Free State Project

Edward Snowden Keynoting Free State Project's Liberty Forum Today & Tomorrow

Whisteblower will be interviewed by Reason's Nick Gillespie.


I'm off to Manchester, New Hampshire for The Free State Project's annual Liberty Forum. The big draw this year is an appearance via the Internet of Edward Snowden, the national security whistleblower whose revelations continue to astonish and disturb us all.

As Anthony Fisher noted recently, FSP recently reached its goal of getting 20,000 people to commit to move to New Hampshire over the next five years. The goal of FSP is to influence politics in a libertarian direction while getting on with the business of living their lives in an atmosphere of maximal social and economic freedom.

Besides moderating the conversation with Snowden, I'll be reporting on the scene and the vibe now that the great migration is officially underway. As Brian Doherty has written, about 2,000 FSP members are already in New Hampshire and they've already effected change:

Over 1,900 Free Staters already are there and we've reported here at Reason on some of what they're already accomplished, from getting 15 of their brethren in the state Housechallenging anti-ridehail lawsfighting in court for outre religious libertywinning legal battles over taping copsbeing mocked by Colbert for heroically paying off people's parking metershosting cool anything goes festivals for libertariansnullifying pot juries, and inducing occasional pants-wetting absurd paranoia in local statists.

.At last year's Liberty Forum, we interviewed Overstock CEO and Bitcoin/blockchain enthusiast Patrick Byrne. Take a look/listen: