Police Abuse

North Miami Cops Shoot Behavioral Therapist Trying to Help Autistic Patient Who Had a Toy Truck

Victim is in hospital.



Cops in North Miami were caught on cellphone video shooting Charles Kinsey, a behavioral specialist, while he lay on the ground with his hands in the air, as reported by WSVN.

Kinsey says he was trying to intervene on behalf of an autistic patient who had run off from the group home. According to police, someone called 911 to report a suicidal man walking around with a gun. The group home patient had a toy truck in his hands.

"When I went to the ground, I went to the ground with my hands up," Kinsey told WSVN, "and I am laying there just like this. Telling them again there is no need for firearms. He is autistic. He has a toy truck in his hand."

"I was really more worried about him than myself. I was thinking as long as I have my hands up," Kinsey continued. "They're not going to shoot me. This is what I'm thinking, they're not going to shoot me. Wow, was I wrong."

Cops did, however, shoot Kinsey. "I thought it was a mosquito bite," Kinsey explained to WSVN, "and when it hit me I had my hands in the air, and I'm thinking I just got shot! And I'm saying, 'Sir, why did you shoot me?' and his words to me were, 'I don't know.'"

Police did not identify the police officer who shot Kinsey and would not update WSVN about their investigation, although they say the state is also investigating the incident.

WSVN reported that this evening a group of protesters arrived outside the police department headquarters, "requesting that police answer questions about what happened and if the officer responsible for shooting will face charges."

Watch the WSVN segment below:

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  1. No way

    1. Do these cops even news brah?

      “Florida man gets shot by cops for helping autistic kid.”

      I suppose Florida man shouldn’t have been black right? This does not help the case against BLM to say the least. “Cops don’t habitually shoot unarmed black men.” No, just infrequently and when there is a bystander with camera present.

      No arguement can be successfully put forward about accidental discharge either… What is the possible explaination for the weapon not being on safe? There was no threat. A drawn weapon can go from safe to ready in the flick of a thumb. Absolutely no reason to have the weapon off of safe when no visible threat was present.

      1. “Absolutely no reason to have the weapon off of safe when no visible threat was present.”

        But LibertarianJRT!!! Don’t you understand that Mr. threateningly-dark-colored-skin-Sir-Dude Sir might have been reaching up into the clods, with his bare hands, to fetch a dangerous WEAPON?!?! And oh-so-supposedly-harmless autistic one’s toy truck might have been loaded with PLASTIC EXPLOSIVES or bioweapons or a “dirty bomb”, or worse, as the Islamofascists are wont to do?!??! The officer felt threatened, so all must be forgiven?
        Actually, in the future, under the Rule of He Who Trumples on our Liberties, this ossifer deserves a MEDAL!!!!

      2. No reason to draw the weapon if no visible threat was present. No reason to point a weapon at someone if no visible threat was present. Two steps before the ‘safety’ even becomes a question.

        Cops draw their guns solely to establish their absolute authority and threaten those they wish to control.

        The most cowardly and/or authoritarian cops are the first ones to draw their weapons in a situation. These are also the same ones most likely to be overwhelmed by the fight/flight physiological response resulting in misinterpretation and inappropriate firing of the drawn weapon.

        If you are in a situation where a cop has a drawn weapon, he is, at that point, likely no different than an irrational animal. don’t move, don’t speak, don’t question, don’t argue, don’t make eye contact. Hands open, utterly still, move very slowly if ordered, eyes down, only words should be a quiet “yes sir”…..because you are no longer dealing with a rational human being. The only alternative is to fire first in self defense, then die in a hail of bullets or later in a cell.

      3. Safeties are dangerous and really only for civilian usage. I believe most in the military/law enforcement are trained to never have the safety on. I think most service handguns don’t even have traditional switch safeties anymore.

        Kinda sucks to pull the trigger in a split-second life-or-death situation and have your boomstick do nothing.

      4. “What is the possible explaination for the weapon not being on safe? There was no threat. A drawn weapon can go from safe to ready in the flick of a thumb. Absolutely no reason to have the weapon off of safe when no visible threat was present.”

        Why do you assume the pistol had a thumb safety? It probably doesn’t. That’s not an excuse for negligently shooting someone (if that is the case here, which seems likely.)

        1. The reports I read said he used a rifle (presumably an AR-15).

          But why a weapon was deployed at all is the real question. There seems to have been no call for that other than the report which got the police there in the first place.

          For some reason the cops seem to be deciding to shoot first and then figure out what the situation is.

          And that was before the recent spate of cop shootings.

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  2. WSVN reported that this evening a group of protesters arrived outside the police department headquarters, “requesting that police answer questions about what happened and if the officer responsible for shooting will face charges.”

    Charges… riiiiight.

    1. The government employee faces a severe reprimand for not finishing the job properly. It is just plain stupid to leave witnesses and living victims laying around. They’re liable to get on teevee and raise awkward questions!

  3. Charges?



    Haaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaah ha ha!


    I’m out of breath!

  4. Sir, why did you shoot me?’ and his words to me were, ‘I don’t know

    So, pre-teens are on patrol, now, huh?

    1. Remember everyone, this is a trained Profesional, whose job is to notice small details in his day to day.

    2. ‘The gun went off’.

      1. Apparently it went off three times. Someone really should sue the company that made the gun. Clearly it is a defective product. Obviously, it’s inconceivable that the cop actually pulled the trigger.

  5. Oh for fuck’s sake.

  6. “Let that be a lesson to you, Charles Kinsey…never help *anyone.*”

  7. someone called 911 to report a suicidal man walking around with a gun

    Someone should be held criminal liable. I’m sick of tyranny by Gladys Kravitz.

    1. It’s North Miami. Everyone is Gladys Kravitz.

    2. She was having another one of her sick headaches.

      1. That was actually Darren’s mother with the sick headaches.

    3. It’s scary how many times this kind of story starts with a 911 call reporting someone with a “gun” just walking around. I’m sure many times it’s some anti-gun nut scared to death that someone is in most cases legally exercising their 2A rights. They consider that anytime someone has a gun, they’re seconds from randomly spraying bullets in all directions. Of course the fuzz arrives and doesn’t bother to do a cursory 5-second investigation regarding this alleged weapon. They hear “gun,” so it’s shoot first, ask no questions later time.

      What the NRA should be doing is a public education campaign on what a gun really looks like, and that guns go unused all the time.

      1. Of course the fuzz arrives and doesn’t bother to do a cursory 5-second investigation regarding this alleged weapon. They hear “gun,” so it’s shoot first, ask no questions later time.

        What, you expect them to do this?

        It’s not like a fighter pilot can do that in 5 se…oh, wait.

        1. C’mon HM, that Retard clearly got inside the officer’s OODA loop was dominating the decision process.

          He had no choice but to act.

          1. +1 Boyd

    4. Abner!

      1. Why the hell did this show up way down here instead of under the Gladys Kravitz comment?

  8. Thug got what he deserved. He shouldn’t have resisted.

    1. How was the cop to know the ‘tard didn’t have one of them novelty truck guns? Thank God his training and muscle memory got ahead of his brain enough that he knew to shoot the trainer.

      1. Hey, hey, hey – autistic doesn’t mean retarded, they’re just…different.

        They say my grandson has autism (even though I think everything is called autism these days to get more money. One week the radio tells me 1 in 150 kids, the next week 1 in 60).

        Anyway, he’s as intelligent as anyone, but he has nervous habits and there are some things that just set him off causing him to have a meltdown. I do think there’s an auditory component where some sounds that are fine for most folks can actually be painful to him (such as his sister singing)

        When I was a kid autism meant you were a vegetable in the corner and they didn’t have pills for what my grandson has, just a sharp smack to the ass (and he gets that sometimes as well)

        1. They just change the definition of autism in order to make it seem worse than it is, that way they can appeal to more people to contribute money…. for the childrenz!

        2. as a self-diagnosed aspie, I can say the sound part of it is a HUGE deal to me…
          some sounds (the clanking of dishes) are like icepicks to the ear/brain, AND apparently my wiring *tries* to treat all sounds as ‘equivalent’, so I am paying attention to the rustle of my colar against my skin, the dog barking a half mile away, the a/c kicking on, the teevee in the background, the washer starting the spin cycle, the constant refrain of crickets, cicadas and tree frogs outside, etc, AND *trying* to pay attention and decipher ALL those sounds as someone is trying to talk to me and their voice gets lost in the hundred streams of sounds I am giving equal weight to…
          I guess that is why I love quietude so much…

  9. Looks like they were aiming for the autistic guy, but forgot to unload the standard-issue melanin-seeking bullets.

  10. soon we’ll get, “man in wheelchair handing out bibles mistaken for suicide bomber, shot by sniper”

  11. If your only tool is a gun, everyone looks like a terrist.

    1. Wolverine looks like he’s about to bitch slap that guy.

  12. The murky scary world of mental duress should not have a state executioner near it and any politician including the president of the United States of America that thinks they understand this universe better than trained mental health professionals is an avowed terrorist camp that offs retards like the social chaff ever imagined in the upscale political genocide camps.

    Unleashing neighborhood ratchet wrench necks armed under FOP protocols on offbeat infringing society is like unleashing a wave of fucking ISIS into a goddamn motherfucking insane asylum.

    How this isn’t wholesale goddamn killing spree by FOP is fuck beyond me.

  13. So, unless I am missing something here, they just shot this guy for the fuck of it?

    I guess someone really needed a paid vacation. I look forward to the Reason article about six months from now explaining how a bench trial cleared the officer responsible of all wrongdoing.

    1. Incompetence and or failure to properly train.

      He had his booger hook on the bang button prior to any conscious decision to shoot. Do that in a high stress situation and there is a good chance you will squeeze the trigger. Add in having the gun pointed at someone and you pretty much guarantee this sort of thing.

      That’s why he said “I don’t know.” Probably shocked the shit out of him as well.

      I still do not understand why the cops get to point a gun at someone when that person has not demonstrated any threat. To me that is an unlawful assault.

      Had he been aiming off he still might have had an AD, but he probably would not have hurt anyone.

      1. You are probably right, but what tense situation? The only cops I saw were behind cover, guns leveled, against an obvious mental child with a toy and a 100% compliant, non threatening man. Why is it that I get the notion that the sadist who typically gravitates to positions of authority, and whose greatest joy is having a compliant toy to play with just saw a man prone, with his hands in the air, begging for his life, and this act just stroked his ego so hard and fast that he couldn’t fight the urge to see how it felt to actually shoot someone.. Oh, how many hours did he spend on the range fantasizing about having complete control over a persons life. And here it is, this man laying on his back so seductively, just asking him to do it… *Heart thumping* “Please” (that’s right, beg me!), “don’t shoot me” (Oh yeah, you really want it don’t you!), “I am unarmed” (Yes, you are so helpless.. I own you… OHH, Ohhh GOD ~POW!) Wait.. what?.. “why did you shoot me?”.. I.. I don’t know.

        1. Not sure I’m willing to bet money on your armchair assessment of his psyche, but do think it safe to say he was inadequately prepared to deal with the situation. As evidenced by the horrible outcome.

          But if you cannot see the tension inherent in that then I’m not sure your judgement will prove useful in reducing these wholly unnecessary shootings.

          1. While my assessment was a bit tongue in cheek, I don’t see how my judgement of the tension is at fault. If someones first reaction to a situation is jump to conclusions based on hearsay, and instead of assessing the situation themselves, to then put their own safety first, then the only tension that exists was created by that person. Then to be in that position, for what appears to be minutes; to hear an explanation of the situation by a compliant and calm person and then to fall back on their own terror stricken mind, then that person is not capable and should never have been that type of a situation. Add to that, the fact that as a police officer, your duty is to serve the public. You may get shit pay, it may be a thankless job, but you chose to do it, and to then put your own life and safety as your prime objective, you should be shamed into hiding, that goes beyond cowardice that is betrayal. Just imagine that mindset in any other field, a firefighter who won’t go into a building because he might get burned, a lifeguard who won’t save a person because they might get pulled under, a soldier who won’t leave the barracks because he ain’t gonna risk his ass. In any other occupation you would be fired on the spot and in the last case jailed and charged with dereliction of duty.

          2. 2) So no, I don’t see the tension in the situation anymore than I see tension in a cop catching a kid tagging a building, or walking up on a drunk guy stumbling down the sidewalk. A cop has a gun, a vest, backup, and a rational mind capable of assessment, deescalation, and self preservation techniques beyond lethal force, or even force. Again, the fact that the first thing that comes to mind for some of these people is to go into combat mode only shows that something is wrong, be it temperament, training, peer pressure, or protection from almost all liability, most likely a combination of all of them.

            I don’t mean to judge you because I don’t know you, but that you do see this as a tense situation makes me hope you do not have to put your self into a similar situation or another kid on a bench in the park with a toy gun might end up dead. Hell I was still playing cops and robbers in the park with metal revolver style cap guns with my friends, just imagine the carnage if the cops had this mindset back then.

  14. The person who called in the wrong description needs to face their own trial.

  15. He had PTSD from his tours in Afghanistan where they made him shoot people. But don’t worry they are working on a treatment for it.

    1. Cannabis.

      1. Stoned Vets (unfortunately requires a cable TV login…)

    2. He had PTSD from his tours in Afghanistan where they made wouldn’t let him shoot people who weren’t shooting at him.

      Fixed it for you.

  16. Is the first steps of the cops escalating their regular slaughter of the mentally ill by shooting their therapists too? WTF.

    If true, is this the stupidest cop shooting ever? I mean, look at the elements:

    -On a clear video.
    -Victim not conceivably threatening.
    -Victim both lying down and has his hands up.
    -Victim is black, would be second victim is mentally ill.
    -Cop doesn’t know why he shot.
    -Probably also mistook a toy truck for a gun. Which is fucking stupid.
    -Cop was a terrible shot, apparently, given the guy looks to be recovering quickly.
    -Such a bad shot that the victim said it felt like a mosquito bite.

    I’m not sure if its this or the cop that killed the drunk driver injured in his own crash and blamed it on accidentally pulling the trigger.

    1. “I don’t know”

    2. I think two groups are in the most danger with cops – blacks and mentally ill people of any color. There was a white lady who was mentally not stable that got shot by a cop in a station a year or two ago. Forget her name. I saw the video and the cop definitely escalated a situation because the dumb fuck was not willing to put himself in a safer position to buy time.

  17. Does anyone really know why they do anything?

  18. He was walking around wielding a retard and you guys act like this wasn’t justified? You know they rule the night.

    1. Yes, but do we know if it was a real retard, or just a toy?

      1. There’s 11 dead cops in Texatucky right now precisely because they hesitated!

    2. Look, they don’t rule the night, no one does.

      But its well known that they run in packs and at any moment he might have thought that there was cake.

  19. Didn’t you people learn from Nice?? Trucks are dangerous

    1. Funniest thing I heard on Fox last week was from a commenter that said the Nice massacre was “sophisticated.” As if some bozo who drives a truck and runs over people is some sort of cool, calculating Einstein.

  20. So, well BLM finally stop using thugs for their mascots, and use this guy, instead? I mean, this is real “hands up, don’t shoot”.

    1. To ask is to answer.

    2. For some reason this won’t be the poster child, they only pick the most idiotic examples.

    3. Here’s how it goes: BLM latches on to the controversial cases because those are the ones the media picks. The media picks them because controversy drives up ratings.

      That is why Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin became martyrs and Tamir Rice and Walter Scott got memory holed.

      1. The media picks them because controversy drives up ratings.

        It’s almost as if the “news” media is actively the enemy of civil society.

        1. Sowell said something that civilization, law & order, whatever you want to call it, is a thin crust over a volcano. And progs are constantly picking away at that crust, oblivious to the danger beneath. It does not take a whole lot to get people to revert to this. Many people do not understand how fragile freedom, peace, and prosperity and how hard it is to regain them once lost.

          He also said that each new generation is like an invasion of barbarians who must civilized in order to keep them from wrecking society.

        2. Almost?

    4. Michael Brown was a clusterfuck of a case with both sides lying. I personally think there was a struggle. But I do think Darren Wilson lucked out when you had half the witnesses come up with unreliable tesitmony (both ways). I personally think Darren Wilson is more of a racist than a guy like Mark Fuhrmann who at least had a mixed history of relationships with blacks in his job. Once I saw the Wilson interview , it just cemented to me that this guy viewed the community as a bunch of “others” where he considered them with total contempt and when you do that, you are going to be shooting even at the slightest bit of risk. The way he exagerrated his facial injuries in the report.

      as far as the justice department’s report, what are they going to say when both sides lied? The gun being near the guy’s hand means nothing. It could be a proactive or reactive gesture. Take the Cincinnatii shooting where the cop’s account checked out with what evidence showed. Only when the video was produced, the ambiguity of the situation disappeared and it showed that the Cinci cop lied about being nearly run over by the black guy.

      1. Holy crap, I just realized cops are like Rudyard Kipling’s Shere Khan. Except Khan on got one night a year to kill many without fear.

  21. Well at least he was courteous enough not to pants-shit his magazine

    1. This kind of shooting would be so much worse under Trump

      1. Why? Are you expecting the cops to start actually practicing under Trump? You seen a flock of pigs or something?

  22. This is why genocides always start with street police in all failing societies. Dumb motherfuckers hired because they don’t know what to do when forced to drive a powerful car and carry a bullet puncher except react like a goddamn groundhog and shoot to erase problems on erection- which serves the fucking awesome tactical purposes of the motherfucking law and order crowd union.

    Dumb killers are super efficient. Some twiddling deranged fuck accused me earlier of not reading much about shit but I’ve read more death than most in a thousand free states have the capacity to absorb. I promise you. I have read every single FUCKING genocide known to man. And captured humans are slaughtered by the thousands and millions by abject retards who should be in mental health wards. If you want a book I can provide this, except its been done by people who have actually survived these times…

    1. Wow. Agile is more coherent every day. It’s like the algorithm is learning, or something.

  23. Every cop who fires his weapon should be fired.

    If you aren’t willing to lose your job, maybe you aren’t scared enough to shoot?

  24. Unpossible. Sean Hannity assures me that there is a war on cops.

  25. If you saw that man as a threat to the police and believe he was justifiably shot than you might just be a statist bootlicking POS.

  26. Where’s the unedited cell phone video? What’s with this chopped up bullshit? Didn’t they record the actual shooting?

    1. Fucking millennials, you have one job.

  27. C’mon guys….. Ylak are too busy being pissed about these pigs. One here. One there. What’s the problem? Just do what your told and you’ll statistically be likely to be ok.

    There is much more important shit to be concerned with. There is Trump! Trump I tell you. TERRIFYING!!!

  28. Reminds me of the Walter Scott case. That is set to go to trial this October.

  29. Holy shit. That’s 1000x worse than the fatal shootings we have seen recently. Thankfully it looks like the guy will recover and, although no cop is likely to go to jail, I’d bet that Mr. Kinsey can be expecting a big check in his future.

    1. Coulda been worse, like when the cops hear gunfire they all unload into whatever seems like a target?which in this case could’ve been both of them.

  30. This is actually a case where the PD might just fire this cop it’s so egregious.

    Eh, probably not. Wonder where he’ll go on his 2 month paid vacation.

    1. the PD might just fire this cop it’s so egregious

      Hahahahhahahhah hha hah aha ah aha ah ah ahahahahaha ah ah aha ahahahahaha



    2. Nope, because it’s being ‘investigated’ by FDLE. They’re really good at covering up for local cops. Just Google ‘Charles Eimers’ for a good example.

  31. OT: the theme of the first night of the DNC is called “United Together”. I guess no one ran than one past the Dept of Redundancy Dept.

    The mother of Michael Brown and some other black people who were shot will be speakers.

    Having these women by her side has provided Mrs. Clinton with powerful and deeply sympathetic character witnesses as she makes her case to African-American voters. And they have given her campaign, an often cautious and poll-tested operation, a raw, human and sometimes gut-wrenching feeling.

    The presence of the mothers has also proved a shrewd political move, influencing black leaders and lawmakers to back Mrs. Clinton.

    The NYT- because someone has to pick up the slack for Pravda.

    1. proved a shrewd political move

      Pandering is always shrewd.

      1. Fun fact: “shrewd” comes from a Middle English word that means “an evil person or thing”.

    2. Having these women by her side has provided Mrs. Clinton with powerful and deeply sympathetic character witnesses

      Look – I still think Brown shouldn’t have been shot, but his momma didn’t raise no angel there. Dude was a low-grade criminal. I don’t think having his mother there says anything *good* about Clinton or her judgement.

      1. I still think Brown shouldn’t have been shot

        So reaching into a car and punching a cop who has drawn his gun on you shouldn’t result in being shot?

        I probably agree with you about the kill shot, but “shouldn’t have been shot” seems to include the first shot, when he is literally punching a cop who is sitting in his cop car. I’m no cop lover, but even I think lethal force is likely justified in such a circumstance.

        1. The cop didn’t shoot him from the car.

          The official story is that Brown *charged the officer with his head down*, and that this was sometime after the officer alleged he was punched and Brown tried to take his weapon. Where the officer got out of the car, *then* drew on Brown to arrest him and shot him as Brown charged.

          Unless there’s a newer report saying that the officer shot while seated and belted in, in the cruiser.

          I have my doubts that Brown actually charged – but will freely admit that I could be wrong about that. Punched the cop and tried to take his gun, got fought off and walked away? Eh, possibly – probably. All we’ve got is the officer’s word on that and I don’t give the police the benefit of the doubt anymore when all we have is a he-said/they-said situation.

          Which is all beside the point here. Brown wasn’t an angel, was a known criminal and as others have pointed out, there are far better people to put up on your posters for ‘cops kill with reckless disregard for innocence’ than Brown. So having his mother there is as much a sign of judgement too poor for the office of the president as choosing speechwriters (and their supervisors) that can’t even be bothered to run a speech through Google to see if its too similar to anyone else.

          1. I just don’t understand the level we hold cops to. If some thug punched me and tried to take my gun, I’d be justified in shooting him, wouldn’t I?

    3. Maybe Clinton can have Brown’s mother explain why she didn’t tell her son not to steal cigars, mug shop keepers, walk down the middle of the road, and assault police officers. I know I’d find that as interesting as Sybrina Fulton explaining why she never told Trayvon not to put a MMA beat down on an armed neighborhood watch captain.

      Sybrina hadn’t spent five minutes around Trayvon since he was in diapers. Could that level of parental neglect explain Mike Brown too?

      Democrats – stupid together.

      1. I agree with the sentiment except for the walking down the middle of the road bit. There’s nothing wrong with that and if there is, it will correct itself without further intervention (Hit and Run!)

  32. So we’ve got a white kid sitting up waving his hands around and holding an unknown object and a black guy lying on his back with his hands in the air coherently trying to explain to the cop what’s going on and the cop shoots the black guy? Nothing racist there I suppose.

    1. It’s like that Boondocks episode where Uncle Ruckus gets shot even though he has a safety orange wallet:

    2. I am guessing that shit-for-brains was shooting at the white kid.

      1. shooting at the white kid

        I guess he knew that White Lives Don’t Matter? What bad luck to accidentally shoot a black man, so someone cared.

        1. Funny things happen with guns. If it was an accidental discharge then it followed the rule of accidental discharges; i.e. the worst outcome. They rarely seem to just hit the dirt or the sky.

          I am guessing chickenshit was in panic mode, had already decided he was dealing with a gun and the tunnel vision didn’t allow him to see a toy truck.

  33. Back in basic training, we had to some shoot/don’t shoot scenarios. It was basically a big video game with M16s fitted with CO2 blasts to simulate recoil. In each scenario, we had to quickly identify the bad guys and shoot them without shooting civilians or friendlies. After each scenario, the big screen would show where all our shots went. It was pretty cool but also kind of scary. What if I had been guarding that checkpoint or raiding that house for real?

    Anyway, I’m wondering if the police train like that, because it looks like they aren’t doing it enough.

    1. The police don’t train to the point of skill. They train to pass the certification test.

      If you want someone who can actually hit the target get a civilian.

    2. I’ve done police firearms simulator training – this one was for handguns and no recoil simulator but it was similar to your experience.

      Even had one scenario where me and my (simulated) partner were standing on a street corner during the day. Partner is talking to a guy while I’m watching the people. Some dude comes buy with a paper bag in his hand, pulls out a tin wrapped sandwich. (Simulated) partner shoots the dude while I’m standing there wondering why he just shot a dude holding a sandwich.

      I *think* a major danger in these situations is that you see what you expect to see. I wasn’t a cop so I wasn’t expecting to see anything. Lots of people walk around with paper bags and I waited to see and identify what he took out of the bag (and how he did it – calmly pulling a gun will get you further than running up on someone) while the simulation had the partner react to a dude pulling a shiny silver object out of a bag.

      1. If you’re a real cop and you’re constantly feed ‘its a war out there’ and ‘every traffic stop could be your last’ on top of ‘was there any film? Then it was a good shoot’ investigations, well you might very well see a gun where no gun exists. And I mean that unironically – you might very well interpret what you see as a firearm and react when that ‘split-second hesitation’ could mean the difference between an innocent person dying or never even knowing there was a problem.

        But I don’t think cops get that simulator training much once they leave the academy. Especially cops in minor suburbs (yeah, the story says Miami, but what we consider Miami probably covers a dozen independent municipalities, each with their own PD). They certainly won’t get much actual hands-on training beyond personal range time. And that doesn’t drill in important things like ‘keep your fucking finger off the trigger until you’re pretty damn sure you’ll need to shoot’.

        1. Every police department needs a range safety officer that is a total dick about that. BTW, so does the French National Guard. I was in Paris the week of the Iraq invasion in 2003, and these morons “guarding” the Eiffel Tower had their fully auto ARs in down guard position, but both of the idiots had their fingers on the trigger, while taking pictures with the girls in my school group. So either, A) the guns weren’t loaded and useless in a terror attack, or B) the guns were loaded, chambered, and only the safety kept them from killing a bunch of American high schoolers. If I’d had enough French, I’d have asked them to pull their fucking fingers out of the trigger guards, but my teachers and the chaperones who spoke French didn’t want to listen.

    3. A local gun shop is installing a similar simulator that uses lazers. I hope to try it out.

  34. He had to shoot him, the black guy was yelling, “”No, no, no!”, over and over and the Retard was getting that berserker look; all fisty and elbowy.

  35. “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”

    Ayn Rand

  36. Remember those *moderate* rebels the US is supporting? Well, here’s a video of them beheading an 11 year old child soldier captured from a pro-Assad militia.

    1. I think we just throw all our support to the Kurds since they are the least insane of the bunch. It will piss off Turkey, but that place is circling the drain anyway.

      1. My view right from the beginning of the second invasion of Iraq.

        Should have split the country into 3 parts – one of them being Kurdish Iraq – and fuck what Turkey wants. Hell, Iraq is basically a British fiction to start with.

        1. We should have just taken it the fuck over and instituted our own laws and constitution. That is how you do nation building OG stlye.

      2. I think we should bring home all the troops and close all overseas military installations.

        1. Hey now. I think we definitely need to keep open a Navy base or two in Italy and Japan. Probably should re-open a base in the Phillipines.

          Probably could use some forward deployed vessels homeported out of Pattaya while we’re at it. Maybe one in Rio – just to be safe.

        2. You want to be able to have a rapid response if you need it. Opening up new bases during a conflict would be tough.

  37. OK, so many points I want people like Giuliani to answer. You know when Rudy keeps saying all blacks have to do is behave properly and cops won’t shoot them(the same guy under whose regime, Diallo was shot to death 41 times because cops were so impatient that they mistook a wallet for a gun even though they had enough time to take cover).

    So, let’s say one of these cop apologists somehow blames the 911 call for the accidental shooting inspite of the guy clearly putting his hands up and the call was about the autistic patient and not the caretaker. OK, we will accept the excuse as somehow the benefit of doubt should apply for the cop not being racist. Maybe incompetent. (For the record, I don’t buy that excuse, but whatever, I will go along with that excuse). Tell me what explains cops , having realized that the caretaker was unarmed, did not RUSH to get him the best medical attention, did not bother to apologize for the mistake, and then they proceeded to handcuff after flipping him over. This , to me, is clear evidence that they treated this guy as less than they would a person they could relate to as their fellow countryman. If that was a white female, would they have flipped her over after shooting her once they realized she was unarmed??

    1. all civilians are to be considered dangerous and are to be detained until determined otherwise. Hell lets just lock them all up.

    2. Love this point. I 100% agree. Accidents happen. We get it. You made a terrible mistake. BUTT an ambulance should have been called immediately

  38. I have what may be a stupid idea; everything I’ve read indicates that most cops do not shoot well, and that most departments expect them to practice with ammunition they pay for themselves (for the most part). Is it possible hat we could cut down on the number of shooting by panic-y cops by providing them with a free way to practice with their guns more?

    1. Not a bad idea. But that won’t help if they ignore basic firearm safety rules. I don’t even own a gun and I know you don’t point it at anything you’re not ready to destroy and you don’t put your finger on the trigger until you’re pretty much ready to shoot. Hopefully the fool gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But blargh, who am I kidding.

      1. I don’t own a gun either, and I know that much, plus, to quote myself…
        Every police department needs a range safety officer that is a total dick about that. BTW, so does the French National Guard. I was in Paris the week of the Iraq invasion in 2003, and these morons “guarding” the Eiffel Tower had their fully auto ARs in down guard position, but both of the idiots had their fingers on the trigger, while taking pictures with the girls in my school group. So either, A) the guns weren’t loaded and useless in a terror attack, or B) the guns were loaded, chambered, and only the safety kept them from killing a bunch of American high schoolers. If I’d had enough French, I’d have asked them to pull their fucking fingers out of the trigger guards, but my teachers and the chaperones who spoke French didn’t want to listen.

        1. Isn’t there an intermediate possibility that the guns were loaded, but no round chambered, so that they would have still needed to draw the bolt to fire while hardly being “useless”?

  39. But remember: only police officers should have guns. Because training.

    1. I have a few friends who are marines. They all say the same thing: we’d have been courtmartialed if we pulled any of this shit in an actual warzone. But then again, there is no armed forces union.

  40. whats the matter with these cops do they get bonus points for every person they shoot. the fucks need to learn to think

  41. “Why’d you shoot me?”
    “I don’t know….

    … ’cause you black?”

    You see, we didn’t get the full story. As always, things get redacted.

  42. He feared for his safety and he deserves to go home to his family and War on Cops. After 6 months paid leave, cleared of any wrongdoing and reinstated to full duty with apologies from Charles Kinsey.

  43. I’m gonna have to blame the “victim” here. Everybody except this guy knows that when you don’t want to get shot by the police you lay prone with your hands laced behind your head and your butt raised in the air to show submission. Never go supine. The presentation of genitalia is open hostility. In this case, it’s like saying, “look at my dick”

  44. Another out-of-control police department under the auspices of the Democrat Party.
    When will people stop electing Progressives who wish to jam the jack-booted heel of government on their neck?

  45. Mother. Fucker. These cocksuckers didn’t learn a THING from the last 2 weeks. Well, I guess that the armed resistance will continue unabated.

  46. This should be a headline for The Onion..

  47. A North Miami police officer was trying to protect an unarmed mental health therapist when he “accidentially” fired a shot and wounded the man, the head of the local police union said Thursday.

    Therapist Charles Kinsey, 47, still recovering from a gunshot wound, said the officer, who hasn’t been publicly named by his department, blurted he didn’t know why he fired during the encounter on Monday. Video of the moments before and after the shooting is equally perplexing.

    The officer “thought Kinsey’s life was in danger,” John Rivera, head of the Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association, said at a news conference.Rivera said the officer wasn’t aiming for Kinsey when he fired.

    He couldn’t explain why, after the shooting, officers rolled the bleeding Kinsey to his side and handcuffed him.

    These guys are so stupid they can’t even come up with a good story without loopholes. So if you were protecting this guy as you claim, why are you arresting him instead of tending to his wounds since you are claiming the cop was actually trying to protect the black man!!!!

    1. Are we really supposed to believe that the cop hit the wrong man with a rifle from about 30 feet away while firing from a rest on the hood of a car? If so, he missed his shot by about 4 to 6 feet. If that is how bad a shot he is, then he has no business having a rifle in his hands.

      I really think that we should ban police officers from carrying firearms.

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