35 Years Ago


"The common thread running through all the economic success stories of the postwar era is a heavy reliance on the private sector and a government which cut taxes and allowed free markets to operate."
—Bruce Bartlett, "Supply-Side Success Stories"

"The [Federal Trade Commission]'s behavior is not that difficult to understand, of course. Despite what many people think, bureaucrats are human beings, so they generally make decisions based on what will benefit them the most. In this respect they are no different from ordinary consumers and business people."
—Morgan Norval, "Kept Critics"

"Amidst the rush to increase the US defense budget, many sober voices are being raised. Generally, they are pointing out that more is not necessarily better, that the Pentagon has the same—or worse—money-wasting proclivities as any other bureaucracy, and that tens of billions of dollars could be saved each year by changing the way the Pentagon does business."
—Robert Poole Jr. and Christine Dorffi, "Defense—without Bankruptcy"

—July 1981