Election 2016

Nick Gillespie Talking Gary Johnson, William Weld, Pot Prohibition Tonite at 8 PM ET

Sits down with Kennedy to discuss why Libertarians are winning & why New York's top cop is all wrong about marijuana and violence.


NYPD publicity still

Tonight, I'll be on Fox Business' Kennedy, which airs at 8 P.M. Eastern time. For more details on the show, go here.

The topics covered include why New York Police Commissioner was simply out of his mind when he recently declared that the marijuana trade is the source of "most" of the violence in Gotham. In fact, using pot—or even dealing it—doesn't make people violent. Rather (and you'd think a lifer cop like Bratton would know this), it's the black-market status of weed that creates the violence.

The eponymous host Kennedy and I also discussed whether Libertarians will take a shine to former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, whom presidential candidate Gary Johnson has named as his vice president pick.

It's a lively conversation, so check it out at 8 P.M. ET at Fox Business.

A few weeks ago, I was on Bill Maher's Real Time on HBO, along with Ann Coulter, Dan Savage, Bryan Cranston, and Richard Taite. Here's a clip from that show.

There's more clips and full-length show (for HBO Now and Go subscribers) online here.

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  1. You couldn’t pay me to watch that shrill harpy.
    And fuck Ann Coulter too.

    1. I would

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  2. Oh no he di’ent


    1. Shit just got real.

  3. Trump:

    We are allowing tens of thousands of them into our country now.,

    President Duh.

  4. Feds seeking death penalty for Roof


    1. If anyone needs the death penalty he does, but of course it’s my understanding that South Carolina is already seeking the death penalty.

      I suppose the feds are just trying to hump this case’s leg.

      1. …it’s my understanding that South Carolina is already seeking the death penalty.

        Kill him twice. Make sure he’s good and dead. Twice the deterrent.

      2. I suppose the feds are just trying to hump this case’s leg.

        Did you make that dog reference because the defendant’s name is ‘ROOF!!’? Well, bow-wow.

    2. Not sure if that guy is mentally ill or evil, or both. Regardless, he doesn’t belong in society.

      1. I guess I’m a troglodyte, but I have no problem executing people for terrible crimes, no matter what their mental state is.

        1. When it’s a shut and closed case like this and this totally evil.

          1. Yeah, I agree. I believe that there should be evidentiary requirements to seek the death penalty but this case certainly would meet any set of requirements one would devise.

            1. Now we have this bizarre dance: are they sane? What, exactly, is their IQ?

              “If you score low enough on this test, we won’t execute you.”

              “Um, OK!”

              1. Seems like it’s pretty rare now days to see those defenses be successful. Maybe on appeal.

                1. Well, I think most of them in the past have been bullshit last resort defenses. Clearly, no one sane should be getting off on shit like this. And the insane need to be separated from sane society. Said by a true big L libertarian. I’m leaving the death sentence up to a jury.

        2. I guess I’m a troglodyte, but I have no problem executing people for terrible crimes, no matter what their mental state is.

          Here’s my issue with the death penalty: You aren’t killing somebody in self defense; this person is already 100% under the physical control of the government. He is not a current threat. It is against the NAP to take a prisoner in chains, completely helpless, and kill that person.
          And before you start with “that’s what he deserves”, understand that you are now making the government the abattoir of who deserves to live or not.

          1. I agree. Life in prison yes. Murder by State no.

            1. I don’t want to be on the hook for fucks like the one mentioned.

              Old Mexican has offered a better solution: banishment. They are out of society, and we don’t have to support their care/upkeep. I like anything that hits those two criteria.

          2. Also Denver J., instead of abattoir, maybe you meant arbiter? Although, The State as an abattoir may be prescient.

            You may have just had an awesome John-o.

            1. Autocorrect, choosing the least-likely-word-i-meant-to-spell since 200something.

          3. But there is also the aspect of justice. If I am to be expected to delegate the meting out of justice to the government (as opposed to taking care of it myself), then they better deliver. If someone brings evil to my family and I don’t not believe the government is going to provide me justice then I’ll just handle it myself. Sure if I’m caught I go to jail, but some old family patriarchs (and matriarchs for that matter) may well not give a shit. So in addition to keeping society safe from criminals, that also want to prevent society from taking matters into their own hands. I remember years ago when child molesters where getting slaps on the wrist some mom shot the dude who had been messing with her kid in court. Instead of people saying that she should have let the law sort it out they were like fuck yeah, we’re tired of the courts not doing their job. It’s not just about society.

            1. do not believe

            2. It was 1993 so been a while


            3. I also do not use commas when I’m drunk.

              Your night is better than mine so far.

  5. This year’s crop of faux “libertarian” candidates seem more like progressive busybodies.

    Bill Weld was a deep disappointment as governor of Massachusetts. He supported extreme regulations that even Massachusetts voters rejected (like the Big Green initiative).

    Weld appointed SJW free-speech-haters to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, kept the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court left-wing, and appointed politically-correct zealots to state trial courts.

    Weld is an avid supporter of government-mandated affirmative action and racial preferences.

    Gary Johnson failed to fix New Mexico’s awful, left-leaning judiciary, which spawns baseless lawsuits while keeping innocent people in jail (the state judiciary later ordered a wedding photographer to photograph a lesbian wedding. As law professor Eugene Volokh noted in the Washington Post, that violated free speech, since court rulings recognize photography as speech).

    Johnson falsely claims there is some century-old public accommodation law in this country that requires virtually every business to serve everyone — like a Jewish baker forced to serve Nazis — when there is no such thing. Wedding photographers, or even bakeries, were never considered public accommodations a century ago, and were only redefined as public accommodations by recent anti-discrimination laws, which transformed the concept by redefining virtually every small private business as a public accommodation.

    1. Fuck Bill Weld and Johnson for selecting this guy. Where’s the case for Weld being a libertarian? Has Reason made the case yet? Is anyone making the case?

      Fuck it, I’m done. McAfee/Weiss 2016.

      1. Not seen it yet aside from a glowing accolade that supposedly Weld was receiving a lot of positive attention.

        I think I’ve only seen Jesse Walker make the case that Weld wasn’t Libertarian. No case-fors, yet.

      2. Hyperion: You can have your principles, or you can win. This is why The Libertarian Moment will never happen: The LP is principled, until they nominate non principled people. It’s theatre. It’s bullshit.

        1. Yeah, win with something not Libertarian? to advance Libertarianism. Or something. Makes total sense.

          Fuck off.

    2. the state judiciary later ordered a wedding photographer to photograph a lesbian wedding.

      The opinion in that case was written by Edward Chavez,who was appointed by Bill Richardson in 2003, after Johnson’s terms were up. Don’t know about the other justices at that time, can’t find any more information on them. My google-fu isn’t strong. As of now, there’s only one (out of five) Johnson appointee left on the NM Supreme Court bench. FYI.

    3. There are few things in the world the fake libertarians seem to like more than fake republicans.

      Reason has practically turned this into a cottage industry, and unfortunately the national party seems to be following suit.

  6. Nice job on Maher Nick.

  7. Sits down with Kennedy to discuss why Libertarians are winning

    Ok, guys, enough is enough. I mean really. Libertarians are winning? Everyone knows that Democrats are delusional, do we need to be labeled in that way? Why is this site called Reason?

    1. I know. It’s one thing to cheerlead, but given the way things are going, I feel like a Japanese citizen in 1944 who keeps hearing official radio broadcasts about great victories, which keep happening closer and closer to the home islands….

      1. Libertarian’s own Baghdad Bob…

  8. Honest question: if you had to vote for Trump or Clinton who would you vote for? It has to be one of them and you have to give a reason. Here’s mine:

    I’d vote for Clinton because of her experience, the people she would appoint to the SC, and I trust Democrats more than Republicans to protect civil liberties.

    1. No. It doesn’t have to be one of them. Wow, you’d vote for Clinton? Wow, I’m shocked that someone with no morals or brains supports a candidate with the same attributes.

      1. I’m not saying I will vote for her; just that I would vote for her hypothetically over trump. Come on. Just play, you fucking coward.

        1. you fucking coward.

          Says the man who just loves farming out his violence to others.

        2. I don’t play retard games. And cowards are those like you, who cannot take care of yourself and need the government to do it. I’m doing just fine.

        3. I will answer your question, american socialist, after you answer mine:

          If you absolutely had to choose to have one of your tiny testicles crushed in a vise, which would you choose, the left or the right?

          1. Chipper, you are assuming facts not yet in evidence. How do we know american socialist has balls???

    2. I would vote Trump with the grim satisfaction that my vote scuttles yours.

    3. I’d vote for neither.

      As for fuck/face Clinton, she is a racist war monger.

      She supports the racist war on drugs and is as big a war monger as Dick Cheney.

      1. She makes McCain and Graham (both of which probably support her) blush with her blood lust.

    4. Of course an abject retard like you believes that they are better on civil liberties.

      1. If you understand that “civil” liberties is just a perversion of liberty as a concept, one which grants people commiekid likes the power to delegate or withhold rights, then you understand why commiekid likes Dems’ support of civil liberties. They’re not better at upholding liberties, they’re better at inventing or deprecating rights.

        1. Indeed.

    5. If Clinton is elected, she will violate civil liberties, and let liberal bureaucrats do so with impunity. The press will cheerfully let them get away with it, out of ideological sympathy (as happened with the IRS’s targeting of Tea Party groups). That often happens in Democratic administrations.

      JFK’s use of IRS harassment and intimidation against his enemies is still celebrated today by liberal columnists. As the Cato Institute’s Gene Healy notes,

      “In a November 2011 column, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank offered ‘A Machiavellian model for Obama’ in Jack Kennedy’s ‘kneecapping’ and ‘mob-style threats’ against steel-company executives who’d dared to raise prices. . . . Milbank observed that ‘the price increase was rolled back’ only after ‘subpoenas flew [and] FBI agents marched into steel executives’ offices’: ‘Sometimes, that’s how it must be. Can Obama understand that?'”

      Ms. Clinton sure does. She wants to ban the dissemination of books critical of political candidates in campaign season (Citizens United was about a non-profit’s desire to disseminate an anti-Hillary book, which enraged her).

      As Reason’s Robby Soave, who writes about campus speech codes, has noted, Hillary Clinton is more hostile to free speech than Barack Obama, not less. (Which is disturbing, given how Obama’s Office for Civil Rights has prodded colleges to adopt campus speech codes to ban “unwelcome” speech about racial and sexual matters).

      1. Yup, Hillary’s great on civil liberties, as long as you don’t count the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, the 10th Amendment….

    6. Honest question: if you had to vote for Trump or Clinton who would you vote for?

      Honest answer, I don’t have to vote for Trump or Clinton, so I won’t.

      1. Jesus Fucking Christ. Can people answer a hypothetical question without going to DefCon 1?

        1. Why would anyone want to play a game that you will just turn around and use to paint us all as Trump supporters?

          1. For the same reason that you all can use this post as proof I’m in the bag for Hillary.

            1. Why would we have to do that? No one even tried, you just admitted it without provocation.


            2. No one thinks of you in the bag for hillary. You’re in the bag for the Stalinist sanders. Hillary is just your second place holder.

            3. Ok, Jesus Christ , get your dick off my back. If you held a gun to my daughters head and told me to vote for hillary or trump, I’d vote for hillary, because she’s 100% establishment hack so little would change over the ensuing four years.

        2. It’s a pointless question with a hidden agenda. Refusing to answer is a valid choice, just as choosing not to vote is a valid choice.

      2. Honest question


    7. I’d vote Trump because the last thing the body politic needs is stability and more of the same.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I think 49% of the time when I’m playing this game. Drives my liberal friends on FB nuts.

    8. Neither. I refuse to endorse either of them. There is very little overlap between their Venn diagrams and mine, even if the Venn diagrams are properly prepared.

    9. if you had to vote for Trump or Clinton who would you vote for? It has to be one of them and you have to give a reason.

      I’d vote for Hillary; she is so incompetent, parasitical and corrupt that she would destroy whatever hypothetical organization that was extorting me to participate in your hypothetical election. Trump might destroy it, too; but I think the result would be more certain with Hillary.

      1. Yeah, if you want another 2 decades of GOP in control of congress and the Whitehouse, a couple of years of Hillary is definitely the solution. Her and ol Willy still think it’s 1990, but it’s not. She’ll be in prison before the 4 years are up. I just don’t have any excitement at all about 20 more years of GOP who are exactly like the Dems. I want real change, and sadly convinced it takes crash and burn and then lots of luck to not get something worse than we already have.

    10. I’d vote for Clinton – she’s old and sick and enough people think she’s the worst human being on the planet that one way or another she’s not going to make it very far past the inauguration. Trump’s not as old and sick and there’s a good chance at least one member of his Secret Service detail might actually feel duty-bound to take a bullet for him. I suspect Trump won’t survive the numerous attempts on his life either, but he’d last longer than Hillary by a good week or so.

      Then, too, Congress is going to attempt to block some of the things Hillary attempts to do if she gets elected, whereas if Trump gets elected the spineless weasels in Congress are going to go full lapdog out of fear Donny-boy will call them a mean name and make them cry like the little pantywaists they are and rubber-stamp anything he wants.

      1. She’s probably the person most likely to kill us all in a nuclear war. No way I could live with being a part of that.

    11. This is simple. Trump. The Dims would never vote to impeach Clinton, but Republicans would impeach Trump, if necessary.

  9. Kennedy is a host in the sense that she is possessed. She contains multitudes, or more accurately, legions, and they are babbling to get out.

    1. I was sort of watching her show a week or so ago (just happened to be on while I was busy with a client on the phone) and she was making fun of Kim Kardashian. I almost burst out laughing, which wouldn’t have been too cool at the moment. She can be pretty funny sometimes, but I’ve never been able to take her quite seriously.

      1. I don’t mind her too much, but I rarely watch cable news anyway. I miss the Independents threads, though, and of the three of them I’m surprised Kmele wasn’t moved up to a feature.

        1. Yeah, until Kennedy bitch whooped the three males and took over, I enjoyed the show a lot. And definitely miss the late nite threads that it spawned.

        2. Yeah, Kmele’s great.

  10. Bernie’s going to beat Shillary in Commiefornia, then the shit is really going to hit the fan.

    1. Nah, it’s over. You libertarians had a chance to vote for someone with grit and principles in the two party duopoly and you blew it. Jill stein, 2016.

      1. If by principles, you mean an explicit, verbal commitment to bread lines for America, we can agree on that.

        1. *SNORT*

      2. Bernie would be pretty legit if only he were pro-market and not promising more catastrophic entitlement spending.

        1. So the socialist would be pretty legit if he wasn’t a socialist…?

          1. Yeah, that pretty much surmises it.

            1. Vote For Bernie: Because if he was someone else, he’d be awesome.

      3. No, retard, most libertarians have not had that opportunity. I would have voted for Paul, but he was already out of the race by the time my state had a primary.

        Jill Stein, lolololol, WTF is a Jill Stein? Can you drink beer out of that?

        1. You could, and but if you did, it would taste like dogfish head. Not the craft beer by the same name, but the actual head of a dogfish.

      4. You know who else had grit and principles?

        1. Mattie Ross?

      5. The party of Venezuelan Chavezimo wants to discuss grit and principles. I suppose when you’ve nothing to eat, nothing to drink, and nothing to wipe your ass with, discussing the esoteric and sublime is a great way to pass the time. Until the rape mob and/or death squad ransacks your home, naturally.

        1. Why do you think the leftist democrats have nothing left but envy and bathroom wars?

        2. At least everyone is equal. Equally poor, but that’s better than unequally rich. It’s easier on the emotions.

          1. If you’re one of the party elites who do still have beer and toilet paper, then yeah it’s great.

          2. You know in their heart of hearts, commiekid and his fellow travelers fully expect to live among the political elect who enjoy the privilege of deciding the fates of their social inferiors, including penning lists for a modern reign of terror. And, coincidentally, living large on the dwindling largess of an economy succumbing to their policies. It marries all of their fantasies: dictating how others live their lives down to their ration of bum paper, enjoying a position of power they’ve always felt entitled to but never deserved, crushing the productive class under their heels, sating the horrendous lust for blood driving progressives; but most of all, commiekid and his ilk want to embrace the nihilism they hide in their hearts, the desperate desire for civilizational annihilation, to grind humanity into dust and spread it to the winds, to justify their own pathetic, short-lived lives by dragging humanity down with them. Above (or beneath) anything else, progressives and commies and socialists want to pen the requiem for humanity. Their immolating hatred knows no succor besides civilizational suicide.

            1. I’m always overjoyed when someone here really gets it.

  11. Di Blasio is hypnotized by the bag of weed. Just like a K9.

  12. I recorded the midnight repeat

  13. Is there any reason the world needs more TMNG? And I don’t just mean another $15 a head live-action snooze-fest, I mean why in the world does the world need more of this barrel-bottom-scraping shitshow? It’s stupid on the face of it. Turtles? FFS. Conceptually it’s like the LOLZ RANDUMB HUMOAR brand of mad libs. Intellectually insulting and unfunny to boot. If I wanted to sit through an hour and a half of this wannabe-absurdist camp crap I would pirate the latest season of Family Guy.

      1. The present is a gift, HM. That’s why they call it the present.

        The past is past because it’s a goddamn trainwreck and you have places to be.

        1. There is no past or future, only the waves of probability. And the probability is that there’s no libertarian moment and we’re all fucked in statist hell.

      2. Someone posted this earlier. Is this your Mulatto Bear army?


        1. Wait… a species is capable of interbreeding? Like, discrete breeds of a species can intermix as if they aren’t arbitrarily defined by zoologists based on geographic happenstance? You mean to say that the circumstances that wrought separate breeds of the same species may change such that those breeds are brought back in contact and the species is able to propagate a hybrid breed? You’re going to sit there and tell me that geological or, dare I say, climatic events might be fairly natural and in fact inevitable on the scale of geological time? And that it’s *not* an end-of-days scenario for either the species in question or the planet?

          1. You skipped the last 3rd of the article, where we learn why this is a terrible, terrible thing.

            Andrew Derocher, a professor of biological studies at the University of Alberta, has spent three decades studying bears throughout the Arctic. He, too, has a sobering view about where the hybridization is heading.

            “I hate to say it, but from a genetic perspective, it’s quite likely grizzly bears will eat polar bears up, genetically,” he told me. And he says the changes are already at play.

            1. Yeah, I didn’t even bother rtfa. I assumed it would be derp. Grizzly Polar Bears are cool though. From a distance, like over the internet or on tv.

            2. Look, the species we knew from the encyclopedia of our youth are the natural and God-granted inheritors of our planet.

              But those rancid conservatives with their old-school ideas about morality and relations between men and women are antiquated relics of the past unable to embrace our modern progressive society.

        2. So, bears were not able to interbreed before AGW, is that correct? I mean, is that correct according to retarded article that I’m not going to read.

          1. This mutant bear found in an uninhabitated artic wasteland is the only known specimen, never before seen by all the billions of humans who don’t live in the uninhabited artic wasteland. Something’s gotta account for such a statistically-improbable event. Going from zero specimens to one specimen is an infinite increase in the number of known specimens – much the same as before Europeans visited Australia there were exactly zero specimens of duck-billed platypi in the world and now Australia’s practically crawling with the mutant freaks. Too bad AGW can’t explain that – but fortunately European colonization with its patriarchy and capitalist imperialism and racist indigenous peoples oppression and its cultural appropriation can.

            1. How do we explain Neanderthal genes showing up in modern humans if not for SUVs and coal mines?

      3. HM, your anger would have more power if you hadn’t messed up your link.

        This is the only TMNT theme that matters

          1. There should only be none. 😛

          2. We do not talk about Highlander II.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know anything about that.

  14. OT: Here’s a factoid that shows how fast the world is improving. (via futilitycloset.com which I think the nerdy/literate/curious people among us would enjoy):

    When Orville Wright died, Neil Armstrong was already 17 years old.

    1. As an antidote to your optimism. It was only 66 years between the Wright Brother’s flight and Apollo 11; however, it’s been 44 years and counting since a human being last stepped foot on a celestial object other than the Earth.

      1. Been there, done that

      2. The same sad calculation can be made regarding aircraft: the 747 first flew in 1969: Are we much better of regarding air travel?

        1. The stewardesses are… more diverse.

          1. And older and heavier….

            1. Don’t get Crusty all excited

        2. “It’s a sobering thought, for example, that when Mozart was my age, he had been dead for two years.” –Tom Lehrer at the age of 37.

          1. Man, I first heard Tom Lehrer when I was a teenager in Oz and thought he was funny. Went back and listened to some of this stuff a few months ago and it’s still funny.

            1. He was a funny guy.

              1. Pollution! Pollution!
                You can buy the latest toothpaste,
                Then rinse your mouth in industrial waste.

                /Lehrer rhumba

      3. It’s pretty amazing all by itself that people traveled to the moon with 60s technology.

        1. And we all carry computing power in our pockets that puts theirs to shame

          1. Serious question though. Other than the transistor, and the computing power that followed, has there been any really significant inventions in the last eighty or so years? Nuclear reactors are just big steam engines. Electric cars have been around for a century. Jets since the 40s. I can’t really think of anything.

            1. Though it has yet to be fully exploited, CRISPR is huge.

              1. I dunno, I could never tell the difference. Iceberg lettuce always seems to wilt at about the same rate.

              2. Though it has yet to be fully exploited, CRISPR is huge.

                Until the government gets in the way. Which was the point I was driving at. When government was small, innovation was huge. Then came FDR and government control over the economy, and it wasn’t long before grand innovation came to a screeching halt. Correlation? Causation? I dunno.

                1. When government was small, innovation was huge. Then came FDR and government control over the economy, and it wasn’t long before grand innovation came to a screeching halt. Correlation? Causation?

                  Definitely. The reason the only thing we’ve done is walk around on a space rock and then came home is that The Space Act of 1958 effectively nationalized anything that made it into orbit. Who would spend money exploring and exploiting space when the government could seize your property at the drop of a hat?

                  1. Who would spend money exploring and exploiting space when the government could seize your property at the drop of a hat?

                    Cronies doing it on a subsidized dime?

                    1. Even then…took them long enough.

            2. Fleshlight

            3. The test-tube baby?

            4. LSD, although it is pushing 80.

            5. has there been any really significant inventions in the last eighty or so years?

              Is your life better not off than it would have been 80 years ago? Then, obviously, there have been thousands of significant inventions.

              1. Then, obviously, there have been thousands of significant inventions.

                Existing inventions have been improved upon and used for new and interesting purposes. I’m talking about Great New Things.

                1. Great New Things! to make you go “gosh” while reading the Sunday paper, the practical applications of which are decades in the future. If we ever discover a use for the Higgs Boson, it will be because we will have made incremental advancements in a thousand different industries and trades and scientific disciplines.

                  1. I know about the Higgs Boson from physics classes in college, though the math was too much for me. I can do algebra in my sleep, but I never caught on to calculus. I understand it conceptually, but I can’t do it.

            6. Just understanding of quantum mechanics is enough to be driving the next technological revolution. I mean just consider such things as quantum entanglement and the double slit experiment. Things are more strange than they seem. Or are they?

              Anything in the last 40 years? Lol, really? Cell phones more powerful than the more powerful computers of 10 years ago? 3D printers? Nano-tech? DNA engineering?

              Just consider the quantum stuff. Think about this a lot, really a lot. Reality is not what most people think it is. We’re actually pretty close to simulating everything in this universe in a computer simulation.

              1. Quantum stuff is based upon theory that is a hundred years old. Most of the rest of what you mention is building or improving upon existing technology.

                1. We land humans on Mars. The orbital mechanics for this endeavor were figured out in the 17th century. This is no Great New Thing

                  1. We land humans on Mars. The orbital mechanics for this endeavor were figured out in the 17th century. This is no Great New Thing

                    Now you’re getting it.

                    1. Now you’re just trolling.

                      Go re-read I, Pencil while you memorize Bastiat.

                2. And of course, no quantum experiment has ever been proven wrong and it’s the base of all modern technology.

                  And I repeat:

                  The reason we have not progressed further in any technology, including space travel is: BUREAUCRACY. B.U.R.E.A.U.C.R.A.C.Y.

                  Someone, please challenge me here.

                  1. The reason we have not progressed further in any technology, including space travel is: BUREAUCRACY. B.U.R.E.A.U.C.R.A.C.Y.

                    Someone, please challenge me here.

                    No challenge here.

                    1. Mutual appreciation, bro.

      4. Answer:


        I arrived at that answer in .00000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds.

      5. it’s been 44 years and counting since a human being last stepped foot on a celestial object other than the Earth.

        True, but “feet” are over-rated.

        The point is that “putting a man in/on/ X” is mostly about symbolism rather than practical advancement of science/capability.

        Since the time we last put feets on the moon, we’ve put devices in orbit (and far far out of orbit) which have actually *accomplished* more, scientifically, than any trip taken, say, simply to walk Mars.

        but i think your point is still well-made. There is certainly less “for the hell of it” adventurism missing from contemporary science. I personally think there’s a lot of interesting stuff we could be doing in the deep ocean that we probably don’t because of institutional barriers, lack of clear rights/law to discovery of resources, no NASA-esque institution with a similar mandate, etc.

  15. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been around much. Has Cytotoxic stopped showing up to fling abuse? Have Trump’s poll numbers caused his head to explode?

    One of the upsides of President Trump is to imagine Cytotoxic (and many other people) having fits about it.

    1. Haven’t seen the poisonous Canuk much, but it has been entertaining seeing Red Tony wash the sand out of his vagina whenever something critical of The Donald is posted.

    2. I still say Hillary beats Trump, provided she stays healthy. And I’m still willing to accept a 1-year self-imposed ban from Reason if I’m wrong.

      I might have said “If I’m wrong, I’ll donate to Reason,” but even if I make good on that, there’d be no way to prove it. As a certain other commenter found out.

      So yeah, if Trump wins the Presidency by beating a healthy Hillary Clinton, I’ll quit posting here in December 2016 and won’t return until December 2017 at the earliest.

      1. Who are you again, and who would notice you are gone?

        1. Don’t be a Sevo. We’re all lonely souls.

          1. Who? Seriously, I only connect a half a dozen names with personalities here. I post to kill time, not because I’m lonely. If I’m lonely I’ll wake up my wife.

          2. Who the fuck is “Sevo” ?

            1. Sevo is Oves.

            2. The geriatric San Franciscan who abuses theists as much as he does our beloved trolls. He’s the resident curmudgeon who puts all other pretenders, and they are numerous, to shame. That Sevo.

              1. I invited him to our last H&R SF meetup, and he declined because the idea of 4-5 people was too many for him to want to deal with….

                1. You guys actually meet IRL? Mind. Blown.

                  1. You should try it some time. There’s some damned fine people who post here, who are a pleasure to befriend in real life. Sometimes when you meet them in person, Nick Gillespie’s there too.

                    1. You should try it some time. There’s some damned fine people who post here, who are a pleasure to befriend in real life. Sometimes when you meet them in person, Nick Gillespie’s there too.

                      Will Nick let me wear The Jacket? Cause that would be worth it. That and the cocktails, of course.

                    2. who are a pleasure to befriend in real life.

                      Says the guy who hasn’t responded to my last two emails!

        2. You’re right. I don’t post that often.

          In fact, my total number of posts here is probably smaller than the number of posts in which you’ve said “Tolerant people don’t tolerate intolerance,” or something nearly identical.

          But like I said, this is the only “wager” that would work since donating to Reason is a no-go, and I’m not making a bet with another person that would involve sending checks in the mail.

          1. It’s a stupid bet since the only one who loses is you.

            1. But if Hillary wins, which I’m very confident she will, I can say “Haha, some of you thought Trump was going to pull it off! And I was so sure of a Clinton victory I promised to ban myself for a year if I was wrong!”

              The gloating will be worth it.

              1. You’d gloat because the Giant Douche beat the Turd Sandwich? Whatever floats your boat.

                1. Wait a second – are you saying Hillary is the giant douche and Trump the turd sandwich? I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around. Oh, but I get it – you’re saying Hillary’s a woman, only a woman can be a giant douche, right? So typical of you misogynists, thinking women can only be 78% of a turd sandwich at best.

      2. There’s no way Hillary is going to beat Trump. And unless they can both lose, I could care less.

        1. It’s her turn!

          Seriously though, I think you’re probably right. Mostly because I don’t think people will vote for a woman. Romney would have done a lot better had he picked a male VP. And I’m not talking about male voters here. I think there are a lot of women who won’t vote for a woman simply because she’s a woman, and they outnumber the women who will vote for a woman simply because she’s a woman.

          1. Romney would have done a lot better had he picked a male VP.

            Yeah, selecting Pauline Ryan as a running mate was a huge mistake.

            1. What, Eddie Munster didn’t excite people?

              1. Isn’t mocking someone’s hairline a hate crime now?

        2. Let’s assume Trump wins every state Romney did last time.

          Which additional states will he pick up to win the electoral college?

          1. Trump is going to campaign in all 50. It’s gonna be a fucking landslide win.

            1. As much as I hate to say it, I would rather Trump win. Only because he’d get more media scrutiny. Giant Douche would get a pass on everything it said and did, but Turd Sandwich not so much.

            2. So Trump has a decent chance of winning California?

              1. So Trump has a decent chance of winning California?

                Don’t know. Don’t care. Heads they (the statists) win, tails we lose. Can’t do anything about it, so I don’t worry about it.

              2. Honestly, and this is nothing but a hunch, I think Trump does better in the racially diverse border states than anyone would predict. And I think a lot of that will be crossover appeal among Hispanics. California probably won’t be a bellweather in that respect, but I fully expect Texas to make Cruz weep in November.

                Whether this means Trump wins in the general, who knows. But feel free to rub my nose in this massive dump of a failure if I’m wrong.

                1. But feel free to rub my nose in this massive dump of a failure if I’m wrong.

                  It doesn’t matter. We’re fucked either way.

                2. Do you think Trump goes for a Latino VP candidate to help out with that crowd, or can he just do it on his own? Or perhaps is there a woman Latino or Asian or AfAm who would be a good VP candidate who would be the ultimate ticket-balancer? Nikki Haley comes to mind, although she endorsed Rubio which probably dumps her (and I’m not even sure she’s eligible).

          2. Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, maybe New York. Probably not California, but he’ll scare the Democrats there, like everywhere.

            1. If Romney had also won the first 4 states you mentioned, it would have brought him to 289 electoral votes and a narrow victory.

              So Trump needs to win just about everywhere Romney did, plus flip some swing states with almost no margin for error, and even then he’d barely squeak past Hillary.

              I have no idea how anyone thinks Trump can win a “landslide.”

              1. It’s those of us who have been reading Scott Adams’ blog. Plus, it’s a mood I’m sensing. I sensed it before the ’94 midterms. It’s a feeling of: “the left has gone too far, and there’s revolt in the air.”

      3. Oh, I have no desire to see you leave, MBC. But I still think Trump beats Hillary.

        1. MBC, before you return to your home planet, don’t forget to flip off your Goth sister first.

          1. Henrietta is such a fat bitch!

    3. He was here yesterday. Generally he shows up here and posts in threads that no one else has been posting in for an hour or more, claiming to be the smartest man in the world and that he’s out debated all comers.

      What happened to Bocaratard?

      1. I think it was outed as a Tulpa sock.

        Other MIAs: Nikki, Invisible Furry Hand?

        1. Speaking of which, my employer failed for the last time to increase my compensation for posting here. I’m afraid I’m going to have to find a real job, where I won’t have the time to post here during the day. Sucks because I’ll have to quit smoking pot during the search, but that’s not a big deal. I can do that for a 15K/yr raise.

          1. WTF? My last check from Koch bros was fucking huge, OBSCENELY FUCKING GINORMOUS! Did you know that they give me a thousand dollars for each homeless person I can run down in my big ass gas guzzlin SUV? You’re working for the wrong people, bro.

            1. Did you know that they give me a thousand dollars for each homeless person I can run down in my big ass gas guzzlin SUV?

              I know I’ve posted this story before, but it’s worth repeating.

              A coworker of mine was gassing up his Suburban and some pious bitch was topping off her Prious. She said to him “How can you drive that, that, THING?” He calmly replied “If you were in an accident, which of these two vehicles would you rather be in?” She sputtered a bit but couldn’t manage a response.

              1. What annoys the hell out of me is that people think hybrids are green. NO. They run on gas, just like almost any other car. They just get better mileage than most. I make a point of telling people that “hybrid” is a misnomer. You put gas in it, it’s a gas fueled car. It’s not magic. And oh by the way, plug-in cars are mostly coal or nuclear powered.

        2. I thought that Nikki is a libertarian/sjw super hero? Not sure, she seemed to be trolling me for a while, and I’m not even sure why.

          1. Nikki is an anarchist and frequently challenged the strictly libertarian view. Epi was on board with that too and also seems to have disappeared.

            1. Yeah, I think you have a point here. I think maybe she started hating me when I poked fun at feminists. Oh well.

              1. There were a few “epic” John-Nikki throwdowns on some of the AM links not long before the disappeared. She may just have got tired of all the shit.

                1. Well, you could be right. Real libertarians never give up.

            2. So how many anarchists are left here? Besides me.

        3. Yeh, a few people have gone off the grid, eh?

        4. Nikki’s been noticeably absent for a few weeks. Pretty sure IFH has popped her head in recently. Haven’t seen Bo in a month of Sundays.

          1. On Bo, see my 9:10 above.

            1. OMWC has been absent too.

            2. Was he? Honestly, as others pointed out, he seemed like a law student doing extracurricular homework. He never seemed sincerely to hold a belief but was willing to argue any minor difference of opinion into the ground…

              wait a minute, Bo is JOHN!

              1. Hah! On the thread where Bo was exposed as a sock (and now I can’t remember if he was a Tulpa sock or a PBP sock) there was also the accusation that John was also a sock. Both Bo & John disappeared at that time fueling the speculation. Bo never returned but John returned a few weeks later noting that he’d undergone a re-think of how he was going to post here.

                1. John is not Bo.

                  You can tell by the content of knowledge. Say what you want, but John is well-read.

                  1. John is not Bo.

                  2. Just to clarify: I wasn’t suggesting John = Bo but that that charge was made on the thread I refer to above.

          2. Bo bo cara boca bo bo koala ass.

            Someone here knows who Boshitface is. Boshitface isn’t here.

    1. They should play that at college graduations

  16. Peter Thiel Funded Hulk Hogan’s Lawsuit Against Gawker

    Peter Thiel has been secretly covering the expenses for Hulk Hogan’s lawsuits against online news organization Gawker Media. According to people familiar with the situation who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, Thiel, a cofounder and partner at Founders Fund, has played a lead role in bankrolling the cases Terry Bollea, a.k.a. Hogan, brought against New York-based Gawker. Hogan is being represented by Charles Harder, a prominent Los Angeles-based lawyer.


    It is unclear how Thiel became connected to Hogan or Harder or if Thiel, who is worth $2.7 billion by FORBES’ estimates, is the only outside financial backer of the cases against Gawker. It is also unknown whether Thiel will see any of the proceeds won by Hogan in a Florida court. Gawker is currently appealing that ruling.

    Money may not have been the main motivation in the first place. Thiel, who is gay, has made no secret of his distaste for Gawker, which attempted to out him in late 2007 before he was open about his sexuality. In 2009, Thiel told PEHub that now-defunct Silicon Valley-focused publication Valleywag, which was owned by Gawker, had the “psychology of a terrorist.”

    10 years he waited for the opportunity to strike. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    1. Heroic!

    2. Oh Peter, you’re making me fall in love again.

  17. Man, I can’t wait for the new Turtles’ movie!

    1. Gamera and an evil twin?

  18. Any Tragically Hip fans in the house? I know they’re more of a Canadian phenomena (particularly on the university scene) but man did I love their stuff in the late 80s and early 90s. Anyway, Gord Downie (former Boston Bruins GM Harry Sinden’s nephew) was diagnoses with terminal brain cancer.


    1. I saw them twice when they opened for Page-Plant’s Unleaded tour. They were OK. Not good enough for me to rush out and buy their music, but I wouldn’t kick a woman out of bed for playing it.

      1. Up to Here/Road Apples/Fully Completely were the peak for me. They were pretty wild back at the old Spectrum in Montreal before it closed down and before they became popular.

        A program director friend of mine here (from Boston) explained to me it wasn’t surprising they didn’t make major inroads in the USA because REM did it first and better.

        1. Meh. Circle of life.

          Bowie. Prince.

          At least we still have LOU REED.

          /rips into Dirty Boulevard.

        2. They did remind me of REM. A dull REM. Though there were better performers. Stipe hates to be on stage, and it shows (saw REM when they toured with Sonic Youth. For free. OK show. Like I said, Stipe doesn’t like to be on stage).

  19. Everyone stay the fuck on topic this aint no chatroom!

    1. And what topic might that be? Haunted tales of Aokigahara?

      1. Mourinho to Man U?

        1. Is that a poem?

  20. If you hate social media and pet owners who are way too into their pets then you’ll love this!

    Ha ha no, you’ll hate it.

    1. That’s weird.

      But this is cute.

    2. I foresee inadvertent amateur porn.

  21. OK, I can’t get the game where I am right now but I got a score update that said TB1, Pens 0. Now it’s Pens 1, TB 0. Was there a goal disallowed or are ESPN just idiots (of course, it’s plausible that both those statements can be true)?

    1. Google say 2-0 pens

      1. Thanks, I just got that update. But I still can’t figure out why I got a TB1Pens0 score earlier.

        1. 3-0. Beauty by Crosby.

          OKC ahead.

    2. Goal overturned on Pitt coach’s challenge due to offsides.

      1. Ah, thank you.

  22. Trolls, trolls, everywhere. Put your hands where I can see.

    Put your hands where I can see, trolls

  23. I think this was mentioned by somebody earlier, but it’s still interesting – cholesterol-lowering drugs don’t seem to be lowering the numbers of heart attacks and strokes, almost as if all the settled science on diet and that sort of thing wasn’t quite as settled as they thought.

  24. You dumb Americans.


    1. Uhh, don’t you know, Murikans, they’re so bad off now. Compared to us Eurotards, I mean, duh, it’s like they’re all trying to come here and we can’t stop them, we’re trying, we need our own Trump, durrrrr.

      1. My God the comments.

        “As a French man who lived for quite some times in the USA, I find your analysis quite good. Except that you have (intentionally ?) forgotten one of the main reasons for that situation you describe quite well.

        This reason is religious fundamentalism. The USA is the only developped country where so many people go by the bible.
        A recent poll by Gallup showed this : [Link]
        as well as its consequences.
        Believing word for word what is in the bible is opposed to education and social progress. It negates almost all that sciences say, because it is by definition based on an unmovable belief from the bronze age instead of logical reasoning and intellectual curiosity.

        Wherever religion is important, no progress can be made. It’s a fact.

        Another thing in favor of stagnation is that I’ve also heard many times “The founding fathers would never have wanted this”. Come on ! With all due respect, the Founding Fathers lived in the 18th century. They could not foresee the needs of the 21st century.
        I told some US friends “G. Washington had slaves. You want slaves too?”. They’d not believe me. Why ? It was normal in his days to have slaves. It is not anymore today..”

        /face palm.

        1. Wherever religion is important, no progress can be made.

          A bunch of dead scientists just frowned down from Heaven.

        2. Another thing in favor of stagnation

          Paging burdensome French labour and economic policies to the front desk, this frog hasn’t invoked you.

    2. “There has been a long tradition of anti-intellectualism in America, unlike most other Western countries. ”

      Shut up, you ignoranmus.

      1. OK, I misspelled ignoramus. Whatever.

  25. “The vote is final: The host of Super Bowl LIV will be South Florida. Owner Stephen Ross gets the payoff for investing $450M in improvements”

    1. We can’t use the word “Miami” now? It’s “South Florida?”
    2. Did the owner spend $450M, or the taxpayers?


  26. What the fuck is wrong with the Warriors?

    1. They were framed by Luther and the Rogues?

      1. Come out and play-ayyyy!!!


          /rattles bottles.

          1. more of a clanking than a rattling.

            1. They actually play that audio clip from the movie before the Warriors games at Oakland Coliseum. And everyone in the stands shouts out the warrrr–iiii–orrrssss come out and play-ayyyyy!

  27. Break that rusty cage, Murika:

    Break the Rusty Cage

  28. If libertarians are ever going to win, we have to do it through media. Seems that McAfee and Weiss are well aware of this and everyone else who is not a Democrat is fucking clueless. WTF?

    1. We meddle. We’re meddlesome.

  29. A large rock stood in the garden
    it had fallen where no one imagined
    clouds clumped like roots on this pallid thing
    and paths ran from its roots
    under the echo of the universe the
    stems and leaves of things organic succored
    a vain existence under the wandering spinning
    shadow of the large rock
    Under the garden where reverse spreadings
    spun like a smart boy whispering on his religious
    pillow under the tears of altars wondered upon by
    my pondering seculars the light falls sharply and realistically
    on distended visions pissed from the cocks of the dead
    and dying who are all without a single wrinkle or
    shivering wrist… the future is not out or next- we
    are the fucking remains of the future and the guts of the
    future weep a million clocks infested with the tears of
    a goddamn fucking gazillion dead

    1. Sit tight. Here we go.

  30. Robo chef!

    It can cook (shown), prep and clean (not shown).

    It works by recording a chef putting a meal together and then recreates the movements perfectly.

    They mention that it should cost about 20K GBP (30K US). That’s low enough to replace most low-wage workers. An ordering kiosk up front and a couple of these in back and some system for keeping ingredients and the other things stocked and you can, maybe, eliminate all of your meat staff.

    The only thing is it looks slow. Would have to speed it up or add more arms if it’s a high-volume place.

    They also mention it can do other household tasks. Teach it, maybe not the same one that does the cooking though, how to do laundry or vacuum or clean up after animals and it would be a tremendous time saver for people.

    1. Also it can obviously be used to do just about anything that can be modeled like the chefs putting meals together. HUGE applications for industry.

  31. Wrapping the womb of existence
    the lights wash and swathe its utterances
    in such a sweet fashion i wish my extensible limbs to be ripped off and chewed
    up by the volition of the odd monsters swimming in the ether of suns
    trancing timeless journeys from svelte curvatures bumping our
    fucking replicated innumerable experiences all shaded subtly so
    desperately differently by the ages of our parallels and the chosen
    spoken voices uttering light winds into the ears of our often lives so
    transient and unending my brothers and sweet rare sisters

    1. [rips off one of Agile Cyborg’s limbs and chews on it]

      Hmmm, not bad.

      [starts tripping balls]

      1. dude, like, a lock of hair would have been sufficient. or even a glucose-measurement sized drop of blood.

        at least put the rest in the freezer for later, jeez.

    1. I am surprised at the lack of brown streaks left on the wings, such as I would surely leave.

      1. How many times do we have to tell you to stop wearing pants mad out of mud?

  32. This scroll to the bottom thing isn’t what it used to be.

  33. when I was a little boy I would walk down the alleys
    and imagine that all the old peeling garages and fucking
    rusty garbage cans were shiny spaceships and i was
    bounding on pathways of asteroids, man
    when I was a teenager I would walk down the alleys
    and imagine that all the old peeling garages and fucking
    rusty garbage cans would stop hiding punk ass motherfuckers
    that would try to stab me and the fucking gravel poked so fucking
    deep into the soles of my cheap ass converse shoes
    when i was a man I fucking left that shit and stopped imagining for a long goddamn time

    Years later when I got trippy on some scandalous oddities I wandered down some old alleys near the addresses of whispering memories
    and found some burnt up shit laid to waste and piles of twisted up metal and yards of hazard tape marked 1988.

    1. Let’s just skip to the book tour – H&R people can say “we know this guy when he was posting what became his bestseller on our blog.”

      1. This is going to give the free-verse movement the shot in the arm it needs, no pun intended.

    2. You should call that one The Tetanus Song.

  34. Well, this in when you are almost there. There is no there, only the probability, the uncertainty, and then wake up tomorrow and it’s the same old shit, you can’t go back and do it all over because it never happened. Happy happy, joy joy. Give me the source code, bitches.

    1. You’re challenging the master? Let me know tomorrow how it works out, good night.

  35. walkways wind like dreams and wishes
    through clouds and neighborhoods and factories
    men become dead and boys try to play basketball
    and lonely corners get advanced circuits installed by dumb fucks
    working for politician imaginations

    sands of the now slip under the key presses of a million expressions
    while the undertow of evolving cultures serial kill explicit traipses of
    basements moving into the first floors of the flares of mediocre lunches
    streets of the clenched future swerves and weaves with the dreadlocks
    of calamity and melted demands, man

  36. i have to fall into the clouds now but I hold my reason brothers in the highest esteem because they are the rare truths veiled by letters and font

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  38. My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out.

    This is what I do?????? http://www.realcash44.com

  39. Someone clearly has too much spare time on thier hands.


  40. Nick, I made it halfway, but I can’t stand Bill Maher. He comes off as the ultimate combination of ignorance and arrogance. When he agrees with someone’s opinion, fine. When he doesn’t, he shuts them down. He never seems willing to listen or even consider the possibility that maybe he doesn’t have all the answers. I can not stand him.

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