Police Abuse

Watch Matt Welch Talk Policing and Black Lives Matter on MSNBC's AM Joy at 10 a.m. ET

Sorting through a lousy week in police-citizenry relations


This murderous week of cop-on-citizen and citizen-on-cop violence, has, in addition to senselessly taking the life of innocent human beings, effectively pounded the nail in the coffin of federal criminal justice reform in 2016. And as the top-trending hashtag in my timeline confirms, the conflicts only heightened last night, as Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson was arrested by Baton Rouge police, and protesters in St. Paul hucked rebar at police.

I'll be talking about these subjects on MSNBC's AM Joy beginning at 10 a.m. ET

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  1. Don’t spout your doomist hyperbole to the very impressionable MSNBC audience, Welch. Criminal justice reform will continue on the exact same pace it was before this past week’s events.

    1. + WOD

      1. + gun control

        1. For years progressives have been assuring us that when cops come for the guns we’ll just roll over and give them up because Army tanks.

          It will be interesting to see what they say when us cranky old white gun owners are sitting on the sidelines with them, watching civil war break out between law enforcement and blacks.

    2. + 1,000,000 auto-shutoff body-cameras

      1. you misspelled “auto-fall-off”

  2. Left-Wing Pundit Has THE ABSOLUTE WORST Take On The Dallas Police Attack
    Sally Kohn thinks police are to blame for the sniper-style ambush that killed five Dallas police officers on Thursday….

    CNN Contributor Shifts Blame To Christians After Islamic Terrorist Attack In Orlando
    Leftist CNN contributor Sally Kohn attempted to shift the narrative to Christians in the aftermath of radical Islamic terrorist who killed 49 people in a gay bar in Orlando, Florida….

    1. Krugnuts: Climate of Hate
      …But there has, in fact, been a rising tide of threats and vandalism aimed at elected officials, including both Judge John Roll, who was killed Saturday, and Representative Gabrielle Giffords. One of these days, someone was bound to take it to the next level. And now someone has.

      It’s true that the shooter in Arizona appears to have been mentally troubled. But that doesn’t mean that his act can or should be treated as an isolated event, having nothing to do with the national climate…

      1. Krugman ignores the fact that Loughner was a rabid Gifford supporters right up to the point that she, herself, slighted his sacred cow. At which point his sick rage became pointed at her. Not in any way endemic of a national issue, it was targeted violence against one person. Several people, including a little girl got in the way. But, that sick fuck propogandist Krugman will never let facts get in the way of his Nobel prize winning rhetoric.

    2. Sally Kohn

      How’s about instead of blaming protest movements for violence against police, we blame policing for violence that necessitated protests?!?


      1. Are you trying to endear BLM to us?

        1. Libertarian Moment

        2. That’s what I was thinking.

        3. Bacon Lettuce Mozzarella.

          1. Bacon Lettuce Mozzarella Meunster.


            1. M?nster (or Muenster).

  3. I saw President Gun Control talking yesterday. He managed to blame the police murder in Minnesota on concealed carry. And the murder of police in Dallas on Texas Open Carry.

    Nothing to with police behavior or BLM. Guns did it all by themselves.

    1. C’mon, he’s trying to heal the nation.

      1. “he’s trying to heal the nation.”

        But I can’t afford the co-pay!

        1. But I can’t afford the co-pay!

          Affordability ’twas never the intention, and certainly not the goal…

      2. C’mon, he’s trying to heal heel the nation.

    2. I posted this earlier, just an example of a trend I’ve been seeing of an epidemic of lefty editorials on gun control. It reminds me of the lead-up to Obamacare where we kept seeing concern-trolling editorials about how healthcare is so much better in Europe. I think they really think they’re going to get gun control this time.

      1. They will now. Since it’s cops getting shot, Republicans will join them.

          1. But won’t the Republicans be afraid of the NRA voters kicking them out of office?

            1. The NRA will probably join them.

              1. No and no. Very few Republicans are going to flip and the NRA isn’t budging.

                We are at the compromise position right now. Background checks, no full-auto without a license, etc… Caving gets the Republicans nothing but hate from their base.

      2. 2016 election is going to be another Democrat landslide thanks to Trump and demographics. Unlike 2008, the blue dogs are extinct, there’s precedent for eliminating the filibuster with impunity (thx McConnell!), and they’re going to get everything they want.

      3. If their strategy is to mobilize every vaguely worried white person, apolitical Fudd, and half-awake NRA member to hold their nose and vote for Trump, they’re doing a bang-up job. Creating a siege mentality among the majority population is not a winning political strategy, nor is threatening to start another civil war over a Constitutionally protected right.

  4. My score card to date on the cops:

    O=Bad Kill, X=Probable Justifiable Kill
    Trayvon: X
    Mike B.: X
    Tamir: O
    Eric G: O
    Freddie: O
    Alton: very small x
    Philando: small O

    1. *Or a Zimmerman

  5. Holy heck, what is Welch wearing? That’s what I call a power suit.

  6. Okay, Tamika went right off the rails early on.

  7. Get Welch off camera. He’s going talking about race AT ALL.

  8. I’m so sorry but I can’t look past that button down collar. It completely ruins Welch’s Space Nazi uniform.

    1. It’s really unfortunate that I missed this outfit.

      1. Black suit, red shirt, black tie. You know who else wore Hugo Boss?

        1. Udo Kier?

        2. Black suit, red shirt, black tie.

          oh, “The Overdressed Anarchist”

        3. The boy’s a time bomb?

  9. Broken windows policies? Is that how they’re referring to policing for revenue?

  10. I don’t care how articulate you are, your message will not reach the needed audience from behind nose rings and tattoos.

  11. Matt Welch apparently hasn’t read my bumper sticker: Better Have It and Not Need It Than Need It and Not Have It!

  12. How does MSNBC plan to fill those local budget holes made through reduction of police revenue generation?

  13. The useful idiots doing exactly what ruling class want them to do. Now they’ll use it to take people’s guns and further militarize the police. Idiots.

    1. Police are indiscriminately killing people and Trump is going to drag Muslims from their homes and deport them…DISARM AMERICA!

      1. They can’t disarm all Americans. What they can do is to make all guns illegal, except for government employees. Americans will still be armed, but everyone who is will immediately become a felon. A statist’s wet dream.

  14. BLM leader Deray McKesson arrested and jailed along with 30 others by Baton Rogue Police for not walking on nonexistent sidewalk.

    1. He ran for mayor of Baltimore, his hometown, earlier this year, ultimately losing the Democratic primary in April to Catherine E. Pugh. He finished in sixth place, with 2 percent of the vote.

      If he finished 6th, then he lost to Pugh and 4 others, not like he was a viable contender who barely lost it to her.

      he left his job as an administrator in the Minneapolis Public Schools to move to the St. Louis area to work as a full-time activist

      Too bad it’s an almost certainly that his position would be filled and the replacement would be just as awful.

    2. …because it was a highway. Yeah.

  15. Yeah, Hillary found her voice pandering past her “super predator” past.

  16. Black Lives Matter Leader: Dallas Cop Ambush Is A Conspiracy To Make Black Lives Matter LOOK BAD
    A prominent Black Lives Matter activist spent Friday afternoon proposing that the work of Dallas cop-killing sniper Micah Xavier Johnson is a conspiracy designed to make the Black Lives Matter movement look bad.

    The activist, Johnetta Elzie, took to Twitter to announce her theories….

    1. Black Flag Operation?

    2. You haven’t really arrived as movement until the fringe starts spouting off conspiracy theories.

    3. “conspiracy designed to make the Black Lives Matter movement look bad”

      Seems redundant.

  17. And the music swells as Hillary gets herself triumphantly into the US Senate.

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      1. Y’all are going to break into the chorus of Ethel Pump any second now, I just know it.

          1. I’ve always thought of myself more as a Julie Andrews type of man.

  23. Obama and his leftists minions and the media are all traitorous scum. They are intentionally making this about race, and the reason is that they want to:

    1. Foment unrest by blacks by making them believe it’s all about race.

    2. Make sure whites feel alienated and on the defense.

    The effect of this is first of all to divide Americans so that they will not find common cause against the real problem, an encroaching militarized police state. This will divert attention from the real problem and instead make the police the real victims here and not the citizenry. Then the ruling class with push their own solutions, which will be gun control, MORE militarization and even less accountability for authority, and the further trashing of the constitution and making it even easier to strip rights from American citizens.

    More militarized cops, weaker 2nd amendment, less 4th amendment. No fly, no buy, build a wall. 4th Reich, here we come.

    1. divide Americans so that they will not find common cause against the real problem

      Yeah, why change a winning strategy.

      1. “We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” ~ Ben Franklin

    2. The effect of this is first of all to divide Americans so that they will not find common cause against the real problem, an encroaching militarized police state government.

      1. Wow its like your correction wasn’t a correction at all.

    3. “They are intentionally making this about race, and the reason is that they want to:”

      I blame whites. When was the last time you heard of a group of white people to gather together in protest let alone riot over the unjustified police killing of one of their number? Only blacks do this. Whites seem content to let themselves be the target of state violence.

      1. Umm, Tea Party? You would be correct about police violence, except that you do see white people at these protests, although the media continues to make it all about race, and BLM actually have ran off white people who were trying to join them in protests.

        1. “except that you do see white people at these protests”

          These are not proper white people. They are leftists and anarchists, and have their own agenda. They are certainly not Tea Party followers. BLM may or may not join up with any of these groups later in the future. I don’t understand your resistance to ‘this’ being about race. It’s America. When has it not been about race?

      2. Apparently you missed the protests against the other “BLM.”


  24. Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson was arrested by Baton Rouge police

    Congratulations DeRay on your career milestone!
    (presses “like” on appropriate social media, makes DeRay-Behind-Bars my new Facebook avatar)

    1. I assume he was arrested for wearing that shirt.

      1. I think the fact that he has a twitter logo on his shirt really adds to the “grassrootsy” feel.

    2. #StayWoke


      1. It’s the black version of “WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!”

        1. Congratulations DeRay, you managed to find the one thing that makes me prefer the white version.

          1. You mean it wasn’t his symbiote ubiquitous Patagonia vest?

  25. Welch dared to question hate crimes legislation in general on MSNBC.

    1. Hopefully he wore a tasteful-matching White Hood and Robe.

  26. I’m beginning to suspect MSNBC likes Hillary Clinton for president but doesn’t think Donald Trump would be good at the job.

    1. Surely they wouldn’t sully their reputation for objectivity by taking an editorial position.

  27. Cell phones are dangerous to cops.Before they came on the widely use cops could lie with impunity.We need cell phone control to protect ‘our hero’s’..And,as always,evil, violent people will use the police abuse on video to do more evil.

    1. I tuned in to Sean Hannity’s radio programme yesterday. He was excoriating the girlfriend of the deceased man for continuing to film as he was shot. Because she should be judged for her response during one of the most shocking events of her entire life, because it might make cops look bad. What a bag of copsucking douche.

      1. I bet Hannity really thinks the GF should have been shot, too. He can’t come right out and say it, but I bet he thinks it. In fact, I bet he would support legislation making it ok to shoot anyone filming a cop. Not that they can’t already do that and get away with it.

      2. I tuned in to Sean Hannity’s radio programme yesterday.

        Now I question your sanity.

        1. Well, for some reason, I’m fascinated by politics. When I’m driving, and sick of music, the only two options are the right-wing talk radio station, and NPR. I figure it’s good to hear what those who you disagree with are up to. Although, I immediately shut off Hannity’s disgusting cop fellating because I was getting pissed off.

          1. I play a little game with Hannity and Rush.

            I’ll turn them on just to see how long I can take it. I seldom last more than a minute or two.

            So…just like sex.

  28. OT: A good prison break. Here.

    Just to make some people smile.

    1. You mean white prisoners helped save a guard, right? Get with the narrative.

    2. I’m completely confused. That links to a FB page about a Movie Festival in Hino.

        1. There we go. Thanks. *Rattles bars in approval*

        2. So we’ve gotten to the point where “criminals” protect and serve and the police murder people?

          1. Applause!

      1. And I’m not sure how NaE’s link failed for you, it took me to news feed stories about the prisoner breakout to save the corrections officer. Facebook feed algorithm fail, maybe.

    1. Yeah. No Republican or cop is smart enough to pull that off.

      1. my point was that there’s no more effective way to spread a rumour than to aggressively and per-emptively deny it

        1. Yeah, i got that, I just think it’s so effective (he doesn’t even deny it – “may be”) at planting that seed in people’s minds that no political activist is that competent.

  29. Bacon steak (thank you Demoulas), bisected spicy chori?o pan fried in bacon fat, scrambled eggs seasoned with the always illustrious adobe and cuts off a gorgonzola wedge over toasted baguette. Black coffee with a dash of Italian brandy. Today is going to be good.

    1. Adobo committed to autocorrect.

      1. I was going to say…

  30. Obama in 2007:

    “Q: People say you are unthreatening. I have never heard a white candidate described as unthreatening as a compliment. What is that all about? Do you have to be unthreatening to get elected?

    “Obama: Well, look, our racial politics are complicated in this country. There are lots of wounds that are still healing. I think that it’s not something that I have to end up thinking about a lot explicitly. But because of my background and circumstances I have the potential at least of bringing people together who might feel suspicious towards each other. I am not sure that is just racial, by the way. It’s been noted that I come from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, but throughout my career, I have always had extraordinarily good relations with very conservative colleagues. And that’s not because I agree with any of them or fudge on my positions, but people feel I listen to them and give them the benefit of the doubt. I assume the best of people. And that, I think, is an attitude that is maybe rare in politics these days. (He smiles.)”

    1. I have the potential at least of bringing people together who might feel suspicious towards each other

      He’s done a hell of a job.

      1. Sheesh, Lotion — What part of “potential” don’t you understand?

        1. Sheesh, Lotion — What part of “potential” don’t you understand?

          Holy mother of EUPHEMISMS, Batman! My Sod, Rich, what have done!?

          1. But, Doc — *You’re* the one showing us the dirty pictures! 😉

            1. Nonsense, Rich – since the the term “doctor” derives from doc?re, meaning “teacher”, or “to teach”; when I post relevant fotos of what can go *wrong*, consider how fortunate you are when everything is right as rain, my good man.-))))

              Welp, my son is getting the night hypers, so bedtime for him.

              Spokojnoj nochi, Rich.-D

    2. People say you are unthreatening

      I don’t remember that.

      I have fixed up my questions to make me look better

      Oh, I get it. You’re making shit up.

    3. If anything, Obama can be blamed for having the wrong priorities over the last 7 years. He could have done a lot in terms of WoD and criminal justice, but opted not too or to invest political capital elsewhere–or maybe he is just a black dude who doesn’t care about other black people.

      1. More importantly, he’s just another establishment politician.

    1. That’s from last night. Should we watch the whole 3 hours of it, or is there a highlight reel?

      *noted – the person with the (crappy) mic represents an org named “Unicorn Riot”.

      1. I’m off my game. Time for bed.

    2. I’m going to have to thank my boss on Monday for not sending me to MN this week.

  31. Lurking for over a year. Used to come for the articles and stay for the snark. Now I don’t bother to RTFA I just head to the comment section. I also habitually read the comments at other sites. These last few days have been outrageous. So, I have a couple of questions that I’m having trouble answering. I was wondering if any of you would be so kind as to help me see where my reasoning is failing me. 1) Do black people not remember how their ancestors became slaves (hence the African in African American) in the first place? People with guns came to where they lived and captured them because although the Africans outnumbered the slavers, the slavers had the means to overpower. How can they not see the corollary here? 2) When is the time for the adults in the room to tell the screaming brats to take it outside so anyone who cares to have a civil discussion and hammer out some of this shit can do so? 3) Isn’t this the time to calmly but firmly state in no uncertain terms that contrary to what others may feel, unless they can meet the constitutional requirements to amend the 2A,any further gun control/legislation is a no go, off the table, NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.

    1. 1) Sure
      2) after a nap
      3) why not

    2. The democrat party are socialist at heart. You can’t have socialism without complete control of the population. So first rule of socialism is take away all the guns. Black leadership is paid to operate as shill for the Democrat party. The good news is that these hucksters have been slowly losing influence as they become more and more out of touch with the population. There has recently been growing support among black people and more women as well for the 2nd Amendment.

    3. Also, a significant part of the population regardless of race think laws are magic. Laws are judged by intent rather than results and secondary consequences are rarely if ever considered. Most people rarely consider the history of governments either.

      1. I spilled a Sam Adams on my copy of the social contact.

    4. 1. The Africans were perfectly willing to sell their brethren to whitey for fun and profit. I’ll defer to someone more knowledgeable about African history here, for this question: Were the Africans already slave trading before whitey arrived?

      2. What is the scope of this question? Are you talking about here on H&R, or about society as a whole?

      3. Are you underestimating the will of the ruling elite class in this country to completely ignore the Constitution? Or are you just speaking from the standpoint of wishful thinking?

      1. Were the Africans already slave trading before whitey arrived?

        Why, yes, yes they were…

        What these records show is that the modern slave trade flourished in the early middle ages, as early as 869, especially between Muslim traders and western African kingdoms. For moralists, the most important aspect of that trade should be that Muslims were selling goods to the African kingdoms and the African kingdoms were paying with their own people.

        1. Strike this from the records!


    5. You like the current state of the comments? I’m suspicious of you now.

      1. Are you saying you would prefer fewer euphemisms?

    6. Fuck off Tulpa.


    7. Do black people not remember how their ancestors became slaves (hence the African in African American) in the first place? People with guns came to where they lived and captured them because although the Africans outnumbered the slavers…

      Much more recently, gun control in America began as an explicitly racist program to keep guns out of the hands of slaves and later freed slaves. In fact, it was the first step in building the Jim Crow legal regime in the South. And a now forgotten aspect of that regime was that blacks were terrorized by white mobs, who were acting outside government control, but were allowed to do so via prosecutorial discretion. That was only possible because blacks had been deprived of the ability to defend themselves.

  32. Democrats Finalize Exceptionally Progressive Party Platform.


    1. “I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished tonight. This is the most aggressive plan to combat climate change in the history of the Democratic Party,” Gunnels continued

      Talk about being out of touch with the American people. Polls have shown of late, that a very small percentage of Americans even consider this an issue, let alone something that they are willing to give up their current standard of living for.

      1. This is the most aggressive plan to combat climate change in the history of the Democratic Party[.]

        Are they going to store themselves underground? Fewer methane emissions would help more than just the climate…

  33. Also: Am I the only girl here?

    1. Yes.

      1. See what I mean.

    2. You’re not a girl.

    3. You ever notice that Grape Nuts has neither grapes, nor nuts in it? Think about it.

      1. Duh, it’s the nuts from a grape tree

    4. But seriously.We actually at one point had enough for a calendar. I am not sure if that is still the case. I do know that all of the women who do post here are super hot and wear nothing but garter belts and fishnet stockings while they’re posting.

      1. It’s the case if there’s only one month in the year and most years are like a leap year, leaving out the entire year instead of a day.

        1. Oh, and seconded on the wardrobe.

    5. Also welcome to the loonie bin.

      1. I’ll take toonies instead.

    6. You’ll never guess which one of these replies is actually a(nother) female.

    7. Yes, we scared off the rest of them. Well, I think there was one here posting yesterday. Anyway, try not to be offended by the unrestrained commentariat here. We mean no harm, and most of us here actually like females, (:

      1. And where are my manners? Welcome, and I like your posting name.

    8. Never mind. Also, TITS OR GTFO

    9. I kissed a girl once.

      (But not on the lips.)

      1. You’re grandma doesn’t count.

        1. But you can always count on his mum.

    10. No, you are definitely not the only girl here.

      You may be the only female.

      If H&R wasn’t a blog, we’d need about eight restrooms.

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  35. ok, I’m gonna try virtue signaling one more time: Just acquired my first gun. Glock 36. And I wear a garter belt and fishnet stockings when I target shoot. (Now do you like me?)

    1. I’ll be in my bunk:)

    2. Good choice by the way. I have 3 glocks. 21, 22, 27. I would love to have the 36 as I’m a .45 guy at heart. I just bought Beretta Storm PX4 9mm last week along with a SIG 716.

      1. I was looking at a Storm compact as a possible carry gun, but thought different when I saw how bulky it is. I still want one though.

        Still searching for the perfect DA/SA single-stack 9mm carry gun that fits my meager budget.

        1. You look at the Rugers?

          1. I handled a LCP a while back. Liked the feel and the trigger, but the grip is too small. I can’t comfortably shoot with only two fingers on the grip.

          2. Bersa looks good on paper, but the controls were awkward to me. I want to be able to easily reach the decocker and slide release.

            1. How about a .380? I understand the Hornady Critical Defense ammo in the caliber is pretty impressive. That options your concealed carry options quite bit

              1. I want it to be a regular shooter as well, and .380 ammo isn’t cheap. At least compared to 9mm.

        2. The Storm Compact is the one I bought.

          1. Nice. I wish they made that in single-stack. It would be an ideal carry piece.

    3. Ok, you’re in the club. But just remember, you only have a limited amount of time to secure some orphan slaves and either start a monocle factory or blood diamond mine, preferably both.

    4. I wear a garter belt and fishnet stockings when I target shoot.


    5. You know who else wrote a garter belt and fishnet stockings when shooting?

  36. Confession: I know next to nothing about hand guns.I grew up around rifles as my father was a hunter. The Glock was a gift, and I literally just received it last week. I’ve been reading a lot since then and plan to get to a range very soon for some instruction.

    1. Good plan on getting some instruction. Short barreled .45 is a helluva first gun:) Keep your wrist strong.

    2. Get a .22 pistol for practice and shoot the hell out of it. .45 gets expensive in a hurry.

    3. What Warty said.

      I believe there are .22 conversion kits for many Glocks. That way you can practice with cheap ammo with the same gun.

      I don’t know how much .45ACP costs, but most center fire pistol ammo around here ranges from $15 – $25 for a box of fifty.

      Compare that to $50 for a box of five hundred.22lr.

      You do the math.

      1. It’s around $20/50 for target ammo. More than double that for defense ammo. Even so I would make sure to put a sufficient number of whatever defense rounds you plan on using through that gun. Short barreled .45s especially can be finicky with ammo. They can also be quite snappy with defense ammo as well. You want to find those things out before hand. I have a colt officers special .45 which probably has a shorter throat than the Glock 36. I have had really good experience with Winchester PDX1 defence ammo with both reliability and accuracy. It will get job done as well.

        1. The gun store down the road was selling .38SP hollow points for $20 a box a few months ago. Cheaper than ball ammo. So I got three.

    4. Another option is practice with cheap steel case ammo. It usually costs about half of brass. The down side is it jams a lot and you’ll have to clean your gun more.

      1. Some gun ranges don’t allow it.

    5. Welcome aboard, and good luck!

      Rule of thumb: If the person you ask to help you learn to shoot wants to video your first shot, find someone else.

      There are lots of NRA pistol instructors around, and if you haven’t found Kathy Jackson over at Cornered Cat, check it out. http://www.corneredcat.com/

  37. OT:

    Muslim cleric: “Islam was spread by the sword- so what?”

    Fun fact: the spot of dirt on his forward is considered a sign of piety. It shows he prays so much that his head is dirty from touching the ground.

    Egyptian ministers discuss how to sabotage Ethiopian dam project on live TV

    1. oopsy- forehead not forward

      Me fail English.

    2. Muslim cleric: “Islam was spread by the sword- so what?”

      Well, he has a point. That’s the way shit works.

      I mean, its not like the Indians just handed over the USA when we patiently explained “modernity” to them. Civilizations gonna civilize. You can’t expect people to be constantly apologizing about it.

      Its also making a point clear which many in the West fail to grok; The Enlightenment isn’t just “delayed” in some parts of the world. (Islam in particular). If it aint happened by now – it aint coming.

      So pretending that we’re going to be able to patiently explain “modernity” to the Mullahs is…. well, i think you might start to see my point.

      They’re being honest about the ball-game they’re playing. The West is mostly not. They see it as an existential conflict of interest. We see it as an unfortunate difference of opinion. Expecting them to get tired and give up isn’t going to happen.

      1. I have it on good word that white Europeans are the only people in history who have ever engaged in aggression against their fellow humans. The rest of the world was living in peaceful bliss when whitey went on his worldwide reign of terror. And if you disagree, that’s hate speech.

        1. white Europeans are the only people in history who have ever engaged in aggression against their fellow humans.


      2. I was prompted after reading an Everyday Feminism article in which the author claimed that Islam teaches nothing but peace, tolerance, and love. I presume someone who actually believes that has their head so far up their ass they could themselves a colon exam by opening their eyes.

        1. Frankly I’m amazed at how many people suddenly turn out to be Quran scholars and Islamic historians. While promoting an interpretation of Islam that says a lot more about them than Islam itself.

    3. That’s sort of interesting re: Egypt & the Ethiopians. Never heard about that beef before.

      here’s the backgrounder from the Economist

      When Ethiopia completes construction of the dam in 2017, it will stand 170 metres tall (550 feet) and 1.8km (1.1 miles) wide. Its reservoir will be able to hold more than the volume of the entire Blue Nile, the tributary on which it sits (see map). And it will produce 6,000 megawatts of electricity, more than double Ethiopia’s current measly output, which leaves three out of four people in the dark.

      This boon for Ethiopia is the bane of Egypt, which for millennia has seen the Nile as a lifeline snaking across its vast desert. The river still provides nearly all of Egypt’s water. Egypt claims two-thirds of that flow based on a treaty it signed with Sudan in 1959. But even that is no longer enough to satisfy the growing population and sustain thirsty crops. Annual water supply per person has fallen by well over half since 1970. The UN warns of a looming crisis. Officials in Egypt, while loth to fix leaky pipes, moan that the dam will leave them high and dry.

      Water Wars!

      1. It’s good to be upstream.

  38. Ben Shapiro puts moron Sally Kohn in her place regarding institutional racism:

    1. She forgot to bring Bruce Jenner along to threaten to beat up Shapiro.

      The audio on that is so bad I can’t really make out what’s being said.

      1. The gist: Kohn says more black people in prison proves discrimination against blacks. Shapiro asks if more men in prison disproves discrimination against men. Kohn says no, it’s because men commit more crime. For some reason she can accept that men commit more crime than women but that blacks commit more crime than whites.

        1. Cognitive dissonance, a feature of progs, not a bug.

  39. Are the Cosmos taking Sunday off again? Lazy fuckers.

    1. They’re holding a vigil until DeRay is released. Robby X is callin’ out The Man on twitter

      1. “Robby X”

        Ok, that’s funny.

        1. He woke.

  40. Does anyone know when (mm/dd/yyyy) when commenting began here on H&R?

    1. It was on the 8th day, when the light had settled upon the world he had created, and the Lord realized he had not yet created a way for people to bitch about it.

      1. Thanks!

        1. I just went wondering through the archives. The formatting is gawd awful.

          First Post: November 5, 2002 1:12 am, as you said.

          1. I’m not sure how you found that comment. When I look at the archives, the first comments, oddly enough on 2002 articles, are from 2009. WTF?

              1. Most of the 2002 articles have no comments, and most of them are more like comments than articles.

                1. “Blogging” at the time was a distinctly sub-journalistic practice, and was genuinely, “Shit off the top of people’s heads for no particular reason.”

                  It didn’t need to be a comment on issues of the day, or news items, or continuations of themes;

                  it could just be “I think Jesus would have driven an El Camino”

                  1. You had to start that up again. Jesus would have driven a dually crew-cab Ford F-250. He was a carpenter.

      2. Whatever happened to Suki?

        1. I thought I saw him Suki here just recently?

          1. The guy who posted as Suki now posts as Johnny Longtorso.

      3. So basically, a child born on the day of that first comment would be in his or her mid-teens by now.

  41. The last of my memes for today

  42. Maureen Dowd calls President Obama “Barry” in column, Hillary hacks call her racist

    Yes, calling Barack Obama by a nickname he went by for many years is racist and disrespectful. They’re so pitifully transparent now about deflecting when anyone points out how unlikable their candidate is.

    1. Hillary hacks call her racist

      Actually, a quick glance at that # shows like 1 post from a Hillary hack and a dozen from other people going twitter-tarded over it.

      4 retards having a retard-fight is like the surest way to make headline news these days. “SOMEONE ON TWITTER OUTRAGED! (Media Grabs Popcorn)”

  43. OT: Oh noes, muh PROPERTY VALUES!!!!

    From a LinkedIn article about the AirBnB lawsuit against San Francisco:

    AIRBNB has NO chance…I would not want MY neighbors able to keep bringing in strangers to their house, and cause ALL kinds of side effects down the road like lowering the price of MY property. Hotels have restrictions to abide by…if AirBNB is allowed to NOT have to abide by them, then Hotels should not either…THEN AirBNB would go out of Business…See the RUB???

    I all seriousness, what does libertarian theory say about property values and possible restrictions on others’ use of their property?

    I was thinking of something like the law of regulatory takings: no recovery (i.e., no restriction on others’ use) if your property’s value isn’t completely destroyed.

    I’m pretty damn sick of property values taking center stage when it comes to control of others’ property.

    1. I all seriousness, what does libertarian theory say about property values and possible restrictions on others’ use of their property?


      1. !(#*&~!(#*&! sugarfreed it


        1. Great article. Sounds like the author’s done a lot of research and thinking on the subject.

          I particularly like this passage:

          In addition to being inherently corrupt, this practice of extorting money from property developers often leads to a quid pro quo in which governments use coercion to assist wealthy developers in acquiring land and trampling on the legitimate property rights of others (through eminent domain laws or other coercive means). One commonly hears the complaint that local governments are in the pockets of developers, but it is rarely appreciated that this is an inevitable consequence of the government’s attempts to extort support from developers through coercive zoning laws. This is just one manifestation of the inevitable regulatory and political capture that occurs when governments attempt to control private business.

          This explains all forms of crony capitalism that progressives (claim) to abhor; they get cause and effect backwards.

        2. This is where I stand on the issue:

          [T]here is no such thing as a right to preserve the value of one’s property, only its physical integrity. Moreover, this is true regardless of whether one is speaking of the objective market value, the subjective value to the property owner, or any other measure of value.[18] People are entitled to protect the integrity of their property from invasive acts by others; they are not entitled to forcibly prevent legitimate acts by others merely to protect the market value of their property.

          Unfortunately, the vast majority will never believe this; even my dad, who is pretty darn libertarian, thinks that there is a right to control others’ uses of their property if such uses lower his property values.

    2. Hotels have restrictions to abide by…if AirBNB is allowed to NOT have to abide by them, then Hotels should not either

      Soooo close, a true libertarian moment. He sees the solution, and then dismisses it.

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