Brickbat: High School Daze


Credit: SickestFame / flickr

An Albany, Texas, police officer has been fired after a student at Albany High School found drugs in his locker following a police dog training exercise. Officials refused to release the name of the officer or the officer's role in leaving drugs at the school.

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  1. Fired for forgetting procedure, particularly the part where you arrest the student after planting the drugs.

    1. Look he planted the drugs like he was supposed to – it was the dog’s fault for not detecting them.

  2. The Albany Police Department and Shackelford County Sheriff’s Office called the Superintendent the night of the exercise and asked if they could use the school to train a Cisco Deputy and his K9 partner to sniff drugs.

    Because, of course, it’s necessary to use an actual school to train the dog and was totally not for the purposes of conducting without cause a search of school lockers. But sadly, now, the K9 officer has been terminated for failing to find anything.

  3. All I see is some kid got upset at free weed, ingrate

  4. Why weren’t the cops like this when I was in school? Leaving weed for the students, now THAT is good community relations. Promote that officer!

    1. I bet you’ll try that trick today.

      1. Little fuckers aren’t getting MY weed.

        1. So,you do have ‘standards’?

          1. Kids need to learn early that there’s a cost associated with everything. I often teach that lesson, but with candy and puppies because weed is expensive.

            1. don’t feed your puppy candy!

    2. like a stoner easter bunny…

  5. Fired!?!? Haven’t we seen countless stories of cops handcuffing 6 year olds for minor offenses and then not getting any disciplinary action? I guess drugs are the most evil substance in the universe.

    I remember a few decades ago when the Coast Guard, due to “budget cuts” let it be known that they could no longer tow disabled boats unless a life was in imminent danger. The joke going round was that if you ever found yourself 10 miles offshore and needed help, you should call the Coast Guard and tell them there was pot aboard. They’d be there in a flash.

  6. An Albany, Texas, police officer has been fired after a student at Albany High School found drugs in his locker following a police dog training exercise.

    Why was the student looking in the cop’s locker? Why does the cop even have a locker at the school? Why didn’t the cop say the student must have planted the drugs in the cop’s locker? So many questions.

    1. Can you please research this and get back with us on the answers?

  7. ”Where did you learn that, Cheech? Drug school?”

  8. The student was pepper sprayed, tasered, and beaten. His expulsion hearing will be held at the hospital. Charges of drug trafficking and resisting arrest are pending.

  9. I don’t get this one at all. Shoot someone because you panic, get a commendation. Beat someone into a coma because you don’t like their attitude? Two weeks paid leave for you!

    But make a minor mistake leaving behind a test container after a training exercise? Oh, you gotta go! They must not have liked this guy too much or something. Police don’t get fired for minor mistakes. And you shouldn’t lose your job for something as dumb as forgetting where you left one test container, unless it is a part of a larger pattern of incompetence.

    They always end their cover-up press conferences with something along the lines of “procedures were followed, but we will be conducting a full review to determine if additional training is needed.” Here’s a case where that sort of answer would have been appropriate. “Oops, we should have procedures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We will train our people appropriately going forward.” That would have been fine. But they just went and fired someone because they were embarrassed.

    Strangely, this is evidence of the perverse incentives that have created our current police state. The only job threatening error a cop can make is to embarrass the people above him. Kill some petty criminal? We can spin that to our benefit, even if you were grossly negligent. Leave drugs at a school? Heads will roll! That kind of upside-down thinking lets the police avoid any sort of reform.

    1. What it’s evidence of is variability across place & time. It may simply be that at this time, Albany, TX, is stricter than elsewhere, and it only seems inconsistent because they haven’t been shooting people in a panic or beating them into a coma, so no direct comparison.

  10. It took me a while to get my head around what actually happened here and my first question was why they fired the cop for what was probably an innocent mistake and then I wondered why Hit and Run is linking to this story. What importance does this have to do with the world in any way?

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