How Europe Can Fix its Jihadi Problem While Saving Money

Reform its restrictive labor laws


Critics of "mass" immigration have seized on the Paris and Brussels attacks to counsel Europe to shut its doors to

Syrian Refugee Camp
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Syrian refugees so as to not exacerbate its "Muslim problem." Their latest argument is not that these refugees will serve as cover for ISIS agents to sneak in. It is that integrating populations culturally at odds with the host county is costly requiring all kinds of social programs. However, the failure to offer these programs risks creating a disaffected population that is susceptible to radicalization.

But I note in my column at The Week, immigrants today, Muslim or otherwise, don't need jobs programs — they need jobs. And:

Europe provides much more of the first and America much more of the second. Europe has an army of social workers in various NGOs whose job is to prepare immigrants for jobs. Not so much in America, which may be partially why America has a far better assimilation track record than Europe.

What's keeping immigrants from jobs is not the lack of programs but Europe's ridiculous labor laws. Europe's stupid minimum wage mandates (that Bernie and Hillary are hell-bent on replicating here) and its silly union contracts (that make it hard to get rid of non-performing workers) end up protecting incumbents and adults at the expense of newcomers and the young. Reforming these laws is a costless way of curing the pathologies of the underclass that immigrants in Europe have come to inhabit. What's more, it's not like shutting out refugees, whose plight the West may indeed have a hand in creating, is a costless and clean option.

Go here to read the whole thing.

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  1. How Europe Can Fix its Jihadi Problem While Saving Money

    I have an even CHEAPER solution: Just tell them that before they can get into Europe, they have to convert to Christianity and let their women go to school.

    The OUTFLOW will be something to behold. I guarantee you.

    1. How very statist of you.

  2. Critics of “mass” immigration

    1. No Deany. Any criticism of mass government subsidized immigration is tantamount to criticism of anyone being allowed to move anywhere, ever.

  3. Uh, is it really the lack of employment that is creating murderous lunatics?

    If that were the case, American Samoa ought to be popping off suicide bombers like firecrackers.

    1. Some people eat their feelings, others explode.

      1. +1 Manumana the Slender

        1. Any time Kathy Ireland wants to get naked– I’m there!

    2. Yes, if only they had decent jobs, they would not be jihading, and raping, and rampaging. Because back in the 80s when I had a hard time finding work when I got out of college, jihading and raping and rampaging was all we had left.

      Jesus Titty Fucking Christ.

  4. Fuck it. Shorter comment:

    This is a mass migration. Why the scare quotes.

    There aren’t many Syrian refugees among the migrants. Why pretend that there are?

    With a setup that dishonest, I quit reading after the first sentence.

    1. However, the failure to offer these programs risks creating a disaffected population that is susceptible to radicalization.

      So you have to allow them in no matter what, and then you better offer them some welfare or be prepared for for jihad? Is this where it’s appropriate for someone over 20 to write an “I don’t even?”

      1. Is that where she goes with this? Yikes.

        I wasn’t kidding when I said I quit after the first sentence.

        1. I believe that was Shikha laying out the mass immigration critic’s argument, she seems to be arguing for relaxing laws/regulations that make employment harder to find.

          1. Why is it no one ever suggests that the countries in the ME make it easier to find jobs at home?

            1. You assume they want these people to stay.

            2. Because the societies in the middle east don’t have a big red guilt button that you can push to make them give you their resources.

          2. Didn’t India move the mohammedans into the Western reaches and split that off as Pakistan? Why not reverse that exclusion as an example of warm and fuzzy religious and ethnic toleration? Why not lead those selfish Europeans by altruistic example?

      2. You nailed it. Not letting them is too mean to even consider. Once they arrive, the Europeans better be ready to cater to their every whim or get the terrorism they would rightly deserve for bad service.

        1. Forget it guys, it’s Shikha Town.

  5. “Their latest argument is not that these refugees will serve as cover for ISIS agents to sneak in. It is that integrating populations culturally at odds with the host county is costly requiring all kinds of social programs. However, the failure to offer these programs risks creating a disaffected population that is susceptible to radicalization.”

    We should also note that the more people are forced to pay for each other, the more picky they get about whom they let into the club. I don’t care anywhere near as much about letting people into this country if I’m not being forced to pay for them. The influx of these asylum seekers sometimes makes us forget that the rules for legally migrating into a European socialist democracy without being an asylum seeker are onerous.

    That being said, I wouldn’t take the rationalizations for keeping Muslims (asylum seekers or otherwise) out of the EU too seriously. The leftish governments over there are realizing that that they’re an incident or two away from losing their grasp, and they can’t just come out and say that they don’t want any Muslims moving in–becasue they’re Muslim. Even if that’s what they mean, they can’t say that out loud.

    So they come up with other rationalizations. That’s all it is. It’s a rare instance of European socialist democracies actually responding to the desires of people–to some extent.

    1. They aren’t about to let Turkey into the EU and drop their borders to that either. The leftish governments won’t say it’s because they don’t want to be overrun with Muslims. They’ll find other rationalizations.

      1. Except that Belgian Turks aren’t joining ISIS while Belgian Moroccans are.

        1. It isn’t just about terrorism.

    2. Isn’t the secret of American integration, historically if not currently, how well it incorporates foreigners into its economy? Insulating migrants from economic forces is a good way to breed dependence and disaffection.

      I’ve been hearing Realtor commercials extolling all the benefits of home-ownership, as though merely holding title to a property makes a person or a family virtuous. No, investment is why homeowners are tied to their properties; take away the down-payment and insulate homeowners from the threat of foreclosure, and those benefits disappear. The benefits are tied to risk-taking and long time horizons. They’re concomitant characteristics.

      Similarly, if you take away the entrepreneurial aspects of migrating, the significance of citizenship diminishes.

      1. Yes, nothing aligns people’s interests like capitalism, economic opportunity, prosperity, etc.

        It is also true that when people are forced to pay for each other, they tend to only want to pay for people who are more like them.

  6. Yes and Europe also needs to decriminalize speech and religion. The more they pursue this witch hunt, the worse it will get for them. Sadly however, that seems to be exactly what they want to do. And that is exactly what Trump or Hilary would bring us as well.

  7. Lack of jobs didn’s create terrorists.

    1. Shhh… You’ll wreck the narrative.

    2. Sure it did! Osama bin Laden was born a poor, black sharecropper, which is why he had to turn to terrorism.

    3. No, but jobs cause assimilation and assimilation reduces terrorism.

      1. Like the San Bernadino shooter?

      2. Nidal Hassan says you are an ignorant infidel…

  8. What’s keeping immigrants from jobs is not the lack of programs but Europe’s ridiculous labor laws.

    So if the immigrants are coming to Europe to simply seek a better life through productive economic activity, and Europe is apparently not the place to do that, then it stands to reason that they’re coming to Europe for something other than productive economic activity. Like say… unproductive economic consumption, i.e. generous welfare programs. Either that, or they’re the stupidest immigrants in the world who migrate to where the jobs aren’t.

    1. Yeah, she steals a base by assuming they are being kept from jobs by labor laws and not by their desire to collect welfare instead.

      1. Her thesis essentially refutes itself. And Shikha just blunders onward to her conclusions.

        1. A typical Shikha article.

    2. Not to mention, what kind of jobs are available for someone with poor to no native language skills, no skills other than driving a shovel useful in a modern economy, and a big cultural hill to climb to a work ethic acceptable to Northern Europeans?

      1. The kind of job that one can only justify moving to this high-cost-of-living environment across the world because they’re being subsidized by tax payers. In a genuinely free movement of people, someone with the skill set you spelled out wouldn’t be able to justify or afford to move to that area, that is unless they’re otherwise getting tax subsidies of some form to offset their economic and social incompatibility with that labor market.

      2. Ottoman Empire newspapers are full of ads for suicide vest models and designers. Anybody wanting a job can have one.

  9. I want to know why Muslim immigrants escaping Syrian war aren’t streaming into other Arab countries like Jordan, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Why Europe?

    1. To be fair, there is a substantial number in Jordan and Lebanon. Most Middle East countries want none of their problems however. I could understand someone being a refugee in Europe, provided that they stop in Greece, Bulgaria or Macedonia (assuming that it’s okay that they didn’t stop in Turkey). But they keep going all the way to Northern and Western Europe, where according to multicultists like Dalmia, they are discriminated against in the labor market by teh evil nativists. At which point it becomes more appropriate to classify them as welfare shoppers.

    2. Here’s a guy in Syria who explains it.

    3. Because Jordan, the UAE, and especially Saudi Arabia fucking suck. Though there are some foolish migrants heading to those places as well. European countries overwhelmingly suck too, but they suck less.

      1. How many did you sponsor to come live in your guest room?

  10. RE: How Europe Can Fix its Jihadi Problem While Saving Money

    Here’s a better idea on how Europe can fix its jihadi problem.
    Introduce sharia law through out its countries.
    I’m sure there are enough useful idiots in their parliaments to approve such an idea.
    Then everything will be wonderful.

    1. Also the minor intra-Muslim debate about which *version* of Sharia to impose on Europe.

      But once they’ve got that hashed out it will all be peachy.

  11. “How Europe Can Fix its Jihadi Problem While Saving Money”

    Using this One Weird Trick?

    1. Does it involve magic fairy dust?

      1. I’d go easy on the magic fairy dust in your more revanchist immigrant neighborhoods, unless you want to get thrown off a building.

        1. OK, then, Essence of Unicorn Fart Perfume.

          I’m sure they’ll think of something, these Europeans are very clevery.

  12. The ISIS types are the 21st century version of Nazis. They certainly have their share of low-class skinhead elements, but plenty of them have jobs and education. The Nazis didn’t want to conquer the world and exterminate the untermensch because Dey Turk Der Jerbs or because of ignorance, they did because they followed a philosophy that classified other communities as either i) weaker and deserving of permanent servitude, or ii) filth, and deserving only of extermination. This is exactly how ISIS views the world. They are Muslim supremacists. There is literally no fucking difference. Progressives and some “libertarians” are happy to enable Nazis, so long as they dress their hate up in an exotic, foreign costume.

    The only thing sparing us from already being in WW3 and seeing a new Holocaust underway (assuming you don’t count the elimination of religious minorities like Yazidis and Christians in the Middle East as just that) is that, instead of industrial Germany, they took over war-torn Syria and Iraq. However, thanks to Merkel and people like Shikha, that good fortune won’t last for much longer.

    1. Another Prophet who has never read ten words of National Socialist ideology but somehow “feels” what they surely must have meant, and can predict the future. Any bets I can fade?

  13. Does Reason actually PAY this idiot to scribble this tripe? My reading of the article is that not licking the sand off of mohammedan sandals will cause perfectly rational mystics to go berserker, hop into a Wayback Machine and perpetrate the Paris, Belgium and hundreds of other attacks that haven’t really happened yet because Europeans are still hesitating as to whether to speak out against the madness or start licking the sand off of sandals. Am I close?

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