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Three 11-Year-Old "Dancing Trumps" Forbidden to Perform at School Talent Show

Silly oversized masks and a benign, wordless, apolitical dance routine was too hot for a Massachusetts public school to handle.


Three 11-year-old boys attending Fiske Elementary School in Wellesley, MA were forbidden by the school's administration from performing a benign, wordless, apolitical dance routine while wearing comically oversized Donald Trump masks. 

Christian Mattaliano, Marc Maggiacomo, and David Maggiacomo had been dubbed the Bobblehead Boys after performing a similar number last year, only then they wore masks bearing the face of the school's retiring principal.

When the three boys became the Dancing Trumps at the morning edition of this past Wednesday's school talent show, "at least one" parent complained, according to the Boston Globe, which led to school officials forbidding the boys from reprising the performance at Wednesday's evening talent show. 

Dancing Trump Kids
Lauire Mattaliano

Whether the complainant was offended because of pro or anti-Trump sentiments is unclear, though a similar skit performed by Wellesley grade-schoolers acting as Donald Trump and Marco Rubio was also nixed from the night show, apparently because a parent found it disparaging to the Republican Party. 

One of the boys' parents, Laurie Mattaliano, told the Globe that the experience has left the boys feeling like they did something wrong even though, "No words were spoken. It's just pop culture. The skit took no stance in support or defamation." 

The Wellesley school superintendent, David Lussier said to the Globe, "We wanted to make sure that nothing we are doing would be perceived as biased in some way" and that "in a highly charged political environment like the one we're in" the school talent show isn't an appropriate place to engage the upcoming presidential election.

Christine Norcross, whose son was one-half of the controversial Trump/Rubio dance-off said, "I'm so happy that he even knows who's running for president."

Earlier this week, Reason's Robby Soave noted the recent predicament of a Maryland high school student who was instructed to write an essay in the outrageous style of 18th century satirist Jonathan Swift. For his compliance, the student was subject to an official public shaming by the school.

But at least the Maryland student wrote something deliberately provocative, whereas you could watch video of the Dancing Trumps' two-minute performance a hundred times and not discern any specific political point of view.  

Christine Norcross/Youtube

These are fifth graders who are aware that adults are working themselves into a lather over some old guy with orange skin and yellow hair, and by dancing around wearing his face, they were having some fun with the idea of grown-ups taking things way too seriously. 

If anything, the effectiveness of the routine lies in the reaction of the person (people?) who complained. The sublime absurdity of the Bobblehead Boys' performance was further demonstrated by the administrators who were cowed by the slightest bit of discomfort expressed by adults over some kids expressing themselves through some innocent joyful fun. 

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  1. Heh, heh, Dancing Trump can be abbreviated DT, which indicates why the image is so disturbing, it reminds people of the time they had a few too many.

  2. Doesn’t Trumphia law mandate the death penalty for depictions of the Prophet Negotiator (PBUH)? It is clearly stated in The Art of the Deal surah 2, ayat 7 that “The Dancing Trumps did really poorly on television this morning. I hope they are O.K.”

  3. What would these people do if Trump actually got elected? Most schools and campuses in some of these states would just ban discussion or support of the president in any capacity from their students and staff?

    And it’s not OK for little boys to be coming up with dance routines. This is what happens when kids aren’t allowed to play football anymore.

    1. And it’s not OK for little boys to be coming up with dance routines. This is what happens when kids aren’t allowed to play football anymore.

      And yet, it is empirical fact that Gene Kelly fucked more bitches than you or I combined.

      1. Yes, but what about *human* females?

    2. And it’s not OK for little boys to be coming up with dance routines. This is what happens when kids aren’t allowed to play football anymore

      I thought it was watching the Golden Girls that caused boys to come up with dance routines.

      1. No, watching the Golden Girls turns them gay. Sheesh.

  4. “We wanted to make sure that nothing we are doing would be perceived as biased in some way”

    I’m pretty sure denying 11 year olds their 1st amendment rights on the complaint of one person is biased.

    1. It’s the same reason they hide the brown-paper-wrapped magazines behind the counter, they don’t want anybody getting the wrong idea about what’s in those magazines – and by doing so they’re giving everybody exactly the wrong idea. I’m hoping like hell they find out who the silly ninny was who whined about the dancing bobble-head because I’ve got an idea for who the boys should dress up as for next year’s japery.

  5. I know what Howie Carr will be talking about on Monday.


    [QOTE]America’s rigged political system already encourages “nasty discourse.” That nastiness began when Trump’s candidacy, considered a joke by the press and the political establishments of both parties, captured the imagination of Americans who are outraged by the unholy bipartisan alliance sustaining illegal immigration in America.

    In late March, Apple CEO Tim Cook, SpaceX and Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk ? both Hillary Clinton supporters ? met at a luxury resort at Sea Island, Georgia, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, GOP political Svengali Karl Rove, GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan, Democratic Representative John Delaney and New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, among many others, to plan the U.S. elite’s “stop Trump” stratagem.

    Michelle Fields’ bogus assault charge against Trump’s campaign manager was a small part of the aforementioned stratagem from Trump’s bipartisan, serial accusers.”/”

    1. I find it amusing that the author’s blog hasn’t been updated since he predicted the mutation of Ebola to take advantage of airborne transmission vectors. It seems his two year “moment” of clarity and/or shame has come to an end.

      1. Don’t you miss Lonewacko?

    2. Who is Michelle Fields?

      1. John Galt’s drag name.

      2. Grab it’s motherfucking arm.

  7. The caption should be changed to “Sad dancing Trump kids”

  8. The more I think about it I think that Trump’s successes aren’t due so much to his un-PCness but rather his deliberate lack of campaign polish. I think people are responding to a candidate that isn’t a focus-tested, rehearsed and prepackaged cardboard cut-out. I wouldn’t be surprised that The Berninator is getting a similar boost from the left.

    1. Well, that, and the fact that both Trump and Sanders are two sides of the same populist demagoguery coin taking advantage of people’s fears and anxieties during a time of economic and social insecurity.

      1. It’s disturbing, isn’t it? Being a loser is in the zeitgeist.

        1. result of election reflected what you said.

      2. “I’m gonna build a wall and the Mexicans are going to pay for it” = “Free Shit!” So does building a tariff wall the Chinese will pay for and bombing the shit out of ISIS that Iraqi oil will pay for and forcing job-providing companies back to the US by taxing the companies that fled the US – it’s all free shit. What’s so hard to understand?

        Trump is promising free shit to people who’ve paid for everybody else’s free shit and now can’t believe they’re out of free shit at the free shit store. But they’re pretty damn sure somebody needs to get off their lazy ass and go find their free shit.

        1. It would be so refreshing to have a candidate who promised to have government do less, not more, and then see them actually get some support. But alas that will never happen. Government, as Bastiat said, is the great fiction whereby everyone endeavors to live at the expense of everyone else. He said that in 1848, and it was old news then. Some things will never change. Like that part of human nature that wants to live at the expense of everyone else, and support politicians who promise it.

          1. If people were guaranteed (by alien overlords?) that everyone would lose government benefits equally, simultaneously, I bet most would think it good. The problem with any coercive majority-rules government is that benefits increase gradually and no one is willing to see them decrease gradually, because everyone would fear they would be the first to lose benefits, and then the next administration would stop the rollback and leave the early adopters at a permanent disadvantage. It’s gut instinct — you got first, that kind of thing.

      3. They’re both populists who are promising to have government do more stuff. Hell, that’s all of them.

      4. You know who else was a popular demagogue taking advantage of people’s fears and anxieties during a time of economic and social insecurity?

    2. It’s the last gasp of a racist, especially ignorant demographic.

      1. I blame Canadian immigrants. We should ban them until we find out what’s going on.

      2. Last gasp = first gasp in Canada, apparently.

  9. Watching these evil idiots tear each other apart is entertaining, but in the end I know that people like me will just get fucked yet again.

    In my entire life I have never seen a candidate that I could really support, much less seen one elected.

  10. Is it really to hot to handle? OR is it actually too cold to hold?

    1. And did someone literally call the Ghostbusters and put them in control?

  11. Apolitical? Of course it isn’t.

    That’s the fundamental problem. Government employees need to adhere to regulations about politics. Are you saying that things like the Hatch Act shouldn’t exist?

    1. As far as I understand, l?se-majest? is yet to be an offense at the state or federal level.

      1. Not for the students. The faculty that approve the skits are in a precarious position. The school that allows the skit as an official function is in a precarious position.

        1. I think you’re exaggerating a bit. Not that that mentality doesn’t exist, which explains the timidity of school administrators towards anything that has a whiff of litigiousness to it. Regardless, it would be hard to argue that, even if political in nature, this dance skit doesn’t pass the Tinker Standard.

      2. The kids performing the ‘skit’ aren’t federal employees and as students, even minors, have some degree of first amendment rights. You are lumping together two things that are in no way related to one another.

    2. I think your comment about the Act of Hatching was meant to go along with the earlier article about golden nest eggs.

  12. you could watch video of the Dancing Trumps’ two-minute performance a hundred times and not discern any specific political point of view.

    Unless Anthony can prove he’s watched this performance over 100 times, I remain skeptical.

    I suspect this is just the beginning of a Trump-led Dance Response to the gauntlet thrown down by Beyonce at SuperBowl “L*”

    (*i for one refuse to abandon Roman numerals; doing so is clearly an attempt to undermine our cultural Western Civilization heritage)

    I for one see this in the context a long-history of political dancing which traces its origins back to Indian war-dances and Afro-Caribbean limbo-challenges. Never mind the obvious Kibuki connections in the use of masks. (swirls brandy) Now, as to the Ghostbusters Soundtrack references…

    1. I watched that entire video and was disappointed at the lack of “Beyonce is a tool of the Illuminati” arguments.

      1. I only watched 10 seconds of it. I thought it was best for the fact that it had a computer voice which mispronounced “bee-yonse”

          1. What the unholy fuck

            1. Jesus is your outlet, not Dance!

            2. Great, I’m glad that’s in my history now.

      2. Beyonce: old or unattractive?

        1. ugh. heterosexist ageism, really? sigh. smmfh

  13. This is interesting –

    The US Supreme Court suggests a solution in the case of the Little Sisters of the Poor and others who object to the contraception mandate.

    The Supreme Court wants the parties to say what they think of the idea. The Little Sisters say the plan would meet their demands. The Obama administration hems and haws.

    1. Has anyone in the O administration ever accomplished anything of note in the real world? Or are they all just idiot flunkies working in circumstances where they are never held accountable for their performance? I include POTUS in that query.

      1. I just did a quick search of all the cabinet members. There were only 3 who were not lawyers or high-level business administrators before being selected. Of those 3, 2 are Ph.D-holding theoretical physicists, Sec. of Defense Ash Carter and Sec. of Energy Ernest Moniz, the other one, Sec. of Commerce Penny Pritzker, is a scion of one of the families that founded the Hyatt Hotels and made billions as a retirement community developer.

    2. How are the Supremes not basically legislating from the bench here with this proposal they are offering up?

      1. It’s an attempt to apply RFRA standards – find the least restrictive means of achieving a compelling governmental interest.

    1. The one in the middle is clearly in charge and sees this as the first step on his path to dance-greatness…

      …while the other 2 are like, “we didn’t think this was going to be a regular thing, but now our show-biz-crazy parents are forcing us to take it on the road”

  14. BUT it was okay for teachers to have kids sing Obama cult songs though.

    1. That first one was from Russia Today – criticizing cults of personality – are the journalists trying to get in some jibes at Putin?

  15. How dare they mock Mr. Trump!

    Mr. Trump’s lawyers will be in contact!


  16. ‘Christine Norcross, whose son was one-half of the controversial Trump/Rubio dance-off said, “I’m so happy that he even knows who’s running for president.”‘

    I like her.

  17. Something tells me they would have been fine donning masks of a certain septuagenarian, dancing to this song:

  18. Trump and Sanders are two sides of the same populist demagoguery coin taking advantage of people’s fears and anxieties during a time of economic and social insecurity.

    Listen, Bub. Simplistic answers to complex questions are my god-given right as an American!

  19. They look like little Republicans – off to the camps with ’em.

    1. You know who else was a Massachusetts-born Republican of Italian descent?

  20. I’m quite impressed that the boys held those things up with just their teeth. Were the parents too cheap to afford velcro head straps?

  21. This is not a worthy article. There are too many of these here hence why I’m not around as much. Well that and the commentariat getting dumber.

    On that subject, here is an article that debunks the notion that we are going to go back into a ‘Little Ice Age’ because of a new Maunder Minimum. It debunks other claims.

    link text

    This article by Judith Curry skewers one of the papers that claims that there is no pause/warming has been underestimated.
    link text

    1. No one missed you.

      1. Guess there is something positive about all the Trump articles after all.

    2. Or, frankly, even asked.

      1. Cytotoxic was around less?

    3. I learn things every day here. Sometimes they are political. Sometimes historic fact. Sometimes it’s a YouTube video.
      sometimes all three

  22. I watched the video and I think they may have gotten the oversized masks idea from They Might Be Giants .

    1. Are you setting out bait, HM?

        1. Now that I’m thinking of musical speed and zaniness in relation to your online persona, I’ll post links to Megitsune and an English translation/explanation , the latter of which I found quite interesting.

          Have you ever watched Kurosawa’s Ran? The shape-changing vixen/fox gets a mention toward the end.

          1. Kitsune/Huli Jing/Kumiho/Ninetales also get a mention in this super-wagakki rendition of Senbonzakura

            Have you ever watched Kurosawa’s Ran?

            Yes. Kurosawa’s Dreams is one of my favorite movie, incidentially.

    2. In other ME news, Kurds are in trouble. Soldiers haven’t been paid in months, but fight on anyway. Govt needs oil price at $100 per barrel to balance budget, Can’t get debt financing because it’s not a recognized country. Some peshmerga fight during the day then work night jobs.

  23. Spot the Not: wacky censorship

    1. It is illegal to own a typewriter in Cuba without a license.

    2. The Weird Al song “Don’t Download this Song” was censored by MTV because it mentioned the names of file sharing sites.

    3. It is illegal in China to mention the date of the Tienanmen Square massacre.

    4. It is illegal in Germany to draw a swastika with a “no” symbol on top of it.

    5. An episode of Star Trek the Next Generation was censored in the UK because it called the IRA’s terror campaign a success.

    6. It is illegal in India to use the phrase “new and improved” in advertising.

    1. You’re really getting good at this.

      Collect them all and write a book!

      I’ll just flat out guess 6.

      1. Or 5.

      1. Hey wait a sec. They said Irish reunification took place in 2024!

        1. Yes, and if you read the description, you’ll that part was edited out in the UK broadcast. In the Irish broadcast, a disclaimer at the beginning of episode stressed that the future history was “fictional and aspirational”.


          1. Those UKers. They pulled a fast one!

        2. No spoilers!

    2. I’m going to guess 4 is a trick-Not because its illegal to simply display a swastika and the added “no” is irrelevant.

        1. Nix Gut!!!

    3. 6. ” New and Improved” was Modi’s campaign slogan, or something.

    4. No more bets! No more bets!

      6 is the Not, although in many countries the phrase “new and improved” is not used as it implies the old product was junk.

      1. Ricky Gervais is currently shilling for some phone company using exactly this “joke”. It’s irritating.

  24. Gavin on Amy Schumer’s talent for stealing jokes.

    1. Unless Michelle Fields was harmed, I see no problem.

    2. I watched the first stolen joke, which was nasty, then Gavin suggested the second joke was even nastier, so I stopped watching.

      It would be one thing if the joke elicited a giggle, but no, it’s just offensiveness without that special something which makes offensiveness funny.

      If you’re going to rip off someone’s jokes, why not someone like Winston Churchill:

      “So I said, yeah, I’m drunk, and you’re ugly, but guess what, tomorrow *I’ll* be sober!”

      Or this other guy (wilkes?)

      “Sir, you will die either on the gallows or of the pox.”

      “That depends, sir, on whether I embrace your principles or your mistress.”

      1. Or P. J. O’Rourke

        “So this liberal says, ‘you’re a Nazi.’

        “So I said, ‘yeah? Well, I still got the advantage over your, because what woman fantasizes about being tied to the bed and raped by someone dressed as a liberal?”

        1. “So he says, ‘Amy, these’s a conspiracy of silence against me, what shall I do?’ And I replied, ‘join it.'”

          1. “Everything Bill Clinton says is a lie, including ‘a,’ ‘of’ and ‘the.'”

            1. Here’s a collection of Victorian jokes for Ms. Schumer to borrow from:

              “Why should the number 288 never be mentioned in company? Because it is two gross.

              “There’s a man at Camberwell so fat that they grease the omnibus-wheels with his shadow….

              “Moving in unfashionable circles: wearing a crinoline….

              “Why is the devil riding a mouse like one and the same thing? Because it is synonymous.

              “”I have the best wife in the world,” said the long-suffering husband. “She always strikes me with the soft end of the broom.”

              “SERVANT: “Ma’am, your husband has eloped with the cook!”
              WIFE: “Good! Now I can have the maid to myself, once in a while.”” [wait – are you sure that’s a *Victorian* joke?]

              1. What’s the difference between a plumber and a chemist? How they pronounce unionized.

              2. For an early 17th century joke book, Tarlton’s Jests:

                “Upon a time when the players were put to silence, Tarlton and his boy frolicked so long in the country, that all their money was gone, and being a great way from London, they knew not what to do. But as want is the whetstone of wit, Tarlton gathereth his conceit together, and practised a trick to bear him up to London without money, & thus it was:

                “Unto an inn in Sandwich they went, and there lay for two days at great charge, although he had no money to pay for the same: the third morning he had his man go down and malcontent himself before his host and his hostess, a mumbling say to himself, “Lord Lord, what a scalde [mean] master do I serve! This it is to serve such seminary priests and Jesuits. Now even as I am an honest boy, I’ll leave him in the lurch, and shift for myself: here’s a do about penance and mortification, as though (forsooth) Christ hath not died enough for all.”

                1. “The boy mumbled out these his instructions so dissembling, that it struck a jealousy in the innholder’s heart, that out of doubt his master was a seminary priest. Whereupon he presently sent for the constable, and told him all the foresaid matter, and so went by both together to attach Tarlton in his chamber, who purposely had shut himself close in, and betaken him to his knees, and to his crosses, to make the matter seem more suspicious, which they espying through the key-hole, made no more ado, but in they rushed, and arrested him for a seminary priest, discharged his score, bore his, and his boy’s charges up to London, and there in hope to have rich rewards, presented him to M. Fleetwood, the old Recorder of London.

                  “But now, mark the jest; when the Recorder saw Tarlton, and knew him passing well, entertained him very courteously, and all to be fooled the Inn-holder and his mate, and sent them away with fleas in their ears: but when Tarlton saw himself discharged out of their hands, he stood jesting and pointing at their folly, and so taught them by cunning more wit and thrift against another time.”

              3. “Why should the number 288 never be mentioned in company? Because it is two gross.

                /groan … or /faint is that more Victorian?

      2. It would be one thing if the joke elicited a giggle, but no, it’s just offensiveness without that special something which makes offensiveness funny.

        Jesus wept, Eddie, did you not read the penis-ball post yesterday. Take your key to the gateway of humour and shove it up your arse.

        1. I don’t recall calling the police on her.

          1. And no one called the cops on the penis-ball bros either, some stick with a campus cop on it’s head took it upon itself to tell them what is and what isn’t properly funny/worthy of conversation. I don’t have a problem with you speaking your mind I just meant to point out that your opinion is shite. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

            1. What isn’t clear is what my opinions have to do with the actions of a campus cop who censored speech.

              1. Right, so I’m gonna admit to jumping to conclusions based on your post; i.e. “It would be one thing if….” that sounds to me like you are saying – “if these jokes had met my criteria for funny then they would have been okay/allowable/kosher”. The corollary is that if they don’t meet your standard they aren’t okay, which while not explicit censorship, it is definitely on the downside of that slope. If I’m wrong , mea culpa.

                1. If I may be so bold, I believe he was saying “If you’re gonna steal a joke, make sure it’s a funny one.”

  25. “Sanders supporters demonstrate at Clinton fundraiser in SF”
    “…where donors supporting rival Hillary Clinton had paid up to $353,000 to dine with her and Hollywood power couple George and Amal Clooney.”…..252281.php

    OK, typical HRC pelf, but wait, there’s more!
    “Clinton Fundraiser George Clooney Agrees With Bernie Sanders About ‘Obscene’ Money in Politics”…..253010.php

    Mr. Clooney seems a bit, uh, confused, shall we say. Or maybe just a lefty ignoramus. Or perhaps a typical proggy hypocrite.
    Maybe Mr. Clooney ought to stik with pretending he’s someone he isn’t; the world would be better off.

    1. The band of Sanders fans had gathered in Huntington Park and held what they said was a potluck dinner for homeless people

      Is it possible to care too damn much?

      1. I’d need to know if this is caring, or “conspicuous compassion.”

        1. I’ll just go with “cynical signaling”.

      2. “”a potluck dinner “”

        I hope they didn’t stand around all night wondering why the homeless people didn’t bring anything

        1. A potluck from SF bums might not be bad; they’ve got guilt-tripping whackos delivering box lunches to the encampment.

        2. why the homeless people didn’t bring anything

          Except herpes.

          1. HM,
            Tired of memorizing Burmese and Maylayan names and trying to remember which was the good guys; put the “Forgotten Wars” aside for a bit.
            Got a good start on Weatherford’s Ghengis Khan (he’s just turned west after his envoys were mutilated), and Weatherford’s “History of Money” is one of those books that gets re-read when I’m out of fresh stuff.
            But it sends the skeptical meter bouncing off the red line when the primary source is a “Secret History” only interpreted by various ‘initiates’ (sounds rather Catholic- as in religion).
            Anyhow, I’m starting to look for some corroboration. Any suggestions? Or just mosey through the Amazon pages…

            1. Well, you can read the Secret History of the Mongols yourself here. I would also point to any scholarship coming out of East Asia, particularly China, as usually belonging to the Watherford-ian school.

              1. Heroic Mulatto|4.16.16 @ 10:28PM|#
                “Well, you can read the Secret History of the Mongols yourself here.”

                OK, I found Cleaves and Kahn print versions, both seem problematic for different reasons. Prolly pick one or find corroboration elsewhere.

              1. Get off my lawn with your rock opera!
                But arigato for the link to the “Secret History”; I’ll see if I can find it in print.

            2. Tired of memorizing Burmese and Maylayan names and trying to remember which was the good guys; put the “Forgotten Wars” aside for a bit.

              Oh, you’re reading that? Yeah, I remember making myself a handy reference-card with all the main “characters” names because i found myself quickly losing the plot when moving between Malaysia to Burma to Indonesia,etc.

              I dont think i was as enamored with the book while reading it as i was after i finished it.

              1. G,
                My books grow yellow-stickees out the side for notes, but I’ll try your cheat-sheet on that one.
                Re ‘better when done’, “China: A History” made me wonder why I was reading it by page 300 and since then wondering why I hadn’t read it earlier. Need to check that for some of the Weatherford G.K. dates; as I recall Keay makes note of the Mongol ‘invasion’ of the north.

                1. My advice is just read Ben Thompson’s Badass: A Relentless Onslaught of the Toughest Warlords, Vikings, Samurai, Pirates, Gunfighters, and Military Commanders to Ever Live.

                  Such books these days are being called fratire, as in frat satire.

        3. *slow clap*

      3. “What’s up mofrackle? How’s your dick hangin’? Low I hope. I just wanted to write you and say that like, I’m sorry for the way that shit went down and stuff; my bad, my blunder. I just wanted you to know that you really are my best friend. The problem, I’m a criminal, man, who doesn’t care. And your crime is…you care too much.”

        1. I don’t know what you’re referring to, but you’re a genius.

  26. Spot the Not: the real people who were the basis for James Bond

    1. The MI6 head of station in Paris, he would regularly dine at Maxim’s; he drove an armour-plated Rolls-Royce and dressed in handmade suits and Cartier cufflinks. He was a bon viveur who enjoyed attractive women and fast cars.

    2. He spent much of the Second World War behind enemy lines in Yugoslavia. He survived assassination attempts and single-handedly blew up an Italian ship.

    3. He became a fighter pilot in WWI by cheating on an eye exam. An expert card player, he made a fortune in Monte Carlo in the 1930s. During WW2, he used his own yacht to rescue British soldiers who were trapped at Dunkirk.

    4. He ran away from his wealthy family at an early age to go to Canada where he worked as a trapper and professional boxer. At the outbreak of war he worked in then-neutral Bucharest where he killed two German agents who were trying to assassinate him.

    5. He was a distinguished British Secret Intelligence Officer, decorated army officer, skier, mountaineer, linguist, traveller and artist. He was also a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. His MI6 code name was C.

    6. He was a British field agent. His missions for the SOE involved him parachuting multiple times in enemy occupied France, having dinner with Nazis, the use of disguises, being captured and interrogated by the Gestapo before escaping, shooting an enemy agent, as well as having relationships with different women.

    1. 3. Sounds too perfect.

      1. Well, he was also gay, so there’s that.

  27. No Warren, Quincy or AC to entertain me while I fuck off at work on a Sunday? 🙁

    1. Perhaps would enjoy the 2 new Spot the Nots I posted here?

      1. *Perhaps you*

        Me fail English.

      2. Thanks.

    1. “…the painting that inspired it.”

      Looks like Bierstadt headed east!

    1. Horse gas-mask.

      I learned something today.

    2. RC922MKKN21128002882 years ago
      Tatooine has really gone to hell.?

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  29. In my opinion, the boys did nothing wrong, we can see many troll post, hilarious photos of Trump in the internet, at least, these boys use a normal photo here. And for some 11 years old boys, I don’t think they mean any political point. US has freedom of speech.
    “I’m so happy that he even knows who’s running for president.” I like her *thumbs up*

  30. We wanted to make sure that nothing we are doing would be perceived as biased in some way I’m pretty sure denying 11 year olds their 1st amendment rights on the complaint of one person is biased.

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