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Why Do We Let Saudis Dictate American Transparency, and What's the Matter With the Northeast? Anthony Fisher Joins The Fifth Column Podcast

There's just not enough time to fill in the "Some Idiot Wrote This" segment


The Fifth Column, your very favorite new podcast that features Kmele Foster, Michael C. Moynihan and myself, has just dropped Episode Four, featuring the special baritone and New York/Mideast knowledge of beloved Reasoner Anthony L. Fisher. Listen right here:

Among the many personalities and institutions that get insulted: The New York Daily News, the House of Saud, Stuart Varney, the NPR/Nation gentrification podcast, the entire Northeast, people who wear "I Voted!" stickers, the United Nations, journalistic hoax-spreaders, and many many more. Over at the podcast website there are now buttons you can push to listen to the thing on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play, and especially to subscribe!

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  1. The second life of a star is a goddamn human being.

    1. I thought the second life was another, denser star.

      1. But, you can see all the stars when you walk down Hollywood Boulevard.

      2. I think AC is referring to those child stars who don’t commit suicide.

    2. Agile, you have been missed. Be careful with dosages. Moderation is the key to enlightenment.

  2. Taking a shot at Herman’s Hermits? I am alerting my fellow Nooniacs, so you should expect to receive a few long, handwritten letters, sirs.

    1. Something tell’s me you’re into something good.

  3. Why Do We Let Saudis Dictate American Transparency?

    1. Oil
    2. Strategic location for troop deployment
    3. They’re arguably the most influential Arab nation in the Muslim world
    4. They bribe the shit out of American politicians

    What’s the Matter With the Northeast?

    1. It’s too cold, which causes people to make poor decisions, up to and including shacking up with the ugly and/or retarded, with predictable results over time.
    2. Per one Howard Phillips Lovecraft, extensive inbreeding and the eldritch influence of unspeakable abominations.
    3. Gloom.
    4. Shitty food.

    1. I find this very helpful, thanks.

    2. “They bribe the shit out of American politicians”

      +1 old, fake scandal

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  5. Thanks for putting it on Google Play; that makes it much easier for me. I’ve really enjoyed the podcast so far. My only complaint is that it isn’t longer/there aren’t more of them. If you lengthen it, here are my suggestions:

    1) Have a “Most Punk” and “Most Sci-Fi” segment, where you identify anti-authority and surreal government dystopian moments, respectively.
    2) Start the show with more topical music. For example, you only get three chances in a lifetime to use Van Halen’s “Panama”, and you guys whiffed on episode 002.
    3) Take a page from The Who’s ’67 album and toss in some radio show parody ads.
    4) Give a quick rundown of what you’re wearing at the beginning, so that we can workshop some threads for you brothers.

  6. Most interesting political podcast going, bar none.

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