NYPD Officer Shoots Dog Three Seconds After He Slipped Through a Cracked Door

Dog's owner was reportedly screaming, "He's friendly!" as the officer drew his gun.


At about 5:30am on February 13, 2016,

NYPD shoots dog

Yvonne Rosado was dancing with her 70-pound pitbull Spike when the dog became spooked by noises in the hallway. Rosado reportedly opened the front door of her apartment a crack to see what was going out outside, when Spike slid past her and toward NYPD Officer Ruben Cuesta standing in the hallway. 

As seen on a closed circuit video recording, Spike takes a few steps toward Cuesta, but three seconds after the dog crossed his front door, he had a bullet in his head. 

Cuesta and his partner were speaking to Rosado's neighbor about an individual who had reportedly been in the building in violation of an order or protection. Though that person was long gone, Cuesta was so spooked by the sight of a dog exiting a neighboring apartment, that he immediately drew his gun, retreated two steps down the stairwell and shot the dog.

Rosado claims she was screaming "He's friendly!" during the fateful seconds between the door opening and her dog's grisly death. Still in her underwear, Rosado followed Cuesta down the stairs and slapped him several times before she was restrained. No charges were filed against her. 

Rosado told the New York Daily News that an NYPD officer had also killed her cat six years ago. She alleges officers broke the feline's neck during a search of her mother's apartment. 

The NYPD, which has a policy that officers are only permitted to shoot animals "to defend themselves or others from threat of physical injury, or death" and that such force must only be used as a last result, says they are investigating the incident. The Daily News reports that the NYPD shot 18 animals in 2014 and as many as 36 in 2011. 

Click here to watch video of the incident (Warning: graphic and disturbing).

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  1. See, I was trying to bury discussion of this in the lynx so fewer people would see the video, but…

    …guys, the woodchipper rental place says they can’t keep sending me bigger models. I’m not sure what to do.

    1. Become a pig farmer . . . rancher . . . uh, raise pigs.

  2. That is not the body language of someone who is afraid for their life. That is the body language of somebody who is pretty calm, getting a good sight picture.

    1. It’s tough to see from the angle, but it looks like Cuesta fires almost from the hip– not looking down the sight picture.

      1. Looks to me like he’s aiming.

        1. I’ll take your word for it as I’ll not be viewing the video a fourth time.

          1. I’m not viewing it a first time. My blood pressure can’t take it.

  3. OH FUCK THIS SIDEWAYS! The dog is wagging his tail and not even looking straight at the cop. What the fuck is wrong with us that we allow this to continue?

    1. Seriously, this is animal cruelty for the dog and reckless endangerment for randomly firing a weapon in an apartment building. Just ask Akai Gurley what can happen when someone randomly fires a weapon in a stairwell.

    2. I’m not defending the officer, but a wagging tell is not necessarily a sign of friendliness. That said, the dog didn’t look like it was making an overtly aggressive move.

  4. Uh, Reason?

    Autoplay video is always bad, but autoplay video of a sociopath gunning down a happy, friendly dog should never happen.

    Fix that, please. The autoplay, that is. I know its too late for the dog.

    1. Ditto. This is bush league, Anthony.

      1. I was enjoying the segment “the best way to store your winter boots,” from The Rachel Ray show.

      2. Not on my browser(s) it’s not.

        1. Exactly. Mine too.

          People need to learn about their browser settings. jeez.

          If you hate autoplay so much. TURN IT OFF!

      3. Gah, fixed on the mainpage, not fixed in the actual blogpost.

      4. Well, its half-fixed. Below the fold on the H & R main page, playing merrily away on the post page itself.

  5. Pigfucks gotta pig.

  6. As always, I trust the noble law enforcement profession to hold their own accountable and make sure that these cops are not only purged from the force, but made to pay for their crimes.

    No, seriously, I mean it.


  7. Do dogs ever bite anyone while they are wagging their tails?

    1. Yeah, that dog did not seem aggressive at all.

      1. Trust me, having seen an angry pit or two in my day, that dog is a long way from aggressive.

        When a pit wants a piece of somebody, there’s no question whatsoever about it. They are blindingly fast and strong. An angry pit is basically a muscle missile with a tooth warhead.

    2. Maybe the office is deathly allergic to dog kisses.

    3. Yes, dogs sometimes wag their tails while attacking.

  8. The only chance I would survive that encounter is if I managed to shoot both cops. If someone shoots my dog I am shooting them, tin shield or no.

    1. I can easily imagine myself taking the same path.

      1. I’m surprised the owner didn’t get felony charges (or worse) for striking the officer. Maybe he’s new to the force and hasn’t yet developed impervious callouses on his conscience.

        1. I was surprised as well. That is assault on one of the king’s men. He would have been justified in killing her on the spot.

    2. i am surprised it does not happen more often. but then… trigger happy cop, with gun already in hand…. i think it just ends with dead dog and owner most times.

  9. the cat’s death raises a few questions.

    1. More than a few. In what possible way could a house cat threaten a cop’s safety? And why break its neck?

    2. Ach! The legless cat! Somebody must be making this shit up, it can’t get any more wack!!

  10. Jesus, either he just shoots dogs on a whim because he’s sociopath, or he’s such a cowardly pussy that he should find a different line of work.
    Or, a little from column A and a little from column B.

  11. ears pinned back, wagging tail vigorously, probably a little whine as he looked at the two officers, excitedly. Definitely a vicious animal that needs to be put down… (the cop, not the dog)

    1. Ugh! This^

      That dog is so far from being a threat. How fucking awful of a person do you have to be to not recognize that?

      Every year I get out of my car and walk up to farmhouses to ask for permission to hunt on the farmer’s land. Every year there are a few of those farms with yard wolves that are actually pretty scary. Growing up, though, you learn how to deal with them WITHOUT SHOOTING THEM!!

      I am sure that the farmer would plug you in about two seconds if you shot his dog – even if it is half mean.

      1. Every year I get out of my car and walk up to farmhouses to ask for permission to hunt on the farmer’s land. Every year there are a few of those farms with yard wolves that are actually pretty scary. Growing up, though, you learn how to deal with them WITHOUT SHOOTING THEM!!

        Just as, if not more importantly, the animal(s) you want to kill, you take the time to *deliberately* execute it. The animal(s) and people you have no intention of killing, you don’t greet with a gun. To the point where confusing the two seems rightly absurd; if you *have* to engage the yard wolf, you do it as the end of the driveway at/near the property line. Doing it on the porch just guarantees that, one way or another, more than the dog is going to likely to be shot.

      2. Hell, every delivery person, including USPS workers know how to deal with dogs without killing them. If the USPS treated dogs like the NYPD the domestic dog would be an endangered species by now. Something about having a gun and immunity seems to turn off people’s brains.

        1. Oh, no. Their brains are totally. Cops kill pets because they enjoy causing pain and misery. They enjoy watching women cry. They do it as a show of power.

          One time I overheard some drunk cops chatting at a bar, and one was regaling his fellows with a story about how he, just for fun, held his pistol to a woman’s head until she soiled herself in her car seat. His buddies thought that was hilarious.

          There are no good cops. Good cops wouldn’t put up with that shit.

          1. totally *on*

  12. If a pleb did this, how many charges would there be (ignoring NYC’s gun laws)?

  13. Even with no love lost for the dog; it did a great job absorbing the bullet that officer numbnuts would’ve sent zinging down the hallway of a crowded apartment complex.

    Stupid fuck showed up with the clear expectation to kill something. Good thing an angry boyfriend or tardy schoolkid armed with a poptart didn’t come bursting through the door.

  14. HEROES.


    1. Nah. That would imply the cop was telling the truth when he said he felt threatened. I doubt he felt threatened in the slightest. He just wanted to show the peasants that he can literally do anything he wants.

      And nothing else will happen, because it’s true.

      1. I doubt he felt threatened in the slightest.

        Certainly doesn’t look that way in the video.

        1. I’ll take your word for it. I can’t watch these police videos anymore. Even COPS makes my blood boil.

          1. God, I hate COPS. My dad and grandparents watch it all the time. 99% of the time I’m pulling for the guy not in uniform, even though he’s usually a piece of crap himself. At least it reveals all the petty BS that police force themselves to deal with and makes it clear that being a cop is about as dangerous as being a clerk.

  15. NYDN: “Woman whose dog was shot and killed by NYPD officer has to pay for dog’s cremation.”

    Because they’re frightened, incompetent, trigger happy morons with no accountability?

  16. These days most police departments train officers to shoot dogs on sight, then lie about it afterwards. This will be no different. He will say that he feared for his life, and his word will not be questioned.

    What surprises me is that he didn’t shoot the owner for slapping him. And that the CCTV was released to the public. The cops are getting lax on gathering evidence and then losing it.

    1. Look out! It’s coming right at us!

  17. The f’ing cop went to the ER because his ears were ringing after firing a gun in a stairwell. So we get to pay for that worker’s compensation claim too. Wonderful

  18. My cop sucking friends are not posting this through the various blue lives matter Facebook pages.

  19. he had is gun drawn before the dog was even in the hall. definition of trigger happy.

    for all the garbage they spit out about fear for their life… how often does a domestic dog kill ANYONE. how often is anything more than a few stitches required for anyone over the age of 7. what they should really say is “i was in fear of being inconvenienced by having to go get a few stitches, because of the remote possibility that this dog might do what most dogs never do.. and bite me… so i shot it.”

    how about this for policy?…. you can only shoot someones dog if it’s teeth are actually in you. (a dog big enough to be of concern, is big enough to hit without shooting yourself at point blank)

    1. A few stitches means Officer Safety doesn’t get to go home and have dinner with his family on time. That is only acceptable if he is stealing stuff from druggies. Besides that, the dog didn’t immediately comply with the officer’s orders. That right there makes it a deadly threat.

      Think of the children!

  20. That’s nothing. In the link below and while patrolling a housing projects full of black people (aka niggers), Officer Peter Liang turned a corner, sees a black guy with his girlfriend, tells himself “oh shit, look, a nigger !!!” and just shot and killed the guy.


    I think we should take the guns away from cops and give them netguns.

    1. I think we should take guns, tasers and billy clubs away from cops and give them jack shit. If they need a gun they can ask a civilian for assistance.

    2. The shocking verdict was a powerful message from the jury that the public’s opinion on police killings has radically changed in the wake of Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Michael Brown and other tragedies around the country.

      I actually find this more aggravating; getting punched in the nuts really sucks but getting mad doesn’t make it any better and any resolution/retribution is usually pretty straightforward. But a multitude of fuckwads standing around saying things like, “Man Shockingly Pained By Nutpunch!” and “Will One Man Getting Punched In the Nuts Be Enough To Radically Change Our Society’s Stance On Nutpunching?”, while less painful, is so much worse.

  21. Ms. Rosado, get a fish, go for the trifecta.

    1. They shoot horses, don’t they?

  22. *knocks back a whiskey neat, twice*

    Happy Monday. I was afraid I may go the whole day without feeling overwhelming rage. Good looking out, Reason.

  23. That poor little thing was acting pathetically friendly… Until I read it was four years old, I thought it was a six-month-old puppy. That’s got to be one of the most cold-blooded things I’ve ever seen. Scream and rot in hell, you soulless fuck.

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