Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Security, Health Care, and Education Top Three Roles for Federal Government

Your Republican frontrunner



At a televised town hall on CNN tonight, Donald Trump was asked what he believed the three most important priorities of the federal government. After saying he'd like to name "security" as all three top priorities, he gave host Anderson Cooper two more, healthcare and education.

So the frontrunner for the 2016 Republican nomination for president believes the top three roles of the federal government are:

1. Security

2. Health care

3. Education

You can consult the U.S. Constitution here to try to find where healthcare and education are enumerated as federal responsibilities.

The "cuckservatives" look like they're inside the house. Donald Trump's supporters have spent the last nine months arguing his conservative opponents weren't really conservatives.

Cooper seemed surprised, and asked what kind of role for education and healthcare the federal government should have. Trump gave a rambling answer about "the country as a whole" or something like that. Constitutional limits, pth. Your 2016 Republican frontrunner.