A.M. Links: Britain Votes on Exiting E.U., Gary Johnson Makes His Pitch, House Democrats Stage Pro-Gun Control 'Sit In'


  • White House / Flickr.com

    Britain is voting today on whether or not to leave the European Union.

  • "State Department staffers wrestled for weeks in December 2010 over a serious technical problem that affected emails from then-Secretary Hillary Clinton's home email server, causing them to temporarily disable security features on the government's own systems, according to emails released Wednesday."
  • Gary Johnson: "Why I'm running for president."
  • A pro-gun control "sit in" by Democrats in the House of Representatives ended early this morning.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to issue one or more opinions in argued cases today.
  • A verdict is expected today in the murder trial of Caesar Goodson, one of the Baltimore police officers charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray.

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  1. Britain is voting today on whether or not to leave the European Union.

    The Limeys haven’t felt this wanted since… well, they’ve never felt this wanted.

    1. I don’t know, William the Conqueror seemed to want them pretty badly.

      1. Gaius Suetonius Paulinus?

        1. Pronounced, ‘Gay-us’ right?

          1. I’m not your Gaius, buddy.

            1. I’m not your buddy, pal.

              1. He’s not your pal, mate.

                1. Check.

          2. I though you are a wop? Shouldn’t you know how to say it?

            1. No. I’m Canadian.

              /picks piece of corn out of head.

              1. So, “Gay-us, eh”?

            2. He knows how he says it.

    2. Regarding the Brexit vote – apparently one of the groups that is scared of a “leave” outcome is the CAGW people (warmists). Apparently it’s easier to push around a large group than a number of small ones. Another reason I hope Britain votes to leave.

      1. On the NPR this morning they interviewed a bunch of British retirees living on the beach in Spain. They want to remain because of the GBP/Euro exchange rate and the sweet cost of living adjustments to their fatty pensions. Well fuck those people. How convincing is it to tell me that Britain should remain in the EU because retired bureaucrats might suffer a little?

        1. More interesting was their interviews with some people in Gibraltar. A Brexit would make things interesting for Gibralterians. Spain has been somewhat hostile to them historically and the EU sort of calmed things down. A lot of the Gibraltar residents seemed to fear the possibility of Spain closing the border or making things more difficult at the border, as well as loss of business since a lot of their success comes from finance and being somewhat of a tax haven.

    3. A German paper offers bribes to the Brits:

      We’ll acknowledge the Wembley goal
      We’ll stop making jokes about Prince Charles’s ears
      We’ll stop using sun cream on the beach out of solidarity with your sunburn
      We’ll reserve a place with our towels for you on the hotel sun-lounger
      We’ll introduce tea breaks
      We’ll turn our clocks back an hour to be in synch with you
      We’ll do without a goalie in penalty shoot-outs with you to make it a bit more exciting
      We’ll send (German national football manager) Joachim Low to guard your Crown Jewels
      We’ll introduce an EU regulation banning a frothy head on beer
      We’ll all come along to the Queen’s 100th birthday
      We’ll willingly provide the villain in every Bond film

      1. We’ll acknowledge the Wembley goal

        Highly unlikely.

      2. We’ll do without a goalie in penalty shoot-outs with you to make it a bit more exciting

        Scott Sterling approves.

    4. Hello.

      “Why I’m running for president.”

      Cuz I got the shoes, bro.

    5. That’s not true, plenty of guys wanted Samantha Fox back in the day.

      1. Bad girls need love too.

      2. I was always partial to Kim Wilde back in the day – she didn’t show as much skin as Samantha Fox, but she had more of a Benataresque edge.

  2. The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to issue one or more opinions in argued cases today.

    Some people sure think pretty highly of themselves.

    1. Their feelz are totally worth $244,400 plus lifetime security detail, pension and cadillac medical plan.

      1. Pay them double that if they’ll go away.

  3. 196) I was doing some research on Venezuela, as apparently a new poll shows as many as 30 percent of Venezuelans are only eating one to two meals per day. Anyway, I came across this article by TeleSUR, which if you don’t know, is a pan-Latin America satellite TV channel supported by Latin America’s leftist countries.

    This shit is comedy gold. First, it claims “there is not hunger in Venezuela, as defined by international standards” because average calorie consumption “has fallen back to 2,200 [daily calories] in 2015.” So, you know, because government officials are eating like 4,000 calories a day or whatever, it doesn’t matter if people are eating one meal, because it all averages out. See?

    Actually, Venezuelans are better off: “activists involved in urban agriculture and other alternative food initiatives argue strongly that Venezuelans are being forced to eat more healthily. They say there is less overeating?with more fiber and more vitamins.” Don’t worry, starving Venezuelans, just think how healthy your new lifestyle is! All that fiber!

    1. new poll shows as many as 30 percent of Venezuelans are only eating one to two meals per day.

      Do pets count?

      1. In terms of number of meals eaten/day or in terms of emergency meals when a family runs out of food?

    2. “there is not hunger in Venezuela, as defined by international standards”

      LOL. Only lefties would think that someone with an empty belly needs some UN bureaucrat to tell him he’s hungry.

      1. Pepe: I’m hungry.

        UN bureaucrat (looks down on notes): No, you’re not.

        Lefty journalist (bites into apricot): Beat it kid. I have an article to write about starvation.

      2. Well, to be fair to them, they think it is an example of “MARKET FAILURE” when the poor in this country are “insecure” about where they’ll get their next meal. So if your geography is right, they’ll be extremely concerned.

        1. And “lack of variety” counts as “food insecurity”. They need to fake the stats this way because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to claim there was “hunger” in the US.

      3. So, everything is OK in a once fairly prosperous country because they are comparably well off to most highly impoverished, undeveloped countries. Yay.

      4. The ultimate in Mansplaining. Metamansplaining.

        1. MetamucilSplaining.

    3. “more fiber and vitamins’

      Cardboard and stone soup?

    4. They were getting too fat from eating toilet paper

      1. Lots of fiber.

    5. “The toilet paper ran out before the food, so that was kind of awkward. Then we switched to eating the couch cushions, and that solved both problems, it just wiped itself on the way out.”

    6. How do they write that sort of shit and live with themselves?

  4. A verdict is expected today in the murder trial of Caesar Goodson, one of the Baltimore police officers charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray.

    He says like we don’t already know what the verdict will be.

    1. Was he wearing a government uniform? Yes?
      Not fucking guilty!!

  5. A pro-gun control “sit in” by Democrats in the House of Representatives ended early this morning.

    When they realized spending that much time with House Democrats was intolerable.

    1. I’m usually not a “law and order” type, especially against non-violent protestors, but I was really hoping some cops would show up and kick some skulls in here.

      1. Shame! Shame! Shame Derp-o-Matic 5000! Shame!

          1. I thought they were saying “chain, chain, chain…chain of fools”
            The more you know

      2. They should at least have been hauled off for contempt of Congress.

        1. We’re all guilty of that.

        2. Self-hating congresscritters?

    2. Well, since SCOTUS has already ruled that there is no longer anything such thing as false arrest, I can’t see how the driver is going to be held accountable. It’s not like he was in the back of the van hitting him or anything.

      1. That was for the post above. Dammit.

        1. Too late. That counts as a reply to – and therefore interest in – me.

          1. He seems to have a lot of interest in you. Is he Gaius?

    3. Dog forbid actual private citizens try this stunt. There deffo would be some skulls kicked if that were the case.

  6. Online gun shop sells 30,000 AR-15 semi-automatic rifles in one week after Orlando shooting

    The owner of Hunter’s Warehouse, Tom Engle, told Fox Business: “In particular the AR-15 has been selling very, very well. Shootings don’t push up gun sales

    “It’s when the government starts talking about banning particular guns and up go gun sales.

    “When people lose their right to buy a particular gun or a particular type of gun, they go after them and they want them then.”

    Rifles such as the AR-15 were banned in the United States by the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban.

    1. Rifles such as the AR-15 were banned in the United States by the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban.

      No, they weren’t. Certain features that proggies found scary-looking were banned.


      Who wants to have a sit-in with me!

      1. Is this a Canadian sexual euphemism?

        1. Only if you are a Newfie.

          1. Which also sounds like a Canadian sexual euphemism

            1. Great. Now the Aussies are in on the act.

              1. IFH, we’re part of the Commonwealth. Don’t get pulled in with this revolutionary Yankee filth.

                1. My kentucky long rifle will make you eat those words, Canadian. Or poutine if you like, eh?

              2. No, they have their own antipodian euphemisms.

                1. Are Australian euphemisms as deadly as eveything else in Australia?

                  1. I honestly don’t think we create euphemisms – we import our weasel words from abroad, it seems. Our slang is our poetry – similes and metaphors, often brutally honest – interspersed with diminutives. Many, many diminutives.

              3. Great. Now the Aussies are in on the act.

                That’s a hell of an act. What do you call it?

                1. It’s obvious… The Aristocrats!

        2. Is this a Canadian sexual euphemism?

          I’m partial to the Saskatoon Totem Pole, but the Newfoundland Lobster Trap is OK too.

    3. Rifles such as the AR-15 were banned in the United States by the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban.

      If they were banned, why do people have them? 😀

  7. Gary Johnson: “Why I’m running for president.”

    I didn’t think “I’m” was the contraction for “am I”

    1. You mean, he meant to say “Why, am I running for president?” Punctuation matters.

    2. So you’re saying he meant to say, “Why am I running for president?” Trying using italics next time.

    3. He’s answering the question, not asking it. I would hope he knows why at this point.

  8. Britain is voting today on whether or not to leave the European Union.

    They’re taking their talents to Southampton.

  9. Kim says missile launch gives North Korea ‘capability’ to attack US in Pacific

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un trumpeted the success of a powerful new midrange ballistic missile test that state media said Thursday propelled one of the weapons more than 870 miles high, saying it would allow strikes on U.S. forces throughout the region.

    That ability would back up years of threats and boasts from North Korea and has long been a worry for the United States and its allies, Tokyo and Seoul. It explains in part North Korea’s tenacious testing of the Musudan missile, which was only a success after five failures in about two months. The missile’s potential 2,180-mile range puts much of Asia and the Pacific within reach.

    After observing the launch, Kim said it gives his country the “sure capability to attack in an overall and practical way the Americans in the Pacific operation theatre,” according to the official Korean Central News Agency.

    1. “propelled one of the weapons more than 870 miles high”

      Too bad US armed forced aren’t located 870 miles in the air, then the Norks might have something.

      1. Preparing for Daenerys’ invasion?

      2. He’s attacking our moon base!

      3. That’s not how that works, JATNAS. Seriously, dude, that’s an embarrassing comment.

        1. Good thing I didn’t number that one.

          1. Brave even in defeat. I like that.

    2. Kim said it gives his country the “sure capability to attack in an overall and practical way the Americans in the Pacific operation theatre

      To be followed by the sure capability to be turned into ash by the retaliation.

      1. A NORK attack on US forces in Okinawa or particularly Guam would provide all the excuse we’d need to glass Pyong Yang. The loss of life would be regrettable, particularly for the civilians (US, Japanese and Korean), but would finally resolve this situation and improve the lives of many others.

      2. They won’t attack US forces in the pacific. They will drop one on downtown Tokyo and South Korea will clap wildly.

        No love lost between either Koreas or Japan.

        1. Yeah, but South Korea would know that Seoul is probably in for it after that if the US gets involved, which it will, so I doubt they’d cheer too much.

    3. Didn’t this missile test FAIL?

      I seem to remember reading a couple years ago about how the US had developed an airborne laser system mounted on a 747 that was specifically used to shoot down missiles during its boost phase. Was that vaporware, or are we the reason these nork missiles keep falling out of the sky?

      1. Neither. And its not ‘developed’, its *was* ‘developing’ and is now ‘cancelled’.


        1. Not completely dead; they’re working on a drone.

          Power of the laser is the significant problem now.

      2. I haven’t heard much about that recently, but we probably have at least some capability. There are many other reasons their missiles could be failing, some of which we might have something to do with. I think the greatest danger here is NK selling those missiles to others who might use them to attack non-US targets.

        1. Who are they going to sell shitty missles to? Every other country that wants a missle program already has a better missile program. Do you think the Russians or Chinese want to buy shitty NK missiles? The Norks have the ‘hold my beer and watch this’ of missile programs.

          1. The Iranians use NK missiles. As do a number of other ME countries. The Norks no longer sell many systems, because of US pressure, but they do still sell parts and maintenance.

          2. Sub-national actors. Think ISIS. Also, what Bob says below.

    4. I speak Korean, so let me help you out. Musudan directly translated means “Has accuracy of a one legged drunk at urinal”.

      1. I know this is incorrect because there’s nothing about strong winds or fish farming in there.

  10. A pro-gun control “sit in” by Democrats in the House of Representatives ended early this morning.

    Who was the real slim shady that stood up?

    1. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

        1. I laughed too hard at that.

  11. Swedish footballer sent off for farting during match


    1. My wife just red-carded me

      1. Did you spend ten minutes clutching your ankle like a true pro?

        1. Or face. Clutching the face is an Italian speciality.

    2. Fire hazard.

    3. Man, I always figured athletes on the field were letting loose pretty much all the time. C’mon, football players in the huddle, you don’t think they’re letting out a little butt music?

      1. I’ve heard and smelled horrible things in rugby scrums.

        1. He who smelt it dealt it!

          1. Yeah – I did deal a few. But I had a Prop who used to swig peppermint snapps before games then belch during the scrummages. Once he really started sweating it out things got rough.

            1. Eww!

  12. The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to issue one or more opinions in argued cases today.

    Are we going to see any 4-4 splits or are justices taking up the slack for Scalia?

  13. GOP cuts bait, moves to adjourn House until July 5

    After that, Republicans adjourned the House again, but not before issuing a warning that members aren’t allowed to record from within the House chamber when the House is not in session, a clear reference to the Democrats’ Periscope broadcasts.

    With that, the GOP called it a week instead of working normal hours Thursday and Friday. The House was originally set to be in session until Friday, and then out next week for the July 4 recess.

    But Democrats immediately kept up their protest in the House just moments after the House session officially ended, although their ranks thinned out as the night wore on.

    Republicans declared victory by touting their passage of the Zika legislation, which must still clear a 60-vote hurdle in the Senate.

    1. If the Dems were actually serious about any of this, they’d be negotiating or accepting the more limited proposals offered by the Republicans in the Senate. But all they care about is the fawning media attention they get from these theatrics.

        1. Jesus F. Christ, why do I always click on your DU links? The derp is overwhelming over there.

          1. Not DU

            The script for this bit of political theater includes the chant, “No fly, no buy.” Should this be understood as a Democratic embrace of the unfair “no fly list”? Nope. No legislation will come out of this protest. The sit-in is political theater that is meant to “dramatize” ? as John Lewis carefully put it ? Republicans’ refusal to do their jobs.

            1. Balloon Juice? Scraping the bottom of the fevered internet barrel, eh?

              1. I hope that’s nothing like a balloon knot.

                1. I hope that’s nothing like a balloon knot.

                  Me too, considering that’s medical slang for a testicular torsion.

              2. Balloon Juice is the internet equivalent of a letting a racoon shit in your mouth.

                1. Don’t judge me.

            2. Ejoiner says:
              June 23, 2016 at 9:37 am

              Need some help! I’m in a “discussion” with a very patriotic gun lover who has ? suddenly ? started spouting off about gun control and it’s attack on the 5th Amendment/due process. I can’t find any arguments against his interpretation since my google-fu is weak and I keep getting NRA sponsored/supporting articles and links. Anybody please send links or post a response explaining this to me (when I asked for an explanation he said ? seriously ? just remember that the laws of the Constitution always trump emotional appeals.) Thanks in advance!

              From this cake for free sight you posted. FFS

        2. Not clicking that, but is there any acceptance in there of the fact none of these laws would have prevented any of the shootings related to the bodies onto which they are climbing?

          1. Hell no. In fact, half of the reason they’re celebrating is because it distracts from Trump’s speech on Clinton.

            This is pure sports mentality.

          2. Why would there be? The acceptance has nothing to do with the Dem’s playbook.

        3. Gabby Giffords wrote another letter. I have no doubt that it’s full of incoherent ramblings and some social posturing befitting a small child with an extra chromosome. I say that because of course she’s a progressive.

          1. Gabby Giffords at least has the excuse that she has suffered massive head trauma. What’s everybody else’s excuse?

              1. Cynical political posturing.

                The dumb ones are their voters.

        4. It’s so great that these former civil rights leaders are now agitating against civil rights. Woo!

  14. Trump said in a speech Wednesday that Clinton’s email server “was easily hacked by foreign governments.”

    He was just using Clinton-speak: What he meant was the server was vulnerable to easy hacking.

    1. Actually, I think he really meant that foreign governments had an easy time hacking her server.

      1. WDATPDIM?

        1. Fucking Youtube videos!

  15. A pro-gun control “sit in” by Democrats in the House of Representatives ended early this morning.

    They kept waiting for cops to show up with tear gas and the water cannon so they could link arms and sing We Shall Overcome.

    1. According to the fairly breathless Slate coverage, they did indeed sing We Shall Overcome. I guess the tear gas is optional in such cases.

      1. Bless their little cotton socks. Their bodyguards never let them have any fun.

  16. causing them to temporarily disable security features on the government’s own systems

    So, some IT admin is going to take the fall as a proxy for herself. This situation is beyond infuriating.

    1. And the admin will be pardoned by Herself, of course.

      1. Uh, no. They’ll rot in jail.

    2. This situation is beyond infuriating.

      Ahem. Let the Republicans stage a sit-in and sing “We Shall Prosecute Some Day”.

      1. They want prosecute. Hilary will not face indictment no matter what she does.

      2. No, I don’t think she’ll be prosecuted unless Trump wins; perhaps not even then. But if she wins, and the GOP retains control of Congress then we might see her impeached.

    3. If she gave her email password to Pagliano, she is guilty of Treason, which obviously she did so he could set up the server.

  17. Justin Amash Verified account

    My mom grew up under an authoritarian regime in Syria that used secret lists to deny rights. Shameful that some in Congress demand same.

    1. Boom. But nobody will listen. All they see is crying moms.

      1. All they see is a wedge issue.

    2. Is it too late to replace Gary Johnson with Amash?

      1. PURIST!!!1!

      2. I think he’d make a really good presidential candidate, and we might see him run someday, but for the moment he is much more useful as a congressman.

        1. He can come carpetbagging into NY any time.

          1. It’s only carpetbagging when a Yankee moves to the South. But he is totally hot, which would help him in a presidential election. What’s the hotness boost – five percent of the popular vote?

            1. he is totally hot

              I just want to vote for him, not sleep with him.

              1. I can! Vote for him, that is.

            2. He’s a good lookin’ dude. I think Rand Paul is hotter. Thomas Massie is cute as a button.

    3. Reading his Twitter feed is pretty good. A bunch of Blue Tribesmen responded with things like “Well than why haven’t you Republicans called for ending the no fly list??”

      He’s responded to every one by linking to legislation put forward by him a month-and-a-half ago that seeks to do just that.

      “I can do this all night, folks.”

      1. But remember, the libertarian camp in the right is really just evil and racist.

    1. We are sinful creatures. We deserve death. We all do.



      1. Me too! I thought a politician had a gun in his pocket but it was just Bill Clinton. PLEASE BAN POLITICIANS.

        1. Obama was on the TV, waving around a pen like it couldn’t just go off any second. WHY DOES NO ONE CARE?

    4. “Save us from our self-generated panic!”

    5. They hate bicycle tires. Stay away from the tires!

    6. Eva Colen ?@evacolen 19h19 hours ago
      Y’all, I do NOT want to take yr guns away. Just want to know that folks who shouldn’t have em don’t get em. NRA has really freaked you out.

      Who is freaked out?

      1. I do NOT want to take yr guns away. Just want to know that folks who shouldn’t have em don’t get em.

        Uh…. Does she honestly think she’s making a coherent argument here?

        1. Does she honestly think


        2. Look, just give the gun controllers the inch of territory they’re demanding. I’m sure once they get that, they’ll go away and leave us alone. The End.

      2. You’d think people in DC would know what actual gunfire sounds like!

    7. I’m confused. How does passing gun restrictions in any way affect this woman’s stupidity? It isn’t even a law mandating that everyone become smarter; it’s totally unrelated to her retardation.

      Oh, I understand. Because she’s retarded, she is incorrectly associating legislation about guns with legislation about her stupidity. Those wacky retards, is there anything they can’t screw up?

      1. I think she’s under the impression that gun control laws would stop bicycle tires from making loud noises.

      2. I was about to comment the same thing. Apparently, people’s rights should be taken away because she’s paranoid and stupid.

        1. Well, since she can’t tell the difference, we obviously need common sense bike control laws.

    8. I can’t even. What was some kid riding around baseball cards, and you can tell the difference between that and automatic gunfire?

      1. Baseball cards in the spokes!

        Ah sounds of our youth! The things that gave us pleasure, huh?

        1. By the time I was old enough to collect baseball cards, no kid would put them in his bicycle spokes, as the sure-to-appreciate collectibles were all being hoarded for resale. I still have a box of thousands of pristine 80s and 90s baseball cards somewhere that are probably worth about $1.80 total.

          1. What, that Ken Oberkfelll card didn’t appreciate in value?

          2. Sure we did. I, for one, kept Jose Canseco cards sacred to this very purpose.

            1. +1 Ken Griffey Jr Upper Deck rookie card.

              1. Still have it.

                *waiting for the market to come back around*

      2. some kid riding around baseball cards

        That’s charmingly quaint, gramps. [snickers] I think what she meant was a bicycle innertube popping. That can be quite loud and I’m sure sounds just like a gunshot to Cohen and other hoplophobe hysterics.

        1. Just wait – fireworks season is starting.

          She’ll need a lot of diapers for that.

          1. My sister-in-law’s dog is frightened by fireworks. She licks the walls and whines. I can see Eva doing the same.

            1. And Shreek.

        2. Doesn’t DC have pretty high crime? You’d think they’d be more familiar with what a gunshot sounds like

          1. Incident was at Union Station so it’s quite possible that she lives in the ‘burbs and commutes in.

            1. And give Union Station’s acoustics, sounds echo louder.

    9. /face palm.

    10. Her fight or flight and tweet response kicked in.

    11. So… gun laws would make you think an exploding tires is an exploding tire, not a gun?

      okay… *backs away slowly*

      1. In fairness, taking guns away from law abiding people could increase gun-related crimes and result in her becoming more familiar with the sound.

        1. Now, buddy, you never stick it in crazy. If her frothy ranting isn’t enough to convince you, look at those eyes. Totes cray-cray.

          1. She’s a cutie. I’d get her consent in writing, of course.

        2. Only if she kidnapped me and raped me on the mothership. Otherwise I don’t have sex with aliens.

            1. That alien is just a grey square without form. So…no.

        3. I guarantee you she has hairy arms.

      1. She looks like Leonard’s sister from Redneck Rampage. Wouldn’t touch her with Tony’s diseased pecker.

        1. Says the man with the smoking hot eastern European wife. Some of us have to settle for less.

          But seriously, she has that mousy look I dig.

      2. Is that some wacky filter the kids are using these days, or what? Her head can’t possibly be supported by that neck. Also, she’s clearly not all there so it doesn’t matter how cute she is.

    12. Y’all, I do NOT want to take yr guns away. Just want to know that folks who shouldn’t have em don’t get em. NRA has really freaked you out.

      Yes it was the NRA who convinced me that the left wants to take my guns away. But I feel safe now, this one proggy claims she doesn’t want to take my guns away, she just wants some reasonable common sense restrictions placed on my gun rights. Let’s give her what she wants, and they’ll stop coming after our guns, right?

    13. @evacolen
      At Union Station in DC. Just fled the building w 100s of others bc we thought we heard gunshots?it was a bicycle tire. PLEASE PASS GUN LAWS.

      Once the gun laws pass – because, you know, there are no existing gun laws in place at the moment – an identical incident will occur and no one will freak out because there laws are protecting them. LAWS.

      1. or even “…there are laws protecting them.”

        KM-W, are you gonna get us that edit button or not!?

    14. Yeah, no one has anything to fear in countries with gun laws. Just ask the French.

    15. Maybe you should take a look at the very strict (and still unconstitutional) DC gun laws, dear.

  18. A verdict is expected today in the murder trial of Caesar Goodson, one of the Baltimore police officers charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray.

    Prediction: Early retirement with full pension benefits and a commendation from the mayor.

  19. That polar-grizzly bear hybrid wasn’t a hybrid at all

    Most experts incorrectly predicted the bear was either a grolar or pizzly, which is determined based upon whether the father is a polar or grizzly. All hybrids discovered thus far have had grizzly fathers, according to the Washington Post.

    A wildlife manager for the government of Nunavut, Mathieu Dumond, told CBC News, “it’s so rare that unfortunately I think nobody has a lot of experience in identifying a hybrid from the first sight.”

    The northern Canadian territory identified the bear by collecting a tissue sample, and then submitting it for DNA analysis at a genetics lab. The analysis found that the bear didn’t have any polar bear parent, and was just a blond grizzly bear, which Dumond says is significantly less rare than a hybrid.

    1. How could they just take this away from me? I had a whole furry erotica series planned out based on this scenario. Well I guess my fans are just going to have to suspend their disbelief.

      1. Between furries and SJWs, Tumblr is going to be responsible for the downfall of Western civilization.

      2. I think you can still win a few sci-fi awards with your story. Just copy and paste the Grizzlies with a Velociraptor, and you can probably win a Hugo.

    2. Yet this modern romance may be the demise of polar bears, according to Derocher. “I hate to say it, but from a genetic perspective, it’s quite likely grizzly bears will eat polar bears up, genetically.”

      Wait, isn’t that racist? Nevermind…

  20. A pro-gun control “sit in” by Democrats in the House of Representatives ended early this morning

    in a hail of bullets, uh, *ballots*?

  21. State Department staffers wrestled for weeks in December 2010 over a serious technical problem that affected emails from then-Secretary Hillary Clinton’s home email server, causing them to temporarily disable security features on the government’s own systems…

    Weakening protections on secure servers to accommodate an unsecure one… Not a good look.

    1. How would you know? Have you completed 1000 hours of beautician training?

    2. Hilary’s server was probably red flagged as compromised and that’s why government servers couldn’t accept her email. 😀

  22. “House Democrats Stage Pro-Gun Control ‘Sit In'”

    I am not entirely familiar with the legislative process but could the house republicans not have proposed a bill using the exact same wording as Feinstein used in the senate and just simply title it the “Denying minorities their second amendment and due process rights act of 2016” and then bring the bill up for a vote?

    1. This is not just some kind of silly game, V.

      1. It’s not silly, anyway…

        Wait, yes it is.

    2. Watching the periscope feed of a congressman yell at the top of his lungs “why do you want terrorist to kill people” repeatedly seems kind of silly to me.

      1. Oh, I agree. What I meant was it’s some kind of ridiculous, tragic game.

      2. “Comedy is tragedy plus time.” So I will give it another week before this all becomes silly then?

  23. who?

    Tom Morello Stands Up to Trump, Calls the Presidential Candidate a ‘Frat House Rapist’

    Yesterday afternoon, Gothamist reported that Donald Trump had been accused in a federal lawsuit of repeatedly raping a 13-year-old girl. It’s not the first time that Donald Trump has been accused of rape and sexual assault, either. Feels like it should be big news.

    Well, here’s Tom Morello’s take on the walking flatulence in an introduction to a Ryan Harvey track called “Old Man Trump.” The track itself draws on Woody Guthrie’s 1950s tirades against Trump Sr. and was approved by Woody Guthrie Publications. Proceeds from the track go to CK Team Relief and the Baltimore Right to Housing Alliance; these are good reasons to go ahead and download the track here.

    Now the Prophets of Rage guitarist has released a video to go alongside it, too. He states, quite planly, that, “When it comes to race relations, he’s like an old-school segregationist; when it comes to foreign policy, he’s like an old-school napalmist; when it comes to women’s issues, he’s like a frat house rapist. So, let’s not elect that guy.”

    1. He’s a good guitarist with shitty politics.

      1. He’s a total socialist. Probably gave Chavez head.

    2. The track itself draws on Woody Guthrie’s 1950s tirades against Trump Sr. and was approved by Woody Guthrie Publications

      Something about this sentence is incredibly funny.

    3. A millionaire communist who lives in Rob Lowe’s old house.

    4. I heard that Tom Morello has been accused in a federal lawsuit of repeatedly raping many thirteen-year-old girls.

      1. And he helped Craig James kill 5 hookers at SMU as well.

  24. A verdict is expected today in the murder trial of Caesar Goodson, one of the Baltimore police officers charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray.

    So stay TF out of Balmer today, Hon.

    1. That’s a good rule for every day.

    2. Late afternoon t-storms might suppress turnout and fire damage.

  25. Florida officials say they are sure they’ve euthanized alligator that killed toddler

    Based on the observances of investigators, the state agency said that trappers captured three alligators believed to be of similar size as the one that snatched and killed Lane and two of those alligators were near the attack site. Two of the alligators were capable of inflicting the type of wounds that the little boy suffered, the agency said in a statement.

    “The FWC is confident that the alligator responsible for the attack has been removed,” read a statement released Wednesday. “This conclusion is based on expert analyses and observations by staff with extensive experience in investigating fatal alligator bite incidents.”

    1. “This conclusion is based on expert analyses and observations by staff with extensive experience in investigating fatal alligator bite incidents.”

      If the alligator shoe fits…

      1. *withering narrow reptile gaze*

        That was my cousin, granted he was an asshole…but still

        1. Really? You’re going to get worked up over that? How many cousins have you got, after all?

          1. Fine, I’ll just go eat one of your cousins and see how you feel.

            1. Sure, just on my father’s side of the family, okay?

      2. Does bite mark analysis actually work for alligators? That would be a change from humans.

        1. Possibly, since alligators lose teeth all the time, they would presumably have very different bite marks.

    2. Stick it’s head on a pike as a warning to the rest. That’ll teach ’em.

    3. “Fellows, let’s be reasonable, huh? This is not the time or the place to perform some kind of a half-assed autopsy on a fish… And I’m not going to stand here and see that thing cut open and see that little Kintner boy spill out all over the dock.”

    4. I thought “bite analysis” had been debunked.

      1. “This was no boating accident.”

        1. “One thing’s sure: The kid’s dead, murdered, and some alligator’s responsible!”

        2. Was it a coral reef?

          What about Jack the Ripper?

    5. LOL do they think alligators have mens rea now? I get the need to prevent further chompings but this kind of revenge killing rubs me the wrong way. Either put up a fence or kill all of them.

      1. Both – fence the human areas and kill all of the gators inside the perimeter.

      2. It’s not a revenge killing so much as a prudent move. We are exerting evolutionary pressure on them to not eat humans.

        1. The guilty one probably doesn’t even remember eating a human. These guys aren’t that bright.

  26. “Why I’m running for president.”

    Because it’s gonna take a Canadian to clean up America.

  27. http://www.theblaze.com/storie…..ith-a-gun/

    NBC producer describes would be Trump assassin as “good guy with a gun”. They so want to engage in violence but lack the courage or the skill to do so themselves.

    1. So, Mr. Mowrer can expect a visit from the Secret Service, right? RIGHT?!

      1. Well, he wasn’t referring to a Democrat, so no.

      2. I’m sure Preet will be knocking on his door any day now

  28. An Open Letter to Congress from the Music Industry

    Require a background check for every gun sale

    so that problem people well-known to the authorities can buy guns anyway.

    1. These people actually believe that most gun sales are not subject to background checks.

    2. I smell Gun-Control Aid. What’s Bob Geldoff doing these days? Round up the usual suspects. Dixie Chicks, Springsteen, Morello, Pearl Jam and all the other leftist millionaire rock stars speaking truth to power.


    3. In other words, make it a felony for your grandfather to give you the family shotgun.

      1. Or for instance, for my uncle to inherit his father’s (my step-grandfather’s) family heirloom Kentucky long rifle, which was used in the Revolutionary War by his ancestors. It actually does still work, but is a pity to fire, since it’s beautifully painted and lacquered at this point. I think the mechanical parts have been fully replaced in the last century (Step-grandpa’s dad was a big local historian and amateur archaeologist).

  29. What an embarrassment.

    “A pro-gun control “sit in” by Democrats in the House of Representatives ended early this morning.”

    Did I mention what an utter embarrassment?

    They sang ‘We shall overcome’?

    Embarrassing. Even for Democrats.

    1. We shall overcome Constitutional Rights!

    2. I could see them losing every swing district in the next election.

      1. Swingers tend to vote Democrat.

      2. All states that are fairly pro-gun, so yes.

        1. I’m thinking the House. Even blue states like NY have lots of gun-friendly districts.

  30. Gary Johnson: “Why I’m running for president.”

    Because this is the year of the third party and someone has to squander that opportunity.

    1. Fist of Candidate has a certain ring to it….

      But then, so does Fist of Candida, which is much more likely (see a doctor for that).

      1. Just don’t call me Fist of Canada Late for Dinner.

        1. I will *never* (even though the syllables fit) call you *that*. heheh!

  31. A pro-gun control “sit in” by Democrats in the House of Representatives ended early this morning.

    So they got the legislation passed? Or did they just give the fuck up?

    Man, how would the 60s have turned out if all the protesters just gave up after a day or two and left of their own accord.

    1. They probably maxed out their adult diapers.

      I was hoping this would go on for days, ensuring a Republican congress.

      1. It’s not treasonous obstruction when the Democrats do it. It’s noble fighting the power or something.

      2. Ahhh, Twain. Need to be changed often and for the same reasons.

    2. They got their names all over the media and people’s Facebook. They “did something”. That’s all they actually cared about (if they actually cared about this issue so much that they would hold a sit in until something passed they would have cared about it 3 weeks ago too).

      1. Ah, the People’s Facebook. Suddenly, it all make sense.

  32. Actually I believe they will… heck they are already half-way there (at least from my point of view).

    Democrats: We Shall Overcome The Constitution
    An unprecedented act of pretend bravery

    But the message was clear. If we recklessly cling to the presumption of innocence, the terrorists have already won. If we fail to let bureaucrats create extrajudicial secret government lists that deny Americans their right to due process, we are, in essence, selling ISIS weapons of mass destruction.

    Civil rights-era heroes like John Lewis, who lent his considerable legacy to this vacuous grandstanding, was once himself on the terror watch list. He didn’t know how he got on it. He didn’t know how to get off of it. Yet today he believes this Kafkaesque system is a sound way to deny his fellow citizens their rights.

    This is the Democratic Party of 2016. Engaging in emotional blackmail and demagoguery, waving pictures of the victims of Islamic terrorism to push an unrelated bill that would not have saved a single one of those lives and will never pass. All while lying about guns. Lying about the laws that govern guns and refusing to vote for, or even discuss, a compromise measure Republicans forwarded in the Senate. It’s been far more important to gin up anger and moral outrage for political gain.

    1. I think many of these people will not be reelected.

  33. We should organize a sit-in for alt-text.

  34. Feeling generous today. I’m granting any political wish you can think of. What you want?

    1. Toilets that never clog.

    2. At this point? Just start the apocalypse when I get home tonight. Political and economic collapse, zombies, the whole thing. If my family and I survive, my kids will have a brighter future.

      1. I’ll have to get my number one demon on that.

        *Cackles out a high pitched “Yellllllllin”.

      2. Just start the apocalypse when I get home tonight.

        WTF? Start it in the morning so people don’t have to go to work. Why do you want to ruin everyone’s evenings?

    3. Tough one between getting rid of utilitarianism and getting people to realize their own feelings aren’t justification for anything.

    4. No laws named after some random schmo.

  35. So I’m flying to New Orleans today. Delta has changed their procedure to check a firearm yet again. It took 90 minutes to get checked in. This is before even getting to security.

    I wish southwest would come to Cincinnati.

    1. You are already in KY at the Cincy airport. Just drive an hour down 71 to SDF and fly Southwest.

  36. Stealing some of this from people I’ve seen on Twitter, but I can’t get over how weird this all is.

    You have John Lewis, genuine civil rights hero, staging a sit in in favor of denials of due process and secret government lists.

    You have the Democratic party sitting on the floor singing “We Shall Overcome” in favor of the same.

    You have the Republican party actually caring about due process for the first time in forever (though Peter King disagrees, of course)

    You have the ACLU actually opposing the Democrats here.

    I mean… I dunno. Just all seems so bizarre.

  37. So the Democrats are going apeshit over gun control.

    Is this good politics? Or are they just trying to rile up their base for the upcoming election? I mean I don’t think the Republicans ever paid a price for not enacting gun control. Or is this time “different?”

    1. I think they’re afraid the down ticket will suffer due to the presidential candidates, and want to get their base motivated.

    2. This is 100% about desperately doing everything they can trying to distract Americans from the Islamonazis and changing the subject, because they know better than anyone that these murderous Islamonazis might end up costing them a slam-dunk election.

      1. Also, from their corrupt and incompetent presidential candidate.

  38. Bungling officials ‘left gun criminal free to commit murder’ after attaching GPS ankle tracker to his prosthetic leg

    When Dana Hamilton was shot to death in Washington DC last month, it didn’t take long for a witness to point the finger at career criminal Quincy Green.
    The only problem was that a GPS tracker fitted to Green back in April after a gun arrest showed he was at home, a mile away from where the murder took place.
    But that seemingly airtight alibi quickly unraveled after officers discovered bungling officials had the fitted the tag to Green’s prosthetic leg – meaning he was able to remove it by taking the limb off.

    1. Someone promote that man!

      1. It was attached and monitored by a private company, so someone might be fired.

        1. Third Night Desk Clerk has got to be shaking in his boots right now.

          1. Larry does what he can within the limitations he possesses.

  39. “A pro-gun control “sit in” by Democrats in the House of Representatives ended early this morning.”

    It wasn’t much of a sit in, really, it’s more like they had a seat.

    1. You have no idea the sacrifices they make. Blood. Sweat. Bunions. Those marble floors are really hard, and you wouldn’t believe how their stupid administrative assistants couldn’t manage to fluff their pillows properly. The lights from all those media cameras shining in their faces… man, it was just like torture.

      All for us. Really warms your heart.

      1. Lock them in, cut all the feeds and brick up the doorways. Rename the place the Tomb of the self-righteous.

      2. Such hardship! Such bravery! I heard some of them even had to skip a meal to do this. Well, not skip per se, but eat much later than usual.

      3. I don’t think it is an accident that the sit-in lasted about the same amount of time as an iPhone battery lasts.

  40. Related to Root’s link: Don’t email hrc anything sensitive’: How Clinton’s server was wide open to hackers for WEEKS – and Huma Abedin warned other officials not to use secret address

    hackers attacked the server, forcing Clinton’s staff to shut it down.

    The next day, one of Clinton’s closest aides, Huma Abedin, wrote to other high ranking staff: ‘Don’t email hrc [Clinton] anything sensitive. I can explain more in person.’

    The Associated Press reported last year that in the early morning hours of August 3, 2011, Clinton received infected emails, disguised as speeding tickets from New York. The emails instructed recipients to print the attached tickets.

    Opening an attachment would have allowed hackers to take over control of a victim’s computer.

    In a blistering audit released last month, the State Department’s inspector general concluded that Clinton and her team ignored clear internal guidance that her email setup broke federal standards and could leave sensitive material vulnerable to hackers.

    Her aides twice brushed aside concerns, in one case telling technical staff ‘the matter was not to be discussed further,’ the report said.

    1. On the bright side, she is about to come even richer, once that nice Nigerian man sends through all that money he’s promised, and she’ll even have true love because she’s bought a plane ticket for that fellow who’s been wooing her via email. Also, her aunt’s boyfriend’s daughter will show her how to make $9,402 a month working on the internet.

    2. “Don’t email hrc anything sensitive” suggests that these individuals at some point previously had done just that. You know, if Hillary’s flagrant disregard for securing classified information weren’t already well documented.

      1. Totally unrelated to the security of the server. Huma just didn’t want a paper trail so her master could deny ever knowing something.

    3. Huma Abedin has a very punchable face.

      1. Her husband has a very punchable penis.

        1. He’d probably like that.

        2. Dick move. *waits paitiently for Swiss

  41. Only watched the Pulse night club ambush question during last night’s town hall. Bush league move by CNN but Johnson still didn’t handle it well. Sounds like that happened a few times. He needs to improve if he wants to get into the main debates and actually have it be a net positive.

    1. As bad as he was, and he was pretty bad, he was still light years ahead of Hillary or Trump with his answers.

      1. Light years ahead in terms of liberty-friendly, sure.

        In terms of his ability to either answer the question with confidence or give a non-answer that people accept as an answer, no. He gave stumbling non-answers that you were painfully aware were stumbling non-answers.

        1. That wooden ventriloquist dummy he had sitting next to him does not have comedic chops, either.

          1. Lol.

    2. I have seen several folks on FB that are usually only aware of the false dichotomy of the TEAMS notice and actually pay attention to Libertarian (more or less) ideas. Whether they take them to heart is another issue entirely. It could have went better, but I think it was a net positive.

  42. Female hiker banned from all US national parks (20 per cent of America) after defacing rock formations with graffiti and posting evidence of her crimes on Instagram

    Over a 26-day period in 2014 she damaged formations at seven national parks by drawing or painting on them with acrylic paint and markers, signing her works with her social media handle ‘Creepytings.’

    The National Park Service has worked hard to restore the rock formations to their natural state, completing clean-up efforts in five of the seven national parks.’

    ‘They expect to complete clean-up efforts at Death Valley and at Crater Lake national parks as weather permits.’

    Among the parks she targeted were Death Valley and Yosemite National Parks in California, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Zion National Park in Utah and Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.

    Some of the vandalism proved difficult to remove as sandblasting and chemical stripping techniques used to remove paint can cause irreplaceable damage to natural features.

    And at two parks, Crater Lake and Death Valley, the graffiti is yet to be fully removed nearly two years later.

    1. A million years from now, anthropologists will study the Creepytings paintings as a vital clue into the barbaric days of humanity’s past.

    2. Wow.

      I mean. The level of narcissism.


      I mean, wow.

      1. Graffiti “artists” are the lowest form of scum. I hope she does jail time.

    3. “Female hiker banned from all US national parks (20 per cent of America)”


      U.S. land area = 3.806 million mi?

      total area protected by national parks = 51.9 million acres (i.e. 81,093 square miles)

      1. I can see where you’re going with this, and I’d like to assure you that there’s no way this is an unenforceable edict completely for show.

        1. Meh. A lot of parks have entrance stations where you have to pay the admission fee. You can be damn sure her picture will be up at all of those and I bet there is a big bonus or promotion for whoever catches her. Also, the outdoor recreation community will be on the lookout for her so even if she does hike in to the park there will be people looking for her.

      2. I can see where you’re going with this, and I’d like to assure you that there’s no way this is an unenforceable edict completely for show.

      3. The ban is for all federal lands, which ups the number of acres considerably. Unenforceable, but a nice add on charge if/when she does something else stupid.

    4. Decent bod but dat SURPRISE clown face face would cost a small fortune in paper bags.

    5. This woman should herself remove every vestige of her ‘Creepytings’.

    6. I don’t think that National Parks compromise 20% of US territory; I believe that 20% figure is all federal lands so: military bases, national forests (different than parks – mostly logging and grazing land), etc. Not sure if indian lands count as “federal” for these purposes.

      1. I think Indian lands might count themselves as “federal” for these purposes. No one with anything they value is going to want to let this chick in.

    7. What a stupid twat.

    8. Female hiker banned from all US national parks

      because she always hikes nude?

      after defacing rock formations


    9. Hopefully she was presented with a bill for the clean-up.

    10. In a thousand years, or possibly sooner, such graffiti will be protected as historic by the Park Service.

    11. Would.

      1. Would, except for the off-the-charts craziness.

    12. “Woman banned after improving boring old rocks.”

      Also, would.

    13. Say what you will about Creepytings, but that woman is a talented artist.

    1. I simply asked them, ‘What exactly were you doing when this happened?'” recalled Dr. Gordon Plant of Moorfield’s Eye Hospital in London.

      He explained that both women typically looked at their smartphones with only one eye while resting on their side in bed in the dark – their other eye was covered by the pillow.

      “So you have one eye adapted to the light because it’s looking at the phone and the other eye is adapted to the dark,” he said.

      When they put their phone down, they couldn’t see with the phone eye. That’s because “it’s taking many minutes to catch up to the other eye that’s adapted to the dark,” Plant said.

      He said the temporary blindness was ultimately harmless, and easily avoidable, if people stuck to looking at their smartphones with both eyes.

      I laughed.

    2. The solution: Make sure to use both eyes when looking at your smartphone screen in the dark.

      The brown eye and the stink eye?

      1. Those are different eyes?

  43. Shit, I wish Gary talked like his staff wrote. The op-ed version of him was a lot less bewildered and afraid to say anything.

    1. Weld probably gave the OK for submission

  44. Mom arrested for leaving kid in unlocked car with AC going

    If you value a nutpunch-free morning, please don’t read the comments.

    1. “Jennifer Suarez Sandoval told police she left her son in her car while she ran into the Sprint store because he was sleeping and she didn’t want to disturb him.”

      Which poster was offering free wishes up above? My wish is for this police officer to be blessed with the birth of colicky triplets.

    2. Brenda Mills
      PEDOPHILES love parents like this……a minute is all it takes!

      1. I love this idea that pedophiles are just hanging around parking lots on hot days, waiting for naive parents to leave their offspring unattended.

        1. I don’t know. I haven’t seen Old Man With Candy around since the weather warmed up.

        2. Seriously. Everyone knows that pedophiles hangout in Target bathrooms and highway rest stops.

        3. Yeah, that’s crazy. Everyone knows pedophiles prefer crisp autumn afternoons waiting for children as they walk home from school.

        4. I thought paedophiles had a hotline directly to Chris Hansen, complete with email list?

    3. Teach parents not to leave their children by forcibly removing them from their children!

      1. Handing the children over to people seven times more likely to be abusive and lacking oversight or any consequences for their actions will solve this problem.

  45. http://fivethirtyeight.com/fea…..538twitter

    Trump shaking up the traditional red blue map. No matter what happens in November, I see that as a good thing. It is not healthy for politics for 45 our of the 50 states to be virtually guaranteed for one party or another and every election decided by Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida or some combination thereof.

    1. Agreed there – it’s very damaging to good governance for the majority of campaigning to happen in the mere handful of states that currently have swing potential.

      1. I wish all states would adopt the NE/ME style of electoral distribution. Suddenly, it becomes about competitive congressional districts, not competitive states.

        Opens up the competition to much wider areas. With the exception of a few small states, almost all states have a few competitive districts.

    2. I agree too. I think Trump puts states like New Jersey, Michigan, maybe even Massachusetts in play and that’s good. When I was a kid in Massachusetts, Presidential elections mattered – Reagan won the state twice.

    3. I can see Trump somewhat shaking up the standard order of the states (in terms of most Democratic to most Republican), but I still think that ultimately the solidly Blue states will go Blue comfortably and the solidly Red states will go Red comfortably. I doubt you’ll see a case where there are exceptions on both sides. And if there is an exception, it likely means that the losing side was done long before that. That’s the nature of things when you just need to get to 270.

  46. Canadian oil needs new outlets, industry group says

    A report from the National Energy Board found oil production in Canada could increase by more than 50 percent by 2040, though growth will be constrained without the addition of new oil pipeline infrastructure.

    1. Politicians who listen to environmental activist nutjobs are abdicating their duty to Canadians. Simple as that.

      Oil and gas is Canada.

      To play politics with this is downright insane.

      The U.S. can dick around pretending to be all environmental until it’s safe to pump oil again because the economy is so diverse. Canada doesn’t have that kind of margin.

      But I fear it’ll be worse under the Liberals who just expanded CPP. The boneheads babbled on the campaign how they’re for the middle-class and small business and continuously enact tired and stale measures that will hurt each.

  47. Chicago passes anti-Airbnb law despite plea from Ashton Kutcher

    Earlier in the day, actor and Airbnb investor Ashton Kutcher gave a passionate defense on Facebook of Airbnb in Chicago, but with the support of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the City Council passed the bill 43-7. Some aldermen were concerned the law would not do enough to protect residents from the rapid growth of the business in the city’s residential neighborhoods.

    Chicago is so far gone that even America’s sweetheart cannot help.

    1. Doing that fucks the middle class so badly. Rich people generally don’t bother with air B&b. You know who does? Middle class people who need a few extra dollars.

    2. Funny – it is my most left-wing acquaintances who love AirBnb and Uber the most – and the jackasses they vote for who ban them.

    3. If Ashton Kutcher posting on Facebook can’t save us, then all hope is lost.

    4. I don’t know enough about Airbnb to pass judgement on these initiatives. Uber’s model is obvious & easy to support. But Airbnb? All I hear about is shady practices that I don’t find easy to support.

    5. 43-7? 50 councilmen? Dear fuck. DC has 10 at the most and that’s too many.

      They have 50 of the most corrupt and useless fucks around running their city and people are surprised at the results?

  48. http://www.theamericanconserva…..from-help/

    Black Lives Matter is always good for bringing the crazy.

    Despite the media’s framing of this as a terrorist attack, we are very clear that this terror is completely homegrown, born from the anti-Black white supremacy, patriarchy and homophobia of the conservative right and of those who would use religious extremism as a weapon to gain power for the few and take power from the rest. Those who seek to profit from our deaths hope we will forget who our real enemy is, and blame Muslim communities instead.

    But we will never forget.

    As the author of the post points out, imagine if a conservative group had claimed Tim McVeigh was really a leftist homosexual closet case. Yeah, the media would have totally bought that like they are buying this crap.

    1. From the forced migration of thousands of young people from the island of Puerto Rico to Orlando, to the deadly forced migration throughout Latin America and the Caribbean ? we know this is not the first time in history our families have been mowed down with malice, and we stand with you.

      Do they just make this tripe up as they go? Seriously, is there some actual “research” behind this tripe or is it just stream of consciousness bullshit?

      Next they’ll be reminding us of how the Germans invaded Pearl Harbor.

      1. They don’t make it up. They think having to move to get a job is the same thing as a the Trail of Tears. They really are that stupid and lazy. The whole thing boils down to a giant tantrum by people with the mental capacity and maturity of a four year old child angry about it being bed time.

        1. Four years ago, I was in Austin. Then I had to move to Chicago to get another job. Let me tell you, Trail of Tears is nothing compared to this horror.

      2. the forced migration of thousands of young people from the island of Puerto Rico

        Hammerstein resurrected to rewrite lyrics to “I hate to live in America”.

        1. +1 Puerto Rico, my heart’s devotion. Let it sink back in the ocean.

        2. the forced migration of thousands of young people from the island of Puerto Rico

          Thanks to minimum wages laws imposed by Democrats.

      3. Do they just make this tripe up as they go?

        Probably quoting their college professors.

    2. Who decided that to prove you really cared about black lives, you had to embrace this movement?

      Someone stuck in the anal stage of psychosexual development?

      1. Sigmund Fraud strikes again!

    3. Until these systems are defeated, until anti-Blackness no longer fuels anti-Muslim and anti-queer and trans bigotry, exploitation, and exclusion ? we can never be truly free.

      This is some prime, dry-aged, seared-to-perfection crazy, John. Nice find.

      1. All things must fit the narrative. Isn’t taking every fact and changing so that it is consistent with your paranoid world view a pretty good working definition of insanity?

      2. I’m just proud that our children are here today to hear some authentic gibberish.

    4. I know, I know, all this was predicted right here in H&R within hours of the shooting, I even predicted it myself. Still, seeing it in all of its glorious crazy is astounding.

    5. How is being homegrown mutually exclusive with being a terrorist attack? Are they under the impression that terrorist attacks have to be committed by foreigners?

      And how the fuck is a self-loathing gay Muslim of Afghan descent shooting up a gay nightclub for ISIS born from right-wing white supremacist conservative Christianity?

      What is so hypocritical about this is that if someone committed a terrorist attack while pledging allegiance to Donald Trump, or any right-wing figure, the left would hammer that point home forever. But if someone pledges allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a guy directly responsible for the slaughter of tens of thousands and who has explicitly called on his followers to do these sorts of acts, somehow the American right is actually responsible.

      1. Here is the analogy to their insane logic. Imagine if Donald Trump were running around the country saying it was your patriotic duty to kill Mexican immigrants and then some nut shot up a Tejano bar claiming he was doing it Donald Trump. By their logic, the fact that the guy had been beat up in grade school by Mexicans and had a Mexican girl dump him in high school would mean his act had nothing to do with Donald Trump, since he already hated Mexicans before he discovered Trump.

        It is completely insane.

        1. Even in that case, gays would be the equivalent to Mexicans, and they haven’t blamed it on gay people. It would be like blaming some other random person who also didn’t like Mexicans but had absolutely no connection or relation to Trump and was not viewed favorably by the shooter.

  49. “State Department staffers wrestled for weeks in December 2010 over a serious technical problem that affected emails from then-Secretary Hillary Clinton’s home email server, causing them to temporarily disable security features on the government’s own systems, according to emails released Wednesday.”

    So State Department IT knew about the server and failed to arrange for secure backups in compliance with recordkeeping regulations? See, again not Hillary’s fault or responsibility. Nail that IT Analyst II!

    1. Not just regulations, actual laws. And not just record-keeping, security standards. If the official server was authorized for storage of classified material (which it probably was) there’s a whole other layer of laws.

      1. IT’s fault! IT’s fault! IT’s fault! IT’s fault! Not her’s! Everyone at State knew. If there was a problem, why didn’t someone say something?

        I can see the defenses already.

        1. Already heard it. A classmate of mine from law school, who is blindly and adamantly TEAM BLUE, explained to me last weekend that Hillary just didn’t understand technology and someone in her office IT just suggested doing this because you can’t rely on the security of government computers and since no one would know about this, it would actually be more secure and no this has nothing to do with trying to circumvent transparency laws that’s just right-wing Trumpery and conspiracy-theorying.

          1. If you don’t understand something that important, you defer to subject matter experts. Normal people, anyway; narcissists not so much.

          2. Do people like him seriously believe this is how security is handled in the real world? Maybe when he gets a real job?

            1. That’s what’s most infuriating about talking to him – he does know. He works in the government, and even did a stint at the White House. He absolutely knows that the way she handled all of this was undeniably illegal and that someone in his position would have been in jail over a year ago for much lesser transgressions.

          3. If my company ran out of rack space, I would totally be ok with locating my personal email server at home. I’m sure they would too. And sending out company IT technicians to my home to work on it.

  50. “A pro-gun control “sit in” by Democrats in the House of Representatives ended early this morning.”

    I was hoping they’d douse themselves in gasoline and light a match!
    The world would be a better place…

    1. Particularly if the fire spread out of control.

      1. Stop, my penis can only get so erect.

        1. quitter

    2. Charles Cooke made a great point “how is it courageous to have a sit in some place you are legally entitled to go to any time you like”

  51. SCOTUS just upheld the University of Texas’ Affirmative Action for admissions in Fisher v. U of Texas. 4-3 vote, Roberts/Alito/Thomas on the dissent.

    1. So we are down to 7 Justices?

      1. Kagan was recused. Not sure why.

        1. She recused herself because she was the Solicitor General when the Department of Justice filed an amicus curiae brief in the courts below

          1. Now that she’s paid her vig and voted to upheld OCare, in spite of her conflict of interest, she gets all ethical.

    2. Justice Thomas wrote the dissent, it looks like. He’s usually really strong on this issue.

      1. Ah, nevermind. Misread something. It’s Alito

    3. From what I read, this girl wasn’t a very good plaintiff to have. Her grades and test scores were not that good, so it’s far from obvious that she was denied due to affirmative action. I don’t know if that ultimately made an impact, however.

  52. A pro-gun control “sit in” by Democrats in the House of Representatives ended early this morning.

    Why does this say “ended” when all the news I read (including the link) says it’s ongoing?

    1. The session is over, but they are still hanging out.

  53. “State Department staffers wrestled for weeks in December 2010 over a serious technical problem that affected emails from then-Secretary Hillary Clinton’s home email server, causing them to temporarily disable security features on the government’s own systems, according to emails released Wednesday.”

    HHmmm…I wish I could remember exactly when that “change your password NOW” order came through. It may have been around that time.

  54. More SCOTUS..

    Immigration was a 4-4 tie, which means it defaults to the 5th circuit (invalidating Obama’s plan) but doesn’t create precedent.

  55. Most obnoxious hipster douche couple. We have reached peak hipster.

    (was the bride involved at all with this wedding? I mean, at all???)

    1. Oh come on, this can’t be real.

    2. Flashy sock guy is pretty awful.

      1. In a world where we used to have Piano Key Necktie Guy before it became Wild Pocket Square Guy, we’ve now been blessed with your presence. In your mind, you “get” it. And that’s awesome. You know that deep down under your Jos A. Bank, you’ve got a wild side. You live on the edge. You can’t be tamed.

        I like this guy (the writer)

        I’m pretty sure we’d hit it off, up to the point where i said, “golf isn’t really a sport, dude”

        1. I have a friend who is a flashy sock guy (he is also a shawl collar sweater/cardigan guy, and a short short guy, and so on) and I assume his wife is divorcing him because of his terrible clothing choices.

          The writer does seem pretty cool.

    3. interested in existential questions and distinctive clothing from an early age

      I can only imagine the amount of condescension this person is capable of.

    4. Actual wedding announcement in the NYT (10 photos of the douchey couple!!)

          1. I laughed at this photo caption:

            It didn’t take long before the couple began talking about marriage which Mr. Peters imagined would be like “entering into a deep mystery with my best friend.”

      1. I’d sooner click a Longtorso link.

      2. Meh, I have seen a lot worse. If you are going to be a douche bag idiot son or daughter, you could do a lot worse than having a sound of music wedding. On the hipster douche bag scale that barely registers above a three.

        1. you could do a lot worse than having a sound of music wedding.

          It would be difficult to make that New York Times write-up more pretentious.

          1. Don’t worry, the Times will find a way.

        2. Well, the groom is a descendent of Georg and Maria von Trapp, so I guess that theme is kind of given.

          1. Interesting fact: Former Austrian submarine captain Georg von Trapp’s first wife was Agatha Whitehead, granddaughter of Robert Whitehead, inventor of the modern torpedo.

      1. That is what I hate about this. It is not that it isn’t goofy or that there is anything wrong with people having goofy weddings. It is that the Times thinks that when the “right people” have goofy dumb ass weddings, it is cute and adorable and would think nothing of devoting a full page ridiculing some red neck who had a goofy weddings because that is different somehow.

    5. I think it was Miss Manners who says the “theme” of a wedding should be marriage. Hipsters are children at heart, in the most annoying way possible

    1. Oops, I see JB has already posted that.

    2. 4-3

      … in what way is 4/8 a majority?

      1. I guess there was one abstention. But that shouldn’t count as a binding decision. One side could just intimidate and/or incapacitate some of the Justices to get their way.

        1. Kagan recused herself because she worked on the case previously.

  56. Trump could probably win this election by hammering on two or three issues:

    (1) Hillary’s criminality.
    (2) Gun control (if he can plausibly claim to be a protector of the 2A).
    (3) Competence. He knows how to manage a large organization, how to negotiate, etc., whereas Hillary has an almost unbroken record of incompetence.

    1. That’s about it – along with immigration, hammering Clinton’s failures in foreign policy, and some sanity on immigration.

    2. He could also do well on campaigning how he learned from his failures and recovered.

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