Donald Trump Wants an 'Insider' as His Nominee, Brian Sandoval Possible SCOTUS Nominee, Leland Yee Going to Jail: P.M. Links


  • CNN

    Republican frontrunner Donald Trump says he'd look for a political "insider" as his running mate to balance his "outsider" status, although he also insisted he was a "political" person, comparing the process of getting permission to build on the Upper West Side to negotiating an Israel-Palestine peace deal. When he flirted with a run in the 2000 election, Trump floated Oprah Winfrey as a potential running mate, and repeated that idea again last year.

  • President Obama may be considering Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) for a nomination to the Supreme Court.
  • Nevada Sen. Harry Reid (D) has endorsed Hillary Clinton, while Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) endorsed Ted Cruz.
  • A new bill introduced in Congress to eliminate the use of money bail in the federal court system.
  • Former California State Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) was sentenced to five years in prison on charges related to public corruption and conspiracy to traffic weapons and launder money.
  • A plane in Nepal crashed halfway through its 19 minute flight, killing all 23 passengers on board.

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  1. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump says he’d look for a political “insider” as his running mate to balance his “outsider” status…

    Donald and Hillary can choose each other for running mates.

    1. Hello.

      “Former California State Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) was sentenced to five years in prison on charges related to public corruption and conspiracy to traffic weapons and launder money.”

      I wonder what a citizen would get.

      1. Shot on scene for “resisting” the cop, most likely

      2. I actually knew Leland Yee, from working with him on a San Francisco issue back in the 1990’s. He seemed like a really good guy back then — but of course, politicians can almost always seem like good guys in person, that’s one of the talents that makes them successful in politics. I was amazed to find out what he’d become over the past few years, really evil and deserving of a prison sentence. See ya, Leland.

        1. Is that what your lawyer told you to say? ACCOMPLICE

        2. Almost. I met Ralph Nader once.

    2. Ha! That’s what I tell people who happen to bring up politics. What better way to make this campaign even more of a clusterfuck.

    3. Donald and Hillary can choose each other for running mates.

      If Trump chose Hillary for VP, he’d have to have extra secret service protection. Kinda the opposite with what Obama did with picking goofball Biden.

      1. To protect him from those who’d rather have Hillary, or from Hillary herself?

        1. I was thinking Hillary.

  2. Nevada Sen. Harry Reid (D) has endorsed Hillary Clinton…

    Reid’s still around?

    1. Until January, if I’m not mistaken

      1. Unless that exercise machine catches him.

        1. No, he endorsed Hillary, he’s safe.

    2. Those clouds aren’t going to yell at themselves.

    3. The Searchlight Strangler still has not yet been brought to justice, and in fact walks the streets among us free as a bird to this very day.

  3. Not even 2th, I presume.

    1. I saw that you were grumbling yesterday.

      I don’t know why. Two away goals is a huge advantage!

      1. They were up 2-nil, for fuck’s sake!

        Mand?uki? should have been red-carded for going after Lewandowski.

        1. Giving up leads is brutal but that’s the positive. Edge Bayern.

          Still, I’d be careful with Juve.

  4. Nominating Sandoval to the Supreme Court gets him out of the Senate race.

    1. Doesn’t he have to be in Boston by Opening Day, anyway?

      1. And wasn’t obesity one of the health problems Scalia had? Why nominate another obese guy?

    2. Is that the thinking? Tossing away a SCOTUS appointment for that? Hillary will be pissed.

    3. Nominating Sandoval


      Let’s see if anyone gets this one…

      1. Isn’t that New Mexico?

      2. I had to look it up.

      3. Not a big Bioware crowd, it seems.

      4. Can’t Obama just nominate himself? He IS a Constitutional scholar, like Michael Badnarik…

      5. Did you do this Sandal?

      6. Did you do this Sandal?

      7. Did you do this Sandal?

        1. Well played squirrels… well played.

    4. Bullshit. Sandoval is an Obama type Republican – not an Aborto-Freak, gay friendly, pro-business, pro-environment.

      He is no Scalia Aborto-Freak knuckle-dragger.

      1. Yo, dude. How’s my “stagnant” biotech stock doing?

        BTW, you want to post a copy of your donation check?

        1. He said he has the ‘proof’.

          1. It is buried under a pile of his $600/oz gold!

        2. Up about 10%. Good for this market. Are you still the only buyer? You must have some inside mojo. Small Aussie biotech that no one follows.

          I mailed Matt Welch a MO with “donation enclosed” and his name on it. You’re tight with him. Ask him.

          1. Dollars – 20; percent – 8
            Who is H&R’s biggest cheapskate? …

          2. I’ve been following it for more than 10 years. They finally have EMA approval and paying customers. As soon as FDA approval comes through, they’ll be a multi-billion dollar company. 8 billion annually in off-label use alone.

            The rise will be bigger than Jazz from 2009-2015.

          3. You didn’t notice that sixth linkie in the grey bar up at the top of the page?

  5. President Obama may be considering Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) for a nomination to the Supreme Court.

    Seems like a waste of political opportunity, unless a Democrat could be elected governor of Nevada and that would mean something.

    1. I was under the impression Sandoval would be the strongest candidate for Reid’s Senate seat.

      1. Dumb trade. A justice for a senator?

        1. Its 4-D chess.

    2. I don’t see it, unless the purpose is to get the R’s to actually hold a hearing for Sandoval, at which point, President Obama retracts Sandoval and nominates Eric Holder. Then he can say the R’s are just being political for not consenting to Holder (or worse, rayyyy-cisss)

  6. Trump was in Virginia Beach today, so naturally we’ve had tornado warnings all afternoon.

    1. And actual tornado touchdowns a couple hours east of you.

      1. So… out in the Atlantic Ocean?

        1. No, you’re missing the point. I’M AN IDOIT. Don’t forget that.

          I meant west of you.

          I’m still an idiot, I know.

          1. That’s what i figured, but this is Hit’n’Run, and if i’d let that slide they’d revoke some of my orphans.

            1. Apparently 3 people were killed. Serious tornado.

              1. As opposed to a frivolous tornado?

                1. Was, not Was.

                  They were born to laugh at tornados.

                  *Feels bad for making frivolous references while learning three people died*

                2. Wasn’t there a frivolous tornado in some old tv commercial — people would notice this little tornado spinning about, freak out and start following it around the house, until the tornado finally went into some bottle of cleaning solution?

                  Really a vague memory, I’ll bet someone here can remember it better.

                  1. The only commercial I remember from my childhood, other than Cal Worthington, was the “I learned it from watching you, dad!” PSA.

                  2. It’s called Voom.

                    1. +1 pink spot

                  3. I remember it well. Ajax, the white tornado, you racist.


                  4. Found it!

                    Liquid Ajax, “The White Tornado”.

                    No longer permitted as a slogan, and banned at Williams College.

        2. He meant north, in NYC, the next state up.

          1. Not foolin’ me, I know NYC isn’t north of Virginia. Its up.

        3. That Atlantic Ocean is sure dangerous. Tornadoes, meteors exploding, the Bermuda Triangle, etc.

    2. Trump’s hairpiece hardest hit.

      *Summons SF prose with blood/semen offering*

      1. “The hair disappeared into the vortex and was never worn again…”

      2. I tried to do a SugarFree-ish filk of John Prine’s “Donald and Lydia” with The Donald and Hillary but couldn’t make it work. No matter what I wrote I just didn’t feel like vomiting after reading it. A little help?

        1. First, you must summon the filth inside you, youngling. Go to the darkest place in your mind. Realize there is a darker place, and darker still. Let it well up within you, let it fill every pore and orifice. Then vomit. Vomit your words.

          1. *sits in Zen trance, taking it all in*

          2. Sadly, the filth is there, but I lack the skills to confine it within the limitations of meter and rhyme scheme imposed by the filk form.

  7. A plane in Nepal crashed halfway through its 19 minute flight, killing all 23 passengers on board.

    Gotta watch out for Everest, she’s a doozy. 2 soon?

    1. Voted number one mountaineer killer in a landslide!

    2. It’s far away. Not too soon.

    3. Everest was such a disappointing movie, although it was very appealing.

      1. *visually* appealing. Goodness, words!

    4. A plane in Nepal crashed halfway through its 19 minute fligh

      Didn’t it crash at the END of the flight? It’s not like the flight continued.

      1. Now you owe The Hyperbole royalties.

      2. I am thinking you stole your material from Ron White:

        2 guys sitting in a plane being tossed around in a storm:
        “You think the plane will make it?”
        “Sure. All the way to the crash site.”

  8. I nominate Leland Yee for the Supreme Court!

    1. I don’t much care for his views on other people’s guns.

  9. Former California State Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) was sentenced to five years in prison on charges related to public corruption and conspiracy to traffic weapons and launder money.

    That weapons charge is what means he won’t be back.

    1. The charges were only RELATED to public corruption, because if he actually went down FOR corruption it’d set an awful precedent for our brave public servants.

    2. How is that only 5 years?

      1. I bet he doesn’t do the whole 5.

    3. Leland Yee is the guy who tried to ban the CA version of the AR-15.
      I’m loving the weapons trafficking conviction.

      He can burn in hell.

      1. Ban it so he could sell it to you at a mark up.

        1. This should be uncompetitive trade practices someone can sue over.

  10. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump says he’d look for a political “insider” as his running mate to balance his “outsider” status…”

    Oprah is an ‘insider’?

    1. Trump can’t be bothered by your pathetic “facts.”

    2. It seems like going with a fellow TV star would be a bad idea, but I couldn’t have predicted much about Trump’s success.

      1. You never heard anyone say “Born on third base and thinks he hit a homerun”?

        1. I meant his recent electoral success.

    3. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump says he’d look for a political “insider” as his running mate

      I heard Bob Dole is still around.

      1. Bob Dole is still alive!

        /Bob Dole

    4. Oprah is an ‘insider’?

      She’s been to the White House more times than Trump.

  11. A plane in Nepal crashed halfway through its 19 minute flight, killing all 23 passengers on board.

    Actually it crashed right at the end of it’s 9 1/2 minute flight.

    1. THAT’S IGNORANT. Probably a sherpa with a laser pointer.


          1. Warty ?

            Is that you ?

    2. It would have been 26, but three people on the plane bailed out in a life raft. Their whereabouts are unknown, suspected to be in India.

      1. *golf clap*

  12. …while Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) endorsed Ted Cruz.


    1. They could be their own comedy team.

      Cruz: “HeyyyyyyyAbbott!”

      First up: ‘Abbott and Cruz-tello meet Frankenstein’.

  13. There’s no way in hell Obama would nominate a Republican. I’ve mulled that one over, and I’m sure he has to stick it to them, as well. It just won’t happen. It will be a progressive with the election looming.

    1. Yeah, I suspect this is just to keep the issue in the headlines and make the Republicans look unreasonable.

      1. Exactly.

        He’s just hoping that if the hint is out there they may be stupid enough to fall for it and say well maybe we will look at his appointment.

        Then Lucy pulls the ball away and the Rs are proven racists when they won’t actually consider his real nomination.

        1d chess

  14. Wanted: Troll Army

    So, I got a call from some IRS scammers telling me I have an arrest warrant out for me unless I pay up. I plan on calling and wasting their time and harassing them. If anyone is bored or just wants to practice their insults here is the scammers number: +1 (360) 810-6206. Tulpa, I’m counting on you buddy.

    1. Try 4chan, not your personal army dude.

      1. Don’t send Florida Man there!!

    2. Won’t it be funny when you actually get arrested!

    3. I hate to break it to you, but that IS Tulpa. You found his day job, man.

    4. Don’t you have orphan labor for that sort of thing anyway?

      1. The IRS confiscated them. It’s a bloody catch 22!

    5. I’ve gotten that from several different numbers.

      Everyone at the IRS has an Indian accent, apparently.

      1. Yup dude was Indian. I just got another call from them. I have a 30 minute drive home, I’m going to see if I can keep them on the hook the whole way home.

        1. Get info.

          You are being scammed, and it’s obviously a crime. The IRS doesn’t like people horning in on their tax racket.

          Get a routing number, an account number, a P.O. Box, anything.

          1. Then send it to whom?
            /no sarc just in case

            1. Visit or call your local I.R.S. office. That’s what I did and they were quite appreciative.

            2. Yes. What Charles said. They don’t fuck around.

            3. I posted this before: the FCC phone complaint page. It’s a p.i.t.a. form to fill out, but I’ve done it and my spam calls eventually dropped.

      2. I had several from India and at least two with Slavic accents.

        1. The Slavic was probably Pan Zagloba just fucking with you. Better IRS him, just to be sure.

          1. Dammit, Doyers, if the word I’ve been busted reaches Tsargrad…

            1. I’ve watched enough episodes of The Americans to know a commie spy when I smell one…

              1. I would’ve got away with it, if you didn’t make me say “moose and squirrel”!

    6. I’ve never gotten a scam call like that. Sounds pretty unsavory. Maybe I’ll send them a few faxes later.

      1. Photocopies of your butt?

      2. If they’re nude faxes, CC me plz

        1. Nudes or butts, you can’t have both!

      3. Please do. If all the libertarians waste 5 minutes of these scumbags time each, it’d be like 20 minutes.

        1. Well, it’ll definitely muck up their lines a bit. Maybe. I dunno–faxing is magical 80’s technology that was built on nothing but dreams and cocaine.

          1. You know what else was built on dreams and cocaine?…

            1. The 1989 Detroit Pistons?

            2. The 1980s?

              1. Good guesses. But no one mentioned the Delorean

            3. Let me guess again: PB’s life?

              /thought he’d gone for good.

        2. The Libertarian Menace: delayed lunch breaks.

          1. I’m basically Girl Hitler to their Baron Underbheit

            1. I’m basically Girl Hitler


            2. This comment has been up for 15 minutes and what have you assholes done with it?…. Huh? Really? Seriously?…allow me

              You know else claimed to be Girl Hitler?…

              1. Listen, you cold-blooded cretin, this commentariat is too classy to make hay of such statements. We respect women. If you don’t like that you can get out.

                1. Respect women? Hell no. We respect fellow Venture Bros. aficionados.

                2. I was not making fun of the female biped. Regardless she is probably far more durable than most male commenters(kind of a requirement to crawl into this delightful den of intellectual intercourse)

                  My comments were directed at a decidedly negligent commentariat.

                  Back to my point: You never walk away from a chance to ask a rhetorical question about a certain Austrian lady.

                  1. My comments were directed at a decidedly negligent commentariat.

                    We are classy now! Pure class.

              1. The best treatment for blue balls. Not that, uh, I’d know anything about blue balls, of course.

      4. Maybe I’ll send them a few faxes later.

        I just did.

        1. Hah! I work it a pretty technologically “gifted” industry, and faxing is primarily how we communicate with our peers in different offices. It’s so weird.

          I’ve seen people print electronically generated pdfs to fax them to me–and we’re supposedly on a secure network.

    7. I got some voicemail that sounded like the same thing. I made out something about owing the IRS, which is obviously bullshit. Mine was a 206 number.

      1. I answered because I was expecting a bid on a contract, otherwise I don’t answer numbers I don’t know.

        1. Bid on a contract for.. male escort services?

          1. I didn’t short chipotle so I have to watch my money!

            1. Which is why you should be selling your body.

              1. A kidney goes for around $250,000 on the black market. He sells both and he’s a half millionaire.

                1. “A kidney goes for around $250,000 on the black market.”

                  Aw man, did I screw up.

                  1. If you’re good at something, never sell it for free.

    8. There’s an app for that!

      Jolly Roger Telephone Co.

      1. Thanks. I might kick a few bucks because I’m pissed off.

        1. They called me repeatedly about my sister recently. I passed it on not knowing it was a scam (and also because my sister has a real record in the area they were calling from), but warned her to call from a public phone or something and be careful.

          1. They already had my name, number and address. They over played their hand when they said I have a warrant. I’m going to fuck with them until they block me.

            1. Maybe these fuckers are just foul enough to deserve having the police sicced on them. It’s wire fraud at a minimum.

              1. You’d think. My mom got similar calls. The police told her they couldn’t do anything unless she had already been scammed out of money. I’m pretty sure the IRS won’t give a shit either. Trying to go after foreign scammers doesn’t benefit them at all. They’ll continue to wring your taxes out of you regardless.

            2. I was being harassed by a phone scammer(Indian)…asked for his physical address and he got snippy.
              I then proceeded to tell him I couldn’t talk anymore, my juicy steak was about done. He fucking lost it, started whispering “suck my dick, motherfucker, and your whore mother”. Never got a call from him again. He didn’t even wait for the rat jokes. Sorry to all the cow lovers out there except for him and those like him.

            3. This type of stuff really angers me — you know nine times out of ten that it’s gotta be elderly people who fall for this crap.

              1. Yeah. Old people suck.

          2. Wtf? Crazy.

      2. That settles it. YouTube for the rest of the day.

    9. I got one of those calls about a month ago. I played along. Told them my son-in-law was the local chief of police so I doubted he would arrest me. Guy on the other end didn’t immediately know what to say, then said something like “we’ll arrest him too; we’ll send the sheriff.”
      So I said, “That’s cool; you do know that I’m the County Sheriff, don’t you?” Guy hung up.

      1. No, I’m the Sheriff. We all are.

    10. That number is probably spoofed. All you’ll end up doing is spamming some poor guy who happens to be the real owner of that number.

    11. Update:

      I kept “Kevin Smith” on the phone for 35 minutes and then demanded to talk to his supervisor. I was so nice to “Christian Martin” that she agreed to cancel my arrest warrant, unfreeze my accounts, and pay my taxes for me. I’m guessing those two are going to be talking about the Bi-polar guy for a while.

      1. HAHAHAHAHA! I wish you had recorded the whole thing.

  15. A plane in Nepal crashed halfway through its 19 minute flight, killing all 23 passengers on board.

    Shangri-fucking-La. The plane will eventually be found but many of the bodies will be missing from the crash site. You know why. These people have been kidnapped by the monks and will forever sing the story of the world in anticipation for the next great war. This has happened before. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    1. I thought they would be trained by the monks to bring about the eventual fall of civilization.

  16. Today, in bullshit headlines: “Iowa May Allow Children to Carry Handguns”

    Of course the bill isn’t talking about CC, but who cares?! Words!

    1. The current state law has no restrictions on children using long guns or shotguns under a parent’s supervision…

      Somehow, the size difference between long guns and pistols makes the pistols that much more deadly.

      1. Well, my kids certainly aren’t going to go shooting WITHOUT my supervision.

        Is that what these people want??? IS IT?!?

      2. Actually the short barrel on a pistol makes it much, much easier to accidentally shoot yourself.

        My father learned to shoot a K-22 at 8. He taught my brother and I at 4 and 5. I taught my son to shoot at 4.

        None of us have ever destroyed any property or injured any person with a gun.

        1. Try harder.

        2. Yep. Nothing makes a kid respect how dangerous firearms can be more than actually firing one. I was 9 the first time I fired my father’s .357. I nearly hit myself in the face with it during the recoil.

    2. From the article
      The Washington Post reports that the bill had a polarizing effect in Iowa

      So polarizing that virtually no Iowans have probably even heard about this bill.
      I certainly haven’t.

    3. After checking it over, I’m actually astonished that the statutes actually forbid a parent from allowing a 13 year old to shoot pistols, even with direct supervision.

      Somehow I get the sense that this particular law is basically ignored by parents and cops, except maybe in Polk and perhaps two or three other counties.

    4. I like how the headline says “Carry”, the sub-headline says “posses” and the actual article says “handle”.

      My reaction: I never would have thought that it wasn’t legal for a child to use a handgun with parental supervision.

  17. Fined for belching…

    1. I remember when we were at one of the palaces (Sch?nbrunn?), there was a little old man on a bike with one of those bike bells ringing it to get people off the grass.

      1. That’s like every company area on any military post.

        “Hey private! Get the fuck off the battalion grass and get over here and start pushing!”

    2. Wow…Austria allows its police to be offended on behalf of its citizenry. Nothing worrisome about that, since it protects others from human biology.

  18. Feb. 23rd was the fortieth anniversary of It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll). So I’m told by Facederp.

    1. This year is also the 40th anniversary of this classic song.

      1. 1.) That band certainly has more cute wimminz in it than AC/DC

        2.) Burt Sugarman sounds like a porn name.

  19. I’M AN IDOIT

    That would be an awesome t-shirt.

    1. I’M WITH AN IDOIT, with an arrow pointing down at the wearer’s crotch.

    2. Bah. Let Trump do his own campaigning.

  20. Trump/Romney 2016!

  21. Soo, what news of Canada should I bring today? $18 billion deficit? Weird Ontario SJW textbook for kids? Pot?

    Let’s make like Shackford and pot.

    Canada’s largest drugstore chains are reportedly looking into the possibility of selling marijuana in their stores as soon as the regulatory framework makes it OK to do so.

    Sweet, sweet profit motive, how I love you. However, it’s not all easy street:

    Liberals have no schedule for legalizing marijuana, Bill Blair says.

    As has been true of most of their pre-election promises, vaguely defined “we are so totally doing this” is turning into “do stuff? how about some glamour shots of PM Zoolander instead?”

    Which, honestly, I wish they would just do. Let MPs debate their heads off, do nothing for four years and have a photo shoot every week.

    1. Yeah, it’s aboot time they get off their Zambonis and do something, eh?

    2. Trudeau as PM Zoolander made me chuckle.

    3. I honestly despise Ontario’s school system. My sister isn’t that old but she’s already calling the mentioning of differences between men and women sexist.

      1. Here, you can have the Lauren Southern video exploring the book in question.

        I swear, books I had as a kid were less obviously biased than that shit. Then again, the education system I grew up in would be denounced as a horrible right-wing dog-eat-dog Social Darwinism despite it being notionally Marxist/Revisionist country.

    4. Liberals have no schedule for legalizing marijuana, Bill Blair says.

      What a shock. Make a promise you have no idea or intention of how to carry it out. Liberals up to their same old tricks. Where’s my waterfront?

      1. Forgot to mention that this the “policy” that Suderman thinks we need more of….

      2. On the Arctic shore.

      3. Yet Trudeau has shooting his mouth off about the subject for months.

        1. You are talking about the same group of politicians that said they wouldn’t make an arms deal with the Saudis but do so anyway while saying that they oppose the deal that they are passing anyway

    5. Well the Ontario Teachers are the propaganda wing of the Liberals anyway….

      1. I wish. If you look at the video, this is kinda shit where Anita Sarkeesian would go “hold on, you might be piling it on a bit thick…”

  22. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump says he’d look for a political “insider” as his running mate to balance his “outsider” status, although he also insisted he was a “political” person, comparing the process of getting permission to build on the Upper West Side to negotiating an Israel-Palestine peace deal.

    He has been meeting with guys like Giuliani, so I can only cringe at his potential running mate and cabinet members (I would cringe at every other candidate, too, but these people would somehow seem worse).

    1. When he said he’d look for a political “insider,” he was talking to Pat Robertson, so take the context as you will.

    2. I’m sure their input is very valuable.

      Giuliani: “9/11! 9/11! 9/11!”

    3. Giuliani sounds right.

      It really will be hilarious if every major name in this year’s ballot is a New York liberal.

      1. Electoral college prevents that unless trump claims to be from NJ.

        1. It’s unlikely they’d get NY’s electoral votes anyway.

    4. Peter King for VP!

  23. That Leland Yee story should have gotten so much more nation coverage. A Democrat gun-control advocate gets caught gun smuggling. Silence. I did see on CNN that week that some state congressman from Alabama got a DUI, though.

  24. Trump/Rubio

    There’s a reason Donald and Rubio can’t seemed to be coaxed into trashing each other. Rubio is young enough to bide his time as VP and the Establishment can think he’s a pathway to reining Trump in.

    1. That is a good theory. Rubio has no soul, so he would do it.

    2. I thought VP post was supposed to be an anti-assassination measure, though.

      1. They can’t find anyone worst than Trump that would take the job.

        I mean, there have been uglier political weddings. Reagan/Bush for one. Or McCain/Palin.

        1. Kennedy/Johnson was about the worst I can remember

      2. The trick is to pick the VP so annoying the shooter wants to shoot him or her ahead of the President.

        1. Exactly, I don’t think Rubio is that bad. Fuck, Cruz would be better for the role, especially if you’re worried about leftist shooters.

          Wait, is that Duck Dynasty guy available?

      3. Have you ever listened to Rubio when he doesn’t have talking points in front of him? He is not Biden level stupid but he isn’t good. Rubio is the perfect VP. He checks a few political blocks, doesn’t know much but knows how to show up at funerals and use the right fork at dinner.

        1. Exactly. There’ll be one debate with whatever piece of shit they can strong arm into being on the ticket with Hillary and the rest of his job is to sit there and look pretty.

          There’s no one short of Jesus that could run on the ticket to sway people to voting for Trump. His negatives are just too high. So pick an establishment darling, make it look like you are playing ball and carry the ticket all by yourself–which you were going to have to do anyway.

          Rubio is not a bad choice all in all.

          1. If Trump wins it will be because a whole lot of people who don’t care about the GOP establishment or even know there is a GOP turnout and vote for him. So, picking Rubio is not a bad choice at all.

            1. Given that Hillary seems dead set on being as repulsive a candidate as possible, who does she pick?

              Wasserman-Schultz? Pelosi? Boobs McSchumer? Bill? Huma? A Home Server?

              1. Honestly, who the hell would want that job? Even if she wins, her Presidency is going to be a disaster. She only will have won because the country hated her marginally less than her opponent. And she won’t be black. What a grim administration it would be.

                Anyone who signs up for that really has nowhere else to go. Honestly, I don’t think any of those you list would take the job. You are going to have to lower your standards.

                1. It worked out okay for Ford.

                  1. Only because Nixon had the decency to resign. Hillary has no decency.

              2. Chelsea!

                1. Caroline Kennedy.

              3. My guess for Hilary’s (or Joe Biden’s) VP is Julian Castro. I read somewhere that he’s taking Spanish lessons.

          2. the rest of his job is to sit there and look pretty

            And attend Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s funeral.

          3. Trumps negatives aren’t that much higher than Hillary’s, and I think he can bring them down (and make hers go up).

        2. Rubio is not Sarah Palin level stupid but he is stupid.

          He can name a newspaper and a SCOTUS case.

          1. Dollars – 20; percent – 8
            Who is H&R’s biggest cheapskate? …

            1. Palin’s Buttplug?

  25. Rescued Swedish girl says life under Islamic State ‘really hard’

    From there, Islamic State militants ferried them by bus with other men and women to the city of Mosul in neighboring Iraq and provided them with a house. There was no electricity or running water.

    “I didn’t have any money either – it was a really hard life,” she said, looking relaxed and healthy. “When I had a phone I started to contact my mum and I said ‘I want to go home’.”

    The teenager, who was rescued on Feb. 17, is currently in Iraq’s Kurdistan region and will be handed over to Swedish authorities.

    Security services estimate that hundreds of Western men and women have left home to join Islamic State since the group overran large parts of Iraq and Syria in June 2014.

    A mother who took her 14-month-old son to Syria to join Islamic State fighters was jailed for six years by a British court earlier this month.

    Smiling occasionally, the girl compared life under Islamic State to that in Europe: “In Sweden we have everything, and when I was there, we didn’t have anything”.

    1. I don’t like them interfering with natural selection. This problem will solve itself in short order.

    2. “”Then he said he wanted to go to ISIS and I said ok, no problem, because I didn’t know what ISIS means, what Islam is — nothing,” said the girl.”

      Did you not bother Googling the country he was taking you to in order to find out that it was in the middle of a civil war?

      1. She’s full of shit. Even a teenage girl in lala land has heard of ISIS or knows Iraq has problems of some kind.

        1. After reading Theodore Darlymple, I’d believe it if she was English.

      2. “ISIS…that’s that kebab joint down the street, next to the drug store, right? Sure, sounds good.”

        1. You’re thinking of Al-Abbas, the best Palestinian chicken.

          1. “Never miss an opportunity…for our delicious drumstick special”

    3. “In Sweden we have everything, and when I was there, we didn’t have anything”.

      This stupid bitch will be lucky if some Syrian refugee isn’t living in her house and won’t rape her when she shows up.

  26. I don’t see why Trump can’t be President and sit on the Supreme Court too.

    1. William Howard Taft did it.

      1. And when William Howard Taft sat on the Supreme Court, he sat on the Supreme Court.

    2. I’m sure he wants to be the legislature as well.

  27. “…although [Trump] also insisted he was a “political” person, comparing the process of getting permission to build on the Upper West Side to negotiating an Israel-Palestine peace deal.”

    To be fair, I assume negotiating these two proposals has roughly the same degree of difficulty.

    1. You gotta have moxie … if you know what i mean.

  28. Dated the 23rd, possibly already been posted: Whole Foods is determined to take out Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and Kroger by offering one huge perk

    Trigger Warning: picture of thin crust pizza.

    1. Trader Joes is cheap, and has great deals. Is that the perk that Whole Foods is going for?

      1. No this is that dumb 365 by Whole Foods nonsense. Because people go to Whole Foods to get a tattoo.

      2. Agreed. I’m a five minute walk from my place to both and I almost always go to Trader Joe’s unless I’m shopping for seafood or some of the more obscure items.

        1. ChimmiChurri rice from their frozen section.

          Thank me later.

          1. I’m going to have to grab that tonight. I always keep a couple of their chicken balti curry pies in the freezer for early morning matches or whenever I want to just eat my feelings.

      3. Our closest Trader Joe’s is not worth the crowd to me.

        1. Its a shame that there’s not a single one of these stores within 200 miles of me. And there’s 200 in Phoenix and San Diego.

          That’s goddamn economic inequality for you.

      4. The one in my town is cheap and all, but it seems like anything we buy that isn’t frozen and prepared is already bad, or a day away at best.

        1. I never know what to buy in a Trader Joe’s. There’s nuts and cooking oils, those can be a decent price. But unless you’re really into frozen meals or boxed snacks, why bother?

          1. That’s ultimately why I quit shopping there. I’d end up just buying cookies and frozen orange chicken. Their produce is awful looking.

    2. I’m guessing there’s approximately 0.0% overlap between Aldi’s customers and Whole Foods’ customers.

      1. More than that, most likely. Most millenials shop at Aldi’s except for the one overpriced sprig of Whole Foods lettuce they buy to say they shop there.

      2. I’ve shopped at both. Aldi maybe 4 or 5 times. Whole Foods maybe 15 to 20 if that.

    3. So, you get to pay for overpriced food and overpriced delivery. Sounds great.

      1. It’s really hard to signal other millennials when you never set foot in the store.

        The delivery vans are going to need to have huge WHOLE FOODS signs on all sides. Maybe even some flashing lights and music over a loudspeaker.

        1. What kind of music? Vanilla Ice? It’s like they all have a window into us millennials’ souls.

      2. Instacart is a great deal. I highly recommend them.

      3. Meh Whole Foods isn’t that expensive but I hate shopping there because it’s always crowded and it’s become obnoxious to shop at because everyone runs into each other and feels the need to have a conversation blocking all the aisles. I can’t wait until Wegman’s opens up. The new Costco has been pretty great, too.

        1. It can be really expensive or it can be competitive with a mid-range grocery store. Depends on if you buy the Whole Foods brands or the happy hippy brands. Produce and meat are usually more expensive no matter what. IMO it’s totally worth it for meat on quality alone, especially red meat (plus I like the animal welfare thing). It’s rare that the quality of the produce justifies the higher price for me.

          But yeah, Whole Foods seems like they tend to be designed by a drunk first year architect student who may also be a chimpanzee.

          1. They built this big new stand alone store to replace the old one in a strip mall and it still is too crowded ALWAYS. The parking lot is a danger zone to drive through and you’ve never seen so many poorly parked Volvos and Subarus.

            1. Um, do we live in Charlottesville? Because that is the same thing they did with ours…

              1. Did Volvos and Subarus give it away? :-p

                1. Nah, it was the unnecessary move to the new building. Volvos and Subarus are, I think, native to all Whole Foods. I am in fact, one of the Subarus, but I park well.

                  I think there is one other Charlotesville or nearby person on here. I’d be up for a meet-up sometime if you or anyone else is interested.

                  1. I know Ron Bailey lives here, and I think someone lives in Nelson County. I’d be up for a Reason meet-up.

                    1. Bailey is almost certainly too good for us. I’ll keep this in mind for spring.

    4. I don’t have any of those where I live.

      Check your geography privilege. Just kidding. I live in the last best place 😉

      1. Where you have exotic foods such as french fries, frozen buffalo wings, and bowling alley pizza?

        1. Hey! I managed to find pho offered at two, TWO different Chinese places in town.

          1. But was it authentic pho or faux-pho, Riven?

            1. I don’t know. I got the general tsos instead.

            2. It was so good that she got mo pho.

          2. *whispers* It’s not….


            1. What’s that?

              I can’t hear you over the sizzling of my pizza casserole.

              1. HOTDISH

                /retches uncontrollably

                1. God, I love hotdish.

                  1. The only worse food crime was that Suthen did to that poor hot dog. That was like the pedophilia of food crime. You’ve just managed voluntary manslaughter from abnormality of mind.

                  1. It’s magnificent, HM. Lol @ “serves 8 people,” though. More like four.

                    1. If one wants lasagna, why not make lasagna?

                    2. 1. The meat sauce alone takes 4 to 6 hours
                      2. the bechamel while not as time intensive takes a lot of fucking stirring
                      3. Making noodles is a pain in the ass

                      thus the Hotdish was born.

                    3. I don’t even like lasagna.

                      All hail Hotdish.

                    4. This is why Trump wants to build a wall around the Midwest.

                    5. *applauds hotdish, glares at HM*

    5. Oh SHIT! They’re ruining Instacart? The beauty of Instacart was that you could order from whatever store and have it delivered, even Costco for non-members. Fuck you, Whole Foods. Right in the ear.

      1. phew, I misunderstood. Whole Foods will exclusively deliver through Instacart, but Instacart will deliver other stores.

  29. Dear Mr. Donald Trump:

    Respectfully, you misunderstand the purpose of the office of Vice President. It is very simple and I will explain:

    The Vice President is a life insurance policy for the President. You must choose a person who would be so awful as President that no one would ever dream of offing you. This is a long tradition in this great country of ours. No strategy is 100 % bulletproof (I know, I know ) but this one has been overwhelmingly successful.

    To a man all of our successful presidential assassins have been leftists. If you choose someone that the left finds appealing it is very likely that you will be implementing an unsuccessful strategy.

    Sincerely –


    *illegible signature and coffee stains follow*

    1. John Wilkes Booth was a leftist?

      1. He was a Democratic actor…

      2. Well, he was part of the entertainment industry.

          1. Like all actors, he Anglicized it from the original Boothowitz.

            1. Thankfully, us goyim still have Mel Brooks on our side. Can’t get more Anglo than that!

      3. I forgot about that stupid fuckstick.

        Still, my point is not invalidated.

      4. Well he did shoot a racist right wing Republican.

        1. Also, he did support slavery.

          *I know I am just rationalizing away my mistake*

      5. He did something bad, didn’t he? He had repulsive thoughts, right?

        Leftist. Total prog. God, progs can’t get any more despicable.

    2. PS – John McCain’s choice of running mate was brilliant, probably the smartest thing he has ever done. Consider how much the left hates that woman. Would any leftist ever take out a President McCain and make Mrs. Palin the president? You should reconsider your choice of Mrs. Winfrey as she has demigod status on the left. You would probably not be able to finish your inaugural speech.

    3. Hell yea I would predict someone would shoot him just to make Oprah President.

    4. By my count 2 out of 4 have been. Oswald and the guy who shot McKinley were. Booth wasn’t, and the guy who shot Garfield was just a Republican who was mad that Garfield didn’t give him a job after he campaigned for him.

  30. Donald Trump is the Barack Obama of the American White Man’s (and his admirers and stooges).

    When he wins the election, I’m going to go to my white friends and congratulate them on the “We shall overcome” thing. They got their country back.

    1. You are very intelligent, witty, interesting, and likeable.

      1. I can’t help but think he/she/it’s like Randy from Survivor. So shitty and so hostile that it can’t be anything but an act, sort of the Tony Clifton of the Reason forums.

    2. What will you say to all of the black voters who helped him? Will you congratulate them on their tolerance?

      1. What will you say to all of the black voters who helped him? Will you congratulate them on their tolerance?

        Or this

        1. What choice did they have? God told them to vote for Trump


            1. The marquee (shewn at the 1:34 mark):

              “Jesus would endorse Donald Trump

              Luke 19:1-14

              Vote Trump Make Harlem Beautiful Again”

              ( Luke 19:1-14)

              1. Black people enjoy a good show and can’t stand an uptight white woman. The Don totally has a chance at getting some black votes.

        2. I like that dude sitting to the left of the pastor.

      2. It just hit me that Trump is in a position to make some very good pitches to black voters. No one really believes he is a Republican so he is something different. They don’t see him as the same old whitebread racist white guy. He can simply ask the blacks who are lifelong Dem voters what that has ever gotten them, list Hillary’s policy proposals as identical to all of the Dem policies and promises that have gotten them exactly nothing.

        He could pull that off. It would be hilarious to see the Dem goddess that wears blue contact lenses to change her brown eye color lose big with blacks.

        An article a few days back claimed Trump is burning down the R party. More likely he could burn down the D one.

        1. The nerds over at National Review and on the internet grabbing their inhalers over how Trump is “not a conservative” are doing him a huge favor. If country really thinks conservatives and the GOP hates him, he has a chance to win a lot of votes Republicans normally don’t get.

        2. I can’t see into the man’s heart but I have the impression he is no racist. An opportunist yes, racist no. I think the only color he sees is green.

          1. He is not a racist. He seems to like his women though. OF course that didn’t seem to hurt Bill Clinton.

        3. Crusty would make her brown eye blue…

          1. Warty would make her blue eye black.

        4. I predict he will move to the left now, and start poaching lefties by attacking the banks.

          He’ll promise to break them up.

      3. Well Woodrow Wilson and FDR both got the black vote and the racist redneck vote too…

        1. Actually, Woodrow Wilson did no get the black vote and FDR only started getting it after his first term and still not a majority.

          Those blacks who could vote voted Republican well into the 1930s. And substantial numbers continued into the 1960s.

          It was Goldwater’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that drove blacks to the Democrats.

      4. Trump is has a very good relationship with The Blacks.

        The Blacks love him.

    3. How would President Trump celebrate Black History Month? (shudders).

      1. Whatever he does it will be classy.

      2. With a Uuuuuuuuuge barbeque!

  31. You know which other Outsider wanted an insider for his running mate?

    1. Soda Pop Curtis?

      1. Well, nothing gold can stay, so……..maybe.

      2. Stay golden Ponyboy

      3. That was golden.

    2. This sounds like some kind of euphemism for gay athletes so I am gonna go with Bruce Jenner.

      Did I get that right?

    3. The DP Duo; Johnny Salami and Ovary Tickler?

  32. Nevada Sen. Harry Reid (D) has endorsed Hillary Clinton,…

    Oh thank god. The suspense was killing me.

    1. He doesn’t want Bernie coming after all that cash he’s been stockpiling during his time in the Senate.

  33. Leland Yee gets five years on gun trafficking charge. How long will I stay in prison if I went to NY with a gun that’s legal in 49 other states?

    1. Stay? You think you’d leave??

    2. “”Guns = Prison,” public service posters proclaimed categorically. In 2006, the mandatory prison sentence was increased to 3.5 years from 1 year

      Five years later, though, that equation seemed decidedly more equivocal. In 2011, the latest year for which sentencing statistics are available, fewer than half the defendants who had been arrested for illegal possession of a loaded gun in New York City received a state prison sentence, according to an analysis of criminal justice statistics by the mayor’s office.

      In the Bronx, as few as 31 percent were imprisoned. In Brooklyn the rate was 41 percent; in Staten Island it was 47 percent; in Manhattan it was 68 percent; and in Queens it was 76 percent.

      Still, the proportion of defendants sentenced to prison represents an improvement over previous years, said John Feinblatt, the mayor’s chief policy adviser and criminal justice coordinator. “Before the new law in 2006, which required anyone convicted of felony possession of an unlicensed loaded gun to serve three and a half years, the prison rate was 28 percent,” he said. “We’ve made a lot of progress.”

      And by “Progress” he means jailing people for longer. For possessing a weapon.

  34. It’s slowly starting to dawn upon me that, yes, it will be Trump v. Hillary. I shall hereon refer to November 2016 as “The Great Deep Dickening.” I don’t even think the last 16 years of combined Kennebunkport/Kenyan dicking will compare. This is going to be like Lexington Steele and Rocco Siefredi had their DNA combined to create a political supercock capable of raping the entire global population at the same time.

    1. So… about half as bad as Warty then?

      1. (ponders…nods)

    2. Look on the bright side, Trump will likely win that. Just sit back and enjoy all of the butt hurt that will cause. Come on, you guys are always saying how much you loath the GOP. President Trump will cause more delicious butt hurt among Republicans and conservative journalists than you could ever imagine it. Don’t deprive yourself of their tears worrying about Trump, which you can’t control anyway.

      1. I could be wrong but the national polling data seems to indicate that Trump is the ONLY “Republican” nominee that currently loses to Hillary. I don’t know why I care. They both are atrocious. I close my eyes and I hear their amalgam voice whispering “struggle all you want, it’s still going in.”

        1. http://www.realclearpolitics.c….._race.html

          Here is the latest. And they are all close to or within the margin of error. And one has him winning.

          And then there is this


          It is a long ways to November but there is nothing in the polls right now that says Hillary is any kind of a lock. And when you look at the enormous advantage Republicans seem to have in intensity, I think Trump has a very good chance.

          1. That U.S. News piece is really interesting. I guess there’s something to the whole “Reagan Democrat” thing.

            (goes back to mentally preparing for the Dickening)

          2. John-

            In the previous elections the “dominant” run up candidate seems to have always won. By dominant, I mean the candidate who enjoyed the lead through most of the year running up to the election. When independents break, they tend to break heavy towards the candidate with the most consistent lead. Based on that, I don’t see Trump getting the win. Hillary has slid a lot, but she has continued to remain high, despite periodic rallies by Trump.

            Who knows- this election is breaking all sorts of conventional wisdom- but I still lean towards this being Hillary’s game if she faces Trump.

            1. The enthusiasm gap between parties is huge. The GOP is breaking turnout records. Trump rallies are breaking arena attendance records, while Hillary rallies are often pitiful. Trump had more people at his Las Vegas rally than voted for Hillary in all of Nevada. She’s visibly sick, never been a good retail politician, and the FBI is on her tail. At this point I see Trump demolishing her.

        2. Yeah, but the polls are asking people on the phone now. Wait until Trump starts campaigning against Hillary and shredding her in the debates. One of the two knows how to appeal to the common man.

      2. Look, America needs to be punished and punished hard. That’s why we have Trump. That’s why we have Hillary. That’s why I cry into my whiskey every night.

        1. Try crying to the side. Less dilution.

  35. So is America in the late Roman Republic stage? Either support the crook or the demagogue. That always ends welll. Or those Latin American countries where you either have to chose between a Pinochet, a Peron, a Chavez or a Castro. Or the Middle East where the chose is either Saddam, a crook or ISIS.

    1. The late Wiemar Republic stage had even more sodomy, believe it or not.

      1. Weimar Germany had Nobel Prize winning politicians, Female suffrage, talkies, experimental tv and radio so it should have been a libertarian utopia….

      2. There was no twerking though, which would have been a serious drawback from your perspective.

        1. There was no twerking though

          I’m not sure about that, Josephine Baker was a regular at the cabarets.

      3. Herman Goering was shot by the cops and took lots of drugs so libertopia….

    2. I see Gary Johnson getting close to 2 percent of the vote this time around. At least he’ll get mine.

    3. its 410 AD and Alaric is on his way.

  36. So the Libertarian moment…. I have lately had the feeling that while a lot of people like the idea of reducing government in the abstract how many people support actual budget cuts? And how many people really disagree with Keynesianism or with the notion that Austerity and Privatization are genocidal?

    1. I often ask people (in political discussions, that is) to name *one* government program they would cut.

      Most can not.

      1. That is so depressing.

    2. Well since the recession ended almost 7 years ago (June 2009) and we didn’t adopt Keynes’ spending cuts during good times advice, I would suggest that nobody actually agrees with Keynes.

      1. They only agreed with the parts of Keynes that they liked: that spending money is good for the economy.

    3. The problem is that even if you can think of a program to cut, the people who actually get the money that is going to be cut care a lot more about it than you do.

      Look at the ethanol mandate. There are reasons for people across the political spectrum to hate it, since they are a form of crony capitalism that artificially inflates food prices, (poor and working class hardest hit) it doesn’t help the environment, and probably makes things worse. Good luck actually getting it repealed though.

      1. Not to mention the unions, the protests and the MSM…

      1. Well I have realized it for the past few years or so. Oh and the solution to this is to clap your hands and proclaim that the Libertarian Moment is Upon Us.

  37. I said this on the other thread, but the thread died. So I will repeat it here. I think what terrifies the political and media class most about Trump is not that he is a buffoon or would be a disaster as President. That happening would just give them a giant I told you so. I honestly don’t think they fear that.

    I think what scares them is the possibility that he wouldn’t be a disaster. That he might when compared to Bush and Obama be an improvement. And if a reality TV star can be a decent President, what would that say about their alleged intellectual superiority and importance over the rest of us?

    1. “It’s been a fun ride, folks. But now it’s time to get down to The People’s Business.”

    2. That and he’s beholden to no one. He doesn’t have a lifetime of chits to make good on. How can you do business with a guy who doesn’t give a shit if your son-in-law doesn’t have a sinecure? He really can tell Congress (and worse the media-lobbying complex) to go pound sand without fear of reprisal.

    3. No, what they’re really worried about is that Trump comes across as intolerant and is politically incorrect, and they’re worried that Europe won’t like us.

    4. That’s part of it, John. Another is that to the left, charges of racism, misogyny, and xenophobia have been (sorry) trump cards. If Trump wins, their strongest weapons will have been useless. It might be a Waterloo for political correctness.

  38. “”he also insisted he was a “political” person, comparing the process of getting permission to build on the Upper West Side to negotiating an Israel-Palestine peace deal””

    Well, he has a point there.

  39. “”Trump floated Oprah Winfrey as a potential running mate””

    Holy fucking what.

    1. Tell me wouldn’t win 50 states if he did that.

      1. I believe he’d probably win a number of other countries as well.

        But… just the implausibility of it. There’s definitely a degree of magical-realism going on i’m not entirely comfortable with.

        1. I think he’s just trying to signal that he’s not racist or sexist.

        2. I don’t think he would really do it. But it would be funny as shit if he did. I am coming around to the opinion that we take these things too seriously. That being President isn’t as hard or as important as the media and political class makes us think it is. They are all morons and are terrified someone from the outside will show the country what they are.

          1. I for one, don’t want a Vice President with 11 toes.

          2. I dunno, John, when a president gets to appoint supreme court nominees, declare war, and do all sorts of unconstitutional shit through executive action, I think it’s pretty serious.

            But I’m past it too. Vermin Supreme 2016!

            1. That is the one thing that matters. That said, Trump is at least a wild card. We know the kind of slime Hillary would appoint. And even if the Republican nominee were an ordinary politician, there is at least a 50 50 chance they would fuck up an dominate a stealth liberal. So I am not sure Trump is any worse than the other GOP candidates. All of them are a crap shoot at best.

              1. At this stage, Trump is probably not worse than the other Republicans, and he’s certainly not worse than Rubio. Only Clinton is worse than Rubio, by virtue of being an unapologetic criminal.

                Fuck it, there’s no good coming out of this election unless by pure chance, Trump accidentally does some good stuff because he’s sees doing so as a populist position.

                The idea of Hillary being president is a fucking nightmare that I never want to live through. I would rather grant Obama a 3rd term.

          3. The Beeblebrox model of governance. I like it.

    2. That’s probably just BS, but it would be pretty funny to watch liberals lose their shit over it

      1. Actually I sort of recall her being a CCW holder. Or does my internet memory fail me?

        1. So is Dianne Feinstein if that tells you anything.

        2. Maybe, but I know she endorsed Obama’s reelection and she’s a democrat. Trump wants people to think he could get her as a running mate because it helps his optics. But that is up to her, just as much as it’s up to him.

          1. Of course Trump is effectively a Democrat too. But it doesn’t seem likely that someone so pro-Obama so would also want to be Trump’s vp

          2. Isn’t she a secret libertarian? I seem to remember she owns a bunch of orphans in Africa.

              1. Thank you both. I was pretty proud of that one, and was afraid the thread was dead. Couldn’t believe no one had said it yet.

  40. Speaking of Keynes his fellow Liberal whose ideas created the welfare State William Beveridge had this to say in his famous report:

    1.Proposals for the future should not be limited by “sectional interests” in learning from experience and that a “revolutionary moment in the world’s history is a time for revolutions, not for patching”.
    2.Social insurance is only one part of a “comprehensive policy of social progress”. The five giants on the road to reconstruction were Want, Disease, Ignorance, Squalor and Idleness.
    3.Policies of social security “must be achieved by co-operation between the State and the individual”, with the state securing the service and contributions. The state “should not stifle incentive, opportunity, responsibility; in establishing a national minimum, it should leave room and encouragement for voluntary action by each individual to provide more than that minimum for himself and his family”.

    Oh and he was a eugenicist too…

  41. “”Former California State Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) was sentenced to five years in prison on charges related to public corruption and conspiracy to traffic weapons and launder money.””

    I’m going to be very disappointed if he doesn’t get shivved.

    That said = has someone already said, “Yee-Haw?” If not, for shame.

  42. Federal food stamp fraud charges could topple Warren Jeffs’s polygamous Utah sect

    Last September, the Labor Department sued FLDS for oppressive child-labor conditions, alleging that church leaders put at least 175 children younger than 13 to work to harvest pecans without compensation.


    Compared with other cases against FLDS, this one may prove to be the tipping point because it targets the church’s money supply. State officials in Arizona and Utah told the Salt Lake Tribune that about 700 Short Creek households received a total of $7.2 million in food-stamp benefits last year.

    1. My math can’t be right. Right?

    2. Damn, that is a lot of Bunny bread and magic underwear.

    3. That’s the polygamy grift. The sister wives all sign up for public assistance as single moms. That and kicking out all of the boys from the colony as soon as they’re teenagers.

      I highly recommend Under the Banner of Heaven.

      1. That book was terrifying.

  43. I would legitimately vote for a Trump/Winfrey ticket. I don’t even give a shit at that point, it’s a sign of the apocalypse anyway.

    1. That shit’s in the bible.

      1. Bible nothing. That is fucking Ragnarok!

    2. I’m firing up my line of Vermin Supreme t-shirts and yard signs right now. If we’re going to make a mockery of this thing, let’s stop fucking around already.

  44. It will all be worth it when Trump takes the Oath of Office in his brony suit.

  45. When he flirted with a run in the 2000 election, Trump floated Oprah Winfrey as a potential running mate, and repeated that idea again last year.

    You get a single-payer healthcare system! And you get a single-payer system! And you get a single-payer system! EVERYONE GETS A NEW SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE SYSTEM!

    *crowd goes wild*

    1. Plus he’ll save Christmas.

  46. So I’m assuming this Sandoval guy is very in favor of ‘common sense’ gun control and a shill for the greenies. Otherwise, there’s no way Obama would be mentioning his name.

    1. My guess is that he would be another David Suiter at best. No thanks. And even if you told me he was going to be a Janice Rogers Brown clone, I would still vote no if I were in the Senate for the simple joy of telling Obama FUTIW

      1. Turtle Head’s already said no way in hell he’ll back down, IOW he’ll back down.

        1. Even if he backed down, I would be shocked if they could get 60 votes to overcome a filibuster. And no way are they going nuclear and changing the rules. I don’t think there is anyway this is going to happen.

      2. “And even if you told me he was going to be a Janice Rogers Brown clone, I would still vote no if I were in the Senate for the simple joy of telling Obama FUTIW”

        If he nominated Janice Rogers Brown, I’d be too busy having a three day long orgasm to think about any other subject.

        1. Indeed. I can hardly belive John is being so spiteful and short-sighted.

          1. GAH IT IS STARTING


            1. Don’t say we don’t aim to please Crusty.

        2. I’d nominate Gary Johnson.

          1. I’d say Clint Bolick but….he’s taken.

          2. I’d nominate Judge Nap.

            Or me. I’m a lawyer!

            1. I’d nominate somebody without a law degree. Only a lawyer can torture the pain text of the constitution until it means the complete opposite of what it says.

      3. David Suiter

        Come for the discussions, stay for the John-o’s!

    2. He has an NRA Rating of A, for whatever that’s worth.

      1. Really? Interesting.

        1. To his actual record, he vetoed a mandatory background check bill and a few others that Bloomie has been looking for.

          At the end of the day, the fact that he doesn’t share President Bozo’s views on RKBA makes me think that this guy wouldn’t even make an expanded list of potential nominees, let alone be on the short list.

          1. Sandoval is pro-business/trade, pro-environment, pro-choice, pro-gay – – as Obama is. He doesn’t give a fuck about where Sandoval is on guns.

            1. Dollars – 20; percent – 8
              Who is H&R’s biggest cheapskate? …

          2. Honestly, at this point, the way things are going in the race (Hillary wins) the GOP should probably take it and be thankful. I mean, if he’s even half-way decent it’s a miracle. Once Hillary wins or is even perceived as inevitbale what little leverage they have is gone.

  47. EPA = Changes the Way it Measures Stuff To Fuck With People Harder

    While the new data collected by the EPA on methane emissions show that emissions have not increased, they do give regulators a fuller picture of emissions, McCarthy said.

    “The data [*we purposely went out of way to collect in order to] confirm that we can and must do more on methane,” McCarthy said.”

    Agency discovers new means to justify own existence, hype up problems to “solve”.

      1. “Clean for Gina”

    1. Agency discovers new means to justify own existence, hype up problems to “solve”.

      That’s what agencies do.

    2. The EPA is populated entirely by fanatical watermelons. This shit will never end until they have completely humanity out of existence. After they finish the list of GHGs down to the most insignificant one ( water vapor being the worst GHG of all, and yes regulation of that is coming ) they will start on everything else. Dirt, light, fumes evaporating from your roof shingles, sound, human farts, etc etc.

    1. ” The agencies did not find any top secret documents that passed through Clinton’s server in their full version,…”

      They had ‘Top Secret’ removed from them so yeah, not the full versions. She got their people killed so I am surprised they haven’t reacted more aggressively.

      1. Actually i was kidding, both agencies said that the stuff on her server was Top Secret yet was piecemeal.

        Its just more confirmation that the evidence contradicts Clinton, should be enough to charge her.

  48. By the way Ireland is going to have an election on Friday. Interesting to see if the austerians can win and how well Peter King’s buddies do…

    1. King’s buddies are disturbingly popular at 20%, but that’s not enough to win. The two austerian parties are already saying they’ll go coalition.

      Ireland is probably the only western European country to even approach real austerity. Coincidentally their economy is thriving.

      1. Except the two austerian parties might not get enough seats to form a majority.

        1. From what I read it’s pretty much a sure thing that they will.

  49. This is a really interesting article about 3d printing but the most ineresting part is near the end and talks about a 3d-printed Stirling Engine [insert Archer joke here]. The Stirling engine runs on heat. It is very efficient but it has a very high bulk/output ratio that has held it back. One company is trying to 3d print that problem away.

    If successful the Deka Stirling Engine could supply electricity to those far-flung corners of the world yet to be reached by a grid system. Helping out those in the developing world is a passion of Kamen’s and the Stirling Engine excites him, he told Forbes Magazine last year: “We have powered them using cow dung in Bangladesh, and even by burning olive oil.”…..-printing/

    This could be a big deal. Maybe decentralized power production would become economical and even the norm. No more grid. No power lines, just gas lines. Or copies of the US constitution if you’re a proggie.

    1. And Stirling engines are just cool. I’m not sure that it wouldn’t be better to run a generator off of a turbine or ICE if you have gas lines, though.

      1. I’m not sure either, but Stirling engines are noted for their high efficiency. Maybe that would make them better.

        1. There’s some pretty high-tech AIP subs that use Stirling setups these days. I am genuinely surprised nobody has designed/built a Stirling turbine; I see recuperative turbines out in the wild, but no pure Stirlings.

    2. “We have powered them using cow dung in Bangladesh, and even by burning olive oil.”

      Olive oil. The cultivation, harvesting and refining of the oil takes how much energy? How many calories in a gram of olive oil? How efficient is the conversion?

      That is a wildly inefficient way to produce energy. I am going to say this is another green boondoggle. He is angling for some of that sweet global warming bucks to subsidize his perpetual motion machine project in Namibia. These energy sources are both bullshit.

      1. I doubt they are really suggesting olive oil as a viable fuel source. Just an example of how versatile it is. Though that is a pretty unsurprising example. Obviously you can burn olive oil. You can run a diesel engine on olive oil.

        The person making it may have a green boondoggle in mind, but it is a versatile machine that could potentially be very useful.

      2. Exactly, not like anything produced by those “hick” soy farmers…

    3. All heat engines run on heat. Amazing observation. They aren’t more efficient than other heat engines. That is dictated by Carnot and temperature regardless of the cycle used. CCGT’s can routinely hit 60% efficiency. Stirling only really makes much sense when you’ve got a nice, captive heat source like, say, a nuke or a solar concentrator which doesn’t need air. With combustion you’re still going to be throwing away plenty of heat just to aspirate the system. 3D printing doesn’t materially change anything, but it’s 3D printing so it must be gooder.

      If you have access to gas lines, then SOFC is still a much more promising path because that follows Nernst and not Carnot, i.e. cooler means more efficient. You need just enough temperature to enable self-reforming (unless you want to supply it hydrogen which is impractical for other reasons) and start out with ~60% thermal/elec efficiency and can go up to 90% if used for cogeneration such as heating air or water.

      1. Yeah, I’m not an engineer, but aren’t sterling engines only about 50% efficient? Which seems pretty inefficient to me. I think they were considered “efficient” back in the day when the only thing to compare them to was the steam engine.

        1. 50% is good but it has nothing to do with the engine design. In fact, an engine by itself doesn’t have an efficiency until you tell me the inlet and outlet temps.

          Wiki is good for this sort of thing:

          1. So the steam engine itself is a heat engine, but not a sterling machine? Ok, I guess I should cram. Is engineering one of those things where a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing? Or can I just glom a small amount of knowledge and then act an expert, and ask the gov for lots of money to explore my idea of a perpetual motion machine?
            Because, frankly, learning all this shit before I shoot off my mouth seems like a lot of trouble.

            1. Or can I just glom a small amount of knowledge and then act an expert

              That’s what engineers do when it comes to physics.

      2. Read the article. The 3d printing makes the engine smaller.

  50. If you all recall the case of Jessica Chambers? Who was set on fire in Mississippi in what many people assumed to be a racially-motivated killing…. which many conservative media believed was being “covered up” by the MSM because ‘wrong narrative’ or something…

    Well they’ve Indicted Someone for the killing.

    “Quinton Verdell Tellis, 27, is charged with killing Jessica Chambers, who was discovered on fire and walking away from her burning car on Dec. 6, 2014, outside the town of Courtland in northern Mississippi. She died of her injuries a short time later.

    Authorities in Panola County said Tellis and Chambers knew each other as residents of the same town, but gave no motive for the slaying. They also refused to disclose the dying statement she made to firefighters who came to her aid.

    Tellis was indicted by a grand jury on Tuesday. He was already in jail on charges in an unrelated case in Louisiana, where he moved last summer.

    In August, he was arrested when he was found in possession of items belonging to Meing-Chen Hsiao, 34, of Taiwan, who had been stabbed to death in Louisiana, authorities said. He has been charged with the unauthorized use of her debit card but not her murder”

    There’s not much else there. Interested if there is any other detail from the investigation published elsewhere. The early reports suggested there may have been multiple people involved.

    1. That is a crazy ass case. The media wouldn’t touch it. But I have never seen anything about just what the hell happened or why.

      1. If I recall correctly, there was a theory that it was a botched informant operation that the authorities were embarrassed about.

  51. Also cool: “Bioengineering researchers from Rice University, Texas, have hacked a commercial-grade CO2 laser cutter, turning the machine into an open-source Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printer. “OpenSLS” costs at least 40 times less than its commercial counterparts.”…..eaper.html

  52. Anyone visit to see real Chavistas in action? And Paul Craig Roberts, Oliver Stone and Glenn Greenwald are big Chavistas too. Why is that so many “anti-war” “pro-civil liberties” people a bunch of Commies?

    1. Russia is sucking ass too. And Putin would be a good GOP “decider” here. Oil economies are in the shitter – see all the layoffs in Oklahoma. Devon Energy just cut 1400 jobs there. Chesapeake is drowning in debt and laying off thousands. North Dakota too.

      Of course VZ sucks for every reason imaginable.

    2. Interestingly, googling “Hugo Chavez Glenn Greenwald” revealed that Greenwald has written sympathetic and defensive articles about Chavez in recent years, but wrote a very anti-Chavez piece in 2005 that basically called him an oppressive Castro clone, and defended Bush’s reputation in Latin America. Surprising contrast.

  53. “Clinton is better than Trump”, this time by Tom Nichols.…..ald-trump/

    1. Libertarian Moment!

    2. You told us yesterday “Clinton is the better choice”. I guess you really are feeling the Hillary these days.

      1. Or he’s feeling the cough?


      2. She’s looking less and less awful. But still awful.

        1. Funny how Hillary is less of an existential threat to your worldview than Trump is.

          1. Yes, if by ‘funny’ you mean ‘completely logical’. She’s a criminal and a sociopath. He’s a fascist with possible mental illness. Better the crook.

  54. Sandoval is not an Aborto-Freak Bible Beater like Scalia was. That is why he is doomed as a GOPer SCOTUS nominee.

    1. I guess after a couple of weeks locked up and being forced to take your meds, you won that competency hearing. Congratulations. I guess.

      1. I’ll try to make up for my absence, John. This is the sorriest batch of candidates in my lifetime. It should be fun.

        1. Dollars – 20; percent – 8
          Who is H&R’s biggest cheapskate? …

          1. And what is the spot price of gold today?

            1. $600? $500?

            1. Dollars – 20; percent – 8
              Who is H&R’s biggest cheapskate? …

            2. You expect anyone here to believe your bullshit?
              Got fuck your daddy.

        2. You know you love Hillary.

  55. So how about Portugal? The Socialists with the support of the Left and Communists have passed an anti-austerity budget.

    1. I’mma gonna guess that won’t end well.

      1. Their bond yields have already spiked.

  56. China Opens Bond Market to Foreigners as Outflows Hurt Yuan…..eaken-yuan

    One banky type said that this is a ‘game changer’ but I’m really not sure how much I’d rely on China. They are schizo lately and I’m getting kind of nervous about it.

  57. That Yelp employee who was starving in San Fran was starving on the Prosciutto-and-Brie Poverty Diet

    Warning: the awful Michelle Malkin

    This is how we got Obamacare, by the way.

    1. Warning? Michelle Malkin is a hard would.

      /runs from room, trips over chord, breaks dick

      1. It is not all about looks, guy! She is quite fetching, but goodness is she awful.

        1. Ugh, just stop it already, Gretchen.

        2. She seems to be in a perpetual bad mood, but I’d take that over some of the crazy feminists that are posted here regularly

            1. Arafat was in a Dunkin Donuts commercial? I did not know this.

            2. She’s Filipino and the Japanese really did a number there during WW2.

              Not saying she’s right (she’s not), but she had a good excuse to be irrational about it.

        3. Would definitely, but only if I didn’t have to talk to her afterwards. Or ever again.

    2. “Obama calls for making America more secure by closing Gitmo and putting terror suspects in your backyard”

      You did warn me.

    3. It doesn’t specify which type of prosciutto.

      Brie and prosciutto?

      I swear you people.

        1. Ahhh.

          That changes everything!

    4. I thought the worst part was the alcohol delivery. That is why you can’t buy food, you idiot.

    1. your Jezebel catalog?

        1. I have a thing for the centerfolds.

          1. Now I’m going to have nightmares.

  58. I have a super-derpy, super-concerned, super-into-politics progressive on my facebook feed. I enjoy laughing at his posts every now and then. The latest, in response to the NYTimes headline, “Senate Republicans Lose Their Minds on a Supreme Court Seat.”

    “Since the House GOP seems to have no qualms with disregarding the Constitution, can President Obama issue an executive order allowing him to run for a third term? Pretty please??”

    Bolding mine. FFS, man. Or “SMH,” I guess.

    1. Thats just…uh…I am at a loss.

    2. Correct him. It’s the courteous thing to do. The last argument I got into on FB with Bernbots ended with me implying that they were all retards by saying that Bernie appeals to the weak-minded. Didn’t get unfriended, though!

      /dances irish jig

      1. I still owe him a copy of a film we did… eight years ago, now. A big reason I don’t post on facebook is so that he and a few other people like him don’t remember that I exist.

          1. “One Night in MJ Green”

            1. Makes a hard man humble.

              1. He gets his kicks above the waistline, sunshine.

    3. They sure love dicktators.

      1. Mashed up with copious amounts of condensed milk, butter and salt, who doesnt?…..e-penises/

        1. I like a little sour cream on mine.

    4. The latest from my super derpy super into politics friends comes a hope that, if Hillary wins the nomination, that Bloomberg runs as an independent. I couldn’t think of a reply to that.

      1. “I, too, hope the Nero of NYC can bring failure to the nation.”

      2. It’s funny that we talk about politics all day but in the real world I actually hate politics. I avoid talking about it with friends at all costs.

        1. That’s only because you want to have friends. A true libertarian doesn’t need friends and family, only the orphans they can view through their monocle.

  59. A plane in Nepal crashed halfway through its 19 minute fligh

    Nepalese machinery is was it? Last words heard over mic: “Yaks too tired.”

    1. Worse, it was a Canadian aircraft. Otter powered.

      1. Russians have “monkey models,” we have “otter exports.”

  60. Why does Yelp hate millennials? I didn’t see anything about her open letter to Obama about the taxes taken out of her check.…..erty-diet/

    1. Oh I see this has been covered by CJ already. Nevermind.

      1. Late to the party, dude. There’s still some warm Coors Light out by the garage.

        1. I hate Coors light and I hate warm beer. Ok, I’ll drink it. Can I have the resin in the bong too?

          1. Sure, if you chase that Coors with day-old bong water.

            1. Done worse.

            2. Better than the other way around.

    2. Demand more than you are worth.

      Well, that’s just good advice.

    1. Maybe he thinks that he is having a conversation with another crazy person on twitter.

  61. McGill goes all anti-Jooos.

    What a disgrace.…..pports-bds

    1. I’m actually surprised it took them so long.

    2. While the motion has created much tension on campus, it carried with a strong margin of 512 to 357, surprising activists on both sides of the debate ? although that represents a fraction of 30,000 or so students at McGill.

      However, it’s not known what impact or influence that motion, which passed by a vote of 229-51 (only one Liberal opposed), might carry. As well, the McGill vote still requires an online ratification by the entire student population that can change the results, said SSMU president Kareem Ibrahim.

      Even if the ratification passes, the McGill administration said that a vote at a SSMU general assembly does not oblige the university to consider any change in policy.

      While still troubling, “2% of students make symobolic vote to trigger a symbolic ratification that affects nothing anyway” doesn’t pass the threshold for me to really care.

      1. Perhaps.

        Even Trudeau weighed in with his concerns.

        What I find most unbecoming is the fact that Palestinians – because they’re busy wasting their energy in unproductive activities – have a lot of work to do to match the Jewish contribution to McGill and the city of Montreal.

        If they keep this up, they will be a pain in the ass more than anything.

      2. I still think it’s better to nip this crap in the bud.

  62. “President Obama may be considering Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) for a nomination to the Supreme Court.”

    What the Republicans should do is use Sandoval as a back stop.


    1) Let Obama make the nomination.

    2) Wait to see who wins as President.

    3) If it’s a Democrat that wins the White House in November, you hold hearings in December and confirm Sandoval–because he’s better than whomever Hillary or Bernie would appoint.

    4) If it’s a Republican that wins the White House in November, you ignore Obama’s appointment completely.

    5) Muhahahahaha!

    That way, Sandoval is the worst case scenario–and you might even get someone better than that.

    1. But couldn’t Obama withdraw the nomination if the polls look good for the Democrats?

      Like I said above, I need to learn more about Sandoval, but if he is good on 1A and 2A and there are not god awful skeletons in his closet, I say confirm, for sure.

      1. He sounds good for being a Republican from Nevada, but he was recommended to Bush (senatorial courtesy) by Harry Reid.

        Also, he’s not from southern Nevada, where the politics are more like Arizona or Utah.

        He’s from northern Nevada, where the politics are more like Lake Tahoe and Sacramento.

        Yeah, I need to see the details.

        It’s reasonable to think Obama wouldn’t be considering him if he didn’t stink–but then Obama has made plenty of errors in the past. It wouldn’t surprise me if he accidentally nominated someone that wasn’t awful. Obama probably can’t even screw up right!

        1. See Frank’s link below. Someone is trolling.

            1. From a libertarian legislative perspective, he is sort of a mixed bag. From a judicial perspective, he seems pretty good on guns, school choice, and healthcare (FWIW). He seems like a bit of a greeny and favors affirmative action, but also seems to favor deregulation. Seems pretty middle of the road on social issues. So as a judge, he actually seems like he’d be pretty good. Biggest risk seems to be on freedom of association issues.

              1. Maybe a bit of a law and order type, too, though.

                1. Looks like he was big on the Drug War as Attorney General in Nevada.

                  1. “While Attorney General, Sandoval led the state’s legal fight against the storage of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, developed Nevada’s first Public Integrity Unit and sponsored legislation strengthening Nevada’s laws against domestic violence, drug abuse and human trafficking.”


                  2. That makes me worry about privacy and 4A issues. I don’t see MJ legalization and sentencing reform going before the court, though. But still doesn’t seem completely awful. And compared to what President Hillary would offer…

                    1. Yeah, he isn’t awful–far as I can tell.

                      Obama may be thinking just in terms of his being pro-choice.

                      And he is, apparently, pro-choice.

                      It’s just funny. The issues I care about aren’t even listed.

                      I’d want to know how he feels about the Commerce Clause.

                    2. Maybe Obama just doesn’t want to let Hillary have at it. “Mine!”

                    3. Did you see they have a Nolan Chart on him at your link if you scroll down?

                      They replaced the word “authoritarian” (opposite of libertarian in the chart) with “populist”.

      2. If he’s good on the 2A, team Red would be fools not to confirm. Abortion is all but dead. The 4A is already so mangled as to be just barely functional. 1A is much trickier. The only thing we’re all at risk of losing is 2A with an Obama appointment which just might be about the worst thing that could happen if you don’t want to see blood.

        Were a libertarian (or Paul-type conservative) nominating I’d have a different criteria. But an Obama nominee brings the bar way down, and that bar is almost strictly dictated by his/her 2A position for me.

        Everyone involved could call it a political win, except perhaps anti-gunners (that are a lost cause politically anyways).Obama will get his appointment, Team Red could be seen as willing to work with Obama, and maybe we could avoid the court starting CivWar 2.0.

  63. OT:
    “Proponents in Washington promote California’s bullet train”
    “Private investors needed
    Officials hope completing the line will get private investors to pony up $10 billion or so for the rights to operate the system, money the planners desperately need to complete the project.”…..852403.php

    “Investors”, like, oh, we’ll guarantee taxpayer profits for you if you paga? Those sorts of “investors”?

    1. “$10 billion or so for the rights to operate the system”

      No equity ownership in physical, reposessable assets? How will equity investors get their money back if the project is never completed?

      When equity goes for private lending, is the State going to cosign on the loan?

      Does equity get a clause stating their bonds and loans can’t be taken on without their okay?

      Those are rhetorical questions. I already know the answers. I’m out of that deal already.

      Maybe CalPERS will buy in!

      That way, when the public employees drive the state into bankruptcy, CalPERS can sue the state for destroying their equity in the bullet train. It’s a win/win!

      Unless you’re a taxpayer.

      1. “No equity ownership in physical, reposessable assets? How will equity investors get their money back if the project is never completed?”

        Several years back, wife and I were having lunch where Willie Brown and Ron Diridon (who was head of the boondoggle at the time) were discussing the entire thing. I don’t know if they intended to be overheard, but it sure seemed that way.
        Regardless, neither one has ever held what most of us would call a job, and both have made their respective piles from selling access and connections to the various bay area gummints.
        Both seemed to believe that the mere chance to rub elbows with some politicos would be sufficient to drag out the dough, and let’s face it, in some cases it is. But here, it’s not a matter of throwing the spare $5m at it and getting your name on the building; someone is going to have to maintain the damn thing and I have yet to see even the suggestion that anyone’s given it a thought.
        Except maybe those “investors” who have been staying away in droves.

        1. And these are the people who make decisions that impact our lives.


  64. Dude, I neve thought about that before.

  65. I think I have some idea why Sandoval’s name is being floated. Here’s an article from 2001:

    “Brian Sandoval announces bid for attorney general…

    “Sandoval said he would concentrate more on the civil and criminal divisions of the office, *not social issues.* [emphasis added] During her three terms, Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa, a Democrat, has emphasized social issues, including teen pregnancy and anti-smoking initiatives.”

    1. Sandoval might be the kind of Republican who rolls his eyes contemptuously at “social issues” – and bear in mind that social issues include gun control – and doesn’t want to get involved, so he goes with the flow and does what the New York Times tells him.

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