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New York Values, Sexting Panics, and Gender-Neutral Cats: Watch Matt Welch on Red Eye

Tune into Fox News at 3 a.m. ET


In fairness, the system is terrible. ||| CNN

Tonight's Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue (Fox News 3 a.m.) moves the Election 2016 discussion to the crucial battleground state of, uh, New York, which is sure to spend the next two weeks reminding the rest of Americans why they don't live there. I will be discussing everything from Hillary Clinton's subway troubles to John Kasich's disgusting eating habits with co-panelists Rich Lowry of National Review and comedian Nick Mullen. We will also talk about sexting, Star Wars, and gender-neutral cats.

NEXT: When Donald Trump Fondled Rudy Giuliani's Breasts in Ultimate Display of New York Values

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  1. “and gender-neutral cats”

    What’s there to talk about? They get fixed.

    1. That bitch is absolutely crazy, the good news is I found only a few comments supporting her in that entire Washington Post comment section. She will hopefully die alone and never reproduce.

      1. What do you have against her gender neutral pussy?

  2. Speaking of outer-borough trash…

    1. That city is the worst of the world’s big cities, hands down.

  3. All cats are feminine and all dogs are masculine, don’t you guys know anything? Just like mustard is for boys and mayonnaise is for girls, and unisex is really just for guys.

    Seriously, have you guys not done a review of the last book in the red rising trilogy, Morning Star? The whole rebellion is financed and supported by a libertarian wanting a free market solution because it will bring peace.

    1. I haven’t read it but the whole science fiction genre has essentially become propoganda and last years Hugo Awards is proof.

      1. How so? Three Body Problem won best novel. There was no book more deserving.

  4. New York Values are solid blue-collar Democrat values just like Trump and a lot of his supporters. You have to have a system if you expect to game the system so they all support a system of big government. There may not be any such thing as a free lunch, but you sure as hell can make somebody else pay for your lunch if you’ve got the right connections.

    Much as I appreciate Trump tearing up the GOP, it’s silly to think it’s all about conservatives being pissed off at all the being pissed on by the pols that promise smaller government and deliver bigger – that’s what the Libertarian and the TEA Party were started for. Trump’s getting a lot of D votes so how the hell would those people qualify as pissed off conservatives? The sad reality is that the D’s are becoming straight-up socialists due to Bernie tearing up their party and the R’s are becoming D’s. Maybe the real conservatives can see the wisdom of joining us third-partiers, that’s about the best that can come out of this but I don’t think it’s going to be enough to even slow down the Free Stuff party and the other Free Stuff party.

  5. Panama Papers Reveal Clinton’s Kremlin Connection


    If this was almost any politcal dynasty besides the Clinton’s this would result in treason charges. However regarding the Clintons this is one scandal in a series of scandals that they will escape.

    1. Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

      Russia is not an enemy of the United States – it ain’t a *friend*, but it ain’t an enemy. Neither is China. Doing shady deals with shady people from rival nations may be *illegal*, but it ain’t treason and we look like morons and HYPOCRITES when we toss that term around inappropriately – that’s the sort of shit the right/left-wing douchebags we oppose do to rile up the base into a non-thinking frothing rage.

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