslo? Instead he opted for children that were probably only socialists and at that youth camp because of their parents.

        2. Sounds like the kind of thing someone near the gunmen might yell, too.

          Or something a ‘witness’ would lie about.

          1. Ah, don’t go conspiracy theorist. It’ll come out pretty quickly once they figure out his name what his motivation was.

            1. I’m just asking questions!

              I’m trying to make it clear that I’m not ‘pushing’ one narrative or another or anything like that. The reports on this thing are all over the frickin’ place.

        3. There is also reports that a video has been shared of an apparent shooter shouting “I am German”.

          I bet that doesn’t quite have the same ring as “Ich bin ein Berliner.”

      2. Awww man. I was so sure my bias would be confirmed this time. Fuck. Time to drown my sorrow in PBR and Mcnuggets.

      3. ISIS claims responsibility for things they have nothing to do with all the time.

      4. “The left can deflate their collective boner now.”

        The irony….

        1. CNN has revised its report that Munich police described the suspects they wre looking for as having an “Islamist background.

          I bolded the part that signifies that it’s a little early for you to spike the football. YES INDEED LETS INDEX THIS THREAD showing you giddy at the notion that a nationalist did this, you degenerate.

    3. I can’t imagine how bad your bubble must be to have this as your first assumption.

      Let us not forget the genius of Brian Ross.

  35. A Five Guys is supposed to open up this summer down the block from my office. Are they really that good?

    I’ve eaten at the one out here twice. Better than McDonald’s, but hardly what I’d deem awesome. Good shakes, though.

    1. Steak and Shake or GTFO!

      1. Completely unmemorable.

  36. Hmm, I guess those stricter gun control laws in Germany don’t work too well either.

    Of course the fact that theirs don’t work actually proves we need more over here!

    /prog logic

    1. Apparently, guns aren’t completely banned in Germany, so that’s why this happened.

  37. Obama: Munich Attack Reminder of Importance of Law Enforcement in Keeping Us Free


    That’s odd. Every time I see a cop I see an impediment to freedom.

  38. Update: Reports coming out now that it could be a domestic terror group motivated by anti-immigration sentiment.

    I am gonna hold off until more info comes out.

    I am getting too worked up lately. I sound like a troll even to myself.

    1. Dueling narratives from “witnesses” on Twitter and news reports. I’m thinking it’s probably non-Muslims, since they don’t seem to be martyring themselves. Watch it actually be Jews for once. The reaction to that would be a fucking shit show.

  39. It’s the 5th anniversary of the Anders Breivik attack.

    And, one of the shooters allegedly spoke unaccented German.

    Ruh roh.

    1. A video is being shared of apparent shooter on parking garage shouting “I am German” (bystander yelling back “No, you’re a wanker”)

      1. Yep, you called it. Gratz, still going to wait a bit, but odds are likely this is a nationalist who has really weird tastes in targets.

      2. You didn’t say 5 years ago today. Disqualified.

        1. Because I assume you’re not all ignorant rubes who don’t know the import of the day!

          (it was a coincidence when I first googled for info on this attack; there was a related RT link about the anniversary of Breivik’s attack)

      3. So. Lotto numbers, please.

    2. The question then is what would the motive be for this particular attack. Breivik targeted a young leftist summer camp, right? And while this one started near the Interior Ministry (from what I saw, anyway), is there any rhyme as to why they started shooting at the people they did?

      Time for another drink until more info comes in.

        1. I will have a fuckin’ drink, just for sociability’s sake. And cause I’m a fuckin’ drunk.

          1. I like you. Do you like me?

            1. When given to utterance of that type, consider drinking.

      1. Sure, Summer camp for young leftists run by mainstream left-of-center political party (their equivalent, very roughly speaking of the US Democratic party). While that seems creepy by US standards, where most camps are run by religious interests or as for-profit ventures, apparently it’s how things are done over there.

    3. You know who else spoke unaccented German?

      1. Which German accent counts as unaccented German?

        1. Hochdeutsch. At least that’s what is overwhelmingly taught to auslanders like myself, and from where they pool most of their news anchors and radio broadcasters.

        1. That’s not German at all.

      2. Mercy in the English version of Overwatch, to the annoyance of Swiss players?

      3. Every native born child of immigrants in Germany?

      4. Well, certainly not the F?hrer, who spoke with an Austrian accent (though he tried to suppress it, so as to sound more like a “real” German).

        1. Real Austrian, like Swiss, is completely unintelligible to the average German. Under other circumstances they would be considered different languages. Like French v. Spanish or Italian.

          1. Not at all Austrian. Austrians drag out their syllables as compared to Hochdeutsch but it’s very easy to understand, even with my foreign ear. Though I will agree, Schweizdeutsch is completely alien to my ear. It really should be considered a different language in my opinion. I vacation there once every few years and I’m more than conversational with my German, but I have a very hard time understanding them. Alemannic would be a better word to denote what the Swiss Germans speak.

            1. The first time my parents went over to the old country (1987) to visit Dad’s cousins, they went to Switzerland and northern Italy. Dad’s cousins (Bavarian) couldn’t understand Schwyzerdutsch. They (and to a lesser extent I) didn’t seem to have much difficulty with Austrians when I visited in 1989.

              1. Understandably, the Bavarian variety is much more similar to the Austrian variety than it is to the Hochdeutsch spoken in the North and West.

            2. It depends on whether you were hearing the accent or the dialect. I have heard samples of Austrian that I couldn’t understand at all, and I am reasonably good at German. I had a teacher in Germany who had a thick Bavarian accent but was otherwise perfectly understandable – if the same guy went home and spoke Bairisch with his family I would be lost.

              1. So I don’t mean I like the sound of an Austrian speaking Hochdeutsch. I’m talking about dialect. I was educated in Hochdeutsch and as a youngling I found Austrian much easier to understand. Your take on it surprises me is all.

                1. Falco spoke some Austrian dialect on his albums. It is completely unintelligible without the liner notes.

                  Anyway I had a weeklong ski vacation in Austria once… my god what a beautiful place.

                  1. I was taking a bus to Switzerland from Munich. I fell asleep on some dreary stretch of autobahn, then somewhere around Salzburg the bus hit a speed bump which woke me up and I found myself riding through a fucking fairy tale. There was what seemed like neatly trimmed grass growing up the side of mountains, Gothic cottages flanked on all sides by flowers in full bloom, and the occasional waterfall to really set the mood. It literally took my breath away to be so suddenly in the hurled into the heart of beauty.

      5. Well, certainly not the F?hrer, who spoke with an Austrian accent (though he tried to suppress it, so as to sound more like a “real” German).

    4. Uh-oh. Way to fuck up all the jokes about how obvious the reason for the attack is upthread.

      1. Well when you hear hoof beats you don’t normally think Zebras. If these guys had attacked a target actually associated with immigrants, we’d have been singing a different tune.

        1. I can’t say I saw that coming (assuming it is true).

          But I do think Zebras.

              1. ^^^ nicely done.

      2. Well, considering there’s also a lot of talk about the obvious potential for backlash against Muslims by far-right groups, it’s not like we’re entirely stuck on one narrative.

        1. A nationalist killing people because he’s pissed about the migrant crisis is part of the same larger story. File under “inevitable shit” that happens as a result of the supposedly harmless mass migration of third worlders to Europe.

          1. “File under “inevitable shit” that happens as a result of the supposedly harmless mass migration of third worlders to Europe.”

            Ah down to blaming the victim. This must be your ‘I’m right even when I’m wrong’ move.

            1. Kray Kray headline:

              Munich Police Say They’re Looking for Three Islamist Suspects in Fatal Shooting of 8 People

              Ah down to blaming the victim. This must be your ‘I’m right even when I’m wrong’ move.

              Does this mean you acknowledge that the indigenous population is the the victim of the policies you love?

      3. No kidding. I hope someone archives this thread so we can see who all the mooks. What a bunch of morons.

        1. I’m adding this to my archive, filed under Cytotoxic’s dumbfuckery.

    1. So I guess Estates are people?

      1. Well, it did tweet last night.

    2. George Harrison is so fine, doo lang doo lang doo lang.

  40. A very handsome man just pointed out to me that it is the 5th anniversary of the Anders Brevik attack.

    1. Uh-oh…. But then why shoot up random people at a mall and elsewhere, instead of attacking a refugee center or a mosque…?

        1. McDonalds. American imperialism.

      1. Just stating a fact. We won’t know another for 4 days.

        1. “We won’t know anything for another 4 days.”

      2. Brevik went for a govt. building and a political party youth retreat. Heretics first, infidels later?

        1. Brevik also spent a lot of time planning his attacks out. This could just simply be a case of it being a lot less unplanned, i.e. “I lost my job to a Turk last week and no one cares, better get a gun and shoot some place up…”

          1. How was he able to get a gun in Germany? I thought Germans lived without fear of armed attackers.

    2. And we’re again getting reports of multiple shooters. How many times has that turned out to be false?

      1. Multiple times. which turned out to be just once.

        1. And her picture explained why he was willing to die.

            1. All humans agree about this.

              Her face looked like a kangaroo’s asshole.

      1. I can speak from direct experience, stick with Allegedly.

    3. Brevik was very specific and diabolical in his assault. A camp for the elites’ kids, and a police uniform, so he could stroll right in and they would actually ran to him when the shooting starts. The video just shows a guy blasting at random people on the street.

      1. And…? Some less well organized nut might have been inspired by him.

        1. I’ve known a few Germans. Even the nutty ones were organized.

  41. One shooter has reportedly shot himself.

    1. I’m starting to think the reports of multiple gunners is incorrect, as it has been in other recent incidents.

      Apparently the videos posted to social media thus far have shown the same left-handed shooter. They’ve also only shown a handgun despite reports of long guns being used.

        1. So only one gunman has been seen and all the shooting was done at the McDonalds it looks like.

          1. “” all the shooting was done at the McDonalds it looks like.””

            The shooting started at a mall.

            Der Michy Dees was after

            1. Okay that weird then, the video of the McDonalds shooting looked like a guy trying to work up his nerve to fire the weapon. May really be multiple people then.

          2. Shooting was also done from on top of a nearby parking center (there’s video of it — handgun, like at McDonalds). At least one shot fired from there, though it’s not clear if anyone was injured from the shot.

            1. I think the parking center is part of the mall.

        2. One of the deeper links claimed the perp used German social media to spread word there would be Free Food at the MacDonalds. Has anyone taught the Germans how to say TANSTAAFL? That bit of knowledge might have thwarted this entire stupid episode.

    2. See! See! I knew there’d be a way to blame this on drugs.

    1. Fuck, multiple shooters on the loose, and this is why you want your general population unarmed?

    2. Would be kind of funny in a place like San Antonio where he would be catching return-fire from armed civilians by the 3rd round.

  42. Steak and Shake or GTFO!


  43. Mark Cuban apparently hasn’t been paying attention to Hillary Clinton.

    She has told us why we should vote for her in one short sentence: “I have a vageen!”

  44. Tinfoil Time with Tonio: This is a false flag operation run by the German government to develop a pretext to round up all right wingers. Those not rounded up will get the message to STFU about any problems with immigrants.

    1. That’s like tinfoil-squared.

      Because the assumption about Erdogan is already tinfoilish (albeit very plausible); leveraging that into “Now Germany is Copy-Catting”… is, well, one big bag of mixed nuts.

      The germans are too businesslike for that sort of shit. they’d have so many forms to fill out.

      1. No, let’s go full tinfoil-squared sail forward!

        This is a Double Indemnity situation. Merkel has her people prod some contacts in Turkish army to launch a premature, unprepared coup on the assumption that NATO will interfere. Coup founders and Erdogan sweeps up.
        In return, he has couple of his fans in Germany shoot up a whole bunch of Germans under right-wing auspices so Merkel can do the sweep.
        Only one man knows the truth – Jason Bourne.

        1. Sir, I like the cut of your jib. Do you have a web-log thingy to which I could subscribe?

          1. Sir, I like the cut of your jib.

            I approve of continuing the sail-theme above!

            Unfortunately, I only use darkest of webs for my log things. Lady Shelob knows how to keep things secure.

    2. Given what was reported by Drake, above, maybe not so tinfoil after all. I wonder it this was retribution for that roundup.

    3. Last week they were already rounding up right-wingers without any excuse. Why bother?

    4. Killing 6 Germans, and losing the shooter(s) for hours and so making your law enforcement look weak, does not strike me as expected Prussian efficiency.

      1. Well, of course not MJ. Munich is in Bavaria (Southern Germany, their redneckistan), not Prussia (Northern Germany).

        1. Austria: West Virginia with more complex music!

  45. Police say there are “no indications of Islamic extremist involvement”

    Well, except for the “random, public mass-murder” part.

  46. Germany need some way to honor the dead and encourage national unity. Arm bands, perhaps.

    1. A traditional yet modest beer hall gathering?

      1. I’ve actually been to Hofbrauhaus in Munich. It had honest to God Germans in lederhosen. Not the servers either. People showed up to dine that way. Totally worth the price of admission.

  47. I take credit for the attack. It was my fault. Sorry. 🙁

  48. How are those “Gun Free” countries working out for you?

    1. Come to think of it… I’ve never heard a word about the Kristallnacht gun laws ever being repealed…

  49. Do you guys know about BALCONY MAN yet?

    This is fucking incredible.

    Dude is yelling at the terrorist from his balcony and calling him a cunt (sorry, Ken Shultz).

    1. Did that hit the building?

    2. Balcony man: “They must have been shitting into your head” (A German slang for “Your mind is fucked up)

      German slang is almost on par with Aussie slang. Awesome.

    3. That’s ballsy as Hell.

      Shooter: “I grew up here in the Hartz 4 (unemployment benefits in Germany) area, in the [unintelligible] region here in Hasenbergl.

      Is this one of those “no go” areas?

      1. I had that question too. And, they have a whole area for unemployed people? The Germans concentrate their poor in camps neighborhoods?

        1. I interpreted that to mean a poor area where everyone is on welfare, like housing projects or ghettos here in America.

          1. So, like saying “the projects.” That makes sense.

      2. No. There are no ‘no go’ areas. They are a myth.

        1. I’d call you a fucking liar, but I know that you say this out of ignorance, willful or not. I’ve been to parts of Marseilles and Rotterdam where police officers explicitly told me not to venture into unless I was a Muslim. My wife lived on the periphery of a no-go zone for 6 months, and she left so we wouldn’t live under the threats of assault that Somali refugees were promising her while going to and from work. Shut the fuck up already.

    4. If only he WERE ARMED.

  50. I’m afraid this whole things going to get worse.

    1. Not with BALCONY MAN as president.

      1. He’s a hero, or should be given the circumstances.

        I hope I can say snide things to my killer, if the worst happens.

      2. I’d rather vote for the Glasgow cabbie that kicked a burning terrorist in the balls.

    2. What’s a little surprising to me is how not bad it is in the death toll category. We’ve had, what? 4 or 5 of these things lately (I’m losing count)?

      Total death toll circa 150? And it’s only that high because of two very large scale attacks.

      Have bombs gone out of favor? Do Jihadis really not care because the whole point is just to piss people off (doubtful)? Are they just fucking incompetent? I don’t get it.

      1. I don’t know if frequency is worse than single loss. It’s some combination that’s terrible.

      2. Have bombs gone out of favor?

        they used explosives in Brussels

        and i think your count is low.


        Paris attacks = 130/368
        Brussels attacks = 32/300
        Nice attack = 84/303

        these don’t count a handful of shootings (e.g. charlie hebdo, others) or things like the axe attacker.

        1. Like I said, I lost count. I was primarily referring to the last few months, however.

          My real point was the death toll/incident ratio seems low.

          1. My real point was the death toll/incident ratio seems low.

            See my comment above, re:

            Even when terror-acts ‘fail’, and kill few, they are generally as effective in their objective as when they kill many. Generating awareness that there are organizations willing to strike and kill innocents at any time is the objective. Mere casualties #s are not the measure of its effect or impact, and its misleading to pretend so

            1. No disagreement. But more casualties would certainly strike more terror. 9/11 was much more effective than axe boy. And I can’t imagine going on Jihad and saying “well I’ll just take out a couple infidels and head up to my 72 turnips.” But then again, I’m not a Jihadi.

              1. 9/11 was much more effective than axe boy

                Well, in the sense that i doubt Germany is going to re-invade afghanistan, yes.

                In the sense that either event might result in near-term xenophic reactions, and the imposition of Patriot-Act-esque security measures? they’re similar.

            2. That rag… er… moosulmen were eager to kill with not thought of collateral damage was hammered at in Mencken’s “Treatise on Right and Wrong” back when? 1936? Berserkers have been a thing in the Ottoman Empire since dirt. But only since George Holy War Bush have we actually popped up on their 11th-Century radar.

        2. Course, we’re not even counting terrorist attacks in Muslim countries. Baghdad suffered that awful mall bombing last month, with a couple hundred deaths if I recall correctly.

          1. AND there was the Next Prophet whose minions took over Mecca a week or two before the storming of the US embassy in Teheran, back when Jimmy was president. Nobody mentioned that until a book came out 30 years later.

      3. AQ used to kill A LOT of people at once because they were a big well-funded organization that could pool a lot of talent and ability. These newer guys are ‘affiliated’ with ISIS but not in a meaningful organizational way (usually). They are decentralized and lack access to the same resources.

      4. I’m guessing that bombs have fallen out of favor because homemade bombs are somewhat hard to make, but renting a truck or buying a gun are relatively easy and tend to be more effective. After all, the shooter(s?) in Germany have already killed more people the Boston marathon or Times Square bombers.

  51. Did people really think Islamophobic Euro nationalists would shoot up a McDonald’s and a shopping mall? Not really a logical target.

    1. Couldn’t discount it until further evidence came out. People on this board do try to base their opinions on facts.

    2. yes, they are hoping for a white guy every time and are disappointed when its not

      1. Well, when bitter clingers rednecks in the USA shoot up places, every other day, they always yell ‘Allahu Akbar’. That means ‘Die you faggots!’. Duh, you baggers are so dumb, don’t got any learnin.

    3. Eh, I dunno, it still looks like it could be the work of one guy who cracked and wanted to kill a bunch of people. If he/they are jihadis, they were certainly quiet and calm about it. If Balcony Man’s story isn’t counterfeit, why didn’t the gunman share his thoughts on god’s greatness?

      1. I posted a source earlier indicating that ISIS claimed the attack as their own. So not too quiet about it.

        1. ISIS can claim whatever they want, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were just as clueless as the rest of us while it was happening (perhaps they know of sympathizers in Germany who are eager to start something). I’m wondering why, if this is an Allah freak, he didn’t broadcast that to Balcony Man or others.

          1. ISIS can claim whatever they want

            That is true. And I didn’t take their word as gospel. But at the same time, I’m not aware of any attacks of late claimed by ISIS that didn’t actually point to them. It’d probably hurt their sandy street cred if they claimed an attack that turned out to be Brehivik 2.0

            I’m wondering why, if this is an Allah freak, he didn’t broadcast that to Balcony Man or others.

            According to the supposed eye witness account, as filtered through the famously impartial German media. I’m not sure if he did or didn’t broadcast his true motives at this point.

  52. There’s no way to stop this except for us to bomb and totally destabilize some more middle eastern countries, and then increase refugees from those countries entering the West. I mean by at least 5000% or so. Maybe more, but that’s a start. Xenophone rednecks clearly the cause here.

  53. Map here.

    Looks like it could all be the work of 1 guy. I’ve heard almost nothing about the metro station since the initial report.

    1. That and if the victims were all responding to his Free Lunch ads on Twitface, well… it’s not like anybody is likely to miss those idiots.

    1. I’m a real pig. Thank you survey, I am beaming with pride!

      1. I also welcome the creators of the survey to take my ‘How much of a dumbshit twat are you?’.

        1. While taking the quiz, the image of the designer became clearer with each question. And it looks a lot like Laura Lanthanum.

          1. *Santhanam

          2. I envisioned Triggly Puff and Rachel Maddow not having sex, ever, for eternity.

    2. Fantastic.
      I like the loaded questions.

    3. Those questions are astonishingly loaded. Basically half of them asked “are women better than men?”

      1. I like the ones that were some variation of ‘Is it’s a man’s duty to love and protect a woman and provide her with money’. Oh yeah, of course, but they’re totally equals! *barf*. What a bunch of disingenuous trash. I am so proud to have scored so much woman hater on that. It gives me newfound confidence in my morality.

        1. Here’s what I can’t figure out: the questions about “purity” and “moral clarity” (like you said, *barf*), if I say “no,” I’m guessing that lands me in malevolent sexist territory. What if I say “yes”? Does that land me in benevolent chauvinist territory? I think the deck was stacked so that somehow everybody is a sexist. The maker of that quiz perfectly proves all the points of the other side. No matter what, this stupid bitch is gonna call me some kind of sexist. So I might as well just tell her to get in the kitchen and make me a fucking sandwich. It doesn’t really influence the outcome of my dealing with her either way.

          1. That’s what my opinion became after the second of third question.
            “Ohh, I’m boned either way.”

          2. Oh, yeah, the woman’s superior morality questions. Sorry, being more naturally and openly emotional does not imbue one with moral superiority. If that were the case, Pajama Boy would be the Christ.

            Anyway, Hillary has single handedly debunked that. Time to move on, wiminz folk.

        2. Men are capable of inflicting tremendous physical wrath on a woman. It should be inculcated in boys that men have a moral duty to protect and provide for the women in their lives. I honestly do not see how this is a bigoted perspective unless one subscribes to the cult of absolute sex parity.

          1. The absolute rejection of biology is part of the SJW/feminist ideology.

            Camille Paglia had a funny point about this. “If you’re going into gender studies, one would assume you would have substantial prerequisite learning in biology. That isn’t the case.”

            1. Sex is only a social construct? So why does sex matter? According to the SJW and generally accepted Democrat/left narrative, even the mere mention of a difference of any trait or ability between men and women is inherently sexist. So why should any of those questions even be valid?

              Sorry, you cannot have it both ways. Either there are real biological differences in the sexes that would infer different responsibilities, expectations on each sex, or there isn’t.

              Saying sex is a social construct and then saying ‘a man should, a woman should, a man is, a woman is’ is irrelevant and nothing more than pure hypocrisy.

              1. Women’s intelligence clusters around the mean, while men’s intelligence is more prone to extremes and is generally more spread out along the curve. Translation: women tend to be of average intelligence but don’t produce many geniuses nor retards, while men have more geniuses but also more retards in their ranks. Information like that might help the feminists wrap their mediocre brains around the fact that men are over-represented in many of the top level jobs in business, technical, and scientific fields for a biological reason. And women over-represented in other fields for the same reason.

                1. That would make you, uh, sexist, and umm, capitalism has failed.

                2. Free,

                  This is what I mean by the rejection of biology. There are arguments against any data, but if you said any of it to an SJW, they would fucking blow up on you. These are observations. You should: come up with a different way to spin the observations or refute them and conduct new studies. What happens: MEMORY HOLE THAT SHIT NOBODY CAN SEE THIS

                  1. That might play along and agree with me, then totally change their mind about everything I’ve told them at the point where I say “for a biological reason“. Then they assert problems X,Y and Z factors that led to the conclusion. For them it’s all about the conclusion you can draw, if the data points to a non-preferred conclusion, the data must be declared invalid.

          2. Real men don’t beat women like Ray Rice did; they drone-bomb them like Barack Obama.

            1. Real men don’t beat their women. They exert an iron will long before the beatings are necessarily.

      2. half of them asked “are women better than men?”

        That was the point.

        They were trying to “trick” people with lots of “benevolent-sexism” questions mixed in. Most people recognize negative-sexism (“women are weaker”), but not benevolent sexism (“women are more nurturing”)

        1. It’s almost funny. I’m supposed to say “HELL NO WOMEN ARENT PURE” and then say “BUT THEY ALSO DONT ACCUSE ANYBODY OF ANYTHING OR COMPLAIN ABOUT WORK.”

          1. Besides the fact that some of those questions might be demonstrably true and would STILL land you in “sexist” territory. The quiz should’ve been titled “have you sufficiently rejected your reality for our own?”

          2. It’s hilarious how openly biased the whole thing is. Answer ‘strongly disagree’ to everything and you get 0, because this is more about the author’s shitty strawmen than anything else.

            Questions like ‘Women exaggerate problems they have at work?’ Yes, because I think the majority of people do that. But you only give me the option to say it about women, therefore sexist. Where’s my misanthrope option dammit!

            1. Seriously. Asking relative questions (are women likelier than men to complain about… etc) would have been much more valid.


            Exactly. To meet their insane standard of “not-sexist” requires you to agree to mutually-contradictory statements depending on the context

          4. I sit between two yentas at work. Oh dear god they bitch constantly.

            Thankfully one of them was off this week, but she’ll be back Monday.

    4. interesting how there is no “neither agree nor disagree” ie “no opinion because the question is skewed and represents other than what reality is”

      1. I simply treated each “strongly disagree” as “I really, really don’t fucking care” so I ended up with a zero score.

        The problem is, you are not allowed to “really, really not fucking care”, you have to care. Indifference is not permitted.

    5. 3 for both, and this test is moronic. Context matters PBS. I shall be writing to the Kochs to discuss your funding.

    6. What I lack in benevolence I make up for in hostility.

  54. This is obviously a CIA false flag operation. The Company will do anything they can to keep their secret war going.

  55. Police update: At this moment of investigation, it is highly probable that he acted alone.

  56. He also noted that attack was “a good reminder of something that i’ve said over the last couple weeks, “

    That “sensible gun control laws prevent these kinds of tragedies”? Yeah, it did remind me of that.

  57. Terrorism is less common you say. It seems to only count when there are lots of victims in a single event? Tell that to all the recent victims and their families (themselves victims) including the 12 year old boy who was beheaded by knife. I suppose if it can’t be framed within a certain narrative it doesn’t count. Bet you’d also say that incidents of hate crimes against whites for the color of their skin is down too. Attacks upon police aren’t a concern.

    Whatever. I have eyes and a brain and I like using them. There’s more terroristic violence of all sorts erupting everywhere on this planet but it’s happening connected to certain narratives at a very high rate.

    Enjoy your bubble while you can.

      1. Are you a cat living in the Sunnyvale trailer park?

        1. Fuck off, Lahey.

          1. I was Lahey for Halloween a few years ago. My friend played randy. No shirt, slacks. I wore underwear and a bathrobe with cowboy boots. Ran all over town with an empty bottle of Jack.

  58. Odd….it *almost* seems this is another case of initial reports of multiple gunmen being wrong, but I also hear that there’s a body about 1 Km from the shooting and it’s thought to be a shooter. Maybe he was injured? Don’t they have a way to detect GSR real easily?

    1. Oh are you done celebrating?

      1. Stop projecting.

        1. I can’t help it. I was born that way.

  59. “But let’s be clear: At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.” – Barack Obama

  60. CNN briefly reported police were looking for asuspects wit “Islamist backgrounds,” as Jake Tapper tweeted.

    That link goes nowhere and i can’t find anything at CNN echoing that.

    1. This link

      Said “Islamist Background”. I saw it. It’s in my browser history.

      They changed it.

      1. I don’t understand why CNN keeps old content active on constantly updating stories.

        That link suggests that they’re still hunting for the shooters, where other media have said they’ve stopped looking and believe the shooter offed themselves.

        e.g. = reuters

        A man found dead near a shopping center in Munich, Germany killed himself and was likely the lone gunman in an attack that killed nine people and injured at least 10 others, a spokesman for the Munich police said on Saturday.

        Earlier police, citing eyewitness accounts, had said they were looking for up to three suspects in the shooting attack at the Munich Olympia Shopping Centre (OEZ) that sent shoppers running for their lives and shut traffic across the city.

        But early Saturday, a Munich police spokesman said it was now believed likely that only one man was responsible for the shooting, the third attack against civilians in Western Europe in eight days.

        1. This is kinda weird. It’s parallel to what we were talking about upthread. Why off yourself after killing some infidels (I’m pretty sure Jihad is still considered the motive)? Why not just keep going?

          Also, and I’m in the process of folding my tin foil hat, as weird as the Germans are about not admitting to any of this shit, is it possible that there were multiple shooters but the cops were told to just end this and say the “lone” gunman is done, nothing to see here? The earlier reporting was heavily “multiple gunmen.”

          1. The earlier reporting was heavily “multiple gunmen.”

            So was Dallas.

            1. Stupid hat.

          2. It was heavily “multiple gunmen” because there were multiple shooting sites: The McDonalds, the parking structure, and the mall. Three reported shootings, three assumed gunmen.

            1. And then they couldn’t find any active shooters, just another body with a bullet in it. So they assume all three escaped, hence the manhunt.

              I don’t see anything suspicious in the behavior of the police.

              1. See the map I posted.

                It should have been pretty obvious.

          3. “Why off yourself after killing some infidels (I’m pretty sure Jihad is still considered the motive)? Why not just keep going?”

            Maybe he had one of those Massachusetts compliant guns with a 10 lbs. trigger pull, and he just couldn’t take it anymore.

  61. Kaine is official. Again, just the Democrat answer to Pence.

    1. “Damn that Trump! I will find someone more white AND more boring than Pence!”

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    1. Both your step-aunt and your mum give it to me for free. Why are you paying so much, you retard?

  63. Apparently, all-day breakfast has not yet reached Germany.

    1. All day breakfast would violate public morals and order in Germany.

  64. Merkel might want to take this opportunity to rethink . . . everything.

    1. If the aftermath of a freak shooting isn’t the time to carefully reconsider policy, when is?

  65. So he was apparently a German citizen of Iranian background.

    Second generation terrorism strikes again.

    Can you imagine how bad shit will be in 20-30 years when the new second generation is of killing age with all the anti-Muslim rhetoric much more front and center now? Jesus. Sorry. Muhammad.

    1. But this was different. The shooter was all anti-foreigner and such. Totally bizarre.

      1. We’ll see. Those initial reports seem to be pretty far off base of who the shooter was. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got what he was saying wrong as well.

        Either way, I think it’s safe to say that mass murderers tend to have a couple screws loose. He could’ve said he’s going to invade Poland with an army of bananas. I wouldn’t put much stock in it. Although that probably would be enough to knock over Poland.

      2. The anti-foreigner thing was assumed because he kept saying he was a German. Some people mistook him saying he was from the German equivalent of the projects as him saying his motivation was anti-welfare.

        1. Thats not the same thing?

        2. Some people mistook him saying he was from the German equivalent of the projects as him saying his motivation was anti-welfare.

          Hard as that may be to believe, many of the youths in Europe (particularly ethnic minorities) are pissed off precisely because all they have to look forward to their entire lives is welfare housing and government-sponsored jobs.

          1. “all they have to look forward to their entire lives is welfare housing and government-sponsored jobs.”

            What more could you ask for??


  66. Now I’m reading that the shooter was Iranian, which is unexpected.

    There are Iranian Sunnis, just not very many. And I don’t think they convert one way or the other much.

    1. There are Iranian Sunnis, just not very many.

      About 9-10% of the population.

      Which sounds like “not much of a thing”.

      But then, consider the degree to which people go batshit over the persecution of Transgender folk in the US. (~0.3%)

      There’s a couple hundred-thousand Iranians in Germany. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were disproportionately sunni, given the persecution noted in the above piece.

      *I went to college with an Iranian german girl. she was hot. I think this is her (same name, looks like her, haven’t seen her in a decade+)

      1. Westwood in LA, the area around UCLA, is huge hotbed of Persians who fled the Iranian revolution circa ’79.

        Russians, Colombians, Swedes, Lebanese, Persians, for the love of God, let all the single women from those countries in.

  67. “Despite the recent attacks, terrorism is less common and less deadly now than it was in the ’70s and ’80s. The shooting comes on the five year anniversary of the worst mass shooting in post-war European history, when the far-right Anders Breivik killed 77 people in Norway.”

    An exhaustive 10 second internet search reveals that 129 people were killed in the Paris attack last year.

    You need to correct your article…

    1. Not to mention that brevik was no where on the right.

  68. Hypothesis:
    “Formal” terrorists are well-off, educated, and like a libertarian beginning with Ayn Rand, have read something which sounds logical to them. They thereafter rebel against the ‘conformist’ Muslims and are bright enough to organize really nasty actions. I’m guessing it would be worthwhile to see if there is some sort of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ for Muzzy stupidos.
    The others (‘lone gunman’) range from disturbed to outright whacko, are from ‘the projects’, have been raised in the culture of free shit and blame someone if it isn’t of the right quality. Besides which, they are going nowhere and might as well spend the afternoon blowing people away. Bred and acculturated losers with mental issues.

  69. And, 84 killed in the Nice attack.

  70. I am having some brown muslim foreigner but passing on the Isis

  71. This story about the German shooter as well as the fairy tale about Anders Brevik killing 77 people is obviously nonsense. These things never happened. We all know they never happened because the greatest president America has ever known has told us that mass shootings never, ever occur anywhere except in the US.

    Or did Obama annex Germany and Norway by executive order?

  72. Another attack during several days, this is very hot summer in Germany

  73. So are the Trumptards in this thread done embarassing themself?

    Speaking at a press conference in the southern German city Saturday, police officials said the 18-year-old lone attacker — who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound — had no political motivations, and no references to religion had been found in documents in his home.

    Rather, investigators searching his belongings found numerous documents on rampage killings, including a book entitled “Rampage in My Mind — Why Students Kill,” said Robert Heimberger, president of the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office.

    But just like their il Duce they can’t wait to blame ISIS or Mexicans for all the things making their butts hurt.

    1. So you’re saying he decided to mass-murder rampage because he read it in a book?

      I don’t know wtf trump has to do with anything here, but you’re just jumping to conclusions based on zero evidence as much as anyone you’re trying to criticize.

    2. It must be embarrassing to have a fellow half-Iranian National Socialist conservative caught out in such a compromising situation… Then again, we can see the relative effectiveness of Kristallnacht laws that conservatives also endorse over that nasty old libertarian second Amendment.

  74. A German-Iranian, huh? These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along…

  75. He was doubtlessly set off by a workplace disagreement, a YouTube video, or Republicans.

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