NRA Releases Statement About Philando Castile, Dallas Sniper Identified, George Takei Objects to Gay Character: P.M. Links


  • Officials have identified one of the suspects in the Dallas attack: 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson.
  • In the wake of Dallas, Donald Trump says it's time to "restore law and order."
  • The disclaimer in this Inside Higher Ed piece about a settled OCR investigation is pretty hilarious.
  • Simon Pegg and George Takei are fighting about whether Star Trek character Hikaru Sulu should be gay.

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  1. The NRA called the incident “troubling” and demanded a thorough investigation.

    There. Happy?

    1. Hello.

      “Simon Pegg and George Takei are fighting about whether Star Trek character Hikaru Sulu should be gay.”


      1. The correct answer is “who gives a shit?”

      2. I never had him pegged as a homophobe. Thanks…veal…waitress.

        1. It’s the opposite, Takei doesnt want Sulu to be gay, Pegg did.

          1. The joke…you ruined it.

            1. Ignorance of the facts is no joke.

            2. …what joke? (Oh, snap!)

      3. I kinda side with Takei on this. Roddenberry had definite character identities for every member of the cast. No need to add shit in that he didn’t want.

        1. So Sulu and Chekhov aren’t butt buddies. What kind of a fleet doesn’t have a few daisies?

          1. Chekov was always into chicks.

        2. As Pegg said, he thinks the decision of the sexuality was a product of his time, not his vision. IDK, I personally don’t care who bones who in my sci-fi adventures. Kirk was banging alien chicks every other episode, so at least the speciest boundary has already been broken. Warty, rejoice.

          1. As Pegg said, he thinks the decision of the sexuality was a product of his time, not his vision

            WTF does that even mean?

            1. It means you get to feel outraged at his opinion.

            2. I guess, according to Pegg, Roddenberry wanted Sulu to be gay but was afraid to actually do it?

            3. Actually it was more than him thinking it. Takei specifically said that he and G-Rod had discussed having a gay character and decided that the public would just not tolerate it.

              Didn’t DS9 have a bunch of lesbian type stuff happening in it with Dax, since she was a parasite who had previously been a man?

              1. Does it count if the parties involved are each the synthesis of a genderless non-hominoid and a succession of gendered hominoids?

        3. Takei doesn’t want them taking Sulu and making him gay just for the sake of making him gay. Then he’s just the token homo character, and was probably chosen as such because Takei himself is gay. I can see where that might bother him.

          As far as interpreting the character, there are two people that are authorities on Sulu. Gene Roddenberry and George Takei. Roddenberry is long dead, so I tend to give Takei the benefit of the doubt for practical reasons.

          This is just a stunt for SJW reasons with no real organic storytelling driving it.

      4. No; queenishly.


      5. Simon says: this whole thing is gay.

    2. Robbo has a sad.

    3. I am glad the NRA took my angry comments to heart.

  2. Officials have identified one of the suspects in the Dallas attack: 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson.

    There are more?

    1. More dead ones.

      Are there any more who survived?

    2. In Dallas, it’s always a lone gunman, amirite?

      1. Has anyone confirmed the whereabouts of Ted Cruz’s father at the time of the shooting?

        1. *rises to applaud vigorously*

      2. My daughter called to see if I was the shooter. I’m so proud of her.

      3. My daughter called to see if I was the shooter. I’m so proud of her.

    3. They arrested some people that were allegedly helping to bring him weapons.

        1. *applause*

          1. Thank you. I felt it was a total threadwinner, yet it got nothing.

            1. It’s hard to make a slam-dunk threadwinner.

            2. Silent majority.

      1. Had they passed background checks?

    4. I wonder what Shaun King has to say about it?

      1. So, let’s go over our ingredients:

        1. Over 320 million people with more guns then citizens
        2. Deeply violent founding and growth of this nation
        3. Undeniable present day bigotry and racism
        4. Police brutality with little to no justice

        Now, turn the temperature up as high as it will go and let it cook not for 30 minutes, or 30 days, but let it cook for years and years and years on end.

        How did we expect this would turn out?

        Emphasis added. It’s George Washington’s fault!

        1. Well, his first name is George. And a cherry tree could be cut down to resemble a Booooooooooooosh.

  3. In the wake of Dallas, Donald Trump says it’s time to “restore law and order.”

    That’s a terrible time slot. One is on CBS and the other is NBC.

    1. Brilliant. This should be today’s winner, at least for anyone over about 35.

      1. I know right? Yet they all hate me here for some reason.

        1. Maybe it’s your unceasing efforts to mislead the public about biotech crops.

          1. MY RESEARCH IS SOUND AND BAILEY KNOWS IT. The computer models all predict a dangerous rise in autism levels by the year 2116. And also that corn will feel pain.

        2. It’s jealousy pure and simple.

          Do you have a job Fist ?

          Working for someone else I mean ?

          1. I’m a motivational speaker. The unmotivated world is my employer.

            1. Meh.

      2. 35? 45 maybe.

        1. I’m more than 35 and less than 40 and remember Dallas being a thing (a thing that boring grownups were into) enough to get the joke.

            1. Was that the actual length of the intro? Boy, they sure made them long back then. Phrasing.

      3. You mean that show starring Jordana Brewster?

      4. I am 35 and all I remember is big hair and eyeshadow.

      5. A Trump based nighttime soap could be a real winner.

    2. Wait, did they arrest Sue Ellen Ewing for this?

      1. They did for like one season, but it turned out it was all just a dream.

        1. We can only pray that we all wake up in the shower one of these days and discover that the 2016 election season was just a dream…

      2. Nah, it turned out her sister Kristin did it.

  4. Red State finds a nut. I’m kinda stunned.

    Now imagine, for a minute, that your parents instead grew up as black people in the 50s or 60s in one of the many areas where police were often the agents of – let’s call it what it was – white oppression. How might that have changed, for understandable reasons, the way not only those people but also their children and their children’s children interact with the police? More importantly, how might it impact the belief that police will ever be held accountable for abuses of their power?

    1. More importantly, how might it impact the belief that police will ever be held accountable for abuses of their power?

      Unfortunately, I’m still not seeing evidence that a large swath of Americans have agreed there are any abuses of power.

    2. your parents instead grew up as black people in the 50s or 60s

      Jeebus. That’s sixty fucking years ago. If you have such a tight grip on injustice and suffering from sixty years ago, especially injustice and suffering from long before you were even born, then there’s no hope whatsoever for anything other than a permanently tribalized society, red in tooth and claw.

      Get over it already. If you want to wallow in long-past injustice, move to the fucking Middle East, where injustice isn’t even ready to decant for at least a couple of centuries.

      1. ^THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. A fundamental problem is that for some demographics people think jail is for the unlucky ones who happened to get caught up in the nefarious web of white man laws

      3. Maybe I’m naive or stupid, but I read that as saying over the last 60 years cops have systematically been oppressing each new generation and that general distrust of LE is now baked in?

  5. In the wake of Dallas, Donald Trump says it’s time to “restore law and order.”

    “And,” he added, “make the trains run on time.”

    1. ^THIS.

      Times like these enable a strong man-approach to politics in a democracy. It’s just dangerous.

      1. No he also said this

        The senseless, tragic deaths of two motorists in Louisiana and Minnesota reminds us how much more needs to be done.

        This morning I offer my thoughts and prayers for all of the victims’ families, and we pray for our brave police officers and first responders who risk their lives to protect us every single day.

        Our nation has become too divided. Too many Americans feel like they’ve lost hope. Crime is harming too many citizens. Racial tensions have gotten worse, not better. This isn’t the American Dream we all want for our children.

        This is a time, perhaps more than ever, for strong leadership, love and compassion. We will pull through these tragedies.

        Which is entirely reasonable and measured. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your daily Trumpgasm.

        1. And by Trump, you mean a writer on his team?

          Like during the debates when he contradicted the policy statements on his own website because he obviously doesn’t have a single iota of a clue what “his” policies are?

          As we learned from Obama’s speechwriter, a political candidate definitely means everything they are purported to say.

          1. So when he says something you don’t like, it is him. When he says something you can’t bitch about, it is just his team.

            Really? You actually think that bitch is convincing or rational?

            1. Let’s see what Trump actually said in his own words. Without a speech writer.

              First amendment: “we’re going to loosen up those libel laws.”

              Second amendment: “I’m OK with an “assault weapon” ban.”

              Second Amendment, fifth amendment twofer: “I’m OK with a no-fly no-buy list.”

              Those are his words, not his speechwriters. He has authoritarian instincts, and there’s no denying it.

              1. Trump has authoritarian speech tendencies. Hillary has an authoritarian track record.

            2. And when he reverses course or contradicts himself hours or days later, it’s statesmanship, right?

          2. So who are you voting for, then??

            Clinton’s writer, Trump’s writer, or Johnson’s writer?? Or maybe you prefer Castle’s writer. Or maybe even Stein’s.

            1. I don’t know about Castle’s writer, but I’d give his partner my vote.

              1. Kate Beckett?

    2. Thankfully for America, Trump has the attention span of crack-addled rat. I don’t think he has the necessary focus to achieve a putsch.

      1. His statement was entirely reasonable. Read it above. But like Injun, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good delusion.

        1. I think we need to hug it out. I don’t actually think Trump is some sort of neo-dictator. I don’t really think he has strong-man instincts. I do think he has ADD. I’m not on the #nevertrump He is definitely not my last choice, and after GayJay’s antics, I would rather have Trump than Johnson. I would just prefer most of the eligible people who have never been elected to any office in the land. Either America will survive a Trump presidency, or it wasn’t going to survive no matter who was president.

          1. Maybe he does. But I don’t think the time to make that allegation is after he says something reasonable. He was by far more measured and reasonable than Hillary or Obama.

          2. He is definitely not my last choice, and after GayJay’s antics, I would rather have Trump than Johnson.

            Suck it, cosmos. Decent, right-thinking people inhabit these blog comments.

            1. True, but so do a lot of Trump supporters.

              1. “a lot of Trump supporters. tolerators.


    3. I’ve never wanted someone to not be a Muslim or immigrant more in my life than this shooter.

      1. Bet you wished he was white boy with a confederate flag who follows @Nero on teh twitter.

        1. Actually yes because then we could have an honest conversation instead of it all being about race.

    1. Weld is a disgrace. These guys make Barr/Root look like a Libertarian DreamTeam.

  6. Would you like to be a Canadian Senator?

    Canadians can now submit their names for possible nomination to the Senate, with new changes announced by the Liberal government on Thursday.

    Under an interim process announced by the Liberals in December, potential senators had to be nominated by a community organization. But Canadians are now able to apply directly to fill vacancies in the Senate.

    1. Canadians can now submit their names for possible nomination to the Senate

      Not writing your name in both English and French will lead to automatic disqualification.

      1. …if you write your name in in Klingon, then Justin Trudeau and George Takei will get in an argument over whether the new senator is gay.

        1. Wouldn’t they have a cure for homosexuality in the 23rd century? A de-fagifier ray, or a pill or something?

    2. RUFUS!

      1. Dit-on “rrrrroo-foooo”?

        1. Mais oui!

    3. Rufus…..???

      1. As senator, Tonio. As Senator.

        Hello. McFly!

      2. What’s Cytotoxic, chopped liver?

    4. Down side: If you screw up, you’ll be cast adrift, buddy.

      1. I’m not your buddy, guy.

  7. Simon Pegg and George Takei are fighting about whether Star Trek character Hikaru Sulu should be gay.

    In space, no one can hear you ______________.

    1. “cream”

    2. So there talking about making Sulu straight instead? What does Chekhov think about that?

      1. He’s a little squishy on the subject.

        1. Too soon.

    3. squeam

    4. squeal like a pig

    5. Why don’t they just airbrush the cigarettes out and be done with it?

    6. Been watching the new Match Game?

      1. Oh, God. They didn’t, did they? You maniacs!

        1. [Oprah voice]It’s got Rosie O’Donald!![/Ophra voice]

          1. Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

      1. You know, the answers didn’t necessarily have to rhyme with scream, but this one might be the most appropriate so far.

  8. Canada’s internal trade sometimes ‘less free’ than international trade, premiers to discuss proposal to fix it

    Ontario’s economic development minister says he fully expects the provinces and the federal government to agree Friday on a long-awaited proposal that aims to ease Canada’s interprovincial trade barriers.

    One frequently cited example is how provincial regulations block the export of beer around the country.

    1. export of beer around the country

      Remember how GWB was ridiculed for saying something like all of our exports are to foreign countries?

      1. Here, I found it. I remember Comedians having a field day with it.

        Most of our imports come from other countries.

        1. Except Chryslers. They come from Detroit.

    2. The Jones Act does the same thing in the US.

      It’s often illegal to ship directly from mainland US to Hawaii or Puerto Rico without going through a foreign port first.

      1. Jones Act prevents shipping (by sea) in the contiguous states. So if you want to ship something from California to Virginia or Houston to Tampa, it has to transship . Thank the Teamsters.

        1. Not just contiguous. It really fucks over Hawaii.

          The Matson terminal here basically pulls containers off of Asian ships, puts them on a US flagged ship, and sends them back out into the Pacific.

          1. Huh. I’d think you could convince the port of TJ to do a lively transshipping business for a better price.

              1. One more ILA strike in Long Beach should do it.

      2. I thought the Jones Act was amended which is what caused the explosion of cruise ships in American ports? Or am I all wet on that?

      3. Not quite. It’s illegal to use a non-Jones Act compliant ship (ie. built/maintained in the US, all citizen crew, etc) to ship from one US port directly to another. (barring “national security ‘waivers'”)

        Definitely an obsolete artifact that needs to be scrapped ASAP.

    3. Market price for milk.

    4. Inter-provincial barriers have always been a problem. Heck we signed NAFTA before making movement on that.

    5. So Canada has no commerce clause. Interesting.

      1. Canada is run by an internal cabal of invisible power brokers. The rest are just faces.

    6. Well, what they could do is OBEY THE FUCKING BRITISH NORTH AMERICA ACT AND ITS AMENDMENTS AND ADDITIONS IN THE CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, and stop allowing a century of bien-pensant idiots on the Supreme Court to decide against free trade between provinces using arguments that boil down to “cigarettes are different” or “booze is different.”

      Fuck me, but I’ve hated this aspect of Confederation since I went to Law School.

  9. George Takei ruined facebook.

    There, I said it.

    1. He really did. His following is cult-like and derpish.

    2. False. Facebook was always terrible.

      1. Once again, your wisdom surpasses Playa’s.

      2. This. Derpbook has the worst noise-to-signal ratio on the internet.

        On the internet.

        1. I sentence you to 100 hours of reading Youtube comments.

          May god have mercy on his soul

          1. I stand corrected.

    3. I unliked his page when he came out as a racist.

  10. In the wake of Dallas, Donald Trump says it’s time to “restore law and order.”

    Maybe he’ll name Giuliani as his VP.

    1. Thanks a lot. No sleep tonight!

    2. Nah, just Chris Christie.

      1. Chris Christie is angling for AG. I can’t say he’d be worse than the current occupant, but I doubt he’d be better.

        1. And he doesn’t have to stick his neck out as a VP candidate.

      2. NO!!!!!! We already have enough traffic problems in Cincinnati. That man cannot hold a national position of power.

  11. Camera to crack a white shark mystery

    The camera would need to have a long battery life, and be small enough to clip to a shark’s fin. It would have to be waterproof, even more than a half-mile below the ocean’s surface, and able to film in low-light conditions. Researchers, working from boats near the Farallon Islands, would clip it to the shark’s dorsal fin, and the low-impact clamp would remain on the shark for almost a year.

    The camera would need to be able to “sleep,” conserving battery life and recording capacity, while the shark traveled to the caf?. Then it would have to kick into action once the shark started speed-diving ? the intriguing behavior scientists want to understand.

    After all that, the camera would have to have a time-release mechanism allowing it to detach cleanly from the shark’s fin at just the right time, float to the surface, and expose an antenna that tells an ARGOS monitoring satellite its location. The satellite would send an email to Sal’s team, who would go out in a boat to retrieve it. Only then could they take a look at what the camera documented

    1. Little do they know, that shark is completely protected by its white privilege.

      1. [golf clap]

    2. They’ll need to get a sea warrant.

      1. That’s for stingrays, not sharks.

    3. The camera would need to be able to “sleep,” conserving battery life …

      Or a generator attached to an impeller to benefit from the fish’s movement through the water.

  12. UPDATE: Minot State officials said Friday morning that the professor about whom Student A filed a complaint has not been employed by the university since August 2013.


    1. What the fuck? When did Minot become a state?

      1. Apparently, Appalachain is also a state. That’s two of the seven Obama was referring to.

    2. Is that the “Disclaimer”?

      because that’s not a disclaimer

      1. Yeah I didn’t actually see a disclaimer. I assume the update is what he meant.

        1. But I’m with GILMORE? in not knowing what makes the update hilarious.

          A little searching finds that the complaint was made April, 2013, for behavior that occurred between 2010 and 2012. The accused professor resigned in August, 2013, as the investigation heated up.

          Ha ha?

          1. Yeah, very confusing link

    3. Not helpful without a lot more context.

      When was this professor supposed to have raped her, etc.

      1. You can see it all in a 38 page “letter” linked from a press release.

        1. How does an adult, at least college aged, get repeatedly and continuously sexually abused for a three year period ?

          1. It’s pretty easy. You date (or try to) for 3 years, and then one day you wake up with buyer’s remorse.

            1. You mean he really WASN’T ever going to leave his wife for her? But he PROMISED! And he even pinker swore, right before sex! That is a sacred bond right there.

  13. Facebook to Add ‘Secret Conversations’ to Messenger App

    On Friday, Facebook said it will also begin testing “secret conversations” inside Messenger, a feature that offers end-to-end encryption on some messages to be read only on the two mobile devices that users are communicating with. While it stops short of the full encryption that other messaging services like WhatsApp have adopted, it gives Messenger a heightened mode of security that Facebook hopes will attract global audiences to download the app.

    1. Zuckerberg is down with OPP.

      1. Yeah, you know he?


    3. Because when I want to protect my privacy, the first place I go is Facebook.

      1. If you can’t go to Google.

      2. Seriously.

  14. I was considering checking my Derpbook this week after being away for a month. But after all the shitty news this week I thought better of it. I’m sure it’s a total shitshow this weekend.

    1. Its been surprisingly not bad on mine. I feel like everyone took a deep breath after the Dallas shootings. My hope is that is true. We really don’t want to go on the way we’ve been going. Except for the cop wives. I unfollowed two of them.

      1. The retards are gonna retard. Everyone seems to be ignoring them this time around.

        1. Just don’t read the NYT articles. The top comments there are calling for the total confiscation of guns.

      2. My favorite retarded Commie folk singer has about two hundred long and sensitive posts up. I just keep thinking, “Please, I love your music, stop trying to make me hate you.”

        1. I swear to fucking god that he posted himself singing a new song called “Jesus Wants To Take Your Guns Away.”

          1. Arms are for hugging. And getting crucified.

            1. My kid has that book.

          2. You know I had to google it. Indeed he did.

      3. I had one friend go full retard with a “if you’re intolerant, I hate you” post

    2. *Checks derpbook*

      One of the few overtly-political people I’m friends with has posted an article called “Trump supporters call for race war”.

      Ah yes. What better way to detract from the fact that someone literally TRIED to start a race war than to shift focus back to the most insane backers of Trump.

      1. That’s been the playbook against from the beginning. Compare the hand-wringing over what Trump claims he’ll do to the silence over Obama actually doing those things.

      2. Luckily that one’s the only comment on this. Everyone else I know is to busy playing Pokemon Go.

    3. Yup. I’ll fill you in one just one among the endless, pained displays of white guilt – there was this stupid meme thing where white people posted about how they were pulled over by cops but were not scared, so now they understand their privilege, or some such shit. I have heretofore resisted the urge to respond to every one with something along the lines of “You weren’t scared? You should have been. Here are links to about 100 Youtube videos of white people being killed by cops.”

      I hate this shit because it perpetuates the idea that white people have nothing to fear from police, which seems like a real impediment to police reform, as this is quickly going to become the progressive version of “if you do not commit crime, you have nothing to fear.”

      Oh, and tons of articles (posted by white people) about how white people needed to get out of the way and let black people speak more (which I agree with). Followed by rants from the same white people that can be summed up as “Look at me! I am so noble!!”

      1. Yep, which is why I think a lot of it is either grievance mongering or virtue signalling. (Rather than an actual desire for police reform)

      2. May FAVORITE video of all time is one where a black woman talks about how white people need to shut up and stop taking up the space of black people to speak on these sorts of issues. And how about them engaging in discussion is stealing time that black people could be using to discuss those issues.

        The punchline being the woman was an actress, and the video was written and produced by a white guy.

      3. Seems if they were sincere about wanting reform, they’d try to get more white people on their side. What with whites being a big chunk of the electorate and all.

        But no, let’s race bait instead.

        1. The “shut up white people and let black people talk” can be extreme and grating, but I will also say I think it is a reaction to (mostly) white progs who cannot shut the fuck up about their white guilt and then devolve into talking about black issues in a way that ends up bringing all the focus back to how ‘woke’ they are.

          In real life, you can see it in any discussion of ‘diversity,’ especially in the work place, where the discussion ALWAYS devolves into white women talking about themselves and telling others what to do. Or the anguish about black people not voting for Sanders – lacking any awareness that black people vote D primarily because identity politics, not necessarily because they are all socialists (or even to the left on other identity/kulture war issues).

          Or on the internet, where white people right now are posting long apologetics about how black people are scared of the police….I mean, don’t you think actual black people should be talking about that?

        2. Seems if they were sincere about wanting reform, they’d try to get more white people on their side. What with whites being a big chunk of the electorate and all.

          I agree and it is sad because the organized, sane portion of BLM has some really good police reform ideas.

          But it seems a lot of activists have put their eggs in the stirring up white guilt basket.

  15. The disclaimer in this Inside Higher Ed piece about a settled OCR investigation is pretty hilarious.

    Did i miss something? I dinn’see nuthin there.

  16. A group called The People’s Power Assembly is holding a rally against police brutality in downtown Baltimore tonight. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that.

    1. I wouldn’t want to be a cop there, and I definitely wouldn’t want to be a protestor there.

    2. I wouldn’t want to be a tourist, restaurant worker or taxi driver.

      1. I hope all the bodega workers stay safe.

      2. I wouldn’t want to be there.

    3. >The People’s Power Assembly

      Communist version of Voltron?

      1. Two right legs, an arm launcher that shoots toilet paper but never has ammo except on alternating Tuesdays, and runs exclusively on vodka?

        1. Not to mention the mecha are coal-powered.

    4. A group called The People’s Power Assembly is holding a rally against police brutality

      Reuters had pictures of a NYC march against police brutality, and photoshopped dozens of posters which were from a local socialist organization, keeping their slogans, but blurring their organizational connections – most of the ‘printed’ posters being from “Revcon”, the communist party, and a socialist political group

        1. There were protests yesterday in NYC in response to the police shootings

          40 people got arrested.

          Different media have shown lots of photos of the protesters

          A reuters story from yesterday had some pics of close-ups of the protestors which blurred out the “bottom” of the posters they were holding, which turned out to be socialist parties/communist parties (as noted above)

          I presume the idea is that they were less sympathetic to the average viewer when you realized they were commie kooks. I do think it is sort of bad-optics. If you’re out there on behalf of the issue of police violence, try and keep the Commie shit out of it

          1. If I take all of what you’re saying at face value, wouldn’t the real scandal be Reuters manipulating the news?

            1. i don’t think its a scandal. its just ‘gently massaging reality’

              1. These euphemisms, I swear.

    5. It had better fucking not get in the way of the Orioles game.

    6. You mean a rally against NOT making this all about race, right? They could care less about police brutality.

    7. Mrs. Animal grew up in Baltimore, hasn’t been back in decades, and has absolutely zero interest in ever seeing that shithole again. Her family has all bailed. Her folks and her brother all live out here in Denver now.

      Denver has its issues, but Baltimore it ain’t.

      1. Baltimore is great. I left two years ago for a clean, well run, highly educated Midwestern city and have missed Baltimore every day since. There really was a lot of good stuff happening there.

  17. Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos Is Barred From Running Lab for 2 Years

    Theranos said the regulators revoked the certification of its flagship laboratory in Newark, Calif., and prohibited the laboratory from taking Medicare and Medicaid payments for its services. Regulators also levied a monetary penalty that Theranos did not specify. The sanctions take effect in 60 days, Theranos said.

    Theranos represents the promise and the pitfalls of the start-up era, as money floods into young companies with new technologies in an effort to find a “unicorn” ? a billion-dollar business that transforms its industry and makes its backers rich in the process.

    Theranos and Ms. Holmes in particular offered a compelling narrative in the crowded start-up universe: a brilliant college dropout with an audacious idea that would upend the medical testing business, performing multiple medical tests at very low prices using only a finger prick of blood. Ms. Holmes invited comparisons to the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs because of her youth, her tight control of the company she founded and even her customary black turtlenecks.

    Would leave a stain on her turtleneck.

    1. I’m thinking the value of her stock might take a hit.

    2. I’m glad it never went public.

      All of the right people got duped.

      1. If it had, people would probably be in jail instead of just broke.

        1. Well, yeah. Most likely.

          The SEC is pretty strict about outright fraud, and that’s what Theranos did.

    3. You speak the truth sir.

    4. Wow, that’s worse than i’d heard.

      I was under the impression their tech was merely ‘flawed’.

      not that they were so organizationally incompetent that they couldn’t keep their lab running.

      1. No, it’s not merely flawed, it doesn’t work. that’s how she went from Billionaire to Barrista in 48 hours.

        1. Lying is how she got to billionaire.

          A friend hired some of her ex employees. Total shit show.

    5. Theranos and Ms. Holmes in particular offered a compelling narrative in the crowded start-up universe: a brilliant college dropout with an audacious idea that would upend the medical testing business

      And yet all the warning signs were there. Guru-like leader who tickled the preconceptions of so many media types, NO MEDICAL PEOPLE ON HER BOARD, creepy Ted Talks throwing out over-simplified “revolutionary” concepts.

    6. I could definitely leave a stain on her turtleneck.

  18. Coyote Blog visits Napa valley.

    Anyway, at each tour we typically got the whole backstory of the business. And the consistent theme that ran through all of these discussions was the simply incredible level of regulation of the wine business that goes on in Napa. I have no idea what the public justification of all these rules and laws are, but the consistent theme of them is that they all serve to make it very hard for small competitors or new entrants to do business in the county. There is a board, likely populated by the largest and most powerful entrenched wine makers, that seems to control the whole regulatory structure, making this a classic case of an industry where you have to ask permission of your competitors to compete against them.

    When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first thing to be bought and sold are the legislators.

    1. Dirty secret: Napa isn’t even close to being a great wine region. Too hot, soil too rich, most of the plantings are valley floor, where anyone sensible about quality would be planting potatoes. But the magic of the name adds an extra zero to the price of a bottle.

      1. And yet strangely in blind tastings, Napa wines still do very well.

        Maybe the real dirty secret is that wine making is full of pseudo-science with several wineries actually doing real science behind the scenes and getting competition wins as a result. Grape varietals can be bred to take advantage of all sorts of growing conditions.

        Napa is a superb region for wine, largely because they spend tons of Silicon Valley dollars to get the best quality out of what they’ve got.

        1. Competitions usually favor the bigger, fruitier, more alcoholic wines, with lashings of new oak. Balance, finesse, and drinkability are pretty much lost in mass slaughters, along with terroir-driven distinctiveness (I admit this, despite having judged at several major competitions in California and France and cheerfully taken my honorarium). And that’s what Napa makes these days, pinky-ring wines, which win lots of points from dullards like Robert Parker. Should a Cabernet really have 15.5% alcohol and 200% new oak?

          I remember the famous quote from the winemaker at Lafite, who when told that his wine lost in a competition to a Haut-Brion, “I make my wine to go with food, not with Haut-Brion.”

          There’s great wine being made in California, just not much from Napa.

          1. Zin at 18% alcohol

  19. The NRA has finally released its long-awaited statement about the Philando Castile shooting.

    Here’s a tip, Robert: the bullets go toward the enemy, not your friends. You equivocating dickhead.

    1. NRA is whose friend?

      1. I assume the people who pay dues to the NRA. Not sure why Robby should be the friend of the NRA. They haven’t been particularly good on open carry or city regulations to possess a handgun. They didn’t even file an amicus brief in Heller, IIRC. Its like people think they are the only 2A lobby in America, when in fact they are (as is right in their name) far more concerned that people be able to purchase and own long arms.

        1. They didn’t file an amicus on Heller because they were afraid of the consequences of an unfavorable ruling.

          Soave and his SJW-friendly ilk are not better allies of the RKBA than the NRA. Again, bullets go toward the enemy, not to the largest and most despised RKBA organization in the world.

  20. Long awaited? It’s been what two days?

  21. So how long until the reports come in that Johnson was mental. Either one.

  22. I don’t know if this has been noted elsewhere – but the Dallas guy was not the only person killing random white people because they were angry about recent police shootings

    BRISTOL, Tenn. (AP) ? A man accused of shooting indiscriminately at passing cars and police on a Tennessee highway told investigators he was angry about police violence against African-Americans, authorities said Friday.

    One woman died and three others, including one police officer, were injured in the rampage.

    The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said in a news release that initial conversations with the suspect, 37-year-old Lakeem Keon Scott, revealed he was troubled by several incidents across the U.S.

    Scott, who is black, was wounded in the shootout with police, remains hospitalized and has not yet been charged. All those shot were white, police confirmed.

    The announcement comes just hours after 12 officers were shot at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas by a man who police say declared he was angry about police shootings of black men and wanted to exterminate whites. Five of the officers died.

    The shooting spree in Tennessee began around 2:20 a.m. Thursday.

    1. Wounded by police?

      Pussies. They don’t have bomb robots in Tennessee?

    2. Bristol is as lily-white as any town in the state. Haven’t heard whether the psycho was from there or whether he decided to go where all the white devils were to get his revenge.

      Judging from local talk radio and conversations with natives, the Bible Belt does not seem amenable to BHO’s gun control suggestions at this time.

      1. Memphis?

      2. That is non quite right. Bristol has an ‘urban core’ that is comparable to that of Knoxville or Chattanooga, when accounting for relative size. Sevierville is whiter than egg shells.

        East Tennessee is whiter than the rest of the state, but that is largely a historical artifact. East TN was not part of the plantation economy, so had no native slave population, and former slaves had little reason to move into the area post war – it being relatively poor and offering little opportunity for employment. East Tennessee (Jonesborough) was also an early hotbed of abolitionists and one county even seceded from the state.

        1. Are you sure about that? Online resources give 3% AA and ~93% white.

          West Tenn and East Tenn have always felt like different states to me for the reasons you mention.

          1. Oh to be sure east TN is predominantly white, for exactly the reasons I mentioned.

            You said “as white as any town in the state” and that’s not quite accurate. There are much whiter towns than Bristol. Downtown Bristol has a black community, downtown Dandridge (or Rogersville, or Crossville, etc.) not so much.

            By east TN standards Bristol is a mixed community.

    3. Did you say RAMPAGE?

  23. “I’m delighted that there’s a gay character,” Takei told THR. “Unfortunately, it’s a twisting of Gene’s creation, to which he put in so much thought. I think it’s really unfortunate.”

    Yeah, it doesn’t seem like much more than tokenism than the fact that the only reason you’ve decided to make a character gay is that the guy who played him originally was gay.

    “But [Pegg] also expressed a concern, which he discussed with Lin and co-writer Doug Jung, that a new gay character may have been perceived by the audience as a token gay character, “primarily defined by their sexuality.””

    As if turning a character gay because the original actor was isn’t acting as if there is nothing more to Takei than his orientation.

    1. What does he have against Space Docking?

      1. [golf clap]

    2. Data should have ended up gay.

      1. I thought he did.

        1. He was just the only one who didn’t enjoy having sex with Counsellor Troy. NTTAWWT

          1. Marina Sirtis was a babe. Though I am not much of a Treki, I always was a Dr. Cameltoe Gates McFadden man.

            1. We finally agree. But I have a weakness for redheads.

              1. It is because they have no souls. There is something about that that you can’t resist.

                1. Let me tell you about my ex-wife…

            2. Marina Sirtis was the becleavaged adolescent fantasy of the millennium. She was the woman who made me realize I like dark-haired ladies.

              1. What the hell is wrong with you people? After Wesley Crusher she was easily the most annoying character on the show.

                1. Thank you. She was eminently hate-worthy.

                2. Well, I’ve known a few hot, annoying chicks that I would have boned. Just keep her from talking about all the feelings she’s sensing and you’re good.

                3. I agree

          2. That’s cause he was too busy boning Tasha Yar

        2. He boned Yar. More power to him.

      2. Did he do Tasha Yar in the early years?

          1. Oh, I forgot. He also banged the Borg Queen.

            1. She didn’t even have her own torso

        1. It was heavily implied. It was never explained how that workes, as far as I can remember.

          1. Well, when an android loves a poorly-cast security chief very much and is full of an alien toxin that lowers inhibitions…

          2. Well he made it quite clear he was “fully functional”

    3. Making Sulu gay is a token gesture. But the argument that Abrams would be “twisting” Roddenberry’s creation is ludicrous. That ship has already gone to warp.

      1. It’s been fifty years, I think tweaking an original “vision” is acceptable.

    4. They should up the ante and make him sassy.

      1. and gender confused

    5. I don’t get the complaints. Yeah, it’s a clear nod to Takei. So what? They’re addressing the desire for a gay character, and trying to honor one of the original cast members who is famously, flamingly gay. And considering Sulu’s character has thus far not been defined by his sexual orientation, I don’t know why it’d be any different in this movie. I assume it’s little more than, “I gotta get home to my husband!”

  24. Simon Pegg and George Takei are fighting about whether Star Trek character Hikaru Sulu should be gay.

    Oh my.

    1. +1

  25. Obviously, the gayest character on Star Trek was C3PO.

    1. “Master Picard, I must object to this course of action. The Federation High Council would never approve of midichlorian levels this high!”

    2. You sir, are trolling. Everyone knows C3PO doesn’t hold a candle to Twiki.

      1. Yeah well I’d like to hole a whole lot more than a candle next to Colonel Deering

        1. ^This.

  26. Wait, you mean he hasn’t been gay this whole time?

    1. His daughter didn’t look adopted. But all in all it doesn’t say anything as I’m sure the state of 23rd century medical technology would allow pretty much anything to be a parent.

      1. Ah. Also, he was kind of sick during that fencing episode.

        You know what’s really unbelievable? No Kirk bastards running around.

        1. One can only imagine the state of 23rd-century birth control…

          “Here, take this pill, it kills all your sperm for 12 hours, 100% safe, 100% effective, the only side-effect is that it makes you irresistible to alien chicks”

          1. I would SO take that pill.

        2. Except for his son who was a major character in the second movie.

          1. And a minor character in the third.

            1. And a plot point in …6?

              1. And a gleam in his Daddy’s eye in the JJ Abrams reboot?

  27. Still so angry the nra didn’t start live tweeting their thoughts immediately. How dare they.

  28. Sulu, the Gay Blade.

  29. I’m a little annoyed at seeing a PFC Army reservist portrayed as some super killer. He had the jump on some cops who, let’s face it, aren’t as well trained or as in shape as they like to think. Saw one article calling him ‘decorated’ because he had an Army Achievement Award. These hacks don’t even do basic research. He was a pogue who deployed once.

    1. Scary gunz is all you need to know.

    2. I said it in a different thread, but if Army basic doesn’t sufficiently train a soldier to shoot a rifle proficiently at group targets standing around, that’s a problem.

      1. I don’t think most privates come out of basic proficient at anything, and as a reservist I question whether he ever had much range time – let alone shooting at moving targets. I don’t know specifically what he did on deployment, but would hardly be surprised if he was just a fobbit.

        Not downplaying his deployment. Just pointing out the reality that he wasn’t some highly decorated anything. He’s not Rambo.

        1. I read that he was a carpentry and masonry specialist

          1. Top bad; President Trump would have called him up to active duty.

          2. Was he a paintball enthusiast?

          3. Interesting? a while ago, I found out that soldiers furthest from combat (from a story about the NFL and domestic violence) are the most likely to be violent:

            The U.S. Army brought in Gelles to conduct an internal study in the 1990s. It wanted to find out if men trained to kill were more likely to beat their wives or hit their kids. Gelles found that rates of domestic violence in the Army were slightly higher than in the general population. “But the most startling finding was that the highest rate of domestic violence in the Unites States Army was not [in] combat infantry or Special Forces,” he says. “It was those people who worked in supply.”

            1. Bill Mauldin pointed this out in 1944. One of his Stars and Stripes cartoons showed two dirty, tired infantryman sitting in a doorway watching a clean and clean-shaven soldier walk past, scowling, fists clenched. One of them said “That can’t be no combat soldier. He’s lookin’ for a fight.”

          4. Thank you for your service.

            Maybe that’s all he needed.

    3. BS. I can authoritatively say that his military training places him somewhere between a ninja and The Punisher. I know this from watching shows like CSI, where a killer with any sort of military background is an expert marksman, martial artist, and demolitions expert. Doesn’t matter if they were a Green Beret or a guy that drove trucks in convoys up and down the West Coast.

      1. Do they really even have guys who weren’t green berets on tv shows when they have a character from the military?

  30. The NRA has been a lobbying group since the 1930s and they weren’t necessarily lobbying for protecting or expanding gun rights that whole time. But the NAACP and the ACLU were started in the 1900s and 1920s respectively so they were civil rights groups long before the NRA even thought about it. What a disingenuous pile of shit.

    1. Disingenuous is certainly your word.

      The NRA was founded in 1871 to teach better marksmanship – which is a direct expression of an enumerated right.

      Ergo, they are, and always have been a civil rights organizations.

      Or are you arguing that lobbying government is the only right that matters?

      1. So every church, newspaper, website, etc. in America is a “civil rights organization” because they’re involved in practicing freedom of speech, press, and religion? Ridiculous logic.

        1. Nice strawman, not remotely what I said.

          But rather than every individual ‘church,’ or ‘newspaper’ how about every organization dedicated to the ‘promotion and preservation of religious activity or the freedom of expression?’

  31. In the wake of Dallas, Donald Trump says it’s time to “restore law and order.”

    What does he think the cops were already doing?

    But whatever; make the trains run on time, break a few eggs to make an omelet, yada yada.

  32. I am outraged because the NRA didn’t give me something to be outraged about.

    1. All I have to say is that if your one year old has a bed instead of a crib, of course everyone is exhausted.

      1. I have a kid-proof lock on the inside of the door in case I fall asleep before he does.

        I’ve woken up underneath a pile of toys more than once.

        1. Man, we must be monsters. At bedtime, the kid gets dumped in his crib, and the parent leaves. Not sure what we’ll do in December when the older one turns three. Probably that.

          1. We did that with the first one.

            The system has broken down since then.

            #3 does whatever the fuck he wants, and I’m usually too tired to care.

            1. Fuckface is a perfect argument for the efficacy of duct tape.

              1. He knows how to defeat duct tape. Deadbolts too.

                1. Is there ANYTHING that little monster can’t do? Are you sure your wife wasn’t impregnated by Warty?

                2. My friends had one that they could not lock in.

                  1. After we had ours, my idiot ex-wife made me install locks on every cabinet door. Kid followed me and watched the process quietly. As I finished and tested the last one, the kid toddled over and deftly opened the cabinet.

                    They really are worse than chimps.

    2. Some of those are pretty funny. Thanks, C J!

  33. Allen West: Ex-Florida Congressman Says He’s ‘Delighted’ Charges Weren’t Filed Against Hillary Clinton

    “James Comey just delivered a gift wrapped with a bow,” West said in a blog post about the FBI director’s decision not to recommend charges for Clinton’s use of an unsecured email server.


    Watch as Sally Kohn twists in the wind on Twitter. What a dishonest twat.

    1. Hardly unique to Sally Kohn, though.

  35. Simon Pegg and George Takei are fighting about whether Star Trek character Hikaru Sulu should be gay.

    If it doesn’t add any meaningful depth to the characters or advance the story, why does it matter? There shouldn’t be pressure to comment on character’s sexual preferences just because.

    1. But it’s 2016, and all sexual minorities must be now collected like trading cards. We’re no longer people, we are just things by which you can virtue signal your progressiveness.

      1. “? collected like trading cards.”


        That’s exactly what minorities have become to progs.

  36. Newt Gingrich: Former House Speaker Discusses Shootings in Dallas, Louisiana and Minnesota

    “If you are a normal, white American, the truth is you don’t understand being black in America,” Gingrich said Friday on CNN’s Van Jones’ Facebook Live video.

    1. I just… what is this common sense?

    2. And blacks don’t understand what it means to be white. So shut the fuck up and stop trying to explain it to me.

    3. not directed at you for what it’s worth…

    4. Newt understands the coloreds. He rolls with diverse people.

      1. Even if he just understands that maybe not every American has the same frame of reference, it might be a step forward.

    5. ‘Gingrich’s comments come the same day the man who might choose Gingrich as his running mate, Donald Trump, offered another interesting statement on race and police, labeling the deaths of two black men at the hands of police in Minnesota and Louisiana this week as “senseless.”‘

      Hmmm. I wonder if the best strategy for the Donald at this point in time would be to name Gingrich, have the two continue to embrace the racial politics and policing angle while simultaneously denouncing Clinton for the whole “superpredator” comment she made back in Bill’s day and her negative treatment of BLM. Possibly bring out Diamond and Silk to help their PR and make it look like the Republicans are the only ones taking concerns with police brutality and racism in policing seriously.

      It counteracts the “Trump is a Racist!!” narrative and possibly siphons off voters from Clinton, or at the very least, encourages otherwise-Clinton voters to just stay home.

      1. Was going to say no one in BLM would ever vote Republican, let alone Trump, but I guess it could at least diffuse the attacks on him.

        1. It is not about BLM. It is about various guilty white people who don’t want to feel like they are the RACIST for voting for Trump. Also, if Trump could even get 15% of the black vote, Hillary would be doomed.

      2. Gingrich would have only been in favor of the cop killing the guy IF it was sure that he had drugs. He should have waited until after he found the marijuana cigarette, then shot him down in cold blood. Gingrich would be fine with that.

    6. If you are a normal white American, the truth is you don’t understand being black in America, and you instinctively under-estimate the level of discrimination and the level of additional risk.

      That may well be because most normal white Americans are afraid of black Americans who are not known to them, Newt. They’re less concerned with how black people feel than they are not becoming victims of racially motivated or old-fashioned sociopathic violence.

          1. Ah, statistics! How I put bread on the table, but since I’m off the clock, I’ll give you this one for free.

            Say, I told you that something only succeeded around 34 to 36 percent of the time. You’d say that’s pretty shitty, no? Now, if I told you that that “something” was a baseball player at home plate, a batting average of .340 to .360 would solidly put you in Hall of Famer status.

            Context matters. In the case at hand, geo-spatial context. It is a truism that crime isn’t evenly distributed geographically. So, yes, you find yourself alone in a subway car with 3 to 4 young Black guys at the East Tremont Ave stop, you have every reason to be nervous. You cross to the other side of the street when you see this guy at Harvard Square? You’re a mewling pants-shitter.

            1. Is that Uncle Ben?

            2. And of course you remember the famous “what he REALLY meant was…” quote from Jesse Jackson.

                1. “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

            3. You forgot your youtube link.

              Are white Americans irrational to fear a black individual who isn’t known to them relative to a) a white individual b) a Latino individual c) an Asian individual or d) an Aboriginal individual? Would it be rational for a white individual in, say, picking a location at random, Memphis, to fear becoming a victim of black crime relative to white, Asian, or hispanic crime?

              1. Maybe glib strutting isn’t the rhetorical weapon of war you needed here.

                If you’d like to talk issues, we can. If you want to measure academic credentials or GRE scores or SABR memberships, I’d be more than happy. But if you want to do your usual act of precious sniping, try it re: a position where you’re not orthogonal to reality.

    7. I’m white but certainly not normal.

  37. Robby sounds downright bitter about this.

    1. Bitter about what?

      the ginger-intern?

      1. That the NRA finally released the statement that only Soave had long awaited.

        1. Meanwhile, crickets from the ACLU…

        2. I thought sarcasm.

  38. Dan Patrick: Texas Lieutenant Governor Calls Dallas Protestors ‘Hypocrites’ for Expecting Protection

    “All those protesters last night, they ran the other way, expecting the men and women in blue to turn around and protect them. What hypocrites,” Patrick said Friday in an appearance on Fox News.

    1. Running away = expecting protection. Nice logic there, chief.

    2. And the shooters weren’t shooting protesters. Only cops.

    3. What a cocksucker. I saw a picture of a bunch of those protesters surrounding a stroller. They weren’t begging the cops to protect them. I hope that sonofabitch gets throat cancer and dies painfully.

    4. Wh-what are they supposed to do when someone is shooting, then? Run up and lock arms with the police? Run towards the gunman and take him out for the police?

  39. Big Chief Warren:

    Black Americans shouldn’t be killed in routine traffic stops, & police shouldn’t be killed while protecting & serving their communities.

    Which Americans should be killed in routine traffic stops, Pale Face? Oh right, you’re shamelessly pandering, I’m sorry. Carry on.

    1. Just whomp ’em all.

    2. Some Indians just don’t like Whitey.

      1. Only slightly related, how long before there are calls to apply the 14th Amendment to tribal pseudo governments?

    3. Heap big Liawatha speak with forked tongue!

    1. they misspelled “baton rouge”

      1. Well, in their defense, this is ‘Murica, not Quebec.

    2. And honestly? this hyper-liberal/progressive-stack “all victims are the victims of the patriarchy/capitalism” shit?

      Is going to turn blacks against the whole Proggy co-option of their issues. Because when they do it like this? its proof they don’t give a fuck about poor blacks. they just want to use them for their own political narrative.

      because black people in the US don’t give a flying fuck about Palestinians. And they’ll get up and say so if they were ever given a chance to speak for themselves – which is exactly why progs want to keep the actual black activists in line and speaking to their approved-script.

      1. Nation of Islam notwithstanding.

        1. I’m not sure they give a fuck about palestine either.

        2. I mean seriously = if you have an example of the “NYU Students for Palestine” EVER standing in the same place at the same time with the 5% Nation of Harlem…. I swear, i’d pay $5 to see that shit, and hear the actual conversation that went down.

      2. The #BLM thing might be getting that way too. I watched one of their marches out of my apartment window yesterday. It was primarily white, mainly female college-age people in a predominantly black city. Most of these SJW orgs are all the same people that happen to support *every* cause.

        1. I think those people literally get high from the chemicals released in their brain while they tell themselves how empathetic they are.

        2. Most of these SJW orgs are all the same people that happen to support *every* cause.

          they’re college kids.

          they’re not affected by any of the shit they actually complain about. they just complain because its like the equivalent of an intramural sport for people w/ no actual skills.

  40. St Louis Cop Also Shot in “Ambush”

    Not much to the story that suggests it was more than a spur-of-the-moment “fuck this guy” thing. But it will be thrown on the pile of “Anti-Cop Violence”

    1. Is it too early to complain about the war on cops narrative? I mean, perhaps not around here, but around the normies? They’ve been calling attacks ambushes for a while. Why stop now that you can help feed it into a larger narrative and draw special attention to your department. There’s goodies to be had here.

      1. Is it too early to complain about the war on cops narrative?

        meh. it was fine to complain about it up until now. Now, you have to caveat it by saying, “now we have an actual case of Anti-Cop violence” – but not every incident will necessarily fall into the same bucket just because it happened.

        I think there probably *will* be more copycat violence, fwiw.

      2. I don’t know, it looks like the actual war on cops might be getting tooled up. Hopefully not.

  41. Takei – and I disagree with a lot of stuff the guy spouts – understands that the actor and the character are not the same. George Takei is gay, Hikaru Sulu is not.

    This is, I think, some weird offshoot of this whole whitewashing/blackface thing SJW’s have today. You’re only supposed to cast parts with actors that match the ethnicity of the character – no latitude for interpretation allowed.

    Except here its getting twisted. Takei is gay, so Sulu must be gay because all characters played by gay dudes must be gay. But now *gay* Sulu is being played by a *straight* dude while straight Sulu was played by a gay dude. And no one freaks out about that – while they’re shitting their pants over a Japanese cyborg with a full-body prosthesis being played by Johanssen or an asian dude being played by a white chick in Dr Strange.

    Principals, not principles.

    1. You’re only supposed to cast parts with actors that match the ethnicity of the character – no latitude for interpretation allowed.

      The Norse Pantheon would beg to differ. You’re only supposed to cast parts with actors that match the ethnicity as long as it means less white people. You’ll get as much latitude for interpretation as you need.

      1. To be fair, the producers specifically stated they cast a black guy in that role to avoid the Thor franchise from developing a cult-following from Dork Enlightenment types.

        1. Reactionary reaction to the reaction of reactionaries. What’s not to love?

          1. I’d prefer everybody to just chill the fuck out, honestly.

    2. Hey! We have to practice solving little problems before we can solve the big ones!

      1. It’s like the black guy who shot those cops didn’t realize we now have a black Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, Nick Fury, Green Lantern, and Aquaman. I mean, we’ve given them just about everything besides Batman and Superman! What more do they want from white people?

        1. Didn’t we already have black Superman during the Death of Superman story line?

          1. I thought Superman was Jewish.

            1. I thought Superman was Jewish.

              All of (((us))) are Supermen, starting with Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel.

    3. Totally consistent with the usual ratchet behavior. Everything goes one way, and that way is anti-white, anti-male, and anti-straight.


    Jill Stein has offered to step aside if Bernie wants the Green Party nomination. How many millions could Bernie extort from Hillary not to do that? Bernie might just hold her fate in his hands. After Tuesday, can Hillary really beat Trump if Bernie runs third party? Maybe but it would be pretty hard.

    1. Oh, excellent!

      That would really “make the cheese more binding”!

    2. OH GOOOOOOOD! Please, please, please, Bernie – run Green. I hate you, you stupid motherfucker, but I am enjoying watching you make the other people I also hate squirm.

      1. If nothing else, I hope he tortures Hillary with the threat of doing it. “No Hillary, I want this slot to speak at the convention.” “No, Hillary, that twenty million dollar check from the Clinton Foundation isn’t enough”. “Hillary, Huma is going to have to come over and give me another rim job this afternoon or I am calling Jill Stein and listening to what she has to say”.

        1. And that last sentence just inspired a SugarFree sonnet didn’t it??

        2. Don’t give SF any ideas.

        3. Um, John, I think SugarFree may be having an unhealthy influence on you.

          1. Working as intended

      2. Honestly, gun to your kids heads you have to choose

        President Clinton
        President Trump
        President Sanders

        I’m having a hard time seeing how anyone sane DOESN’T pick Sanders


        2. Honestly, I’d go Sanders. You’d have a crazy Greenie socialist in charge whom the Republicans and Democrats in the other branches of Government would refuse to cooperate with.

          I wouldn’t like anyone in charge of anything, but it’d be really nice to have checks and balances again, even if only maintained out of spite.

          1. I would take Bernie over Hillary for sure. Bernie is a nasty old bastard and crazy as a loon. But he does hate a lot of the right people. There are a ton of people who so deserve a Bernie Presidency. Every piece of shit leftist Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood type would find out first hand under a Bernie Presidency just how all of that “social justice” they are always yammering about works. Bernie would be a disaster of a President but a lot of justice would be served. No question about that.

            1. Me too. I’d also take Satan or resurrected Hitler over Hillary. I have to think about Pol Pot or Hillary… ok, it’s Pol Pot.

              Seriously, at least Bernie might be good on some civil liberty issues. Rand could probably work with him on some good stuff.

              Let’s Bern this fucker down.

              1. Bernie really would stick it to wall street and google and the rest of the cronies. And they would deserve everything they got. They all think they can push leftist politics and everyone else has to suffer the consequences. Oh Bernie doesn’t roll that way. He would stick it to them.

          2. Except Supreme Court

        3. Trump, strictly for the asploding heads and the lulz.

          1. Let’s just hope Shikha Dalmia is the first among many.

        4. Pull the trigger on my Terminator army.

    3. I would totally pay to see that shitshow. Take all of my money. Please.

    4. If he takes it that would be awesome. A third party somewhere, anywhere, really is needed to break up the political Trust.

    5. Just remember that the Green party cost Al Gore Florida. I know I’m gonna see it three billion times in my FB feed now.

    6. I’m not sure if there is anything I’d rather see right now than for Berntard to take her up on that. We’re totally fucked either way, so I just want some entertainment.

      1. He should do it. If he really believes in his cause. I have more respect for Bernie if he ran than the Never Trump weasels who bitch and moan but then didn’t have to balls to actually run as a third party.

        1. Only the 2 big tents can guarantee candidates unlimited power and no accountability under the law. Unfortunately, the majority of people who go into politics are only seeking exactly those things.

    7. Bernie will not be bought for any price . . . other than a $23/hour federal minimum wage! And she has to fly the old hammer-n-sickle flag he had up in his office above the White House. And just one more thing…

      Having Bernie hold Hillary’s platform hostage for countless pants-on-the-head idiocies would be the cherry on the shit sundae.

  43. Overland Park, Kansas: Police Investigating After Officer Allegedly Threatened Girl Online

    LaNaydra Williams said an Overland Park officer commented on a Facebook photo of her daughter with, “Hold her close…it’ll be the last time.” Overland Park police said it’s launched an investigation.

  44. Simon Pegg and George Takei are fighting about whether Star Trek character Hikaru Sulu should be gay.

    Let’s not forget that Mirror Sulu gets really rapey with Uhura in ‘Mirror, Mirror’. He’s hetero, I’ll take the word of the guy who actually knew Roddenberry over Pegg, who is hypersensitive to any criticism of the shit-tastic new movies.

    1. Eh, – he’s hetero but even a gay dude can rape as part of a power dynamic. Straight dudes do it in prison. Rape’s really got nothing to do with sexual attraction and more to do with domination.

      1. Very true, but the dialogue also makes it clear he’s sexually attracted to Uhura.

    2. On the other hand, the Mirror Universe version of some of the DS9 characters were gay or openly bisexual (despite being straight in the Original Universe), so a Straight Mirror Sulu could technically be the same sort of reverse.

  45. Now of course the really funny thing about making Sulu gay is that they could VERY easily have made any of Bones, Scotty, or Spock gay because outside of Spock going through the Pon Far, and the one episode where the flowers made everyone hippies they never once presented any info on those characters sexuality in the original series.

    Soctty’s one true love was the Enterprise herself but that wouldn’t stop him from sucking some dick in his spare time, Bones was always the hyper emotional counterpoint to Spock and never once had a love interest. Sulu however in the movies was clearly shown as having a family and while that does not preclude him from having been gay makes the change in his character more problematic.

    Hell, it would have made at least as much sense to make Kirk bisexual. He’s already shown he’d screw any alien that walked and he had a hard time keeping it in his pants around the hotter crew members too, so it’s just a small step from there to making him a total pansexual and showing him making out with dudes too.

    1. Funny thing is – 99% of the people couldn’t care less about Sulu’s sexuality but there’s a huuuge, multi-decade fandom that is all about Kirk/Spock.

    2. Soctty’s one true love was the Enterprise herself

      A robo-sexual, then?

      1. No that was Tasha Yar. Scotty was more like those dudes who have sex with their cars tailpipes

        1. I’m givin’ her all I’ve got Captain! She canna’ takka no more!

    3. While I’m sure sexuality will be much more fluid in the mid 23rd century Scotty, Bones and Spock all express heterosexual interests throughout the show. Scotty has unrequited crushes on a few different female crew members (“Who Mourns for Adonis?” and “The Lights of Zetar”) and Bones gets laid in “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”. He also enjoys the company of two show girls in “Shore Leave”.

      Vulcan sexualiy is weird but Spock only expresses romantic interest in women when his Vulcan fa?ade is worn down.

      1. And how quickly we forget Nancy from “The Man Trap”. Perhaps because it wasn’t actually Nancy, but a shape-shifting salt sucker.

      2. Nerd!

      3. Didn’t Bones bang Edith Keeler before she got run over?

        1. Nope. He had just a few seconds post-cordrazine with Edith, during which she called Kirk “my young man”.

  46. Jesse Jackson: Civil Rights Activist Says ‘Mean-Spirited Division’ Is Creating Animosity in US

    “There’s a kind of mean-spirited division in the country” against racial and religious minority groups, fueled in part by rhetoric from Donald Trump and his supporters, Jackson said on BBC Radio 4.

    Pot, kettle, etc.

    1. Pot, kettle, etc.


    2. A couple of crazy black people murder a bunch of white people in the name of starting a race war and it is all white people’s fault.

      1. Well, sure. When a Muslim nutter kills a bunch of gay people, its the fault of conservative Christians, right?

        1. I have a feeling that our Star Trek-related conversations about the Mirror Universe are probably the best explanation for this as well…

    3. Hymie’s fault.

    4. You’d think the golden years and specter of death would dull his nastiness, but JJ has an age-defying restlessness.

    5. Coming from an asshole who helped create this atmosphere.

      What a bunch of evil sons of bitches.

      Look up Dante’s Inferno. There’s a place in hell for opportunists.

  47. Here’s your gun control. Now that cops have been shot instead of just come peons, the GOP are going to trip over themselves to be the first to join the Democrats in calling for gun control.

  48. Motorist allegedly shot suburban St. Louis officer

    A suburban St. Louis police chief says a motorist shot an officer three times as the officer walked back to his car during a traffic stop.

    Chief Kevin Scott said Friday at a news conference that the incident was captured on video. The officer is in critical condition, but stable. His identity was not released.

    1. Shit. Refresh fail.

    2. Damn these motorists!

  49. Jesse Jackson : Civil Rights Activist Says ‘Mean-Spirited Division’ Is Creating Animosity in US


  50. Red Dead Redemption

    1. Its been re-released (yes, at full price – pity the console peasant as they never get a break) for XBone

    2. Played the first part of it on 360, years ago. Was fucking amazing. Seriously. Need moar cowboy. Until the end of the first act. Then I lost interest after killing 30+ guys single-handedly to get to the gunwagon.

    3. Why the fuck are there not more games like this in this genre?

    1. They’re allegedly working on an RDR II. A map was leaked. It might be a prequel.

    2. First one was great.
      The witcher 3 filled that role for a while, recently.

    1. Yep. The cops finally got their war. And we’re all going to lose.

    2. This is not good. If you haven’t already, buy a gun.

      1. I fear I’m too late for my black rifle. I’ll bet if I head down to the gun store, the shelves are empty.

  51. Security Square Mall: Nothing Suspicious Found After Bomb Threat at Maryland Shopping Center, Police Say

    Police responded to the Woodlawn mall on Friday afternoon after a bomb threat, WBFF reported. An investigation is being conducted into the incident.

    That’ll teach them to come up with better names for their malls.

  52. Jeebus, people, we’re in the middle of a Star Trek controversy and you people are talking about some police violence. Show some respect.

    1. Do we segue into describing Dallas as the death of red-shirt security?

  53. RE: The NRA has finally released its long-awaited statement about the Philando Castile shooting. The NRA called the incident “troubling” and demanded a thorough investigation. “Rest assured, the NRA will have more to say once all the facts are known.”

    Let me state the obvious.
    We should eliminate all private ownership of guns in our wonderful socialist slave state.
    This way only criminals and the police (there will be a five dollar program for purchase in order to differentiate between the two) will have guns.
    Nothing but good will come from this.
    The plebian class will be unarmed and more easily controlled.
    The criminals will create more victims of violent crime thus increasing more police officers to “protect” us, which enables the politicians to increase our taxes until we give 100% of our wages to The State (which we should be doing anyway).
    The nefarious NRA and other pro-Second Amendment organizations will hand over their list of donors. They will be sent to the district gulags for re-education, beatings, starvation and lengthy sentences as a symbol of The State’s infinite mercy, kindness and tolerance.
    Soon, none the little people will have guns and the Glorious People’s Revolution will accelerate to the point where we will all be shown the freedom, benefits and dignities the people of the USSR under Joseph Stalin (may his name be blessed), Mao’s People’s Republic of China, and Pol Pot’s Cambodia have embraced and thrived under.
    Won’t life be wonderful?

    1. Look, we’re in the middle of an epidemic of brutal police killings of unarmed civilians, and Trump wants to drag Muslims from their homes and deport them… what better time to disarm the public than now?

    2. Yes it will comrade!…..-betrayal/

  54. Looking at that NRA statement, I’m not sure what facts that matter remain to be known.

    Castile was killed by a cop when he posed absolutely no threat to the cop. Is there any dispute whatsoever about that?

    What’s left? Who cares what caliber his gun was, or how much money he had in his wallet, or whether it was the right or left taillight that was broken.

    1. Castile was killed by a cop when he posed absolutely no threat to the cop. Is there any dispute whatsoever about that?

      Hey now, let’s not jump to hasty conclusions. /FOP

    2. Do we have dash or copcam video of the interaction leading up to Castile’s shooting? The phone video begins with him bleeding out in the car.

  55. NPR ran a great segment tonight (not up yet, as far as I can tell) on Corey Hughes, the organizer of the Dallas protest where the sniper shot the police. Hughes was very on-message: obligatory sympathy for victims and families, reiterating that the reason for the protest was killings of black suspects by police and unequivocal support for 2A. Hughes’ brother was the open-carry guy who turned his weapon over to the police and nothing else happened.

  56. And speaking of the FOP, they just labelled the Dallas shootings as a hate crime. [barfs]

  57. NPR ran a great segment tonight (not up yet, as far as I can tell) on Corey Hughes, the organizer of the Dallas protest where the sniper shot the police. Hughes was very on-message: obligatory sympathy for victims and families, reiterating that the reason for the protest was killings of black suspects by police and unequivocal support for 2A. Hughes’ brother was the open-carry guy who turned his weapon over to the police and nothing else happened.


    The FOP just labelled the Dallas shootings as a hate crime. [barfs]

    1. Crap, sorry, was using the comment box to compose for cross-post.

  58. Green party’s Jill Stein invites Bernie Sanders to take over ticket

    1. I wonder what would happen if Bernie declines, but Johnson/Weld offers to become Cruz/Johnson? Unlike Team Green, the libertarians are going to be on all 50 ballots.

    2. Do it. I want this vote in the house.

  59. I can see why the NRA was waiting. If it turned out the guy had a mile-long rap sheet and/or violent history (as happen distressingly often in these cases), they didn’t want to hand a free “NRA wants criminals to have machinegunzz!!11!” volley to the grabber lobby.

  60. Has Robbie X broken his silence on the murder of 5 Dallas police officers yet?

    Or is he still celebrating?

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