Ronald Bailey

Ronald Bailey on Climate Change Panel at Earth Day Texas in Dallas

Current EPA General Counsel Avi Garbow shares platform and discussion is moderated by Teri Donaldson of DLA Piper.


Pamela Friedman

The Earth Day Texas 2016 opens at the Dallas Fair Park on April 22nd and runs through the weekend. I will be on a moderated open-to-the public panel with U.S. EPA General Counsel Avi Garbow discussing public policy related to climate change. Garbow will be focusing on the Obama administration's regulatory efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. According to the organizers I am supposed to address wider policy and energy technology issues related to man-made global warming. From the event website:

Please join the General Counsel of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Avi S. Garbow, for a discussion of what EPA hopes to accomplish in the last 8 months of the Obama administration as EPA implements The President's Climate Action Plan, publishes and finalizes regulations, defends its major initiatives in court, continues its efforts on the international front, and prepares for the anticipated impacts of climate change.

What are the legal challenges ahead? What are the next steps in the legal arena if the Clean Power Plan is not upheld? What should we expect from the anticipated heavy duty vehicle emission standards to be published in the next few months, and what impact will these standards have on the environment? What can businesses and citizens do to participate as these critical issues are addressed?

Joining Mr. Garbow will be Ronald Bailey, a leading author on the subject of climate change, whose recent work includes the widely praised 2015, "The End of Doom, Environmental Renewal in the Twenty-first Century." Mr. Bailey will offer his observations on the most recent science describing climate change, available technologies to reduce carbon, the timing and costs of unleashing innovation, and the role that the federal government might play in supporting research and development.

Mr. Bailey will also discuss the polarized and contentious history of the climate change debate, explore the role of cultural values, and suggest a productive approach for businesses and citizens to take as they continue to participate in these important policy decisions. In the town hall format, the speakers will take questions from the audience and discuss paths forward.

The panel is on Earth Day, Friday April 22 in the Hall of State (next to the Cotton Bowl stadium) in the 2nd floor library at the Fair Park (see map). The event begins at 1:30 pm and runs until 3 pm. RSVP not required but appreciated,