Gary Johnson

William Weld as Gary Johnson's Vice Presidential Choice to Be Officially Announced Tomorrow

But the '90s Massachusetts governor's past stances might trouble many Libertarians who care about more than just fiscal issues.


William Weld will officially announce his desire for the Libertarian Party's vice presidential slot, in alliance with presidential hopeful Gary Johnson, tomorrow, Associated Press reports. I wrote about the first inklings of this Weld move yesterday.

Weld/Mintz Levin law firm website

Both men are former Republican governors, Weld of Massachusetts and Johnson of New Mexico. Johnson ran with the L.P. last go-round, and Weld has long been associated with the idea of "libertarian Republicans" and indeed intended to use the L.P. ballot line on his 2006 run for governor of New York in addition to the Republican one. He ended up dropping out of that race and not appearing on the ballot for either party, but the L.P. at the time was willing to back him.

Weld currently works as a lawyer with the East Coast firm Mintz Levin.

From the A.P. report:

"We got together and shook hands on it," Johnson told the AP in an interview in Salt Lake City, where his underdog presidential campaign is based. "It brings an enormous amount of credibility to what it is I'm doing. I'm unbelievably flattered by this and humbled."

Weld, a well-respected former governor in the Northeast, offers Johnson some credibility and badly needed fundraising prowess. The 70-year-old will announce his vice presidential bid in New York on Thursday, Johnson said.

"He could be a huge influence when it comes to fundraising. Huge," said Johnson, whose campaign had only $35,000 in the bank at the end of March. "That was something that he in fact volunteered — that he enjoys doing it." 

It's not immediately clear how another Republican governor adds that much to Johnson's existing credibility as a former major party executive. Nor is Weld necessarily Libertarian Party strength in his libertarianism, from past reporting—though both in his planned embrace of the L.P. back in 2006 and other anecdotes I've heard from libertarians who have dealt with him, Weld seems to like to think of himself as libertarian. The Cato Institute's final grade on his fiscal performance as governor during the 1990s gave him just a B, though. [UPDATE: Jeff Jacoby's detailed take on Weld's fiscal record from City Journal also dings him for starting strong but failing to follow through on true spending reductions in his state in the 1990s, and for lacking a strong, consistent, across the board attitude about shrinking government.]

W. James Antle, writing in 2005 in the American Spectator in the lead up to Weld's failed run for New York governor in 2006, heaps much praise on Weld's fiscal bona fides, at least through most of his governorship, and says he truly is that basic template of the libertarian used by media frequently: fiscally conservative, socially liberal.

But that's a necessary-not-sufficient part of the larger Libertarian thing, and Antle goes on to point out:

DOES THIS STRANGE COMBINATION of thorough economic conservatism and social liberalism make Weld a libertarian? Not unless libertarians also support expansive environmental regulations, gun control, and affirmative action. Although he has favored medical marijuana and needle-exchange programs, he does not, as is occasionally assumed, support drug legalization and has bragged about prosecuting "drug thugs" while serving in the Reagan Justice Department.

Weld has also sometimes been for eminent domain during that New York gubernatorial race. Weld also endorsed Obama over Romney in 2008, a point that might make him less of a champ at getting GOP money to flow to the L.P., but we'll see.

An interesting cross-section of Libertarian opinion on Weld—a lot of it more enthusiastic than I might have expected—can be found in this thread at Independent Political Report. Some details on his gun control bonafides, including Weld's belief, at least in 1993, in an assault weapon ban and no handgun ownership rights for anyone under 21.

I'm a bit doubtful that Weld's name holds much weight for anyone who didn't work for a policy think tank in the 1990s, but we'll see. As I wrote yesterday, this is a pretty daring and confident move for Johnson, more or less telling the L.P. delegates who will have to vote both for him then separately for the v-p slot in Orlando over Memorial Day weekend: I don't need to widen my appeal at all; a relatively non-doctrinaire (compared to his competition) former GOP governor is such a great idea for the L.P. that I'm sure you'll want to double up on us.

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  1. You Know Who Else thought that a Former Republican Massachusetts governor and failed Senate candidate was good for a place on the ticket?

    1. Your mom?

      1. Yo Momma is so fat the cats that ate her got a heart attack.

        1. Have you contacted cytotoxic yet for lessons on how to improve your comebacks?

          1. I think cytotoxic outsourced that to Mexico…

          2. He’s got it down, it’s apparently gonna be about your mom.

    2. The GOP in 2012?

  2. How about a Romney-Ryan ticket? Great publicity and lots of never trumpers.

    1. Because!

      1. It seems like that is the actual rationale.

  3. Gary Johnson has a near-magical ability to make himself irrelevant to libertarians.

    1. I know, right? I don’t vote for anyone unless they have climbed at least 7 mountains and are like really in love. May be I will consider GayJay if he gets his shit together and starts hauling his ass up some rock and starts dating again.

    2. Don’t worry, the LP convention won’t nominate a candidate more qualified and more mainstream then Trump-Clinton.
      Expect McAfee to win now.

      1. At least McAfee sounds like a real Libertarian.

  4. You Know Which other former Republican Governor tried to get the nomination by announcing a liberal running mate before the nomination was secure?

    1. Your mom?

      1. Yo Momma is so fat that his farts have been labelled the cause of global warming.

        1. You have used “he” and “his” in many of your “Yo Mamma” jokes. Tell me more.

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            1. My momma is a slim and lithe image of septuagenerian womanhood, like Helen Mirren with a Gatling gun. You keep using “he” and “his” when making “Yo Mamma” jokes. This is interesting. Tell me more.

              1. Yo Mamma is so fat that she shits bigger than Helen Mirren.

                1. One word, Winston: Gatling Gun.


                    Gatling was born in Hertford County, North Carolina in 1818

                    Uh oh…

                    1. You know who else looked up random shit on Wikipedia?

  5. It’s cute how the libertarians have primary debates and pick VP’s like they are actually running for office.

    1. It is most adorable, is it not?

      1. Almost as adorable as that cooing giggle Winston’s mom makes right after orgasm.

        1. Yours or hers?

        2. Oh gawd, please don’t get him started again.

          1. Hyperion’s Momma is so fat that she is a planet.

            1. Pluto?

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                1. The name Charon sticks in my mind for some reason.

                  I do not remember why.

                  1. It’s Pluto’s co-planet, or whatever the High Committee on Truth and Science decided.

                    The point being, this is all beneath you, Charles.

                    1. Thanks, Playa.

                      Unrelated: Please do let me know if the results of your pastrami recipe are up to your standards, as I intend to try your recipe one day myself. If it is a good as it seems that it can be I’ll devour it like a hound.

                    2. It was a home run. I’m making 20 pounds of it for a baby shower in June out of a USDA Prime brisket from Costco.

    2. That is exactly my thought when some people were saying Gary Johnson had good executive experience. Huh? Who cares! The two things that I want in a libertarian candidate is (1) the ability to proselytize the philosophy and get people to think that the Reps and Dems ain’t the best we can do, and (2) get more votes than the spread between the Rep and Dem candidates, and therefore garner a bit of political respect.

      1. He is more likely to do the latter. Also, some fundraising wouldn’t hurt. I am sure you have already given 2,700 to his primary campaign, right?

  6. Seriously this quite the coup though I’m not sure how many people still give a shit about Tuesday Weld’s cousin? And is the LP really aiming at being Republican Lite?


    2. Here, for you young whippersnappers.


    3. Seriously this quite the coup though I’m not sure how many people still give a shit about Tuesday Weld’s cousin?


      I intended to post an inane comment about Tuesday Weld being his relation as well, and work in a reference to Matthew Sweet’s CD cover bearing her image, but after reading your comment I looked for her IMdB biography and found that she is indeed the “First cousin of ex Governor William Weld of Massachusetts and both their lineages precede the founding fathers. The Weld name is on more buildings at Harvard in honor of her family establishing the University and is one of the most important family lineages in America.”

      The types of things I learn here….

  7. WTF is s William Weld? It sounds like a John Kasich sort of thing. Meh.

    1. “Hey Bill! Weld this.”
      That’s a William Weld.

  8. Biiiiiiig mistake, Johnson. Should have picked a transgender, body positive, Aboriginal-Eskimo hermaphrodite professor of sociology.

    1. Not enough weed.

      1. As opposed to yo momma, who’s so fat she’s got enough weed for an entire real planet.

        1. Yo Momma is fat that her weed intake would take up the entire Milky Way galaxy.

  9. I too would like to announce that I will be making an announcement tomorrow, but unlike some fucking noob, I won’t be announcing the announcement in this announcement now.


  10. As a delegate whose personal opinion of Johnson has steadily been eroding since I watched him lash out at George Phillies in our Florida debate, I am am not amused.

    I have to call the campaign tomorrow and officially withdraw my support. Tell his people that they have lost their “sure thing”.

    What does this bring, a east coast/west coast vibe?

    Never go full retard.

    1. John McAfee 2016

      1. I’m almost ready to hop on the McAfee crazy train. Do we all get free drugs and anti-virus bloatware installed on our PC?

        What about this Peterson chap, what’s up with him?

        1. Austin is OK but McAfee has more crossover appeal. I’d happily vote for either of them.


          1. Which is the exact opposite of Winston’s mom’s daily mantra.

            1. Yo Momma is so fat that W.C. Fields can’t juggle her…in every way possible…

              1. Not a chance.

                1. “Not a chance” was my reply to SIV’s proffered link, not (necessarily) my prediction of Johnson’s or any other LP candidate’s odds of being voted into the presidency.

        2. Do we all get free drugs and anti-virus bloatware installed on our PC?

          The free drugs are a checkbox in the AV software’s installwizard.

    2. Called my contact and left voicemail and sent an email to the campaign withdrawling my support.

      I wonder what kind of coalition the Johnson camp thinks it is building.

      1. One that can win?

        1. I respect that. And honestly Weld is a great pick. He was Ambassador to Mexico. Between that and Gary’s governorship, the mexican American vote has a real anti-Hillary choice.

          My problem is the lack of energy. His people have told me he is waiting for the nomination to pour gas on the fire, but he shouldn’t count his chickens. We LP electorate are a finnicky bunch.

          Build your broad tent, but damn man please come to the party ready to dance. We need energy. We need candidates who will come out aggressive.

          Johnson and Weld better figure out how to borrow McAfee’s swagger and Petersen’s sloganeering.

          We need the total package. If we are going to get into the National debate its got to be all hands on deck.

          1. Absolutely agreed. I hope whoever wins, they use each other to advance the party.

    3. what did this lashing entail? I’m geniunely curious.


    1. ^this. First, elections are not won by ideologically pure candidates. Second, VP does jack. Third, even if VP moves up, this guy is leaps and bounds better than the R or D.

  12. I mean, I guess it’s fine. Dunno the guy. Would have been curious to see the list. No worse than any of the others. Much better than Christie or Gingrich.

    1. It’s not better than anything. It’s fucking stupid is what it is.

      1. Ok obviously your goal is just to complain about anything and everything and not make any suggestions to improve things. You must be an example of “the people they try to get you to hire to undermine your agenda.”

        1. No my goal is for the likely LP nominee to choose as a running mate, some GOP establishment hack who no one has ever heard of. I was just trying to trick you.

          1. I have a feeling you would be annoyed no matter what. Or maybe you really are the “I set my sights low so I won’t be disappointed when I fail” kind of guy.

            1. That’s odd, I voted for GJ last time and I was fully onboard with voting for him this time before he just demonstrated his complete lack of judgement. Get over it already.

              1. Oh, I’m over it. So has the nomination been decided yet? I am really curious. I figure you’d know since you’re always here and sure seem to know a lot about libertarianism and stuff. Even if you can’t explain why you don’t like Weld or who’d be better.

      2. Why are you talking to the sockpuppet?

  13. I’m thinking anyone that is statist enough to get elected governor of Massholio is not the best libertarian pick for anything. What the fuck is wrong with you, Johnson? The devil’s weed done fried all your brain cells? I mean seriously, what a lack of imagination. Duh, I’m gonna pick some former governor of a New England state who no one has ever fucking heard of. Actually, I was gonna give it some thought but then I got high, I got high, I got high.

    1. I dont get the “no one has ever heard of” bit. From an outsiders perdpective, his governorship for more memorable than Romney’s or Johnson’s.

  14. What’s going on in this election cycle? Presidential candidates rush to announce their running mates well before they clinch the nomination.

    1. It worked out so great for Ted Cruz that everyone has to try it.

      1. Reagan tried in 1976 and now everyone is doing it!

  15. Did Johnson already win the LP nomination? How is that decided anyway?

    1. It’s deciced by a straight delegate vote at the National Convention in Orlando over Memorial Day weekend, separate votes for Prez and VP so Johnson could win and still not get his Weld. 50 percent plus one of the voting delegates needed. There may be as many as 1,025 or so such delegates, so half plus one of that.

      1. Thanks. So you’re saying that it has not been decided yet?

        1. Yes it’s been decided you didn’t hear? Well you must have been away for an hour. You snooze you lose.

          1. Umm, ok. So the convention is being held from the 27-30 of May, today is the 18th, but it’s already been decided? In case you can’t follow a thread, and you apparently cannot, I was talking about Johnson being the LP nominee, was that already decided?

            1. Thanks. So you’re saying that it has not been decided yet?

              1. You’re a moronic troll. Begone.

        2. Nothing has been decided yet, but Johnson has/will announce that Weld is his chosen one for the VP slot, a decision the delegates can accept or ignore…as they can accept or ignore him.

          1. Thanks, Brian. I understand now.

        3. GayJay and his FanBois are pretending he already won. No way he gets the nomination now.

      2. Well that’s a relief. Now the LP delegates (selected by being those who can afford to drive there) can nominate Johnson for Prez and Phillies for VP.

        1. Comment of the night.

    2. LP members that bother to show up at the convention vote. Technically, Johnson could buy the nomination by paying a few hundred people to buy LP memberships and show up at the convention to vote for him.

      1. Shhhhhh…. don’t tell Romney.

  16. What the actual fuck? Did the lp just became the Rockefeller republican party? I’m getting the sneaking suspicion this undertaking won’t advance liberty.

    Might as well vote trump for the lulz

    1. Gay Jay becomes a Trump puppet.

      1. Trumpet Puppet. I just invented something.


  17. Jesus, just pick Mia love and be done with it if you want to be quasi mainstream. She was a congress critter and checks off identity boxes

    1. Too late. No, the dozens of potential good picks that Gary could have made and instead this? But then he got high, he got high…

    2. Still in Congress under the (R) banner. Only washed up former (R) politicians need apply…

  18. Makes sense, pick people less open to charges of “3rd party crazy” since they’ve been elected as members of the Dems or GOP. They aren’t going to win; go for double digits and maybe carrying a state or two while supporting ending the drug war. There could be worse outcomes.

    BTW, GayJay needs to stop letting McAfee drape his arms over GJ’s shoulders. It reeks of “this man is my prison bitch”.

    1. You are not gonna congratulate McAfee on AMOGing the other candidates?

      1. No, I’m telling GayJay to Alpha up and stop him.

  19. Gary goes and does four pots and overdoses. Then it’s this guy.

    1. Maybe 5 pots.

      1. *potii

        1. POTUS. Let’s be optimistic.

          1. US? I’m not joining in!

          2. I picture the front lawn of the white house as a field of crops. People jumping the fence for new reasons.

  20. McAfee is looking better with each new disturbing thing I discover about Gary Johnson.
    Fucking U.N.-loving interventionist gay cake baking fake libertarian is what GayJay is looking like to me.

    1. The gay cake thing is weird, but at least he didn’t try to move to a banana republic and then complain they just don’t have the same rights down there.

      1. Unfortunately, he didn’t try to move to a banana republic and then complain they just don’t have the same rights down there.


    2. Fucking U.N.-loving interventionist gay cake baking fake libertarian is what GayJay is looking like to me.

      He’s worse than that

  21. GayJay should start self-identifying as WAC Bennett.

    1. Some context:

      After failing in his bid to become leader of the provincial Progressive Conservative Party in 1951, he left the party to sit as an independent member. In December of that year, he took out a membership in the Social Credit League….

      While the Social Credit party was founded to promote the social credit theories of monetary reform, these could not be implemented at the provincial level, as the Alberta Social Credit Party had learned in the 1930s. Bennett quickly converted the provincial party into a populist conservative party, and it became a vehicle for those who sought to keep the CCF out of power.

  22. I’m officially withdrawing my support from Gay Jay. Who’s better, Peterson or the crazed possible murderer? Need to start doing research…

    1. #NayGayJay

    2. I like McAfee

      Petersen is OK

      I hope any LP delegates here vote McAfee..

      1. I like him too. He’d be able to get the word out. Who cares if he can govern?


    3. Elvis Presley (yes, really) is a libertarian running for state senator in Arkansas.…..resley.jpg

      1. Man, that guy is the worst Elvis ever. He doesn’t even have the hair right. Libertarians embarrassed even more.

        It’s going to be truly disturbing when Trump’s VP pick is better than Johnsons. I need a drink.

    4. People seem to keep saying petersen is annoying or something online. They don’t like that he has an active instagram , and posts things there. I don’t understand why that’s really so bad, but whatever. He livestreams pretty much every day, and even called me to answer questions while he was in the car. I don’t agree with some of his positions, but they are well reasoned. Everyone who seems to be against him can only say things that are ad homs.
      All that said, I’ll still vote for the lp nominee, regardless.

    5. It’s all about branding. None of them is going to win, but people are paying attention for the time being, so you have a second chance to make a first impression.

      Your vote really determines, is the LP brand:
      1) Slightly liberal, has-been former-GOP professional politicians
      2) Angry white male programmer sperglords who somehow escaped the internet and decided to try to run a country
      3) Adventurous, slightly crazy, possibly dangerous entrepreneurs

      1 is exactly what Trump voters are rebelling against, so GOP migrants are going to swarm over your borders and take over. 2 is… not good branding. 3 is your typical Branson or Tony Stark or Dos Equis salesman. That’s an image people would like to have of themselves, and to the extent that it’s a remotely accurate self-image, it probably makes for a pretty good party for reining in the state.

    6. crazed possible murder

      1. Im not voting for Hillary.

  23. No one cares about William Weld.

    My tongue has tasted heaven, y’all. I’m calling this chantilly cream. It’s nothing like the chantilly cream we made at the country club early in my career, but it sounds fancy and we’re in the days of eggless mayo anarchy.

    Eight ounces cream cheese
    1 tablespoon pure vanilla
    1/8 c packed brown sugar
    dash of salt
    1 tablespoon white wine

    Run all that through your mixer or food processor with 1/3-1/2 c heavy cream. It tastes like Devon double cream would taste if God loved you.

    Something like 40g of carbs if you eat the whole bowl. God bless America.

    1. You had me at 40g of carbs.

      1. You eat it, not your potential “love” interests.

      2. Needs rum or something. 1 tablespoon of wine is not gonna cut it.

    2. You throw an egg in there, put it in a graham cracker crust and bake it in a water bath and you got yourself something like cheesecake. Maybe not Baby Watson, but something.

    3. we’re in the days of eggless mayo anarchy.

      And we can only pray for the rest of it to disappear.

        1. I am a man of refined tastes. Creamed smegma is not appealing.

          1. It’s eggs and oil. Don’t be a prissy bitch.

    4. Is the cream cheese from Philadelphia?

      1. Leave Mayor Nutter alone.

  24. FYI. At the LP website, they currently list 18 Presidential candidates and 8 Vice Presidential candidate.

  25. We missed a historic opportunity to put forward a REAL choice.

    A Transgender Eskimo choice.

    Instead what do we get? White men. Boring, stoned white men.

    1. The proper term is inuit.

      1. Leave Sarah Palin alone!

      2. Actually the proper-technical term is Dene.

        /clubs baby seal.

        1. The really, really proper name is Grolar Bear or Pizzly.


          Climate change is known for swelling the oceans and fueling extreme weather, but it may be also causing the curious emergence of a new type of bear in the Arctic.

          A bear shot in the frigid expanse of northern Canada is believed to be a grizzly-polar bear hybrid, a consequence of the increasing interactions between the two imposing bear species.

          Hunter Didji Ishalook originally thought he’d shot a small polar bear but he said it was a “half-breed” ? a position backed by several bear experts. The bear was shot near the small community of Arviat, located on the Hudson Bay within Canada’s Arctic region.

          1. I saw a liger once, half lion and half tiger. Not sure if that’s evidence of too damn many Indians in Africa or too damn many Africans in India, but I’m sure it signified something significant. I mean, I’d never ever seen a liger before in my life and then in just one day alone every single liger I’ve ever seen in my entire life just shows up? Don’t tell me there’s not something significant going on there – what are the odds? It can’t be just a random coincidence, it’s gotta mean something.

  26. Here you go. Trudeau shows his true douchey colors:…..-1.3588407

    1. Is it possible something even more epic-traumatic than Apocalypse Shove just occurred?

      I didn’t read the article and just watched the video. What I saw was “nothing”.

      1. First off, he shouldn’t be going on the floor. Second, notice the look of smug arrogance as he goes and grabs the Tory Whip’s arm and shoves him along. Along the way, he happened to elbow an NDP politician.

        It’s not nothing and very much in line with ‘le dauphin’ and his ridiculously impetuous behavior.

        He has a history of saying and doing stupid things and then apologizing.

        Last, *imagine* if Harper did this.

        1. *imagine* if Harper did this

          Reaches into brain, finds dusty picture of “Harper”… brushes dust away and….

          … yeah, that’s probably not it.

    2. Not Taiwan enough.

  27. I see it’s not just the major parties that are committed to giving us anti-libertarian candidates this time around.

    Shame. I liked GayJay.

    1. Maybe I should give my VP chip to McAfee so if Johnson wins we can stick him with McAfee as his running mate.

  28. In Brian’s article yesterday it seemed that this choice came as a surprise to him, which means they did not even bother to try to get him, and people like him, onboard with pro-Weld spin.

    My point: it’s disappointing when it doesn’t even seem like they’re trying, because this is the an election where the libertarian message could gain some traction.

    1. I honestly think some people in the lp don’t actually want to grow. Then they won’t have that same victim status. Related, many libertarians don’t want to be involved in politics. There might be people involved but interested in keeping the lp right where it is

      1. Yea, but Johnson’s running for the nomination to become president, knowing that this year his ideas will receive more attention than usual, and for some reason he chooses a thoroughly uninspiring person with a past almost devoid of libertarianism to be his vice presidential choice.

        What is the point of doing that? It isn’t that libertarians won’t like Bill Weld, it’s that no one likes Bill Weld.

        1. He doesn’t want to win. He wants a spotlight. He gets to go on NBC and be called the lp nominee.

          If I was more cynical I’d say he enjoys the campaign. Which seems the exact opposite of McAfee. He hates the debates. He might actually want to lead. Neither of these positions is good. Something in the middle would be nice.

      2. “I honestly think some people in the lp don’t actually want to grow. ”

        Johnson wants to grow.

      3. The libertarian party seems to me like some kind of weirdo-Flypaper that keeps any sane and intelligent libertarians far far away from them.

        I’ve never in my life ever found the “Big L” side of libertarianism to be what its all about.

        As a pure political party? It seems like a useless concept to me.

        As an intellectual movement which provides ALL kinds of political figures basic arguments for “better” policy ideas? (like what CATO does) seems far more practical and efficacious to me.

    2. Traction if delivered by whom? Sure, maybe a Stossel/Cuban ticket but doesn’t the LP have to go with the available choices? If we want non-LPers to begin to even glance our way, we have to provide something they may want to glance at. My libertarian-interested friends wouldn’t give two seconds to Mr. Peterson, maybe four seconds to Mr. McAfee, but probably ten seconds to two former governors. But if the reason for existing is to use the stump to advocate the current LP statement of principle, and the platform, then let’s go with someone guaranteed to get maybe 500,000 votes.

      1. I don’t think adding another former governor, especially one seemingly devoid of libertarian ideas, is beneficial in any way.

        1. Another former Republican governor mind you. Just in case you thought the “Republicans who smoke pot” stereotype didn’t have merit.

    1. Why not Tuesday Weld?

      Is it due to Warty?

    2. Dude, Tuesday welds brought down the WTC!

      1. Oh my God, I am so tired of hearing this stupid conspiracy theory bullshit.

        BUSH did 9/11. It was BUSH. GET IT RIGHT.

        1. Don’t forget Cheney. Bush and Cheney both repelled down the elevator shafts to plant the c4.

          1. That’s why Cheney had to shotgun a nigga to the face. Bitch was getting out of line about the conspiracy.

    3. Someone should vote for her at the Convention…

  29. Goldwater Republican meets Rockefeller Republican. Or for you kids, Reagan/Bush.

    It does nothing for me as a libertarian, but then, as a libertarian, I’ve accepted that everybody else has the right to express an opinion on what the government ought to be like just as I do – and apparently most of them like the Brazilian government, so that’s what we’re going to get. Hold to your pure principles and never get any more than a thin slice of the electorate or get a little dirty and let the morally impure into the party in the hopes some of them will attract more of them? It’s easy for me to throw away my one vote – any one vote is a throw-away. It’s not so easy for the LP to throw away votes and I respect that they have a tougher choice than I do. If Weld’s a “serious name”, maybe the most serious you can get and still be libertarian, well, you do what you gotta do. Go with somebody more libertarian but less mainstream or somebody more mainstream and less libertarian – more mainstream and more libertarian ain’t on the menu. I’m just glad that when the mainstream get the government they want I have my air conditioning repair skills to fall back on. And a 27 b stroke 6.

  30. I don’t get the downside (or consternation) here. It is a VP pick (a mostly ceremonial position to begin with) for a ticket that is not going to win the election, but who can bring in some much needed cash to a campaign that, as stated in the article, has just $35K. Cash that will help said ticket advance an agenda that, while not meeting everyone’s ideals, is miles, nee light years, more libertarian than either major party platforms, perhaps pushing the debate in a slightly better direction. And maybe, just maybe, polling well enough to get into a debate. Or at least get some media attention for something positive. McAfee is going to get the wrong kind of attention…the stories write themselves. Austin Peterson will be roundly ignored. That’s a lot of upside considering the downside is…gay wedding cakes(?)

    1. Gay Jay can’t pick his own VP. So he could “choose” someone who’s more libertarian than he is. He could have picked anyone here and done as well in this meaningless announcement. Judge gray as a choice again would work.
      As to your point about McAfee, I suppose there’s negative press. It kills campaigns, just look how trump is doing.
      Your point about petersen is not a real argument. He was excluded from the Colorado debate. He drove here anyway. I don’t think he will be easier to ignore than any lp pick.

    2. “McAfee is going to get the wrong kind of attention”

      I would rather get the wrong kind of attention for an actual Libertarian than attention that gives the idea libertarian means Hillary Clinton.

    3. my POV is that Gay Jay presents a pretty shitty salesperson for libertarianism.

      If you’re @(#*$ compromising on basic things like “freedom of association” before the campaign has even gotten started?… i’m not sure what exactly i’m supposed to believe he actually has the spine to stand strong and defend to the death in the face of public criticism. “Weed & mexicans”? Hooray, way to further degrade the perception of our already-derided political philosophy.

      1. Exactly. Let’s pretend a libertarian won the presidential election. Maybe we even pick up a few in the house.
        We can’t veto a bill like that for very long. At some point we might have to compromise a moral position. Hopefully not very much. But there’s going to be some. Should we pick someone that isn’t even able to say what the libertarian position is? Or has already watered it down?

        1. Realistically, you have to get a libertarian that goes in and works with the system.

          The goal should be to shift minds over time. Sorta like how progressives did it. And I have to say brilliantly.

          1. I would agree, and think that’s happening currently, at least with some politicians. Paul, Amash. Pulling slowing, or bending is definitely a good thing. I don’t mind some other people at the finish line. It let’s people make the jump.

  31. Its going to be a fun year.

  32. “Some details on his gun control bonafides, including Weld’s belief, at least in 1993, in an assault weapon ban and no handgun ownership rights for anyone under 21.”

    Congrats Gary on turning 1.5% into .75% running against two of the worst candidates in history. What an idiot. *Googles Austin Peterson*

  33. This story has just cloned itself above this one with 1 comment. The squirrels shall not be defeated, the squirrels are supreme!

    1. Hey, that’s MY comment. Come join me!

      1. I’m scared ma! It’s a trap!

        1. But there’s free cuddles

  34. The strategy is noble, and I completely understand Gary seeing this as an opportunity to seize and demand relevance from the media with a duo governor ticket, but I’m skeptical. If anything, this Weld chap (Kaisch endorserer btw) only brings any libertarian appeal Johnson currently has down a notch.

    I’d accept his experience ticket, and I hope it does allow the LP to break though, but if it doesn’t, and the media decides to ignore his candidacy again, it’ll be quite sad (or as Donald Trump would say, SAD).

    I’m still torn, but my gut hopes the LP ends up going against the grain and nominates McAfee, just because I think he’d be more fun to watch and support, and John is just such a compelling speaker on such libertarian topics. Every time I’ve listened to him on a podcast he just leaves me in a liberty stupor. He’d be very frank with the American people if he ever made it into the debates. There’s something about his communicative abilities that I think can really resonate.

  35. I’m gonna just leave this here also. I just got back from reading a round of comments on the Balmer Sun, typically a brutally brain diminishing endeavor. This one is entitled ‘If Clinton can’t put away Sanders, can she beat Trump?’. Surprisingly, the overwhelming opinion seems to be that Trump is going be beat her like a red headed step child. Deep Blue Murland. This is not good news for Hill Dawg. Is there any good news for the Pantsuited one? Will the victim card save her?

    1. If I were Bill, I’d be watching my back. I wouldn’t put it past Hillary to put a banana peel in the shower for him, hoping to get a lot of sympathy votes in November.

    2. I have to say that I’m starting to believe that Trump can beat her. I would not have said that 4 months ago.

      1. Did Nostradamus predict this?

        1. He predicted everything. You just have to read it the right way and get your prophet on.

  36. as a non libertarian in your midst, this is enough that i’m comfortable saying i’m 51% leaning toward voting for johnson in the fall. it’s not weld that put me over the top, but since palin especially, i like to be certain who will be running things should the secret service be a little slow one day.

  37. Was this guy even vetted? He literally just endorsed John Kasich, all of people, less than three months ago.

  38. Hey guys, William Weld is totally an outsider, he didn’t serve on the same committee as the presumptive dem nominee or anything back in the 70s. Oh wait!…..d623750591

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