Extreme Poverty Likely Hits Fewer than 10 Percent of Global Population


A Friday afternoon reminder that not everything about the world is going to hell, in a week that all too many people seem to believe that, from Umar Serajuddin of the World Bank last week:  

Extreme poverty fell from 37 percent to 13 percent between 1990 and 2012; and based on national growth rates over the past 10 years, the global extreme poverty rate is estimated to be below 10 percent in 2015, a drop of more than two-thirds since 1990:…..

  • A large number of people have moved out of poverty since 1990, and impressively, even though the world's population grew by 2 billion, there are over a billion fewer poor people.

  • There are many countries with relatively low poverty rates that still have large numbers of the globally extreme poor living there (e.g. China, India).

  • At the same time, there are a large number of countries with stubbornly high poverty rates whererelatively small numbers of the world's extremely poor live (e.g Haiti, Uganda).

  • Since the SDGs focus on "no one left behind", when looking at poverty across the world, both rates and numbers matter.

  • SDG target 1.2 aims to halve national poverty rates in all its dimensions between 2015 and 2030 – as it's based on country-specific understanding of poverty (which often differ) it's relevant for all countries, rich and poor alike.

Read the whole thing for more.

Ronald Bailey wrote in January about the research of Nobel laureate Angus Deaton into this happy phenomenon of reductions in global poverty.

Check out ReasonTV's inspiring video "Yes, the World is Getting Better, Here's Why"

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  1. Capitalism is the greatest force for lifting people out of poverty and improving the life of an ordinary person, yet all many do is rag on it.

    1. We wouldn’t want people to be exploited through wage theft just so that they can eat, would we?!

    2. Capitalism is the greatest force for lifting people out of poverty and improving the life of an ordinary person, yet all many do is rag on it.

      Several months back I stumbled across a gem on the UN website that I wish like hell now I had copied and kept. The gist was something like

      “Every 15 years the UN establishes Sustainable Development Goals. These goals are very unrealistic, and we never really expect to achieve them. One of these goals 15 years ago was reducing World Poverty by 50%.

      Guess what? Despite all expectation, World Poverty actually did get reduced by 50%. Not by us, of course – it mostly happened in China. Because of stuff.

      Go UN!”

    3. Capitalism is the greatest force for lifting people out of poverty and improving the life of an ordinary person, yet all many do is rag on it.


      And the same can be said for fossil fuels. Liberty, rule of law, and free markets are the ideas that have lifted mankind out of miserable poverty. These ideas were energized by fossil fuels.

        1. Everyone here is a paid Kochtopus puppet, what do you expect. I just got my check, it’s fucking ginormous. Now I’m gonna fuel up my gas guzzling SUV and run down some homeless orphans for fun.

          1. I thought they worked in your diamond mine?

            1. The ones that don’t produce get to be roadkill.

          2. my gas guzzling SUV

            Oh, I’m totes getting a sa-weeeeet H2 when I get my check!

            1. You done pimped that ride, what you did.

            2. Whoa, where’s the turret on top? Don’t tell me you done skimped and left out the rotating machine gun turret!

              1. I don’t see any spiked thingies coming out of the wheels either.

                1. I said “sa-weeeeet”, not “dope”.


                  1. In my experience, orphans are best employed as monocle polishers.

                    *twirls mustacchio

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  2. And in explosion news:

    Someone obtained a cannonball dating from the Civil War – he brought it back to his home in South Dakota as a keepsake. Then he did some research and realized it might still have explosive material in it.

    So he called the cops, who blew it up. “Two explosions destroyed the cannonball. The last explosion could be heard for miles away at approximately 4:07 a.m.”

    1. Is cannonball dating the 1860’s version of speed dating?

    2. It might have been solid. They didn’t have to be explosive to be deadly.

  3. Well, this is disappointing. It seems that a quote promoted by some marijuana enthusiasts, saying that Lincoln like to sit on his porch smoking dope and playing his harmonica, is spurious.

    1. It was a flute not a harmonica.

    1. Oops, “Bloodless”

      Circumcised the headline

      1. Funny – my brain filled in “hoodless.”

  4. God, America sucks. Our poverty rate is 15%. And since we’re the richest country in the world, THAT is extreme.


    1. I always like to point out that most residents of America and other first world countries who are classified as “poor” are still probably able to afford an automobile, high-speed Internet, air conditioning, and a calorie-dense diet that actually makes them fat.

      1. ^ This.

        The creature comforts of poor Americans of today would make a 18th century king green with envy.

        1. Well I butchered that sentence. It’s Friday night, fuck off.

    2. ‘1 in 5 of American children go to bed hungry!!!!!’

      1. Probably people on juice diets.

  5. Now,if we could just rid the would of fossil fuel,GMO crops and those nasty weed and bug killers poisoning the earth.That should cut down on the number of people ‘living’ in poverty.

    1. What you did there, it has been seen.

  6. Look, it doesn’t matter. You glibertarians don’t get it. ALL that matters is the gap between the bottom 10% and the top 1%. So if the top is earning 10k a year and the bottom is making 9k a year and we all need government assistance to keep from starving, that is much, much, much better than the top making billions and the bottom 10% only making 30k, No one needs 7 pairs of shoes! You heartless monsters, with your 9 choices in deodorant!

    So what if the bottom of the middle class today lives better than any king did a few hundred years ago and that has been make possible by capitalism. That’s irrelevant baggers! You focus on useless facts, while the children are starving! The spread is still bigger today and that’s all that is relevant!

    1. I love this classic Thatcher quote. These progs would rather we all be poorer as long as the gap was lower too


      1. Envy is an ugly and very destructive thing.

    2. Yesterday, NPR was bemoaning the fact that there are few middle class Americans? but mentioned in passing that ? of the decline in middle class Americans is the fact that they became upper class Americans.

    3. Apparently my poorly worded comment above was already expressed by yourself in a much more eloquent manner. Just a short scroll away.

      Sorry, Hyp.

    1. He sounds pretty coherent and sensible here:

      “If we want to work out a deal with Mexico, where we ship them our stuff for free and they do the same without the burden of tariffs and that sort of thing, I’ve got no problem with that,” he said. “I just don’t want to see the sovereignty of the United States challenged in international courts by international corporations and other bureaucrats that are not accountable to the American people.”

    2. Castle is far more libertarian than the Libertarian Party ticket. If you vote, and won’t vote Trump, Castle is the only principled pro-liberty choice. I must of missed Reason‘s glowing profile of the man. I’m sure they’ll be running more of them as we head closer to the election.

  7. A quick look at the linked article didn’t show any mention of, oh, NK or Cuba; pretty sure NK at least has a pretty high percentage of extreme poverty.
    Venezuela is trying…

    1. But on the upside, Venezuela has almost entirely eliminated its income inequality problem.

      1. And that’s all that matters.


        1. Reposted but — Thatcher called them out on it. This should be the standard response to “income inequality”


      2. Now everybody is the 1%! Utopia!

      3. I think the Top Men are doing pretty well for themselves.

        1. They cannot be figured into the equation, they’re special. Who’s gonna break some eggs to make that omelet?

        2. And the protesters against wealth inequality are wearing $100 dollar sneakers.

      4. Funny thing? yesterday NPR admitted what Reason covered a while ago ? politicians and connected business owners in Venezuela are feasting on imported delicacies that cost much less than they do in the US while the poor starved.

        1. Someone has to make socialism work, such miracles cannot just work by themselves! NEEDZ.TOP.MEN! You anarchists are so silly.

  8. Well, people believe things aren’t going well? Reason and Chapman just this week told us things are only gonna get worse after the election.

    Hard to keep up with the whole doom or end of doom thing around here.

    1. Some things are getting better (technology/productivity) and some things are getting worse (freedom).

      Too much nuance for you?

      1. Don’t make Ace think too much, it hurts him.

      2. Yeah. A tad. Maybe just libertarians know which dooms days are real.

        1. Umm, libertarians are always the ones making fun of the doomsayers. You know, like Malthusians, AGW Cultists, and the rest of your retarded brethren. Self awareness, what is that?

          1. Oops. Just this week Reason and Chapman indicated we are headed to a doom after the election.

            1. I thought we were talking about libertarians. Not that it matters, since I’m 100% sure you didn’t understand what you read.

              1. True. Reason is far from libertarian. Exactly.

        2. So, Ace, which of your doom scenarios is going to doom us all first? GMOs? AGW? Population bomb? Too low taxes? Guns? White people? Lack of safe spaces? You have a veritable smorgasbord to choose from. Take your time. Do you need to get someone to read this for you and translate words that are too hard before you answer?

          1. Nope. Glass is half full. We will limit guns, limit CO2, all to your chagrin. It’s you that thinks that will doom us. I’m good!

            1. limit CO2

              I thought it was too late, like 20 times now? We? Lol.

              1. Not to late. We are on our way!

                1. The supposed “tipping point” for runaway global warming was supposed to be 350 ppm CO2. That is what James Hansen said. We have now exceeded that. Isn’t it too late?

                2. Jackand Ace|7.8.16 @ 8:27PM|#
                  “We are on our way!”

                  Yep, back to the neo-lithic; just right for your level of ‘intelligence’.

            2. You do realize “limiting guns” (by government force) is equivalent to limiting your own liberty, do you not?

              1. Yeah, no.

                1. How is it not?

                  You want to deprive yourself of the liberty to own certain guns, do you not?

                  1. Yeah. I also like to deprive myself of the freedom to drive drunk or recklessly, to kill. Many things I do t think I have the liberty to do.

                    1. Yeah. I also like to deprive myself of the freedom to drive drunk or recklessly, to kill. Many things I do t think I have the liberty to do.

                      Government can’t stop you from doing any of those things, dumbass. It can only punish you after the fact.

                      The real question is whether you only refrain from hurting people because it’s illegal and you will be punished. Progs are always projecting their own lack of self-control and discipline when they talk about banning things.

                    2. So I am correct. You do want to deprive yourself of the liberty to own certain guns.

                      If that is the case, then why not simply refuse to buy guns yourself?

                    3. Freedom and liberty are not the same. Also, the equivalent would be banning vodka because some people drive drunk.

                    4. Please, don’t drink, Ace, you obviously do not have the brain cells to spare.

    2. Jackand Ace|7.8.16 @ 6:46PM|#
      “Hard to keep […] around here.”

      Yes, Jack, I’m sure you have that problem quite often.

    3. I’m in a very surly mood today, so I just wanted to let you know that you’re a really annoying cunt and I hope you get hit by a truck someday.

      1. Someday? That’s far too nice.

  9. Not to be a prick or anything, but I only really care about extreme poverty in underdeveloped and developing countries in the vaguest sense. I’m glad that things are getting better for those people, but it really doesn’t have any effect whatsoever on my immediate happiness or sense of optimism. Lecturing American cynics about their pessimism on account of the future’s looking bright for Kalahari tribesman half a globe away is kind of dumb in the sense that the plight of the Kalahari tribesman is probably not what inspired the American cynic’s cynicism.

    1. I do care, and not just from a humanitarian view. To be able to point to concrete examples of what happens when you move in a more free market direction (China, Kalahari tribesmen) vs. a more collectivist direction (Venezuela) is useful in teaching John Q Public about economics.

    2. It’s more about who’s getting the blame than anything else. The fact that the majority of people refuse to actually see the truth about this is what’s really sad.

      A couple of days ago, I read an article online, somewhere… can’t remember the source. Anyway, the article was about how Silicon Valley is about to do the largest eviction of renters in it’s history, so that developers can tear down the community and build higher priced luxury dwellings for workers at nearby tech companies. The article of course, blames the tech companies, who have nothing to do with it. One commenter correctly pointed out that the problem is being caused by Cali’s over the top land management and building regulations. All the other posters either ignored this, or attacked him.

      1. Since it is online work for the foremost in online work why do they all need to live within 30 minutes of each other ?

        I get the need to face to face from time to time it isn’t necessary 24/7.

        Let them expand to a less populated area and generate economic activity there. Why would not one of them recognize the economy opportunity there, lay some broadband, and create a development area in the desert ?

        1. I don’t know. Sounds like you’re ignoring the issue and trying to deflect. They’ll obviously have to move out of state to achieve that. I would advise they do so. Is that your advice?

        2. Because “working” from home is inefficient as hell.

          1. I work from home about 50% of the time and it’s actually a lot more efficient. Maybe depending on what you’re doing.

            1. A lot of companies that could do it won’t including tech and telecom corporations.

            2. I find myself too distracted by “home” things to do as much work as I would in the office, and that’s on the off chance that the VPN is actually working the whole time. That said, I appreciate doing it once in a while. It’s almost like a day off 🙂

              1. I only do it occasionally. I actually get quite a bit done. I certainly take advantage of the chance to get a view small chores done around the house on breaks, load of laundry or dishes. No different than a walk break at work though. Our VPN works much better than it used to. I could easily do it full time. Would miss seeing my hot boss though:) Total unnecessary for me to be in the office.

                1. Few

                2. I don’t do much coding (i.e. solo work) anymore – it’s mostly meetings both official and off the calendar. I find that’s more effective face-to-face or at least with equipment that isn’t flaking out half the time.

                  If I did a lot of solo work, I would totally think that going to the office would be a waste of time.

                  1. Yeah, most of my meetings are conference calls. Communication is mostly messaging and email. Even most presentations are done via Web meetings. Our group sometimes gets a conference room and put docs up on a monitor to discuss. But nothing that couldn’t be done via Web. Could always do an occasional meet up so I can check out my boss:)

                    1. Most if my time is spent doing SQL though.

                    2. Most if my time is spent doing SQL though.

                      Enjoy it while you can. Before you know it, your life turns into an endless series of pointless meetings and bickering.

                    3. I consider myself the best SQL coder I’ve ever known. Sorry, not trying to be a snob, but I’m damn good, lol. Although I spend most of my time doing analysis and consulting, and 2nd writing .NET code, I like SQL and I’ve gotten very good at it, including SSRS.

              2. I find myself more distracted hanging around in client’s offices, when I’m actually doing development. I prefer face to face meetings for gathering requirements and brainstorming, but for actually putting your nose to the grindstone, working at home is far better.

            3. I work from home about 50% of the time and it’s actually a lot more efficient. Maybe depending on what you’re doing.

              If your job is ‘batin, sure.

              1. That would probably be more fun. I take it, you’re not a coder, Paul.

                1. And you need more discipline, including wearing pants when you’re WFH.

  10. This article is brought to you by the Peter Diamandis school of thought. That’s not an endorsement or a criticism, only an observation.

  11. RE: Extreme Poverty Likely Hits Fewer than 10 Percent of Global Population

    One can be sure extreme poverty was eliminated due to socialism.
    Just look at Cuba and North Korea as examples.
    Then look at all the poverty in capitalist nations.
    Any questions?

    1. When my wife first came to the USA, she told me that we have the richest poor people in the world. And the fattest, lol. I told her, also the most entitled.

    2. The movie Chuck Norris vs. Communism, about Irina Nistor, contains a scene where Nistor is translating movies from English to Romanian? with the help of Romanian censors. A movie is playing and Nistor is translating and the censor interrupts a scene in an American grocery store and says the scene has to be cut because there are too many products on the shelves. Same thing happens in a scene in American kitchen ? there’s too much food available.

      1. I heard once, from an old Cold-War-Era CIA counterintelligence officer, that one of the main difficulties in settling Soviet defectors was that they didn’t believe their eyes when they were resettled in the U.S. One man blew his clothing allowance on seven pairs of shoes, because you could scarce find even a single pair on the shelves in the CCCP. Another walked into a typical grocery and later accused his handler of setting the whole thing up just to impress him – he literally did not believe so much food would be on the shelves all at once.

        1. That happened to my dad; the Russian wanted to know who you had to know to get into the obviously exclusive restaurant they had just passed. It was a Sizzler.

      2. Disco and Atomic War is a fun film about Soviet Era Estonian kids watching Finnish TV. JR Ewing, David Hasselhoff and Finnish supermarket commercials may indeed have won the the Cold War.

      3. I enjoyed the documentary, in particular the Lonewolf McQuade story.

  12. Why do you think the left stopped talking about *the actual material need* of the poor so long ago, and pivoted to “Inequality”?

    1. I still want a coherent answer as to why, in a world of people of different work ethics, skills, and ambitions that income inequality is a bad thing.

      1. Because I spent 240k of my parents money on a major in gender studies and now no one will hire me, and now I want to become an artist but no one will buy my art because I have no talent, and now I want you to support me?

      2. Exactly.

        It seems to me that a world of total income equality would be pretty damn depressing… You get your first job as a teenager, and that’s as much as you’ll ever earn. There’s nothing to strive for.

        1. You get your first job as a teenager


          no, you’d have to spend most of your adult life in “training” before the commissars will let you have a JOB. Jeez, man, jobs don’t grow on trees in Equality land. get back in line.

      3. Exactly.

        It seems to me that a world of total income equality would be pretty damn depressing… You get your first job as a teenager, and that’s as much as you’ll ever earn. There’s nothing to strive for.

      4. I still want a coherent answer as to why, in a world of people of different work ethics, skills, and ambitions that income inequality is a bad thing.

        It just is. Or you’re supposed to simply accept that without talking about it.

        Hardly anyone ever questions the nature of the term “Equality”, and its inherent political and philosophical implications. That includes the fairly-few people who actually study political & social philosophy. It is just something that appeals to people on a very-juvenile level, and appeals to some vague conception of “Fairness”. Society is “fair” when people have some relative parity of toys and candy. When others have too much, Mom needs to make them share.

        1. If you think about it, a state of total “income equality” would actually be fundamentally UNequal because of the different amounts of work required for the same wage.

          If a surgeon and the janitor who mops up his mess get paid the same amount, how is that fair at all? Why should the surgeon have to work so much harder when he gets no additional compensation?

          1. I believe that the answer is FEELZ.

          2. It’s not that the surgeon works “harder”, it’s that he provides more value. And they don’t believe in that.

    2. Good catch.

      1. This was for Gilmore but it applies to Dances as well.

    3. “Why do you think the left stopped talking about *the actual material need* of the poor so long ago, and pivoted to “Inequality”?”

      Unfortunately, I shared a dinner with one who hadn’t gotten the memo and whined about ‘over-population’. Had to get home early that evening.

      1. The earth was “over-populated” when we were cavemen. There weren’t nearly enough caves to go around! Clearly, mankind would never develop any better means to sustain themselves.

        1. They could have just build more affordable caves.

          1. And cave lofts for artists.

            1. Ahem… Designer Cave Spaces if you please, Q.

            2. Caves don’t have lofts. They’re below the ground. Sky caves?

  13. Fuck the World Bank and the U.N. it rode in on.

    1. That’d make it The World Sperm Bank.

      1. That really changes the way i think about Joseph Stiglitz. I’ve always thought he was a bit of a scumbag, but not in such a literal sense.

  14. So I guess the gunman in Dallas “acted alone”.


    1. “This was a mobile shooter who had written manifestos on how to shoot and move, shoot and move, and that’s what he did,”

      Huh, I have the Infantry Handbook circa 1980 that tells you how to do stuff like this. Tells me how to set up a snipers nest and minimize dust and hide your muzzle flash. Complete with “grenade sump” in front of your position.

    2. I was expecting him to be another whackjob but it’s not looking like that. Wonder what kind of bomb making materials they are talking about. I’m sure Obama will take another shot at an assault weapons ban.

    3. Did they check the grassy knoll?

      1. They’re going with the single bullet theory on this one.

    4. So I guess the gunman in Dallas “acted alone”.

      Oh, i can believe he was “solo” in his plan/action.

      But i think it definitely ‘takes a village’ to convince a guy he’s acting on behalf of his entire “race*” by murdering people at random. Collectivist thinking is an ugly, awful thing.

      1. The media is being remarkably restrained in connecting this shooting to the rhetoric of #BlackLivesMatter. But I’ve seen multiple headlines that seemed to be toe-tapping in wait for a ‘statement’ from the NRA.

        1. The media is being remarkably restrained in connecting this shooting to the rhetoric of #BlackLivesMatter

          I really don’t think BLM means fuck-all, frankly, and i don’t give them any special credit for anything.

          They’re just the college-activist version of what is a genuine and widespread discontent and disaffection with the Po-Po in the larger black community. but they don’t speak for the whole thing – they’re just the part that the white college-kids can latch onto, because as we’ve seen before (e.g. “not no gay shit!”), they don’t really mix well with the average “street” black population.

          I think the media does everyone a disservice by making BLM to be more-significant than they are.

          Its sort of like #GamerGate. The bigger point is/was never about the narrow phenomenality of GG… gamers, feminists, video-game journalists, etc.

          It was about the far broader context of this merely being the ‘flashpoint’… the random instance where a large swath of the contemporary youth drew a line and said, “No More” to the Progressive Left, and started pushing back at the cultural hegemony of progressives. it didn’t matter what it was about – it simply provided a context to stop putting up with their bullshit.

          Similarly, BLM is just the superficial “college-kid movement” which represents a tiny facet of a wider cultural sentiment. They don’t speak for it, and they don’t encompass it. They could go away tomorrow and it wouldn’t matter.

          1. Is it a complete sign that I was a teenage wonk, that when I see “BLM” my first association is The Bureau of Land Management?

            Kevin R
            (was watching Firing Line and The Advocates and reading the editorial and op-ed pages along with a good bit of National Review before I finished grammar school, for the fun of it!) Ecce Wonk!

      2. *re: “His race”…

        i was going to remark that the few details I’d picked up from the guy’s bio? gave me the impression that he actually shared a lot more in common culturally with the Malheur Occupier/Yokel-Militia types than with your average ‘urban black dude always getting fucked with by the cops’

        You know the old joke about how “you ever notice there aint no black Serial Killers?”

        ( i think that actually originated a Richard Pryor bit from the 1970s)

        The point being that the sort of intense, sociopathic, misanthropic angst is genuinely more common among white people. Black people just shrug and go, “i got bigger problems than that”. If they murder someone, its because they got into a beef and the fucker had it coming. they don’t sit in their basement and dream about cutting people up and burying them in the crawlspace. And – even the black panther or BLM types – really don’t get so fixated on ideology that they completely abandon any self interest whatsoever.

        The “John Allen Muhammed” type – the solo mass-murderer – is just very rare.

          1. i’m just saying, that dude was white as fuck too.

            I totally want to get one of these shirts.

        1. Kinda like that Chris Rock joke where if the news report talks about someone getting shot over a pair of sneakers, the shooter was probably a black guy. Whereas when you hear about how they drank the blood, cut the eyeballs out, crazy shit like that? White guy.

  15. lol@ the ruffled feathers over the “Star of David” Trump ad.

    Earlier today I came across a bunch of Torx screws that had no business being in a prefab fixture kit. Damn furniture companies, always in the pocket of Big Jew.

    1. Torx pretty common today.

      1. For what, tech? We don’t do a ton of fixture work, but we never see Torx for putting together shoe displays. Just give me proper Phillips self-tappers and get out of here with your Jewy screwheads.

        1. Auto using more and more.

          1. That makes more sense.

            The company sending these fixtures was schizophrenic about which heads they includes in each identical kit. Hex heads for some, Phillips for others, and a couple with Torx. Nobody had a tip that fit worth a damn, so we tossed the lot and used framers.

        2. I use Torx for hardwood and MDF.

          1. Why would you choose a tool-engagement form to fasten a certain material?

            1. SPAX #8 T-20, bro. It’s the standard.

              Screw and glue.

            2. Because of torque. Certain drivers engage the screw in different ways. For instance: a Philips head applies pressure in four directions, while ensuring that the pressure from the driver is spread across both laterals, with as long as slots as possible considering the circumference of the head.
              Other applications, you would rather the torque be applied in the center, with less leverage but also much less slippage or risk of slippage.

              1. There are other factors, too.
                But consider, why does your cordless drill have two speeds?
                Drive a screw through wood. Then use that same tool to get a self tapping metal screw to bite.

                1. Sorry that made no sense even to me.
                  Better way to explain: if you apply maximum torque by using a Philips head, you get quick results in softer materials. But, with harder materials, you will either break the material you are screwing through, or break the head of the screw..
                  A smaller contact area with the head of the screw directs more energy down, instead of across the head.
                  I think I have that right.

    2. the “Star of David” Trump ad.

      A Godwin or what? (Haven’t seen or heard about it)

        1. I loathe the guy and his followers, but ferchrissake, people… come on.

          1. It was derived from nazi online stuff.

        2. Funny because before I read that it was a sheriff’s badge outline that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

      1. Trump tweeted a crudely made graphic attacking Hillary as the most corrupt politician ever. It featured a Star of David atop a pile of cash.

        Turns out it originated in some neo-Nazi corner of the internet.

        1. Trump signalling to anti-Ivanka voters: Yes. I’m with you.

          1. I’m with her, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

        2. Turns out it originated in some neo-Nazi corner of the internet

          So sort of a reverse Godwin then. I have to hand it to Trump he can own-goal better than any political candidate I’ve ever seen.

          1. And then double down on it, which is why it’s an actual story, and part of the reason why it seems like Trump is doing his best to lose.

        3. Why do you insist it’s a Star of David, just because it was made by some neo-Nazi? Neo-Nazis make lots of things. Are they all anti-semitic?

          1. But attributing it to that ‘tard and his gormless campaign as an earnest dog whistle for antisemites is just dumb.

            1. Well…he’s not exactly in a hurry to apologize.

  16. Evidently trapping random people on the highway is the only way to get what you want.

    1. Hey, are you supposed to be here?

      1. Sshh. Have you seen “A Beautiful Mind”? I’m your college roommate.

      2. staffinrun was cleared of all wrongdoing… on a technicality. I still click “report spam” on every post though.

        1. Whatever he did, he didn’t intend to do it.

          1. And he won’t do it again. Maybe.

          1. Replied to this.

          2. This is exactly how they want us to react.

            1. On a serious note, I thought your moniker referred to strafing the target and quickly flying way from return fire. A type of commenting style.

                1. Replied to this reported spam.

                  1. *waves hand*
                    Go, go, go. Ok?

                    1. In the video for which you provided a link I noticed that the next customer didn’t seem put off by the exchange he witnessed.

                    2. You ever have wings from a good hole-in-the-wall Chinese takeout joint?

                      You’d cross the River Styx for them.

                    3. You ever have wings from a good hole-in-the-wall Chinese takeout joint?

                      I will trust your opinion in this regard, HM, and partake from a sizable sample pool in order to formulate a worthy opinion.

                2. In Savannah they have a fortified Chinese restaurant with one of those bulletproof bank drawer takeout windows.

                    1. Never had them. I usually get the fried ribs or shrimp with pork fried rice when I order off the ghetto menu. Unless I’m in the Hampton Roads, VA area where Yak (yock) is the thang

                      Here’s how you can make it at home

                    2. Homemade Yock Part II

                      Unless my schedule changes I’ll be in yock country next week. Good stuff and cheapest thing on the menu.Chinese can cook some soul food.

                    3. Yak reminds me of what some Sino-Trinidadian dishes are like.

                    4. It’s seemingly confined to New Orleans and Tidewater VA but they’re not quite the same dish. Both places share an (old) Afro-Caribbean cultural component.

              1. I was thinking of switching to Dive Bomber or even the more traditional Muff Diver.

                1. I appreciate your work, friend and brother.

                2. I was thinking of switching to Dive Bomber or even the more traditional Muff Diver.

                  I think you are more creative.

                3. Muff Bomber

                  1. Muff Bomber. I like it. Is there a superhero costume for role playing?

            2. Aren’t you banned or somethin? I dunno why, but we don’t take kindly to the likes of you round here! Yo must of done sumthin wrong, get on the list!

        2. WTF is going on with that? Damnit!

    2. Also, it’s really touching to see the solidarity #BLM is showing toward the Dallas Five. God bless Am…

      Oh. Not those shootings.

    3. It’s almost like they’re useful idiots of the establishment or something, bent on ensuring there’s no public support for reform. Nah.

    4. Oakland is the future of California.

      1. Oaktown is too good for Cali. Venezuela is more like it.

  17. When you put on a stormtrooper’s armor, you know your working for the Empire.

    1. DenverJ,

      Did you ever watch a movie called Clerks?

      1. Did you ever check out some sources for the double slit experiment actually showing that measuring a photon particle, after it passes through one/both of the slits, indicating that it changes the state of the photon in the past? Lol, I just remembered that thread.

        1. Yes and thank you, Hyp.

          I’ve been busy squandering my time with other matters yet I hope I can further look into the studies for which you provided links, and the (several) links included in those studies.

          This weekend seems promising as I only have a few obligations.

    2. Aren’t you a little short to be a stormtrooper?

  18. Flying under the radar, what with all the killing.

    Democratic Florida Rep. and Florida Gators superfan Corrine Brown was indicted along with her chief of staff on Friday on 24 federal charges, according to reports from Florida media.

    1. That’s her damn fault for not being Hillary. If you’re gonna be a crook, you gotta git gud!

  19. Listen up all you losers, Hillary schools Comey.

    Can’t argue with her anymore.

  20. Old news now, I guess, but the cop killer reportedly used an SKS which should sow great confusion among the gun-grabber crowd. My favorite choice of a kill whitey weapon remains the Ruger Model 44 Carbine*. Out-of-production, expensive, and hard to find these days. Suthenboy probably has one.

    (*Mark Essex, like Micah Johnson, was a highly skilled veteran. The Navy trained him in the deadly art of dental work.)

    1. Damn Commies and their damn Commie rifles.

  21. Seen on Twitter

    1. Ouch.

  22. Democratic Party adopts national $15 minimum wage plank

    This is their version of building the Wall and making Mexico pay for it but I’m sure the media is going to treat it like a serious proposal that will work if implemented.


      And the ones who can’t command that wage will just get laid off. Kind of like if I ripped out all the short flowers in my garden, then bragged about how my incredible gardening skills had raised the average flower height.

      If workers can convince an employer to hire them at $15 per hour, why don’t they just do that right now?

  23. Ok DJ, I’ll roll with your pick of new handle. Thanx. Week tryout.

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