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Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe Under Federal Investigation for Campaign Contributions, Role With Clinton Foundation: Report

Investigation has been underway for at least a year.



Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-Va.) has been under federal investigation by the FBI and the Justice Department's public integrity unit for at least the last year, according to a report by CNN.

The first-term governor and former chair of Hillary Clinton's failed 2008 presidential campaign is reportedly being investigated for potentially illegal campaign donations to his 2013 run—including a $120,000 donation from a Chinese businessman, Wang Wenliang, through his U.S. businesses.

According to CNN, McAuliffe's tenure as a member of the board of the Clinton Global Initiative is also being probed by the investigation. Wang reportedly donated $2 million to former president Bill Clinton's foundation

Spokespersons for Wieland and Gov. McAuliffe both say that neither have been contacted by federal authorities as part of the investigation. A spokeswoman for Wieland says he is a US. Permanent resident—so the law against foreign nationals donating to U.S. campaigns may not apply to him, while a spokesman for McAuliffe said the governor would "certainly cooperate with the government" if he were contacted.

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  1. RE: Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe Under Federal Investigation for Campaign Contributions, Role With Clinton Foundation: Report
    Investigation has been underway for at least a year.

    This investigation of the governor of VA should cease immediately.
    Everyone knows money laundering is not a crime if the ruling elitist turds do it.
    Money laundering is only illegal if one of the unwashed masses engage in it.
    We’ve been through this before.

  2. Clinton’s Bag Man might get his just desserts?

    Nah, probably not.

    1. Sounds like it’s in the bag, man.

  3. Is it Wenliang or Wieland?

      1. Ho Lee Fuk

    1. Weyland-Yutani.

      1. which one? they all look the same to me.

  4. Is Wieland Wenliang?

    The Chinese and Clinton affiliates in cahoots? You don’t say.

  5. I’m just never going to stop reading his name as “McAwful”.

  6. So I guess we found out HRC’s sacrificial lamb.

    1. Terry could turn stoolie to save his neck and send her smugness to the big house rather than the White House.

  7. he is a US. Permanent resident

    permanent resident what? I’m not saying it’s alien…

    1. The whole concept is foreign to me.

    1. Jackandace is in the other thread.

      1. He’s being bitch slapped all over the place, but it too dumb to realize it.

        1. I dont know why people even waste their time with these guys.

          1. boredom

        2. Yeah, Mr. Sandwich board himself accused people of screaming ‘the end is nigh’.

    2. The amount of stupid, there, hurts my eyes.

    3. Venezuela’s Imperfect Revolution is Under Attack


    4. The assault against the Bolivarian revolution has intensified in the recent days and weeks

      What? By who? Who needs to attack a dead animal? It’s fucking dead and no one attacked it!

    5. Not to mention that the media’s manufactured apocalypse claims to show that socialism doesn’t work, but increasingly disgusting, genocidal global inequality doesn’t seem to show that capitalism doesn’t work.

      Die of malnutrition, sepsis, or by gangs warring for control in the government’s collapse


      at worst, have a slightly uncomfortable existence because you spend your many, many free hours thinking about how good really rich dudes have it.

      Not sure if I can decide, really – Socialism or Capitalism? She’s right, it’s a tough call.

      1. I only have one pallet of toilet paper from Sam’s club. The Koch brothers have like way more. It’s not fair because I’ve been going to college for like 12 years.

        1. That’s gonna buy a lot of hookers.

      2. Just because every nation on earth that is even a modestly first world country has a capitalist economy, that doesn’t prove anything. Something about white patriarchy, something something.

        Why doesn’t Maduro just go ahead and nationalize all those factories and businesses like he’s threatening to do? Capitalism is bad. Socialism is good. So what’s he waiting for? If he doesn’t do it, he’s a giant fucking pussy who gets arse fucked by goats every night.

        1. There are factories and businesses in Venezuela that haven’t been nationalized, outright or de facto?

          Well there is the problem right there.

      3. Where is it again that capitalism has led to genocide? Global inequality kills entire races of people?

        I still have yet to have someone answer me this question: how does someone else having a lot of money hurt me?

      4. The majority of people in Venezuela have spent around three years now stressing on a daily basis about obtaining a variety of basic foods. It’s important to recognise that, in order not to deny the suffering of the very people the left is meant to be in solidarity with.

        Hey, at least everyone is going hungry equally in Venezuela, unlike in those genocidally inequal capitalist countries, where the poor are growing obese on junk food!

    6. The first article didn’t seem to say much of anything, the second was a classic derpfest.

      1. The 1st article basically said people don’t understand, everybody is propagandizing falsely. The 2nd said, truthfully, that attempts to regulate “capitalism” (i.e. free enterprise) always fail because markets find a way around restrictions; but concludes that therefore one must proceed quickly to full communism, to satisfy the needs of the masses. Also that attempts to go back to “normal capitalism” will have to involve repression of the masses.

  8. Terry is a key member of the Clinton Crime Family Inc.

    1. Does anyone have Terry McAuliffe in the Dead pool? I’m sensing a boating accident.

  9. One of the many, many reasons Hillary is not the shoo-in so many believe is the Clinton Foundation stuff. The documentary Clinton Cash is coming out, the book will start selling again, and the FBI isn’t filled with Democratic Party sycophants. Even if the DoJ doesn’t prosecute, someone will leak, if not publicly resign.

    1. Clinton could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose voters. I think the Clintons must have dirt on everyone in Washington. That’s the only way I can explain why they’re both not already in prison. Democrats really do not care.

      1. The main difference between Democrat and GOP voters today, is that while both constituents know full well their leaders are mostly crooks, the Democrats don’t care any longer. They just want to win, that’s all that matters to them. They want to win so they can say ‘We won, durrr, you lost, get to the back of the bus, derpity durr’. They think this makes them look smart. Well, it does to their retarded friends. What’s lost on them is that they look stupid to everyone else.

        1. It’s sad really.

        2. Yellow Dog Democrat voters may not care, but independents often do.

        3. How far do you think they’d take it? Do you think millions of grass roots Democrats would like to line up everybody else in their neighborhood & machine gun them down, cackling wildly all the time, “We win!”, and roll around exultantly in their spilled blood? Are people really that malevolent? Would they vote for politicians who’d promise, “We kill the other guy & pass their bodies on to you!”?

      2. firing a gun would lose her a few votes, cmon.

    2. I’ve been assured just recently, why today even, that she IS the shoo-in candidate.

  10. Richman hasn’t posted an article in a month. What happened? Did he contact ISIS to plant a bomb at his place in order to protest US support for Israel?

    1. He has been spending a lot of time with your mother.

      1. I was wondering where she went.

      2. We’re still doing this. I am glad. I didn’t wanna be the only one.

        1. One of these years you all will graduate to high school. Don’t worry.

  11. Walter Williams on the liberal backlash against respecting Scalia.…

    1. Walter Williams is one of my favorite people. He minces no words and takes no shit form anyone.

      1. I’m also a fan of Dixie Lee Ray,may she rest in peace.

        1. I must admit that I’m not that familiar with her but she sounds like one hell of a broad.

          1. Read her book,trashing the Planet. She destroys the do ms day eviros.Check out her bio, on wiki,PHD ,if I remember right,in biology and former head of the Atomic Energy Com.

            1. RIP Dixie Lee “Gamma” Ray

      2. One of mine as well. Would love to see him run for President. He’s too smart for that though.

  12. Is Virginia going to be the new Illinois, with a whole wing in federal prison filled with its ex-governors?

    1. One can only hope

    2. “Is Virginia going to be the new Illinois, with a whole wing in federal prison filled with its ex-governors?”

      Unfortunately not, as always, nothing will happen to him.…..orruption/

    3. In Georgia we have a prison full of sheriffs.

      1. I favor the Fourecks model: throw all politicians in prison as soon as they’re elected. It saves time later.

    4. In fairness, one of those jailed ex-governors was convicted for actions he took AFTER he was governor…

  13. Another Clinton Foundation fake scandal! Derp Boink Bloop!


    1. Chinese give money to him to give money to Clintons for campaign. Isn’t this a rerun?

      1. It’s wee wun.

        1. You wacist!

          1. But,I like their food!

            1. but then you’re racist again two hours later.

  14. Just FYI, if your name is Terry McAuliffe, you’re wrapped up in Clinton dirt.

    1. Literally will be

    2. there’s no amount of money you can pay me to fantasize that McAuliffe is the first link the chain, and that he’ll sell HRC out to save his own hide. because I can’t come back to reality after dreaming that.

      1. I’ll bet these fucks didn’t even cry when they shot Old Yeller.

        1. They shot Bernie?

      2. Wimp, AC gets higher than that all the time and he always comes back to…wait a minute…

  15. So we have here the used Clinton salesman who used the female genitalia as a platform to get into office, and whose campaign was largely funded by out of state, and apparently out of country donors, might possibly be corrupt? You don’t say!

    I don’t know if the fact the Va governors can’t serve more than a single four year term is a good or a bad thing. On the one hand, it prevents them from acting on too many delusions of grandeur; on the other hand, they don’t have to worry about accountability, since they won’t be facing the voters again.

  16. “The first-term governor…”

    Doesn’t Virginia only allow one terms for governors?

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  18. Don’t even get me started on this guy… he’s a smooth and charismatic motherfucker, but the last time I saw him he was coming to an event I had to be at and I was less-than-pleased when I saw the “by executive order bleh bleh bleh, firearms are prohibited in this section of the building” sign posted on the door while he was there. Then when he left, it got taken down. Fucking carpetbagger.

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