Civil Liberties

Got an Awesome Liberty-Themed Tattoo?

Time to show it off in Reason's first (and probably last) ink contest.



Got an amazing liberty-themed tattoo? Let us see it.

As Damon Root writes in his cover story, "Tattoos vs. the State" for the upcoming issue of Reason magazine (Hey! Why aren't you a subscriber?), "Over the past half century, tattoo artists have been subjected to all manner of overreaching, ill-fitting, and just plain nonsensical government controls. They've been hassled by clueless health departments, shut down by moralizing zoning boards, and outlawed entirely by busybody city councils and state legislatures. But tattoo artists can be a prickly bunch, and increasingly they're opting to fight back." Join the fight and exercise your free speech rights in Reason's first-ever tattoo contest.

Submit a decent, well-lit, PG-rated photo of your tattoo here, along with any backstory you'd like to share by April 20th at midnight. 

Heck, it's not too late to get a tattoo for the sole purpose of entering this contest. Think about it.

We'll showcase the best ink on and hand out Readers' Choice and Editors' Choice awards. Winners will receive bragging rights and some Reason swag.