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At Oscars, Joe Biden and Lady Gaga Failed to Save The Hunting Ground from Obscurity

Misleading documentary about campus rape goes down in flames



Perhaps now we can finally relegate The Hunting Grounda misleading documentary about the campus rape crisis—to the ash heap of history.

The film failed to secure the "Best Original Song" award at the 2016 Oscars, the sole category in which it was nominated. The loss came moments after Lady Gage performed the song—"Until It Happens to You"—which featured survivors of sexual assault taking the stage.

Lady Gaga was introduced by none other than Vice President Joe Biden, who stressed the need for bystanders to intervene in situations where it seems a sexual assault is about to occur: the message of the White House-sponsored "It's On Us" campaign.

There's nothing wrong with educating people—particularly young people—about the importance of consent. It's also not wrong to ask people to intervene in dangerous situations.

But The Hunting Ground's approach has been to scare people into believing that colleges are uniquely dangerous places for women—that serial sexual predators are roaming campuses and attacking them. The scientific support for this notion has gradually collapsed, and the specific details of the cases the film highlights are now in serious dispute. But no development could persuade the film's activist producers that they had gotten the story very, very wrong. In fact, they have accused their critics of defending "white male power," even though many of the students railroaded off campuses by these activists are black.

Given such willful ignorance of the truth, perhaps it's simply time to start ignoring The Hunting Ground. The Academy deserves credit for doing the same.

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  1. That movie got raped!

    1. That movie was asking for it!

      1. *Scored like it was, that movie was asking for it!


  2. I was surprised by this. Another Bond song? At least Sam Smith is gay so that trumps sexual abuse, right?

    1. gay beats woman – muslim would beat both.

      1. New rock-paper-scissors:


        1. New Years proves that doesn’t work.

          1. Are we talking about the hierarchy of privilege? I believe Black Trans-woman lesbian trumps all others…

            1. Hierarchy of Privilege, top to bottom goes

              Other Races TBD, depending on the Left’s current needs

              1. would make only one adjustment… Gays above women.. reasoning that black women are covered under blacks so when you say women then you mean white woman so no way they rate over Gays…

  3. “Until It Happens to You”?which featured survivors of sexual assault taking the stage.

    You’re… you’re shitting me, right?

    1. who else is gonna twerk while she sings?

      1. WOW the sexualization/objrctification of sexual assault victims by Gaga violates some proggle code of conduct doesn’t it?!

        Doesn’t anyone see it? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!!

  4. “which featured survivors of sexual assault taking the stage.”

    Or, say, lying sacks of shit.

  5. Hey I’ve uh, I’ve got a very strange One-Drop advertisement in the sidebar, reminding me that there are a whole bunch of movie stars that we need reminding aren’t just tanned, “They’re Black!” Black, damnit! Black!

    1. Weird. This is still the 21st century, right?

  6. They did nothing wrong! —Joey Biden

  7. Vice President Joe Biden, who stressed the need for bystanders to intervene in situations where it seems a sexual assault is about to occur:

    Joe, Joe, Joe – *you* are a walking talking sexual assault. We’ve all seen the pictures. Hell you couldn’t even keep your hands off that fat *male* deputy.


    1. Well duh, who better then to remind us?

    2. “Vice President Joe Biden, who stressed the need for bystanders to intervene in situations where it seems a sexual assault is about to occur”

      Wonder what DOCTOR JILL said about joe groping various fems at awards ceremonies…

      1. Was Cosby busy?

    3. “Vice President Joe Biden, who stressed the need for bystanders to intervene in situations where it seems a sexual assault is about to occur:”

      Tell your friend Hitlary.

    4. Just “get a shotgun and shoot it in the air.”

  8. She’s a great performer and showman. But this is pure propaganda. The agenda is that rape causes mental illness and self-destructive behavior. In fact, low self esteem causes drunken, regrettable sex, and a subsequent random episode of depression later becomes ‘proof’ that it was rape. And oh, if you question it well, you don’t know how it feels.

    Anyway, the purpose of the campus rape crisis epidemic is to institutionalize everyone as either victim or criminal. Then the worst part is that if you ‘drink too much’ then this could be a symptom of ‘alcoholism’ (note all the references to booze in the original music video) and you better get treatment before it’s too late.

    1. yeah, because it couldn’t be that behaviours are CHOSEN rather than CAUSED. Only a crasy man could dream such a thing in his wildest nightmare dream.

      But these same eraseholes that insist the drugs got into the body by forcing their way in, who insist that this or that behavior was caused or forced on someone by others, or just dimly insisting that some force other than the person in question is in charge of his actions without specifying a particular agency, these same idiots will then get all cosmic and insist that we’ve all chosen our lives in all detail before we were born, or, if they’re less mystical, they’ll argue that somehow all us choiceless fuckers at the whimsy of our conditioners are obliged to participate in their nonsense nevertheless because somehow we can be held to a “social contract” which we never agreed to, which affords us no consideration, in the same breath denying we have free agency.

      1. Speaking wherof, “contract” is another term that is becoming increasingly meaningless in common usage. Seems like every old concept relying on basic moral consciousness is impossible for the new men to wrap their minds around. “Justice” is one that went down long ago. The fact that the meaning of the word needs to be explained to anyone is ridiculous Anyone who needs it explained is just an injury to himself and others. “Property” is still intelligible, but they go on like there is some alternative to it, like it’s possible for man to exist without property. I’ve read accounts of mystics imprisonned in dungeons, with vows of poverty, and they failed to live without property. It is an unevadable faculty of the moral being. There’s probably some structural reason for this, why there’s no way round it, but I’m too stupid to understand it with my small disease riddled brain and my body attacked by soulless elfs and drugs…

  9. The Oscars are a waste of space. I see The Look of Silence lost to best documentary to some bullshit about Amy Winehouse just like The Act of Killing lost to some bullshit about back up singers. The Act of Killing was not only the best documentary of all time but one of the best films I’ve ever seen and somehow the made a sequel almost as good and they both lost to meaningless crap.

  10. F YOU’RE waiting till they turn into young people to teach them about basics like consent and property, you’re doing it wrong. For one thing, it’s hard to see how folks who don’t understand these things can be described as “young people”. Perhaps young psychosexually dwarfed beast children. Or, more likely, culls that got missed.

    Could it be that the increasing nebulosity to the understanding of “rape” is in fact due more to there being an increased proportion of moral rejects incapable of conceptualising property or consent and less due to the purposive effort of a few to reframe things to their political advantage? Heck, it seems like such things would not be possible, no matter how much someone may’ve tried to get it to happen, if enough people had some basic grasp of things like property and consent. It’s the same way the concept of “violence” has become totally meaningless in most circles. Instead of meaning anything specific, it now seems to mean, the way most folks use it, no more than “use of force by somebody I don’t like”, and the way many are using it, “some act or other of somebody I don’t like”. The ethical component is totally absent, nor’s the element of force all essential. So f you’re an upstanding “Christian” man, you can rape somebody beaten into submission and it’s not an act of violence and it’s not rape, but a disfavoured person walking the perimeter of his own property with a gladius to hand is doing violence and quite possibly raping somebody.

    1. “upstanding “Christian” man” has fuckall do with the current campus con game devaluing rape, violence, consent and individual agency.

      Are you confused, or did you just randomly pull something out of your “Bad People” Bag?

  11. OK, I’ll do my part to end sexual abuse. I’ll commit to trying to keep Bill Clinton and his enabling wife from returning to the White House, the scene of many of his crimes. Does that count?

    1. Works for me; anything to keep the White Witch from ascending to the throne.

  12. “the need for bystanders to intervene in situations where it seems a sexual assault is about to occur”

    These bystanders did their duty.

    (needless to add, NSFW)

    1. It’s good to be the king.

    2. One can only hope, if that was translated into Arabic or Ragheadese, that there is no confusion between ‘intervene’ and ‘participate’.

  13. Given Hollywood’s own history of sexual abuse, it’s more than a little hypocritical

  14. I love how they want men to jump in to prevent sexual assault, but also want them disarmed. Of course the fact that we’re constantly told we’re not capable of defending ourselves and should leave it to the cops is kinda contradictory.

  15. The producers’s next documentary will explore how Robby is the worst serial rapist of all time.

  16. Is there any sufficiently direct journalist these days who would ask Joe Biden or Obama about their endorsement of ‘rape culture’ talk and its 1 – in – 5 figure for college students? We’ve all heard of Obama’s weed-enjoying ‘Choom Gang’ from is autobiography, and Biden likes to paint his young manhood as colorful and sometimes gritty. They presumably had a ring side seat to some aspect of the ‘rape culture’ when they were in college, yet no one asks them about that. They can refer to 1 out of 5 with the same impunity as the press could refer to the Univ. of Irginia as a ‘rape campus’, even though no can name a single rapist on that campus.
    It really starts to matter when a young man’s reputation is destroyed through the hyping of a sham documentary.

  17. My wife complains about award shows and then watches every single one. Last night, she came up to bed and said, “Joe Biden introduced Lady Gaga for some award. Something to do with campus rape or something. God, I can’t deal with these shows any more, they’re just so…liberal!” And this is a woman who voted for Obama twice and actually believes in white privilege.

    1. I think the PC world is becoming over-extended and is due for a backlash, and Trump is part of that.

      1. Oy, when the PC backlash against Trump takes off I’ll need to go into hiding or turn gay just to get at least a little victim cred.

  18. Facts do not matter to this crowd; their “truth” is whatever they want to believe, and if someone can package it for them and cue some catchy music to it, that’s good enough.

    God I’m glad I got rid of cable.

  19. perhaps it’s simply time to start ignoring The Hunting Ground

    The what?

    1. The Hunting Grounds

      You know, The Hunting Grounds, a man gets trapped out west and has to live with the Indians. It won Kevin Costner all kinds of awards.

  20. “iven such willful ignorance of the truth, perhaps it’s simply time to start ignoring The Hunting Ground. The Academy deserves credit for doing the same.”

    Robby, carving out a block of time to let the artist perform the song that’s not winning the award is hardly “ignoring” it. They tried their hardest to bring it forefront and center.

  21. Well, maybe next year, when Hillary wins, they can have Bill Clinton give an award for a different movie, about politicians who rape women in the halls of power in Washington…

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  23. Now this is a guy I would vote for…. Professional Criminals do great damage to the country. They steal the fruits of your labor, they hurt people, they Kill People, they cause us great cost in paying for security, and they shatter our faith in our fellow human beings….

    Had a family member or friend get murdered?
    Had your home broken in to and had you Grandmothers Jewelry Stolen?
    As a kid have your heart broken because some jerk stole your bike?

    These are not HUMANS but animals and they deserve the punishment they get.

    We should be hanging habitual offenders not putting them in prison…

  24. This was the most outrageous example of exactly what Chomsky talks about in Manufacturing of Consent. This was propaganda on steroids, straight out of a text book on the subject.

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  26. It is very important that young people learn how to act in dangerous situations. However, it is even more important that the documentaries were truthful and depict adequately the reality. essay writer

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