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Libertarian Party Presidential Campaign Gets Nasty

Unverifiable accusations of skulduggery aimed at former Gov. Gary Johnson, and competitor John McAfee says he cannot support the Party if Johnson is nominee.


The last time America got a chance to see the three presumptive frontrunners for the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination together, during their two-part two-hour debate aired on John Stossel's Fox Business News program, the rivalry seemed friendly enough.

The debate showcased a quick buss on the cheek from former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson to antivirus software pioneer John McAfee, McAfee said he met opponent Austin Petersen at a gay bar, and despite some doctrinal conflicts it never got, say, Trump v. Cruz nasty.

John McAfee 2016 Facebook

Lately though, especially on social networking sites like Facebook where so much political chatter happens these days, intra-Libertarian disputes have gotten more heated.

Both McAfee's camp and that of Austin Petersen (founder of the Libertarian Republic movement news site and former producer on Judge Andrew Napolitano's former Fox Business show Freedom Watch) have floated accusations of naughty skulduggery against Johnson's campaign.

It seems to have started with McAfee himself, who had been painting himself as a happy new convert to the party and someone who intended to stick with it for the long term, announcing that he would not stick with the party if Johnson were its nominee. "Nothing and no-one will change my mind on this," he wrote in a post that appeared on Facebook. 

McAfee did not then and still has not himself publicly stated his reasons for feeling this way about Johnson, more on which later.

Within a few days, Petersen's camp also on Facebook floated stories of Johnson campaign operatives playing some dirty-ish tricks, including sneakily offering to pay off campaign operatives from rival campaigns to either jump ship or just sit out the process.

Johnson's campaign was also accused of renting every available room in the Rosen Centre where the convention is held, in an effort to prevent delegates from other campaigns finding lodging during the party's nominating convention in Orlando in May.

Finding supporting specifics that might verify these accusations has proven difficult, and none of the public accusers have had much to offer. I was led to and communicated with one Nevada delegate who preferred not to be named who did say the Johnson campaign offered him a free room if he promised to support Johnson, but he declined to provide names or other potentially corroborating details. (And one offered room does not equal a scheme to scoop them all up.) Another prospective delegate who also did not want her story public spoke of someone close to the campaign offering her a professional favor if she swore fealty to the campaign, but no hotel room.

On Facebook, both Petersen and later McAfee's vice presidential pick Judd Weiss (most famous in the libertarian world for being the movement's unofficial glamour photographer at prominent events; you can see many of his quite stunning shots comprising a video he made to promote the McAfee/Weiss campaign and its slogan "let life live") have been hit with doubters asking them to provide some proof.

Weiss initially replied with another long Facebook post which said, among other things, that "In the political world, when you want to get something done that you don't want traced back to you, you do it with 3 degrees of separation, and wink wink nudge nudges. People in politics spend significantly more time trying to make sure their actions aren't traced back to them, than they spend actually getting it done. "

Weiss told me in an interview that while he's still confident that the tales he's hearing from sources he declines to name back him up, "If you are looking for stuff officially done" by the Johnson campaign "you are looking in the absolute wrong direction. Nothing is done officially by the Gary Johnson campaign in this regard. Everything is done either through PACs or through other people's names as far as hotel rooms go; a lot of communication is just done either by second or third degrees of separation." He stresses he thinks it's not so much the actions he suspects them of performing that bother him as that they are doing it in a "shady" manner and "don't want people to know about it." 

Petersen and Weiss both seem to believe the accusations are true from my communications with them, but it's not publicly clear why they believe it, though they certainly imply that they've been given inside scoops not available to us.

The Johnson campaign's media maven Joe Hunter gave this official denial via email:

The [hotel room] claim is pure fantasy. We have exactly two rooms reserved at the convention hotel. Amazing how someone can make something up, post it on Facebook, and create an "issue". That's the story here—not hotel rooms.

Michael Iafatro, a travel agent who worked with the campaign, told me in an IM interview that "I am confident at this point in the convention hotel the GJ campaign has booked 2 suites which were part of the suite packages offered by the National LP" and that far from filling the Rosen Center, "I have blocked rooms as far away as the airport for Johnson delegates. These rooms are delegate paid on their own rooms. The only thing the campaign will do is help facilitate roommates to make it cheaper for the attendees."

The national L.P. office said through a spokesperson that "there is no individual or as far as we can tell pattern of associated people who have booked any bloc" at the Rosen. The party is, I'm told, renting blocks of rooms for delegates to buy at other nearby hotels now that the Rosen is sold out for some nights, and there are many other such nearby hotels.

So, while no specific number of rooms allegedly rented by Johnson's campaign to block others was presented that I've seen, and thus how much money this alleged scheme would have cost is impossible to know, no amount of money spent on that task would likely further Johnson's campaign goals given the many other, slightly less convenient, options available for delegates. (Including joining in on Airbnbs, a proposal that Weiss has been floating as an option for McAfee delegates. A pro-Petersen PAC is also organizing help for delegate travel.)

A reservations agent at the Rosen Centre, while unable to provide every name of every room renter, said no other large blocks were rented, and that sellouts on holiday weekends with conventions are customary and to be expected. (I did verify myself that as of a week ago, the Friday and Saturday nights of the convention were sold out.)

While none of the accusers named to me or anywhere I've seen publicly any specific campaign officials who were supposedly offered payoffs from Johnson, I've heard implications that Christopher Thrasher, McAfee's former campaign manager who did indeed leave that position the week all these rumors began floating, might be at issue.

Thrasher replied in an email on the topic that:

It is common practice for campaigns to discuss staff movement and contingency plans. It is also no secret that I count among my friends members of the Gary Johnson team, having been a staffer on the 2012 effort. In our communications, it was not uncommon for conversations to end with either myself requesting they come aboard the McAfee campaign, or vise-versa. Any such tentative offers (I am fairly certain the individuals involved do not have final say in hiring decisions) were usually contingent on the other candidate ending their campaign, which is obviously not the case.

Thrasher has also stressed to me he remains in McAfee's camp despite no longer being technically his campaign manager.

For his own part, when I called McAfee this week to ask if he'd elaborate on what he learned about Johnson that made him declare he wants nothing to do with the party if Johnson is its candidate, he first said "no comment" then called back with a couple: First, that McAfee's concerns have "nothing whatsoever to do with the issues Judd Weiss has bought up" and are "completely different" and "issues that have not yet been publicly brought up by anyone ever.

"I can also say that the issues Judd Weiss brought up are what I consider politics as usual and are of no concern to me."

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  1. Well that’s it, we’ve lost the psycho. Take down the tent. Party is over. Hey maybe we can bring Howard Stern back in.

    1. It’s getting all sorts of Puritanical around here.

      1. Some individuals are not so myopic. As an example, there’s Doherty’s opinion of Mr. McAfee: “he’s elaborate”.

        /end unfunny pendant

        1. Some of us just want to jack off.

          1. Some thoughts, Quincy, have been expressed repeatedly across the years.

            I recommend that you do not watch this movie trailer, as it is unfunny and will (hopefully) remind you of me for quite some time.

            Perhaps you can wait for another commentator to watch it and advise you wisely.

            1. and will (hopefully) remind you of me for quite some time.


              1. My work is done, et cetera.

                1. I have no idea what you were talking about.

                  1. I’ll explain a bit of it, Quincy, but I am almost certain you and others will be disappointed in the simplicity behind the unfunny-ness.

                    From Doherty’s second to last paragraph:For his own part, when I called McAfee this week to ask if he’s elaborate…

                    That was my pendant reference – “If he’s elaborate on what it is”.

                    To #NeverJohnson you responded Some of us just want to jack off.

                    To which I wrote Some thoughts, Quincy, have been expressed repeatedly across the years., thus indicating that I was being a type of “Puritanical Buzz Kill” (thus the link to the movie trailer for Buzzkill).

                    Explanatory, yet boring.

                    1. I assume “pendant” S/B “pedant”?

    2. #ItUsuallyEndsWithJohnson

    3. More like #JohnsonBlock


    4. What a stupid stance. This is the best chance the LP has had to grow. We should be uniting behind whoever the nominee is, so we can make the LP a major party and help future Libertarian candidates. Is Johnson the most pure Libertarian? No, but he is a good introduction to Libertarianism and the Libertarian Party.

      On top of that these rumors can’t really be substantiated, and I’m not one to believe in hearsay without proof. Saying Never Johnson(or any candidate in the LP) is incredibly damaging to the LP, when it may not get chance like this again to overcome the 5% and become a major party.

  2. Blah blah blah LP continues to be irrelevant.

    The only thing the LP accomplishes is to act as a platform for clowns like Johnson who hurt libertarianism.

    1. Gary Johnson was a successful governor. He’s like the least clownish person involved in the libertarian party in the last 20 years.

      1. What about Bob Barr?


        1. Wayne Allyn Root is an American hero. I think we can agree on that much.

          1. And he supports Trump.

      2. He is the least clownish person involved in the presidential race this year.

        1. I concur. He’s downright sane next to Hillary, Sanders and Trump.

      3. Give it up, man. New Mexico isn’t a real state.

        1. “New Mexico isn’t a real state.”

          True. Not enough D corruption.

          1. So, if I understand you correctly, you’re saying New Mexico needs the D?

            1. Yukoners even more so.

            2. Well it certainly did pretty well with the Johnson in control

        2. It’s got great meth and fun lawyers.

      4. WAS. Now he sucks. His decision to run for LP instead of senate was idiotic, and he’s been a terrible representative of libertarianism since. No charisma, contradicts libertarianism, etc

        1. The autistic Canadian teenager is right on this one.

          1. The ‘autism’ insult is ever the mark of the mouth-breathing imbecile. You’re no exception.

        2. I get evaluating candidate words to try and predict how they will act once in office (despite knowing what those words are worth) when they lack an actual record of governing. But how can you sit there and say you’ll take the words of one pol over the (pretty great libertarian) executive record of another?? You know exactly how GJ has governed before. So, you know you can count on it again. That’s worth less to you than another candidates ability to better debate prep?? Man, we mock the masses of voters who vote for a person because they like them or “imagine themselves drinking a beer” with a candidate and then we turn and basically do the same thing to our own libertarian candidates. In a perfect world, I’d love my government shrinking executive to have the candidate charisma of a JFK/SlickWilly. However, if you ask would I rather him be boring but actually shrink government OR extoll libertarian virtues like Milton Friedman but lack any experience and evidence he’ll follow through or be effective, Ill take the snooze-fest candidate EVERYTIME. To complain that GJ is a less than stellar public advocate is fair, to claim he is a lesser candidate than AP or MacAfee is absurd.

    2. Johnson also climbed Mt Everest and competed in the Ironman. You can call him a clown all you want, but he’s done more for the cause, hell, he’s done more period, than you ever have.

      1. Yes, Gary pulled the wagon in the right direction. WE got nothing to be ashamed of in our candidates. When Ayn wrote the NAP only 2% of the population admitted to not being superstitious; today 23% are rational. We have outpolled the commies and prohibitionists in percentage terms, and they have to keep rebranding into econazi, tea and constitution to disguise their ossified ideologies. Even that yellow chicken symbol chosen by consensus to embarrass us is a better candidate than anything the DemoGOP, prohibitionists and communists have to dangle in front of their pitiful platforms. M?me pas peur!

  3. I expect a follow-up: who ordered what on their room service account.

  4. Libertarian conventions are always entertaining because it forces people who don’t play well with others (which is why they are libertarians) to try to play well with others. Sooner or later, something snaps.

    P.S. I voted for Gary the last time around and will vote for him again if he’s on the ticket, even if he doesn’t buy me a hotel room.

    1. Don’t play well with others?

      You mean like people who make internet comments to themselves?


    3. I voted libertarian, the candidate doesn’t matter much. The three I see now are all better than Barr, Barnarik or Stern, which is good. Do you know how much ballot it took for the Prohibition Party to ram through the amendment making beer a crime? Their vote share varied between 1 and 2%, and they operated for 50 years. Now people cross the street to avoid them and the communists. We’ve been working 45 years and could repeal the 16th Amendment in another five.

      The LP got rid of the draft, forced the Roe v. Wade decision, legalized everything that’s legal and is gaining ground.
      Petersen gets the NAP wrong but stomps everyone’s ass in debates. Gary causes narcolepsy and whatzisname–the new guy who sorta joined last Christmas-ish–is kind of zany… but what of it? The GOP, entirely taken over by mystical bigot prohibitionists since 1928, is literally dirtying its adult diapers because of our successes and turning point potential. The Dems are again absorbed by commies. We win every time a bad law gets repealed. We rock.

    4. If GayJay has Vanneman’s endorsement…

  5. This is like if the 76ers had a massive brawl in the locker room before going out and losing to the Warriors by 45 points.

    1. Hahahahaha! But more like 98 points if you want to look at the last election.

    1. I recommend Huff McGlue as his runningmate.

  6. OT – If progressives didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all.

    1. Its just like that whole debacle when Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The vast majority of these “activists” are striving for attention, and signaling their political beliefs is always a great method to accomplish that.

      FWIW, dictating public bathroom use is where I part ways with the NC case. If private businesses want to set their own rules for their bathroom use they are entitled to such, but it seems wrong to deny taxpayers access to a public service.

      1. it seems wrong to deny taxpayers access to a public service

        to what public service are you referring?

  7. The Constitution Party already has their candidate – Darrell Castle.

    “”If I am elected president, I will first of all get out of the super-national authority, the United Nations,” Castle said.

    “He also vowed that he would have the US leave NATO and promised to “end the Federal Reserve”.

    “He added: “[We’ll have] a different monetary system. By that I just mean – no more going to the king’s table for his scraps. No more crying and begging for an audit of this bank, please-tell-us-what-you-did-with-our-money kind of thing,” he said.”

    link text“Constitution Party platform

      1. Castle bio, by himself

        TL;DR version – he went from the world’s nerdiest Marine [going by his photo] to founding a national law firm. “War is a life-changing event and Darrell’s experiences during those years contributed to his strong belief that war should not be entered into capriciously; and, that the decision to go to war must be made according to constitutional provisions. He firmly believes in upholding Article I Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, which makes it clear that only Congress can declare war, and that those powers are not granted to the president. He left the Marine Corps a very different person than when he went in.”

        1. As he sees it, we’re in a good news/bad news situation. The bad news is the country is run by a shadowy politio-financial elite.

          The good news:

          “Amidst all this turmoil and destruction, there is some good news. Yes, our culture and our civilization may be destroyed, our religious faith be under attack, our words may now be crimes and our government may be run by sociopaths, but there is good news. The World Bank tells us that global poverty has fallen below 10% for the first time ever. Less than 10% of the world’s population is living in what the World Bank calls poverty. That is defined as income of less than $1.90 per day. Twenty-five years ago, more than one-third lived on less. Poverty has been the normal condition of mankind. Many worked just to survive, and death from disease and violence were common. Free markets, free inquiry, and freedom ? in other words, all part of Western Civilization and the changes it brought. We should be fighting to preserve those changes.” [italics omitted]

          1. This Castle sounds lightyears better than Gary Johnson.

            1. Yeah, sure he does. Go ahead and vote for the guy who says the right stuff rather than the guy who lacks charisma and “perfect libertarian” answers but has 8 years of actual executive experience where you can see exactly how he governs. BTW he was better than pretty much every governor the past 3 decades at shrinking the size of government, staying out of the business of citizens and keeping government from getting in the way of economic growth. 750 vetoes – ’nuff said

  8. Bustle profiles the 3rd party candidates (treating Johnson as the presumptive LP nominee).

    1. I’m interested in knowing about Souraya Faas.


      1. I’d thumb through her platform.

      2. As the daughter of Syrian immigrants, Faas could bring a particularly relevant voice to the current election.

        That’s the closest to an “Endorsement” Bustle seems to be offering here.

        1. It must have missed the fact that she’s Catholic.

    2. their profiles are less-detailed than the candidate’s own glosses of themselves. Its not like I was expecting a Vice-magazine style “Do’s or Don’ts” level of wit, but seriously… nothing? Is the concept of “value added” completely lost? OMG You’ll never guess = The Green Party candidate is “concerned about environmental health”.

      I also found it sort of odd… they listed the Greens BEFORE the libertarians, despite Libertarians being ‘the largest non-DNC/GOP’ party.

      “”The Libertarian Party, which stands for, above all else, reducing the size of the government and minimizing government intervention into the everyday lives of Americans.””

      Don’t forget Nazi cakes. They sell him as basically “GOP without the Wall”

  9. Look, the least the Libertarian candidates can offer us is some entertainment.

    Can we skip the formal campaigning parts of the Primary and go straight to the Swimsuit-modeling, followed by the American Gladiator-style Pujil-Stick Battle (preferably staged on a narrow platform above a pit filled with highly-aroused goats)

    1. Your mind is a strange and frightening place.

      1. He clearly wants Libertarian Chick to be president. Also, Gilmore owns a controlling stake in GoatRepellant.Com

  10. The hotel room rumors are unverifiable.

    What’s not unverifiable is that when seeking the LP’s nomination in 2012, Johnson lied about how deeply his campaign was in debt.

    What’s also not unverifiable is that his 2012 campaign remains $1.5 million in debt, not counting the $330k in matching funds that the FEC gave him 30 days to repay as having been used on non-qualifying expenses, as of April 5.

    As far as clownishness goes, some Johnson partisans laughed nervously when far-out fringe candidate Derrick Michael Reid advocated forcing 10-year-olds to witness public executions. Presumably the nervousness had to do with hoping nobody noticed that as governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson asked the legislature to actually execute 13-year-olds, not just make them watch.

    Aside from his inability to balance a checkbook and his thirst for the blood of children, Johnson also leaves something to be desired in the “would rein in executive power” department as the only governor of New Mexico to ever be cited by that state’s Supreme Court for contempt, after he decided to rule by decree when the legislature wouldn’t give him what he wanted.

    The aforementioned Mr. Reid may be the only less competent and more clownish candidate than Johnson in this year’s LP nomination race. He makes John McAfee look like a pillar of mental stability, Austin Petersen look like the picture of mature wisdom, and Darryl W. Perry like … well, pretty much like God.

    1. I’d like a citation about the executing 13 year olds part.

      1. “I’d like a citation about the executing 13 year olds part.”

        Among others, “Johnson takes tough stance on crime; Democrats unswayed,” Santa Fe New Mexican, 01/17/96.

    2. Quit beating around the bush and tell us which one’s a fag, which one’s a devil-worshiper, and which one is both…. so we know to vote for the last one.

      1. Sol Invictus 2016: He’ll make sacrifices…for you!

        1. Sol Invictus: Some people ask, whatever possessed me to run for President? Funny you should ask that…

          1. Sol Invictus: Double, double, toil and trouble, find my name, fill out the bubble.

            1. Sol Invictus: Hillary may act like a witch, and Trump claims to be a wizard of real estate, niy I’m an all-purpose wizard.

                1. “We need a clean sweep of the government, and I happen to have a broom.”

        2. He’s running for Senate, yo. And if i were in Florida, I’d be all over that.

            1. Gilmore is a real downer, isn’t he? You were having fun, everybody was enjoying it, and here comes Capt. Buzzkill.

      2. Quit beating around the bush and tell us which one’s a fag, which one’s a devil-worshiper, and which one is both…. so we know to vote for the last one.

        You’re a little off here. Remember when we were discussing “peckerwood populism”? Mr. Knapp here coined the term. Think “Sheldon Richman, but doesn’t hate Jews”.

        1. ….hmm? I don’t understand. Was i supposed to be taking that person’s analysis of the libertarian candidates more seriously? He seems to have a bone to pick with… Johnson…

          I’m not sure what to think really. I just took the “drinks the blood of children” part and ran with that as “the best endorsement i could think of”

  11. This story is certainly scandalous to the 243 people who are paying attention.

    1. Dude come on. Don’t forget the Seasteaders.

      1. They’re not paying attention, either. Hurricane season.

  12. Uh oh, will this conflict within the party cause them to lose the election?

  13. Johnson for the nomination! Haaaa! I love how this site pisses off the fans. Can’t wait to vote for him. And seeing Trump win, and getting everybody even more mad. This year will be the greatest for political observers…

  14. Why are Libertarian party politics so bitter?
    Because the stakes are so small.

    1. The punier the power, the more ferociously the rodents fight for it.

      1. I will say this for Libertarians – what further solidifies our lack of trust in other people to have vast centralized authority over us is that we know that even we can’t be trusted with mere crumbs of authority we have over other people on occasion.

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  16. This article is so poorly written and about such an absurd topic that I think I’ve decided to give up on liberty. Maybe I’ll try hanging out with the NRx people for a while. Man must be governed, and so forth.

  17. The last time America got a chance to see the three presumptive frontrunners for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination together, during their two-part two-hour debate aired on John Stossel’s Fox Business News program.


    The LPTexas debate with five LP candidates — including Pastor Shawna Sterling and comedian-physician Dr. Marc Feldman — was livestreamed by The Soul of Enterprise via the VoiceAmerica Internet radio network.

    The LPTexas debate is also on youtube for all to see. Dr. Feldman stole the show with his intro at about 11:20.

  18. Perhaps the most famous application of Sayre’s Law should be modified to “Libertarian politics is the most vicious and bitter form of politics, because the stakes are so low.”

    It would be nice if capital-L Libertarians would recognize that a guy who is 80% libertarian is not 20% traitor, and therefore an enemy.

  19. I would take Petersen over Johnson if Petersen wasn’t so whiny and insufferable. I follow all the Libertarian candidates on Facebook and the guy’s just obnoxious.

  20. Well, that settles it. I can’t vote for a man who has been vaguely and unverifiably been accused of being mean.

    Seriously, who gives a damn?

  21. Every election cycle I hear the complaints about how internal Libertarian Party politics is just so much more nasty and melodramatic than in the major parties.


    It may sometimes seem that way, mainly because we’re a small party. People know each other, which magnifies the personal impact of arguments and insults, but we don’t hold a candle to the major parties.

    That’s not necessarily a good thing. We’re woefully bad at vetting our candidates through the time-tested means of opposition research, and we whine like little babies when anyone DOES uncover something embarrassing, as if the Democrats and Republicans wouldn’t uncover it and make hay with it if the Libertarian candidate ever got any traction.

    I’ve been doing a very basic oppo research colonoscopy of Gary Johnson’s governorship of New Mexico, and I’ve found stuff that’s not hard to find and that would have been used against him if he’d been competitive in the GOP primaries in 2012 — stuff that nobody in the LP bothered to find out through one entire Libertarian presidential campaign and the beginning of a second.

    Is that kind of stuff held against candidates in the LP? No, finding that kind of stuff is held against the people who find it. Apparently in the Libertarian Party, politics IS beanbag, and oh, the bawling and rolling around on the ground when the beanbag hits anyone in the nuts.

  22. McAfee – Crazy conspiratorialist
    Peterson – Whiny hipster
    Johnson – Someone who can get more than five votes in a general election

  23. “Johnson – Someone who can get more than five votes in a general election”

    Yeah, he got a whopping 1% in the last election — an election in which everyone knew the outcome well in advance, freeing up people to “waste their votes.” This time it’s an open seat instead an invulnerable incumbent, and the demagoguery is likely to keep it tight as a drum.

    The LP is simply not yet at a level where vote totals are even a worthwhile consideration in the presidential race. The only considerations that make any sense are:

    1) How much publicity the candidate can get; and

    2) Whether that publicity is good or bad in terms of building a bigger party that will EVENTUALLY have to worry about vote totals.

    Johnson hasn’t been terrible at getting publicity, but he’s been about as exciting as watching paint dry once he gets it. At least McAfee (who is not my first choice) wouldn’t put people to sleep.

    1. You’ve got a point, Johnson needs a few drug fueled orgies and a murder investigation to really get his campaign moving.

        1. Not even mentioning Petersen? Youthful energy, constitutional, pro-life, solid on L issues. This guy may just be able to get conservatives to vote L and poll L, granting space in a debate. I’ll vote L till there is a more classical liberal party, until then the nominee of the L gets my vote. Even if he has some marginal issues. The alternative is complete destruction of my soul with the major parties, or abstention.

  24. Freedom of association.

  25. Wait, you mean a hotel on International Drive in Orlando, right by Universal Studios and not far from Disney, is sold out over Memorial Day weekend a month out? Memorial day weekend is one of the busiest weekends of the year for Disney and Universal. And as a revenue manager for 6 hotels I would relish the idea of someone booking all my unsold rooms and not actually staying in them. It’s pretty easy to tell if someone is doing that, so all you do is overbook the hotel to compensate and rake in the extra cash.

  26. The mischief described in this article, even if totally true, is child’s play compared to what goes on in the major league. Part of the reason that Libertarians are not relevant is that they don’t like to play hardball.

  27. I like McAfee but I also like Johnson #SureJohnson

  28. I’m posting this for historical purposes. I was at the convention and the reason why some of the nights were sold out was quite clear to attendees: A major comic convention, MegaCon, was held at the convention center. That said, at the time of the “controversy” rooms were still available at other nearby hotels, and even then Friday night was the big problem, whereas the nomination vote was held on Sunday.

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