New Mexico Attorney General Protests Bill That Would Decriminalize Teen Sexting

'I cannot support an amendment that weakens protections for teenagers from predatory activity.'



New Mexico's state legislature is considering a bill that would stiffen the penalties for people caught with child pornography while also legalizing consensual sexting between underage teenagers. But that's an unacceptable tradeoff for the state's Democratic attorney general, whose staff walked out of a hearing in protest of the bill's leniency toward teen offenders.

"I cannot support an amendment that weakens protections for teenagers from predatory activity, creates a dangerous new child exploitation loophole, and places New Mexico's federal Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force funding in jeopardy," said Attorney General Hector Balderas in a statement, according to the Alamogordo Daily News.

The bill is anything but soft on crime. It would impose a mandatory 10-year prison sentence on anyone caught with child porn. But it also carves out a specific exemption for teens between the ages of 14 and 17 who exchange lewd photos of themselves. As one person quoted by wrote: "If it's between consenting teens then no, they shouldn't be charged with child pornography. That's ridiculous."

It is ridiculous. It also happens all the time. Consider the case of the Michigan 15-year-old who faced registration on the sex offender registry because he took a picture of himself on his phone. Or the Virginia 17-year-old who became the victim of a predatory law enforcement officer because he exchanged pics with his girlfriend. Or the North Carolina 17-year-old who was accused of sexually exploiting a minor—even though he was the minor.

It does teenagers no good to treat them like criminals—like the very worst sort of criminals: child pornographers—for exhibiting sexual interest in each other.

Balderas believes otherwise. His staff was so infuriated with the lawmaker proposing the exception that they walked out during a hearing Tuesday night.

The attorney general, and those who agree with him, like to think that child pornographers are the greatest threat to kids. But laws that criminalize normal teen behavior—that turn teenagers into sexual predators—are a far more menacing threat. A lot of bad laws are written by politicians whose number one priority is "think of the children!" In the case of teen sexting laws, however, no group is more harmed by this mentality than the children themselves. 

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  1. “It does teenagers no good to treat them like criminals?like the very worst sort of criminals: child pornographers?for exhibiting sexual interest in each other.”

    Oh, but it does lots of good for the cops who get to examine the evidence.

    1. And prosecutors being “tough on sex crime”.

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    1. ISIS are crazy, not stupid.

      1. They said in a video it was their priority.

        Probably being symbolic as to the damage an attack on the Vatican would amount to but an attack on the Vatican would be symbolic. No ?

    2. Actually, the odds are probably not bad. Italy was (as far as I know, still is) catching a lot of “refugees” – mostly from Libya, but whatev. Plenty of ISIS in Libya, so they could place a team pretty easily.

      And if you are going for a high-profile attack, it would be hard to beat the Vatican.

      1. Greece and Italy are overloaded.

    3. I wouldn’t put down odds, but I would not be surprised if the attempt was at least made. The response by the Vatican guards might be interesting.

      1. The Swiss Guard are actually rather formidable, from what I’ve heard.

        1. They are. I’m not saying I’d be excited if ISIS attacked the Vatican, but I’d probably get some popcorn.

          1. Well, Archer had to deal with the Swiss Guard and he managed it.

            1. That is actually what I envisioned it to be like.

              1. So we’re just done with phrasing?!?

                1. I swear to God I had something for this.

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            1. No. Modern bullets would shoot through that armor like it wasn’t there.

                1. Ceramics?

                  1. Possibly. There is this stuff:


                    I don’t know if it stops bullets. As far as I know the only thing that will stop modern combat ammo are hardened steel plates made for that purpose. I can easily shoot through non-hardened 1/2″ steel with hunting rifles I have in my safe. I have an SKS and russian surplus ammo that will zip right through trees over 3 feet in diameter, cinder blocks, heavy steel tire rims….you get the picture.

                    1. Most people who have no or little experience with firearms are just not aware of what firearms are capable of. My gunsmith used to compete in long range shooting. They competed shooting 12″ circles from 3000 yards. He had a McMillan 50 BMG bench rest rifle. They didn’t compete to see who could hit it. They competed for the smallest groups.

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            2. Could metal not deflect bullets? Could it have some utitily in a firefight?

              No. There’s a reason no one wears 16th century armor anymore.

              1. Note to self: refresh, refresh, refresh.

      2. BTW, why does the Vatican have guards if the Pope doesn’t believe in having protection, like walls?

        1. And only recently did he OK protection like condoms.

    4. Very low.They seem to like very soft targets,like the French

      1. And gun free zones.

    5. I thought that Trump was just repeating what ISIS already said, that they would own the vatican in….uh…I don’t remember what time frame. But yeah, they themselves said they would take ‘Rome’.

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      I’d think something like hitting a bunch of schools in the U.S., a la Beslan, but minus the squatting, would be more likely to inflame passions against Muslims, but I’m not picking out their target list.

      The problem with a lot of European targets (or maybe it’s a feature) is that their parent countries can’t project any realistic military power to the Levant. Hit a bunch of young Madchens in Bavaria, and Germany will first blame themselves, and second, shake their fists at Syria. Greece has more MBTs and troops under arms for Chrissakes.

  3. This should fit together very nicely with the government’s plan to convince Apple to put backdoors into their phones encryption.

    (pun intended)

    1. I’m booting up my intrusion software, now.

    2. Who needs Apple when you have McAfee


      1. I saw that. I like McAfee, but anybody who knows encryption knows, the only way through encryption is to go around it. Unless you are willing to wait about 50 years.

        The government is going to need the “Four Horsemen”, which shouldn’t be too difficult for them. They are experts at getting people to “think about the children”.

    1. Man, there sure are a lot of boot-lickers in that 2nd link. Do they actually think they’re lives are better under Fed rule, as opposed to a sheriff who is, apparently, more hands-off?

  4. I cannot support an amendment that weakens protections for teenagers from predatory activity, creates a dangerous new child exploitation loophole, and places New Mexico’s federal Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force funding in jeopardy,” said Attorney General Hector Balderas

    And you’re certainly entitled to your opinion – but you do know the legislature writes the laws and it’s your job to enforce them, right? It’s a little unseemly I think that your staff walks out of a hearing on the matter as a protest against the legislature doing what it’s authorized to do and you are not authorized to do.

    1. It’s about the money.

      1. That is what I gathered.

        “…places New Mexico’s federal Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force funding in jeopardy,”

        This turd doesnt care about the children.

  5. “and places New Mexico’s federal Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force funding in jeopardy”

    There’s the real issue. This might cost some poor cop, who gets paid to look at child pornography all day, his job.

    1. This is what I came here to say. His main interest is supporting the task force.

  6. I have said this before, but from what I have learned (after extensive research, of course), is that teenagers truly do not comprehend that they are doing anything too improper, while the moronic authorities want to ruin their lives because of it. It is so stupid.

    1. “teenagers do not comprehend that while they do not think sexting is too improper, the moronic authorities want to ruin their lives because of it.”

      There, slight improvement.

  7. “…places New Mexico’s federal Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force funding in jeopardy.”

    And there’s the shit weasel’s real issue with this.

  8. I cannot support an amendment that weakens protections for teenagers from predatory activity,

    I thought this amendment would protect teenagers from predatory activity. By cops.

  9. …and places New Mexico’s federal Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force funding in jeopardy

    This being the crux of the matter.


  10. I still can’t comprehend how a court can prosecute a person as an adult for an act that is only a crime because they aren’t an adult.

    Either they are too immature to be tried as adults or they are mature enough to swap photos.

  11. “The amendment so upset members of *Democratic* state Attorney General Hector Balderas’ staff that they walked out in protest.” [emphasis added]

    This is what “socially liberal” means.

    1. His birth name was Eras.

      1. If the glove don’t fit….

  12. “I cannot support an amendment that weakens protections for teenagers from predatory activity, creates a dangerous new child exploitation loophole, and places New Mexico’s federal Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force funding in jeopardy,” said Attorney General Hector Balderas[.]

    FIFY, Mr. Balderas.

  13. AGs are the worst

    1. Executive positions, public and private, always attract assholes.

    1. They’re going to need some more burghers.

      1. It’s horrific. I can’t even intellectualize what Europe has done to itself. The vast majority of these people aren’t even Syrian refugees! Wtf? The narrative was to help refugees escaping war.

        And the police. I’m not surprised they’re attacking their own people and do shit against the crimes committed by the migrants.

        1. “I can’t even intellectualize what Europe has done to itself.”

          The same thing America ‘did to itself’ when it let in the world’s masses, such as the Irish, long ago: improve and strengthen. Europe needs just about every immigrant it can get. Short term turbulence for long term gain.

          1. Yes, I think your scenario may befit us better but not so much Europe. Those ghetto scenes in ‘Gangs of New York’ and ‘The Godfather’ quickly dissipated.

            The friction in Europe is a little more problematic I reckon.

            The migration we saw hear bears little resemblance like what we see in Europe. Within ONE generation Irish, Italians, Jews, Polish, Hungarians, Asians etc. were on their way to assimilating. Not so much the case in Europe. They literally have areas where officials have no authority or choose to not enter. We didn’t see this here.

            1. “They literally have areas where officials have no authority or choose to not enter. ”

              That is complete bullshit. How many fucking times am I going to have to call this out and link to the same God damned article?


              Europe’s problems stem from the welfare state and inflexible labour markets. Immigration will help with both.

              1. bloomberg, bahahahahahah..

              2. Ugh, I agree with Cytotoxic. Not my favorite sensation!

                Daniel Pipes has walked back the concept of no-go zones, and he is the original



                etc. etc.

                When people talk about no-go-zones, the implication seems to be : “there is a ghetto, and the people there should not be allowed to ghettoize themselves” which… seems like a misunderstanding of how and why ghettoes of immigrants exist. Also seems kinda weird complaint from a commentariate of supposedly libertarian folks who seek independence from the state.

                “Oh no! The Muslims of Europe have achieved independence from the state! This is terrible news!”

                Yes, some immigrant cultures (Italian-Americans…) are more insular than others. That does not mean that their neighborhoods are no-go-zones. Unless you’re a Shark, I guess?

          2. Y’know Cytotoxic, saying that women and children being raped in mass and crime shooting through the roof is just the price we pay for progress is evil.

            The only way I can imagine you coming to this conclusion is if in your mind the people suffering from this is if those people are just abstractions in your mind.

            BTW, this is quite a different position from your previous assertion that none of the bad shit is even happening. Now you admit it is but its just the price we pay.

            I lose more respect for you every time you talk on this subject.

            1. Nope, I’m still saying that outside some horrible incidents this supposed massive increase in rape and crime is just hysterical bullshit on your part. To the extent that this is happening it is a result of a disarmed society.

              Please, tell us how Europe is being invaded to establish The CALIPHAT and how Merkel is going to get hanged. And the Swedish rape epidemic fairy tale can’t forget that. Show us how grounded in reality you are.

            2. You’re also pumping the ‘if it saves one life’ statist rational. What a surprise.

          3. fuck off, troll, you are worse than joe.

    2. “This is the death of civilization”

      No it isn’t.

      Trudeau sucks but at least we’re getting refugees in.

      1. My only problem with this whole saga is we’re supposed to help SYRIAN REFUGEES. You know, people escaping war.

        Instead, we’re getting migrants across the Muslim mid-east and Africa, mostly male who are not escaping war but fleeing shit holes.

          1. I have little issue with immigration provided we don’t overload it. His original intent of 25 000 was retarded and irresponsible. He’s too busy trying to show he’s compassion instead of being realistic.

            And I think you underplay the problem in Europe. That Germany takes to kicking its own citizens out of their homes to make way for refugees is bound to upset the natives.

            1. Canada can take 250,000 without being ‘overloaded’ as long as its spaced out for some proper screening. We’re still getting all of the 25,000 (Thank God) but it will just have to take longer. We should accept way way more.

              “That Germany takes to kicking its own citizens out of their homes to make way for refugees is bound to upset the natives.”

              That’s there is a half-truth, and that’s the real problem with this debate. That woman was kicked out of *government* housing for refugees. Bad but live by the dole die by the dole.

              1. But Trudeau was spacing it out is my point. Thankfully someone got into his ear.

                Remember he said 25 000 in November BY DECEMBER 31. Then it was readjusted down to 10 000 with no specific date if I’m not mistaken. That’s more like it. What’s the rush?

                Oh, yeah. He was trying to play the drama card.

                1. was not spacing. Sorry.

                2. You’re right he was stupid. Between that little bit of pragmatism and some other bits, like not raising corporate income tax, there might be some non-tarded people advising the guy.

                  I haven’t read it but on the National Post website there’s a story saying the Liberals want to expand the military.

                  1. I have no problem with that but to what extent and for what purpose exactly? That ship has sailed. We chose to stop being serious about the military as far back as the 1960s when Pearson decided we need to be peacekeepers. Note, I didn’t say our training suffered per se but funding and keeping a respectable force we didn’t. We spend LESS than any nation in NATO save Iceland who doesn’t even have a military. We chose to fall under the protectorate of the United States. No one dares says it but we are.

                    I remember listening to an American military expert suggest Canada should focus on specialized forces – which we’re good at – since America will do the heavy lifting anyway since we let it slide for too long.

                    1. Shows what I know.

                      The last impression (wwII) I had of Canada’s military was that they were some all around hard-core badasses.

                    2. They were. We kicked serious German ass. We have a proud military heritage. I’m referring to what’s happened in the post-war era.

                    3. Canada’s soldiers were still hardcore badass in Afghanistan.

                    4. Both of them.

              2. live by the dole

                Correction: she was not “on the dole”. The town owned the house but she was paying market rent.

                1. I did not know that. I rarely make mistakes. Still, she did not own the place.

                  1. Nevertheless, it was still illegal according to their own pro-tenant laws.

                  2. I did not know that. I rarely make mistakes. Still, she did not own the place

                    You are simply one huge mistake.

                  3. lololol…a comment like that deserves to be laughed at. keep on trolling , bro.

        1. Also, that’s not true. Europe’s migrants are a mix, but the ones coming to Canada are a whole different population that has been stuck in refugee camps for eons. They are Syrians fleeing war.

          1. Cytotoxic, they lost control of the situation.

            I hope you’re right, but I’m not convinced. And the stories I hear from friends and family over there as well as clients who left Europe isn’t encouraging.

            1. They did, but there is no reason to believe the melodramatic nonsense the area yokeltards are saying. Europe is doomed by social democracy and the Euro. The migrants have just shown up in time to be scape-goated.

              1. Interesting take. You could be right. Not convinced though.

                Either way, it could get ugly.

                1. They are engaged in QE just as America is starting to tighten. It will be ugly.

  14. “I cannot support an amendment that weakens protections for teenagers from predatory activity, creates a dangerous new child exploitation loophole, and places New Mexico’s federal Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force funding in jeopardy,” said Attorney General Hector Balderas in a statement

    Decriminalizing mutually consensual activity is a loophole!

    1. Any law I don’t like is a loophole!

    1. I can’t believe Half-Life 2 came out over 10 years ago. I thought games were going to get better, not mostly give up.

        1. So, you’re saying you fell for it?

          1. No, just wanted to post that.

  15. Brazil, Argentina agree to move toward free auto trade…..SL2N15X296

    1. Not to make the perfect the enemy of the good, but, is a bilateral trade agreement really a sign of free trade making a comeback?

      1. Yes, especially considering how damn protectionist those two countries have been.

        1. I just remembered that Argentina replaced Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner with someone saner, so you may be right.

          1. They did and Macri has been making lots of good reforms. Unfortunately he’s an a-hole on drugs but so were all of his competitors, and he was easily the best choice overall. Basically he’s Argentinian Reagan. Could do a lot worse.

  16. Venezuela has massively hiked gasoline prices (which are still far too low) and has ‘altered’ the exchange rate and system, but it’s still massively out of whack with reality. No matter: Maduro has cracked. I am pretty sure we’re only going to see more concessions to reality. The Latin American left is entering remission.

    Warning: Autoplay…..rice-hike/

    1. Did you see the WSJ article, Venezuela’s Collapse Brings “Savage Suffering”?

      Maduro, like Ch?vez before him, needs to die from cancer.

      1. So does everyone who supported Chavez. At least they are getting what they deserve.

  17. I don’t have the link, but the CRTC has ruled (in an appeal to the original ruling) that large carriers don’t have to let small ones piggyback on their infrastructure. Yay. But they are still forcing cable companies to offer and promote basic cable packages at a certain price. Bad.

    1. I have been looking about bond yields rising in Canada but have not found one.

      1. Give me a minute. It’s interesting.

        1. And have a look at these:


          1. I don’t have time to read the whole articles right now but I read the abstracts.

            Muslims are assimilating just fine here in Canada. They *can* assimilate just fine in Christian nations, but not over-regulated welfare state shitholes like France.

            1. I don’t worry about North America. I’m talking about Europe.

              1. Europe will have more problems because they are a welfare state shithole-but far more so in the ‘Med’ countries as opposed to Germany and the other northern nations, where assimilation will probably work out faster and better. This is the way of the welfare state. The benefits of immigration will still vastly outweigh the problems.

            2. Yeah Muslims are assimilating just fine in Canada.

              Pretty much according to predictions.


              You’re an idiot Cytotoxic. A naive idiot.

              1. So.. unlike all other overly stigmatized immigrant populations ever (except maybe Rwandan Genocidaires who really did fuck up Uganda?), Muslims really ARE as bad as the worst Xenophobes think they are?


          2. Ah, you were referring to provincial yields. I was focused on Federal. From your link: “The ratings agencies have certainly taken note. Alberta lost its top-notch rating on its debt in December after Standard & Poor’s downgraded the province as it continues to reel from the oil price shock.”

            Not to mention NDP spending.

            This is what I found pre-election but turned out to be prescient:


            “Just as Justin Trudeau looks like he’ll get the chance to implement his plan to prime Canada’s economy with debt, some of the world’s biggest investors say they’re not interested in picking up the tab.

            Polls show Trudeau, leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, with enough support to unseat Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper after running a campaign whose centerpiece was to increase infrastructure spending with $25 billion in deficits over three years.”

            1. We are EXTREMELY lucky that the price of oil fell when it did. It was bad enough having provincial and federal Tories spending like madmen. Could you imagine what Nultey could do with the dough? Trudeau wouldn’t be as bad but still bad. If you can’t beat ’em, starve ’em.

              That fucker might still bail out Bombardier apparently. Remarkably, they just a contract from Air Canada on the same day the federal government annouced it might give a break to AC’s stupid controlling legislation.


              1. We also need Yellen to raise interest rates.

              2. I never doubted it. Bombardier announced layoffs to focus on the C-Series. They’re reacting to being over budget and act like the cuts are normal since ‘everyone does it’. The government and Bombardier can go fuck themselves. Irresponsible and incompetent.

                Let Bombardier (and the clown families that run them including the Beaudoin clan) sink already.

                1. At least the cuts mean there are fewer blue-collar pricks that will be demaning a bailout. I can’t wait until 3d printing and other forms of automation decimate manufacturing jobs. Then there will be no point in bailouts-all those angry unionized blue collar peons are out of a job anyways.

                  1. Notice the execs – the ones who make the inept decisions time and again – never take a pay cut.

    1. (autoplay video accompanies the text)

    2. Damnit, Eddie, you had me hoping there!

  18. OT: I came up with an aphorism. What do you folks think?

    Communism is economic rape. “Democratic socialism” is economic rape by majority vote.

    1. Change “Communism” to “Socialism” and it’s spot on in addition to being pithy.

      1. I waffled on that. I decided that by using communism first, it was stronger, because even socialists might agree that communism was rape.

    2. rape by majority vote = gang rape

  19. OT: Long-Abandoned Floating McDonald’s Restaurant

    I had no idea anything like this existed.

    Trigger warning: shitty website design

    1. Expo 86? In Vancouver?

      1. Looks like it.

    2. Not seeing what’s so “creepy” about it.

    1. I could maybe get into it.

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