Trump's Hate-Letters, Sonic Youthers Feels the Bern, and We're All Living in Elon Musk's Acid Trip: Matt Welch Does Red Eye

Tune into Fox News at 3 a.m.


I will be appearing tonight on the Fox News current events/humor program Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue at 3 a.m., along with comedians Kate Wolff and Nathan MacIntosh, plus regulars Joanne Nosuchinsky and TV's Andy Levy. Subjects are slated to include:

* Donald Trump's hand-written communications.

* Thurston Moore's new Bernie track.

* Cory Booker doing the impossible by making one feel sympathy for Bon Jovi's art.

* Elon Musk's we're-all-living-in-a-computer-simulation-dude theory.

* Ryan Gosling desperately trying to get in good graces with the ladies.