Election 2016

Nick Gillespie on Bill Maher's Real Time TONITE, 10pm ET

Other guests include Ann Coulter, Dan Savage, and Bryan Cranston. Topics include Trump, Hillary, and the curious rise of anti-free-trade sentiments.


In just a few hours, I'll be on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. I'm set to appear with anti-Mexican right-wing best-seller and over-the-top Trumpina Ann Coulter; progressive Hillarian and path-breaking sex-advice-columnist Dan Savage; and the great actor Bryan Cranston, best-known as Walter White in Breaking Bad, the father in Malcolm in the Middle, and the dentist Tim Whatley on Seinfeld.

Though the final topics are subject to change, we'll be talking about Donald Trump's big win, why Hillary Clinton is also terrible (well, at least I will), and how the hell both Dems and Reps are now officially against free trade.

The show airs at 10 P.M. ET on HBO and then several more times over the weekend. 

Viewing tip: Whether you have HBO or not, you can follow along in real time on Twitter at @realtimers and whatever hashtag gets set for tonight. People can be so mean—and often very funny—when they encounter libertarian ideas in novel settings.

Go here details.

I was on Real Time four years ago and got into a pretty good fight with Rachel Maddow and Maher himself over the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal, partisanship, and basically everything else. Here's part of that show:

NEXT: Gary Johnson's Pot Use Bugs Conservatives; John McAfee Would Rather Have Sex with Whales than Debate Again: Libertarian Party Roundup

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  1. People can be so mean?and often very funny?when they encounter libertarian ideas in novel settings.

    Or on libertarian websites.

    Good luck, Nick. Remember, don’t stare directly into Coulter’s eyes for too long.

    1. You misspelled “post-op vagina”

    2. don’t stare directly into Coulter’s eyes for too long

      Why? *whispers* Oh, oh, because he could catch the tranny virus.

    3. She/he could try to take him out with her secret weapon neocon giraffe goiter neck. He should be on the alert to watch if her adams apple is undulating more than usual.

    4. I’d hit Coulter

      1. You mean if you were driving and saw her crossing the street, right?

        1. No, I think he meant something about his penis.

          1. Yes, penis stuff.

      2. I know, right?

  2. I don’t get HBO. Not too upset

    1. It took me two seasons to “get” True Detective. I feel.

    2. Has there been a great HBO show since The Wire ended? (Not counting shows that began before its end, e.g. Curb.) I’m continually underwhelmed by everything I see on there.

      I anticipate you’ll all say GoT, but eh.

      1. Uh, are you daft? True Detective Season 1 was fantastic.

        1. Uh, are you daft?


          True Detective Season 1 was fantastic.

          Well, there you go! One season of one show. That’s worth the steep purchase price!

          1. Hey, you asked if HBO had made anything good since The Wire, not if an HBO subscription was worth it. Why aren’t you pirating your shit anyway like a decent liberultarian?

            1. I know, I know. I guess I’m just frustrated by the apparent ratio of quality-to-crap.

              But I’d forgotten about Veep, and I couldn’t get into Silicon Valley initially but maybe ought to give it another chance, since Mike Judge is rarely not good.

              1. Sturgeon’s law.

                Sturgeon’s revelation, commonly referred to as Sturgeon’s law, is an adage commonly cited as “ninety percent of everything is crap”.

      2. GoT-Silicon Valley-Veep is the best line-up in TV history.

        1. GoT-Silicon Valley-Veep is the best line-up in TV history.

          Reggie Fils-Amie has something to say to you.

      3. I don’t know about “great”, but I definitely enjoy “Veep”.

  3. and Bryan Cranston.

    Ask him about his Drug War.

    1. Ask him about the one who knocks.

        1. Fabulous!

  4. Sorry, Nick. My teeeveee is rigged to esplode if Bill Maher’s show is ever selected.

    Vaya con dios!

    1. All libertarians have tri-color woks. This is known.

      1. This is known

      2. My wok is stainless steel. No one told me!

        1. This is known.

        2. Not one of us not one of us

    2. Amanda is a breath-takingly stupid individual. Hence her career trajectory: Slate to Raw Story to Salon. She’ll probably end up writing for Pando before long.

      1. I wouldn’t hire her to write stories for cereal boxes let along a publication.

    3. Plagiarizing Rico’s PM links, eh?

    4. The liberal position, the one that the Steve Rogers of the past two movies would hold, is extremely clear: The police and the military are accountable to the public.

      Funny…I thought that position libertarian.

      More importantly, for consistency’s sake, this exactly the position that Steve Rogers has expressed before. In “Winter Soldier,” the entire debate between Steve and Nick Fury, which is resolved firmly on Steve’s side, is over how much power military forces should have without democratic oversight.

      Again libertarian.

      But now, in this movie, Steve is singing a different tune. He seems to believe that because he knows the Avengers mean well, that’s good enough.

      The projection.

      It’s hard to believe that the guy who, in his last movie, saw how right he was about the dangers of unchecked power, would be the guy arguing for unchecked power in this.

      Of course, this stupid cunt thinks it’s the government who should provide the oversight.

      1. Libertarians only believe those things you cited to protect their ill gotten lucre.

    5. I love seeing libertarianism make SJWs shit their pants. Is this a first? I’m gonna drink to it!

    6. Thanks for your review, Manders. You’re the heir to Ebert.

  5. I repeat my comment from the previous mention =

    Get Savage to talk about being declared a Hate-Criminal by the uber-progressive-social-justice-left…
    .. which i suppose would lead into a larger question about “how the Left eventually eats-itself”, and what the implications are for bernie-fans being able to stomach Hillary. How easily will the hard-left turn and embrace the pro-Iraq-invasion, pro-Wall St, green-energy flip-flopper like Hillary?

    re: Cranston vs. Coulter… apparently she already took some shots at him over his decision to play Trumbo, so presumably that topic will get plenty of airtime. I

    1. Being declared a hate-criminal by the leftists is a badge of honor for any libertarian. Being declared a nazi hate mongering hate-criminal by the left automatically gets you the medal of liberty award.

      1. Being declared a hate-criminal by the leftists is a badge of honor for any libertarian.


        One, he’s always been a very left-leaning fellow hisself. and the fight he got into was about the absurdity of expecting people to adhere to pronoun demands when its impossible to discern what any given person finds apropos. I’m not sure he’s at all interested in any libertarian honor-badgers . but he might be able to share some perspective on how easily the SJW types turn on other lefties at attack at the slightest provocation.

        1. SUPPLIES!

    2. Not gonna click on that Salon link for the Coulter bit about Cranston/Trumbo but I will say that I think actors are generally over-rated. It’s the director who’s telling the story, the actors are just the meat-puppets he’s using. So unless Cranston directed the Trumbo movie, his portrayal of Trumbo isn’t something he himself is expressing, he’s just following the director’s, um, direction. If Cranston didn’t fit the director’s vision he would have been out the door so there’s some credit due to Cranston for being able to give the director what the director wanted (or perhaps some blame for agreeing to give the director what the director wanted if you really have some moral qualms about what the director’s trying to accomplish) but not much. The movie as a whole is a story and it’s the director’s story, not Brian Cranston’s.

      1. unless Cranston directed the Trumbo movie, his portrayal of Trumbo isn’t something he himself is expressing,

        I agree with you and i generally take exactly the same “don’t blame the waiter for the cook’s creations” attitude.

        My point was simply that Coulter previously tried attacking him on that angle and i was curious to see what people would say about the reality of Trumbo vs. the hagiography the film (as far as i know) portrayed

  6. You know how I know Ann Coulter is a man? Because she has hands like Andre The Giant. And her Adam’s apple is as big as her balls.

    1. I’m not sure if that’s an adams apple or a goiter, nothing has been seen like that since the Jurassic period, mammals don’t have neck bones like that.

      1. :cough:John McCain:cough

        1. McCain, heh. A republican so horrible he got me to support Obama. I mean he couldn’t have got me to support Hillary, that’s an entirely new level of barfdom.

          I was talking to a guy down at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. The guy was 91 years old and he was there when McCain was attending the Academy. We were doing a tour and we were standing in a hall where there were a lot of pictures on the walls of former ‘midshipman’. There were only a few people on the tour and as soon as I saw McCain’s picture, I recognized him. My wife knows I don’t like him, at all, but she really hit it off with our guide. So she recognized my look and said to me, not in English ‘honey, please don’t say anything bad, this guy is so nice’. I kept my mouth shut.

          1. honey, please don’t say anything bad, this guy is so nice

            Porque voc? ? um babaca americano.

            1. She knew I was an asshole before she married me, that’s why she married me. It’s my best feature! You don’t understand Latin Wiminz.

          2. You actually supported Obama? I didn’t vote but I’ve always said if you had put a gun to my head and made me pick one I would have picked Obama. That’s as close as I could actually get to supporting a “community activist” and “elected” politician from Chicago. You know that guy has got to be blacker on the inside than the outside. Not nearly as black as McCain, of course, but he’s made his share of deals with the devil.

            1. Yes, I did, because McCain and 8 years of Bush. I learned better of course, as far as the option of not voting or voting 3rd party is concerned. But you realize, most people do not understand this, right?

            2. I voted that election, just not for president. I voted on congressional races, school bonds, etc., or at least the ones I had researched, but I could not pull the lever for either McCain or Obama, although I did buy a copy of the Denver post the next day cause I figured it be historic and possibly valuable to my great grand children.

  7. Has Rachel Maddow ever “owned” anyone, on any subject?

    1. I’ve never heard her make an intelligent argument. Lightweight thinker even among her cohort. I’m guessing she’s so disproportionately praised just because of her visibility: she’s on the tee vee!!

  8. Where the fuck is the link to this shit?

  9. Maher just told Nick to move to Mexico.

  10. Nick plays a libertarian on TV.

    1. The writers here are not libertarians, you know right? They actually believe that the mythical ‘liberal’ tribe still exists and that they’re a hybrid between it and modern day classic liberals, AKA libertarians. Of course, the so called liberals from the 60s are extinct. The only liberals left today are the ancient remnants of the classic liberals named ‘libertarians’. All the rest are progloldytes and other such primitives.

      1. As if the pseudo-liberals of the 60s ever had anything in common w/ ‘classical liberal’ Libertarians. Would be a weird assumption on the writers’ part. It’s been prog-tards all the way down.

        Also not sure why anyone should believe that the death of the GOP would necessarily be a good thing. If both parties went simultaneously kaput, sure that’d be wonderful. But a power vacuum bereft of the usual GOP influence peddlers would likely only result in Democratic supermajorities across all branches of govt.

        1. Shhh, you’re ruining the dream…

  11. “Real Time ?@RealTimers 30s31 seconds ago
    We are seeing the implosion of the Republican Party, and as a Libertarian, I can’t wait for it to happen. – @nickgillespie #Trump2016”

    Just say “duopoly.” *If* that’s what you mean.

    1. as a Libertarian


      Bill Maher = John. Or SIV.

      1. Oh, was that quoting Nick? Good grief.

        1. I think he’s quoting Gillespie.

  12. However else terrible Coulter is, I enjoyed her “maid” digs on the “limousine liberals” around the desk.

  13. “…shit where you want.”


    1. “Now, about your show’s green room…you don’t plan on using it again, do you?”

      1. Ha, well, he was talking about what Target said to its customers.

  14. Ha, Maher is a rabid Hillary fan. He used Iraq invasion excuses to justify Libya.

    1. I just watched a few minutes and I couldn’t take it anymore. Apparently, Hillary deserves massive praise for intervening in Libya because of what was going to happen. But zero blame for what happened afterwards. Apparently blowing shit up — for the right reason — is good. Fixing shit (especially shit you blew up) is not.

  15. Wow, poor Gillespie. He’s getting a taste of what poor Ann had to deal with as the whole fucking table loves Hillary.

  16. At least Maher has apparently recognized that when he said he was libertarian he had no goddamn clue libertarian meant.

    1. Maher doesn’t even have a tri-color wok. Sad,

      1. Not one of us not one of us

  17. It’s infuriating when people can’t recognize their chosen candidate’s glaring shortcomings. I have to admit, though, it’s a little strange to find there are Hillarybots already.

    1. Oh, I’m sure they’re plenty aware of the shortcomings. But it’s necessary to maintain a veil of obscurantist denial about it, you know, for the ‘strength of the party’ or some shit.

    1. If we’re taking bets, I call 50 kilotons.

    2. Every administration has had their spin-doctors, degrees of complicity with media outlets.

      As far as i see it, the Rhodes story is interesting for 2 aspects

      1 – from a *technical* POV…. the game of ‘how to control the media’ has changed drastically, and isn’t just about massaging the egos of a few dozen key journalists anymore. as they put it in the story… “its not just about the bully pulpit of the press-conference”, and granting various levels of ‘access’.

      Now, its much more about “inventing the context” entirely from scratch. because the people they’re dealing with are too young & inexperienced So the degree to which they can create, sustain and feed a ‘narrative’ around specific events/issues’…. is entirely unique. In the past the “Story” would be a bigger, more overarching thing that would be half out of their control, because there would be far more competing points of view.

      2 – secondly, the fact that this method being used specifically for “Foreign Policy” is something that is a very-different from the past. Rhodes has little to do with State Dept or Pentagon ‘strategy’. or anything to do with long-term US goals He’s just about “selling” whatever is happening. Normally in FP, there is some big-brain who cares about “policy first”, spin-later. The Obama admin is far more concerned with the spin than actual policies.

      I think THAT should be more upsetting than the fact that “the White House manipulates the media”.

      1. re: that last point… it was sort of the author’s conclusion as well =

        Iraq is his one-word answer to any and all criticism. I was against the Iraq war from the beginning, I tell Rhodes, so I understand why he perpetually returns to it. I also understand why Obama pulled the plug on America’s engagement with the Middle East, I say, but it was also true as a result that more people are dying there on his watch than died during the Bush presidency, even if very few of them are Americans. .What I don’t understand is why, if America is getting out of the Middle East, we are apparently spending so much time and energy trying to strong-arm Syrian rebels into surrendering to the dictator who murdered their families, or why it is so important for Iran to maintain its supply lines to Hezbollah. He mutters something about John Kerry, and then goes off the record, to suggest, in effect, that the world of the Sunni Arabs that the American establishment built has collapsed. The buck stops with the establishment, not with Obama, who was left to clean up their mess.

        basically, the author seems to wonder “what’s the point” of all this magical control over perceptions, if policy reality is “made irrelevant” in the process?

      2. Story sounds too nuanced for the avg. voter to care about. Obama/Hillary can also just write it off a make-believe conspiracy like Benghazi and the email server, etc.

        1. Story sounds too nuanced for the avg. voter to care about.

          Of course. Its the “tl;dr” strategy.

          Also, none of the NYTs other reporting will ever acknowledge this sort of process exists.

      3. I just get the impression that Obama and his inner circle think they are so much smarter and in tune with what needs to be done that everything want is fresh, new, and even more importantly the right thing to do. Even if nothing has changed everything has changed because Obama and company are in charge. And if something goes wrong, it is not because of something they did, it is because of somebody else.

  18. Laughed my ass off at “When is the last time you pushed a lawnmower?” on Overtime

    1. Nick calling out that creepy progressive guy for saying that the Drug Czar is a good person.

      How many progressives are so schizophrenic like that? They somehow can’t reconcile their support for the government mandating this or that with the reality of the brutality of the law’s enforcement.

      “Oh, I’m not in favor of incarceration”, he said. Meanwhile he’s in favor of using the police to enforce treatment?

      Does he wants a kinder and gentler jackbooted skull cracker?

      No, he just thinks that if he means well, then using the police to enforce drug policy at the point of a gun won’t mean what it really means.

      1. Almost the same comment i made earlier

        Its a weird facet of progressive thinking that they’re completely unconcerned with the obvious ‘consequences’ of laws; they seem to think what’s written on paper is the extent of their concern.

        1. It has to be about total being an ignoramus about economic thinking.

          It’s always a surprise to them when things happen as predicted. Insurers keep dropping out of the exchanges, their losses on the exchanges continue to pile up, they keep asking for higher and higher rate increases, and the progressive response is predictably 1) I had no idea this was happening or 2) How could anyone have predicted this?

          They genuinely think they’re smart because they’re skeptical of religion, because they listen to NPR, and because they don’t put any stock in economic thinking–like stupid rednecks would do.

          Don’t the Republicans understand that economic thinking is so 1982?

          1. 1) I had no idea this was happening or 2) How could anyone have predicted this?

            3) Insurance companies are evil and/or stupid and need to be abolished and replaced with a government-run single payer system

        2. No cognitive dissonance here. Progressives are fine with jackboot thuggery, so long as the jackboot thugs are their own and are being used for their policy ends.

      2. I guess it’s OK to force them at gunpoint to do something, as long as that something isn’t prison.

        1. What he’s describing is a prison with forced drug counseling. Sounds like a communist reeducation camp.

          They think their heart is in the right place–and that makes it okay. But they also have no conception of the implications of what they’re saying.

          Mention to the progressives that the worst of the drug war is suffered by poor inner city black youth, and they’ll say they’re against that.

          It’s almost like the opposite of the Milgram experiment, you know the one where the subjects thought the were administering electroshock on third parties, with the victims apparently screaming in pain with every shock begging not to be shocked again. But the test subjects would keep submitting to authority and shocking their victims anyway.

          With progressives and the drug war,it’s different though. The victims are screaming in pain because they’re actually suffering because of the drug war, but the progressives refuse to believe that hitting their drug war button is making those screams happen. “Stop it, you’re killing them!”, we scream. But the progressives keep dialing up on the drug war anyway.

          “If I don’t want what I’m doing to hurt anybody, then it isn’t hurting anybody” is like the Costanza, “It isn’t a lie if you believe it”.

          1. “They think their heart is in the right place–and that makes it okay. But they also have no conception of the implications of what they’re saying.”

            That is why they call themselves compassionate, and villainize anyone that doesn’t believe their BS that force, violence and theft become OK when douchebags in fancy clothes do it. The only reason they hold their beliefs is because they are shoelded from any consequences. They don’t have to physically engage in force, theft, redistribution, or even rounding up individuals for failing to pay whatever extortion rate is set by their masters.

  19. Co worker brought Oreo/Reese’s peanut butter cookies as a souvenir from the states. Nasty. You know who else was black on the outside and brown on the inside?

    1. I’m shocked that they were bad, those sound like they would be delicious.

      1. Right!? Try it yourself.

  20. Donald Trump’s supporters are criminals, they’re rapists, they’re murderers, and some, I assume, are good people.

    That’s a true statement, right? I’m not implying that all Trump supporters are bad people or even that most of them are – I mean, I said right there that some of them I assume are good people. How could anybody claim this is some knock on Trump supporters? I love the Trumpkins, the Trumpsters, the Trumpalos! They’ve got such good memories they can repeat every line Donald gets them to memorize, they’re so smart they can tell right off the difference between an alpha and a beta and a cuck – the little fellas even look so cute with their faces all scrunched up when they’re calling their detractors names. Hey, I have a big ol’ fat orange tabby cat that horked up a hairball that looks just like a dead weasel and I have this really loud-sounding grandfather clock with the tiniest little delicate hands – I could be a Trumpomaniac myself! And lots of people would assume I’m a good people, only a few would call me a criminal and a rapist and a murderer, but heck, that was all in the past, like back in 2012, and I don’t believe in committing crimes and rapes and murders any more. Or any less, whichever you prefer to believe I meant.

    1. They’re Democrats and Trump is a Democrat. His supporters just haven’t figured it out yet.

      Trump would be a Bill Clinton Democrat in every way that matters–except that Bill Clinton wasn’t anti-free trade.

      1. Just wait as he keeps moving to the left to take up all that space Bernie is making Hillary cede since he doesn’t have to guard his right any more – and then when Hillary shakes off Sanders, she’s going to move to the right and it’s not going to surprise me a bit to see them pass each other in their positions. The media’s going to be thrown off their “right-wing extremist” game when it turns out Hillary’s the more conservative of the two.

      2. I still think the “Trump is a Democrat” meme is a specious one.

        His professed policy positions (i.e. the shit that’s actually written on his website, not whatever he might’ve uttered out of context in an interview) are largely 1-1 with the existing GOP platform.

        The guy likes guns, thinks climate change is bullshit, is for increasing competition in the health insurance market, desires greater border security, wants to cut corporate tax rates, etc.

        The only serious divergences seem to be his protectionist streak, a not-so-hardline stance on abortion (exceptions for rape & incest), and a less interventionist foreign policy. Oh, and apparently he doesn’t care about trannies in bathrooms.

        Other than that, the guy sounds overtly GOP to me.

        1. “Trump is a Democrat” works better than “Trump is not a Republican”. Theformer is a strike against him while the latter is a point in his favor.. Seems counterproductive for the #NeverTrump crowd because Democrats tend to be much more binary on ideology. “Trump is one of us!”

          1. The #NeverTrump children just get the vapors over Trump because he uses some uncouth language and acts the persona of a bombastic ape. They could care less what his policy positions are.

            1. Yeah, because God knows how sensitive I am to uncouth language.

            2. Lies.

              1. Trump is a Trumpist. In his Trump l’oeil version of politics, all else is just background to fool the rubes. – Kevin R

    2. you should probably get help for your obsession. it’s obviously not healthy.

  21. I could not find a workable link to the Maher show. Do any of you know where I may find one?

  22. OT just dropping a thing. My new phone grabbed all my photos from my gmail, right, even though it’s a Windows phone. So, there is this tile that represents my contacts, and its divided into 9 smaller tiles that constantly slideshow through my contacts. With me so far? OK, evry now and then, it will pick one picture and make it the whole tile. It just grabbed my dead wife’s pic from like 3 yrs ago, and I was just staring at it. And then it started going to sleep, so it kept that pic up instead of changing. Then the screen dimmed. Then it went black.

    Man, am I stoned.

    1. Sounds like something Jung would have a field day with.

      1. PS Hang in there, Bud.

          1. Jesus tap-dancing Christ!

            I meant “thanks”

        1. Seconded. Sending you some good thoughts. Can’t imagine what that’s like. When I feel selfish, I say I wanna go first so I don’t have to go through the loss.

    2. Avoid youtube. You don’t need that shit right now.

      Youtube anticipates me. I can be having a great night, and then it throws this shit at me. And then I’m fuckerd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw8W6hYGZ0E

      1. That’s nice. Pretty voice. I like this one, haven’t read the lyrics, so ears/brain just grabbing whatever:

    3. Sorry about the dead wife. /strangersontheinternet

      1. Yeah, and the DUI thing too. What straffin said, hang in there DJ.

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  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax3wHnYGDVQ

    I loved this bit:
    Bryan Cranston: “I think it’s time for a viable third party that is socially conscious but yet fiscally responsible.”
    Dan Savage: “Those are called democrats”

    Damn it, Savage… now I have to wipe the iced tea I just sprayed all over my screen.

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