Snipers Shoot at Police in Dallas During Protests, Killing Four, Injuring Eight (Updated)

Details still unfolding



In an unfolding incident that apparently began at 8:45 p.m. Central time in downtown Dallas, a shooter opened fire during protests against recent police killings.

Details as always are incomplete and unreliable in very early reports. The local CBS affiliate in Dallas has reported that two officers have been injured, but no deaths have been reported. There's mixed reports as to whether a shooter is in custody.

A witness posted a video online where the shootings can clearly be heard here. Live coverage from the CBS affiliate can be viewed here.

UPDATE: A statement from Dallas Police Chief David Brown said that two snipers shot at 11 police officers. Of those officers, three were killed, two are in surgery, and three are in critical condition. The chief said they have no suspects in custody as yet.

UPDATE: The Dallas Police tweeted later that a fourth police officer has been killed.

Police are looking for the man seen at the protests open-carrying. UPDATE: The man's brother has come forth and said he has no relationship with the shooting, the gun was not loaded, and he gave the gun to police. Dallas Police has reported that he has turned himself in.

UPDATE: The police now say they have a suspect in custody who was in a shootout with SWAT officers. They found a suspicious package near the suspect and the package is being secured by the bomb squad.

UPDATE: As of 12:40 a.m. Central time, Dallas Police are still attempting to negotiate the surrender of a suspect in a garage. The suspect told him "The end is coming." They are not certain if they have accounted for all suspects who might have been involved in the shooting. They have three other suspects in custody.

NEXT: California Highway Cops Shoot Teenager Who Made U-Turn in Cul De Sac After Following Him From an Illegal Street Car Meet

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  1. Update, the local fox affiliate reports 3 to 6 officers injured.

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  2. Goddamnit! Now, instead of possibly getting us to the point where the police stop worshipping the police, the cop suckers are going to push this story to demonstrate how the cops really do face constant danger and need to gun down innocent people in order to make it home safely at night. Fuck.

    1. people stop worshipping the police. I’m so angry I can’t even make sense!!11!!!

      1. Well, the police do certainly worship themselves.

        (and I agree with the rest of your post as well. This is going to be used as an excuse for more police shootings)

      2. come on, man; when you’re deploying snipers in a city unrelated to the two earlier shoots, you have given up any sympathy.

        1. When you deploy snipers – PERIOD – you have given up any possible sympathy. The only thing that might keep the sympathy for BLM (or other activists since BLM may be marginal anyway) is that it’s been reported that the sniper says they acted alone

    2. Yep, once again what little high ground and/or sympathy BLM or hell, literally any other anti-police brutality advocate had is pissed away in an instant.

      1. I don’t think that’s the case. But the snipers have sealed their own fate.

    3. I had exactly the same reaction. Fucking who was stupid enough to validate them? FFS.

  3. I have very little to add here. But the last thing that will get cops to stop shooting is to actually give them reasons to be fearful. Some are already pretty quick to piss themselves and fully on board with the war on cops narrative.

    1. I suspect the primary reaction to this from the cop standpoint will be to simply ignore calls from minority communities, similar to what’s happened in Baltimore post-Freddy Gray. From their perspective, better to enact a type of de facto social quarantine, Escape From New York-style, and only respond if the violence there spills out into the broader community to threaten middle-class and wealthy neighborhoods.

      1. In this case, the area isn’t really a minority neighborhood. It is mostly government buildings and some upscale bars and restaurants.

        1. I was speaking in general.

        2. It is mostly government buildings

          Actually, I’m all for quarantining those.

        3. It’s downtown Dallas so yeah, it actually does have quite a bit of a minority community. There are several nearby high-rise residential buildings that are section 8 housing. I know this because I was going to rent an apartment downtown, but I couldn’t find a building that had lofts that wasn’t also partially section 8 housing. I was surprised given the lofts around there are ~1500 a month. There are a few buildings that don’t include Section 8 but they’re more around ~2000+. Our tax dollars at work I suppose. I ended up renting about 3 miles from where the shooting happened.

    2. Reminds me of a Quicksilver Messenger Service song about the Pride of Da Man:
      “Oh you who put your faith in fire, in fire your faith shall be returned!”

    3. Reasons to be fearful… like making beer a felony and electing Herb Hoover? Or making hemp a felony and electing Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Bush and other whack job looter prohibitionists?
      “Well come on alla you big strong men, Uncle Sam needs your help agin…”

      1. FDR made marijuana illegal you historically illiterate idiot.

        1. Awwww… is baby too upset to remember Congress writes the laws ordering people killed? He can dish it out, but he can’t take it?

          1. Who signs legislation into law, Mr Civics?

            1. Let’s just say it’s the same Democrat President, Democrat controlled Congress, and Democrat dominated Supreme Court that did it…the same that made internment of Americans a reality.

    4. So then the War on Cops was a self-fulfilling prophecy

      1. Let the Hard on Cops begin!

  4. I feel absolutely nothing for the shot cops. Cold, as if the protesters had shot paper targets.

    1. You’re not helping anything.

      1. There’s nothing to help. As a libertarian you are automatically classified as a sociopath Somalia-loving hermit.

        1. a sociopath Somalia-loving hermit

          A hermit is an ineffective sociopath.

          1. Hello! I didn’t invent the false illusion!

            1. All right; now I see that you were jesting.

          2. Sociopaths don’t care about being effective, we care about being right.

            1. care about being right

              Pedants do that, too. Hmmm … does this mean that pedants are sociopaths?

    2. Oh, fuck off with your macho posturing. They’re people, and they’ve been murdered.


    3. I find it amazing how anarchos – of whatever stripe – always resort, in the end, to NEEDING violence/nihilism to rationalize their own politics and demonstrate their ubermensch superiority. Even the modern strain of NAPanarcho seems to find all of its sustenance in the violence perpetuated by others.

      You are repugnant.

  5. Don Lemon says he has to be polite to police to survive.

    Don. Fucking. Lemon.

    1. Addendum – identity politics is fucking toxic to getting real reform.

      1. A feature, not a bug.

    2. Driving While Bland

      1. Do they have a new album out yet?

    3. “Has to be polite”?? Oh, the humanity!! Imagine the dystopia we’d all live in if everyone was polite! Oh, wait….

      (Yeah, I get your point, but still….)

      1. Imagine if the cops were polite.

        1. But being impolite is necessary in order to project the authority that keeps them alive and gets them home at night to their families THINK OF THEIR POOR CHILDREN!

    4. So, having no idea who Don Lemon was, I immediately found he has a Wikipedia page. My first thought was “Has to be polite to survive? Yeah right, this guy is practically white with a tan in the first place”. Second thing, I noticed down at the bottom of his very sparse entry: “Lemon received a DART award as one of the worst journalists for 2014 from the Columbia Journalism Review, an award given to the worst journalist of the year.” Sounds about right.

      1. My first thought was that the original poster meant Don Cherry.

        1. I’m going to hold a sit in to demand common sense jacket reforms.

          Nobody really needs 4+ buttons, double tactical breast pockets and assault fabric on their jacket.

  6. Local news update: 1 DART officer dead

    1. 3 dead now

    1. Create a mildly entertaining, somewhat racist video game?


    2. A two-person sniper team pretty much rules out rogue cops.

      1. The fact that they’re hitting their targets does, anyway.

      2. The fact that they’re hitting their targets does, anyway.

    1. 2 shooters

      standard disclaimer on early reports

      1. Yeah, standard disclaimers, but what’s the point of having crises if we’re just going to let them go to waste?

        Plus, it’s an election year! Might as well blame Donald Trump, the Second Amendment, and the gender pay gap.

        1. The first 2 are already happening.

          1. Trump benefits therefore he must be responsible.

        2. If cops made a living wage, then they would act professionally.

          1. How soon for the robot officers?

        3. My wife already has people on her facebook feed bemoaning our open carry laws.

          1. She should un-friend them. I purged a shitload and stopped logging in after Sandy Hook. I only keep the account for potential employment purposes.

  7. Wait, what do you mean they got shot? Way to jump to conclusions.

    There were several officer-involved shootings, and an adult male became deceased.

    I mean, it works both ways, right?

  8. Has the NRA issued a statement condemning stuff yet?

    1. FDR’s alphabet soup agencies need to go.

    2. NRA tends to wait until they know what happened (which isn’t yet in this case) before issuing statements.

      1. Jeez. It’s like they don’t even know how SJW signaling works.

        1. Nice hair.

  9. Predictable, race baiting leads to this shit.

  10. I don’t know anything about this situation that I haven’t read here, but there are three things Hillbilly Clinton should do immediately:

    1) Call for the end of the Second Amendment.

    Because if there weren’t any guns, there wouldn’t be any bullets, and if there weren’t any bullets, then black lives would matter.

    Also, Hillary should denounce white swing voters who don’t understand that logic as privileged and racist.

    2) Hillary should come out in favor of the rioters–because black lives matter.

    3) Hillary should point out that no matter what Trump says, this shooting had nothing to do with Islam–because that’s very, very important for people to understand.

    1. Don’t give her any ideas.

      1. Oh, those are all great ideas . . . if she wants to alienate swing voters.

        1. We don’t have rioters. Just protesters and (a couple of?) murderers.

        2. I don’t mean a thing if ain’t got the swing.

    2. The Clintons have always sided with law enforcement and had a patronizing if not hostile attitude towards African-Americans. Her reaction will be a combination of this and more anti-gun hysterics.

      1. I don’t know. This is along the lines of the Muslim shooter at the gay bar in Orlando. Competing constituencies – blacks vs loyal public servants, who may well belong to or give to a union that launders money for Hill’s party.

        1. Pretty sure the Hill-Shillers are convinced all they need to do to win their black constituencies is continue to stretch the definition of “racism” to cover Donald Trump.

  11. Uh-oh….


  12. The sad part being that the officers shot had nothing to do with the recent murders by cops in other states. The other sad part is that you know that the gun grabbers will use this as an excuse to double down on their scheme and nowhere in their mind they would ever think that, well, you know, maybe prosecuting the initial murderers might have prevented the people from acting out of a sense of injustice… just saying you know.

    At one point, when they have enough of being persecuted, people do tend to throw tea out of boats, even if the tea company had nothing to do with it.

    1. This attack is disgusting, and I’m unpleasantly surprised by it. But what isn’t surprising is that members of an occupation that act almost cultish in their defense of each other would be lumped together.

    2. The officers shot are represented by a union that goes to excruciating lengths to protect malfeasance. And it’s a union that really doesn’t need to exist because every cop-related killing was and always will be justified. And beside that bullshit, if I were on a jury to convict the sniper of murder, I would vote yes to convict, even if it turned out to be Corey Maye.

      1. The officers shot are represented by a union that goes to excruciating lengths to protect malfeasance.

        Really? This is Dallas. There are four separate police membership groups (Dallas Latino Peace Officers Association, the Dallas Police Association, the Dallas Fraternal Order of Police and the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas), many officers not associated with any of them, and officials of the city are forbidden, by state law, from entering into a collective bargaining contract with a labor organization respecting wages, hours, or condition of employment of public employees.

        1. Read the fine print. I’m not cool with this. You obviously don’t know about Corey Maye and that’s a shame. You might understand otherwise.

        2. I’m on your *side* on this. I’m sorry that your reading comprehension is…

          1. You’re on “my side” as to whether Dallas has a police union able to protect officers?

    3. Didn’t the Dallas cops work to get rid of a prosecutor who was trying to overturn faulty convictions? Or was that Fort Worth?

    4. “The sad part being that the officers shot had nothing to do with the recent murders by cops in other states”

      BLACK lives matter.

      BLUE lives matter.

      It’s all divisive collectivist language. Collectivist tribalism engenders violence.

      Ask: What lives don’t matter?

  13. I’d hate to be someone getting pulled over in the week to come, because those fuckers are going to be even jumpier than usual.

    1. I feel sorry for Hispanic women who deliver newspapers for a living.

      1. Hey now! Not every police department is as bad as the LAPD!

        1. OT is how most of us introduce off topic news pieces. But there are no rules here at H ‘n’ R and I like it that way. As for Rooney, maybe it is Hispanic because I’ve known of Hispanics with last names of Fox (President of Mexico), O’Higgins (Chilean Independence Agitator), Kahlo (Mexican artist recently reviewed by The Jacket) and Zimmerman (killer of Trayvon).

          1. Don’t forget Hayek, the Austrian economist.

            1. I loved Hayek in that Frida film. Who would have guessed that the Austrian economist posed as a Left-wing artist. My bad.

          2. Off topic? She was a newspaper deliverywoman and may have been shot by the po-leece

  14. It’s like they want Trump to be president

    1. Nate Silver hardest hit

  15. The sniper was a Muslim and the cops were gay. [did you see the film at 11?]

  16. Reason posted several pieces on police advise this afternoon. Mere hours later a shooter targets cops. COINCIDENCE?

    1. I blame Robbie’s hair

    2. Dallas teevee was circulating a picture of a Farenheit 451 suspect chosen at random. I swear it looked just like Nick!

  17. Is there blue on the rainbow flag?

  18. Two guys took down 10 cops and got away? Seems the 2nd Amendment isn’t an anachronism after all, eh gun grabbers?

  19. UPDATE: A statement from Dallas Police Chief David Brown said that two snipers shot at 10 police officers. Of those officers, three were killed, two are in surgery, and three are in critical condition. The chief said they have no suspects in custody as yet.

    I’m gonna go out in limb and say that it’s probably some adherents of the religion of piece celebrating the holy month.

    1. Nah. There’s no way this is an opportunistic terror from that side- especially not only targeting cops.

      1. It’d be easy for them to use BLM protests as cover for attacks to cause chaos and deepen racial divisions.

        1. I think you give them WAY too much credit.

          1. ISIS? Perhaps not. AQ/Al-Shabaab? Could be….

            1. Didn’t ISIS send out a memo after Orlando to avoid political targets in order to avoid people conflating Islam with other issues?

        2. The simplest explanation right now is simply angry protesters. That’s more of a conspiracy theory. I’d rather just wait until the people are caught.

          1. Snipers killing cops haven’t been a feature of protests in the US in at least seventy years, if ever. Add in the Bomb threats and…

            1. Back when Martin Luther King was killed and several cities in the north and east were on fire as a result of demonstrations and protests, there were instances of snipers shooting at arriving firemen and cops both.

        3. Bureau of Land Management? I thought that was those nut job Nevadans doing that.

    2. Religion of Piece, there are Aphrodite worshippers in Dallas?

      1. You lay off our Slutty Mother of Incest right this second, sir!

      2. She’s got it; your baby she’s got it.

        (Bananarama’s version is 30 years old. God that makes me feel old.)

    3. Terrorists ignoring a huge crowd of people to focus on killing a few police officers seems counterintuitive.

      Incidentally, a more strategic political action plan would have been to provoke the police to brutalize the protestors in front of the cameras.

      This is probably a couple of guys who put about as much thought into this as I did into what I’m going to eat tonight.

      Pizza. I had freshly made dough, and all the stuff, so I made pizza. I have a pizza stone and everything. It was a no-brainer, really.

    4. Ramadan actually ended on the 5th or the 6th. Source : I live in a mostly muslim neighborhood, and haven’t seen any hungry men walking around in a white nightgown around sundown since then.

  20. “Whoever was shooting had an assault rifle ? and I know guns. The shots were in rapid succession,” the witness said.

    Uh huh.

    1. “Whoever was shooting had an assault rifle ? and I know guns. The shots were in rapid succession,”

      The second sentence contradicts the clause immediately ahead.

      1. True.

    2. It’s an assault sniper rifle! You know… an AR-15.

  21. Now reporting 4 dead.

    1. Another one?

    2. I haven’t seen that report.

      1. It’s on foxnews site now. Early reports so…

        1. CNN still says 3

          1. Local ABC in dfw now says 4.

  22. I’m laughing at the dead and injured. I am however laughing at the people who are completely surprised that this has happened.
    Politicians, and there enforcers have been fleecing, lying to, and running roughshod over the general population for a while now.
    How could you not expect this ?



        1. Makes a big difference

          1. Well I hope so. Some people are absolutely shocked that this has happened. I’m just surprised that it did not happen sooner.

            1. I am not surprised either.

        2. Libertarian slip? Let’s see what the psychologists say!

  23. They have a photo of the “suspect”.

    1. No link?

      1. DPD twitter posted it.

          1. that turned out poorly for Fox. open carrier was in lots of their live feeds standing around with everyone else.

    2. And the suspect’s brother just ran up to the nearest news camera, and said he was an open carry protestor.

      1. Yep. That was my thought.

        Former or active military.

        And Dallas PD went for it.

      2. Sorry no link, just saw it on the local CBS station a min ago.

      3. Wait, protesting FOR or against open carry?

        1. For open carry. It might have been a BLM protest, but it is still Texas.

          1. Local news is already trying to connect the new open carry law with this guy carrying a long gun…

            1. Oh, that dude is going to get a million or 2 from Fox News.

            2. But doesn’t the new law pertain to open carry of handguns? IIRC it has been legal to open carry long arms for a while.

              1. Bingo! But, news-types don’t let facts stand in the way of juicy reporting.

          2. Open carry guys typically stick together here- they don’t lone wolf it.

            1. He was in a giant crowd.

              But somehow, he scaled a parking garage and sniped 11 cops with a 16″ carbine.

      4. “I’m a lifelong trans-white NRA member and this is to protect me from the government!!” /falseflag

  24. Snipers ? You can already rule out islamist terrorism right here. Those guys like to get caught and killed, in order to get to those 72 grapes and all.

    This means 3 things : 1) The shooters were caught and/or killed but it didn’t fit the media’s narrative, so they are not sure yet how to spin it ;

    2) The guys that did this knew what they were doing, didn’t want to get caught, and you can expect more of this ;

    3) Blue on blue.

    Now I am a drunken gambling man, so I’d be willing to bet my money on 3. Maybe 2 or 3 officers got shot by the actual ”snipers” but I’m pretty sure that out of that 10 injured there is some blue on blue.

    1. Now theyre reporting bomb threats.

    2. Now theyre reporting bomb threats.

    3. “3) Blue on blue.”

      Didn’t at first understand, but you’re proposing ‘friendly fire’?

      1. Friendly fire, yup. Not all of them, but, maybe a few.

        1. Sorta the Texas bike gang police riot…

        2. *Depends*, the official adult diaper of the National Police.

    4. Rule out Islamists right there? Huh? Do you not remember the Beltway sniper attacks?

  25. I wonder what the overlap is between BLM and black converts to Islam, in Texas? That’s where I would start looking.

    Rioting is more the BLM style, not sniper teams. But I wouldn’t be surprised if BLM or an associated leftist group decided to up the ante.

    Sniper team means it’s not a lone nut. I’d say that leaves out the white right-wing NRA members. A right-wing group would shoot at BLM, not the cops. So it’s either a left-wing group, or Muslims, or both. Ergo: hurts Hillary, helps Trump.

    1. Fruity. This has anger written all over it. This is not a completely ideological act. It may though have some ideological trappings.

    2. So it’s either a left-wing group, or Muslims, or both. Ergo: hurts Hillary, helps Trump.

      Yeah, about that.

      Didn’t a pro-ISIS Muslim registered Democrat just massacre dozens of gay people a couple weeks ago? Wasn’t that supposed to hurt Hillary and help Trump?

      How are The Donald’s poll numbers looking since then?

      1. Depends on the poll, and I have an increasing distrust of them, this election. Trump gets a lot of support that doesn’t show up in polls, for various reasons.

      2. Facts?

        The guy was a homophobic right-wing nut inspired by all of the conservative christian hate for homosexuals. Haven’t you been following the narrative? Orlando was the fault of Republican NRA homophobic Christians. Don’t believe me, just visit any leftie echo chamber…. HuffPo, Slate, etc. They’ll set you straight.

  26. Gunfire inside parking garage. Probably not going to be a trial…

      1. No. Never good. Trial and prison is always preferred to dead by shootout.

        1. Agreed, Spencer. Spinners gonna spin spin spin spin spin. The finger hand and foot print is left there but what’s better, the testimony. The damning testimony.

        2. In anarchotopia build your own fucking cage and see if anyone objects to who you put in it

  27. I can hear mag dumping from the rooftop. Not really a “sniper”, but he did have the high ground.

      1. Fox news has 2 videos on loop

        1. You can hear a carbine popping off. Not really sniping.

  28. I’ve changed my view; I blame Bush, and the NRA now.

    1. GHW, though, right?

      1. I was thinking of the 90’s band, but in retrospect i believe the former president is also probably involved.

        1. While I haven’t heard anything from The Presidents of the United States lately. (Thank God.)

          1. Their lead does kids music now under the name Caspar Babypants. True story.

          2. I haven’t heard anything from The Presidents of the United States lately. (Thank God.)

            Almost 20 years ago, this concept got me exited, but what actually came out of it was …. pretty terrible. Like the worst possible result. I thought it would be something more avant-garde, but it sounds like bad rap-rock.

        2. It’s a vast conspiracy.

    2. I am considering also blaming Beyonce

      1. Her HBO sci-fi show sucked. I’m glad it was just a pilot.

  29. Sniper had a long contentious thread on H ‘n’ R with dunphy before rampage [film was at 11]

  30. Blowback. Utterly fucking predictable, preventable stupid fucking blowback. The goddamn enforcer class, the looters in goobermint and the boot-lickers all made this entirely possible. Some poor slobs that had nothing to do with two black legal gun owners getting murdered (by dumbass overzealous paranoid shitheads) were themselves murdered in revenge.

  31. So now they have a picture. I pity anyone who even vaguely looks like that guy–black guys, hispanic women, white guys, dogs….

    1. And they’re saying he’s just a suspect.

      And he may just be a suspect because he open carried during the rally.

      There may be a hundred guys with AR-15s in a mile radius of that protest, and if I had to guess, the guy who open carried it during the rally might be the last guy I’d suspect.

      1. That’s my thinking.

      2. he may just be a suspect because he open carried during the rally.

        There was a guy on CNN just now saying, “a few people were carrying weapons – AR15s – at the rally but immediately afterwards they all got together and notified the police that it wasnt them”

        its the second clip currently playing on CNN’s shitty autoplay

      3. It is a 100% certainty that the poor guy was being labeled a “suspect” (they have since changed it to “person of interest” or some such bullshit) because he was seen walking around with an AR-15.

  32. They’ve got a picture of one suspect from behind floating around the internet

    Looks like he’s carrying an AR-15, damn it.

    You wouldn’t expect somebody who open carried an AR-15 in front of a hundred cameras to subsequently go on a shooting spree, but obviously somebody that would do something like this isn’t playing with a full deck.

    1. If I were a betting man, Id say it wasn’t him… but that’s magical thinking.

      1. It wasn’t.

        You can’t snipe with a carbine anyway.

  33. They’re reporting that the guy in the picture isn’t the shooter.

      1. We don’t need another innocent, legally armed person dead this week, or any.

    1. Glad to know they didn’t gave him the Baton Rouge or Falcon Heights treatment. I would probably have disappeared for a few days before daring to turn myself in. This guy has guts. Or a lawyer on speed dial.

      1. The man whose picture has been circulated by the Dallas Police Department has turned himself in, the department tweeted. Police initially called the man a suspect, but now refer to him as a person of interest. Another alleged suspect is in custody, the tweet said. A suspicious package was discovered near that suspect’s location. The package is being secured by a bomb squad, the tweet said.

        PROTIP: The package is just the dude’s latest Amazon Pantry delivery.

        1. And he really didn’t want to get shot reaching into it, and I don’t blame him. Whackos walking around with guns and few limitations on when to use them is enough to scare anyone.
          Oh, whackos in uniform, that is.

  34. Open carry guy just turned himself in.

    They need a new theory. “Nigger with a gun” isn’t going to cut it.

    1. As noted above = they have a cnn interview-clip on their website which had a guy saying, “The few people carrying weapons at the rally were not involved”

      I’d link to it, but its part of CNN’s shitty embedded video

    2. Yeah, but that’s not as scary as a “nigger with a library card.”

      1. You’ve ruined my sleep. You really don’t mean that?

          1. That’s just propaganda. You can’t fool me. [jester reasserts his white male supremacy and wonders why no one else on a libertarian site affirms him]

        1. It’s a reference to The Wire.


          1. I did not know that although I am a fan of ‘The Wire’. I know that I need to change my handle from ‘jester’ to ‘snark’ or ‘do you get it? do you get it?’ But that would condescend to those I’ve interacted with for a long time on hit n run. My handle is jester. That says quite a lot right there.

            1. Sorry, but there are a lot of spectacularly stupid people that post around here, so Poe’s law is in full effect, and it’s hard to distinguish sarcasm from actual derp. So either go broader with the gimmick, or give it up.

              1. Sorry, but there are a lot of spectacularly stupid people that post around here

                Compared to the rest of the intertubes?

    3. The only other theory in Dallas is that Lee Oswald fired all shots from two different directions. Fool me twice…

      1. I’m waiting for the Ollie Stone movie on that one.

  35. Fox News just reported that the guy in the picture has turned himself in. If so, I doubt he had anything to do with it.

  36. What is it about leftists that think they have a right to block a freeway (you don’t). I work in Oakland and this happens all the time. It’s basically children having a temper tantrum. Why they arn’t arrested or driven over is beyond me

    1. That’s super thoughtful and topical. Newsletter?

      1. well I’m not going to comment on the other stuff because we don’t have all the facts yet (~ Reason’s 5 ways to cope with tragedy)

      2. Prolly:
        “About 2,000 angry protestors marched through downtown Oakland, blocking traffic on Interstate 880 and pouring red paint on the front door of an Oakland police station in solidarity with two black men fatally shot by police officers this week in Louisiana and Minnesota.”
        Not willing to beat on esteve, having once been surrounded by protesters screaming about Madame Nhu in downtown SF as I was trying to get a commercial presentation installed for a client.
        (yep, a while back)

        1. Yes. Nowadays we call her Madame Old.

            1. In the original Tieng Viet, yes.

              1. I KNEW you were gonna do that!

              2. Ooops:
                NHU you were gonna do that!

                1. No Nhus is good Nhus.

                  I’m out.

  37. The latest round of needless police murders had to do with suspected gang members.
    The shooters were popping off rounds like Pez dispensers.
    The shooters did not want to get caught, or martyr themselves.
    This is gang related.

    1. Did you have an older handle before this one?

      1. I did. I’m am still kinda new though.

    2. Hmmm, possible. They might still into the BLM camp, because they seem to have some overlap.

      1. take it easy Captain Renault

        1. I’m speculating, not ordering arrests.

  38. What the fuck is the matter with people…

  39. I’m just glad open-carry guy didn’t get shot.

    1. me too

      1. I just want to say as per our conversation earlier this evening that RJ was being kind.

        It spent 5 years in Bangkok.

        You should ask for quintuple-wrap.

        1. Why even bother then. You wouldn’t feel anything and it’d be about as exciting as sucking on a flashlight for me.

          1. For the principle of the thing, obviously.

            That I even have to point that out shows how every day we stray further from God’s light.

            1. Yes, must stand by our principles.

        2. That’s like 1826 nights in Bangkok and knowing how just one night goes…

          1. A lot of chess metaphors?

        3. Is the world your oyster?

          1. Wrong types of queens.

    2. This is like an episode of Colony, except that in that show Dallas was already a concave plain of glass. I distinctly remember UTEXAS v. OU weekends in Dallas that looked a lot like this scene, but with fewer angst-ridden reporters.

      1. Boomer Sooner!

  40. Can any of you gun experts speculate on what I’m hearing?

    What a terrible hail of fire. Rapid fire at considerable range. I know it’s morbid, but I’m curious.


    2. There are at least three different gun noises there, but the echo off the buildings muddies things up.

      1. I searched for GunNoises.com and didn’t find anything. This is an unfilled niche. Jes sayin.

        1. Try this.

    3. First shot is hostile, the rest is return

    4. waffles I am not a gun guy. I prefer bows. Like Playa said it sounds like carbines though one of the shooters does have the distinct crack of an AK.

      1. AKs ARE carbines

    5. I’d say the only shot from a carbine or assault weapon would be the ones where you can hear the cracking noise of the bullets in the air before the actual shots coming from the barrel (at the beginning and at the end of the video). Meaning the guy is shooting towards your direction. Which means the bullet is supersonic. The rest seems to be like the shooters were firing pistols (subsonic or at least in the opposite direction) and emptying their mags in rapid non-controlled bursts… which sounds like well.. you know who.

      Now all I have is 3 years in reserve infantry, so feel free to contradict me.

      The only thing I am sure about, is if those guys were on rooftops, the cops were definitively fucked.

      1. “The rest seems to be like the shooters were firing pistols (subsonic or at least in the opposite direction) and emptying their mags in rapid non-controlled bursts… which sounds like well.. you know who.”

        That does sound like the cops.

        1. I just want to say again that I am a Bow/Crossbow guy not a gun guy. Shits effective, but too loud for me.

          1. The big advantage to me with a carbine vs a bow is that you can disassemble the thing once you’re done and put it in a backpack, and quickly change position or retreat discreatly. Try to do that with a bow that can shoot with the same accuracy and range of a long gun.

            Oh and sometimes, noise is something you want to have, just to cause confusion and distraction. I’m pretty sure that those cops were just firing everywhere. Not that they are all incompetent, but fog of war and all that. I’m not judging them, interdiction fire is pretty much the only thing that protects you when you are doing an assault or being fired at. Except you are usually not in dense, urban area with lots of civilians…

            But if I was hunting game, yup, bow it would be.

  41. FOX showing gun battle now

  42. A suspect in custody after a shootout with SWAT. Suspicious package and bomb squad.

  43. I posted this before, but it’s worth a look again –


    Of the nearly 1000 civilian death at the hands of police (2015), less than 4% involves a white officer shooting a unarmed black men. Most of the time the suspects shot were armed, threatened others, or were running away from police. Radical Islam

    Perspective is always important. Most of you wouldn’t hesitate to call the police if you saw someone lurking in your yard right now. I’ve known FOB cousins and friends who ran into police and they could hardly understand each other. Nothing came out of it. Couple years ago a cop car ran into my dad’s early 90’s Ford Windstar as he was chasing some guy on the freeways. The car was totaled. The cops checked up on my dad and every step was taken to properly compensate him.

    There are some seriously racist / under qualified cops out there. More than I previously thought, sadly. It boggles the mind that some cops actually think “hate speech” is an arrestable offense. But this is an issue we can tackle without stripping away anyone’s 2A rights or giving into the SJW crowd. BLM is insisting that cops don’t shoot whites who “reach for guns”, which is nonsense.

    1. The “Radical Islam” was a nice touch.

      Since when does running away justify a shooting? Did Walter Scott deserve it?

      1. I didn’t finish the sentence my bad.

    2. “Of the nearly 1000 civilian death at the hands of police (2015), less than 4% involves a white officer shooting a unarmed black men. Most of the time the suspects shot were armed, threatened others, or were running away from police.”
      OK, how about a cite?

      “Radical Islam”
      Uh, yeah. Was that supposed to mean something?

      1. I linked the source.

    3. Fucking apologists…

  44. There are some problems with Jade’s story and I don’t have even anything close to a detective’s ear for this.

  45. Fox keeps running that photo of the black guy with the rifle which Dallas PD has already (unless i’m mistaken) said is not a suspect.

    I think its because they really don’t have any new info, and its just “something to run with” – even as they may caveat it.

    1. Live TV is really kind of a shitty medium for these sorts of “breaking stories”. They just blabber repetitively, hoping to stall and wait for anything new to come in. they’ll periodically express great sadness, and then make random speculation, but in general they just move their mouths until they can get a new clip to run, or a new fact to report.

      Web media is at least better in that they can detail ‘updated facts’, while offering addition media/commentary if you want it.

      1. I would rather get my information from you scurvy bastards. You fucks pay attention to what’s going on. =D

  46. https://mobile.twitter.com/OldRowSwig/status/ 751278705947783168

    Guy shown killing a cop on Fox. Looks like he’s been trained.

    1. Yeah, he knew to run shooting toward his target.

      1. Remove the space between the numbers and the dash. I’m an idiot and didn’t know how else to get around the 50 character limit.

        1. Right on Brother. =D

  47. President Obama should be ashamed of himself. He calls out people he doesn’t even know racists. Fuck him.



    1. what the fuck does that have to do with this, and why is it in all-caps?

  49. Statists of all stripes are currently jizzing themselves.


    Why is nearly every person’s first reaction to crack down on other people’s liberties?

    1. Why not IZLAMIST while you were at it?

  50. Well, it seems like they’re going to get at least one of the shooters. they keep saying they’ve got one “cornered” in a parking lot and there’s been an ongoing gunfight there. and that same suspect is yelling about “bombs”. I guess they don’t want to kill the guy because he’s the only one that they have any lead on- presumably if he doesn’t off himself he can lead them to other suspects. there was some report about a guy that might have escaped in a mercedes but that’s just rumor.

    1. Its odd because some sources say there was a suspect who was in a shootout who surrendered around 11:30 – but CNN is saying “Police in negotiations with suspect in garage” as of right now.

      1. The chief gave a press conference a little earlier.

        The basic timeline was that they saw a woman with a suspicious package approaching the garage with a suspicious package, when they approached her, two guys took off in a Mercedes, so the cops chased them and pulled them over. The guy the cops are having a standoff was presumably left behind by his co0conspirator, and the current theory is that all four were working together. (Usual caveats about breaking situations apply.)

  51. Wow. Law enforcement is showing some restraint.

  52. So, 4 attackers, 1 a woman (meaning its a family thing, a terrorist thing, or an ideological/political/religious movement thing). Multiple people doing quick shooting at range + possible explosives.

    I swear to fucking God if this is ISIS again…

    OTOH, the more I think about it, watch this be the next Manson family. Just 4 evil assholes all buying into the same nutty ideas about how things are coming to an end.

    1. ISIS recently released videos instructing would be attackers to target white Americans (self explanatory).

      That was either a misdirection of they’re trying to incite something by targeting cops at a BLM rally.

      1. The argument for killing white people was because the Orlando shooting ended up turning into an argument about gay discrimination and the second amendment. So ISIS was arguing to avoid politically controversial groups, and keep it focused on the war between the west and Islam.

        It doesn’t really look like an ISIS attack, since they tend more towards indiscriminate slaughter. That said, they also rely mostly on lone wolves, so maybe this group didn’t get the memo.

  53. What do ya know, another fuckstick who wants to shit on the 2A:

    Bryant for State Representative
    1 hr ?
    Dateline Dallas: Our Worst Nightmare
    I am so Sad. First I was outraged, but now I am sad beyond words. Once it was innocent children in school in Connecticut. Then it was innocent partiers in Orlando. Then it was innocent men in Louisiana and Minnesota. Tonight it was innocent policemen in Dallas. It is an epidemic of gun violence. Don’t be mistaken. It’s not good guys with guns versus bad guys with guns. It’s not black on white or white on black violence. It’s uncontrolled gun violence. Everyone who believes that uncontrolled access to firearms is a right, this is your fault. You cannot evade this responsibility. Of course Governor Abbot sends his prayers, but he and his fellow Republicans won’t do a single thing to prevent further violence. If I am elected to office I intend to hold every one of them and the NRA accountable for all these deaths, because I believe that human lives are more important than cold steel with a trigger.

    1. Bodies aren’t even cold and those fuckers are climbing on top to plant their gun grabber flag.

      1. Opportunists have no morals.

    2. It’s not good guys with guns versus bad guys with guns. It’s not black on white or white on black violence. It’s uncontrolled gun violence.

      You had it right the first time, dickhead.

      I’m sure Texans will be showing him the facebook love for the next few days.

      1. Oh, they are. That’s where I got the quote. Tons of people have been calling him a disgusting pig.

    3. Wow, he’s running in McKinney on that platform? I guess he figured he was going to lose anyways, might as well speak his mind.

    4. So he wants to disarm the cops?

  54. My heart goes out to all the officers and their families

    1. And so does mine. Political killings are the same as terrorist killings: they search for political solutions by killing uninvolved elected officials.

      1. Thirded.

  55. Local news update, a fifth officer has died.

    1. And that’s sad because maybe he was the cop that would save habaeus corpus, dunno.

      1. Yeah, I’ll admit I tend to be fairly critical of cops. But I think they’re like most people. Some are good, most are just trying to get a paycheck, and some are bad. And I wish the first two groups did more to keep the bad guys out.

        For all I know every single one of the dead officers was saint, and well, I can’t really talk shit about anyone who is willing to run towards gunfire.

  56. Protest can be effective. Killing state sanctioned officials is not. You have adopted the terrorist moniker. Good luck with any future reform!

    1. “Protest can be effective. Killing state sanctioned officials is not.”

      Not a fan of the Founding Fathers?

  57. Officers with malfeasance should be tried as any of us. When a crazy amount of them hva been exonerated, we fight back through the law.

    1. THIS!! If the people believed bad cops would be held accountable there would be little desire for revenge killings.

  58. Shit. Just reported that officer number six has died.

    1. WFAA is now saying 6 was an error. Still 5 dead.

    2. where are you getting updates? CNN sucks.

      There’s some footage of one of the suspects in a shootout which they’ve aired on tv, where it appears he kills a cop (shoots him at close range multiple times)

      1. Local news. I live in the DFW area and I’m flipping through local channels. The local channels are KDFW (Fox), KXAS (NBC), WFAA (ABC) and KTVT (CBS) if you feel like looking up local feeds.

        And yes, death number 6 was a miscommunication.

      2. wfaa live feed online


  59. If this were a poker table:

    BLM: Pair of 4s
    NRA: Jacks
    Anti 2A People: 6clubs, 4diamonds.
    Hillary: Aces
    Trump: Suited 8,9

    Every shooting is adding equity to everyone’s hands. Wondering if this shooting adds to Trump’s flush or Hillary’s full boat.

  60. http://www.dallasnews.com/news…..dallas.ece

    third video seems to show the same time period from a different location

    1. @GILMORE re: video of shooting

  61. Local news report, the garage suspect is dead. No news if he was killed by the cops or if he committed suicide. ATF is sending the bomb sniffing dogs.

    1. Update: the cops are saying it was suicide.

      1. No. The cops sent in a robot bomb and exploded it when negotiations broke down

  62. Hey guys, Good news. The shoot out between liberty loving citizens and the police force of the ZOG government has started. More guns mean more shootouts with fascist cops. That’s a good thing in my book. Have fun with the SWAT teams.

    1. I’m impressed. Most people usually have enough self restraint to wait until the bodies are dead before getting all political. And would want an explanation about why somebody want on a killing spree.

      But not you, you’re are a total fucking asshole. You can’t even be bothered to find out why a killing spree happened before you had to inject politics in it while kids are still getting told that their parents have died.

      Rot in hell you bastard. Hell needs another circle for assholes like you.

      1. He’s an SJW, dude. If he’s not preening, how else can he tell that he’s more moral than everyone else?

        1. He’s an SJW, dude

          Not really, no. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool old-school Marxist. Maybe he thinks “social justice” is a useful fiction to bring us closer to communism, or maybe he thinks they’re “the shock troops of neoliberalism”, to quote orthodox Marxists, but I’ve never seen him peddle their talking points. He’s more Fourth International than #BlackLivesMatter.

    2. Go the fuck away, asshole.

      1. AmSoc you are, without a doubt, have a jizz mop for a brain.

        1. :sigh:

          Really need an edit button.

          “…..you, without a doubt, have a jizz mop for a brain”

    3. Maybe after a few more murders, we’ll form the People’s Committee for State Security, right comrade?

    4. It’s always nice when they admit their idiocy.. You’re nothing but another anti-Semitic SJW, AmSoc.

  63. Blood is thicker margarine than grease

  64. Plainold

    7:02 AM EDT

    Damned second amendment has turned on us. Enough is enough. Repeal it

    Opus derp from WaPo.

    1. There the 2A goes again, turning a peaceful BLM rally into a violent murder spree.

  65. Goodbye 2nd Amendment.

    1. Crazy black guy admits to hating whites and targeting them for murder at a BLM rally and you think we’re going to compromise on the 2A?

      Hell no.

  66. This is the unfortunate, yet logical, outcome when police continuously murder civilians and aren’t held accountable. The police unions stand in the way of any meaningful change to the status quo. I forecast many more innocent citizens murdered at the hands of the police. This will likely cause more aggression & mistrust towards police. This is a vicious cycle and neither major party will stand up to the police unions to take this issue head on. It is much easier (and vastly more popular) to unquestioningly defend police.

    1. Trooper Tiller of Seneca, cleared by Solicitor Crissy Adams had nothing do do with any of this, right? Brown people were protesting imaginary police shooting nonexistent unarmed people in the back–and this one is square on the shoulders of cop union lobbyists and looter prohibitionist politicians.
      As ye sow, so shall ye reap, fascisti.

  67. Am I the only one to see the irony of a police chief who described a gunman storming into a shootout with a cop hiding behind a pillar as a coward then see the same police chief use a bomb-laden robot to kill him?

  68. Nope. That irony is not lost on yours truly. But those robots without the First Law of Robotics can cut both ways. The struggle now is to show voters that there is an alternative to mystical bigots and bloodthirsty looter shootouts.

    Communist income tax looters got some 8% of the vote out of the election that elected Grover Cleveland the second time. Impressed by the spoiler vote turnout, looter politicians promptly began plying an income tax law and, coincidence, the Panic of 1893.

    If the LP gets 8% of the vote, that will repeal LOTS of moronic and superstitious looter laws.

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