"Eye In The Sky" Widens Release

Director Gavin Hood spoke to Reason on the legal and ethical questions surrounding drone strikes.


Eye in the Sky, the highly praised new thriller from Oscar-winning director Gavin Hood starring Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, and the late Alan Rickman, is expanding from 123 sites to 1,027 this weekend.

This "quintessential modern war film" takes viewers into the secretive world of military operations, forcing the audience to wrestle with the moral, legal, and political questions surrounding a single drone mission.

Hood sat down with Reason TV's Meredith Bragg for an in-depth discussion about the film and the urgent need for a national conversation about drone warfare.

Approximately 11 minutes.

Produced and Edited by Meredith Bragg.


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  1. This is called ‘smart power’,and many people in this country are just fine with it.

  2. One request. Could you guys wait until after the family pays me?

  3. But we must drone them. Otherwise they will create high production value videos and upload them to the youtubes and your children will watch them and get bewitched by the eternal glories of islam and get radicalized to jihad against you. But we must drone them. Because they are killing each other because their religion tells them that killing people is righteous if their religion tells them that killing people is righteous if their religion tells them that killing people is righteous….

    1. Are you an Obama advisor?

      1. But we must drone them. Otherwise they will mesmerize us to elect leaders who will mesmerize us to accept them into our country before we drone them all. And once here they will mesmerize us into giving them jobs and overly generous social services but a few brave souls will realize what is really going on and ask pointed questions on message boards to detect those who have already been mesmerized and for whom it is probably already too late.

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