Gun Rights

Anti-Gun Hysteria Illustrates How Monstrosities Like the 1994 Crime Bill and the War on Terror Come to Pass

You can take advantage of a culture of fear but so can your opponents



The Senate voted down four separate gun control proposals earlier tonight, leading to much hand-wringing by liberals, who have ratcheted the rhetoric up to eleven in order to take advantage of the emotions surrounding the Orlando massacre to get the gun control measures they've always supported passed.

That tact requires certain dangerous misrepresentations of reality. Just this weekend, the Department of Justice said it would redact references to the Islamic State (ISIS) from 911 calls from the Orlando shooting, so as not to "further his propaganda." Tonight, to further their own propaganda, Democrats literally accused Senate Republicans of selling weapons to ISIS*. The Obama administration has mostly avoided overstating the threat ISIS poses in a way that would make it easier to push a more intense intervention in Iraq and Syria, but Democrats are happy to overstate the threat posed by ISIS to curtail Americans' rights.

The Fourth and Fifth Amendment have long been popular targets in such exercises, the addition of the Second to the mix by Democrats isn't particularly surprising. Yet, once people are riled up over a threat presented by the ruling class to push through one set of policies, there's nothing to prevent those in power from using the same emotions to push through different policies. If Republicans are arming ISIS, Democrats are importing them. Democrats' professed support for refugee-friendly immigration policies offers no guarantee that the fearmongering in which Democrats are engaging doesn't also make other arguments based off the same fear more potent.

More broadly, Democrats have been pushing the idea that the United States is a uniquely unsafe country, a primary justification for their anti-gun policies. Liberal pundit Touré, like many others, framed the issue as one between a powerful gun lobby and "the dire need to address our horrific gun violence epidemic." Yet, as David Harsanyi pointed out on Twitter, the homicide rate has been on a decline, and is the lowest it's been since 1963.

The hysteria on the left, troubling in the way it focuses on the systemic deprivation of constitutional rights, is illustrative of how such policies have passed in the past. It was only a few months ago that progressives were excoriating Bill Clinton (and Hillary) for his support of the 1994 crime bill, identified as a primary driver of increased incarceration rates in the 1990s and 2000s. Supporters of the 1994 bill, like then-chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Kweisi Mfume, tried to whitewash their support of the bill. Hillary Clinton was lambasted for comments she made at the time about "super predators" that threatened safety in inner cities. Gun homicides are down 49 percent since their peak in 1993.

Crime rates were higher in the early 1990s, when the crime bill was being debated on and passed, then it is today. Yet despite the attention criminal justice reform received during the Democratic primary process, some of the same voices who faulted the Clintons for creating a climate of fear in order to implement policies that systematically violated the constitutional rights of marginalized communities are today creating a climate of fear in order to implement policies that systematically violated the constitutional rights of marginalized communities.

*This issue is swimming in so much hypocritical bullshit I almost forgot the rich relevance of this: "ISIS armed with U.S. weapons"

NEXT: All 4 Senate Gun Bills Fail Today

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  1. “Democrats literally accused Senate Republicans of selling weapons to ISIS [redacted].”

    1. I’m pretty damn sure that both Republicans and Democrats have sold weapons to ISIS, at least indirectly. I’m not saying that names should be called… Clin…. McCa… I’m not saying that… good rebels… never mind.

      1. No need to sell them, just pull all the troops out of Iraq (and Afghanistan) leaving the stores of equipment, arms, ammo, and supplies behind – totally abandoned.
        Helluvajob Barry.

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    1. Norinco? Is it because you hate America?

    2. Spraying your bullets of hate all around with your scary black thing.

    3. They sell those at the bargain bin in toys R us next to Barbie, the rounds are dispensed in gumball machines.

    4. Specific Brand? Never heard of it

      1. That make me want to have a “generic AR-15”.

        White cerakote, barcode, says “GENERIC AR 15”.

    5. … hasn’t helped my iron sight shooting.

      Mr. Lizard,

      Have you researched Project Appleseed?

      I might not own a firearm nor yet have any intention to buy one (for lack of need), yet I think this website might be of use to you.

      1. That had nothing to do with biodroids.

    6. You need the shoulder thing that goes up to improve your iron sight shooting.

  3. Umm, speaking of 1994 and the Clintons, does the words ‘Brady Bill’ ring a bell?

    The Clintons just happened to be in power when some of the worst freedom killing monstrosities to ever be imposed on the ‘land of the free’ happened. And now, they might get a 2nd turn. Yeah! Freedom! Libertarian moment!

    1. 3rd turn, you mean.

    2. Scary bayonet lugs! God help us!

  4. Loretta was completely brainwashed by her FBI handlers into the ‘hate speech’ doctrine: saying certain words can incite people to violence. Obama issued a huge rebuke to that last week, perhaps unintentionally, and now the administration had to back off. Humiliating for them, and pretty funny. Change is happening. Dump your defense and oil and private security stocks. Sorry boys.

    1. What about the lizards and the Nazis in the bunkers under the Amazon? I eagerly await your enlightening wisdom. Is this tinfoil hat more comfy if I turn it around backwards?

      1. What Trump didn’t realize is that you can’t ‘crack skulls’ over the internet. So hey, bully away, let me know how it works out for you:

        1. Really? You can’t do that? I haz a sad.

          1. Well, not until we implement the RFC for stabbing people in the face over IP.

    2. This is what happens when you run Agile’s posts through google translate.

      1. No, everything Agile has ever said makes way more sense than that.

  5. This is gonna sound retarded because fucking identity politics, but I wonder how the gay community feels about this. Are they still prone to leftist gun thing? Concerned about Islamic immigration?

    It sort of seemed to me a lot of gays (maybe because they’re men) didn’t really tow the lion of prog thought, or kind of voted that way a bit begrudgingly.

      1. I was thinking Grindr.

        1. Are you looking to poll some twinks then?

          1. Dunno what that means. Afraid to google.

    1. Gays are mostly pacifists. They see this guy as a self-hater. The incident only confirms their proggy gun-rights opinions and pro-immigration/tolerance/acceptance stance. Yes there are a few Trumpkins but support is disintegrating quickly now. Sorry to break it to you.

      1. Gays are mostly pacifists? Go on…

        1. By the way, thank you for the Doreamon twerk video.

          I laugh every time.

          1. I was just gonna repost that for you in case you missed it.

        2. “Turn the other cheek” and stuff.

      2. Omar was not much of a pacifist.

        1. Indeed – there are exceptions. Also I wonder if he was bi.

          1. I wonder if he was a rough lover.

            1. I wonder what color his bed sheets were?

      3. Straightsplain it, sister!

      4. Are you a parody? Because you really cannot be serious.

        1. Flemming Rose is a patsy and Jesus was gay. Sorry to break it to you. Do you haz another sadz?

          1. Are you ever going to be serious? I mean I am someone who can really appreciate sarcasm, but if you cannot occasionally counter that with a serious point, then it’s nothing more than trolling.

            *Preparing to block worthless derp*

          2. There’s no such thing as death, life is just a dream and we are just the imagination of ourselves?

            1. This is possible.

      5. Why did he buy a bunch of jewelry? To look FABULOUS!…..tcmp=hpbt2

    2. Are they still prone to leftist gun thing? Concerned about Islamic immigration?

      The ones I’ve seen, “yes”, and “no”.

      But I also live in a deep-blue area, so naturally my gay acquaintances are … even more disproportionately Progressives than is usual.

      So, in other words, “which gay community?” – gay people aren’t one community any more then libertarians are*.

      (* “You can’t make me like those anarchists!” “You’re a minarchist? STATIST PIG!”)

    1. Here’s a solid reason for ya:

      “I want to emphasize once again that the main reason I’m doing this is that I refuse to ruin the lives of two young men who have spent their adolescence and teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all in the air conditioning.”

      1. I’m sure all the other young black men currently residing in Angola prison wish they were top athletes.

        1. Called Bama Privilege. Roll Tide Motherfuckers.

  6. “That tact requires certain dangerous misrepresentations of reality.”

    “Tack,” not “tact.”

    1. THIS

      So irritating, every time I see someone do that.

    2. No reason to attact him over a minor mistake.

  7. The way to take guns out of the hands of criminals is to make everyone a criminal who has a gun. And hands.

    1. Aww, good mastas, I see everything is going according to plans.

    1. Oh noes, it’s a trick, instead, we’re going to get the ‘STRAWBERRY MOON’! We’re doomed, again!

  8. Saw Judge Nap suggest that Mateen gave a shout out directly to al-Baghdadi not just ISIS. Any confirmed leaks on that?

    1. That’s weird -my chemo doc’s name is al Baghdadi. And he’s from Saudi, orig.


      He’s one hell of a doc. Thank God he’s a doc and not a terrorist, cause he’s so smart, I bet he’d be REALLY good at it.

      1. “First, Do no harm”. A good way to live.

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    1. Ohhh – you’re gonna make me cry – for real.

      I was just having some regrets of a mean thing I did to another human person in approximately that time period. But it was a college professor, when I was in my senior year, and it wasn’t such a bad thing. I was just a little shitty in a newspaper column. But I still kind of regret not ever going to him and apologizing for what was a cheap shot, small though it was. I’m sure I’ll get my comeuppance for that and other sins when I hear the Mozart and see the bright, white hall….

      1. Almanian make rainbows with brain brook splashings!!

  10. I’ve asked this before…but do the progs really believe guns is a winner right before the election? They are batshit fucking insane to pursue this right now.

    1. They’ve painted themselves into a corner. Had no idea that radicals like to kill. Irony.

    2. Yeah, I was hoping that, but because they seem to have the most libertarian members of the GOP on their side this time, I’ve lost hope.

        1. Not my last words.

    3. They apparently listen to Samantha Bee, and Trevor Noah, and think their opinions influence enough people to matter.

      1. Something like 70% of Americans support gun rights. This will never be a winner in my lifetime.

        1. How firm is that support of 70%? Like support for lower taxes and less government?

          1. Like “votes strongly enough that the NRA just keeps winning no matter what the media does”, and that’s been going on for years now.

            Contra what Voxsplainers seem to think, the NRA doesn’t really achieve much with donations to politicians.

            It achieves results by reliably mobilizing voters in large quantities.

    4. I don’t think they care if it’s a winner or not. They’re throwing it at the wall every time in the hope that something will stick somewhere. Unfortunately they’re right. The political lines have shifted since 1994 and I think there’s fewer toss up districts with yellow dog Democrats.

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  16. 1,800 people have been shot in Chicago this year. They should make their gun laws really restrictive.

    1. Well, what do you expect with all the teabaggers in Chicago?

    2. And so many of them were “children”!

      *** wrings hands ***

      1. This is “under 25” children, right?

  17. California’s reliably anti-gun Sen. Dianne “Concealed Carry” Feinstein (D)

    Whenever I see Feinstein or Pelosi talking it can not understand how they became so powerful. Just what *is* it about California?

    1. it = I

      I’s been a long day.

    2. People who put all their faith in government solving all their problems are incredibly ignorant, that’s all.

      1. They are also fucking emptied of their skills of rational perception.
        Jackboot buried in the brain.
        Bureaucratic knife to the throat of the brain.
        The search for knowledge ended on the will of the masses of social justice.
        Anti-society and anti-government philosophies and accompanying ruminations
        stood in front of the poet’s knife slice to the Muslim head chop or bullet.

        1. Thanks to you both. Have a pleasant rest of the evening!

          1. rich, the river of bears

          2. Boa noite, amigo.

    3. A lack of history and culture that has caused a lot of new cults to form.

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  19. So, review of the day: in the morning, it doesn’t matter who or what Omar Mateen swore allegiance to. Coulda been ISIS, coulda been Chik-fil-a. In the evening, Republicans have voted to give guns to terrorists like Omar Mateen.

    I have to lie down, I’m dizzy.

    1. You’re just soft on terrorism for your failure to include Omar Mateens homophobia as something which should have had him placed on the watch-list.

      Also = we can’t fight homophobia with islamophobia. yet we urgently need to pre-emptively strip muslims of gun rights; that’s not islamophobic because possession of guns strips other people of the right to feel safe.

  20. Most of Congress masturbates to Berlioz’s Les Francs-Juges, or to give the English title, “Judges of the Secret Court.”

    (well, supposedly just the overture, but the whole thing was never written)

  21. The final religion of the world is not being challenged. It is being touched with reflections from naive and unintelligent minds.

    The final religion of the world is Islam and the world is on the verge of being crucified by its massive cloud of adherents or being ruined into disaster by its massive cloud of adherents who are mostly fucking projections of puppets handled by superior lords who will never play to the same music they built into their armies. And armies they are. These armies will make the dark aged Catholics appear as amateurs.

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    1. AC is in the zone, you just need to reach another level of consciousness to get it. It’s all about liberty, and it’s a universal language no matter if the statist comprehend it, or not.

  23. I keep hearing how the rate of gun killings has “soared” since the expiration of the “assault weapons ban.” Anyone have numbers on this…

    1. Gun homicides are down 49 percent since their peak in 1993.

  24. Religion is a form of loving
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    Religion is NOT an excuse
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  25. Get off my lawn, statist punks.

    Get off my property

    1. Hey, that isn’t your property you Kulak! It’s our property, together! That’s why I can tell you what you can and cannot do on that property, and why you must pay a yearly tribute to the king to continue your use of said lands!

      Ah, yes! Property taxes. Proof that you don’t actually own that thing, when it can be seized if you refuse to pay.

  26. Anyone who thinks they are “liberal” and supports putting people on secret government lists to strip their rights is not.

    1. The only liberals today are libertarians. Progressives are statist authoritarians, there’s nothing liberal about that.

      1. There are still a few classical liberals, you just won’t come across one in the wild that often and most people apparently mistake them for Republicans these days. Go figure.

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  32. Anti gun hysteria.

    10,000 dead each year. Each year brings a new record body count in massacres. 200 children killed

    And the lunatic gun cultists complain about “hysteria”

  33. America has too much gun violence. No one can dispute that.

    There are five ways to reduce gun violence without taking guns away from the public. These five partial solutions to gun violence are listed and discussed here:

    1. Makes a lot of sense

    2. “Ban guns”.

      Sure thing, Comrade.

      Gonna hand out unicorns, too?

      1. Where did he say ban guns? The gun cult thinks control means ban…part of their religious beliefs

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