Mom Facing Felony Charges for Trusting 9-Year-Old to Watch Baby Brother in Car

Child services will also get involved.



An Indiana mom may face felony charges for trusting her 9-year-old daughter to watch her baby brother in the car while she ran an errand at Kmart. 

Per usual, some busybody called the police upon seeing children in a parked car, presumably concerned that they could be in grave danger…but not so concerned that the busybody felt any compulsion to actually ask the kids if they were okay, or stick around to make sure. Nope, some dial-it-in heroism sufficed: the person called the cops. 

According to, the cops arrived and remained with the kids for at least 10 minutes, at which time the mom came out of the store just as an officer was heading in to find her: 

Officers released the mother with her children and plan to submit a Level 6 felony neglect of a dependent charge to the Lake County prosecutor's office for approval, he said. Police also notified the Indiana Department of Child Services. 

Now if this is a story that is starting to sound awfully familiar to you, that's good. Because at some point "letting your kid wait in the car a few minutes" will become the "drinking beer in a brown paper bag" of our era—an act that is so clearly non-threatening, the majority of America will shake its collective head over our ever having treated it like a threat to public safety. 

While we have been trained to consider all kids in parked cars as mere moments from expiration, exploitation, or abduction, the fact is that more kids are killed in parking lots than die in parked cars. And in fact, if we really wanted to save the children, we'd criminalize the real danger: parents who drive their kids anywhere, ever. Hundreds of kids die as car passengers each year: 30-40 die in parked cars (the vast majority of them forgotten all day, not waiting out a short errand).  

Here's wishing the mom the best of luck dodging Level 6 felony charges—and a CPS intervention—for choosing not to endanger her kids by dragging them across the parking lot. 

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    1. Poor Walter Block. He is so far away from being able to legally starve his children.

  1. Lenore, if you could email this woman the info on how its more dangerous in the parking lot than in the car, that might be helpful to her.

    I know I'd have a field day at a hearing where the jackboots were trying to punish me for doing the safest thing for my kid, in the name of keeping my kid safe.

    1. This is actually brilliant.

  2. Lake County

    Oh, so not really Indiana.

    1. Agree. It's culturally Illinois for all intents and purposes, the place is crawling with people who pop over the border to avoid Chicago's lovely taxes.

  3. Let's analyze the people in this case.

    1) The cancerous retard who initially called the cops: A malignant, brainless busybody whose callousness and stupidity may have just ruined the lives of an entire family.

    2) The detestable state-sanctioned thugs who genuinely thought it was justifiable to file felony charges and involve perpetrators of legalized kidnapping: Everything about these cops' actions unambiguously demonstrates them to be hellspawn. Die of AIDS, you fucks.

    3) The prosecutor, who'll be relegated to consideration as a Satanic sack of shit if the charges sought aren't summarily dismissed.

    Awesome. And here I was, having myself a decent vacation. *Liquor.*

    1. maybe there is a use for Peeple

    2. 1) The cancerous retard who initially called the cops: A malignant, brainless busybody whose callousness and stupidity may have just ruined the lives of an entire family.

      This person will go to their grave believing they did the right thing, because 99% of their neighbors, friends, family, and other acquaintances are just as horrible of brainless busybodies or even worse.

      1. Window War.

      2. There's too many of them.

    3. You're going to need a bigger woodchipper.

  4. There are child traffickers everywhere! These kids would have been abducted and sold into sex slavery had this heroic citizen not called the police! Nancy Grace said so so it must be true! Lock up the parents and throw away the key!

  5. The person who called the police and then left should be found and charged with attempted homicide or negligence or some other trumped (sorry everyone) up horseshit. If you feel so strongly that something is wrong and you personally don't take direct action, then you are a coward/asshole/cunt/douchebag/etc../etc...

    1. That link doesn't resolve.

      1. If leaving those kids alone in that car was worth calling the cop over than it was worth getting those kids out of that car and protecting them. The busybody did the same thing he/she/xe is by inference accusing the parent of doing, i.e. leaving the kids. If the parent that left these kids alone in the car should be punished then so should the busybody who did the exact same thing, only more so since the busybody apparently knows that what he/she/xe/fv is doing is wrong, where the parent may just have used bad judgment.

        1. I think he was making a joke about the last part of your post "coward..." which looks kinda like a linky because of all the slashes.

          1. Ah, yeah you're right. This is close to one of my pet peeves - people bitching about something but not directly doing anything about it- and thus I jumped the gun, argumentary confirmation bias if you will.

      2. No, I get it, and I agree in spirit. Imagine that you see someone in imminent danger, to the degree that you believe emergency services need to be involved. If you actually think there's danger, what kind of a person are you that you would make a phone call and then leave before the cops even get there? If you don't actually think there's danger, why did you call emergency services?

        1. Fuck, I'm surprised the dickhead hasn't made a video on his Facebook page bragging about calling the cops and got ten hundred million likes for it from all the other sociopath idiots in this sick fuck society.

          1. Facebook: The best reminder of how absolutely fucked we are as a society.

            1. I thought that was the Youtube comments section? Or well, ANY comments section.

              1. Hey this comments section isn't so bad. But it is sort of like the last noble group of citizens sharing a drink and conversation before walking off to state execution.

        2. Because said busybody wasn't really concerned about the children, he was offended by the choice the mother made, and called the cops in order to get the mother in trouble for her actions.

          1. This, this, a thousand times this!

            If the busybody were really concerned about the children, she wouldn't be subjecting them and their mother to CPS investigations and criminal prosecution right now.

        3. What kind of person are you? Why a well-trained and loyal Citizen! After all, private action by private persons is anathema to the Sacred Unlimited Government (Blessed be its Holy Name!) No, the proper course of action it to call the Authorities and then get out of the way, because only the Authorities are sufficiently well trained and professional enough to handle such situations.

          Cops are allowed to commit assault, battery, child endangerment, and child abduction because FYTW. A private person who attempts to "help" in such a situation is nothing but an evil scumbag CRIMINAL who DESERVES to get hammered by the Law.

          (sadly requires a "sarc" tag)

          1. *Genuflects to Uncle SUG*

          2. I've read that exact paragraph before. They weren't kidding.

  6. "...but not so concerned that the busybody felt any compulsion to actually ask the kids if they were okay, or stick around to make sure..."

    And be falsely accused of being a human trafficker? Are you outta yer frickin' mind, Lenore?

    1. If they were truly concerned, they would have hung out nearby just to keep watch and make sure nothing happened to the kids. Calling the cops is an act of judgement that has nothing to do with the welfare of the children.

      1. Thanks for putting what I meant to say upthread way more clearly.

  7. if we really wanted to save the children, we'd criminalize the real danger: parents who drive their kids anywhere, ever.

    Right on! Let children get their experiences on The Internet, the way God intended.

  8. People with older siblings who minded you while your parents were away under similar circumstances raise your hand.

    (I'm raising two because my folks left me and my sister in Denver after a ski trip for the night when we were 8 & 11 because they had to get to work the next day and the only seats back to Boston on the plane left were for them. I cannot imagine the how many years they would have to serve if they got caught today. THE HORROR.)

    1. I was the older sibling, and I was occasionally watching my siblings for short periods of time when I was 9 (they were 6 and 1 at the time). Next time I see my mother I'll remind her of how much of a negligent monster she was.

    2. I'm the youngest. I was routinely left with my older cousins.

    3. Dude, only children who hung out in the car while their grandmother went into the 7-11 to buy lottery tickets, tabloids, and a Slurpee on the way home from elementary school, sound off.

      The US didn't become more dangerous since the 80s for kids.

      1. The best part of my story from up above was my folks didn't even meet us at the airport when we got back the next day. They told us to take a cab from the airport and they would pay the fare when we got there.

        They would probably face the death penalty for that today.

        1. Do even let minors (up to age 26) roam free in the airport anymore? I remember my dad dropping me off at the airport by myself when I was about 8-9 to fly to meet my mom. All the airline did was make sure I found my gate.

          1. Ahh my first lie.
            Solo flight to LA to see grandparents. TWA, the good old days.

            "Do you want to go to Disneyland?"
            "Then tell them you are 5 when they ask."
            "But thats a lie"
            "Do you want to go to Disneyland?"
            "I am 5 years old."

    4. Yo. Youngest of 4 boys, the first being 7 years older than me. It was pretty much up to them to watch me.

    5. The only rule my parents ever had was that you had to be within earshot of the bell on the porch and back within 20 minutes of hearing it or else you were getting an ass whooping, and I'm a "millenial." Military parents though, so that probably makes a difference.

      You can get really damn far away and still be back in time when you hear the bell ringing.

      1. Mine was the streetlights. Be home when the streetlights come on, or you're in trouble.

        1. Yep, streetlights. Same here. We could be out of earshot but when the lights came on you either got home within five minutes or better hope you actually were kidnapped.

        2. My friends always thought I was crazy because I could hear the bell very well when they couldn't.

          I believe that's also the sign of a tumor but I'm still kicking...involuntarily...

      2. Sounds like your parents should have been charged with two felonies: (1) letting you roam without adult supervision, where you were easy prey to drug peddlers, sex traffickers, and vampires, and (2) physical abuse. Maybe when Hillary gets into office, she can see about repealing any pesky statutes of limitation that are keeping them from getting their just deserts.

      3. We had a similar rule - my Ma had a coach's whistle.

    6. Where and when I grew up, the housewives would tell all the children to "go outside and play until suppertime" every single day. We would run around the neighborhood in little packs, roving into the woods for up to 2 miles.

      One day I decided I wanted to buy a lockback pocketknife, so I saved up my own money and bicycled to the store, about 3 miles away from home. I bought the knife cash from the nice man behind the counter, went home, and started carrying it to school every day. One day many years later, a teacher saw me using the knife to cut some paper at school and took it away until the end of class, when she gave it back.

      All of these things would have resulted in felony charges or zero tolerance treatment today, not just for me but for the adults who I interacted with! WHAT HAPPENED in the last few decades?

      1. Dude, shit you see on Leave it to Beaver or the Andy Griffith Show would get CPS called on you these days. Either the nanny staters are right and it's some sort of statistical miracle, a collective Power Ball win for generations of Americans if you will, that there's anyone left today, or maybe, just maybe, uptight helicopters moms, risk-phobes, and Progressives have completely fucked up our societies concept of itself.

    7. I am sorry. What? Your parent left two children unsupervised in ANOTHER CITY while they went to work? Wtf?

      1. Yes. It was the end of a ski trip and we were flying from Denver to Boston. A snowstorm in Chicago had screwed up flights across the country. Our flight was canceled and they only had room for two on the last flight out of Denver. My folks both had to be at work the next day after being off for a week and missing would've been a problem. My sis and I stayed at the holiday inn at Stapleton for the night, got on the shuttle the next day to the airport which was about four minutes from the terminal and went to our gate where we got on the plane and went home.

        What's fucked up is how crazy this seems to people now when back then it was a sign that you raised your kids well.

        1. Stapelton. That was at least 20 years ago then. I just liked landing over the freeway.

  9. We don't make as many children per capita as we used to. That has a effect.

  10. Vote Woodchipper 2016!

    What are you waiting for?

  11. The idiot snitch that called the cops need a serious beating. The stupid cops and the kangaroo court system are a complete and utter joke. When will the people stand up and say ENOUGH. Pathetic. Dont these idiot PUNK cops have any REAL crime to deal with? Apparently not.

    1. It won't be long before you start replying to your own spam, anonbot.

      1. It was a nice spam.

  12. Hey! You forgot to stick the FREE RANGE KIDS logo on this post. Get with the program Lenore.

  13. And in other derptastic news:

    The National Film Board of Canada, the country's public filmmaker, has promised half the movies it finances will be directed by women.

    I'm glad at least one country has it's voters most important issues as top priorities. I bet every Canadian thinks at least several times a day 'If only we had more women film directors, I could sleep ok at night'.

    1. MINISTER: "Well, gentlemen, the National Film Board is interested in your film 'Maple Syrup Honies,' but we're already approaching our quota for male directors this year."

      BOB: "But we're not male, eh? Tell 'em, Doug."

      DOUG: "Yeah, we're trans, transport, transposed,"

      BOB: "What my brother is trying to say is we're transgendered, eh?"

      DOUG: "That's what I said, you hoser. We're really women, eh? And since there's two of us, you'll fill your quota that much faster if you hire us, eh?"

      MINISTER: "Well, I don't know..."

      BOB: "What's the matter, are you transphobic or something? We can get you in real trouble like with that company that put a mouse in our beer bottle."

  14. The best defense is a good offense. I've told my wife that once we have kids, her first response to a busybody like that should be to accuse them of being a child molester and pretend to get on the phone to the police.

    Frankly, I'd feel better if she'd get her concealed carry permit and just shoot the fucker, but she doesn't like guns. (I'm kidding, in case anybody or any federal prosecutor is confused)

  15. The thing is, I'll bet everyone in the chain of actors actually believes they were doing the right thing here. It has become received wisdom--in spite of common sense, evidence, or experience to the contrary--that a child left unattended in a car for any length of time will burst into flames, be abducted by pedo sex fiends, and/or suffocate on a blanket. Authorities and experts have decreed this based on peer-reviewed studies. From the Fed on down to Mooseknuckle Valley City Council, that's the official stance, and that's what the 20-something-year-old police officers who go running around protecting and serving the shit out of everyone have been told every single day.

    Look, you don't get these jobs, and I include the county prosecutor and CPS in this statement, because of your critical thinking skills. If the manual says that children under 17 will die horrible deaths unless they constantly remain with the line-of-sight of a legal guardian, then that's how it is, and they're not gonna go muddying the waters by thinking for themselves.

    1. The thing is, I'll bet everyone in the chain of actors actually believes they were doing the right thing here

      Sadly, at least 90% of the general public would agree with all of them. People don't care about other people or their rights, as long as it's not affecting them personally, they don't care. The person must have done something wrong, it couldn't happen to me because I'm not doing anything wrong, etc, etc. Libertarians are a very rare exception to this rule. It's too easy to see how the holocaust happened so easily.

      1. What? I have it on good authority that libertarians are the most dominant bloc of voters in America today.

        1. The person who said that is a bobble headed moron who needs to get a CAT scan to make sure their brain is still there.


      2. Yes, but "all of them" includes the parent. There'll be sympathy on both sides, as usual.

    2. There is an episode of the show Emergency!, where Gage and DeSoto (the two paramedics) are called by a crowd to rescue a kid in the parking lot.

      After some hesitation they do so, only for moments later to be confronted by the mother who was having her hair done. She berates them and they sheepishly leave.

  16. Also, when I read this:

    Because at some point "letting your kid wait in the car a few minutes" will become the "drinking beer in a brown paper bag" of our era...

    I didn't conclude this:

    ...?an act that is so clearly non-threatening, the majority of America will shake its collective head over our ever having treated it like a threat to public safety.

    I thought something more like this:

    ...--an act virtually guaranteed to get you involved in a very personal conversation with local law enforcement, minimally resulting in said beer being confiscated and receiving a ticket.

  17. an act that is so clearly non-threatening, the majority of America will shake its collective head over our ever having treated it like a threat to public safety

    No, sadly you are wrong. If you weren't wrong, we wouldn't be here where we are right now and we wouldn't be reading stories like this every day. Things like this are happening because the majority of people want it to happen.

  18. "The fact is that more kids are killed in parking lots than die in parked car"

    Citation? Or should we just believe it because of confirmation bias? Maybe it has to do with the fact that there are 1000 kids walking through parking lots for every 1 sitting in a parked car?

    1. From the below link (and formatted so it's readable)
      2014 child motor vehicle deaths
      Passengers in Crashes: 602
      Pedestrian: 167
      Bicyclists: 38

      IIHS stats

      2014 child vehicular heatstroke deaths: 31


      (Formatted from original source)
      Children killed annually from driveway/parking lot accidents: 104

      Presentation I pulled it from

      1. By the way, according to the last resource, 2500 kids are injured by driveway/parking lot accidents annually.

        1. See also this.

          1. Damn, Oscar be schooling the leprechaun!

  19. "letting your kid wait in the car a few minutes" will become the "drinking beer in a brown paper bag" of our era...""

    Uh, awesome and cool? (Swigs from brown paper bag)

    1. I've been trying to do it, too. But the bag gets soggy and rips and ask the beer falls out. Do you have to use a waxed bag, or what?

      1. Leave the beer in the can, don't pour it in the bag!

        1. Oh. That makes sense. I found a waxed bag, and it's still really hard to drink from, every time I try to to tip it to drink from, it kinda folks, and spills. So I've been using a straw. But your idea sounds better.

          1. Bah, real men drink from skins.

        2. Can? Real men drink crazy horse

        3. Spaghetti works in a bag pretty well.

  20. *crunch*

    That's the sound of my nuts getting smashed to oblivion.

    Lenore's almost up to Balko levels of nut smashing mastery.

  21. The Israel/Palestine permafight makes everyone stupid = part MCLXVII

    1. Meh. It's always been an excuse to attack Jews.

      All you have to do is look at how Turkey treats the Kurds. They almost never get any press, despite in many ways the Turks being worse and the Kurds being less homicidal than Palestinians, being more guerrillas than terrorists (targeting police and military as opposed to civilians).

      1. I am currently reading the Old Testament. Apparently Jews are genocidal dicks.

        1. So is god. When I read the Bible, I couldn't help but think how childish and passive-aggressive god was in the OT.

  22. Do you honestly, genuinely think in the future that people will be shocked at stories like this, or be horrified the punishment wasn't worse?

    Society has gotten more and more hyperprotective of children, not the other way around.

    I see not even the slightest hint of any pushback besides an article on Reason, which what, a few thousand people read?

    1. Society has not gotten more hyper-protective of children. People treat children like shit all the time, and nobody thinks twice about using children as pawns in their political nonsense or stomping all over the rights of children in the name of pushing their own agenda.

      However, the elites who claim the authority to govern society have latched on to "protecting the children" as an easy way to crack down, punish, train, and control the adults who are raising, who love, and who actually want to protect those children. In the current environment, police confuse "policing" with turning as many innocent, productive people into criminals as they possibly can. Punishing private child-raising practices, whether they harm anybody or (most likely) not, is low hanging fruit.

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