Campus Free Speech

Brown U. Students Protest Black Transgender Speaker Because Jewish Group Invited Her

Intersectionality FTW.


Janet Mock

Janet Mock, a black transgender activist and author, cancelled an upcoming appearance at Brown University after leftist students protested her decision to speak. 

The students didn't object to Mock: rather, they disagreed with the venue—Hillel, a Jewish organization. 

According to Campus Reform, activist students associate Hillel with anti-Palestinian racism: 

"Hillel as a corporation has consistently defended and even advocated for the Israeli state's policies of occupation and racial apartheid," Brown University students wrote in a petition to Mock urging her to reject the Jewish group's invitation. "Israel's violent policies center on colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide of native Palestinians." 

The students urged Mock to speak on campus at some other event, disconnected from Hillel. Instead, she chose to cancel her appearance entirely. A spokesperson for Mock lamented that she "was received with controversy and resistance rather than open dialogue and discussion." 

There's no free speech violation here: Jewish students exercised their right to bring Mock to campus, Mock exercised her right to accept, other students exercised their right to criticize the event, and ultimately Mock exercised her right to change her mind. 

Still, the episode reveals something interesting about intersectionality, if nothing else. You can be black, transgender, and pro-gay, but if you're affiliated with a Jewish group, you can still expect protesters.

Of course, Jewish groups do plenty of censoring of their own.

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  1. There’s no free speech violation here

    Because they weren’t given a chance to hurl feces and urine at her while she speaks.

    1. +1 Canadian Protestor

      1. Canadian hecklers hurl compliments.

  2. The derp that is coming will awesome

    1. +1 circular firing squad

    2. Were I still in college, I would put up fliers/start a hashtag objecting to every speaker. I truly think today you could get these special snowflakes to protest against anyone regardless if some possible SJW angle can be found.

      The trolling would be epic ! Maybe I need another masters……..

  3. Principals, not principles.

  4. Be nice if we could just get a universal boycott of giving any college speeches until the children can grow into their big girl panties.

  5. I mean with sjw’s protesting sjw’s

    1. There’s never derp from this commentariat

      1. Coughcoughbullshitcough

      2. There’s never ENOUGH derp from this commentariat

  6. Brown U. Students Protest Black Transgender Speaker Because Jewish Group Invited Her

    Robby, you completely blew a better headline. Remove the ‘U’.

    Brown Students Protest Black Transgender Speaker Because Jews Invited Her.

    1. Jews need a color. Perhaps gold, or silver since gold is like yellow.

    2. Headline of the Year, a Headline that Never Was: The Rico Suave Story

  7. I pine for the day universities are stripped of all remnants of wrongthink and finally become pristine places of enlightenment.

  8. You just can’t make this shit up…

  9. The whining game.

  10. “There’s no free speech violation here.”

    Look a bit beneath the surface.

    The petition claims that “Currently, Hillel International has guidelines set in place to ensure that no speaker hosted by Hillel is allowed to rigorously critique Israel. This guideline is an incredible violation of the standards of free speech and academic freedom that is valued at Brown, and places restrictions on Janet Mock’s ability to engage with students.”

    The petition itself gives a link to Hillel’s guidelines, which include the following, apparently the part to which the petitioners object:

    “Standards of Partnership

    “Hillel welcomes, partners with, and aids the efforts of organizations, groups, and speakers from diverse perspectives in support of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. Hillel will not partner with, house, or host organizations, groups, or speakers that as a matter of policy or practice:

    “Deny the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish and democratic state with secure and recognized borders;

    “Delegitimize, demonize, or apply a double standard to Israel;
    “Support boycott of, divestment from, or sanctions against the State of Israel;

    “Exhibit a pattern of disruptive behavior towards campus events or guest speakers or foster an atmosphere of incivility.”

    So apparently it’s a violation of academic freedom for Hillel to oppose disruption of campus events?

    1. The other thing you have to realize is that, by offering her another campus venue to speak, the protestors converted any protest of the pro-Israel speech policy to a protest of events at Hillel.

      Moving the event to another campus venue does not affect the application of the policy, after all.

      Effectively, they were saying “She can give the exact same speech under the exact same restrictions, just not to those dirty Jews at Hillel.”

  11. I’ve said it before.

    The pro palestinian protesters are the craziest of the crazy. Certifiably nuts.

    1. I saw them in action during my days in university.

      Wasn’t impressed.

      And still not impressed.

  12. Janet Mock is pretty foxy, so I am outraged.

    1. I’ll admit that that picture is getting me all confused. Like, Mac confused.

      1. LOL. I’ve never seen that show.

        1. It is frickin’ funny. Well worth the time spent.

          1. Oh cool, there’s only 11 seasons to catch up on.

    2. Would. Mock. Would, then would mock.

  13. “Brown U. Students Protest Black Transgender Speaker Because Jewish Group Invited Her”

    Would it make any difference if she were white, cisgender, and had been invited to speak by Nazis?

    The way to beat progressive anti-free speech stupidity isn’t by putting an emphasis on the identities of the speakers or the people who invited them.

    Whenever the identities of the speakers are emphasized–as if that matters?–the the free-speech hating, SJW terrorists win.

    Let’s stop carrying their water for them.

    1. But without acknowledging all the self-identification labels listed there wouldn’t be a story here. The article is a couple paragraphs that can be summed up as, people shouted, “Boo!” at (labels, labels, labels) person.

      1. Well, there is the free speech angle.

        1. Free speech is for the birds and right-wing terrorists.

    2. I don’t know. It serves as a good example of what a clusterfuck identity politics inevitably results in.

  14. Yeah, okay.





  15. Who is going to be the first to say ‘would’?

    1. Rufus, you classless dork, of course you would. This is an attractive woman. Don’t be a bigot.

      1. Sooo, I’ll mark you down as a yes. For the SJW movement!

        1. Like you wouldn’t. No one believes you.

          1. I’ll answer you after a couple more glasses of bourbon.

            1. Bring on the crying game

      2. Damn, when you’re right you’re right.

      3. and she’s not even wearing makeup, that’s amazing!

  16. So, at the time of his/her birth, did Mock have dangly bits or not?

    1. “Transgendered” should be a bit of a hint there.

  17. Oh, and apparently pointing out that Israel has a much better LGBLT record than the Palestinians is considered “pinkwashing,” using LGBLTs to distract from the evil oppression of the noble Palestinian blah blah blah.

  18. Of course, Jewish groups do plenty of censoring of their own.

    The University of California Board of Regents is a “Jewish” group?

    1. An outfit called The AMCHA Initiative asked the Regents to adopt that policy.

      Of course, that’s just one Jewish group, so I don’t know where the plural “groups” comes from.

      1. So? I can ask anyone to do anything. If I ask you to punch Tulpa in the face, did I assult him or did you?

        1. Is Tulpa Jewish or are you? Big difference.

          1. Tulpa wouldn’t even let one drop of Passover Coke pass his lips.

            1. If you are putting it on your lips you are doing it wrong.

              1. Don’t tell me you’ve never tested purity by rubbing your gums and inner lips with it.

                1. I’ve read that it’s good for dental health.

        2. Speaking of Tulpa and related:


          1. That fussbudget Gilmore would not approve of Mr. Spence’s wardrobe.

            1. Of course I do not approve.

              Tassels + Turtlenecks? He would rightfully be shunned by mountain men, hippies, lawyers, and biker-gangs alike.

          2. God, what the fuck is wrong with the Manhattan Institute? Heather Mac Donald and her uniform fetish is bad enough, but Dunphy?

            1. Continuing with the anti-police agitprop, Spence invokes the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Eric Garner in New York City, and Tamir Rice in Cleveland. But he omits the fact that in all three of these cases, the officers were found to have acted within the law.

              Disagree with that, smart guy. You can’t! The law said their actions were a-okay.

            2. They publish some good stuff and I enjoy most of what I read in City Journal but this is also the group that held a gala dinner to celebrate Henry Kissinger’s contributions to humanity.

              1. Scott Winship’s writing is worth reading, so they have that going for them.

          3. Gerry Spence defended my son when he was on trial for possessing a scary looking gun. Beat the crap out of the prosecutors.

            1. Did the gun have one of those fold out thingys ?


              Those fold put thingys are dangerous.

    2. No, but the Jews who run Hollywood do plenty.

    3. Thanks, HM, for asking what I wanted to know.

  19. Wait, Palestine is not a race, so how is there such a thing as anti-palestinian racism?

    God these leftists don’t even try anymore to make sense

    1. Palestine wasn’t even a word until April 25th, 1920.

      1. The Romans might disagree…

        1. Pontius Pilate being governor of Judaea, and Herod being tetrarch of Galilee, and his brother Philip tetrarch of Ituraea and of the region of Trachonitis, and Lysanias the tetrarch of Abilene,


        2. What did the Romans ever do for us?

          1. There is virtually zero historical evidence of someone named Pontius Pilate.

            Everything is conjecture.

            1. literally

              not virtually

              There is only one historical reference to a man named Pontius Pilate and no furfure knowledge

              1. What are you talking about? There are various references to him in the historical record and on the Pilate Stone, i.e. An inscription with his name on it found at Caesarea Maritima. Whether or not you believe in the New Testament the statement that Pilate didn’t exist is asinine.

                1. e.g. Tacitus, Annales, 15.44

                  1. Also referenced in Josephus and Philo of Alexandria, two men writing im Greek (as opposed to Tacitus’ Latin), not to mention various other contemporary sources.

                    Again, Pilate existed.

                    1. I was just making a Monty Python reference, way to turn a joke into a serious discussion though.

        3. The Romans might disagree…

          Palestina mafish Palestine

          1. What about your fish?

  20. I thought they might be protesting cause she looks too much like Stacy Dash.

  21. And…it’s the weekend! Let the trolling commence.

    Germany’s Nationalist ‘Alternative fur Deutschland’ Says ‘Ban Circumcision’

    “Germany’s third largest party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) is taking aim at Muslim practices, several of which are shared with Jews….

    “The party seeks a ban on minarets and the muezzin Islamic call to prayer five times a day, along with legislation against halal slaughter and male circumcision.”

    1. I like Mr. Happy without a hood. Every girl I’ve ever dated claimed to prefer circumcised penises (peni?). Besides, it’s too late now, it’s not like they can put it back on.
      OT my current GF had a typo texting me the other day, called me hiney. I made a joke about all the exercise I’ve been doing (lots of running up and down stairs), and now she’s calling me “hiney” on purpose.

      1. “I like Mr. Happy without a hood. Every girl I’ve ever dated claimed to prefer circumcised penises (peni?). Besides, it’s too late now, it’s not like they can put it back on.”

        You’re not even trying!

        And I believe the correct term in “penes”

        1. TLC Tugger? That’s gotta be a joke

      2. My wife loves my big hiney.

  22. In response to what I can only presume is popular demand:

    “WATCH: Hot Korean girls eat deep dish pizza for the first time

    “THE moment a group of pretty Korean girls munch on their first cheese-laden pepperoni pizza has been captured in a hilarious video.”

    1. Hilarious because it descends into projectile vomit?

      1. I didn’t know anyone could make a deep-dish article worse, so thank you.

    2. The idea of pickles and pizza isn’t too insane. We have pepperoncini, banana peppers, etc. which are all pickled.

  23. (from March 16)

    “A letter written by President Abraham Lincoln, in the midst of the Civil War promoting several members of the Irish Brigade, is expected to fetch over $70,000 at auction this St. Patrick’s Day.

    “The letter, written on the president’s third to last birthday, Feb 12, 1863 is addressed to General Henry W Halleck. It discusses three soldiers of note in the famed Irish Brigade, an infantry brigade, consisting predominantly of Irish and Irish Americans, that served in the Union Army in the American Civil War.”

  24. Chesapeake man wins Civil War-era beard contest

    “Competitors literally faced off in a variety of facial hair categories that ranged from styled mustache to full beard. Rob Schieber of Chesapeake won the free style category for his full beard styled in the form of an anchor.”

  25. Hillcrest residents want their roads to be public

    “Residents living in the Hillcrest development are proposing to convert their private ways into public roads owned and maintained by the Town of Belmont [Mass].

    “Residents approached the selectmen March 14 to gauge interest and the likelihood of something that has not occurred since the 1980s — the conversion of private ways to public ones. The purpose of this proposal, according to residents, is to fix roads that are in deplorable condition from a lack of maintenance.

    “While residents on private roads pay real estate taxes and receive snow and trash removal, as well as pothole patching services from the town, road maintenance is their responsibility.”

  26. I was good friends with a Hillel Rabbi a very long time ago. He was quite the hippie [cough cough]. Heh.

  27. Atheism plus is a relatively recent atheist movement that sprung from the “new atheism” movement. Like the new atheist movement (whose many supporters use social media to communicate their ideas as well as harass the religious), atheism plus says it is dedicated to furthering the ideals of atheism, promoting what they believe is “free-thinking” as well as being anti-religion….

    “…those who would label themselves as being part of atheism plus say they are also feminists and a huge part of the movement is dedicated to promoting feminist ideals as well.
    The movement started back in 2012 when a woman named Jennifer McCreight participated in a protest known as “boobquake” which was raised in reply to Kazem Seddiqi’s claim that women dressing in revealing clothing causes earthquakes. Jennifer rose to online fame during this protest, an already avowed atheist, she soon begun promoting her atheism and feminism online. The comments she received however from the rest of the atheist community were mostly sexist remarks and invitations to sex, bringing to media attention the long known fact that most of those that are part of the new atheist movement are mostly men and misogynistic sexist men at that…”

    1. I don’t need any of that SJW bullshit to reject the Sky Fairy hypothesis.


    2. I don’t need any of that SJW bullshit to reject the Sky Fairy hypothesis.


      1. Apparently the Sky Squirrelz reject thee!

    3. There are many obnoxious atheists in the world. What else is new?

      1. Yeah talk about a “dog bites man” article!

      2. There are many obnoxious atheists people in the world. What else is new?


  28. “It all began, as so much begins, with a conversation about women ? specifically with a quote from the Apostle Paul: “Christ is the head of every man, and a husband the head of his wife, and God the head of Christ.”

    “”Where’s that crap from, the Domostroi?” Krasnov wrote, referring to a medieval Russian book of rules for family life, which recommend, in part, that a husband periodically beat his wife.

    “Not just one but two people on the forum explained to Krasnov that this was from the Bible. Krasnov got annoyed and called the Bible “a collection of Jewish fairy tales” ? although to be fair, he did add, “for me, anyway.” Then one of his opponents threatened to knock some sense into him, to which Krasnov replied, “There is no God!

    “Apparently deciding to not bother with theological proof of God’s existence, Krasnov’s opponents turned to the help of the police, prosecutor’s office and court instead.”

  29. “Hillel’s Moral Voices campaign has chosen the topic of LGBTQ rights this year,” students wrote in their petition of the event. “This hides the fact that for decades, the state of Israel and Israeli advocacy organizations (like Hillel) have been engaging in pinkwashing, a strategy that tries to improve Israel’s image and rebrand it as a liberal, modern, and ‘hip’ country.”

    “We are not asking for students to boycott the event, but simply do not want Janet Mock’s invitation to Brown to be part of Hillel’s (and Israel’s) pinkwashing campaign. We therefore ask Janet Mock to accept Brown students’ sponsorship instead of Hillel’s,” protesters wrote in their petition.

    Shorter = If you’re gay, (or whatever)… You have no business making choices for yourself where to speak or whom to associate with.

    1. If you don’t abide by the rules, you’re effectively a non-person

      1. its sort of interesting that groups will protest your very existence for lack of “Inclusion and diversity”…. and when you make very high-profile attempts at inclusion and diversity, they will protest your actions as “Pinkwashing”

        e.g. i’ve heard many people accuse financial services firms of being a “white boys club” and criticized for lack of diversity.

        yet i doubt if Goldman Sachs had a transgender eskimo CEO, they’d suddenly be any warmer to Investment Banking.

        All the race/gender victim-mongering is, as far as i’m concerned, a meaningless means to an end – which is just accumulation of power.

        And power is only retained and enlarged through regular use. So it doesn’t matter how much “progress” they achieve in places like Campuses = the M.O. of screeching protests of everything wont end as long as they keep accumulating scalps and scaring people in leadership positions of ever crossing them.

        1. I agree. I remember the type from when I was in college decades ago. Had this movement existed in its current form then, they would have eagerly jumped aboard so they could get their little power kick.

        2. All the race/gender victim-mongering is, as far as i’m concerned, a meaningless means to an end – which is just accumulation of power.

          A thought experiment is useful regarding “proportional representation” as a justification for the premise that “[x] is misogynist/racist and exclusionary.”

          First, take the current proportions and the percentage of the population of each group you identify.

          Then, stipulate that while no one currently involved in the activity or industry will lose their role, all turnover and new roles will be filled with a person who increases the naive proportional “fairness” that is demanded.

          Finally, realize that because the rate of turnover in existing roles and creation of new roles is so low when compared to the number of roles that need to be more “proportional,” that the critique that “non-proportional representation is proof of exclusion” will be “valid” for literally decades.

          This is despite “us” taking an extreme step no one is advocating, the explicit exclusion of the current majority from access to roles in the industry/activity. It’s almost as if the actual goal is to create a semantic construction that allows one to paint ones enemies as exclusionary misogynists/racists, forever.

    2. Pinkwashing? Hahaha, really?

      Someone needs to go to urbandictionary soon to make that word into a gross sex act in our vernacular for all time.

  30. She actually looks like a woman. That’s pretty rare.

    1. As far as you know.

    2. I like her no makeup look

  31. It’s so much fun watching these fuckwits turn on each other.

    1. Really? Was it fun when the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks turned on each other, too?

      1. For a little bit, it was. Until the Bolsheviks ran out of Mensheviks to eat. Still, I’ll shed no tears for the Kerenskys of the world.

        1. Lefttards destroying each other over ideological minutiae?

          Let me grab a beer and some popcorn!

          1. Also: it’s a false dichotomy to compare these snowflake nitwits who mewl that “words = violence” to a bunch of fanatical Russian zealots who believed in Terror as a valid form of political activity and were willing to physically exterminate each other.

            1. Have you ever visited Brown campus?

              There are literal Stalinists and etc. about.

            2. Plenty of them believe violence and terror are justified; they just haven’t mustered the courage yet to use it themselves, but belief is often the first step toward action.

  32. Student Leftists just acting out like the Fascists they are.

  33. What a misleading headline. Turns out the story is that students asked to speaker to appear, but not at a pro-Apartheid venue. What’s bad about that?

    1. “pro-Apartheid venue”

      *sighs, shakes head, goes back to liquor cabinet to find bottle of shiraz*

      1. Listen Swiss, if you don’t want to give people the right of return, essentially turning your western democracy into another Arab shithole, then you are pro-Apartheid .

      2. SHIRAZ? I have lost all respect for you.

    2. Dan, if we need to explain how your comment is wrong, then there’s no point. I think there’s a position open for you in the cattle car to the gas chamber squad. Your buddies are waiting.

  34. I bet the victim grievance scorecard was hard to fill out in her case, so many boxes for and against to check!

  35. Mock should not speak at Hillel, say those who are outraged at Isreal’s treatment of Palestinians. Those same Palenstinians just executed a Hamas commander because he engaged in gay sex.

    I’m sure that was not lost on Mock – those saying she’s OK, just not those Jews — support regime who would murder her as a matter of course cuz she’s not a real woman.

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  37. “Brown University students wrote in a petition to Mock urging her to reject the Jewish group’s invitation. “Israel’s violent policies center on colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide of native Palestinians.”

    Cant palestinians in Israel obtain Israeli citizenship, vote and hold office? Are the palestinians still running around stabbing every Jew within reach? Genocide huh? I don’t think the people using that word know what it means.

    This is the most one sided controversy in history.

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  39. On the plus side, they shut down a transtard. . . so, I suppose it’s a wash. . .

  40. In other news, the University of Missouri had put it’s faculty, employees, and staff on notice that it will be experiencing a $32 million short-fall due to the loss of 1,500 students, including transfers and new enrollment decreases. The lesson is clear: Failure to rein in your fringe intellectually-deficient students will result in the loss of serious money.

  41. They’re not antisemitic, they’re voting for Bernie Sanders.

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  43. RE: Brown U. Students Protest Black Transgender Speaker Because Jewish Group Invited Her

    We cannot have Jewish groups or Christian groups having their speakers on campus.
    Otherwise we will have their opinions expressed.
    Since when did the People’s Republic of Amerika tolerate free speech?

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  48. Brown.
    Isn’t that color of shit?

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