Police Abuse

NYPD Cop Who Supervised Arrest of Postal Worker in Road Rage Incident Placed on 'Modified Duty'

Why would someone lose their job for acting unprofessionally and embarrassing their employer when they work for the government?



The lieutenant in charge when he and three other plainclothes New York City cops stopped to intimidate and arrest a postal worker who yelled at them for almost hitting his truck has had his badge and gun taken from him and place on "modified duty," according to the New York Daily News.

Lt. Luis Machado and three other cops were speeding through Brooklyn when they almost hit a postal truck. The driver, Glen Grays, shouted at the cops, who backed their car up to confront him after he yelled at them.

Video of the incident went viral, embarrassing the department, so the NYPD launched an internal affairs investigation:

The postal truck was left in the middle of the road.

Lt. Machado was placed on "modified duty," meaning he continues to be paid while stripped of his gun and badge and unable to do pretty much any police work.

The incident illustrates how important police reform is and why merely focusing on individual cops won't do much to deal with systemic police violence.

Law enforcement officials talk a lot about their "professionalism." The NYPD and police departments around the country ought to have "zero tolerance" for behavior that could indicate bigger problems, to get disturbed officers off the force before they kill. Cops who display an inability to control their emotions, a propensity to abuse their power, or a lack of situational awareness about the way their actions create risk (from unnecessary confrontations to leaving unnecessary hazards like a postal truck in the road), ought to lose their jobs.

Police unions and the contracts they have been able to negotiate with local governments thanks to privileges granted on the state and federal level make dealing with police violence in a proactive and effective way far more difficult. Police unions, by nature, produce rules that will help bad cops. Black Lives Matters' Campaign Zero identified "fair police union contracts" as one policy reform that could reduce police violence, and targeted particularly egregious provisions in police contracts with a separate website and data collection project, Checkthepolice.org.

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  1. The postal truck was left in the middle of the road.

    I can’t believe there aren’t federal laws broken here by someone. WHERE’S MY SEARS CATALOG?

    1. Left, broke down, who knows?

      Better call the union. “We demand that our officers be stripped of all responsibilities during a State of War on Police. We need special powers.”

    2. They stopped printing the Sears catalog in 1993.

      1. There are those that contend that the popularity of Sears grew right along with the popularity of their catalogs’ use as toilet paper.

        1. Is that the same reason why each subsequent Harry Potter book was longer than the previous one?

          1. No, I believe that is something called the Stephen King/Tom Clancy Effect.

    3. The only reason why anyone would want one is to see the women in their undies.

    4. Oh, Federal Laws were broken, but they are selectively enforced.

      1. That was written before the we needed supercops.

  2. The NYPD needs more plainclothes policemen driving around and doing nothing but harassing citizens.

    1. If they focused on harassing federal employees in particular, it wouldn’t be so bad

  3. “Black Lives Matters’ Campaign Zero identified “fair police union contracts” as one policy reform that could reduce police violence, and targeted particularly egregious provisions in police contracts with a separate website and data collection project, Checkthepolice.org.”

    I’m amazed and impressed the BLM actually managed to do something so monumentally constructive.

    1. Yeah those black people sure are lazy, aren’t they?

      1. Or maybe he, unlike you, is judging #BLM as an organization and a movement, based upon its own words and actions heretofore demonstrated, rather than trying to imply they represent everyone with a certain melanin content.

        1. BLM isn’t lazy – lazy people don’t sit down in the road and black busy highways, it takes a busy person – I should say a buzy*body* – to do that.

          1. heh, *block* busy highways.

            The highways themselves are already black. That’s why white people feel free to run their tires all over them. /sarc

      2. Please note that I did say “maybe” and I didn’t say he was tasteful.

        1. TACTFUL


      3. Yeah those black people sure are lazy, aren’t they?

        What a pissy little man you are.

    2. Are they not going after union contracts altogether because they realize it would be unhelpfully unrealistic to do so, or are they not going after them because they see “common struggle” with “organized labor”?

  4. Cops: Ah, man! This is BULL SHIT CAPTAIN!

    /slam doors. Pound desks. Slam shoulders back into place.

  5. Get that man back out there dispensing some gloves-off vigilante JUSTICE.

  6. I am shocked that anything happened to any cop as a result of this. Granted it was government organization vs. government organization, not to mention public sector union vs. public sector union. Still surprised they didn’t work together on the problem without letting any outsiders know.
    Old animosity of some sort? The mere outrageousness of police behavior wouldn’t get any traction at all.

    1. Without video, nothing would have happened.

  7. This guy is a lieutenant. That means he has been promoted at least twice, and is in charge of the people who are in charge.

    It’s amazing that he made it this far without getting caught on camera yet.

  8. Grays, whose fiancee is a city cop, told the News Wednesday that he wants an apology from the officers.

    He agrees that they should be disciplined, but they should not lose their jobs, he said.

    “Honestly speaking, we’re all human, we all make mistakes, but lately a lot of mistakes have been made by police officers,” Grays said.

    They physically assaulted you and removed your freedom without cause. If there’s any reason for someone to lose his job, at the very least, this is it.

  9. From TFA:

    On Wednesday Patrick Lynch, head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, cautioned against a “rush to judgment.”

    Unless you’re a cop, then it’s required.

    “Everyone, including the police commissioner, should withhold public comment until all the facts are in,” Lynch said.

    Unless you’re the head of the police union and defending piss-poor police behavior, when it’s required.

    He also put part of the blame on Grays.

    “No one ever has the right to resist arrest,” Lynch continued. “Compliance is not optional.”

    Unless you’re a cop, in which case you get ten days to make up your story with your fellow cops, with union advice, before anyone gets to interview you concerning the crime you all committed.

  10. Don’t know if it was mentioned in the previous post about this, but there’s an old riddle:

    A firetruck, an ambulance, a police car and a mail truck all arrive at a four-way stop at the same time. Which vehicle has the right of way? The answer is the mail truck because the federal government vehicle has sovereign immunity from following state or local laws. (Ever seen a license plate on a mail truck?) I’m sure the NYPD would argue that as a military vehicle they have right-of-way precedence over merely civilian vehicles like a USPS truck, but that’s one the federal government might be able to dispute.

  11. It’s a shame this went viral so quickly.

    They didn’t even have time to file a false report.

    1. Not that I have the discipline to do it, but I wish more of these videos were held in secret for about a month, just to see the cops’ lies pile up.

  12. From our beloved copper, Dunphy: The Cops have the Sad – you tax-serfs are going to bleed.

    1. Ick. I just read the comments on this blog. Now I want to wash my eyes.

      1. I was reading last night about the cop in Texas who pepper sprayed passing motorcyclists. Wish I could find the exact website again but I can’t. The comments would make you want to tear your eyes out.


  13. Dear IRS. My tax return with the check made out to the Department of the Treasury was on that mail truck..

  14. Law enforcement officials talk a lot about their “professionalism.”

    My take is that you aren’t a professional unless you are licensed, and subject to discipline and loss of license by an independent licensing organization as well as liability for failing to meet the standards of your profession.

    So, no, cops aren’t professionals.

    Now, we do our licensing via state agencies, backed up by laws prohibiting non-licensed folks from doing the work of the licensed profession. So, not a good libertarian way to go at it. No reason licensing can’t be done privately, though.

  15. Promoted comments?


    1. Check the date and see if it’s still up tomorrow.

      1. There have been unintentional “hints” about promoted comments earlier in the year, so it’s entirely possible the date is just a coincidence.

    2. We don’t moderate comments. We reserve the right to delete comments. Schizo much?

    3. So is this promoted comment like the HN karma system? Or is the oppressive white male keeping down the trodden masses?

  16. “…ad his badge and gun taken from him and place on “modified duty,””

    I say SOP in these cases should be to take his gun but give him his badge and keep him on duty. Hilarity ensues.

  17. This is no punishment or accountability. The officers should be suspended with out pay. Why do law enforcement officers get to be criminals? Why is the bar so low before getting rid of violent brutal police? Racial bias against law abiding african americans is a serious offence and the white officers who engage in violations should be fired. Immediately! No put on paid desk duty!

  18. Someone went postal. Possibly by going for postal workers.

  19. Pigs gonna be pigs

  20. Not sure if this was posted elsewhere, but Albuquerque clearly hires the most cowardly pant shitters as cops:

  21. Modified duty?

    D-block cum dumpster sounds about right. Same for the other three dirtbags.

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