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Donald Trump, feminist?


From 1991. Your complaints have been around a while.
Judd Winick

From a New York Post profile today of Donald Trump's first ex-wife:

"I don't think he's feminist," Ivana says…."He loves women. But not a feminist." (Ivana's reps called The Post two days after the interview to clarify that Donald was a feminist. Then they called to say he wasn't. An hour later, they said he was.)

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  1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    In real news that matters, real baseball starts in exactly two and a half hours from this moment. Baseball, people!!

    1. Baseball, people!!


      1. Baseball, people!!


        Like you have a leg to stand on! I’ve seen what comes across my Steam friend’s profile for you. Indie retro platformers. Are you not aware that XCOM 2 has been released?

          1. Yes, someone who can’t handle the brutal learning curve of one of the best squad-level tactical games on the market might feel that way, yes.

            A real grognard, on the other hand, feels excitement at facing a foe that pushes the limits of his tactical thinking causing him to develop an even better sense of observation, assessment, formation, and maneuver.

            Skrubs, like you, just don’t want to take the time to git gud.

            1. Maybe I’ll check it out. Next on my shopping list is Crusader Kings.

              1. That is an excellent timesink.

                1. Stellaris comes out next month. Crusader Kings IN SPAAAAAAAAACE!!!

                  1. I’m kind of nervous for Stellaris. I could be very good (MOO) or irredeemably bad (GalCiv3). The procedurally-generate races are what makes me leery as lore is a key factor in making space opera-y grand strategy games work.

              2. crusader kings is awesome. If your a Game of Thrones fan there is an excellent mod. There is also a good mod for Elder Scrolls.

            2. “Yes, someone who can’t handle the brutal learning curve of one of the best squad-level tactical games on the market might feel that way, yes.”

              So . . . not XCOM 2 then? You’re playing Jagged Alliance 2 1.13?

        1. Most shooty games bore me.

          1. It’s not a shooter. It’s a turn-based tactical wargame, like Fire Emblem or The Banner Saga.

            1. I might check it out if the price goes down + my VRAM goes up.

            2. turn-based


    2. Go Doyers!!

      I’m going to the Santa Anita Derby on Saturday, and then Opening Day at Dodgers Stadium on the 12th. It’s going to be a good week.

      1. I’m looking forward to the Dodgers loss on opening day out at Phone Company Park.

    3. My lasting legacy will be children who know to throw the ball to your cut-off man.

      1. You are a great American.

      2. Wouldn’t it be more lucrative to make them left-handed relief pitchers?

        1. NPR had an interesting piece about the prevalence of Tommy John surgery. I haven’t paid too much attention to baseball since I became big enough to play football, but still the business of pro sports and pro players in any sport are interesting. One of the interesting bits from the NPR piece was the Dodgers hiring one of the big names in arms research simply because if they can figure out how to keep pitchers healthy they own the research and get a leg up (arm up?) on the other teams.

    4. What’s baseball?

      Meanwhile, the EPL refs gave Southampton a ridiculous amount of stoppage time to try to get an equalizer against Leicester.

      1. What’s baseball?

        It’s like cricket, but the bowler controls the game as opposed to the batsman. Oh, and the games aren’t 3 days long.

        1. They just feel like 3 days long with all the scratching and spitting going on.

          1. +1 Nomar adjusting his batting gloves

      2. That was baffling. Like Fergie time, except for whoever the hell runs Southampton.

        1. It was like the Arsenal game a couple weeks back when the 4th official held up the board at the end of the 90 minutes and it said, “Play until Arsenal score”, which happened about 5 minutes into the 4 minutes of stoppage time.

          1. Wonky stoppage times are the least problem with refs lately.

    5. Royals baseball is actually a little further away than that. And we all know that’s what matters.

  2. Given “feminist” activities like the ones described a few posts down, I’m not sure that “not being a feminist” is such a bad thing after all.

  3. Once again my biases have been confirmed.

    1. “Are you a feminist?”

      “That depends = do you think its a bad or a good thing? Because whichever one is ‘the best’? that’s what i am”

  4. Given that Ivana isn’t sure whether or not he raped her, I wouldn’t put any more stock in her assessment of Donald than Donald’s assessment of Donald. Say whatever and move on, it’s just words and they don’t matter. Would it matter if anybody mentioned that the New York Post used to have – back in the ’80’s – a society gossip columnist that Trump once threatened to have his legs broken if he reported on the fact that Trump held some sort of Black Mass late-night parties that involved under-age girls being ritually gang-raped?

    1. Sure, but only the leg-breakers would have been punished, not the one who initiated the crime.

    2. “…if he reported on the fact that Trump held some sort of Black Mass late-night parties that involved under-age girls being ritually gang-raped?”

      That is a pretty heavy accusation. It seems unlikely to be true. If someone said that about me I wouldn’t threaten to break his legs. I wouldn’t threaten at all.

      1. So you’re avoiding the question? The question is: would it matter if somebody said it? I didn’t say it and I didn’t say I said it, I’m just asking a hypothetical question. Just like “some people say” or better yet “I’ve heard that some people have said” and then you can say whatever outrageous bullshit you want to make up and how can anybody argue with you?

        1. One of the great weaknesses of English is that verbs are not required to be mark for evidentiality.

          1. I’ve said here before several times that it’s annoying to see or hear the news’ coverage of the crime report starting out with “According to police…” and never an “According to the guy arrested…”. The news isn’t actually reporting what happened, they’re reporting what the police say happened. Instead of just reading the daily police press release, how about going down to the jail and talk to the people arrested? “Today, according to Mr. Jones, he was just standing there minding his own business and not doing nothing when the police suddenly rolled up on him and arrested him for no reason whatsoever, just some bullshit hassling like they always do.” That’s a factually correct news report, isn’t it? Mr. Jones did say that, didn’t he?

            1. Well, if the press doesn’t cooperate with the police, the police won’t cooperate with the press by giving them access to crime scenes.

              Ain’t that grand?

              1. Furthermore, anybody that’s been arrested is usually taught to not make a statement since it can later be twisted to mean something else. So those statements are uncommon.

                1. Well, in theory they shouldn’t make a statement. That rarely stops people.

              2. Same general principle holds for the press and the rest of government.

          2. Like we need another linguistic culture war.

              1. I just would not be able to be even.

        2. It is pointless to argue with someone like that.


          It is slander, plain and simple. A lie calculated to damage. It is indistinguishable in nature and effect from something made up out of whole cloth that the speaker takes full responsibility for.

          If Romney had that cocksucking liar Reid fitted with cement shoes or Trump had the columnist’s legs broken I would have a hard time finding outrage about either. If you don’t want to be treated like a sub-human piece of shit, don’t act like one.

          Having said that, it seems that both cases would be actionable in court.

  5. Apparently, the disciples of Alinsky have a new target: they’re now going after schools with the team nickname “Crusaders”, and they just successfully got Susquehanna University to drop the name and mascot.

    The school board is ludicrously claiming that the name is “racially insensitive”, but we all know this a pathetic sop to the bloody Islamonazis being done out of fear.

    1. bloody Islamonazis

      Rastafarians with machetes and a massive case of economic inferiority.

      1. So, Jamaicans, basically.

    2. What do they have against Crusaders?

      1. My favorite Crusaders record (though they have lots of great stuff)

        1. I quite like that.

          1. i actually mixed that record (“Southern Knights”) up with “Southern Comfort“… but they’re actually both really good.

            All of that kind of stuff *(jazz-funk/soul-jazz) is best in the 1970-1976 period, before stuff got discofied.

    3. Gee, why would the name “Crusaders” be insensitive to a race?

    4. “A new logo accompanying the new nickname will be designed by Joe Bosack & Co., a Pottsville firm, and unveiled during homecoming weekend Sept. 9-11.”

      The timing of officially capitulating to Islamonazis on Sept. 11 is, no doubt, lost on the University. Sad.

  6. Rand Paul Will Eventually Vote for His ‘Orange-Faced Windbag,’ After All*

    Such is the cycle of American politics, wherein a groveling, dejected flop must cannibalize his own values, swallow the lump in his staunchly libertarian throat, and place a vote for his orange-faced nightmare.

    *trigger warning: Gawker

    1. Those comments look a lot like the ones here. Except they forgot the /sarc.

      1. We jest,we jest.

    2. The comments are pretty typical derp. Did you know Somalia happened because of market failure?

      1. I love the Somalia derp the most out of all the derp. It’s always fun to ask the leftist that drops that idiocy if they know the form of government that Somalia had from its independence until its dissolution. It does have an “-ism” at the end of it, but liberty is not a root.

        1. The Communist government in a Third World Muslim shithole collapses into civil war and anarchy, and that doesn’t prove that libertarianism is impractical…?

      2. As I like to say: Somalia: the place so libertarian they banned Christmas

    3. This is why nobody, especially politicians, should take politics seriously. Actually there’s a good argument that one should never take anything seriously; it’s not worth it.

    4. Gawker seems to be ignoring the obvious headline: Hillary Clinton So Terrible that Rand Paul Will Vote for Man He Called “Orange-Faced Windbag” Over Clinton. Maybe that’s a little too wordy.

  7. If feminist ever want to start winning then they’ll start backing Trump.

  8. They used to lead off every broadcast of Entertainment Tonight with a story about Sarah Palin. When we hit peak Palin, they used to lead off with stories about what she wasn’t doing.

    Sarah Palin wasn’t going to Ryan Seacrest’s birthday party. Sarah Palin was not on a paleo diet. Sarah Palin was not . . .

    When the media starts reporting on what you didn’t do, you’re waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overexposed.

    We’re almost there with Trump. When what Trump’s wife said about him not being a feminist is news, we’re getting really, really close to peak Trump.

    1. Does he start to go away after peak Trump?

      1. Depends on whether he wins the nomination–his chances of doing that decline after we hit Peak Trump.

        People loved disco–right up until the minute they hated disco. Somewhere in between those points, we hit peak disco. It took a long time. The first new wave hits were in the late ’70s. The last disco hits were in the early ’80s. We never know we hit the peak until after the crash, but we gotta be gettin’ closer.

        Just watch for the entertainment news to start leading with what Trump didn’t do.

        1. I think when “disco sucks!” because a national catchphrase ca. 1979 we knew we had hit peak disco. I was like 10 ten years old and even I remember it.

          1. And yet Kiss and Blondie were putting out disco songs in 1979, right?

        2. The problem with peaks is it could end up being a tabletop mesa, in which case, it’ll be “Peeeeeeeeeeaaaaak Trump.” 😉

        3. The fact is, though, that disco never really went away. It sort of morphed and became house music.

          1. House riffed on Disco–I mean, House was dance music.

            But people don’t dance like that anymore.

            If anything, disco was a form of funk, and funk was still going after disco died–from Prince to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

            And that’s without considering the semi-ironic repackaging disco got by way of house or of funk being sampled by way of west coast hip hop.

            Regardless, disco was popular, then it peaked, and then it died such a harsh death that no one ever wanted to be associated with it again until decades later and only then in semi-ironic terms. Trump will go likewise. Someday, he will be a ridiculous anachronism like Disco Stu or Leisure Suit Larry. We won’t know where the peak was until we see the crater–but the peak is coming if it isn’t already here.

      2. no; Peak Trump is then the new-normal until Hillary wins.

        Look at the WaPo’s Politics section and count the “Trump-to-other” ratio based on the headline subject of stories.

        out of 24 headlines for today (and maybe including some of yesterday’s), 16 are either directly about Trump, or about other people’s criticisms of him. yes, some overlap (multiple headlines about the same story, a la Woodward’s interview), but the approach is the same wherever you look: perpetual hyperventilation about Trump.

        This undoubtedly helped him relative to other GOP candidates during primaries, drowning out any reporting on anyone else. but the intent is clearly negative.

        Notable = there are 3 stories including Clinton… but they’re not about her so much as airing ‘criticisms’ she’s making (or part of)

        – Amid N.Y. debate discord, Clinton, Sanders accuse each other of political games
        – Sanders, Clinton attack Trump and each other in Wisconsin
        – Fact-checking the Clinton-Sanders spat over Big Oil contributions

        the coverage of her is ‘oblique’ at best, giving her opportunity to air her views, but not presenting any potential scrutiny of her position. Where it does do this? (like the last piece), you find exoneration (“Conclusion = The Sanders campaign is exaggerating the contributions that Clinton has received from the oil and gas industry.“”)

        If you expand this to cover the past week you find the pattern to be generally the same.

  9. I’m glad you guys are doing this hard-hitting journalism. It’s not like the prospective nominee from the other major party had anything interesting to report on. Nosiree!

    1. I’m drinking a beer and don’t care.And yes,rare is the proper way to eat a steak.

      1. The god of your choice gave us fire for a reason.

        1. I like this^

  10. I bet Ivana would be a real peach if you were moving furniture for her.

    1. …moving furniture for her…

      These masturbation euphemisms are becoming downright fractal in nature.

  11. “Ivana’s reps called The Post two days after the interview to clarify that Donald was a feminist. Then they called to say he wasn’t. An hour later, they said he was.”

    Wow, she flip-flops as often as her husband and over the same period of time.

    1. The word your looking for is lie.

    1. I suppose this is what passes for breadth and depth of foreign policy?

    2. Obama on Friday criticized Iranian leaders for undermining the “spirit” of last year’s historic nuclear agreement, even as they stick to the “letter” of the pact.


      1. But Trump’s ex wife said something and then said something else and then went back to her original position then flip-flopped again.

        This is real news, goddammit! Not trivial shit like the FBI investigation of the presumptive nominee of the other party or the fact that we gave the farm away on a nuke deal with a state bent on our, and Israel’s, destruction.

        ::shakes head in disgust at what’s happened to Reason::

      2. They’re altering the deal. Pray they don’t alter it further.

        1. Good job!

          The Star Wars allusions are tops at Reason today.

    3. Neither as both give him far too much credit. I have long since arrived at the conclusion that whenever an Obama idea turns to what would be considered shit by normal standards, that conclusion is exactly what he had in mind.

      Once you have exhausted the rational reasons for why something occurs, you have to consider the previously irrational. The problem with Obama is that too many for too long have used the calculus of rationality. Fundamental transformation was not a throwaway phrase.

      1. You know who else was ignored when said they were going to fundamentally transform a state?

        1. Most libertarians?

        2. Deblasio? Fortunately, he won’t make dog-catcher anywhere else.

        3. Our 9th grade Biology teacher?

        4. The Free State Project?

    4. Why can’t it be both?

    5. …na?ve or retarded…

      Genius of the “and,” d00d. Genius of the “and.”

  12. The Huma Abedin article is even worse than that one.

    1. which is that?

      1. Top Clinton aide Abedin: ‘Terrifying’ to have emails released

        “It’s something I can’t really think about, but I can’t even imagine what’s in those emails,” Abedin said in an interview with the podcast “Call Your Girlfriend.” “I would probably be mortified. I have no idea. I haven’t read any of them.”

        1. I bet her FBI interview will not have the softballs thrown at her by “Call Your Girlfriend”.

          1. Call your girlfriend

            We talk with Huma Abedin, longtime Hillary Clinton strategist, aide, and Vice Chair of her 2016 presidential campaign about having her emails and private life made public, Hillary’s record on abortion rights, and what Bill might do as First Dude. A lightning round on her besties and what her podcast with Hillary would be about. Plus, Amina and Ann debrief on Susan Sarandon, the white people bubble, and current reading lists.

            I am pretty sure the FBI will not ask her any of those hard-hitting questions.

            1. but I can’t even imagine what’s in those emails,” Abedin said in an interview with the podcast “Call Your Girlfriend.” “I would probably be mortified. I have no idea. I haven’t read any of them.”


              These are records of conversations you had with your boss, who you basically live with 24/7.

              And you have no idea what “might” be in those records?

              Someone once said, “Female logic is ‘saying what you don’t mean, and expecting the other person to have ESP‘”

              I presume what she’s not saying is, “OMG i know exactly whats in all those records and it horrifies me to think they will be exposed”

              1. She just cant even.

  13. Speaking of hard hitting questions, Chuck Todd wants to know [via the magic of tape delay] Hillary’s position on abortion.

    1. Chuck Todd wants to know [via the magic of tape delay] Hillary’s position on abortion

      I thought it was something like DWS’ version, which is to accuse anyone of asking of being a disgusting woman-hater.

  14. Hillary is like a Vegas hypnotist. She begins to speak, and I enter a trance. She’s truthful, and I think I might vote for her.

  15. Hillary feels sorry for young people who would rather be duped by Bernie Sanders than be duped by her.

    1. She’s Stalin explaining that Trotsky is an impractical dreamer.

  16. When you want the unbiased truth about a man, ask the ex wife he dumped for a younger and prettier model.

  17. “We’ll all be on the ground in a few minutes….”


    /”Die Hard II”

  18. Donald Trump is everything and nothing to everyone and no one. He’s you, he’s me, he’s Jesus, Mohammed, and Bob Marley all in one.

    1. Whoa dude. Mind? Blown!

  19. One of these days, Trump will be a Trivia question.

    In the Bonus Round.

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