Donald Trump

Is Donald Trump Good for America? Watch Matt Welch on Tonight's Stossel!

Fox Business Network at 9 p.m. recaps the highlights and lowlights of the Republican National Convention


Tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox Business Network, television host and columnist John Stossel will air a live show assessing what we've learned about the GOP, America, and maybe even ourselves after the bizarre Republican National Convention in Cleveland. I shall be a guest throughout, along with conservative Tammy Bruce and progressive Christopher Hahn. Should be a hoot; tune in!

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  1. Is Donald Trump Good for America? Watch Matt Welch on Tonight’s Stossel!

    The real question: Who wants a mustache ride?

  2. Spoiler alert: HES HITLER

    1. +1 captain obvious

    1. Says the Canadian from his mom’s basement.

      1. If Trump wins, he’s moving to Canada above the garage!

  3. Is Hillary Clinton good for America?

    Was Obama? Most of the Reason staff voted for him. One of the Reasoners said something like, “all my life I have been waiting for a black man to be president” to justify his Obama vote. How did that work out for you, and us?

    1. all my life I have been waiting for a black man to be president

      What funny (in an ironic way) to me is that the people who espouse things like this are definably racist. Yet they spend exorbitant amounts of time/effort accusing others of racism. I care not that Obo is (half) black. I care that he is a proggie authoritarian (but I repeat myself). It’s almost like proregressives project all of their faults on to others.

      1. What *I find* funny…


      2. Yes, but aren’t you ready for a *woman* President?

        1. Sure. Assuming I can take a phonebook (or binder) full of them and pick one at random. I figure that way we won’t have a corrupt/lying/treasonist like hrc.

        2. I want a transgender white man, who dresses up and pretends to be a black woman to be president. Those are the important things. Damn it, I want all the bases covered!

          1. A white man in blackface??? Well, if that Dolezal (or w/e) girl can do it…

      3. Most of the Reason staff voted for him

        FACT CHECK: ENB and Robbie weren’t working for Reason at the time. Ron Bailey, Tim Cavanaugh, Peter Bagge and some contributors voted for Obama but most of the editors/contributors did not admit to doing so.

        Verdict: PARTIALLY TRUE

        1. most of the editors/contributors did not admit to doing so

          Actually they specifically said they were not voting for obama. which isn’t quite the same as your suspicion that they were lying about it.

          I do appreciate your “politifact” conclusion which completely ignores the evidence, tho. funny.

          1. This is the link that breaks down the 2012/2008/2004 vote-disclosures in terms of actual Reason people, as opposed to the broader universes that we tend to poll in these exercises:


            2008 among Reason people was:

            18 total Reasonoids

            7 nobody/not voting

            5 Bob Barr (w/ 1 leaning)

            3 Barack Obama

            1 John McCain

            1 anybody-but-McCain

    2. When I read that justification for the guy’s vote (can’t remember who it was) I had to shake my head. These are the people (journalists) who shape public opinion. No wonder the country is so fucked up. No wonder Trump won the nomination.

    3. Most of the Reason staff voted for him.

      Has this been added to the DRINK list?

    4. “Most of the Reason staff voted for him” is profoundly not true.

      1. My apologies.

      2. Haha! Apparently Matt reads secret ballots.

        That’s what they tell you, Matt. Virtue signaling is not just a Facebook phenomenon.

  4. I know Trump is the hot topic, but when you pose the question, “Is Trump good for America” you imply that Hillary is, at least comparatively “good for America”.

    I honestly don’t know who is worse, Trump or Clinton. I lean toward Trump being less destructive. He is bad, but Hillary might just take down the Republic. Maybe she already has, given the obvious genuflection that DOJ gave her.

    I tend to scoff at conspiracy suggestions, but read Napolitano’s op-ed at Washington Times. Is anything he says “wrong”? He ends with “what do we do about it”? Indeed.

    1. Trump has no record as a politician. His positions on the issues is a mixed bag. When he’s elected he’ll face hyper vigilant press scrutiny and congressional opposition from both sides of the aisle. If he’s beholden to anyone it is a much different bunch than the usual donor, “stakeholder” and ruling class.

      Trump is easily “less worse” than Hillary Clinton in every possible way.

  5. Here is the Napolitano op-ed I referenced:…..fix-was-in

    1. The Judges arrangement of facts makes sense, but needs support. Maybe WikiLeaks?

  6. Should be a hoot

    I have yet to see a satisfactory definition of “hoot”

    1. Just short for “hootenanny,” which is of course when you set around a fire passing around the git-box and various other noisemakers, in addition to hooch & so forth.

  7. Live! After years of recorder shows, finally!

  8. First Glance =

    Matt takes victory in the “Best Suit & Tie” contest.

    Both Stossel & the token-prog put up a decent presentation.

    I think JS actually looks the most ‘dynamic’ w/ what looks like a tattersall shirt, solid red tie & very nice navy blue suit. Its a strong 2 tone look, and a nice mix of a patterned shirt w/ solid-tie.

    The bald prog has a charcoal windowpane suit and a striped pink tie – a nice combo, but one which feels more ‘business-y’ than ‘news-show’. The progressive should, by default, be the most youthful and fashionable. The fact that he’s bald and nondescript makes me end up looking at the suit more, and it feels boring when it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t add up to a total package the way stossels neat-look does (*side note = You know who killed it with the ‘bald boring guy who’s dressed really well’ thing? Eli Lake.)

    But matt wins w/ the lilac shirt and the (imo excellent) purpleish tie, with the darkest suit. Its subtle (unlike John’s getup), up-to-date, easy on the eyes, and very complementary to Matt’s overall look. (the hair, the glasses, etc)

    The only minor niggle (and its one made endlessly in 2014) is his never-quite-tightened tie (*i believe Fist complained most about that), and the top button of his shirt looks stretched, leaving a noticeable gap/fold above the tie. It just looks hastily put together. I’d also complain about the usually missing collar-stays, but it looks OK.

    Conclusion = You’ve come a long way, baby.

    1. Whoa, Gilmore has some competition. Unless you changed handles.

      A couple of notes: This is a shitty emergency spread-collar (I think?) shirt that just never allows the tie to get on up there. There’s no collar stays built in, because the collar is made out of cement. All the travel & so forth has depleted the possibilities. Speaking of which:

      Glad you like the tie; I realized at Freedom Fest (which preceded the RNC) that I neglected to pack ties. This was obviously a catastrophe. So I bought a couple at a Vegas boutique, and … they’re kind of awesome, I think.

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