Brickbats: False Alarm


University of N.D.

When University of North Dakota English professor Heidi Czerwiec saw members of the school's ROTC program conducting a previously announced training exercise on campus, she called 911 to report them. She says the dummy weapons they carried "terrorized" her and says she will continue to call 911 each time she sees them training.

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  1. “There is no (expletive) reason why I should have to be terrorized like this, to look up and see gunman on the quad and dive under my desk thinking that perhaps we’re under attack or something,” said Heidi Czerwiec, Associate Professor.

    On this we agree.

    1. She is definitely more right about that than she knows.

  2. The guns are not the only ‘dummy’ on that campus.

  3. When I said I would call 911 again, I was saying that any time I see something suspicious that is not obviously part of a drill, I will call it in.

    Oh really?

    “There is no reason in this day and age that you need to do these exercises on the middle of the quad. Do them somewhere else. I shouldn’t have to work in a terrorized environment. You created terror, you’ve achieved it. Please don’t do this again,”

    Seems totally consistent.

    1. So,she’ll be calling 911 with a false emergency.In a just world she will be arrested and charged.

      1. In a great many jurisdictions, knowingly calling 911 for a non-emergency is a crime. Misdemeanor I think (it probably varies)

        1. Class 4 felony in IL…

      2. She should be jailed for a few days and ordered to really consider the logic of calling police with real guns whenever she sees fake guns.

        1. Guilty as charged, Sentenced to a fine of $500, or 30 days in a kevlar burqa.

    2. Yep, toss her in a drunk tank. She’s loaded.

    3. “There is no reason in this day and age that I need to do be upset by these exercises on the middle of the quad. They have a right to use of university resources. I shouldn’t choose to work in a terrorized environment. My self created terror is irrational and i shouldn’t be paid to teach. Please accept my resignation.”

      Fixed it for her.

    4. Note the passive aggressiveness: “I’m being terrorized…and now I’m threatening you.” The “terror” is merely a fig leaf for the ability to use that as a reason to threaten and bully. This is perfectly in keeping with attacking people for microaggressing you; you invent a reason you’ve been aggressed against in order to justify your own, totally disproportionate aggression.

      That is this whole movement in a nutshell: opening the door for their own aggression by projecting that aggression on others as an excuse/justification for massively disproportionate “responses”.

      It’s like attacking someone in a bar for slightly bumping into you. They’re just looking for a fight and will find a way to get one.

      1. The passive aggressive nature continues, in that it is never a direct attack response (not even going outside and yelling at somebody), but an attempt to direct government force against whatever she doesn’t like. I imagine if there was a misunderstanding and government agents overreacted, she’d be cool with that.

  4. I’m gonna say it,would not.

    1. Ohhh, FUCK NO!!!!

    2. That is why there are people like Crusty in this world.

      1. He will martyr himself for us all. God Bless The Crusty One!

  5. Heidi, Heidi, Heidi:

    Objecting to the over militarization of our society is tres uncool. The way to object to government power is to buy artisan goat cheese from some tattooed hipster Millenial with spiky hair. Check your privilege, ok?

    1. The hipster selling goat cheese adds value to society. What do you do?

    2. She threatened to keep calling 911 every time a TRAINING exercise took place.

      You’re not tres cool.

      1. Universities are no place for training.

  6. So, lemme get this right: she’s scared of the bad men with guns who have no record of hurting anyone, so she’s going to call the other bad men with guns who have demonstrated a propensity for violent behavior to take care of it. Seems totally logical. I suppose I should at least give her credit for continuing on with her anti-war protests even after Obama took office and ended all war.

  7. Wait, there’s a North Dakota now, too?

    1. They wanted to differentiate themselves from East Dakota.

    2. At least they have a counterpart. More than can be said of West Virginia.

    3. +1 from South Dakota

  8. Who will compensate her for those many shit filled pants?

  9. Her boss needs encouragement:

    Department Chair
    Eric Wolfe

  10. As does the ROTC commander for having to put up with her shit this week.

    Professor of Military Science; MS IV Instructor
    LTC Clarence Carroll III
    (701) 777-3494

  11. Herp de derp de tiddly derp.

    1. Now that I’ve actually read the article I could see where there might be some confusion. If they were running drills and some of the cadets were acting as OPFOR and not in uniform, creeping around, I can see where she’d get spooked.

      She’s still a sniveling idiot.

      1. However, the confusing part suggests even after having been made aware she’d still call 911.

        1. Yeah, that’s why she’s still a sniveling idiot.

      2. When I was in school ROTC drilled on some parking lots near the building most of my classes were in, thus I saw a lot of it. It was mostly marching, calisthenics, and standing in formation, I can’t recall once seeing them conducting any war games or any creeping around. Anecdotal and a while ago so things very well could have changed or be done differently at that school, just my experience.

        1. War gaming happened a lot while I was at school. It was just a part of going to class.

          1. On further reflection, I think I must have been so traumatized by the sight of those terrorist that I blocked all but the most tame activities from my memory. It’s probably also why it took me 5.5 years to get a 4 year degree, and why I spend most night drinking beer and playing pinball at The Library instead of studying in the library.

        2. We had an honest-to-god firing range in the armory building, right on the middle of campus. The whole building was a leftover from sometime between the capital-W Wars. Not suitable for the high-powered stuff we trained with by the ’90’s, but I remember the Squids’ Navy’s pistol team using it, and even having an open house where anybody could walk up, pay a buck, and plink a few rounds. We did, however, make some almighty booms firing off blanks, and no one shit their pants or called the campus cops. Ah, the good old days, get off my lawn, etc., etc.

          On a related note, thank god the campus cops at North Dakota had the good sense not to fear for their lives go full retard and massacre a bunch of cadets holding dummy rifles.

    2. Herp de derp de tiddly derp.

      Derp de dump-de-teediliy-too, indeed.

  12. So she’ll do it again even though she knows it’s not some nutcase shooting up the campus? Prosecute her next time then.

  13. And we complain about the editing around here…

    “We put them in scenarios that, in all reality, they could experience in the future as their leading American’s finest, you know, the American solider on the battle field,” said Lt. Col. Clarence Carroll, U.S. Army.

  14. Hey Heidi, have a cup of cement and harden the fuck up

  15. This is a tough one since I’m not a big fan of the military or the police. On the other hand, isn’t it a crime to knowingly abuse 911 in order to make a political point? Not that 911 is actually good for anything.

    1. But I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a joke.

    2. Her complaint does not appear to be political opposition to the military so much as a demand that everyone kowtow to the irrational fear of school shootings. Her demands similarly apply it was someone doing the same thing to make an independent movie. Looks like she walked it back at the end of the article to be somewhat less drama-queenie, however.

  16. So her response to being “terrorized” by seeing people with fake guns is to call people with real guns? Seems smart.

  17. I look at that picture and all I can think is what kind of Limburger-esque cheese she’s incubating in her hoo-ha. She looks like one of those “natural” chicks.

    1. Looks kinda like Lena Dunham with short hair. Not that that’s any better than a “natural” chick. Probably worse.

  18. time to break out the live ammo?

  19. nice post thanks admin

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