Michael Bloomberg Officially Not Running for President

He fears that even if he came in first place, rogues in Congress would throw it to Trump or Cruz minus a clear Electoral College majority.


In a somewhat self-important (under a veneer of selflessness) op-ed that appeared, wait for it, on Bloomberg View today, ex-New York City Mayor, absurdly officious statist busybody, and official leading Reason Enemy of Freedom Michael Bloomberg says that he's not going to run for president this year.

Why not? Because, he thinks, even if he were to win the highest number of states or electoral votes if he launched a self-funded independent presidential run, partisans in Congress (to whom the choice would fall absent a majority of electoral college votes going to one candidate) would just give the Ring of Power to a dangerous demagogue such as (his pal) Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz.

Bloomberg is flattered that Americans wanted him to run so badly, and hopes and prays he's doing the right thing by throwing himself on an electoral sword to keep your Trumps and your Cruzes from illegitimately triumphing.

For those who still can't imagine voting for any of the people they can imagine winning the GOP and Democratic nominations now, there is still America's Biggest Third Party, the Libertarian Party.

And while it gets harder with each day that passes thanks to restrictive ballot access laws, it's not quite too late for someone with a lot of money to pay petitioners to get on the ballot as an independent for president

But alas if you feel that it's not enough having only two choices of candidates whose prime political imperative is knowing far better than you do what's important when it come to your choices and ability to live your life free of external interferences (for some it's about trade, for some it's about privacy, for some it's about guns, for some it's about how to spend your money, for some it's about who you can hire, but it's always something), sorry your man Bloomberg has removed himself from consideration.

But this Reason TV piece on Bloomberg's legacy should tell most sane Americans that they can breath a sigh of relief that this guy has removed himself from even potential contention for the White House: