Anti-Trump Movement Rises, Rubio Plots, Vox Editor Wants To Take Your Guns and Everything Else: P.M. Links


  • Denial
    Screenshot via Denial / Youtube

    Republicans consider their options for dumping Donald Trump.

  • A University of Virginia law student disciplined for sexual assault has filed a lawsuit impugning the federal government's interpretation of Title IX. (I will have more to say on this soon.)
  • Three ways Democrats are lying about gun control and mass shootings.
  • Vox editor wants to take your guns and your property. My response.
  • Marco Rubio may be eying the Senate after all.
  • The trailer is out for Denial, a movie about Holocaust deniers.

NEXT: Sexual Violence and the State: 15 U.S. Cops in the News for Sex Crimes This Week

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  1. Republicans consider their options for dumping Donald Trump.

    Turning out the lights and locking the door and hoping he goes away.

    1. Jyhello.

      “Three ways Democrats are lying about gun control and mass shootings.”

      Only three?

      1. Yeah, but you won’t believe what happens next!

      2. Buona sera. Someone hit me over the head with the words “well regulated” in the 2A. When I asked him about the 1791 meaning of that term, he gave me a non-answer, on which I called him. He’s ignoring me now.

        1. “Goes to the shooting range twice a year”

          1. The Swiss colonel of the militia, asked what he would do I’ve invaded by an army twice his army’s size: “fire twice and go home.”

        2. They really don’t like those of us who read history and think. We are a constant source of annoyance; puncturing their favorite “arguments”, pointing out their complicity in so many atrocities of the sort that would have Torquemada saying “Oh, I say, that’s a bit much!”, doing the math that shows their “solutions” are insoluble.

          I confesss, I doubt that I will really like living in the world the inevitable backlash against these meddlesome swine is going to create. But it WILL be fun watching them crash and burn.

    2. Turning out the lights and locking the door and hoping he goes away.

      A good stalker won’t let a little thing like that get in his way.

      1. He’s already kicked in the front door and smacked the Republican leadership around like the pussies they are. For some reason I just don’t see this succeeding.

        1. They’ll put up a fake Brinks sticker in the window and an electronic device that makes fake dog barking noises.

        2. Maybe they will finally concede they are all statist and run Bernie?

    3. Republicans consider their options for dumping Donald Trump.

      Turning out the lights and locking the door and hoping he goes away.


    1. I’m curious about what you said earlier. Is suffering an integral part of that festival, or just a by-product?

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          1. Being around too many kids can be an effective anti-pregnancy program.

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                  1. I have no idea how that picture of me became so widespread on the internet.

            2. I had a few Hong Kong made ales when I went there that weren’t too bad.

              1. Make sure to not try Blue Girl Beer the next time you go there, it fucking sucks.

              2. What about those Hong Kong liqueurs that have entire snakes within the bottle?

        4. the more the dog is tortured and dies in pain, the more potent the supposed effect is supposed to be.

          Christ on a crutch.

          Well, if I ever am offered dog meat, I’ll know how to get any other giajin to turn it down.

          1. I told my in-laws, I don’t look down on you for eating dog. I eat 1 cow per day, and that’s a sacred animal to some people.

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              1. Gweilo means more than just “foreigner”.

                Just like “nigra” means more that black.

                1. I’ve been called both. But when I touched the orange offering at the restaurant, gweizai it was.

            2. Gaijin just means foreigner as well. When I was working in Japan, we routinely were forgiven for faux pas that would have gotten a Japanese person ostracized; a local friend of mine told me with a huge grin that we had “gaijin power.”

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          1. Recreational sex?

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            1. I guess I was assuming sexual virility when they may not necessarily mean it that specifically.

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              1. Torture Puppy.

                Cool band name.

              2. I just assumed that the insecurity was centered around masculinity, not fertility.

                If you draw a small circle around Asia on a map, half of the world’s population lives inside that circle. I think they have the whole fertility thing covered. Just my opinion, they might not agree.

          2. It doesn’t surprise me when cultures which practice arranged marriages and pretend gays don’t exist place an extra emphasis on finding means to improve “virility”.

        6. Don’t forget most of the dogs are stolen pets too. What would you do to someone who stole your dog and then slowly tortured it to death?

          1. That’s one of the worst aspects. Companion animals trust humans.

          2. Shoot them in the face.

          3. Go Hitler on them?

          4. Chain them up and slowly flay them alive over a period of years.

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    3. So gays can marry and you can smoke pot, but it’s disgusting for me to eat dogs.

      People have been eating dogs for centuries. Geez.

      1. See above.

        Eating dogs = OK. Who am I to judge?

        Torturing dogs to death to get a boner = Not OK.

        1. Torturing dogs to death to get a boner = Not OK.

          *takes notes*

          1. The trash goes IN the trash can. I can’t stress that enough, people.

            1. I love you Cletus!

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      3. Some people have been fucking dogs for centuries too. So? Doesn’t make it right.

  2. The trailer is out for Denial, a movie about Holocaust deniers.

    You know who else advanced on a river in Egypt?

    1. Napoleon Bonaparte?

    2. Mithridates?

    3. Louis IX?

    4. Moses?

    5. Cambyses?

    6. Brutus?

    7. Antiochus the IV, who ironically encountered the original ‘red line’ in sands of the Middle East.

    8. Rommel?

    9. You know who else advanced on a river in Egypt?

      No one. No one at all. I refuse to even talk about it.

    10. Lord Kitchener?

  3. “Three ways Democrats are lying about gun control and mass shootings.”

    Well, I guess you had to narrow it down for brevity’s sake.

    1. “Speaking, Writing, and Blogging”

      1. I almost sprayed soup everywhere. Well done.

    2. No. The leftist ideal is only THREE. TOP. MEN. Any more than that and you start venturing into that creepy democracy thing.

  4. You can say what you want about holocaust deniers, at least they won’t deny us alt text.

    1. Alt-text was so much better when Welch was in charge. Well, a little better.

  5. Three ways Democrats are lying about gun control and mass shootings.

    Only three?

    1. Damn you.

      1. Woohoo! I was first! 😉

        1. 4:33PM

          IT’S A TIE!

          1. My comment is #6204272; yours is #6204274. Therefore mine was first. :-p

            1. Son of a….motherfuh…why you…arggghh…


          2. Also 31 seconds later.

    2. Vox is really shooting themselves in the foot this week.

      1. Which is ironic given their stance on gun control.

  6. The LA Times distinguishes between good religious freedom and the bad kind

    “The 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act (or RFRA) says that a person may be exempted from laws that “substantially burden” the free exercise of religion….

    “We continue to believe that RFRA and a similar federal law protecting religious freedom in prisons serve a legitimate purpose. The beneficiaries of those laws have included a Muslim prisoner who successfully challenged a rule preventing him from growing a beard; a Native American who sued to force the federal government to return ceremonial eagle feathers it had confiscated; and a Sikh employee of the Internal Revenue Service who was sent home for carrying a kirpan, a ceremonial blade emblematic of her faith that posed no danger to her co-workers.

    “But in those cases, accommodating the religious scruples of one person didn’t intrude on the civil rights of others. Those who want to amend RFRA insist that Congress should make it crystal clear that the law can’t be used to justify discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. We agree…

    “…Congress also should rectify the error the Supreme Court committed in the Hobby Lobby case when it ruled that for-profit corporations are “persons” under RFRA.”

    1. “Your exercise of religion is only burdened when we, the elites who know best, say it is, and not when you think it is.”

      Gee, who could have seen that interpretation coming.

    2. No one has a right to another person’s labor, outside previous agreements or a particular type of compensation. One person’s freedom of religion does not burden another person’s rights. To justify this you have to make up positive rights that are unjust.

  7. Marco Rubio may be eying the Senate after all.

    He drinks their water. Drinks it up!

  8. Could someone translate this from academicese for me?

    Single family homes: ‘Socialism for the rich,’ says UBC economist

    Davidoff [a UBC economist] also called for changes to zoning laws. He said a truly free market would not allow for single family detached homes, and would instead result in many more highrises and townhomes.

    So… how is it that a “truly free market” disallows something?

    But in that scenario, he said, single family homes would be unaffordable even for the super-rich, because developers would be willing to pay even more ? in order to put up more highrises.

    Uh… until the market was saturated with highrises, I guess.

    Does “truly free market” mean something different to an economist than my lay person’s understanding?

    1. Single homes bad because bourgeois patriarchy.

      Highrises good because transit government planning.

      Free market is free only when government directed because freedom is the government We* govern together.

      *We excludes badthinking persons, who need to be reeducated.

    2. Sounds like he’s bucking for a promotion so he can move into a de-luxe apartment.

        1. Damn your nimble fingers!

      1. In the sky?

        1. Damn your nimble fingers!

        2. +1 piece of the pie

      2. He’ll finally get a piece of the pie.

      3. Damn you all!

        /Turns and walks away with George Jefferson swagger.

    3. “UBC’s Tom Davidoff says tax and zoning reform needed to increase affordability”

      Seems like getting rid of zoning laws would be the best way to test his theory.

    4. I think he’s trying to say that the highest use of whatever land he’s talking about is for high density housing. I guess in a “truly free market” we all live in those Judge Dredd mega cities.

      1. He’s talking specifically about Vancouver, so it’s not nearly as crazy as it sounds.

    5. He’s saying that zoning laws prevent high rises from being built. If you could build a high rise in a lot that’s currently zoned for a single family residence, the land would be more valuable. But you can’t.

      1. Yeah, I get that. Hence zoning laws are not part of a “truly free market”.

        I’m wondering how a “truly free market would not allow single family homes to be built”. Who or what exactly would be doing the disallowing?

        1. It would be cost prohibitive. No family would be able to afford to buy a single family home when a developer is willing to pay 10-20 times as much for the same lot.

          Assuming his premises are true.

          1. His premises are idiotic.

            Not all land is equally valuable. At some point outside city centers, land values would drop off to where it would be affordable for single family homes. Unless his premise is to pave the planet over with hi-rises, leaving nothing else.

            1. Right, hence my disclaimer.

              I’ve played Sim City, bro.

              1. Yeah, I know, I’ve seen your Twitch stream.

                1. Yeah, I know, I’ve seen your Twitch stream.

                  Is that the 21st century version of “Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book”?

                  1. He’s always trying to get the female Sims to make out with each other.

              2. Sim City always bothered me because its assumptions didn’t match the real world, where putting in commuter rail seldom does any goddamned good.

                1. Too bad some genius libertarian hasn’t made a city-builder that looks like Sim City on the outside, but is basically Tropico underneath.

            2. In his defense, he seems to be only referring to the market of Vancouver city, which his currently a bubble market, with foreign investors buying family homes as investments, not to live in them.

              He also seems to be saying that current zoning laws prohibits the building of more high rise, which would be more affordable for the people who actually live in the city.

              I’m not sure about the solution of rising taxes, but I kind of see what he proposes and I like his analysis of the problem.

        2. “I’m wondering how a “truly free market would not allow single family homes to be built”. Who or what exactly would be doing the disallowing?”

          No one, land would just be sold to the highest bidder which probably won’t be single families. Of course, it’s a question whether the city would be laid out (or exist) as it is in a free market so it’s silly speculation.

        3. I New York most single family homes would go on the endangered species list, but some rich well to do would buy a plot just for himself.

          Though, he’s not taking into account the drop in land prices once people are able to get affordable housing in the new high rises.

        4. He is correct in that a free market can have the effect of banning certain goods and services from existing by pricing them out of existence (basically there would not be enough people willing to pay a high enough price to entice a producer to produce it therefore that good or service would not exist).

          Where this guy fails is in assuming that there would remain no demand for single family homes and that everyone would be willing to move into a high rise.

          See developers would only be willing to construct high density housing sufficient to meet the market demand for such, however not everyone wants to or is even willing to live in that housing so not every land owner would have the option of selling the land to a high density housing developer and his next best option would then default to selling to a developer of single family homes.

          The only real change from where things stand today is that you have have an even sharper urban/suburban split in cities where the more valuable land closer in to the city center would contain ONLY high density housing units and everyone willing to live in them would so the suburbs would then contain ONLY single family homes.

          1. Disagree with final point, as without zoning suburbs would be mixed use.

          2. Disagree with final point, as without zoning suburbs would be mixed use.

          3. Disagree with final point, as without zoning suburbs would be mixed use.

            1. The squirrel version of ” COASE COASE COASE COASE”

      2. Then he doesn’t know how zoning works.

        He’s probably correct in that developers would build more highrises than they do today. But the way zoning works is this:

        1) City zones everything as the bare minimum – single family homes
        2) Developers don’t want to build just single family homes, the profit margins are smaller.
        3) City knows that, which is the reason for #1
        4) City will happily change the zoning for any parcel to allow a multi-family building – as long as the developer is willing to pay a “re-zoning” fee, which varies based on thousands of political whims.
        5) Re-zoning fee shrinks profit margin on multi-family building so developer does the math and only builds where the re-zoning fee is accidentally too low to cut deeply into the profit margin.
        6) City realizes its mistake in low-balling the re-zoning fee and vows to make up for it on the next request, thereby limiting the number of requests for multi-family rezoning.

        1. See : Houston where huge tracts of single family post WWII housing has been turned into townhouses and mixed use properties. Look at The Heights in 1996 and today. The main difference is that poor people are pushed out of the neighborhood and The new demographic is denser, richer, and whiter.

      3. That might be true in some suburbs, but there’s a lot of land out there. Maybe he doesn’t know that there are people who don’t live in cities.

    6. People acting freely would never disagree with me on anything. Q.E.D.

      1. +1 false consciousness

    7. “We really roll out the red carpet for affluent buyers from all over the world,” he said. “We have low property taxes, and there’s no favouritism for people who live and work in Canada.”


      “Single family zoning throughout the city of Vancouver, not to speak of the suburbs, is a gift to affluent buyers from overseas with a taste for luxury real estate,” Davidoff said.

      How dare they come to our city and spend their money there!


      1. You think you are being sarcastic. But that is a real argument.

        “They come, buy houses then don’t live in them. So we can’t buy them and all the business die. And the value of the property they bought just increases. This cannot be allowed.”

        This is a genuine political position held by a chunk of population and our idiot Mayor. At least on Mayor’s part, it’s probably just posturing because he has no way to do anything about it, so it’s just putting pressure on the province to do idiotic things.


        1. OK, I believe you.

        2. They just go into exile in the US to get their health care.

    8. ‘Does “truly free market” mean something different to an economist than my lay person’s understanding?’

      Unregulated AND making decisions I don’t like in a hypothetical scenario that would never really exist.

    9. That is cute. He thinks suppliers get to dictate what is available without any regard as to what buyers might actually be willing to pay for. He fundamentally fails to understand how markets work.

      1. Which makes him all too typical.

    10. Isn’t the response “Fuck off slaver?”

    11. WTF?

      A single family home has no common areas. A highrise has over 20% common areas. Even in a free market, a highrise is a sort of self-contained socialist setup.

      Plus, when a single family home catches fire, it is usually limited to displacing one family. One asshole having a kitchen fire in a highrise could displace hundreds of families. So there are more restrictions on the construction techniques of high rises, which along with the wasteful common areas means the prices are higher which means the poor either can’t afford them or have to huddle together in larger “families” which then increases the chances of fire.

      Yep, sounds like a typical leftist – helping the poor by ripping them off.

      1. Uh, do you have some like, citation, on the risk of fire displacement vs. housing density?

        Cause it kinda sounds like you’re talking out of your ass?

    12. “…a truly free market would not allow…”

      I don’t think he knows the meanings of words.

    13. What a dolt.

  9. So, Robby, what’s his response to your response?

  10. Robby Soave
    Robby Soave Retweeted Emmett Rensin

    Er, you have to take the guns before you abolish property. Socialists, can’t even plan their dystopia properly.


    1. In reply to:

      Emmett Rensin

      The trick is, if you abolish private property rights, it’s much easier to solve the gun issue.

      1. He forgot the hashtag: #TotallyMissedThePoint

        1. I think Emmet Rensin gets the point just fine, only that his ability to plan a major project is about what you’d expect from a fucking tween that was plopped down in a chair and told “*poof* you’re a journalist”.

      2. “The trick is, if you abolish private property rights, it’s much easier to solve the gun issue.”

        There. Fixed for accuracy.

        1. Nope. Still not accurate. If you try to seize the property, abolish rights, whatever, before confiscating the guns, you’re gonna have trouble.

          That’s the point that Emmet missed.

          1. They can come for our rights in the order they appear in the Constitution’s BOR.

            1. They are working on it.

    2. That was so absolutely perfect. This man shouldn’t have to pay for his drinks for a month!

      1. With hair like his, how many drinks do you think he pays for now?

        1. Clearly, I wasn’t thinking. We need to find another way to recognize his achievement. Maybe some kind of plaque? “Top Burn by a Reason Contributor, 2016”? I’m confident that this will not be topped for the rest of the year.

  11. Enjoy Father’s Day you knuckleheads. I’ll be drunk on a boat all weekend.

    1. I’ll be drunk in 115 degree heat in the desert. In a pool. Throwing my kids around. Drunk.

      1. This guy gets it. Enjoy!

        1. drinking on the golf course; then drinking watching the U.S. Open.

          1. As soon as the last golfers play through, I’ll be running around on the course with my kids.
            It’s a beautiful course, and it’ll give my kids a chance to harass some Canada Geese.

      2. Your kids are going to be drunk?

        1. That way they go to bed pass out early.

      3. Eff you, I’ll be on a Plane to Toronto the World’s Largest Shopping Mall in steerage.

    2. I think we’re going play some putt-putt then hit the beach. That is if my dad and step-dad finally understand that I want to spend my father’s day with my son.

    3. I have y’all all beat. I will be sleeping in a rocking chair holding my month old granddaughter. I have already warned my son I will give her back…when she turns 13.

      1. Congrats. I hope she marks you as one of her tribe.

    4. I’ll be sweltering in a Philly rowhouse. And not drunk enough.

    5. I’m getting high and going to the art museum.

    6. I’ll be driving from Houston to St. Pete with my wife and kids, but at least there’s a work orientation happy hour on Monday. Trying to justify the Uber into work.

  12. Three ways Democrats are lying about gun control and mass shootings.

    There, fixed for you.

    1. By speaking, by writing and by electronic communication.

      That’s three ways.

      1. Don’t forget interpretive dance.

    2. Three ways Democrats are lying about gun control and mass shootings.

      1. Even better than my correction.

  13. Let’s drug-test the rich before approving tax deductions, US congresswoman says

    Gwen Moore to propose bill requiring tests for returns with itemized deductions of more than $150,000, in response to right’s ‘criminalization of poverty’


    1. Wait, rts. Maybe she’ll require drug tests for serving in Congress.

    2. Sweet baby Baphomet. The article just about says that taking less is giving.

      1. After the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in, what’s the difference??

    3. Based on the headline, I was going to be charitable and think it was just a tongue-in-cheek response to the idiotic “drug test welfare recipients” laws. But after clicking, I think she’s serious.

    4. Hmmm…
      Is drug use a causative factor in being rich?

      1. *Checks list of top grossing musicians over any given timeframe*

        Err, yep

    5. She’s a real piece of work, that one. Her wikipedia bio says her adult son was arrested for slashing the tires of a Republican official on election day.

      1. “I’m a stay-at-home son.”

    6. The river of derp never ends with this buffoons.

      /Cue The Song of Roland.

    7. Most people ? including those with high incomes, who qualify for far more deductions and credits than the average person ? just don’t “see” tax deductions as a subsidy similar to those given to low-income people in the form of benefits.


    8. Comment:

      “If you impose a flat tax, how do the opera, symphony, museums and other non profits get funded?”

      How about, find other ways to survive?

      Why should my taxes pay Patty the trombone player? For civilization?

      Ma va.

      1. How dare private patrons fund the arts!

        (The local classical music station just finished its latest round of begging last week.)

        1. Vermont Public Television is constantly have pledge drives. I respect them for it.

          Unlike the shits at the CBC who lick Trudeau’s balls with my tax dollars.

      2. I’m sure Patty can find some way to monetize her blowing on a tube skills

        1. Oh she does! She makes a shit load from guys playing the rusty trombone.

      3. “how do the opera, symphony, museums and other non profits get funded?”

        … Because it’s wholly inconceivable that these things could be funded by people who voluntary pay money to enjoy them.

      4. I know this is pure fantasy, but I think about it every year when I file my taxes. What if they added yet another form where you designate where your tax money goes? You could say 5% of income to defense, 2% to transportation (interstates), 1% to dept of state, screw all the other departments, and then allocate the rest to private charity, to equal the amount you are taxed at right now (25% or whatever).

        In theory it would force the depts to be more appealing and competitive so they’d win your money. We could learn for ourselves or look at websites like Charity Navigator to compare efficiency and so forth.

        I can dream…

      5. Was it Sir Humphrey?

      6. Taxes must be used for the kind of entertainment rich people enjoy. The rabble can pay for their own entertainment.

  14. A Vox editor wants to take your guns and your property. My response.

    Vox’s response.

    1. Why? Why would I click on one of your links?


      1. *reads Pan’s reply*


        *reads multiple post-it notes on monitor: DO NOT CLICK CRUSTY’S LINKS*


        *mouses over Crusty’s link*

        Eh, fuck it.

        *clicks, immediately blood-pukes over keyboard*

    2. Now, *there’s* a girl with a nice personality.

    3. You know, he woke up that day and said “how fucking stupid can I appear today?” and that was the result.

    4. Would. /Crusty Juggler

    5. Lizard person.

      1. Yes. They are everywhere.

    6. Meh, I’m already desensitized to it.

    7. Oh my God, he’s so beautiful and he’s so little!

      1. You just made me snort up my rum and diet coke, while making a Cheryl Tunt laugh. Well done.

  15. The trailer is out for Denial, a movie about Holocaust deniers.

    Can’t wait for the scorching hot takes in movie reviews about climate change “deniers.”

    1. Has anyone actually *seen* this so-called movie?

      1. I bet you believe in the so-called “moon landing,” too.

        (I suppose I should emphasize that this is /sarc)

        1. I suppose I should emphasize that this is /sarc

          It does save time.

    2. How about a film on the way the Progressives spent decades denying that Soviet Russia and Communist China outdid the Nazis? LOTS of material for that one.

  16. Er, you have to take the guns before you abolish property. Socialists, can’t even plan their dystopia properly

    He’s got the central down, but he hasn’t got a handle on the planning part.

  17. Saudi Arabia upset after Hillary Clinton links oil kingdom to terrorism

    I’m sure it’s nothing that a $20 million donation to her Foundation can’t make better.

    1. Saudi response by email:

      Hillary, why? After all the money we gave your charities to help Allah knows who? And we even made you an honorary member of our harem for a day!

      Disappointed in Riyadh,

      King Abdullah (Abby)

    2. Hell, I’d be upset too. They paid a LOT of money to get special treatment from Granmaw Felony and now this.

      This will teach them that Democrats aren’t honest politicians even. They won’t stay bought…for any price.

    3. Oh my, the Saudi press release is GOLD!!

      “There is no sect called ‘Wahhabism’, nor are there any books preaching it. ‘Wahhabism’ is an invented term.”

      Yeah, because you asshats just call it “True Islam” and call everyone else a heretic.

      “Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab was a reformer whose approach became part of one of the major schools of Islamic thought called the Hanbali School.”

      Not all Hanbalis, and just because something becomes a “part” of one of the major schools doesn’t mean it isn’t radical.

      “An orthodox and conservative philosophy, which is neither violent nor extremist.”

      The School ITSELF may not be, but Wahhab certainly was!! Or is advocating the killing of Shias and the destruction of graveyards of SAINTS AND PROPHETS not even slightly “extreme” in the eyes of the Saudis?? If so, I think that says a lot about the Saudis!!

      “Saudi Arabia has never had an expansionist mindset.”

      Which is why you guys never expanded beyond your original borders of Diriyah, right?? The invasion and conquest of Mecca wasn’t a real thing that happened, the majority of the Arabian Peninsula is still under Ottoman control, right?? I mean your dynastic founder only made a pact with Abd al-Wahhab to protect him in return for Abd al-Wahhab helping him become the ruler of “All Muslims”, but THAT doesn’t count as an expansionist mindset at ALL!!

      1. And Saudi Arabia only literally founded the Ikhwan, the first modern Muslim terrorist organization. But don’t let that historical fact fool you, the Saudis have NEVER supported terrorism and never will!!

  18. Studies find ‘super bacteria’ in Rio’s Olympic venues, top beaches

    The super bacteria can cause hard-to-treat urinary, gastrointestinal, pulmonary and bloodstream infections, along with meningitis. The CDC says studies show that these bacteria contribute to death in up to half of patients infected.

    Waste from countless hospitals, in addition to hundreds of thousands of households, pours into storm drains, rivers and streams crisscrossing Rio, allowing the super bacteria to spread outside the city’s hospitals in recent years.

    1. Isn’t commenter Los Doyers going to, perhaps already is in, Rio?

      1. There’s a Umich swimmer competing in the open water event. I wonder if he’s reconsidering after saying he wasn’t worried at all about pollution in the water.

      2. He and his contagion are on their way back as we speak.

      3. He’s on a flight to Rio right now. To take pictures. And then share them.

        1. I’m a little intrigued. A little afraid.

        2. You’re going to be so disappointed.

          1. Oh, I’m not expecting any pics of the chick who friend-zoned him.

            I want random booty shots of chicks on the beach in thongs.

        3. He’s on a flight to Rio right now. To take pictures. And then share them.

          +1 sticky note.

    2. The super bacteria can cause hard-to-treat urinary, gastrointestinal, pulmonary and bloodstream infections, along with meningitis.

      That’s, uh, quite the cocktail, there.

      1. I have it on good authority that cocktails are the cure.

    3. Come for the Zika, stay for the meningitis!

  19. “Republicans consider their options for dumping Donald Trump.”

    Goodness, the Neocons will get the party back even if Trump wins somehow, they don’t have to be so bitter.

    1. And that’s a “moderate Muslim” organization….

      1. One granted innumerable podiums by, and open access to, the administration.

      2. I think it’s an Islamist dude pretending to be moderate.

        In hopes of getting an undeserved credibility, or faking people out so that like in John Carpenter’s The Thing, you can’t tell who’s the real moderate.

    2. Not if I have any say in the matter, you goat fucking little sand monkey!

      1. Since you won’t have any guns to defend yourself or the right to even speak up, you actually will have nothing to say about it.


    3. 60% more loyal to their religion than to the country? Get outta here. No Christian would ever say that.

      1. Yeah, that’s pretty weak sauce. And to the rest of them that want to “take over the country”, well… you’re welcome to try.

        1. Every Democrat and most Republicans are on their side, what’s to stop them?

    4. 60% of anyone being more loyal to their faith rather than America seems good to me…

    5. Arabs – the original slavers.

    6. We must be tolerant of traitors.

    7. That sounds kind of scary, but isn’t that pretty much what members of any evangelical (in which I include Islam and most sorts of Christians) sort of religion believe?

  20. Attention SF area Reasonoids! We are planning a meetup on July 3rd. Email me at my handle @ to get on the list.

    1. Isn’t that “Hate America Day” in the bay area?

      1. I thought that was every day.

      2. Now at least one of you have to reveal to me that PapayaSF is commie and Bolivarian Maduro sympathizer like I’ve always known.

    2. Are Warty and his basement in SF?

  21. Jo Cox murder: Thomas Mair asked for mental health treatment day before MP died

    The man accused of murdering Jo Cox sought help for his mental health problems the night before she was killed – but was told to make an appointment and come back the next day.

    Mr Mair, 52, visited an alternative therapy centre in Birstall on Wednesday evening, the night before Mrs Cox was killed, where he explained he wanted treatment for depression.

    The owner of the Birstall Wellbeing Centre told Mr Mair to return the next day for an appointment but he never went back.

    1. So, Britain, how’s that National Health thing working out for you?

      1. Socialists don’t like start-up death panels.

      2. Not to promote the NHS, but an appointment the next day for someone complaining of depression isn’t really bad. It’s not as if he went in complaining of murderous impulses.

        1. They should have a form with a check box:

          Do you plan on murdering anyone within the next:

          – 24 hours
          – 48 hours
          – Week
          – Month
          – Year
          – No plans to murder anyone

          Come on, any health bureaucracy worth it’s smelling salt should know how to triage!

    2. The NHS: the envy of the world.

    3. I guess the NHS really needs to do more for mental health.

    4. Unpossible! Guns are illegal in Limeytardia.

  22. A Vox editor wants to take your guns and your property. My response.

    That guy is clearly “smart” in that he probably did well on tests and seems familiar enough with basic concepts (like, he’s at least heard of the Theory of Moral Sentiments). I don’t understand how anyone can be a full-on communist, like him.

    What is his actual end goal, in his head? Does he want poor people to be better off? Well, they’re clearly better off in capitalist and tend to benefit when countries become more capitalist, even if not perfect (see, China). He rails against capitalism because it “serves the interests of the plutocrats.” Are they really that offended by rich people doing well in a system when everyone else is doing well, as well?

    1. They don’t test like they used to.

    2. No leftist ever wants poor people “better off”, just more dependent and more subservient and therefore happier.

      1. These people don’t want happiness. It’s basically a hate based belief system, and it’s no different than other hate groups. They desire power and control and the ability to harm others. It’s that simple.

    3. Are they really that offended by rich people doing well in a system when everyone else is doing well, as well?

      Yes. That’s kinda the whole thing, actually.

      1. What he said.

  23. How Hired Hackers Got “Complete Control” Of Palantir

    It is not known whether Palantir’s systems have ever been breached by real-world intruders. But the results of the hacking exercise ? known as a “red team” test ? show how a company widely thought to have superlative ability to safeguard data has struggled with its own data security.

    The red team intruders, finding that Palantir lacked crucial internal defenses, ultimately “had complete control of PAL’s domain,” the Veris report says, using an acronym for Palantir. The report recommended that Palantir “immediately” take specific steps to improve its data security.

    1. Started in part with CIA money, the 12-year-old Palantir has developed an aura of secrecy and potency that helps it recruit bright engineers and attract corporate clients. Its chairman is Peter Thiel, the widely admired venture capitalist and former PayPal CEO (who recently admitted to secretly funding a lawsuit brought by the wrestler Hulk Hogan against Gawker Media). Part software shop and part consulting firm, Palantir places its “forward deployed engineers” on-site at client offices and uses custom-tailored software to crunch vast amounts of data.

      Its customers include financial institutions, such as the giant hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, and government groups such as the military’s Special Operations Command. Palantir is the third most valuable American technology startup, behind only Uber and Airbnb.

      1. This basically means the CIA sued Gawker.

    2. The red team intruders, finding that Palantir lacked crucial internal defenses, ultimately “had complete control of PAL’s domain,” the Veris report says, using an acronym for Palantir. The report recommended that Palantir “immediately” take specific steps to improve its data security.

      Sounds about right. That’s what red teams do.

      1. I thought red teams moved to a total state, only slightly more slowly than blue teams.

  24. Republicans consider their options for dumping Donald Trump breaking new ground in committing institutional suicide.

    1. No one will be able to call them racist after this!

    2. Even if they do manage to dislodge him, who they gonna run? The article mentions Cruz and Romney. I don’t see either of those candidates defeating Clinton.

      1. Actually, I could see Romney doing it. He came much closer to beating Obama than McCain did, and Clinton is the second most hated presidential candidate in history behind Trump. Cruz though, no way.

        1. I don’t involve myself in US political discussions because Canadian, but, hear me out:

          Weld/Johnson ticket for Republicans.

          Weld is more palatable to the mainstream GOP as a presidential candidate.
          Johnson will pull in the Millennials by the dozen.

          Best part? We can keep Johnson/Weld on LP ticket.

        2. Only because Romney ran against Obama in 2012 and McCain ran against hopey changey blank slate 2008 Obama.

          A limp dry sheet could have done as well as that turd Romney.

    3. My prediction:

      IF they boot Trump, whoever they replace him with isn’t going to get many votes at all from Trump supporters, and they will be defeated in the general by the biggest landslide in history. And I expect a lot of down-ballot damage, as well.

      Thus giving Hillary and undeniable mandate, and probably the Senate.

      1. I agree.

      2. If they dump Trump, I’ll vote a straight dem ticket for at least a decade out of spite. Fuck those cocksuckers.

    4. Republicans consider their options for dumping Donald Trump breaking new ground in committing institutional suicide.

      “You know, in certain older civilized cultures, when men failed as entirely as you have, they would throw themselves on their swords.”

  25. A few weeks ago, Pointman told a sad story about a woman who lost much to the communists. Never forget what the commies were. As long as we remember their victims, their deaths won’t be in vain.

    A Berlin Story: Beate

    People can tell you terrible things and always, always, all the detail that has haunted them down the years makes it like it just happened to them yesterday. It’s there. Her mother’s eyes looking at her for some sort of forgiveness for seeing the terrible things no child should ever see, as they raped her bent over the smashed cruet on the kitchen table. It was all still there in her head, now running afresh in lurid technicolour.

    They got around to Beate after putting a bullet through the back of her mother’s head and blowing the front of her face all over the table, and that’s what constituted the deflowering of her maidenhood. They didn’t kill her. Perhaps a whim, perhaps she already looked dead to them. Who knows. They left her alive anyway, bleeding on the kitchen floor.

    1. Feel the Bern.

  26. Russian track and field athletes are banned from competing in the Rio Olympics.

    1. I’m astonished.

    2. I don’t get why Russia has to put ANY testing in place. Test the athletes at Rio.

    3. At least Russia truly supports “My body, my choice.”

  27. My favorite response to Robbie’s tweet:

    Gun control has never been a traditional leftist position. You need guns for revolution.

    I just can’t even . . . .

    1. .. not once you seize control of the state.

  28. EXCLUSIVE: FBI investigating ‘conspiracy’ tip from a rose peddler who claims Orlando shooter and his ‘pretty-eyed’ wife met regularly with a group of six other ‘foreigners’ in a dark corner of a West Palm Beach bar

    She says she saw Mateen and Salman over Saturdays nights at a local bar with a group of other ‘foreigners’ – four other men and two women. After the identity of the shooter emerged, she was concerned enough that she called a retired police officer she knows to tell him what she saw.
    The retired cop, Rick Sessa, then called the FBI to make sure agents would follow up.

    1. A former nursing student, she was forced to cut her studies short when she was attacked savagely by her ex-husband who nearly stabbed her to death in front of their two boys.
      She recovered, but she partly lost control of the left side of her body and started working menial jobs to feed the boys.
      About six months ago, I started making it a habit of talking to a group of foreign people that I saw playing pool in the back once a month or so,’ she continued. ‘They’re always the same five men and three women. They’re playing and having fun and they always have wisecracks for me.’
      Crystal now says one of the women in the group was Noor Salman.
      She says: ‘There’s not a single doubt in my mind. I struck a friendship with her because she’d always defend me when the men got rude to me. I commented about her pretty eyes and I talked to her every time I saw them.
      ‘I spoke to her four or five times over the past six months. I am 100 per cent sure. That was the wife of the terrorist I see on TV every night.’

      The Daily Mail is on the case!

    2. So then one of the cops calls Sessa and says, “you’ve stumbled on something really big…wait here, I’ll come get you.”

      No, I’m thinking of a different movie.

    3. I heard he was trying to buy a palette(sic?) of ammo and an armored vest…you don’t need that much ammo for one operation.

      1. If the recollection of the gun store owner who reported him is correct, he spoke on the phone with someone immediately after being told he couldn’t buy the body armor, so I’m thinking we’ll hear a lot more about this angle in the next few days.

        1. It makes me think John’s paranoid ranting about body armor a few months ago was actually on point.

          1. Meh. If I recall, his argument was that letting people have body armor means criminals will wear it and guns will be useless for self-defense against them, or something. I’m not an expert, but that doesn’t pass the smell test. My understanding is that body armor can save your life from a bullet, but it doesn’t turn you into Superman and let you just bounce bullets off your chest and keep on going. So the only way I could see body armor really changing the calculus of what happened at the nightclub is that the shooter may have lived (but almost certainly still been incapacitated) when the cops lit him up.

    4. That can’t be. I have been assured repeatedly and shrilly by progs that this has nothing to do with radical Islam, that he was just a crazy person who happened to be Muslim and that to think otherwise is to marginalize a vulnerable population.

    5. The retired cop, Rick Sessa, then called the FBI to make sure agents would follow up dismiss it.

      1. Is he Muslim? Yes. Well better drop it then.

      2. I wouldn’t trust the word of a cop either.

  29. The Attorney Generals United for Clean Power get warned by other AG’s that they are starting a war that they will not win:

    We are concerned that our colleagues’ investigation undermines the trust the people have invested in Attorneys General to investigate fraud. Investigatory subpoenas were issued to at least one company and one non-profit believed to have made statements minimizing the risks of climate change. 2 At the press conference, one of our colleagues noted that “[w]e are pursuing this as we would any other fraud matter.”3 We routinely investigate fraud, and have done so with many of the states present at the press conference. But this investigation is far from routine. We are unaware of any fraud case combining the following three characteristics: 1) the investigation targets a particular type of market participant; 2) the Attorneys General identify themselves with the competitors of their investigative targets; and 3) the investigation implicates an ongoing public policy debate.

    It’s a devastating letter. And well worth reading in full.

    1. You think that “fuck off, fascist” reply to the subpoena had anything to do with this?

      1. I think anybody who isn’t a braid dead progressive recognized the fascistic nature of ‘AGs United for Clean Power’ the moment they made their creepy announcement.

        1. I think a lot of people are thinking that maybe we don’t need Attorneys General anymore.

          1. They seem to all be like the biggest dicks.

            1. They seem to all be like the biggest dicks.

              They awe impowtant men in Wome?
              They command the cwack legion?

              1. Stwike him, Centuwion, vewy woughly!

        2. The brain dead proggies recognized the fascism, I have no doubt. They cheered for it, because it was their fascism. Forgetting, as ever, the Iron Law:

          Me today, you tomorrow.

          From what I know of how the interrelated proggy groups work, they have a lot more to fear from a RICO case than the conservatives do.

    2. ) the Attorneys General identify themselves with the competitors of their investigative targets

      That’s the nucular bomb in the pudding that it seems so few in the media talk about.

    1. Including dental dams?

  30. KMW interviewed by poynter.

    “Reason is always on the lookout for ways to make the world more free, more fair and more fun. We’re big tent; we’re not in the gatekeeper business of saying who’s in and who’s out of the libertarian club.”

    This is why KMW hates us (some of us, anyway).

    1. Even as a Weekly Standard reporter (and fact checker before that ? the most thankless job in journalism, but a hell of a great experience to have under your belt as a writer and editor) I was the token libertarian. (Editor) Bill Kristol would wander by my desk and say stuff like “you really think we should legalize heroin?” and I’d say “yep,” and he’d snort a little and meander off.

      KMW with the euphemism (that’s why Postrel hates us).

      1. I didn’t catch that first time through. I hope it was intentional.

    2. My most valuable advice to interns: Ramen is less depressing and more delicious if you poach an egg in the broth while the noodles are cooking.

      Then poach 11 more eggs in the broth, throw away the noodles, and you’ve got a meal.

      1. Whatever you say, Wolfang Puck

  31. Denial

    NO NO NO

    That’s not how you do it

  32. “AR-15-style weapons weren’t legal in the United States until 2004 after being banned for 10 years. It is not coincidental that there was a massive increase in mass shootings in this country after 2004.”
    ? Murphy, June 15

    You have to be pretty ignorant to say something like that. AR15’s were sold the entire time albeit without bayonet lugs and flash supressors which have zero to do with the guns operation or lethality. Of course bayoneting attacks dropped 100% the first year. And if you were shot you were now blinded by the flash too.

  33. Why the ADA remains the most awesome piece of legislation ever crafted

    Also notable = not sure the legal implication of getting the courts to recognize Gender Dysphoria as a *disability*

    1. Not sure about a lot of implications there as well. I would think socons would be like, ok as long as you are willing to admit it’s a mental disability and not “normal” we’ll allow it

    2. The law says “disability” shall not include “transvestism, transsexualism, pedophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, gender identity disorders not resulting from physical impairments, or other sexual behavior disorders.”

      “We never claimed it was a *perfect* law!”

    3. Being transgender today is no longer considered a disorder by the American Psychiatric Association, but it can give rise to gender dysphoria, a type of anxiety that may require medical treatment and thus should also be covered by the ADA, transgender advocates say.

      Just tell us how we can do this without disrupting government cheques?

  34. Cultural Appropriation

    The West’s attempt to colonize indigenous squatting practices is shameful cultural imperialism

      1. And as usual, everything poor brown people do is better than our Western Capitalist methods

        1. Does that include “drive like shit?”

    1. The squatty potty works as advertised.

  35. Winner of today’s “At least the headline is *clear* award”

    Woman puts toddler in burning SUV, then climbs in; both die

    the same story ran elsewhere with “…and you won’t believe what happened next

    1. Yeah, gLibertarians, what say you now about leaving your kid in a hot car?

      1. I congratulate you for going to dark places I was unable to even think of.

        1. You have no idea. I think it’s a disorder.

    2. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to die like that

  36. Finally, an issue that all corners of the political landscape can unite on:

    Squirrels Suck

    1. I hate squirrels second to birds

    2. It’s a Slate article… I’m still scanning it for the Gender identity angle.

    3. I have my pellet gun ready to take out any that start eating pine cones out of the trees in my front yard.

  37. A Vox editor wants to take your guns and your property.

    (googles author photo)

    Yeah, I’m not too worried about that.

    1. Lenin wasn’t much to look at, and yet….

      Felix Dzerzhinsky in 1909 however…

      1. Well, one thing that Vox editors apparently have learned from ol’ Felix is that you don’t necessarily need to be curb stomped in prison to achieve a permanent smirk. Whether they possess his revolutionary bravado, however…

        1. I’d love to see those fluffy bunnies at Vox meet a real hands-on revolutionary, like old Felix, General Giap or Milovan Djilas. Let alone any of the enforcers that turn up once the regime is ensconced.

    2. He won’t take your guns, like all tweedy, bookish intellectuals spouting marxist ideology, he outsources his violence.

      1. Can I get some muscle here that’s not on mandated union break?

    1. I just read an article about a firearms store owner that alerted the FBI like two weeks ago about the shooter and another article stating that the shooter’s wife – who is now apparently believed to be a co-conspirator – has just vanished into thin air. The government has been so pathetically incompetent throughout this whole thing that it boggles my mind how anyone could think the solution to any problem is more government.

      1. has just vanished into thin air.

        That’s unpossible. The FBI has cameras like everywhere.

      2. No different than the Islamic shitholes thinking the final solution is always MoAr Allah.

  38. Er, you have to take the guns before you abolish property. Socialists, can’t even plan their dystopia properly

    Robby, hat’s off to you. You won the Twitter today.

  39. The NYT provided a good, general summary of the Orlando situation.

    The leader of the Orlando police SWAT team added new detail to accounts of the massacre and defended the handling of the siege, saying that a lot of people believe, wrongly, that “we weren’t doing anything for a long period of time.”
    “From the beginning of this, officers were running inside and trying to save people,” Capt. Mark Canty said. “They were setting up around the outside trying to figure out how to get people out.”

    Dipshit, if you don’t tell us anything how would we know what happened?

    1. Officers rescued people escape throughout a three-hour standoff, including removing an air conditioner from a wall to allow several people in one room to climb out.
      Officials decided to storm the club after Mr. Mateen threatened to strap himself and hostages with explosives, which later turned out to have been a bluff. Law enforcement teams used explosives to try to blow a hole in the outer wall of the club, but they did not completely breach it. Then they used an armored vehicle to make a hole by ramming the building, but they had to do it repeatedly, Mr. Canty said, trying to find the spot where some people were trapped.
      A battery pack that officers saw through the bomb squad robot camera ? which led them to believe there were explosives inside ? turned out to have been from an exit sign or a smoke detector, Mayor Buddy Dyer said.

      1. Federal law enforcement officials said Thursday that the F.B.I. is increasingly skeptical of reports that Mr. Mateen was gay but “closeted,” that he had been visiting gay clubs or that he had used gay dating apps. The bureau has recovered the Samsung phone he used the night of the attack, and is trying to retrieve data from it.
        Investigators believe his wife, Noor Zahi Salman, drove Mr. Mateen to Pulse within a week or two of the shooting, apparently to assess the target, the officials said. She has told agents that she tried to talk her husband out of mounting an attack, and Justice Department say it is not clear if she will face criminal charges.

        I was unaware of most of this information.

        1. If we put her on death row for being an accomplice to 50 murders, the Muslim world will call us The Great Satan.

          So to avoid an international uproar we’ll have to rape her first, then Muslims will happily kill her for us.

          1. We could always tie her to a cot, drench her with kerosene and burn her alive like a loving mother.


        2. She has told agents that she tried to talk her husband out of mounting an attack

          Dumb criminal turns out to be smarter than the Justice Dept.

    2. “They were setting up around the outside trying to figure out how to get people out.”

      All too often, that means hiding in an MRAP for hours.

    3. a lot of people believe, wrongly, that “we weren’t doing anything for a long period of time.”

      This sounds like the Pentagon’s dispute that they never ordered anyone to “Stand Down” in Benghazi.

      “We ordered them to remain in place while conditions were assessed”.

      They were PLANNING. that’s not nothing.

  40. No gender pay gap at Expedia, but [you’ll never believe what we did find that allows us to still blame the patriarchy]…..its-ranks/

  41. “”You know, it’s funny. Sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is when people are lining up for food. That’s a good thing.” – Bernie Sanders…..heir-time/

    1. If he somehow gets the nom, that quote will kill him.
      Hell, it might hurt him in his senate run if anyone in VT wanted to run for once.

  42. A Vox editor wants to take your guns and your property.

    To be fair, his argument is that you can take people’s guns once the government abolishes private property. Which is reminiscent of magical thinking. No one can really abolish private property; the government merely turns into a gigantic criminal operation but it is not like people stop wanting to possess stuff.

    Three ways Democrats are lying about gun control and mass shootings.

    There are actually several million other ways but the WaPo pays us by the word, so….

    Republicans consider their options for dumping Donald Trump.

    …. and still make it look like an accident.

  43. So the news story about a hacker stealing DNC opposition research on Trump wasn’t exactly the whole story:

    “Leaked document shows the DNC wanted Clinton from start”

    See the hacker’s words for yourself.

    1. I dont think that’s a surprise to anyone.

      tho the donors to bernie might be a tad miffed

    2. “Leaked document shows the DNC wanted Clinton from start”

      Not to throw cold water on your link but uhh, was this really a secret conspiracy?

      1. in theory – and very tenuous theory – there could be suits filed by people who feel that their donations to the party were being misused. Or suit filed by the bernie campaign, or their donors.

        But it aint never happening. everyone involved knew that sanders was only serving as Clinton’s sparring partner. His supporters however might feel a bit cheated, so there’s nothing wrong with highlighting this and rubbing it in many voters faces.

        1. I’m no lawyer (or doctor) but when you donate to The Party, The Party uses your money as it sees fit.

          Case dismissed bitches.

          1. when you donate to The Party, The Party uses your money as it sees fit.

            not sure. there’s a reason some people choose to donate to the party instead of to a candidate’s PAC. if the party prospectus (or whatever similar mission-statement) is at odds with their actual activities, it might be considered misuse. i have very limited experience with charities/nfp orgs, and they can sometimes get into problem territory when they get large donations from people who later complain about how its been allocated.

  44. The trick is, if you abolish private property rights, it’s much easier to solve the gun issue.

    I am assured that nobody is a sincere Communist anymore.

    I am also assured “nobody wants to take your guns”.

    These assurances are, of course, vacuuous.

  45. DHS report calls for eliminating use of terms such as “jihad” and “sharia”:…..haria.html

    Supposedly, the use of these terms will hamper so-called “countering violent extremism” programs.

    And in completely unrelated news, here are some of the things the Orlando shooter posted on FB mid massacre:

    I pledge my alliance to (ISIS leader) abu bakr al Baghdadi..may Allah accept me.


    The real muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the west.

    You kill innocent women and children by doing us taste the Islamic state vengeance.

    Investigators still looking for a motive.
    Move along, nothing to see here…

    1. oopsy, forgot to close blockquote tag.

      1. It’s funny how they fucking have a motive that crashed through their livingroom like a drunk driving a Uhaul, but they just can’t say it. It’s like they’re “Nah, that wasn’t real, there must be something else”.

        1. In 2013, Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen allegedly threatened to kill a Fla. sheriff’s deputy and his family, yet the FBI did not act upon the threat once it had been reported by the sheriff’s office.

          According to the Treasure Coast Palm, the incident occurred while Mateen ? a licensed security professional with G4S Security ? was hired as an extra patrolman at the St. Lucie County Courthouse.

          The deputy in question allegedly made a comment about the Middle East which infuriated Mateen, reports St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara.

          “Omar became very agitated and made a comment that he could have Al Qaeda kill my employee and his family,” he told the TC Palm Wednesday. “If that wasn’t bad enough, he followed it up with very disturbing comments about women and followed it up with very disturbing comments about Jews and then went on to say that the Fort Hood shooter was justified in his actions.”

          Mascara stated the Sheriff’s Office requested Mateen be removed from his post and reported the threat to the FBI, who eventually concluded that “Mateen was not a threat.”

          Bang up job, guys. No one could have seen this coming.

          1. “Simply the best. Better than all the rest.”

            1. Omar Mateen watched Islamic State terrorist videos ? including some showing brutal beheadings ? and talked to co-workers about them, according to government and congressional sources briefed by the FBI on the investigation into the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando?.

              Sources familiar with a classified briefing that Comey and National Counterterrorism Center Director Nicholas Rasmussen gave to House members this week said Mateen had also told his co-workers that he wanted to become a “martyr” in an operation. If the FBI “raided his house and killed his wife and child, that would free him to martyr himself in an operation,” Mateen had told co-workers, according to two sources who attended the briefing.

              But other evidence emerging in the investigation also points to a troubled man who was experiencing psychological problems, even as he expressed solidarity with Islamic terror groups?.

              Comey has defended the FBI’s decision to terminate its investigation in 2013 after Mateen told agents in two interviews that he only made the statements that alarmed co-workers “in anger” because he was being teased as a Muslim. Sources who attended the Comey briefing say the FBI also discovered that some of what Mateen had told his colleagues was untrue. For example, agents found that, contrary to what he had said, Mateen did not get his car from suicide bomber Abusalha or any other Islamic martyr but from a relative.

              1. What is the point of having the giant Homeland security apparatus and not doing more to check on this guy?

            2. The deputy in question allegedly made a comment about the Middle East which infuriated Mateen, reports St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara.


              1. I wonder if one could accuse the gays of “punching down” because of their flamboyant lifestyle which is, according to Islam, frowned upon.

          2. Oh, I just thought of something– if it turns out the British shooter who killed the MP was in fact shouting “Britain first!” and it’s determined that he had shot her because of his hard-line thoughts on Britain leaving the EU, will we believe him, or will we continue to search for the real motive?

          3. “Disturbing comments about Jews”

            So he’s a self hating Jew as well as a self hating homosexual!?? I can’t even.

  46. Trump is what happened when the GOP did not follow their principles of small limited government.

    1. I’m tired of the Transgender panic.

  47. You know your 3-day weekend is off to a good start when you wake up from your nap at 6, go “Boy am I awake early on Saturday” and then slowly realize it’s 6 PM Friday.

    Hells, yeah.

      1. Had to Google it. Pretty funny.

        Although I didn’t endanger anyone except the bunny in my garden who will not leave my freaking plants alone.

  48. Wow man that makes a ll kinds of crazy sense dude.

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