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Donald Trump's Organizational Failure in Colorado Shows He's Totally Unprepared to Be President

Trump can barely manage his own campaign operation. What does that say about his ability to run a country?


Donald Trump's failure to win even a single GOP convention delegate from Colorado is important less for what it does to the overall delegate count in the GOP primary race and more for what it reveals about Trump and his campaign operation.

Trump portrays himself as a master businessman who employs top experts to cut savvy deals, but he appears to have been totally blindsided by the process the state uses to award delegates.

The results from Colorado show that Trump is an incompetent manager who, in the face of a complex but knowable organizational challenge, cannot even capably represent his own interests.

At this point, the GOP primary race has become a fight over convention delegates. Trump is currently leading the delegate count with 743 delegates. His campaign's stated objective is to reach 1,237 bound delegates—delegates who are required to vote for him on the first, or in some cases second, vote at the GOP convention in July—by the end of the primary process in June. That will be a difficult task at best, because it would require Trump to win outsized victories in several remaining contests, but it may be his best hope to win the nomination. 

If no candidate obtains 1,237 (a majority) on the first vote, then the convention becomes open, as many of the delegates are released to vote as they please. At that point, it is likely that his main rival, Ted Cruz, who is generally better liked amongst the sort of people who become GOP convention delegates, would have an advantage, especially since Cruz is currently working to secure nonbinding commitments from as many delegates as possible.

In short, Trump really needs every single delegate he can get in order to win. The process by which a candidate wins delegates is different in every state, and in some cases, delegates are awarded through a complicated and arcane process.

Republicans in Colorado voted not for presidential candidates, but for the individual convention delegates themselves. So the goal for a campaign is to organize votes for delegates who support your candidate. What that entails, basically, is creating a voting slate consisting of the names and ballot numbers of candidates—there are about 600 on the ballot, so the numbers are important—who are reliable supporters. 

But Trump fired his campaign's organizer in the state just a week before the state GOP's convention last Saturday, where the final 13 delegates were selected. (Cruz had already picked up an additional 21 Colorado delegates in a series of seven congressional-district conventions.) The replacement manager printed up a slate to guide Trump supporters, but it was, according to CNN, "riddled with errors," including incorrect delegate numbers and, in one case, the name of a Cruz delegate. At the last minute, Trump's team reprinted the flier listing the Trump slate, but the second print also contained errors.

Cruz, meanwhile, posted his—accurate—delegate slate on a giant screen in the convention hall, and printed it out on a bright orange t-shirt that his supporters wore around the convention.

The point isn't the particulars of the arcane rules themselves. And it's not even the delegate "points" Cruz put on the board in Colorado. The point is that Trump desperately needs every delegate he can possible pick up in order to win, and yet he appears totally unprepared and unable to handle the organizational and managerial challenges of doing so.

Nor is Colorado the only state in which Trump's incompetence has been on display: As a result of not engaging with the particulars of the process, he also lost delegates to Cruz in both South Carolina and Louisiana.

Trump is not simply disorganized. He appears to have been totally unaware of the requirements in some of these states. Trump was apparently told by senior officials with the Republican National Committee recently that his campaign needed to be prepared to fight for delegates in states like Colorado. Upon hearing this, according to The New York Times, "Trump turned to his aides and suggested that they had not been doing what they needed to do." Trump, in other words, paid little attention to the process himself, and left mission-critical campaign projects to unprepared staff.

Last week, Trump reorganized, bringing on a new senior staffer, Paul Manafort, a veteran of previous Republican presidential campaigns, as a "delegate hunter" to oversee much of his operation. It's rather late for that: Colorado's rules, for example, were put in place last August, and were broadly similar to rules that have been in place for years. Trump's supporters in the state have been pleading for resources and organizational muscle, but Trump's campaign team declined to supply it until the last minute.

Trump and his campaign have responded to the losses in Colorado and elsewhere with hyperbolic rhetoric, threats of lawsuits, and a general sense of anger and indignation that the system that they chose to ignore did not produce the results that they would have preferred. Trump has complained that the state's rules aren't fair, and called the process "rigged." And over the weekend, Manafort warned darkly of Cruz's "Gestapo tactics"—which seems, at minimum, an overstatement for the practice of handing out orange t-shirts printed with accurate information to your supporters. He also said the Texas senator was "not playing by the rules," which is exactly backwards: Cruz, who, whatever else you think of him, has run an consistently efficient and well-organized campaign operation, learned the rules and played them to his advantage. Trump ignored them, and lost out.

You can reasonably take issue with both the complexity of some of the rules in question, as The Denver Post does, noting that the state's convention process does not exactly make widespread participation possible. But the issue for Trump, who, as far as I know, never complained about the state's rule before, isn't what the rules should or should not be. It's that he botched the process because he did not care to learn those rules and engage with them.

If he were to become president, Trump would undoubtedly encounter many complex situations requiring managerial attention and organizational competence, as well as numerous instances in which the rules or protocols would strike him as unfair. The job of the president is to master those situations anyway, or hire competent staff who can do so. Trump's performance in Colorado, and his essentially whiny response in the fact of his own failures, suggests that he is prepared to do neither. To put it another way: Trump can barely manage his own campaign operation. How does he think he's going to run an entire country?  

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  1. The results from Colorado show that Trump is an incompetent manager who, in the face of a complex but knowable organizational challenge, cannot even capably represent his own interests.

    Uh, it means that Donald Trump can compete on a level playing field where everyone plays by the rules, unlike the lying cheater Ted Cruz. Luckily the Trump campaign is, as we speak, assembling the perfect, most biting and classiest tweet to handle the situation.

      1. Paging SF.

      2. Trump is totally unprepared to steal elections. He prefers the people vote for their choice.

        I can see that as a handicap in libertarian Zimbabwe. It the US? I think it is better than what the other guy is doing.

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  2. What do you mean? Surely when something goes wrong and he tweets “Vile Vladimir Putin/Jackass Xi Jinping/Dumbo David Cameron is treating me very badly. Sad! No Shame! Gestapo tactics!” it will do wonders for our foreign policy.

    1. Drunk twitter-ing will NOT ‘Make America Great Again’.

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    1. Check back in a few years when President Trump will be in want of a new wife.

      1. It’ll be like the old “panda diplomacy” that China used to engage in, only this time it will be Ukrainian mail-order bride diplomacy.

        1. Speaking of Ukrainian brides, I miss groovus : (

        2. So his plan to save Ukraine from Russia is to marry all the hot ones? Good plan.

          Also, it’s pronounced Chigh-nna.

  4. I give you: the Donald Trump weathervane.

    A steal at only $15,000.00.

    1. Regardless of which way the wind blows, it always points the blame at someone else.

  5. The results from Colorado show that Trump is an incompetent manager who, in the face of a complex but knowable organizational challenge, cannot even capably represent his own interests.

    Uh, Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign was masterfully run and I don’t think that translated into the Obama White House being a model of efficiency and order.

    All this means is that Trump’s strategy isn’t to work the system. Instead his strategy is to simply razzle-dazzle the voters one bombastic statement at a time.

    1. Also, such organization matters in the general.

      Trump is shutting up shop in states where he will need a team when he’s the nominee.

      I guess if your goal is just to have Trump “win” and then lose, that makes sense.

    2. What is happening now with delegates is the difference between wholesale politics (polls, media, consultants, bundlers/money – all centralizable in DC) and retail politics (precinct/neighborhood organizers, face-to-face stuff, GOTV, etc).

      Everything about Trump is a creature of wholesale politics. And if he were to be elected Prez, that job is also wholesale. What should be clear to everyone now is how important actual retail politics is in winning actual elections. It gets ignored and minimized by the media because the media is part of the wholesale side. But it is exactly the electoral lesson that should be taken to heart by third parties. Focus on the retail side – it needs active people and good organization but not much money. Third parties in particular can use good retail organization to completely blindside everyone in DC who focuses on two-party wholesale.

      It’s the one area that has been neglected by both big parties for years. The GOP is now having to revive it internally to beat Trump. The cost of that is that they will lose their ability to GOTV in the general election.

  6. On the other hand – Trump’s fuck ups still get him the headline and wins another news cycle.
    I’m more and more convinced the Donald thought this whole prez run was a good piece of marketing and now it’s run out of control.

    Ride the Tiger Donald.
    Ride it, Baby!

    1. Some “insider” from Trump’s campaign or business dealings essentially said that. He started it as a joke like he did last time around, and it got out of his control.

  7. Would disenfranchised Trump voters jump ship and vote for Johnson if Cruz gets the open-convention nom? What about disenfranchised Sanders voters?

    Shit, we could be watching Jon Snow’s ascendancy to Commander of the Night’s Watch in real-time.

    1. So a few months after taking office Lord Commander Johnson is going to be assassinated by Congress after letting all the Mexicans cross the Wall?

      1. But he’ll only do that because of the threat of a walking corpse army coming down from Canada, so it’ll be understandable.

        1. “BR-EH-NS”

          1. I warned those fuckers about Trudeau but they just didn’t listen. I hope they enjoy their Long Winter.

            1. They got a bit of instant karma. No Canadian teams made the NHL playoffs this year. Their last cup win is so far in the rearview mirror, it’s getting hard to see…

              1. And an American born player won the Art Ross Trophy!

        2. But he’ll only do that because of the threat of a walking corpse army coming down from Canada

          Here in Arizona we call that “winter”. They’re starting to leave at least.

    2. Somebody’s got to keep those Canadians out.

  8. Donald Trump’s Organizational Failure in Colorado Shows He’s Totally Unprepared to Be President

    Considered in the context of the vast-range of things demonstrating Trump to be Totally Unprepared to be President, I’d think that one was relatively minor.

    Also, considered in the context of the people he’s running against…. “being prepared” isn’t really something I expect anyone really gives 2 shits about.

    I for one welcome our completely-incompetent-and-incoherent Overlords. Long may they reign fecklessly and without consequence.

    1. There’s another factor that early seems to get mentioned. Trump is a bombastic semi-con man, but my sense is that he really does love this country, and has some degree of skepticism about government. My sense is that Hillary and Bernie do not really love the country, and have little or no skepticism about government. They want to “fix” everything by making government bigger. So all other things being equal, I’d prefer Trump over them, warts and all.

      I find it hilarious that Trump gets regularly thrashed around here on eminent domain. Yeah, point taken, but compared to who? Is anyone here going to claim that Hillary and Bernie will be more respectful of property rights? Come on.

      1. Trump is so skeptical of big government that he praised TARP, Obama’s stimulus, the auto bailouts, and the ideas behind Obamacare.…

        1. I said “some degree.” Still better than Hillary or Bernie, which is my point.

  9. Since when is being incompetent a disqualifier for most powerful politician in the world?

    1. Yeah, it doesn’t seemed to’ve ruled out any of the previous bozos who have held the job.

  10. I guessed the byline before I finished reading the headline.

    Could we try being a touch less predictable?

  11. I bought a copy of the Denver post this morning. I was going to read it and provide all the Derp in the pm links.
    *kicks pebble, shuffles off*

  12. Can’t this work in Trump’s favor here?

    It looks like more of a party conspiracy against Trump on the surface, how they’re scared of him breaking up their “little party”.

    1. “You’re hired! Get tweeting!”

      1. You won’t regret this!

        1. You will never be disappointed! Tak Kak doesn’t disappoint people!

  13. Your lunch time derp: many US-trained Afghan army soldiers defecting to Taliban

    “I did 18 months of army training and took an oath to serve this country,” one deserter said. “But the situation changed. The army let us down, so we had to come to the Taliban, who treat us like guests.”

    “I decided to leave the army when my dead and injured comrades lay in our base, and nobody took them to hospital. My army training is very useful now, as I am training Taliban fighters with the same knowledge.”

    Is there no end to this clusterfuck?

    1. Ask the Soviets. Or Alexander the Great.

      1. I wonder about that latter example.

        “Oh, yes, Mr. The Great, you are ruler of Afghanistan. Why don’t you try ruling India? It’s much better.”

        1. He got shot in the lung with an Afghan arrow, and then they made him marry one of their women, and then he got the hell to India. Descendants of the troops he left behind to garrison the Hindu Kush are still up there.

          1. Genetically, the Kalash are thought not to be related to the Greeks, though there is some disagreement.

      2. Or the English.

        Really, the Mongols are about the only ones who ever managed to really subdue that territory and incorporate it into a larger structure.

        1. I think the Mongols were the first and so far only ones to scare the Afghans.

          1. “Those Afghan gentlemen are looking a little pissy. Burn a few villages and pile their skulls in neat pyramids and see if that cheers them up.”

          2. Afghanistan has been conquered a number of times. There is no territory or people in the Western hemisphere that haven’t been subdued. One of the legacies of Vietnam is this ridiculous notion that some people, or really any people committed to resistance can’t be subdued. No, maybe America isn’t and shouldn’t be willing to do what is necessary to do it. Or maybe America’s leadership is just fucking stupid.

            Military history is severely neglected and propaganda on Vietnam – history for retards – leads people to adopt positions that aren’t really based in historical fact. It’s just general knowledge at this point that Vietnam was an un-winnable war. That’s bullshit even if a number of libertarians will attack me for saying it. Iraq wasn’t unwinnable, either. We just have really stupid fucking people in charge. Which is usually the case when you wage wars. We have a system that promotes the wrong type of leaders in the military, and a political system that doesn’t filter up military leaders. The second of those is a good thing. The first is not.

            1. With enough violence, any nation can be conquered. The question is whether the amount of violence is worth it.

              People too often forget that war is cruelty, You hurt the other guy until he does what you want. That’s it.

              “Every nation imposes its own system as far as its armies can reach.”


            2. Afghanistan has been conquered a number of times.

              Indeed it has. It hasn’t stayed conquered because there’s not enough there to make it worthwhile.

              It’s just general knowledge at this point that Vietnam was an un-winnable war.

              In fact, we pretty much won it. Of course, when the VC broke the cease-fire, we didn’t re-engage meaningfully, and pretty much let them have the South.

            3. Vietnam was politically unwinnable. It was also a proxy war between the US and the USSR which complicated how winnable it was militarily, too.

              I will agree that people have conflated “we do not have the will” with “there is no way” but I will also countenance that in a democratic/representative polity, the two are hard to separate.

        2. Too hard for the clever British and a challenge for the ruthless Mongols. Afghanistan is the claw machine game of conquests. And the only prize inside is a lobster harmonica.

          1. Excellent reference.

        3. The English kicked the living shit out of the Afghans. They made the mistake of leaving people behind and they ended up being massacred. The English then came back and settled the score and spades and went home. The Afghans understand force and understand punitive expeditions. You are just not going to turn them into some kind of functioning country.

      3. Alexander the Great won in Afghanistan. By slaughtering, raping, and eventually a marriage alliance. Don’t smear his name with the likes of incompetent sacks of shit running things today.

    2. “Come for the hospitality. Stay for the beheadings.”

    3. Clearly they need more training about how to not defect.

      I wish i kept it handy, but there was an article from a couple years back about a Lt Col or some similar rank going to visit some “specially groomed” unit which had just completed its training… and he followed along on a routine patrol…

      ….which resulted in half the unit actually showing up, and half of those were high on opium, and almost everyone had sold some or all of their equipment, and none of them would listen to any of their so-called NCOs because he wasn’t part of their tribe, and when the Americans finally got enough of them together to move in a given direction, one of them ended up shooting some of the others and the whole mess had to come back to base.

      basically, they never even made any contact, and they’d ‘taken casualties’ entirely from their own side.

      He said the second anyone turned their back on them, they were basically ready to hand their guns over to the Taliban in exchange for dope. And *this was the best unit the trainers could muster at the time*

      Basically, his piece was an editorial saying, “Stop this madness now”. that was like 2010 or something.

      other pieces have noted that the “training” money we’ve dumped into Afghanistan is just Blood-Money funneled to local warlords to “buy peace” (or some minimal simulacra thereof)

  14. So Cruz has more feral political instincts and knows how to properly game the retarded primary system. That’s comforting.

    1. The Feral Political Instincts would be an ok name for a band.

    2. How well did he game it? If the convention goes to a second ballot will any of the Colorado delegation willingly support Lyin’ Ted?

        1. I thought SIV was being facetious. What kind of a moron goes around calling Ted Cruz “Lyin’ Ted?” It’s the stupidest insult since “Dirty Ears Bill.”

    3. It’s funny how you’ve managed to turn Trump’s ignorance into a virtue. Please explain to me how understanding the basics of primary system of each state amounts to having feral political instincts. You either know the rules of the game and stand a chance at success or you don’t and you fail.

      1. It’s like the time that I show up to the Super Bowl with a soccer ball and demand to be declared the winner. Drudge had a headline the next day, blaring, “NFL insiders steal Super Bowl for the Denver Broncos!”

    4. Trump didn’t know you had to have air superiority before you land your troops.

      Sorry , Marines! You wuz robbed! Trump will sue the Japanese though.

    5. If by ‘feral political instincts’ you mean ‘can read a sheet of rules properly’ then yes, that would be true.

      Does this make Trump look better, or worse, given that he not only didn’t read the rule sheet but seems to also believe it shouldn’t apply to him for no reason other than ‘because’.

  15. My favorite part about this is that the idiocy of the primary system has actually helped Trump. If the Republicans did the rational thing and had a straight up proportional election system for their primary, Trump would only have 37% of the delegates because that’s the percentage of the vote he’s gotten. Instead he has 45% of the delegates thanks to winner take all states.

    He’s bitching about a system that’s played out in his favor because incessant whining is his default mode.

    1. Thank you for repeating this GOPe talking point, comrade

      1. Given how Trumpsters would call the sky green if Trump told them to, I don’t think you’re one to complain about talking points.


      2. Regale us once more with thoughtful originality like “STFU and vote Trump”.

        1. STFU and VOTE TRUMP

  16. Peter Suderman is atoning for his brief stint in the despicable, anti-establishment, counter-revolutionary CEI.

  17. “Political insiders conspire with Lying Ted to thwart the will of the people.”

    1. “The Establishment is running scared to be pulling this crap. At least my wife isn’t ugly, lol!”

      1. “The Chinese don’t want me facing them across the negotiating table because they know I would win. So they bribe Colorado stoners to steal the nomination from me.”

        1. “I’m not mad, just disappointed, I thought people in Colorado believed in America.”

  18. Hoplophobe writes reasonable piece on gun violence and mass shootings. Does not conflate suicides with homicides. Writes that expanded background checks and “assault weapons” ban won’t work. This is basically capitulation.

    more than 30,000 Americans die annually from gun violence. While about 30 of those victims (0.1 percent) typically die in the high-profile public massacres covered by major news outlets, over 20,000 take their own lives. Of the remaining roughly 10,000 annual gun homicide victims, the majority probably knew their killer. In short, there is plenty of other gun violence for us to worry about.

    researchers are skeptical that universal background checks would be a decisive deterrent. And research shows that a renewed assault weapons ban would have almost no discernible impact. Psychological profiling does not get us much further.

    1. and research shows that a renewed assault weapons ban would have almost no discernible impact.

      It’s cute that he thinks this is the actual goal of gun bans.

      1. The only answer is to go much further than just an assault weapons ban. After all, the founding fathers got by with flintlocks, why can’t we?

    2. Glenn Greenwald has been anti-gun control on the reasonable grounds that the war on drugs fucked up inner cities and empowered the state to oppress people so the war on guns would do the same thing. Not surprising The Intercept would therefore be more reasonable on this than other left-wing sites.

      1. Glenn’s also hardcore 1A but his writers favor government censorship over free expression whenever money and politics mix.

  19. So the complaint against Trump is that he’s not sufficiently aware of how to play inside baseball games in the respective states?

    I thought that’s why so many people were voting for him and Sanders in the first place.

    1. Knowing how to trade favors and schmooze with party muckity mucks in exchange for delegates is one thing. Although he has bragged about bribing politicians — notably, Hillary Clinton — during the debates.

      This is just reading the freaking rules. If you want to win Wimbledon, perhaps you might start by buying a racket and taking a few lessons. Perhaps read “Tennis for Dummies” or watch a match on TV. But don’t tell me how brilliant you are when you show up unannounced and want to play against Roger Federer.

  20. He handles complex things like building skyscrapers in major cities, so I doubt it’s a question of whether complexity is the problem. That he doesn’t feel like spending a lot of effort navigating a corrupt system to garner delegates in a way totally disconnected from how voters express their desires is not exactly interesting to anyone except those that admire complex corruptible systems.

    1. “not exactly interesting to anyone except those that admire complex corruptible systems.”

      You mean the type of complex, corruptible systems Trump uses to kick people out of their homes with eminent domain and get subsidies for his building projects?

      The issue isn’t that he failed to game the system, the issue is that he didn’t bother doing basic research on what he would have to do to gain delegates because he’s a raving narcissist who thinks the universe should bow to his every whim without him having to do any work. I’m sure that’ll go swimmingly when he’s sitting across the table from an ex-KGB operative like Putin. Trump likes to pretend he’s an alpha male, but Putin would spend 4 years laughing in his face and doing donuts on his front lawn.

      1. I honestly don’t think Trump takes his own campaign very seriously. It was written above that this is a joke gone wrong and I still buy it. I really don’t think Trump even wants to be president. At this point, this ‘campaign’ is being driven on by momentum mostly out of his control and he doesn’t have it in him to stop it because it’s feeding his ego.

        Trump is a guy who likes to go on Howard Stern and say ridiculous shit, host reality shows, appear on Wrestlemania….he likes attention. And he likes to live a certain way that isn’t going to be possible as President. No way in hell he really wants it, in my book. But he lacks a good out.

        1. There is likely some truth to that. I think he really is a patriot and does think the country is going to hell and wants to do something about it. I do not think, however, he had any idea his campaign would be this successful and hadn’t really thought through what that would mean. And like you say, he doesn’t have an out. Whatever his destiny, it has already been decided.

          1. He’s such a fucking parriot that he dodged the draft when he had a chance to go fight for it. Then he turns around and he talks about what he was the best high school athlete. Trump’s schtick makes me sick taken in a bubble.

            1. He’s such a fucking parriot that he dodged the draft when he had a chance to go fight for it

              So everyone who came of age in the 60s who didn’t go to Vietnam is not a patriot? Who the fuck are you Walter Slobcheck? Get the fuck out of h ere with this bullshit

              And who gives a shit that he was an athlete in high school? What does that have to do with anything.

              1. You are right, of course. But on the other hand, Trump’s comments about John McCain’s p.o.w. status was disgusting to any veteran and until he sincerely apologizes I can’t see how any veteran could support him.

                1. I respect McCain’s refusal to roll over for the North Vietnamese and I and everyone else should thank God every day we will never be asked to do for this country what McCain did. That said, the fact that he got captured and was one bull headed SOB doesn’t mean he was a good pilot or that he has any special insight into political questions. What Trump said was vulgar but frankly not untrue.

                  1. I like businessmen that can outperform an index fund. What does that make trump?

              2. I will not sign off on the ‘patriot’ cred of someone who attacked a guy on his one redeeming quality as he did McCain. I will not respect a man who then lies about his own history regarding Vietnam – probably even to himself because Trump really isn’t that bright. You want to defend him? Go right a head. I’m going to call him for what he is. A snake who looks out for himself. By the way – the draft slot Trump dodged? It was still filled.

                Trump disagreed with Vietnam? Well, come out and say that. Don’t tell me you had some bullshit medical disorder which wouldn’t even have actually prevented him from serving. Trump is a trust fund kid who was coached on how to dodge the draft. And now he lies about it while playing the tough guy routine. So, kindly, fuck you and anyone who defends him.

                Disagreeing with the Vietnam War doesn’t in any way shape or form require me to condone Trump’s draft dodging given his history since. Fuck Trump and fuck his stupid supporters. There’s nothing sincere about him. He’s just a liar.

                1. Hear hear.

            2. A patriot is someone who loves their country. Not necessarily someone who loves their government.

        2. And saying he doesn’t want to be President is really the best endorsement you could possibly give Trump. The last four Presidents spent years in the single minded pursuit of political office and the ultimate goal of being President. That hasn’t worked out very well.

          1. Normally, not wanting to be President means you don’t run.

            Also in that vein, one tends to not spend millions of one’s own dollars in pursuit of that goal unless they want it.

            Or is the insinuation here that Trump spent millions of his own dollars on some sort of national-scale practical joke? Are we now literally living Brewster’s Millions? None of the above would be a superior choice at this crossroad.

        3. He sure has lent himself a lot of money that will probably never get repaid by donors with a loss.

          If he at one time was a shill as some suggested early on.

          Maybe the plan was for the Clinton Family Slush Fund to pay him back if he ultimately runs third party.

          1. A loss he can write off his taxes, if he pays any.

            He also pays his own companies as suppliers.

            I bet if he gets the nomination, he does matching funds and then pays himself.

  21. You know, this sort of article right here will have no impact on Trump supporters. One of the positives they cite for Trump is…wait for it…HE’S NOT A FUCKING POLITICIAN. They don’t care about how organized a campaign is, and I find that a dubious measure for how well someone will perform as president. Of all of Trump’s failings, I’d actually think management isn’t one of them. I’d take a guy with real world success in business over some hack politician who hires some people to organize his campaign for him. A career politician has experience in elections.

    This sort of attack – it just feeds the Trump machine and it’s fucking retarded.

    1. How many delegates was he going to win in Colorado anyway? Cruz has the advantage in caucus states, and Colorado is closer to his base of support.

      So Trump loses a chance at maybe a dozen delegates, and in return he gets the media focused for weeks on his narrative of Ted as the candidate of the Establishment which rigs the system and bypasses voters.

      Just possibly Trump is a step ahead of Suderman in his analysis of the situation.

      1. So Trump loses a chance at maybe a dozen delegates, and in return he gets the media focused for weeks on his narrative of Ted as the candidate of the Establishment which rigs the system and bypasses voters.

        This is partly what makes the article so silly. There’s something to be said about understanding the caucus rules and having your campaign team manage each situation properly. Trump’s obviously not going to outwork Cruz in that department because Cruz’s campaign has developed a reputation for a strong ground game.

        So instead, Trump uses the media to craft a new narrative and turn that strength into a weakness, and make the party look corrupt and out of touch–which Cruz ought to know is something the media will have no problem running with, instead of the one Suderman’s pushing here. Even the Denver Post was scolding the state GOP for how that went down. Cruz ends up looking like he undermined the will of Colorado’s GOP voters for a measly 34 delegates.

        1. This might be true if it wasn’t for the fact that Trump needs every single last delegate he could possibly get his hands on if he wants to win outright.

          Unless, of course, he’s angling for a contested convention on purpose. Then the question becomes “Why would he do that” but there are many answers to that one.

  22. Super-duper business man who went to the best schools, hires smartest people, and (we are told) is a master at sealing the deal is incompetent and clueless when it comes to knowing the basic state organizational structure in selecting delegates.

    Of course, the will have no impact whatsoever on the true believers.

    1. If it was within the rules to shoot enemy delegates and the Trump people didn’t bother to show up properly armed and got shot, would you think that was okay too? I mean rules are rules.

      I get it you don’t like Trump. But I would advise you to think a little bit before you start endorsing shit like this because you like the result this time. You likely are not going to like it the next time.

      1. What a fucking retarded “counter-argument.” Better question, John. How do you feel endorsing a candidate who cannot even bother to learn the rules of the game? Don’t get pissed with me pointing out the obvious. Get mad at your candidate and tell him to step up his ground game or he’s going to lose.

        1. I feel pretty good about endorsing a guy who isn’t a professional politician and was victimized out of a few delegates by a bunch of crap weasels who have never done anything in their lives but game the system. In my world at least “you such at being a crook and gaming our system” is not a bug in a Presidential candidate. I also feel pretty confident that Cruz is already regretting he pulled this and the damage that it is doing to the party and its image is in no way worth the meager gain in delegates. But Trump is the dumb one, not the people who just incurred a PR debacle and made themselves look like crooked shit weasels for 14 lousy delegates.

          If you find the ability to be a professional insider endearing, good for you. Someone like Ted Cruz, who has never been anything but a political hack and who has gone from middle class to wealthy thanks to politics is likely your man.

          1. I hate Trump but I have to admit you’re correct here. A lot of people here have been blinded by their Trump derangement and are essentially applauding disenfranchisement because Trump got fucked over as a result.

            1. They could have done it to Jeb Bush and I would be pissed. It is idiotic and short sighted and an example of why our political system sucks.

            2. What disenfranchisement? This irrational trump love is baffling. The rules were laid out months ago. Trump wasn’t competent enough to follow them because he is used to gaming the system with his crony connections. Sad!

              1. I guess you missed the part where I said I hate Trump (and I actually meant it). Believe what you will but a lot of people in Colorado got screwed over. Citing rules doesn’t make it right even when it hammers someone you can’t stand.

                1. How did they get screwed over? Did they not vote for their party officials? Did they not participate in the runups to the delegate selection process? You seem to be making the case that anything short of absolutr democracy is disenfrachisement. So about that Republic thing…

              2. What disenfranchisement? This irrational trump love is baffling. The rules were laid out months ago.

                The fact that the rules making voters irrelevant/disenfranchised were adopted months ago doesn’t mean that the voters aren’t irrelevant/disenfranchised.

                1. Snd those voters had no participation in the process that led up to the rule changes? They did not elect their party officials? Right.

                  1. Snd those voters had no participation in the process that led up to the rule changes?

                    No. How would they have? The rules are made by the party leaders. They are not put to a vote.

                    1. Good thing those party leader positions are hereditary…

          2. Right, because what we need is a president who doesn’t play by the rules. That’s worked out great the last seven years. Nothing was gamed. No one cheated. Trump was just too lazy and stupid to do the work to win delegates. He’d much rather coast on $2BB in free advertizing that has propelled his campaign.

            1. Yeah because getting gamed by a complex set of rules is totally the same as “not plying by the rules”.

              1. Complex set of rules that the guy with the best words can’t understand? Do you ever listen to yourself?

          3. I also feel pretty confident that Cruz is already regretting he pulled this and the damage that it is doing to the party and its image is in no way worth the meager gain in delegates.

            While I agree that CO’s delegate selection is fucked up, and obviously was done so in order to make it easier for insiders to get their delegates elected, but what exactly did Cruz “pull”? You make it sound like he somehow cheated. He didn’t “pull” anything other than learning and playing by the rules.

            And as for Cruz regretting that because of the “damage that it is doing to the party and its image” I really don’t think he gives a shit if it gets him that much closer to winning the nomination.

            None of which is intended as an endorsement of Cruz. He’s as big a shit weasel as any of the other shitheads left from either major party. Fuck them all for all I care, I’m never voting for any of them, but Jesus titty-fucking Christ, is this what we have to look forward to from Tump and his retarded supporters? Being a bunch of crybabies every time something doesn’t go his way? 8 years of that horseshit from Obama and his mouth breathing supporters was more than enough.

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Trump = TEAM RED Obama. Right down to the mindless cult like supporters fluffers.

            1. And as for Cruz regretting that because of the “damage that it is doing to the party and its image” I really don’t think he gives a shit if it gets him that much closer to winning the nomination.

              I am pretty sure that he is going to want the Trump voters if he expects to win the election. I can’t believe how stupid conservatives are. They actually seem to think the way to win the general election is to fuck over and insult 30% or more of their primary voters. And they actually think a candidate who is bringing in new voters to the party is a bad thing becasue those voters might put an end to their pretend monopoly over the party.

              Conservatives are even more politically incompetent than Libertarians. Seriously, let Cruz have the nomination. He isn’t going to win if he gets it.

              1. Just go vote for Hillary, John. You’re seriously in love with the new democrats.

                1. I won’t vote for Hillary. I just won’t vote. And it looks to me like the GOP hasn’t learned a damned thing being out of power. They got a little better from 11 until 13. But as soon as the got the Senate they went right back to being what they were.

                  Hillary would be a disaster but she would at least have the upside of further discrediting the Democratic party. And if four more years out of power is what it takes to get the GOP to get their heads out of their asses, maybe that is a price that has to be paid.

                  1. And by heads outbof their asses you mean the DNC platform from 1992. Did you vote for Bill? You should have; he shares your values.

              2. They actually seem to think the way to win the general election is to fuck over and insult 30% or more of their primary voters.

                In that case they “fuck over” some portion of their primary voters in every nomination contest in which the winner receives less than 100% of primary votes.

                1. Sorry, but you don’t do this with recent changes which makes view with less in this context than they have been in the past.

                  Elections are all about getting out the base – the strongest part of your base are those voting in primaries.

                  So yeah, if by following the rules, 30% of your party’s primary costs feel disenfranchised/ignored, and that state is a required win for your party, this is winning the battle at the expense of the war.

              3. I’m certainly glad Trump has taken the high road and he never insulted any of the other Republican primary candidates.

                Right John ?

              4. Neither will Trump.

          4. Yeah. Those Cruz voters who showed up to the Colorado Caucuses were sure dummies to not lay down and let Trump win.

            Here’s the thing. If the Cruz people had thrown the Colorado Caucuses because the Trump voters, for whatever reason, were too stupid to show up and vote, then what? Trump is a winner? But Cruz supporters show up on the day when the actual voting occurs, and it’s nefarious inside baseball and Trump is still a winner!

            What a bunch of heads-I-win/tails-you-lose bullshit, John.

            1. Lion Ted’s people cheated by working hard and learning the rules.

              1. Hmm…where have I heard that one before?

                1. When the Ron Paul campaign learned and followed the rules, winning more delegates than the mainstream media acknowledged?

          5. But Trump is the dumb one, not the people who just incurred a PR debacle and made themselves look like crooked shit weasels for 14 lousy delegates.

            The *outcome* is the media cycle being dominated by the story of Trump losing to Cruz in an Establishment rigged process, for the cost of 14 delegates.

            Even Suderman’s article reinforces Trump’s narrative. “Trump Doesn’t Know How to Play the Game”. Trump has to fight the urge to send Suderman flowers.

            The more the Establishment tightens it’s grip, the more peasants slip through their fingers.

            1. I’m unsure if you’re insinuating that Cruz is an insider or not, but between the two of them Trump is by-and-large the inside man by pretty much every measurement I can think of beyond actually being in government. Arguably, as a Billionaire he has more political power than any one Senator from Texas but perhaps that’s too soft of a glove for some people’s opinion of ‘power’.

      2. It’s pure awesome for John to immediately jump into the trap that Wizard clearly communicated was a trap.

        Sadly, that is exactly what I would expect of a Trump supporter. They have basically no self awareness at all.

  23. Sure Peter, endorse a bunch of Byzantine rules that ensure that only professional politicians ever win elections. Yeah, that ought to work out well.

    And Obama was a first class expert in these sorts of fights. He ran a hell of a campaign in 2008. And he turned out to be qualified to be President right? I mean if the measure of qualification is how well you can run a campaign and navigate the party rules, Obama should have turned out to be one hell of a President.

    1. What a crybaby you are, john. Blame the rules when your guy doesn’t bother to learn them and actually fucking show up and play the game.

      1. I didn’t know you were such a lover of insider politics. If you think the “game” is so fabulous and have so much respect for those who play it well, then I guess you just love our current political class. They are the masters at it.

        Have you allowed Trump to make you incapable of thinking or having any principles? How is ti that Trump makes otherwise normal people into drooling retards who suddenly think everything they have spent years hating is now just dandy?

        1. You tell us, John. You’re the trump supporter.

          1. And you are a short sided idiot who thinks insider corrupt politics is great as long as you get your pony.

            1. Insider how? Was there a secret meeting that only cruz supporters could attend? Trump is lazy and incompetent and got out hustled. A real man would admit that. And then there’s orange…

        2. Trump doesn’t need to know all those tedious rules.

          He always hires the best and brightest to delegate details to. Like bankruptcy lawerys and other specialist. Trump is a CEO, big picture guy.

          Colorado was. ..well…. wait let me start over

          1. Real estate developers don’t need to work the refs, woo the regulators, sell the condos, and bribe the zoning commissions.

            That’s why poor Trump couldn’t compete. He has no experience in that kind of stuff.

            Actually, I suspect he’s really been more of a TV star than a developer for a long time.

    2. By some people’s lights, he has been a hell of a President. Chicago style “punish your enemies, reward your friends” at a national level, leavened with fundamental transformation.

    3. Sure Peter, endorse a bunch of Byzantine rules that ensure that only professional politicians ever win elections.

      That is his intention.

    4. If Trump didn’t want to deal with the rules and procedures of the Republican Party, he shouldn’t have fucking run as a Republican. The country may be a democracy, but the Republican Party isn’t one, and was never intended to be one.

      1. Trump doesn’t want to “deal” with the rules of the Republican Party, he wants to wrest control of it from the Establishment. And he may do it.

    5. Showing up on the appointed day and elected delegates isn’t a convoluted game. It’s called an election. If Republicans show up to elect a majority in the House of Representatives again in 2016, it won’t be gaming the system. The Trump crybabies are only pretending that it was too complicated now because they got their butts kicked and blaming somebody else is easier than admitting fault.

  24. This article shows that P. Suderman is totally unprepared to be a reported…just saying!

    1. unprepared to be a reported.

      And your comment shows that you’re totally unprepared to be a typist…

  25. LIGHT THE TRUMPTARD SIGNAL!!!!1!!11111!!!!!!

  26. Trying to read about what /actually went down/, but the news, all the news, seems almost willfully obfuscatory on the subject of what happened in Colorado.

    So basically, from what I can tell, the establishment changed the rules and helped their preferred candidate to understand the rules, giving him the edge in their election and changing the system from a popular vote system to a delegate election where the candidate would have to convince delegates to vote for them, and then convince voters to vote for the delegates.

    Is that understanding correct?? Anyone have more details on how this system works?? ‘Cause it seems like every media source on the subject is reporting that Cruz beating Trump shows Trump can’t win, admonishes Trump for complaining about the system being unfair, or states that the system was unfair and “voterless”, but no story really thoroughly explaining the process of how Colorado appointed delegates.

    If my assumption is correct: the author REALLY thinks it is points against the candidate who failed to win a system where the establishment abruptly changed the rules to a confusing mess undoubtedly for the purpose of making it harder for Trump to win in a state that has traditionally favored outsider, non-establishment candidates. Failure to overcome a system designed to defeat you hardly seems like something that should incur points against you.

    1. I never knew abruptly meant over 6 months ago.

      1. “Abrupt” as in “Soon after Trump entered the race”. Sorry, that was not clear.

        But seriously, I can’t find a detailed description of how this new system works anywhere. Seems you have to woo delegates, woo voters, and then inform the voters to vote for the delegates you have successfully wooed. Which seems stacked towards an establishment candidate since delegates (professionals in politics) are more likely to support establishment pols in the first place.

        You got any detailed source on how this system works??

        1. You got any detailed source on how this system works??

          It’s a standard caucus system. You have precinct party meetings (Colorado had them back in February), which select delegates for the country convention, which selects delegates for the state convention, which selects delegates for the national convention.

        2. Because real estate developers have no experience wooing different regulators, investors, customers, etc.

          Trump should be the perfect person for this. Except he doesn’t want to spend his own money. He’s already closing up shop in battleground states.

    2. The rules were changed years ago, and updated in August, to have a simpler nomination process that could be funded solely with party money. This was a bipartisan decision to cut state funding for party primaries.

      1. Changed to /what/ though?? That seems to be what most articles are lacking. This article is the most detailed I have been able to find, and even then I’m unsure of things like: How does one become a delegate?? Are the Trump’s campaign’s claims that bribing delegates is apparently not against the rules valid??

          1. From the article:

            The Colorado system often favors anti-establishment candidates who draw a dedicated following among activists ? as evidenced by Rick Santorum’s victory in 2012 caucus. So the party’s move may hurt GOP contenders such as Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Rand Paul, who would have received a boost if they won the state.

            Hmmm, rule change harms Trump. Who knew?

            but experts say the move makes it less likely that candidates will visit Colorado to court voters.

            Seems to imply that voters will matter less, another term for disenfranchisement.

        1. Trump is really good at bribing people.

          He has the golf resorts and the jet to do that so easily.

          Why didn’t he? Because he likes to sit in NYC and go on the shows.

    3. Nope, wrong.

      1) Colorado, in previous years, had a “beauty contest” preference poll that was completely unbinding, and the same system as it currently has for actually selecting delegates.

      2) Since the last election, the national Republican Party established a rule that if a state had a preference poll at its caucuses, that poll had to bind the delegates. (This was in reaction to the way Ron Paul supporters got Paul-friendly delegates sent to the national convention in 2012.)

      3) Rather than have a preference poll bind their delegates, which they never did before, Colorado eliminated their beauty contest. Back in August of last year.

      4) Ted Cruz, playing under the very same rules that were in place for getting Colorado’s delegates in 2012, went ahead and got his supporters filling the whole delegation, even though none of the delegates are technically bound on any ballot at the convention.

      There were no abrupt changes; there was just Trump not actually running a campaign of even minimal competence in Colorado.

      1. This is a pretty good summation. And to point number 3 above, CO was actually trying to make it easier for “outsider” candidates (like a Ron Paul) to win delegates by doing away with the beauty contest and having voters only vote directly for delegates instead of candidates and then having the delegates have to be bound based on the outcome of the vote.

        there was just Trump not actually running a campaign of even minimal competence in Colorado.

        This, again. And this is the kind of shit we have to look forward for the rest of this campaign: Trump and his mouth breathing supporters whining and acting like little crybabies every time he fails to get his way. And if he somehow wins, we’ll have at 4 years of the same shit every time Congress fails to give him everything he wants. It’ll be Obama all over again.

        1. Trump is up 5% more in NY after the “we wuz robbed” shtick.

    4. How did they help Cruz understand the system ?

      Did his campaign get a copy and was a copy of the rules denied to Trump since last August ?

      As I understand it there is a book published that has the rules for the individual primaries in each state.
      Trump likes to hand wave any questions about the details of his proposals by saying he would have the smartest people around him to solve the details.

      That Lion Ted must had hired them all and denied Trump a fair chance to have some of them working on his campaign.

      1. It’s not even a published book. Here’s a copy of the elusive document:…..-26-15.pdf

        Do you know how I found that? By going to the Colorado GOP website and looking in approximately the same place that every other state Republican Party (and the national party) places their rules. It was under “About Us” tab. Inside baseball!

  27. Checking in on the race for Prez . . . .

    Nope. Still bored.

    1. Don’t be an ordinary board. Become fire wood. It’s hot.

  28. OK, here’s a thought.

    Why doesn’t the GOPe offer Trump the VP slot? Keep his supporters onside, and talk about having a guy who can do the traditional VP attack dog . . . .

    1. He loves making deals so much – make him Secretary of State. Or Commerce. Something where that compulsion can be put to work.

    2. Let’s be honest.

      He needs a political TV show.

      I’d make it a political roast show, where Trump can just devastate politicians.

    3. Why doesn’t the GOPe offer Trump the VP slot?

      I do seem to recall Lying Ted promising Trump the VP spot if he got the nomination during a debate.

    4. “Why doesn’t the GOPe offer Trump the VP slot?”

      Maybe because they’re not total retards and don’t want to lose in an avalanche and have the Dems lock up the millenial vote for decades?

  29. I note a similarity to the GOP senate primary in texas. Cruz came in second to Dewhurst in the first round but, as predicted, crushed him in the runoff when only the serious republicans vote.

    I think a contested convention is like a primary runoff on a weird calendar date and will heavily favor Cruz.

    1. Dewhurst was an overwhelming favorite to win. Cruz was a total unknown at the time.

      Cruz had a 2% name recognition and virtually 0 support when the race started.

      If there were any insider rule changes in that runoff they would have been in Dewhurst’s favor not Cruz.

  30. His ability to manage arcane delegate rules doesn’t mean much to his presidential qualities, on its own.

    That said, Trump’s whole policy shtick has been “I don’t need policy, I’ll get the best policy experts later”, and I expect that to go about as well as his attempt to run a national campaign apparatus.

    1. I expect that to go about as well as his attempt to run a national campaign apparatus.

      Pretty sure that was Peter’s entire point: if he can’t run a national campaign apparatus, how can he be expected to run the entire federal bureaucracy?

      Of course, having a retard running the bureaucracy into the ground sounds more like a feature than a bug to me.

      1. We’ve had two retards run the bureaucracy for 16 straight years if not longer. A bureaucracy’s value is it keeps running no matter who is above it. It’s been the tool of the statists going back thousands of years. The bureaucracy is largely incompetent in its own right, but the guy in charge can’t and won’t be able to stop it’s arbitrary use of power.

      2. Right – my point was, I think it’s possible to screw up delegate math through lack of caring and still be a capable administrator of government in general. But since Trump is more “I swear I know these awesome administrators and policymakers to handle this stuff” than actually a thoughtful policymaker himself, it is pretty funny that his staff to achieve his current goal sucks.

  31. After Cruz’ big win in Colorado and Indiana his poll numbers are up 5% more in NY and trending higher in nearly all the Eastern States.

    It seem like voters value voting. Who would have guessed that?

    1. After Cruz’ big win in Colorado and Indiana Trump’s poll numbers are up 5% more in NY and trending higher in nearly all the Eastern States.

      1. Mm-mm. So salty. Keep those tears flowing.

  32. John, BuybuyDavis, others who think Trump was ‘cheated’ and that Cruz ‘pulled something’: you are completely fucking retarded. And every bit as whiny as any prog. Which is what you are: dumber progs that don’t have the ‘social instinct’ they have. Please play in traffic.

  33. First, I cheer “Reason Magazine” for its article on Barbara Anderson; now, I compliment “Reason Magazine” for its observations concerning Mr. Trump. What the hell is the matter? (are there weird hypno lights flashing behind me?)

    “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here.”

  34. There’s no way Cruz can beat the demo party. Not like this.

    *derr duh derr, duh derr!* Repubs are so wack, they should just keep with the flashy celebrities.

    Idk, I guess Cruz would be a better president… I hate canadians though, and don’t wish them well… the same to my relatives in Canada, I think I share a lot of blood over there.

  35. Maybe, just maybe since he is financing his own campaign, he doesn’t have the resources to have offices everywhere. Another reason to vote for him….aren’t you guys against special interest?

  36. If he were to become president, Trump would undoubtedly encounter many complex situations requiring managerial attention and organizational competence, as well as numerous instances in which the rules or protocols would strike him as unfair

    And this is different from Hillary or Bernie… how? Oh, right, Hillary gets away with her bumbling, and Bernie just blames corporations for everything.

  37. You know, I don’t generally like what Trump has to say politically.

    But a president that is so incompetent and at war with Congress that he can’t pass new legislation, can’t impose new regulations, and generally can’t get anything done… now that sounds pretty attractive.

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  42. “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” -Emma Goldman.1869 ? 1940.

    Bottom line: It really makes no difference which clown gets elected, the deep state will carry on exactly as before.

    Or, “Dream On”?:

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  45. it was a brilliant move by Trump to bring to light the GOPs plan to disenfranchise the voters of Colorado.
    From 1988 thru 2000 colorado let the voters select the Republican nominee in a primary. Then they switched to a caucus. But this years for the first time they prohibited the caucus from polling participants, because the party insiders wanted to select the delegates with no inout from the voters.

    Trump knows how to play the media and get free press. This has been part of his strategy since day one. He has been outspent 50 to one by the anti-Trump forces, yet continues to win in the primaries, when people can actually vote. Cruz has one just 3 primaries while Trump has won over 20 Primaries. Trump will win the next 7 primaries while the Cruz strategy will continue to focus on obtaining delegates behind closed doors to disenfranchise the voters.

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