DEA to Investigate Prince's Drug History, Hospital Bombed in Syria, Bernie Sanders Lays off Staffers: A.M. Links


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  1. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) will investigate the late Prince’s recent prescription drug history.

    Let’s go crazy talking about Prince.

    1. It’s a sign of the times, Fisty.

    2. Hello.

    3. He needed more P(rescription) Control

      1. Are you down with OPC?

        1. Yeah… you know me?

    4. Maybe they’ll put his ash in jail.

  2. 171) Princeton University to remove large mural of Woodrow Wilson from dining hall. I have very mixed feelings about this one. I’m glad they’re finally noticing Wilson “was a staunch supporter of racial segregation,” but this is also encouraging the new iconoclasts and purgers. I think in the long run, giving into groups like Princeton’s Black Justice League, who protested against the mural, will only lead to more brazen demands. It starts with this, but won’t be long before historical photos of Wilson and other objectionables are being falsified to remove their images, textbooks altered to remove their names and role in history, etc?.

    1. I consider Wilson among our nation’s worst presidents and share your gladness that his racism is being noted. I have reservations about scrubbing away all bad images and ideas that give us negative feelz from our society. It starts with the statues, etc., of Confederate generals, which…okay, sure, they were traitors. Then it goes to slaveholders, even if George Washington and the authors of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were among them. Ehh…okay….that’s an oversimplification of very complicated issue, but I see what you were going for….now supporters of segregation? That’s pretty much every politician from ~1870 until the 1950s.

      1. It starts with the statues, etc., of Confederate generals, which…okay, sure, they were traitors.

        The Founder were traitors too. Treason against tyranny is no vice. I’ll take it a step further and say that treason against the state is no vice, I owe the state nothing but contempt.

        1. This all comes down to the fallacy of thinking that a brave stance in 1830 is similarly brave in 2016.

          1. So what happened in 1830?

            1. OR 1776, or 1860, or 1812… you know – BEFORE!!!

        2. You don’t even owe the state contempt. They’re beneath contempt.

        3. Against tyranny, I agree. Against the state, more generally, I think it depends.

          Even just saying the Confederates were traitors, of course, is a gross oversimplification of difficult sovereignty and Constitutional questions that had lingered since the republic was established and were only truly resolved through force and subjugation. It’s easy to label them as such 150 years removed from the events because we live in a society where the federal government has obviously been the primary government for our entire lives, and the entire lives of our parents and their parents. There was a split opinion on this matter in the 1860s.

          1. Hell, there’s a split opinion on the matter in this very forum. But you’re right, not to the extent that there probably should be in the normal population.

          2. Against the state, more generally, I think it depends.

            Does the state tax me or otherwise violate my property rights? Does it force me to register for it’s slave army? Does it go about unraveling civilization and society at every opportunity?

            I will grant you that a small princely state, where the territory is essentially private property, that doesn’t tax me and doesn’t enslave me, that’s one that I could see “treason as a vice” but even then it’s not so much treason as it would be a trespass or a (real) contract violation.

        4. But the Founders, unlike the Confederates, won. (As John Harrington put it, “Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason?/Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”)

          A better analogy would be Oliver Cromwell whose statute stands outside the House of Commons at Westminster, even though his side was overthrown. As an Irishman, I should be outraged, but what really outrages me is the Stalinist drive to rewrite history.

          1. As an Irishman, you’re too busy drinking to get offended!

            1. And if you actually read the history of his time in Ireland, a lot of the outrage at Cromwell is just from Royalists getting their revenge. He did nothing that was outside the generally accepted practices of war at the time, and killed far less people in Ireland than his Royalist contemporaries did.

          2. “Oliver Cromwell whose statute stands outside the House of Commons at Westminster”

            And considering the way he treated Parliament, putting his statue there is kind of like an FU or a warning.

        5. If you win, you aren’t a traitor.

          I’m not going to say that the Union side was good and virtuous, but the Confederates were fighting for slavery, so fuck them.

          1. the Confederates were fighting for slavery

            Talk about a gross oversimplification.
            If Confederates were fighting for slavery, why did the Confederacy outlaw the trans-Atlantic slave trade?

      2. “Ehh…okay….that’s an oversimplification of very complicated issue, but I see what you were going for….now supporters of segregation?”

        Now supporters of DOMA! Goodbye chocolate jeebus!

        1. Hey now, he evolved!

      3. It’s relatively easy to do.

        You just write his name on a piece of paper and drop it down that tube right I’ve there by your desk.

        1. I just reread 1984 – I had forgotten that it’s depressing as all heck.

      4. “supporters of segregation? That’s pretty much every politician from ~1870 until the 1950s.”

        Not every one. It was widespread – Southern Democrats, politicians representing white neighborhoods that didn’t want blacks, certain union officials, etc.

        But you can’t include Teddy Roosevelt who dined with Booker T. Washington, or Harding who wanted an anti-lynching law, or all the Senators who rejected Alton B. Parker for Supreme Court, etc.

        “Everyone was doing it” is a good excuse, especially for progressive Democrats who are particularly tainted, but it’s not true.

      5. Confederates were only traitors if they were treasonous against their own country…which they were not. And it’s only a “civil war” if both sides were warring for control of the same country…which, again, they were not.

    2. Understanding that a person was partially a product of their time doesn’t amount to endorsement of the repugnant views held by that person in their time. It’s almost like these people have zero understanding of history or somehow believe that only those during their own lifetimes – or some future perfect – are to be remembered and studied for their accomplishments.

      Honestly, it’s a bit creepy.

      1. The wife and I went to London for the first time last summer. What I thought was interesting is that they have statues of people from history everywhere, seemingly in complete disregard to their legacy. There’s Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I. It’s almost as though they recognize that you can acknowledge significant events without “honoring” them.

        Maybe I’m just giving the Brits too much credit.

        1. This whole movement to not be offended by history has the distinct odor of bookburning.

          1. He who control history …

          2. I’m pretty sure Fahrenheit 451 referred to this explicitly.

          3. Catatafish, it smells of leftist or rightist authoritarianism, whichever you prefer. Whether it’s bookburning or photoshopping dissidents out of pictures, it’s still trying to deny history. And sooner or later, history comes back – much to the detriment of those who try to deny it.

            1. There is no such thing as ‘rightist authoritarianism’. The endpoint of the right side of the political spectrum is absolute individualism–ANY collective philosophy is entirely leftist in nature.

        2. cf. the Cecil Rhodes statue at Oxford.

      2. Wilson was a bit more than a product of his times. He went out of his way to make the federal government more racist and segregated. Definitely one of the worst presidents for that and several other reasons.

    3. Down the Memory Hole! MinTruth approves.

    4. Ideally, people would learn that it’s better to honor ideas than the men and women who held those ideas. But realistically, no one will come to that conclusion.

  3. Former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight

    It’s like Texas Tech never happened.

    1. If only.

    2. Jimmy Valvano is voting for Hillary.

      1. /golf clap.

  4. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has laid off hundreds of staffers…

    Who needs that many workers when there’s only one viable candidate in this country?

    1. He’s doing this out of greed so he can keep more campaign profits for himself. Those staffers deserve high-paying jobs no matter what, economics be damned!

    2. Bernie’s going to need those staffers for his Independent run isn’t he? He may have failed to get the Dem nomination, but he’s not a Dem so why should he care about the “good of the party” and back Hillary? And how much leverage do you think that evil bastard has with Hillary and the Dems when everybody knows Sanders can fuck them so hard by running an independent campaign? You think he’s too stupid to know what kind of leverage he has and he’s not evil enough to use it?

      1. I wonder if the Bern is holding out hope for an indictment, so he can ride to the rescue. Kind of like Kasich is holding out in the hope of a contested convention, where the GOP establishment hand him the nomination.

        1. Could be. I always assumed that Justice had orders not to move until Bernie was mathematically eliminated from clinching the nomination. Turns out, he’s putting up a bigger fight than expected.

      2. It would be very interesting to see how many Bernie supporters would still back him in an independent run.

        My gut feel is that some of them would, but most would still pull the lever for Team Blue because otherwise their vote wouldn’t “count”.

        1. Occasionally there is a third party or independent candidate who seems to convince people that a vote for them wouldn’t be wasted. I could see Bern being one of those.

      3. You think he’s too stupid to know what kind of leverage he has

        Well… quite possibly, yeah. He is not a smart man.

      4. You are forgetting that Dems and Repubs control who gets onto the ballot across the country. At this point, an independent run would be very difficult if not impossible.

        1. He can certainly threaten to run a write-in campaign and whine like hell about the “unfair, rigged system” – which fires up his base because that’s their favorite thing to do, bitch and moan about how “it’s not faaaaaiiirrrr!” with “it” being every damn thing imaginable and some things that aren’t imaginable to the non-retarded. I don’t know that there’s as many Sanders supporters who would never vote for any other nominal Dem as there are Trump supporters who would never vote for any other nominal Rep, but in this bizarro-world election can they take a chance in calling his bluff and lose even a handful of voters?

    3. Nobody needs hundreds of staffers.

    4. yes, he has freed them from the difficult choice of having to quit.

  5. University buries Fracking study because it doesn’t show what backers wanted to see

    “I am really sad to say this, but some of our funders, the groups that had given us funding in the past, were a little disappointed in our results. They feel that fracking is scary and so they were hoping this data could to a reason to ban it,” she said.

    Rep. Andy Thompson, R-Marrietta, whose district includes Carroll, Harrison and Belmont counties, is calling for the university to release its findings. Thompson noted the study received state funding in the form of an $85,714 grant from the Ohio Board or Regents and federal funding from the national Science Foundation for an isotope ratio mass spectrometer

    Isn’t that what the petro-companies have been accused of doing (sans evidence)? Proggie projection much?

    1. That is exactly what they have been accused of. And it of course it total projection on the part of the Greens.

      1. Maybe not projection. Since that’s the way they do business, of course they’d assume others would do the same.

        1. You know who else regularly accuses everybody of lying and cheating and trying to screw him because he lies and cheats and tries to screw everybody and therefore assumes they’re doing the same?

          1. Everybody I’ve ever met from Philadelphia.

            1. Philly the best (and worst) city.


            2. (golf clap)

            3. I was thinking of Bill Belichick but your answer is close enough.

          2. The entire contingent of Chicago aldermen?

        2. “Since that’s the way they do business, of course they’d assume others would do the same.”

          Isn’t that, like, exactly what projection is??

        3. To be fair, there is some pretty big precedent for big companies hiding unfavorable information. Tobacco companies probably being the most well known example.

      2. No John, this is SCIENCE! How else are you supposed to get to a 97% consensus?!

        1. 1) Compile hundreds if not thousands of independent studies and theses into a compendium, then you take all of those author’s names and put them on a big list of people who supposedly support your position regardless of what their respective findings actually were.

          2) ???

          3) Consensus

      3. That is exactly what they have been accused of. And it of course it total projection on the part of the Greens.

        Look. It’s different when they do it. They have good intentions, whereas greedy corporations are motivated by immoral profits.

    2. “I am really sad to say this, but some of our funders, the groups that had given us funding in the past, were a little disappointed in our results. They feel that fracking is scary and so they were hoping this data could [point?] to a reason to ban it,” she said.

      She actually said this? Like came out and just admitted it? Damn, that’s refreshing for a change.

      1. She just derailed the grant gravy train.

      2. To be fair, she may have interned with the EPA office in Cincy. I’ve yet to meet a more stupid group of bureaucrats than those individuals. A high school classmate’s father worked there, and when he came in to talk about the EPA and its role, I tore him a new asshole by stating facts and correcting his views of how the EPA is supposed to work, as a high school senior (It helps a lot that my mom worked on cleaning up the Little Miami for one of those big multinationals in the early 80s, and has a PhD in Marine Biochemistry, so I kind of know a hell of a lot more about concentrations in the native riverine environment of Southwest Ohio than a PhD in Environmental Science).

        1. The EPA anywhere in Ohio are not just stupid, they’re lying thugs. A hog farmer friend of mine got fined tens of thousands of dollars for supposedly killing hundreds of endangered lake fish by supposedly polluting a river that runs through his land. The thing is, he has his own waste treatment facility and could not possibly have been the culprit. The actual culprit was a large industrial cattle feed manufacturer who is very well connected politically that surrounding farmers have unanimously confirmed, that the manufacturer pollutes other people’s property with impunity and some little guy always gets thrown under the bus once every couple years.

          1. The EPA anywhere in Ohio are not just stupid, they’re lying thugs.

            That describes government in general.

          2. He’s a really nice guy, with good intentions and the right degree, but he’s also a complete statist that taught both his daughter (my classmate), and his son (my younger brother’s best friend in high school) that there is nothing outside the state.

            1. What was it Trump said yesterday? “The nation-state is the foundation of all happiness”, I believe it was.

    3. They feel that fracking is scary

      …and therefore that trumps whatever the study says.

      “Scary”? Really? Jeebus, these people are pathetic.

      1. Hey! Those feelings are real! And should be the basis for our domestic energy policy.

        1. I propose releasing super predators, like a monkey gator hybrid so people will have something to be rationally afraid of. That way scientist will be free to produce new technologies without pants shitters bothering them.

          1. Bearshark

            1. ManBearPig is real! I’m totally cereal!!

              1. “He’s half man, and half bearpig.”

                “No, dude, that doesn’t make any sense! He’s half man, half bear, and half pig.”

          2. What, no python in there?!

            1. It fills the gaps in DNA, like frogs and dinosaurs.

          3. I’m not afraid of deliciousness.

            1. I’ve eaten gator, never primate. I’m assuming a pork like quality of its similar to human.

              1. Way to taste-shame, flavor-normative shitlord.

          4. monkey gator hybrid = FLORIDA STEVE SMITH

      2. I read that as her giving the backers some shit. That’s pretty brave, in a professional sense – those grant dollars may dry up unless she tows the lion.

      3. I saw somebody the other day on a certain talk show I’m too embarrassed to admit I watched even for a few minutes (it’s an HBO show hosted by a “politically-incorrect” “libertarian” “comedian” is all I’ll say) simply dismissing the argument that fracking is cleaner than coal and the more fracking you use the less coal by saying something like “well, fracking is still bad and we want to get rid of all the bad things”. This guy was some sort of actor or something I think so I’m sure he did the research and knew what he was talking about and not just pulling shit out of his ass.

        1. Saying that, he probably expects his electricity and heat to be available when he wants it, in the amobts he wants it on demand without being outrageously expensive. Where he lives intellectually, there are no need for trade offs.

      4. Jeebus, these people are pathetic.

        Those people run things; it’s the rest of us who are pathetic for letting them.

    4. She’s “disappointed”?

      1. Yeah, what the fuck? We discovered this great method of extract resources from the ground, which will lead to cheaper energy and less dependence on foreign oil. We feared it might have negative environmental consequences but turns out that it doesn’t.

        Hurray! Damn it!

        1. I imagine it’s the same feeling a cop gets when he realizes someone else is recording him planting dope in a glove box.

    5. Who needs research? I have seen the Youtube videos of burning water with my own eyes.

      1. Jet fuel can’t melt steel!!!

      2. Stop denying Tinkerbell’s existence! Don’t you know that if we just fucking love science, it will solve all of our problems magically and with no side effects or by products? NEANDERTHAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. This is ‘Science’ today.

  6. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) will investigate the late Prince’s recent prescription drug history.

    Way to not read the room, DEA..

    1. You were maybe expecting them to suddenly *not* be tone-deaf?

  7. “Former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight, as notable for his violent and vulgar outbursts as for his winning record, endorses Donald Trump.”

    I have to say, if being like these guys are what it takes to be a winner, being a winner seems very unpleasant.

    1. Sounds kind of like a sermon to me.

      1. Can I get an amen, brothers and sisters?

        1. Hallelujah!

        2. Sure exclude the transgender members of the congregation….

          1. “Brothers, sisters, and everyone else covered by that salad of letters acronym.”

            1. You should probably also get rid of “amen” too. The word men is right there and that is problematic.

              Maybe “A-whateveryouwanttobe”

        3. You can get a Bronx cheer.

    2. Remember Woody Hayes?
      Winning coaches are generally vile specimens. Makes you wonder what all the hero worship is about, right?
      You get what you reward, and if being a vicious contemptible asshole who wins trophies is what you reward, you get vicious contemptible assholes.
      It’s a lot like presidents that way.

      1. The winning is what’s rewarded. The vicious contemptible asshole part is just tolerated, until the winning stops.

        1. It’s a lot like Patton, who both Hayes and Knight read a lot about. And another thing they had in common? They were both at Ohio State at the same time. Not much of a surprise that Knight ended up with a temperament like Woody.

      2. Woody was a pioneer for racial integration at Ohio State and college sports in general. Woody also did things like move players into his home so that he could make sure they did their academic work and got an education.

        Woody Hayes was a great human being. Yeah, he yelled at his players and he lost his temper once and punched the guy who was taunting on his sideline. Those things, especially the punching part, were not good. But they don’t undo all of the really great things he did.

    3. The football coach of my beloved Buffalo Bills introduced Donald Trump at a rally, so I am not surprised that Trump has secured the “loudmouth jerk coach” vote.

      1. my beloved Buffalo Bills

        C’mon man. I know this is the internet and all, but there are some of your disgusting preferences you should keep to yourself.

        Somebody might be trying to eat here.

    4. “Nice guys finish last.”

      1. That’s what she said.

  8. Racist Cartoons In College Newspaper Spark Outrage Among Students

    The first cartoon features a caricature of a black woman saying, “Would you look at the time… I’m late for my abortion” while wearing a shirt that reads “Black Lives Matter.” The second drawing depicts a gardening hoe asking a black man “Who is you calling a hoe?” The man in the cartoon responds “I’m sorry ma’am, you just look like a hoe.”

    While some students took the cartoons — drawn by Bryheim Muse, a black man — as a joke, others found it racist and sexist. Shaylynn Bivens, vice president of the university’s black student union, sent a statement to The Huffington Post about the problematic nature of the drawings, especially when a racial divide already exists on campus.

    1. I’d like to put a copy of some of R. Crumb’s 1960s work in these students’ hands and watch their heads explode.

      1. Would Crumb’s obsession with women with huge asses be considered body affirming today or sexist?

        1. It depends. Was Crumb a Democrat or a Republican?

        2. Be careful, you accuse someone of liking ’em fat and Warty will call you a racist.

          1. Not to defend Warty, ever, but that’s not why he called you a racist.

            1. He is highly prone to calling people racist for bullshit reasons. One reason being that he doesn’t know how to debate without attacking people instead of their arguments. He’s like a proggy in that regard.

              1. So….you react to what you perceive as Warty attacking the person, with….an attack against the person.


                1. Is that some kind of attempt at “gotcha”? Someone that constantly and consistently resorts to ad hominem, otherwise known as a troll, isn’t owed some kind of insulation against being criticized on a personal level. Much less when those criticisms are referring to specific instances of trolling and even less than that considering that my criticism doesn’t involve me calling people “stupid” or “faggot” with the occasional all caps screed.

          2. Stupid, ignorant, and thin-skinned. You have a lot going for you there, chief.

            1. I usually don’t respond to your trolling, Warty. You have more hostility than you do sense, commenting on your petty BS I don’t think constitutes “thin skin”.

              1. Sounds like someone got his feelings hurt.

                1. There’s another reliable troll. Welcome to the party.

            2. Warty is calling someone thin-skinned


        1. Looks more like a transgendered Warty.


          1. The -ed is transphobic, scumbag.

            1. Nice boobs, Warty.


                1. The pc term is moobs.

    2. What is racist and sexist about it? Do men get abortions? Do only white women get them? Racist and sexist really is just code for “SJWs don’t like this.” I cannot see any rational reason why that would be racist or sexist.

      1. Yes, that first comic would have made no sense if it were a white woman wearing a BLM shirt, and would have made even less sense had it been a man of any color.

        1. Christa McAuliffe could’ve pulled it off.

          1. On second thought, I feel kinda bad about this joke.

            1. Good! Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you!

    3. So is it possible for an African-American to be racist, yes or no?

      1. I think Vice President Bivens gave you the answer to that with her measured response. If the artist were white I somehow doubt the drawings would merely be called “problematic…especially when a racial divide already exists on campus.”

      2. Yes, they are variously called “race traitors” or “house negroes” and include the likes of Justice Clarence Thomas, General Colin Powell, and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. I know this because white proggie journalists told me so.

      3. Yes. Some African-American women prefer to fuck white men.

    4. Those are actually kind of funny.

      1. Kind of? They’re hilarious!

    5. Sometimes I wonder what these SJW snowflakes would do if they were presented with an example of actual racism. (NSFW)

  9. Linda P.B. Katehi, chancellor of UC-Davis, has been removed from her post pending an investigation into alleged violations including “using university funds to scrub negative references to the school on social media.”

    The scrubber is now the scrubbed.

  10. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has laid off hundreds of staffers, putting most of its remaining resources in California and Indiana.

    Economic decisions that cost people jobs are okay when the right people make them for the right cause.

    1. Stupid Bernbots thought they had a right to those jobs!

  11. “using university funds to scrub negative references to the school on social media.”

    Did she use an iBrilloPad?

    1. Works better than a server cloth.

      1. Be nice. My abuela worked hard wiping rich people’s personal servers with a cloth.

        1. Think of how many more clients she could have if she improved her efficiency!

    2. I wonder if TLC was playing as she was escorted out.

      1. I hope she fired back with this:

  12. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has laid off hundreds of staffers

    The Sanders campaign economy is not working for all Americans, i guess.

  13. Tennessee governor signs religious counseling bill into law

    Tennessee’s Republican governor said Wednesday that he signed a bill into law that allows mental health counselors to refuse to treat patients based on the therapist’s religious or personal beliefs.

    “As a professional I should have the right to decide if my clients end goals don’t match with my beliefs ? I should have the right to say somebody else can better serve them,” Gov. Bill Haslam said in a phone interview with The Associated Press. “Lawyers can do that, doctors can do that. Why would we take this one class of professionals and say you can’t do that?”

    The American Counseling Association called the legislation an “unprecedented attack” on the counseling profession and said Tennessee was the only state to ever pass such a law. Opponents say the legislation is part of a wave of bills around the nation that legalizes discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people.

    1. Tennessee’s Republican governor said Wednesday that he signed a bill into law that allows mental health counselors to refuse to treat patients based on the therapist’s religious or personal beliefs.

      Kind of narrow, but maybe a good start.

      1. I don’t see how you could object to that. Should a Muslim therapist be required to treat someone suffering from PTSD from whacking Muslims in Iraq? Should a evangelical therapist be required to give marriage counseling to a polygamous gay couple? If you for whatever reason find the person’s lifestyle and problems morally appalling, how could you ever be a good therapist?

        1. Well, not for those particular patients…

          1. That is what I mean. Some convictions cannot be so easily set aside for the sake of professionalism.

            1. One of the therapist I know fired a couple because the husband was cheating on the wife and wanted to keep seeing the girlfriend while continuing the marriage counseling. When she told me all I could think is “Alpha as fuck”.

              1. Alpha or shameless narcissist. I am not saying I am perfect and would never cheat on my wife. But if I ever did and she caught me, I can’t imagine just telling her to like it or lump it. If I had that little respect for her, i would divorce her.

              2. Nah, a true Alpha would have been nailing the therapist, too.

                1. In a three way with the girlfriend.

        2. And why in hell would someone even want to be treated by a therapist who is being forced into it? Other than the raw exercise of power, I suppose.

          1. Other than the raw exercise of power, I suppose.

            Well, that’s it, isn’t it? Everyone must be forced to bend the knee to their chosen lifestyle. Really no different than forcing religious bakers to provide cakes for gay weddings.

        3. If you for whatever reason find the person’s lifestyle and problems morally appalling, how could you ever be a good therapist?

          “I’m a therapist. Nothing shocks me.”

          1. “So then you won’t mind if I test out this taser…”

            1. *** writes something in notebook ***

    2. You want to force a therapist to have a relationship with you? Do you even therapy, bro?

      Of course, if you can’t have enough objectivity to treat a patient that is gay, you are probably a pretty shitty therapist and people should be warned away.

      1. I think you could be a great therapist for the right set of patients. And I don’t think anyone would refuse to see gay patients at all. That would be pretty crazy. But I could see where someone who really objected to homosexuality might refuse to see gays for couples therapy but still see them for grief counseling or things that have nothing to do with their sexuality.

      2. The entire idea that you should be forced to work for someone that you don’t want to work for is just bizarre.

    3. I’m trying to figure out how the hell this is an attack on the counseling profession. I’m pretty sure therapists are already not only free to but as a matter of professional ethics are admonished to advise clients to seek out another therapist if there is some personal reason why the therapist does not feel she can provide adequate or suitable treatment and advice. It seems to me a law *requiring* therapists to see clients despite their own prejudices would be an attack on the counseling professsion.

      1. The point is to purge wrongthinking therapists from the profession, yanking their licenses so that it will become a crime for them to counsel anyone, gay, straight or other.

  14. Linda P.B. Katehi, chancellor of UC-Davis, has been removed from her post pending an investigation into alleged violations including “using university funds to scrub negative references to the school on social media.”

    Sounds like she was just doing her job.

    1. There’s also charges she was hiring family members in violation of rules:…..81532.html

      1. Oh. Well, then let ‘er rip.

  15. Nashville man ordered to remove zombie statue from front yard

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    NASHVILLE, April 26 (UPI) — A Tennessee man said he finds it “utterly ridiculous” that his homeowner’s association is ordering him to remove his front-yard zombie statue after five years.

    Jim Grinstead said he and his wife have occupied their Nashville home for nearly 10 years, and the zombie statue they affectionately dubbed “Clawed” has been in their front yard for the past five years.

    He said he was surprised to receive a letter from the homeowners association ordering him to do away with the statue, which depicts the head and arms of a zombie climbing up out of the ground.

    “During a recent inspection of the community on April 19, 2016, it was noted that there is a zombie in your yard that needs to be removed,” the letter reads.

    “At first I was pissed, but then I thought about it for a second and I said, ‘this is utterly ridiculous,'” Grinstead told the New York Daily News.

    1. I had been thinking of getting one of those lawn zombies – then the house I got didn’t have a lawn.

      1. Looks good in the living room too.

      2. the house I got didn’t have a lawn

        I’m calling bullshit. What do you tell the neighbor kids to get off of, then?

        1. The grass margin between the sidewalk and street.

          1. Oh, ok. As Hit’n’Run’s curmudgeonliest regular, you need to be able to yell at those damn kids about SOMETHING.

          2. “Hey, you kids!! Get off my grass margin between the sidewalk and street!!”

            Doesn’t have the same ring to it….

            1. “Get off the grass!”

              Don’t be verbose when brevity works.

            2. UnCivil is saving up to have part of the front of his house removed, just so that he can actually have a lawn to yell at kids to get off of. It is known.

          3. It’s called a Devil strip.

            1. Really? That is metal as fuck.

              1. That’s how we roll in Akron.

                I think Akron is one of the very few places that calls it that, but nearly every single person here does, regardless of how long they’ve lived here. It’s weird.

        2. His lap?

          1. ooh you’re evil!

            1. Sorry, UnCiv. I meant laptop.

              1. “Hey kids, i’m a computer! Stop all the downloadin’!”

    2. Speaking of Nashville, the Boudreau Curse strikes again. Holy jebus, four straight game 7 losses for Anaheim, while Boudreau is 1-7 all-time in that situation.

      1. Make that Boudreau’s Curse.

    3. So, is he replacing it with one of those racist lawn jockeys?

      1. When I was a kid those lawn jockeys were all over the place. Now I can’t remember the last time I saw one.

        1. I see one on the way to the grocery store, but it’s in whiteface, which is a whole NEW level of problematic.

        2. I do. They were from Alabama, living in Pittsburgh.

        3. There’s a house about two miles from where my folks live in central VA that has those standing sentinel upon columns on either side of the driveway. Not coincidentally, you come upon said house just prior to crossing a creek called “Mulatto’s Run.”

          1. In Hit’n’RunTopia, that creek would be called Heroic Mulatto’s Run, and all of those lawn jockeys would be statues of girls twerkin’.

  16. Former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight, as notable for his violent and vulgar outbursts as for his winning record, endorses Donald Trump.

    “Fuck, yeah!”

  17. Venezuela is apparently too broke to continue printing worthless money.…..-new-money

    Another win for the Socialists.

    1. So Venezuela is now actually worse off than Zimbabwe? Way to go, Chavez and Maduro!

      1. #FeelTheBern

        1. I had a random conversation with a woman in a bar a while back. She had lived in Chili for a while after college. So the question of Salvadore Allende came up. She being a typical Washington lefty was convinced that Allende was a great guy and Pinochet totally evil and had no justification for killing him and taking over. I just said, “let me guess, you thought Chavez was going to be great for Venezuela didn’t you?” She just changed the subject. She didn’t even try to answer that.

          1. And then you went home alone, huh.

            1. I am married. So I was going home alone no matter what. I actually enjoy chatting with women in bars more now than I did when I was single. There is just freedom with knowing you don’t want to sleep with any of them and won’t do so no matter how hot they are.

              1. A hooker propositions a guy in a bar.

                Guy turns her down, saying “I’m saving myself until I meet someone I really love.”

                Hooker says “Gee, you’re a good-looking fellow. That must be tough.”

                “Yeah. But it’s even tougher on my wife.”

                1. A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel attached to the front of his pants.

                  The bartender asks, “What’s with the steering wheel?”

                  The pirate says, “Yar, it’s me wife. She’s driving me nuts!”

                  1. If I ever divorce and am single again, my go to line is going to be “you look like my second wife”.

                    1. “Hey, baby. Wanna go halves on a bastard?”

                    2. Wow, you’re go to line is going to be #1 on the lamest line list?

          2. “She had lived in Chili for a while”

            I’ll stick with the weekly mud bath.

            1. Peppers apparently did wonders for her skin.

              1. Maybe they’ll add “Johnism” to the language, like Reverend William Archibald Spooner led them to add “Spoonerism.”

                1. Too late for this thread, but I suggest calling them “benepropisms”.

    2. Venezuela is spending a lot more than it needs because the government hasn’t printed a higher-denomination bank note?revealing a misplaced fear, analysts say, that doing so would implicitly acknowledge high inflation the government publicly denies.

      Socialists deny what everyone knows to be true? Unpossible!

      1. “Feel the Bern!”

    3. They just need to print a few trillion-dollar bills. Problem solved.

      1. Zimbabwe tried that. Venezuela is trying to avoid going down that path: “Venezuela is spending a lot more than it needs because the government hasn’t printed a higher-denomination bank note?revealing a misplaced fear, analysts say, that doing so would implicitly acknowledge high inflation the government publicly denies.”

      2. The article notes that Maduro’s sticking his fingers in his ears and refusing to print bigger bank notes – because optics.

        This guy may be more off the rails than Mugabe if that’s possible.

    4. De La Rue, the world’s largest currency maker


    5. Wiemar 1923…and Santayana’s observation about history.

  18. Famous Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight introduced Donald Trump in a profanity-laced speech at a campaign rally in Indiana on Wednesday.

    What a rollercoaster. At first I thought no way would I care to hear what he had to say, now I need to drop everything to hear it.

    1. But while Knight dedicated some of his speech to praising Trump, he also went on several minutes-long tangents that appeared to have little to do with his endorsement. At various points during the speech, Knight deviated from talking about Trump to thank the crowd for supporting the Indiana Hoosiers, which he coached to three NCAA championships.

      After promising that Trump would have a better relationship with the military than any other previous president, Knight reminded the crowd of his triumphs over the US Naval Academy as the coach of the US Military Academy’s basketball team.

      In other words, he sounded just like Donald Trump.

  19. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has laid off hundreds of staffers, putting most of its remaining resources in California and Indiana.

    That’s not fair! Somebody ought to force that fat cat to contribute his fair share!

    1. He should be providing those jobs and paying them a living wage!

    2. He outsourced his staff to sweatshops in California and Indiana…they mean.

  20. Ban Ki-moon attacks ‘increasingly restrictive’ EU asylum policies

    The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, has hit out at “increasingly restrictive” European asylum policies in a speech to the Austrian parliament, which has voted to bring in some of the continent’s most stringent laws after a far-right politician won the first round of presidential elections.

    Ban did not name any country in his speech but, considering the venue, his comments appeared to allude at least in part to ongoing Austrian moves to tighten its border controls and reduce the entry of asylum seekers.

    “I am concerned that European countries are now adopting increasingly restrictive immigration and refugee policies. Such policies negatively affect the obligation of member states under international humanitarian law and European law,” he told MPs.

    The parliament’s lower house voted on Wednesday in favour of a law that will allow police to reject asylum seekers at the border and to stop most successful applicants from applying to be reunited with their families for three years.

    1. Did he take a stand against ISIS or baby-raping UN employees?

      1. Did he say that a Sith is leading the Senate?

      2. What about infecting a nation with cholera and then covering it up?

    2. Uh oh, it looks like Austria’s new hyper-far-right leadership isn’t going to be invited to a lot of UN cocktail parties.

    3. Did he employ the UN’s most devastating weapon, the strongly worded note?

  21. Light the buttplug signal: the economy grew at a dismal, atrocious 0.5% rate in the first quarter.

    1. And this is before they quietly revise it downward in a couple of months.

    2. I think last time he blamed it on the winter being cold or some such nonsense.

      1. You know who else blamed their failings on the winter being cold…

          1. George Costanza? (shrinkage)

        1. William Henry Harrison?

        2. Stannis Baratheon?

          1. I will not end up as a page in another man’s history book…

        3. George Costanza?

        4. Richard III?

        5. George Costanza?

        6. The German General Staff?

  22. Why Millennials Aren’t Fucking

    The research paints an even darker picture of millennial sex lives. Anxiety and depression-related indicators have been rising for more than half a century, according to a 2009 study from Twenge and her colleagues. More young people are using antidepressants and stimulants, like Adderall, which can kill sex drive.

    Plus, there’s the logistical issue that more young people are living with their parents. “Even after the recession, that has been true,” said Twenge, who also covered millennial culture in her book Generation Me. “You’re not going to bring a parade of partners through mom’s basement.”

    Kids are also more overwhelmed by work and school, giving them less time for partying and sex. So instead, younger millennials turn to porn, which is easier to access than ever before. “I’ve seen a lot of patients?I have to say, young men who are not sexual at all, and it’s partially because they satisfy themselves via the internet and porn,” said Dr. Ildiko Kovacs, a UC San Diego psychiatrist and professor focused on psychiatric, behavioral, relationship, cultural, and religious factors affecting sexual health.

    1. Well, given the rape Star Chamber courts on campus that’s probably not such a bad thing for the guys.

      1. The sex robot industry is going to make all the money in the world.

          1. They have to survive crossing the uncanny valley first.

        1. Whaddaya want to bet the SJW’s who are screaming about rape culture find something “problematic” about that too.

          1. “Stop treating that robot like a sexual object! Appliances have feelings too!”

            1. “It’s degrading to womyn! Because FEELZ!!!”

          2. They already do, Seamus. A couple of years back some Dworkin-type feminist was screeching about how you could buy just the vagina part of one of those creepy Real Doll things. You know, because that leads men to think of women as just parts and will surely lead to more dismemberment killings. The **** was too dumb to realize that you can buy replacement parts because those things wear out.

            1. Go ahead and say it Tonio, you know you want to.
              “The Cunt was bitching about a fake cunt.” – Tonio, the womyn hater

          3. “You can’t rape a machine.” – Battlestar Galactica

    2. Maybe also partially because of millennial women.

      1. Yeah, when any consensual sexual encounter can lead to a due-process-free rape trial months after the fact, you can’t help but understand their reticence.

        1. or even their RELUCTANCE…


    3. Those poor kids. Deprived of the age-old character building rites of passage ‘why did I fuck her (or him)?’ the following day.

    4. I call BS. This generation is the first one where the LGBTARP;EOUFHFASJHEF community doesn’t have to hide their sexual preferences – in fact, they are celebrated. The gay dudes alone would make up the fucking deficit. In addition, there is virtually no stigma for young women to get their full slut on and post pics on instagram.

      1. “This generation is the first one where the LGBTARP;EOUFHFASJHEF community doesn’t have to hide their sexual preferences – in fact, they are celebrated.”

        Gay people have always had lots of sex. I don’t know why the fact they don’t have to hide it now would mean they have more of it. It’s not like gay life in the 70s was chaste. Plus gay people are like 3% of the population, so they wouldn’t make up the deficit if sexual activity rates dropped among the rest of the population.

        ” In addition, there is virtually no stigma for young women to get their full slut on and post pics on instagram.”

        Why would posting slutty pics on instagram necessarily mean you’re having more sex?

        1. She was asking for it?

        2. ” Plus gay people are like 3% of the population,”…

          FUCK YOU CIS-SHITLORD!! I have it on good authority that they are a full 10% of the population and that Trans-persons are AT LEAST 5%!!!

        3. Pics or didn’t happen.

        4. Plus gay people are like 3% of the population, so they wouldn’t make up the deficit if sexual activity rates dropped among the rest of the population.

          Yeah, but we punch way above our weight. At least the gay guys do. And we’re already taking up the slack for the lesbians. I assure you that I’m doing my part.

          1. And we’re already taking up the slack for the lesbians.

            Do i even want to know what that’s a euphemism for?

    5. Uh….

      Stimulants do not kill sex drive.

      If any magazine should know that, it’s Vice.

        1. Never heard of coke whores?

          1. I got these cheeseburgers man…

            1. I have two dollars and a Casio.

          2. Never heard of coke whores?

            Hell, I knew a few back in the 80s. Still doesn’t cancel out coke dick.

            1. “Lechery, sir, it provokes, and unprovokes; it provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance;”

    6. “Kids are also more overwhelmed by work and school, giving them less time for partying and sex.”

      Complete nonsense. People have more free time now than ever before. It’s just that a lot of Millennials use that free time to play video games and stuff like that.

      The age of marriage going up probably has something to do with it. Married people actually have more sex than single people, so if people get married at 29 instead of 23 the rates of sexual activity would be lower.

    7. Most dating results from lingering guilt about masturbation. Of course, no one feels religious or ethical guilt about masturbation anymore. But people do feel guilty for not being more successful. They believe if they were more successful they would have someone to handle their genitals for them and would not have to do it themselves.

      Sophisticated persons masturbate without compunction. They do it for reasons of health, privacy, thrift and because of the remarkable perfection of invisible partners.

      P. J. O’Rourke

  23. University of Washington students outraged over cheerleader poster

    Cheerleaders at the University of Washington have sparked outrage after they published a poster telling girls they needed false lashes, an athletic physique and a spray tan to try out.

    But within 24 hours, the cheerleaders had pulled the poster following a furious online backlash.

    Critics claimed the poster was sexist and ‘objectified women’ while others complained in undermined cheerleading as a serious sport. Some even implied the message was racist as it only featured a white woman.

    ‘Such a message would never go out to men trying out for a sport,’ Signe Burchim, a UW senior, told the Seattle Times.

    ‘I think it’s really upsetting and kind of disheartening the way it’s basically asking these women who want to try out to perform their femininity ? but not too much.’

    ‘An advertisement such as this completely objectifies women and creates barriers that only perpetuates the inaccessibility of opportunities that should be open for every student on this campus,’ the Associated Students of the University of Washington wrote in a Facebook post.

    Huskies should be opened to huskies!

    1. Riiiight. Men are never held to male role stereotypes. Defined abs, ability to ‘walk it off’, and all the rest.
      Such messages go out to men trying for sports constantly — they just start younger and these days are more “culturally mainstream”.

    2. And suddenly the “Why Aren’t Millenials Fucking” article makes more sense…

    3. “needed false lashes, an athletic physique and a spray tan to try out.”

      Well the first and last are just stupid. What if the girl already has good eyelashes?? What if the girl is naturally tan or dark skinned already?? Why the hell do you want orange women anyway??

      1. Why the hell do you want orange women anyway??

        TRUMP!!! 2016!!!!

    4. It seems to me an athletic physique is a reasonable requirement if they’re going to claim it’s a sport of some sort.

  24. Drunk driver crashed into woman he was about to meet for first date

    She asked the 33-year-old if had been drinking and he replied “No”, Judge Piers Grant was told.

    Prosecutor Sam Magee said the woman was driving along the Ballydougan Road in her Volkswagen Golf car travelling at a speed of 45 mph in a 60 mph zone.

    He told Downpatrick Court: “As she approached the junction with the Drumcullen Road near Downpatrick race course, suddenly a black Mercedes car came at her at speed after having crossed on to her side of the road.

    “One witness described that the black Mercedes had passed their vehicle ‘like a rocket’.

    “The woman swerved in an attempt to avoid a collision, but to no avail.”

    1. How was the date itself?

      1. My blind date hit me.

    2. In the movies, this sort of incident inevitably leads to a marriage, after an intervening series of hilarious misunderstandings.

      1. This has Matthew McConnaughay and Kate Hudson written all over it.

        1. And a pet ferret. The ferret escaped his cage and was running around on the car, making the driver swerve around.

    3. She should be flattered he was in such a hurry to meet her.

      1. He didn’t even take the time to not get drunk!

    4. r Volkswagen Golf car travelling at a speed of 45 mph in a 60 mph zone

      I read that as Volkswagen Golf cart the first time and was impressed she had it up to 45mph.

      1. You’re not wrong though.

    5. I can only think of one country with a “Drumcullen Road,” but I certainly won’t invoke any harmful stereotypes because that would be wrong.

  25. University of Cincinnati admits to burying study finding no damage to water quality from fracking because funders ‘disappointed’.…..inted.html

      1. Damn your hyperlinking skills!

  26. John McCain fundraiser arrested in Phoenix meth lab bust

    Pitha was arrested Tuesday afternoon after her live-in boyfriend signed for a package containing more than 250 grams of Ecstasy. [D]etectives also found methamphetamines, LSD, heroin, cocaine, what appeared to be a meth lab, numerous chemicals and a large amount of cash.

    Now, *that* is fundraising!

    1. She started out picking lettuce for $50 an hour, but climate change killed that job.

    2. Brings a whole new meaning to the word bundler.

      1. Bindler?

    3. And that’s what happens when you use your own product – you end up donating to John McCain.

      1. But at least she has an excuse.

      2. “Don’t get high on your own supply” – NWA(I think, it’s been awhile…)

  27. Florida man drives through roadblock, crashes into medical helicopter

    The chopper was on the ground near US-192 and SR-429 when the suspected impaired driver drove around roadblocks and hit the helicopter hard enough to damage the tail and prevent it from taking off.

    The injured pedestrian was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

    The helicopter had to be towed away.

  28. Boehner refers to Cruz as Lucifer again, says he’ll vote for Trump

    “Lucifer in the flesh,” the former speaker said. “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

    Boehner described other Republican candidates as friends. In particular, the former speaker said he has played golf with Donald Trump for years and that they were “texting buddies.”

    1. “Texting buddies”? What is he, 15?

      1. Just a really really shitting politician and failed Speaker of the House.

      2. 3493 texts saying ‘would you do her’?

      3. B==o ~~ D-:

      4. Snapchat. “Donald sent me a pic of his balls again.”

        1. If you had the husky, tufted balls of that man you would be sending photos of them to everyone as well.

          1. I’ve heard that Donald’s Trump’s testicles look like a dozen meerkats on high alert.

            1. They’re like two pigs wrasslin’ in a burlap sack.

            2. You owe me a new keyboard!

              1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    2. Stop trying to make me like Cruz, it’s not going to work.

      1. I would love to think the entire congress hates Cruz for the right reasons. That they hate him because he is the one honest man in Washington. I seriously, however, doubt that is the case. I can’t shake the feeling that they hate him because he is a giant asshole and not in a good way.

        1. Except all the people who hate him – Boehner, McCain, Graham, King… I KNOW to be giant assholes in the wrong way.

          1. He definitely has the right enemies and that makes me want to like him. I just have a feeling that they might hate him with good reason and not because they are giant assholes.

            1. This is why Cruz will never be nominated in a contested convention, the establishment GOP hates him more than they hate Trump.

            2. Just consider how much of your opinion about the guy is based on direct observation of his behavior, and how much is based on people with a material interest in making people dislike him.

              1. That is a good point. But everyone up there seems to hate him. Not all of them have a material reason to dislike him. It is the fact that he seems to be universally unpopular that makes me wonder.

              2. ^^This

            3. Just consider how much of your opinion about the guy is based on direct observation of his behavior, and how much is based on people with a material interest in making people dislike him.

          2. It’s like watching Mary and Joe agree that amsoc’s a real ass. There doesn’t have to be a good guy.

            1. Or the time Jackass Ass and american socialist argued over the merits of Hillary vs. Bernie while the rest of Hit’n’Run swirled on around them. I read every word and i giggled like a drunken kindergartner.

        2. I would love to think the entire congress hates Cruz for the right reasons. That they hate him because he is the one honest man in Washington. I seriously, however, doubt that is the case. I can’t shake the feeling that they hate him because he is a giant asshole and not in a good way.

          My understanding is that he is basically a Republican version of Obama.

          1. My understanding is that he is basically a Republican version of Obama.

            Except that Cruz is actually intelligent, perhaps.

            1. Cruz is wicked smart. Obama is a moron but there is no denying Cruz is smart.

              I see Cruz as the obnoxious smart kid everyone knew in school. You want to like him and should feel bad for how the jocks torture him but you have to admit he brings a lot of it on himself. I understand why people support Cruz. I cannot, however, understand how anyone could find him charismatic.

              1. He comes off like a slimy weasel.

          2. I could be kidding myself but Rand Paul is the only person in Congress I trust to actually believe everything he says. I don’t agree with Paul about everything but I do think he is sincere and means the best for the country. I am cynical enough to admit that believing that may be naive on my part but I that is what I think. As for the rest of them, I think they at best can be trusted to do the right thing for the wrong reason.

            1. So far, I generally like what I hear from that Mike Lee guy. I haven’t paid close attention to him, though.

    3. “Lucifer in the flesh,” the former speaker said. “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

      Sounds like an endorsement to me.

      1. If he makes everyone not want to work with him, won’t government grind to a halt, and public employees start leaving their jobs? Then we can actually shrink government!

      2. Cruz could make a very nice ad out of that. Fifteen seconds reviewing Boehners backstabbing and failures, then the clip, then a wrap of Cruz saying “With enemies like that, why wouldn’t you vote for me?”.

    4. Somebody is orange with envy.

    5. He’s lying. He’s already planning his Hillary vote.

    6. Typical identity politics. Boehner is just voting for Trump because they’re both orange.

  29. More from the wonderful world of Modern Monetary Theory:

    And here’s the final point. There are NO market forces that move the economy toward the state of bliss imagined by free marketeers. Indeed, reality is precisely the opposite. Markets march the economy away from bliss. Toward financial crises. Toward high unemployment. Toward low wages. Toward intolerable inequality, poverty, and suffering. Toward high crime rates and accompanying high rates of incarceration. Toward discrimination and other forms of invidious distinction…

    …we cannot presume that markets came before money for the simple reason that until money exists there cannot be exchanges (sales).

    Oh, and one indicator of the mindset, after wondering in print why people who disagree with him read his blog posts and comment on them he writes, “I certainly would not go to their blogs, much less make comments on them.”

    Do you want to know more?


    1. …we cannot presume that markets came before money for the simple reason that until money exists there cannot be exchanges (sales).


      1. That line made me larf out loud.

      2. What a load of unmitigated lizard shit. I don’t think I’ve heard anything quite so stupid.

        1. I don’t think I’ve heard anything quite so stupid

          Hold on, now, it’s still early in the day.

        2. I just assumed I was too stupid to understand the greater point they’re making. Reminds me of Dianetics. Keep promising to let you in on the secret in the next chapter, but it never comes.

        3. It’s gotta be trolling. That or the guy is a tenured professor. No uneducated run-of-the-mill buffoon could be that stupid…

          1. or the guy is a tenured professor

            Ding ding ding. University of Missouri – Kansas City.

      3. So, apparently being historically illiterate is a prerequisite for being an MMTer.

        Good to know.

    2. Can you contact this guy and ask him why he is using the market ( to sell his book?

    3. “There are NO market forces that move the economy toward the state of bliss imagined by free marketeers”

      No one argues that it moves the economy ‘towards a state of bliss,’ they argue it is superior to the alternatives.

      “Markets march the economy away from bliss. Toward financial crises. Toward high unemployment. Toward low wages.”

      That explains why wages fell so much during the 1800s. Smart take.

      1. Let me guess this guy is all for the TOP MEN command economy?

        1. No, you take all economic activity, don’t ask where it comes from, and divide the total of production by the number and people and cut a check to each person. Simple. Assuming there is any economic actively to divide without a market.

        2. It sounds like he’s for the HIM command economy.

          (funny how that always seems to be the case with progs, eh?)

      2. See my comment above about historical illiteracy.

  30. Are Bill Clinton and his team the key to the FBI’s Hillary investigation?

    Mr. Cooper is a central player in the shadowy worlds of Bill and Hillary Clinton ? serving as Mr. Clinton’s top aide since 2015, when his predecessor, former right-hand man and “surrogate son” Doug Band, resigned from the Clinton Foundation ? yet he has largely escaped notice.

    The obscure Mr. Cooper may, in fact, be the linchpin of the case swirling around the Clintons. Perhaps more than anyone apart from the principals themselves, he is at the nexus of the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s work at the State Department, and her possession of highly sensitive government documents. After all, Mr. Cooper was the one who, before she became secretary, negotiated with the Obama White House over the parameters of acceptable conduct by Bill Clinton and the foundation to minimize the possibility of “conflicts of interest.”

    1. Delightful.

    2. I wonder if Hillary will have a ‘let them eat cake’ moment during her presidency, while Bill is chasing all the female interns and Cabinet members around the West Wing.

  31. “They’re going to take all you people and put you next to our founding fathers and George Washington. That’s what the hell they’re going to do with you people,” Knight said

    The rare example of “you people” being used in a compliment.

  32. Local paper alleges that he was ordered by his boss at the TSA to profile Somali community leaders who visited his office.

    The same article also says that because radicalization of Somali youths is so high, we are starting a giant program to try to stop the Somalis from going back to fight for ISIS.

    So we have outrage for even suspecting anything bad about Somalis, juxtaposed with the news that we have to do something about all these Somalis wanting to fight for ISIS.

    Also bonus points for the number of organizations fighting for Somali immigrants: CAIR, Somaili-American Task Force, Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota. I’m sure they left out a few groups of splitters as well.

  33. “Bernie Sanders’ campaign has laid off hundreds of staffers, putting most of its remaining resources in California and Indiana.”

    We have some good news and we have some bad news. The good news $15 /hr is now law! Yay-yipee! The bad news is you’re all fired! Boo-hiss!

  34. Yale Keeps Name for College That Honors a Slavery Apologist

    Yale University will retain the name of an undergraduate college that honors John C. Calhoun, an alumnus who served as a U.S. senator and vice president during the 19th century and was a vocal supporter of slavery.

    Yale announced its decision and a series of other moves in a news release on Wednesday evening. The university added that it would drop the title of “master” to refer to the leader of each residential college, using the title “head of college” instead. Harvard University recently made a similar change, saying it would refer to faculty members who oversee undergraduate residence halls as “faculty deans.”

    1. “Onanistic acts will also now henceforth be known as ‘head-of-collegebation.'”

    2. And a salary increase to go along with the new titles too, no doubt.

  35. Guess who sent the Tweet:

    “The irony is that if Donald Trump were a woman, he’d be a smalltime landlord we’ve never heard of, at best.”

    1. Someone who has a really dim view of the business acumen of an entire gender, that’s for sure. So… Johnny Longtorso?

      1. We shared a similar line of thinking.

        The correct answer: commentariat favorite Amanda Marcotte.

    2. I can’t make a joking guess right now, so my serious guess is Hillary.

    3. “The irony is that if Donald Trump were a woman, he’d be a smalltime landlord we’ve never heard of, at best.”

      The female equivalent of Donald Trump is Lena Dunham, and last I checked she’s done well for herself with her parents’ wealth.

    1. You just tore off Santa’s beard!!

      1. Santa’s GAY?!

        *** sobs uncontrollably ***

      2. Great, now I’m I’ve got They Might Be Giants stuck in my head.

        1. I don’t like that fat guy around.

  36. Lord Humungus eyed the last bottle of tonic that was sitting quietly in the refrigerator. Behind him he could hear the fifth of gin calling his name. It sounded like a whimper.

    “It’s only 9 o’clock in the morning,” he quietly told himself. “There is work to be done. There are AM Links to be made.”

    Another part of his brain reminded him why he must drink. “Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump. SugarFree’s writing.”

    Humungus flexed his biceps, feeling pleased that his drunken slothfulness hadn’t effected his god-like body. Yet. There was still time to slide into the abyss. Plenty of time to die by the bottle.

    1. Another part of his brain reminded him why he must drink. “Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump. SugarFree’s writing.”

      Ah, yes. These are but a few of the reasons why I’m not sure I’ll die of liver failure or seppuku first.

  37. DU is avoiding talking about Sanders lately, that’s too depressing for them. So they’ve switched to their traditional tropes about taxes, Somalia, and neoliberalism.

    Seems there’s a lot of folks here suddenly worried about tax rates. Here’s some advice …

    If you’re worried about raising taxes …

    1. Do not use Medicare.
    2. Do not use Social Security
    3. Do not become a member of the US military, who are paid with tax dollars.
    4. Do not ask the National Guard to help you after a disaster.
    5. Do not call 911 when you get hurt…..

    ad inifinitum

    1. 1+2. Alright, allow me not to have to pay social security taxes (including the employer share) and medicare taxes and I’ll opt out of those.

      3. And not have to fight in our idiotic pointless wars? Fine by me.

      4. Haven’t in the past due to having the supplies to take care of myself.

      5. You kidding me? I’d never call 911.

      1. 5. Do not call 911 when you unless you want to get hurt…..

        1. – all the days off

    2. If you want the rich to pay more in taxes …

      1. Become rich.
      2. Pay more in taxes.

    3. Some real gems in the list

      12. Do not live in areas with clean air.

      18. Do not walk or run on sidewalks.

      49. Do not use any electricity from companies regulated by the Department of Energy.

      50. Do not live in homes that are built to code.

      94. Do not use money printed by the US Treasury.

      1. I hope “Do not sign up for Obamacare” was on the list.

      2. Yeah 94! Wait, sounds like a trap.

      3. Please tell me “Do not use Al Gore’s internet” is on that list.

        1. Close.

          33. Do not use the internet, which was developed by the military.

          1. All of that capital was expropriated from the productive class. It’s spent on resources produced by capitalism. It requires the minds of productive individuals. Everything government does relies on the benefits of private industry, with the exception of having to shove guns in people’s faces to get them. But these DU kiddies despise the cooperative ventures of industry and revel in the idea of using force to get their way.

      4. “18. Do not walk or run on sidewalks.”

        Funny thing, I’m legally required to trod on sidewalks. Local government compels my labor and forces me to shovel any sidewalk they decide they have the right to build on my property.

        1. In NYC property owners are required to build, maintain, and repair the sidewalks in front of their house at their own cost.


      5. A great proportion of all the food produced in this country is regulated or subsidized by the government, therefore if you eat food, you must properly offer up sacrifices and worship the state or else you’re a hypocrite.

        If I kidnap someone and chain them up in my basement and they eat food I provide for them, then they owe me and they are fundamentally incapable of not consenting to their imprisonment.

      6. I wish they’d issued me a copy of this list back when they gave me that social contract I apparently signed. Then again, I don’t remember signing so maybe they did.

    4. Is democratic underground full of leftist idiots?

      1. Is democratic underground full of leftist idiots?

        Does a bear shit in the woods?

      2. It’s where you go when you’re sick and tired of those damn right-wingers at Salon.

    5. What would a “So you hate capitalism?” list look like?

      1) Starve to death within days.

      1. 2) Sit in the dark and bang rocks together instead of looking at shitty lists on a web-connected smartphone.

      2. 3) Habitually steals money and resources from others. Then wonders why no one is producing all that much anymore.

        1. 4) Troll on Libertarian web sites from your mom’s basement.

  38. John Kass eviscerates the monstrous Dennis Hastert.

    He nailed it. Don’t be a schmuck and make the mistake of feeling sorry for that sick man.

    1. Hastert called his political protege Tom Cross, the Oswego Republican and former state House minority leader, to ask that Cross write a letter of mercy to Judge Durkin.

      It was one of the most galling things I’ve ever heard of in politics.

      Because one of Hastert’s victims was Cross’ brother.

      Wow. That’s a sick display of narcissism, even for a politician.

      1. Illinois politics, ladies and gentlemen

    2. Am I the only one that considers this whole Hastert thing problematic? Yes, the man is a scumbag and deserves the time he is being sentenced for. But the judge in the case has EXPLICITLY said he is sentencing him to this time not for the financial crimes he pleaded guilty to but for the child molestation charges that he can’t be tried for and wasn’t convicted of. OF course, Hastert has more or less admitted he did it, but is this still not troubling to some people in some abstract way?

      1. Oh this whole case is all kinds of screwed up. The state couldn’t bust him for being a kiddie diddler, so the feds had to come in and bust him for some BS financial law. The guy’s a scumbag and all the usual moral preening, but I’m not a huge fan of twisting the law like a pretzel in order to get desired result.

        1. Also, it appears they are not prosecuting the extortionist.

  39. Two weeks ago my Dad went through almost exactly the same process as Prince. He got flu symptoms and went to an urgent care center. They gave him a bunch of flu meds and sent him home.

    Two days later he passed out while standing in the kitchen. If my mother had not been home, he would have laid there until he died. Once he got to a real hospital and had blood tests, he was diagnosed with leukemia – he had passed out because of too many white blood cells, not enough red ones.

    We were watching the news in his hospital room when the Prince story came on – spooky how similar it was. I wonder if the autopsy would catch blood or bone marrow cancer?

    1. Sorry about your dad.

      They do a modified CBC at autopsy if they can. It would pick up on leukemia almost immediately.

      1. Thanks – the upcoming chemo doesn’t sound fun.

    2. That’s a tough one. Hope all goes as well as possible.

    3. Wish you and your family the best. That’s a scary thing to face.


    Open atheist is pastor at a Christian church and seems puzzled why anyone would have a problem with that. What kind of epic narcissist would one have to be to want to do that? Even if you don’t believe in a religion, you should have some level of respect for the people who do that you don’t want to try and pretend you are one of them. For this woman, the church, the religion, the people who go there and everything else doesn’t matter. What matters is her and her feelings and her desire to be a pastor. Who cares that she doesn’t believe in the tenants of the church and has no interest in affirming them. She wants to be a pastor and that is enough, because it is about her and her wants not anything else.

    1. Really. She should be a politician.

    2. If a fat doctor can give out dietary advice, I suppose an atheist could give out religious advice.

      1. Because the fat doctor believes the advice to be “true”?

      2. If the atheist pretended to believe, they could. This woman isn’t even doing that. She says in her sermons that God is a metaphor and there is no such thing as the divine. It would be like being a fat doctor and advising people that fat was good and to take up the all cheetos and full sugar kool aide diet.

      3. A fat doctor giving out dietary advice is more akin to a sinning preacher.

        1. “Learn from my failings! Do not make the same mistakes I did!”

          It could still work.

        2. Depends on how you want to look at it. The fat doctor is telling you to behave in a certain way even though he doesn’t believe in it enough to behave that way himself.

          The general point is that one need not necessarily believe in something in order to be able to teach that something.

          1. Your analogy doesn’t add up.
            Fat doctor does believe his dietary advice.
            Atheist preacher does not believe his/her faith.

        3. Apostasy isn’t a sin??

    3. How a church commits suicide.

    4. Before I clicked the link, I was betting that it was Church of England, but it sounds more like a squishy “we’re almost unitarians but can’t make that final leap” church.

      1. I do not believe in a theistic, supernatural being called God,” says Gretta Vosper, the United Church of Canada minister who has led West Hill since 1997.

        Church of Canada, so close enough to say yes, you called it.

        1. No. It’s not the state church like the Church of England.

          It’s the product of a union of a bunch of protestant denominations.

          According to Wikipedia, pastors are appointed by the presbtry with jurisdiction over the congregation with input from the pastoral leaders elected by the congregation.

          My guess is that when confronted by a young woman who wanted to be the pastor, they vetted her on practical considerations and it never occured to them to ask basic questions like “do you believe in the trinity?”

          I’ll bet the conference that trained her and approved her as a ministerial candidate was likely misled as to what her beliefs were.

          Then, once she got her posting; she didn’t proclaim her atheism but gradually revealed it.

      2. I would’ve guessed Anglicans too, since something like 2% of Anglican priests are atheists and 16% are agnostic, according to polls.

    5. I bet countless preachers, pastors, and priests have been atheists.

    6. “God is instead a metaphor for goodness and a life lived with compassion and justice.

      Vosper’s outspoken commitment to a seemingly clashing set of beliefs has prompted turmoil in the open-minded United Church of Canada. A progressive Christian denomination that began ordaining women in Canada 80 years ago and for decades has allowed openly gay men and women to lead ministries, the church has been left questioning its boundaries.”

      Progressivism is a continuation of an evangelical movement. Ultimately, it can be traced back to the Second Great Awakening, which brought us everything from radical abolitionism to prohibition. The evangelical revivals during the Second Great Awakening had it that Jesus’ return was imminent (with the Millerites famously predicting 1844), and to prepare for his return, good people needed to sacrifice their own selfish desires for the sake of the common good. How can you tolerate slavery or drunkenness–don’t you know the end of the world is coming?

      Modern progressives dropped the references to God but kept the crusade against all manner of individuals putting themselves above the common good. With environmentalism, they even kept the apocalyptic rationalization: ‘We can’t afford to let individuals make greedy choices for themselves anymore–can’t you see the end of the world is coming?’

      1. You know who else put himself above the greater good in service to a higher power…

        1. John Galt?

    7. Christian churches without God are actually a natural fit for progressives. Their atheism even relieves that internal tension between progressivism and Jesus teaching us to respect individual choice. In that progressive faith, you don’t have to love those that hate you or bless those that curse you–not if there is no God. In that progressive faith, you don’t have to respect other people’s choices if there is no God who sacrificed his son just to give individuals the freedom to choose their own destinies.

      In fundamentalist Christianity, refusing to forgive individuals that Jesus died for is indefensible. ‘Forgive us our sins to the extent that we forgive those who sin against us’ is even in the Lord’s Prayer. In progressive Christianity, all that shit goes out the window–there’s no need to respect, forgive, or get over the free choices of individual sinners at all.

      1. Totally. Progressivism is a religion. It has a creation story and a strict set of morals. The only thing it doesn’t have is redemption. There is no progressive heaven or any kind of peace in this world. The entire ideology is based on the act of struggle against some designated other. It really is a road to hell. What a miserable way to live and be.

        1. They crowdsourced redemption and damnation. Judgment is no longer an issue between a person and God or his pastor, it’s an issue for twitter.

    8. I’m beginning to see the wisdom of my Faith’s prophets forbidding the establishment of a clergy. ‘Cause with a clergy you can have someone like that come in and make the religion about whatever /they/ want it to be about.

      1. Kierkegaard made the distinction between Christianity and Christendom. Christianity was the religion and God, Christendom was churches and all the bullshit man built around it. The older I get the more I think he had a point.

    9. James Hacker: Humphrey, what’s a Modernist in the Church of England?
      Sir Humphrey Appleby: Ah, well, the word “Modernist” is code for non-believer.
      James Hacker: You mean an atheist?
      Sir Humphrey Appleby: No, Prime Minister. An atheist clergyman couldn’t continue to draw his stipend. So, when they stop believing in God, they call themselves “Modernists”.
      James Hacker: How could the Church of England suggest an atheist as Bishop of Bury St Edmunds?
      Sir Humphrey Appleby: Well, very easily. The Church of England is primarily a social organization, not a religious one.
      James Hacker: Is it?
      Sir Humphrey Appleby: Oh yes. It’s part of the rich social fabric of this country. So bishops need to be the sorts of chaps who speak properly and know which knife and fork to use. The sort of people one can look up to.

  41. Via Carlos Miller, of Photography is Not a Crime:

    It’s like a twisted game of Simon Says with cops.

    All of them yelling different orders. Put your hands in the air. Put your hands behind your back. Put your hands where I can see them.

    But don’t make any sudden movements or you’re dead.

    1. Yup. We’ve all seen too many instances of two or more cops screaming contradictory orders and then BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM!

  42. “The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) will investigate the late Prince’s recent prescription drug history.”

    Your tax dollars at work.

    The DEA is indispensable! What would we do without them . . ?

    . . . The same thing we were going to do anyway.

    And Pelosi says there’s nothing left to cut.

  43. *hobbles off, not feeling well*

    See you all…later/eventually. Bleah…I think I have Alpine Flu or somesuch.

    1. Don’t pull a Prince on us, Swiss. Bundle up, drink some hot cocoa.

      1. And don’t forget your daily dose of Ricola!

        1. And listen to the soothing tones of alpenhorn

      1. “A” shot of whiskey?

    2. Can I do the narrow gazing? My eyes are only 5mm apart.

    3. I was pole-axed by… something Saturday night (after a Seder, no less) – down for the count for 36 hours after ejecting everything from, uh, everywhere. I still don’t feel 100%. Hopefully whatever I had is limited to this side of the Atlantic, Swissy. Feel better.

  44. Bigger, higher, more beautiful, yuuuge fence to be built… around the White House grounds.

    1. Why?

      Everybody knows fences don’t work.

  45. Isn’t it an act of cultural appropriation for goyim like Obama to host a Passover seder?

    1. Jews are considered white today.

  46. Every fucking table. End tables. Fucking dining room tables. Fucking all tables. No matter what or where. Nothing but goddamn Asian lady asses. Strategically and insatiably incorporated into the ubiquitous and necessary architectural device that props, holds, lifts, and displays. Quintessential bodaciousness this lust to be immersed by the divine curvature that lies within cosmos. Tomorrow perhaps the chemicals will crave the svelte round bottom-most of rusty blonde mothers of eight in their nude splendid emanations… but for now the Asian princesses shriek delicate mysteries from crinkly poopers nestled in the shrouded peach mountains spreading across silken glades shimmering under moons slathering star jewels prancing with comets bathed in big bang chocolate.

    1. Thread over

    2. Turn off the AC cuz this is hot.

    3. Crusty would.

    4. “crinkly poopers”


      1. It’s poetic license for chocolate starfish.

    5. *weeps uncontrollably*

    6. I’m just a pretender.

      1. Your pooper isn’t really crinkly?

    7. AC, you consistently bring a smile. Good on ya, my man.

    8. *stands to clap, reconsiders, downs cocktail instead*

    9. Pics or it didn’t happen…


    Black guy watches playoff hockey for the first time and tweets about it. I am not even that big of a hockey fan and I find this funny.

    1. The goalie just left…classic

    2. White people been hiding hockey from us for years bruh. This shit lit

      1. Blackhawks is the Redskins of hockey.

    3. It is funny. “White people been hidin this shit from us!”

    4. What’s silver, 35.25 inches tall, and is never seen in Canada?

      1. Peter Dinklage as the Tin Man?

    5. Holy shit I had to turn off AdBlock to see the tweets and it nearly brought my browser down. What a fucking shit site.

  48. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) will investigate the late Prince’s recent prescription drug history.

    That seems ridiculous.

    Why would you need a federal agency to do this? couldn’t the local DA (or whomever has jurisdiction where he died) simply order the same records if there were any concern about verifying cause of death?

    and if he were abusing drugs, but it had little influence on his death – so what? would they feel the need to publicize that as a matter of *law*? Seems retarded and sounds just like the Agency wants in on a hot news story.

    1. Connect the dots, G.

      (1) Prince is rich.

      (2) Prince didn’t leave a will.

      (3) DEA investigating drugs.

      You know what’s coming next. Prince’s estate looks like easy meat to the DEA.

      1. That, and if he had prescription opioids in his system they will turn the screws tighter on those as well.

        1. what better way could you think of to spend tax money?

    2. Possibly looking for a reason for some civil forfeiture?

      1. Brown, rockstar, and drug rumors… what more proof could you ask for before nationalizing the Prince earnings via asset forfeiture sharing and tossing a few bucks to the local cops for ammo? What is asset forfeiture for if not keeping uppity dopers and killer cops in their places? Sharing is good, right?

  49. Syrian cease-fire is pretty much dead after a Doctors Without Borders-supported hospital is bombed in Alleppo.

    Oh, but those guys get bombed all the time. its thing.

    1. I didn’t think the cease-fire was ever really alive. From what I’ve been reading, the bombings and fighting has continued entirely unabated by the cease-fire agreement.

      1. More PR to fluff Obama’s legacy.

  50. Hot chicks are tyranny

    Twitter and Facebook users called out the squad, saying the poster encourages body shaming and prioritizes appearance over ability with “body do’s” like being “physically fit” with an “athletic physique.”

    I’m disgusted that no one pitched a fit over the apostrophe abuse in the poster. What good are outrage mobs?

    1. They can tyrannize me any day, oh yeah.

    2. Um. Aren’t physical fitness and athleticism things that everyone considers desirable (and I mean personally, not sexually)?

      1. No, we need to immolate common sense and good health for the sake of inclusivity and feelz.

      2. It can be two things.

  51. Former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight, as notable for his violent and vulgar outbursts as for his winning record, endorses Donald Trump.

    I think he made his actual endorsement months ago because his name was on a Wiki list as least as far back as Feb

    – from January = Bobby Knight: ‘No one has accomplished more than Mr. Trump has’

  52. This seems significant.

    But I’m sure it’s not worth reason reporting on it. Trump probably called somebody something offensive in the last couple of days, which will tie the staff up for some time.

    1. I’m telling you, this FBI investigation is still going because they’re buttoning their info up so they can hammer whoever lies to them. I’m pretty sure they’ve got her as good as strung up by now and they’re just waiting to see which of her aides they can put the thumbscrews to once they perjure themselves.

      1. I am not sure what to think of that. I agree with you that the FBI is serious and neither they nor the intel community is going to take Obama letting her walk lying down. I really think there is going to be a massive shit storm and constitutional crisis this summer of fall over this.

      2. Hm. A Hilary presidency might be more fun than a TURMP presidency after all. I can’t decide. But either way, I think we’re in for a treat.

        1. If by “treat” you mean an all-out assault on (and possible complete emasculation of) the First and Second Amendments…

          1. If you have to eat a shit sandwich, you might as well enjoy it. Epictetus, bitches.

      3. It just seems odd that an ostensibly Democrat controlled DoJ and FBI are waiting this long to hand down an indictment. You’d think they’d have shat or gotten off the pot by now. If nothing happens before the Democrat’s convention, I don’t think it will happen. Though it’d be all the more wonderful if it did happen after she got the nomination.

        1. They waited to get Guccifer here, waited to extract every bit of data they could from her server and now they’re deciding which of her staffers they are going to trip up into perjuring themselves so they can turn them in order to take Hillary down.

          After all, these are cops. And cops love nothing more than taking people down a peg…politics aside. And the higher the target the sweeter the prize harder the power-boner. They want to bury her. And the DOJ can’t stop them anymore.

          1. What testimony is needed? I would think that the mounds of evidence they have on-hand should be enough for an indictment. Though I get that a high profile case like this, they’d be looking for every piece of information they can find.

            1. If they have any intention of indicting her, I would think they want to make extra sure they have an airtight case before moving on it at all. If they succeed, they get a really good win and a feather in their cap. If not, their careers are probably fucked.

          2. The DOJ will not actually indict Hillary. They may agree to go after a staffer or two. There’s just no way a DOJ under the control of a Democrat administration is going to indict the Democrat Presidential front-runner.

            1. I disagree. Michele Obama still hates the Clintons more than anybody. She won’t even let Bill near the WH because he “went after” Obama in 2008. Not to mention the Clinton camp have shot a few arrows at Obama during the campaign. They’re not going to protect her because she’s not the leftist they want her to be and because Obama and his wife are thin-skinned pussies.

              I really believe she’s fucked on this. They’re just waiting to flip a person or two.

              1. I really hope you’re correct. But being an eternal pessimist about the efficacy all government institutions, I still have my doubts.

              2. Yeah I hope you’re right, but then again I was quite optimistic about the Supreme Court ACA case in 2012 too.

            2. I agree with WTF. They are probably just trying to find a good enough patsy. Maybe Huma takes the fall and goes to prison for a couple of years, and then she gets out and runs the Clinton Foundation.

              Nothing will come of this. Hillary skates.

      4. Hillary will skate. The worst that will happen is a couple of her aides get thrown to the wolves.

        1. I suspect this is the case. The DOJ and the FBI are probably negotiating the minimum enforcement that will keep the FBI on-side.

          But, having senior aides indicted isn’t going to help her campaign, either.

          Query: will Obama issue pardons on this “so we can all move on, etc. blather ad infinitum”?

  53. Of course, based on the total lack of coverage on it from reason, I guess there are more important things than the gross violation of FOIA, NARA and myriad other laws to worry about. Like Bob Knight (a great Buckeye, btw) sitting next to Trump and saying a few nice things about him.

    And speaking of Buckeyes, what’s the over/under on first rounders from them today, 6? That’s fucking insane.

    1. It’s election time. Nothing else matters.

    2. And 7 if Spence goes in the first round (I’m counting him!).

  54. I quit my office job and now I am getting paid 69 Dollars hourly. How? I work-over internet! My old work was making me miseraable, so I was to try-something different. 1 years after…I can say my life is changed completely for the better! Check it out what i do…UI4


  55. How is Princes’ relationship between Prince and his doctor any of the Fed’s fucking business? And the elite who can’t understand why Trump is winning and why people want those same elite against the wall. Or in the woodchipper, choose your metaphor.

  56. Obama – end your un Constitutional and racist war on drugs.

    Hillary Clinton also supports Obama’s un Constitutional and racist war on drugs

  57. Don’t unfounded rumors of some sort of “drug” thing justify civil asset forfeiture of everything the performer ever earned just in case? And if he has nothing to hide and can prove it by returning from the dead, like Our Lawerd, then that’s another reason for the confiscation to be OK, right? Surely the Democratic and Republican parties can’t BOTH be wrong about this sort of thing…

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