Election 2016

Should Libertarians Support Cruz, Trump, Sanders? Nick Gillespie on Fox Business' Kennedy Tonight

Do any major-party candidates deserve the libertarian vote? Find out tonight at 8 P.M. ET.


Fox Business

With Rand Paul out of the GOP presidential race, are there any candidates deserving of the libertarian vote? I'll be on Fox Business' Kennedy show tonight, talking with the eponymous host about what issues might motivate libertarians to fall in with Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and any of the other candidates trying to win the White House in November.

Kennedy airs at 8 P.M ET on Fox Business. For more information about the show, go here.

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  1. Yeah, vote for the LP Candidate whoever that turns out to be ! Or not at all.

    1. Exactly.

      I swear, if Reason tries to sell Sanders one more time…

      1. I’m currently torn between Gay Jay, the McAfee guy, and that guy who’s going to give everyone a pony.

        1. We need sensible equine control in this country. It’s common sense. I mean, nobody wants to take your pony away, but we need to think of the children.

        2. that guy who’s going to give everyone a pony.

          Is that a LP candidate?

          1. It’s this guy


        3. I don’t know about you, but my pony is gonna need virus protection and a guarantee that no one is gonna put a burqa on it.

        4. The crazier the better. I’m willing to vote for the worst LP candidate over any of the remaining Ds and Rs. My vote will be an unmistakable vote against the 2 parties. How’s that for strategic voting?

      2. Well, at this point it’s like the choice is either hopeless vain gestures or else once more unto the breach, harder!

  2. Let me guess Nick, Cruz all the way?

    1. Nick can’t say nice things about Cruz. He would never set foot in a cocktail party again.

  3. NO. Next question.

  4. I’m already getting pilloried by my family with the “you’re just throwing your vote away” argument when I said I was going to vote for Gary Johnson.

    1. You told your family who you were going to vote for??


      1. I’m more weirded out that he has a family he still interacts with.

      2. My folks met while working on Capitol Hill. Our dinner table conversations growing up were less Brady Bunch and more McLaughlin Group. I have to deal with a dad who is so jaded with politics that his otherwise intelligent self is supporting Trump and a mom who is utterly terrified that she will have to choose Trump to keep Shrill out of office. When I said, “uh, how about neither” the whole thing devolved into the “throw your vote away” gobbledeegook.

        1. My folks met while working on Capitol Hill. Our dinner table conversations growing up were less Brady Bunch and more McLaughlin Group.

          I’m sorry. Who were you in that scenario? Pat Buchanan or Eleanor Clift?

          1. I’d like to think I was closest to Mort Zuckerman but honestly I was just the sullen, seething, testosterone-laden fuckwit of a teenager who thought he knew all the answers and stormed away from the table to listen to Master of Puppets in his room.

            Ahhhh, those were the days.

            1. If it makes you feel better my family calls me an anarchist.

              1. If it makes you feel better my family calls me an anarchist.

                That’s because they’re a bunch of hippies.

          2. My favorite was Jack Germond.

            1/2 the time, McLaughlin would do one of his 1000 word questions, say “what say you Jack Germond?” and Jack would reply,
            “I don’t really care”.

            1. Germond was the most fun.

    2. Until 2018, I’ll be residing in a country where firearms are illegal, and profane tweets lead to imprisonment. I yearn for my return to the United States, where I can once again use Democratic campaign pamphlets as targets for my .40s.

      1. Why are you moving to New York until 2018?

        1. Pal, trust me — New York’s paradise compared to England. Although I don’t intend to sample the Empire State, frankly. I’ll be moving back to North Carolina.


          That’ll be my first purchase when I return to America, so help my Christ, and I’ll film myself dicking around with it for all the pants-shitting Eurotrash to marvel at on Facebook.

          1. I always wondered what my foreign friends and associates would say if they knew I carried back at home.

            1. Nothing….if they know what good for ’em!

            2. Try it out. Just make some video about gun safety, or some other easy shit, while stripping, reassembling, and loading your handgun casually at your desk, with closeups of the ammunition, and the text on the gun itself, and whatnot. Post it on Facebook. Observe the absolute delirium.

              1. So, step one: get facebook account.

                1. I shuttered mine years ago. Facebook blows. But for THIS, it’s well worth it.

                2. C’mon man, its time to let the MySpace page go.

          2. Get a single action like this, if you want to troll your European associates. Tel them you are back home living the free life of an American “cowboy”.

            1. You know, I’m not exaggerating when I say they weep and shake in terror at the mere thought of armed citizens. They’d report me to their local cops and Facebook, and tell their friends’ list how distressed they were at seeing a gun on Facebook.

              1. Hoplophobic animism sounds like a danger to their health and well-being.

              2. I used to live in a state that has banned many of the guns I legally own (in a much more free state). I thought about doing YouTube videos with those banned guns pretending to still be living in the other state. Trolling fascist LEOs…

          3. Just buy it while on a trip home. Don’t you have anywhere to store it?

            Heck, in the couple decades I have been living in Japan I have amassed an arsenal – by just about anybody’s definition – which I keep in a secure site back in the US.

    3. I got the same crap last time when I voted for gayjay. It was either my vote or my conscience…something was going in the trash.

    4. Tell them you won’t need your vote the next day, but they might need their conscience.

    5. CA has quirky ballot access laws. I just remind people that with a 60/37% split between Ds and Rs it makes sense to gun for a 2% chunk of the electorate for any given third party to get statewide ballot access. I namecheck the Greens when talking to Liberals and Libertarians when talking to Republicans. They look frightened when confronted with an answer not as pat as “OF COURSE, I WILL GIVE LOYALTY TO YOUR PREFERRED PARTY, FRIENDO!” but people seem to be the least dismissive of this counter argument compared to others I’ve tried.

      1. Yeah, I’ve tried to convey this message to some extent. I keep asking them why, if they can’t stand the product being put out by the GOP, they won’t lodge a protest vote with the LP. Barring an indictment, Hillary, for all her catastrophic blundering, is still very likely to win this. So why not vote for someone that better reflects what you say is most important to you philosophically – limited government – while at the same time signaling to the Stupid Party that you’re tired of being sold a bill of goods?

        At the end of the day though I think it’s a bit like the minds of people who play the same numbers in the lottery: I may not win if I do play but if I don’t I just KNOW that my numbers will get drawn and I’ll regret it every day of my life.

    6. When someone says I’m throwing away my vote if I vote for Gary Johnson, I say no your’e throwing away your vote by not voting for Gary Johnson.

    7. I don’t vote, so I have no idea where this puts me. Tell them that they’re more than welcome to stop by to pick mine out of the trash and use it as they see fit.

    8. I’ve noticed the “you’re just throwing your vote away!” by voting for a less popular candidate folks frequently overlap with the “if you don’t vote, you’ve no standing to defend your rights!” folks. So it comes down to, “If you vote, you must vote for the approved party, and if you don’t vote, you forfeit your rights.” There’s also some overlap with the “If you don’t like the fact that the state goes too far and consistently flouts the law, then leave the country” and we reserve the right to do whatever we please to obstruct your efforts to do so and take as much of your treasure as possible on the way, and also to go hunt you down and drag you back at any point in the future. All for the social contract. I always wonder why there’s so little concern about whether or not the collective lives up to its end of the social contract. In fact, so far as I know, nobody has ever got any consideration. I’m still waiting for the check they were supposed to send when I signed up for it.

    9. Right, as if a vote for Trump, Clinton, Sanders, or Cruz would be a vote well-spent.

    10. Last cycle I was stuck in the one state in the nation that blocked Johnson from the ballot AND banned write-ins.

      While I liked Romney much more than Obama, and am not at all against voting Republican for president, my vote didn’t count anyways in that deep red state so I pulled the lever for Obama as a pure protest vote on their (Republican-controlled) terrible ballot access.

      I jokingly pretend that the five counties in the whole state that reached 40% Obama were all full of pissed-off Gary Johnson supporters.

    11. i always point out that its only a throw away vote because everyone thinks its a throw away vote. enough people change their viewpoint on that, and it will be false. at least it is not as bad as the argument that you are helping the “other side” by not voting for one for one of the two parties.

  5. Will Nick be able to get a full sentence out?

      1. Homer Simpson?

      2. Squeaky Frome. Everybody knows that.

      3. You know who else didn’t finish a sentence?

        Hundreds or perhaps thousands of politicians, functionaries, and “enforcers” who were guilty of heinous crimes but were never charged with the crimes they committed and therefore received no penalties due to their position in the established power structure(s)?

        1. WOW, way to ruin the game, Mr buzz kill.

          1. I’m glad I didn’t include “and the willing and obedient masses who acquiesced to the punishments and atrocities committed in their names” caveats – Oh, nevermind.

      4. Mama Fratelli from The Goonies?

      5. Inspector Kramer when talking to Nero Wolfe?

  6. For libertarians, the only candidate that works is Donald Trump.

    Libertarians are on the side of commerce and economic liberty at all costs.
    This thing about personal liberty and property rights is only to the extent that it doesn’t hurt commerce.

    Trump is their man.

    1. Right out of The Ethics of Liberty.

      1. Well Rothbard was all about finding the right Kerensky…

    2. Shut the fuck up, Alice.

    3. Donald Trump is a morally bankrupt busybody. Are you high?

      1. That’s not Alice, y’all being trolled.

      2. “Ask Alice. I think she’ll know.”

      3. He filed Chapter 11 in time so all that doesn’t matter.

    4. I guess we’ll just ride right past Trump’s eminent domain abuses, eh? Probably not substantive enough to consider someone else.

    5. What does support for eminent domain, walls on the southern border, and high tariffs on imports have to do with economic liberty?

      1. Ooohh, I know this one….. It’s right there, on the tip of my brain…. Umm umm umm….

        Oh, yeah: FUCK ALL.

    6. I for one would be very happy to support Trump. I’m pretty strong and tall so I can hold him up high enough until somebody can get a rope around his neck.

      1. America needs a President who had his own reality tv show. As for me, until I hear each candidate declare who their favorite Beatle was, I’m undecided.

    7. Trump? I wasn’t planning on voting for a Democrat.

      … Hobbit

    8. Donald Trump is for government run socialist health care and huge taxes on imports. What part of that equals “economic liberty”?

    9. “Trump is their man”

      As a straight male, and thus not into men that way, I must beg to differ. You, of course, may do as you wish.

  7. Damn it Reason right now really makes the German Communists in 1932 sound far more grounded and rational.

  8. Or you could realize your vote is meaningless and go do something productive with your time instead.

    “If I were registered to vote, I’d send these clowns a message by staying home on election day and dressing up like a clown!”

    1. I don’t understand this, Epi. Yes, your lone, individual vote might be statistically meaningless but this isn’t about your vote in a vacuum. Convince enough people of like political persuasion of this and it does matter. Furthermore, why not convince enough people to vote for a third party/write-in to have a recorded impact that one or both of the TEAMS has to account for?

      1. If you want to convince a lot of people to vote a certain way, that’s great, though I seriously doubt you’ll be able to convince enough people to make even that bloc statistically significant. Regardless, your individual vote still means Jack shit. Why do people have so much trouble just accepting this? I know math is hard, but come on.

        1. Math is hard! [for some people] I tell folks from countries with compulsive suffrage to go into the booth and leave the slate blank. It’s their only option. It’s nice to opt out of bullshit.
          Everybody watches reality tv. I don’t.
          So look at it this way, if everyone stopped voting, we wouldn’t have elections because everyone would be doing their own thing. So by voting, you’re perpetuating the bullshit.

          1. “If everyone” decided to not vote like you, where would we be?

            “If everyone” decided to vote like you, where would we be?

            What’s the difference between those two questions? Everybody all at once deciding not to vote is just about as likely as everybody deciding all at once to vote for Grover Cleveland. “If everyone” is silly, because that ain’t gonna happen. (If Grover Cleveland gets 50 or 60 million votes in November, I’ll start voting again.)

            1. Exactly. There is no difference. So vote if you’re into that, and I’ll probably do something else and neither of us will turn the election because, you know, statistics.

              1. I think partly it depends on where you live. NY will never vote for Team Red, and OK will never vote for a Donkey.
                But in purple states like Colorado, I think your vote is more important. Yes, statistically your individual vote may not matter, but a few hundred like minded individuals may very well make the difference.

                1. But you only have control over one vote, not hundreds of votes. So the argument still stands.

                  1. Yep, no election ever was decided by one vote. Never happened. Never!

                    No one wins the lottery either. Never.

                    Very small probability is not zero.

                    1. Is it possible that one single vote decides a major election? It’s possible. Just not likely. The more major the election, the less likely it is. And the smaller the election, the less likely voting for your desired representative will have an effect on your life. If your desired town council member got voted in because of your vote, does this mean libertopia is around the corner? No, of course not.

                      The whole lottery thing is a non sequitur. Yes, people win the lottery. Many, many more people waste money on lottery tickets. If you are looking for a return on your money, is a lottery ticket a wise investment decision? Of course not. Same thing with voting. If you are looking to bring about political change in your life, voting is a very inefficient way of doing it. The single best thing you can do is move, either to another state or another country. One decision, and boom! You’ve magically changed all laws….at least from your perspective.

                    2. Agree. The only point about the lottery is that low probability things happen.

                      If you don’t vote then your chance of affecting the outcome in the direction you prefer is zero.

                    3. I’m all about voting with your feet. But from a national government perspective, what if you’re already in the place that fucks you the least? There’s nowhere for your feet to vote. Meanwhile you’re still getting fucked.

                      (holds out hope for moonbase)

      2. You’re also endorsing the status quo with your vote.

        I’m done with that fucking noise.

      3. It’s a really interesting window into human psychology when you tell people that their vote doesn’t matter. Invariably you hear the same thing that C&W said, “But, but, what if everybody did that?” To which I respond, “you’re confusing your vote with the act of voting in abstract. You have just one vote, and your single vote is entirely independent of every other person’s vote.”

        Here’s a good thought experiment – Imagine if you found out that the voting machines you used all throughout your life were defective. None of your votes counted. Would that in any way have affected your life or any election? Of course not. That’s a pretty good indication that your decision what to eat for dinner tonight will have more effect on your life than whom you vote for.

        1. Yes it is. Well said. It’s as if people are terrified to acknowledge that their vote is meaningless, because it means they have no say. Well, guess what: they don’t!

          1. Does my (or anyone’s) voting or not voting harm you, Epi?

          2. People don’t vote to influence the outcome of the election. People vote to express their values. It’s a psychological benefit, like putting flowers on a grave. No one expects the dead person to say “aw, how nice.”

        2. I get the statistical irrelevancy of a single vote. What I’m actually wondering about IS the abstract that you mention. If a significant portion of the electorate believes Epi that voting is utterly worthless, the outcome likely will be affected (setting aside the valid points of others regarding states like NY or TX).

          I understand the psychological “look at my sticker my vote matters” critique. But taken to its logical conclusion, Epi’s viewpoint seems to be almost nihilistic (and I don’t mean that in a pejorative sense, Epi, I’m seriously trying to understand how this works within what is ostensibly a participatory political system). I’m also of a mind that, while it might not get a third party representative elected, a significant percentage of the electorate NOT choosing between Dumb & Dumber could have a mild “come to Jesus” effect on one or both of the entrenched parties (then again I did just refer to them as Dumb & Dumber so maybe this is a pipe dream).

      4. Oh, my vote for an LP candidate will count. It’ll be right there on Wikipedia forever, one of the 1%.

        1. Careful about signing up for that 1% mailing list, I’m hearing Bernie Sanders has some plans for it.

  9. I tell people that I’m going to vote for who I would like to be president. Because that’s how it’s supposed to work. You don’t say you would want to eat the dog crap some people are endorsing because you really don’t like the taste of the horse crap other people are for. You say you want to eat a bacon cheeseburger, dammit! If that’s throwing your vote away, so be it. Unless you don’t mind crap, in which case…eeewwww.

  10. Obama budget news – more funding to harass businesses!

    $1.5 billion for the FDA to support implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), including increasing state capacity to implement the produce safety rules, implementing the Foreign Supplier Verification Program, and ensuring consumers are able to make healthy food choices.

    1. May the FDA and every one of its degenerate employees burn in hell for their totalitarian horseshit.

      1. Preet is watching you. Be careful!

        1. Preet Brahahaharararara? The used-condom salesman?

          1. That’s him. The guy who gets sucked off by The Boss.

        2. Maybe a President Trump wood deport Preet.

  11. Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery… would.

  12. Should Libertarians Support Cruz, Trump, Sanders?

    Answers: “meh”, “no”, and “HELL no”.

  13. Bloomberg is the man for me.

    Am I doing this right?

    1. No. You’re supposed to vote the Warty/Nicole 2016 ticket. After all, this time, why not the worst?

      1. Why is Nicole relegated to Veep? I figure her anti-natalist and grammar nazi tendencies qualify her for the top spot.

        1. Uh, because she’s female? Duh doi.

          1. The Patriarchy strikes again.

        2. I definitely visualize Nicole on top (of the ticket).

          1. That is rape! That is borderline rape!

            1. The borders are sealed! A wall has been erected.

              1. Something usually is erect during rape.

        3. I figure her anti-natalist and grammar nazi tendencies qualify her for the top spot.

          You’re all wrong, that trait qualifies her to be first lady, because that behavior is sooooo first lady.

          1. First Lady Nicole’s Initiatives

            All school lunch menus will have proper spelling.

            All school lunches will be spiked with orthotricyclen.

            1. As long as it’s all Ho-Ho’s it’s all good. Do they even make those anymore? Or King Dons?

            2. The English-speaking world can finally say goodbye to the improperly placed apostrophe.

              1. I’ll find other inappropriate places to stick it

          2. Wait, fuck, that would make Hugh president and Episiarch Billy Carter.

            I better rethink this.

            1. Billy Beer here I come!!!

  14. I’m voting for the candidate I feel will bring us to peak ‘tard soonest. Whether it’s Trump, Clinton or Sanders makes little difference at this point.

    1. Its not about *money* – its about sending a *message*.

      Everything burns.

    2. There is no peak ‘tard so trying to bring it about will just make the world stupider.

      1. Yeah, this. If you just give up, say “fuck it, we’re screwed no matter what, lets burn it all down”, then you’re just giving up.

    1. I must move out of NJ soon. Rutgers is a den of idiocy. There’s a tenured professor at Montclair who’s a Holocaust denier and another at Ramapo who’s a defrocked Catholic priest accused of kid touching. It costs one million dollars to pave one mile of single lane roadway in New Jersey. Our Gov. is Christy. Oh, the humanity.

      1. I can’t believe the Big Ten picked Rutgers. I know east coast market and all but Christ.

      2. Rutgers is a den of idiocy.

        But the grease trucks…

        1. Weren’t the nappy headed ones from Rutgers as well?

        2. Are dead.

          Seriously, they all sold out to the worst owner like a decade ago, and the lot is earmarked for construction of a new student center or some other bullshit, with one or two remaining booths of ever decreasing quality remaining. Even before that, a few years ago the SJW’s got their tendrils all over the menu, killing the gloriously un-PC sandwich names bestowed by the fat fucks that managed to polish off 5 of their recipe in a sitting.

          You have to go to a local pizza place to get a real fat sandwich nowadays. Sad, really.

  15. As a libertarian I like being told what I should do.

    1. Once I heard libertarianism is mainstream, I got out.

      1. Same thing happened to me with PBR.

    2. STFU and VOTE TRUMP.

      You’re welcome.

    1. Pay your mortgage

  16. Pursuant to the whole EPA coming after a large chunk of my livelihood thing…here’s the White House petition:

    Just say yes to RACE CARS

    Yeah, I know, it’s useless, but what the hell.

    1. They want nothing less than banning ALL engine modifications. While their emission requirements are killing cost,reliability and performance.

      The EPA is filled with a bunch of totalitarian bastards.

      1. Finally found the paragraph:

        ? 86.1854?12 Prohibited acts.
        * * * * *
        (b) * * *
        (5) Certified motor vehicles and motor
        vehicle engines and their emission
        control devices must remain in their
        certified configuration even if they are
        used solely for competition or if they
        become nonroad vehicles or engines;
        anyone modifying a certified motor
        vehicle or motor vehicle engine for any
        reason is subject to the tampering and
        defeat device prohibitions of paragraph
        (a)(3) of this section and 42 U.S.C.

        The paragraph it adds to prohibits the manufacture and sale of parts that bypass emissions equipment.

        IIRC certified configuration includes transmission, exhaust system, intake, etc. Probably A/C compressor, condenser, and all the stupid unnecessary junk that clutters up the average engine bay. I’m pretty sure these engines are certified in a fully dressed state. So yeah. They added a paragraph solely to be giant fucking killjoys.

        1. I’m building a 200-mile-per-hour MR2 Mk2 over the next few years — road-legal, and proofed completely to handle the power, which makes it expensve — with a view to bringing it back from Europe when we move to the United States. Will any of this bullshit affect its legality in America?

          1. First off, NOICE.

            Second…maybe. SEMA is on the case, and they’ve got a pretty effective lobby.

            Gawd, that last sentence made me throw up a little. The country is so fucked that I have to count on corruption and gladhanding just to be left alone.

            1. I really want to see car manufacturers go batshit insane about regulation, and directly push the government to back the fuck off. It’s funny how much they pussyfoot and acquiesce.

        2. Wow, Ralph Nader is gonna get his wish?

        3. I think when they were going full-retard after gun control, and saying, “…BUT YOU DONT NEED SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLES!!??”

          ….people responded with, “Well cars kill people, and i don’t “NEED” something that goes 0-60 in 3 seconds…but goddamn you if you’re going to tell me what i do and don’t ‘need’!”

          Which got them thinking…. “you know… maybe we should take away all their *other shit* first”

          1. Even today, cars made for the American market are substantially more interesting than their European counterparts. Even cars that turn out ugly as shit are, at the least, unique in their own ways, and distinguishable, despite how heavy vehicle regulations have gotten. That’s how shitty the rest of the world is with regard to this subject. We think our car regulations blow, and they do, but we’ve got it much better than anywhere else. How depressing is that?

            EU-market cars are all becoming more generic by the year because of safety and design restrictions.

            1. EU regs are screwing up our cars as well. The Mustang’s hood is only that high because of the EUs bizarre pedestrian safety standards.

              1. Yeah, I read about that somewhere. European cars have to have really high beltlines now, and there’s a whole bunch of other shit that basically cuts out the designs of around 90% of all pre-1998 cars out of legality for manufacture if any of the carmakers wanted to sell them in 2016.

                It’s fucked up. It really is.

                I’m an amateur car enthusiast, admittedly, and all significant work on my car will be done by professionals who know a lot more than I do, and yet I could probably identify thousands of older/classis cars, down to the version of a specific model, upon seeing just one, or maybe two, small features — tail light, or factory rim, or grille, or hood, or steering wheel, et cetera.

                Modern cars? Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

              2. Also, efficiency regulations are fucking up car designs as well. The new generation of muscle cars need to have a lot more lines and angles and character, for instance, if you ask me.

                Efficiency standard = fucking up engine design = need to compensate for engine being much shittier because government interfered = resort to making every car look like a uni-shape dildo for aerodynamics’ sake.

      2. You should read the regulation proposal…it’s perverse. It’s mostly for medium and heavy duty vehicles, and they’re under the impression that the commercial trucking fleet doesn’t put fuel efficiency as a high enough priority.

        It’s job-motherfucking-ONE for long haul truckers, you dumb EPA asshats.

        There’s also something extra-evil about the banal way in that they admit that smaller operators might not upgrade because of cost concerns…They just kinda throw up their hands and drop the subject. I guess you little guys, you guys are screwed. We’d be sorry, but we don’t have to be. We’re the muthafuckin EPA.


    2. Yeah, just display the race car every time you don’t get your way. Affirmative action is bullshit.

    3. No dune-buggies, no stock-cars, no demo derby – “race car” is a misdirection. This should be a MAJOR issue for candidates as they primary in states where these activities are part of the culture.

    4. The way it sounds they will kill the off road trucks and jeeps. Which makes my plan of putting a 4bt in my landcruiser a lot harder.

      1. They want cars to look like that putrid horseshit in ‘Demolition Man’.

        1. I love old cars. Like you said above about being able to identify them off of the mirrors or how something is arranged is absolutely true. My dad always played a game while driving with me at night that was basically guess the car by the headlights. He is great. Around 2000, we lose any ability to get past brand in the generic cars.

  17. Kruz is a Kanadian Kook.

    1. The word ‘kook’ is superfluous.

      1. Also, they like it when you call it Kanuckistan.

        1. “they like it when you call it Kanuckistan”

          That’s exactly why we don’t call it that.

  18. Best scenerio. Hillary wins and spends 4 years testifying instead if governing and at the end of the 4 years she goes to prison. And then we elect some porn star.

    1. Your scenario sucks cock (except for the Hillary part.)

      1. What you did there, I can masturbate to.

    2. Scenario two, Bernie wins and is angrily thrown out after one term due to sheer crushing incompetence, Hillary sweeps in to fix everything and do Democracy right. 2020 baby.

  19. Ahem, Libertarians shouldn’t vote. Your vote doesn’t matter. They’re all equally bad. Etc etc

      1. Unfortunately for you, Mr. Paul Period, WA will always swing statist no matter who votes. Your best bet is to dig up your old Indian card and go move to the Coeur d’alene rez.

        1. Hmm, I’m still suggesting HnR should vote Almanian en masse.

          1. I don’t speak French you filthy surrender monkey.

            1. Sorry, I give up.

            2. They didn’t offer Almanian at my high school, so I took French. I’m still proficient.

          2. Hmm, I’m still suggesting HnR should vote Almanian en masse.

            So he’d get what, 4 odd dozen votes?

            1. It would also be a nice gesture to him.

              1. Yeah, there is that. That would be an awesome gesture.

            2. They’d all be odd.

  20. Wouldn’t it be great if there were someone here who could provide us with an authoritative review of The Jacket’s
    sartorial excellence?

    (He could probably just copy/paste from whenever the last time he was on with Kennedy…)

    1. When I was a kid, other kids ate paste. It was made of horse hooves. Of course, now kids are all vegan and such.

  21. Do as I say, not as I do: The federal government refuses to accommodate the religious beliefs of nuns, but the feds *will* force private groups to accommodate religious objectors:

    “The EEOC announced Monday that the National Federation of the Blind has settled a religious discrimination lawsuit brought by the Commission on behalf of a Hebrew Pentecostal bookkeeper who was refused religious accommodation. NFB fired Joseph R. Massey II after telling him that he must work on certain Saturdays. NFB refused Massey’s request to instead work Sundays or late on week nights. Under the settlement NFB will pay $25,000 in damages, and agreed to an injunction against religious discrimination, adoption of a non-discrimination policy and training of managers and supervisors.”

  22. I’m going to Jamaica. There are only 4 flights available. One going to Iceland, one going to Ukraine, one going to North Korea and the last one going to the Bahamas. The one going to the Bahamas has a 99% chance of crashing. Which one do I take?

    1. Epi’s mom

    2. Thanks. It’s settled. I’ll take Epi’s mom on an epic voyage on my yacht named the SS Hitler to Jamaica.

      1. And Epi’sp mom looks just like Kim Jong.

    3. Have you seen the women in Iceland? Yeah, definitely Iceland, if you’re into that sort of thing.

      1. Bjoerk is totally hot.

  23. ACLU fundraising letter lists five key civil-liberties issues. Free expression isn’t one of them.

  24. OT: Dude pens Op-ed, but hasn’t been paying attention. There’s no Union Graft in this idea, and this area is 100% in the pocket of big union. Maybe 110%. Is that possible? Probably, but not recommended.

    Our region’s leaders and transportation planners have been slow to incorporate autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing into their transportation plans.
    Last December, for example, Uber launched commuter ride-sharing services for seven routes in Seattle, charging users $5 each per trip to commute in a shared vehicle. In the San Francisco area, where ride-sharing has been in operation much longer, Uber and Lyft have reported that as many as 50 percent of their trips are shared by two or more people. Combining the possibilities of ride-sharing with vehicles that will be self-driven, we are likely to see increased usage and lower costs.

    Poor dude is like a little kid. Talking about how great Uber is and the idea of ridesharing– he’s all excited.

    News flash, there’s one (1) Lyft Union in the country, guess where that is? Go ahead, guess? I’ll give you one guess, and one guess only.


    1. Muncie?

  25. For a guy who was supposed to be in New Hampshire a lot, Trump has quite a fresh tan

    1. Don’t you east coast people (yeah, I said you people) just do spray tans, or was Jersey Shore all fake?

      1. I don’t tan at all. irish.

        But as for the popularity/prevalance of that sort of thing = no, its actually extraordinarily rare in my experience, and is considered very gauche (at least in NYC). Its different i guess if people run in “guido” circles. i.e. You run a nightclub, or work in a gym. But i never knew anyone with a fake tan and if i did it would be perpetually mocked.

        On wall st. there would be people appearing with tans in jan because they’d spend the holidays in the Caribbean… but salon? no way.

        1. First of all, I’m only racist against white people and people from England. Because making fun of your own people is de rigueur.

          Second of all, I grew up watching Mob movies, and if there’s one thing I know about people from the East Coast, is they spray tan. Your personal anecdotes be damned.

          1. Its different if you’re sicilian. they’re half eggplant, and they need lots of infrared radiation in order to feel healthy, or else they wilt.

            1. God damn terroni and their eggplant farms.

          2. I both spray tan and whiteen my teeth and no one laughs at me.

    2. He’s ruddy. That’s no tan.

  26. I am disappoint in Kmele’s coiffure

  27. Something I’m noticing. Young people who supported Obama and now support Bernie none to happy with being on the other side of media bias with the Hillary worship. Now this superdelegate thing is pissing them off. Wondering what the long term impact if any could be from this? Hopefully, it at least ingrains a modicum of distrust for the media and the parties. Or maybe next time the media and establishment support their guy and they forget all about this time.

  28. Who’s the taintiest? That’s who I’m voting for!

  29. Killer Mike confused “Constituency” with “Contingency”

    Which was cute.

  30. Nick still uses stock photos from 10 years ago.

    Then again, so do i.

    1. I thought all stock photos were from 10 years ago.

  31. Nick in the end ducks Kennedy’s question of “who should Libertarians vote for”

    1. “”Do any major-party candidates deserve the libertarian vote? Find out tonight at 8 P.M. ET.””

      Nick didn’t even say if any of them were “unworthy”

      in the end he just said, “Libertarians should support policies like blah blah blah blah and if anyone offers that then go for it!….”

      he was less accommodating of Bernie than recent posts on H&R might have suggested

      (*noted = he was pretty clear earlier this week in saying that Bernie failed the sniff test, but that there were still appealing elements, but robby’s repeated teasers suggested that there might be a wider range of Reason people bucking for the Bern)

      He basically said Bernie’s economics are suicidally stupid and unworkable and that alone disqualifies him.

      And he basically said Ted Cruz wants to exterminate homosexuals. (*or has ‘friends’ who feel that way)

      I missed his gloss on trump. I was too busy wondering if he (nick) used spray-on-tan.

      1. Yeah, I watched, too- pretty weak performance by The Jacket

  32. OT: Just saw a Shriner’s Hospital commercial featuring Pres. Carter and a caption indicating he was a “former President.” Regardless of political affiliation, are we seriously so far down the path that Pres. Carter isn’t recognizable?

    1. He’s so old he could be anybody.

      1. Methuseleh’s Children

    2. I think we just wish so hard that he was never President and sorta have to be reminded that he really was once. A long time ago.

    3. He didn’t have his fly rod.

    4. You know, I think Jimmy is a really great guy. Seriously. He was also completely not equipped to be POTUS. But I like Jimmy.

      1. Jimmy’s a trust-fund cunt just like them all. Just start a foundation and live a rent-seeking tax free life.

  33. Will probably help Kasich with conservatives


    1. “”This is completely about political strategy to give the Governor an opportunity to increase his conservative street cred as he faces the voters in South Carolina,” said Stephanie Kight, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio.
      “This bill is really going after preventive healthcare and education funding. So the grants that we used to provide HIV testing , your programs for the Violence Against Women Act, infant mortality prevention and programs. This bill is attacking those programs.”

      If PP was really interested in preventive healthcare, etc, why don’t they establish a separate org that tends to those things and does not do abortions?

      And: they really don’t care about those things as much as they worship abortion.

      I am pro-choice up to 20 wks, btw.

  34. Just keep on missing the obvious choice, everyone:

    Almanian for President – 2016
    I Probably Won’t Make it Any Worse.

    PLUS, now that I have inoperable cancer, I won’t live too much longer, but I’ll act like Grover Cleveland as long as I’m alive! VETO VETO VETO VETO! FUCK YEAH!

    1. Hold out bro.

    2. You’ve got my vote if you pull a bunch of silent cal style practical jokes.

    3. I’m sorry. Hold out as best as you can.

    4. Oh, fuck, man. I’m sorry.

      Hang in, and peace to you and yours.

      1. Seconded

        1. Thirded, brother. Love and prayers are with you.

    5. Hugs. That, and fucking fuck the fuck out of fucking cancer.

    6. Peace to you, Almanian.

    7. First ballot HitNRun Hall of Fame. That’s means something the Nobel Peace Prize doesn’t.

    8. We’re all thinking of you, Al. Keep it up!

  35. Jack Abby’s Hoponious Union is outstanding.

    1. Is it boozy?

        1. Some IPAs are more alcohol than hops.

    2. Check out this craft beer wannabe over here.

      1. I’m crossing you off the beer trading partner list.

        1. No sweat off my scrotum.

          1. And I really wanted to try that. Shucks.

            1. I may be easy, but I ain’t cheap. Just so ya know.

              1. You’re both cheap and easy, whore.

  36. Cruz: carpet-bombing so-con.
    Sanders: budget-busting socialist (proposed 50% increase in spending per year).
    Trump: wall-building, Internet policing, police state endorsing non-combatant and free-trade killer

    Yup, plenty for libertarians to like here….

    1. Where does the ‘carpet-bombing’ come from for Cruz?

    2. You drop bombs from a flying carpet. Fuck, people, it’s just another way of dropping ordinance and it’s culturally relevant. Why is it so hard for you to understand?

  37. US Army orders hundreds of soldiers back to southern Afghanistan


    1. Nobel Prize to be repossessed.

  38. Living where I do, my vote matters naught, but as I always say: this country didn’t get into the semi-socialist mess it’s in because the Socialist Party won elections. So I think a good strategy is to vote for the person closest to your beliefs, who has a chance of winning.

    In this elections, the pickings are admittedly grim. Ted Cruz is probably closest to libertarian overall, because he really does seem to believe in the Constitution. Trump is hugely flawed, but I’d pick him next. Eminent domain is a tiny issue compared to (say) Supreme Court appointments, and the SJWs need a kick in the pants. And I’m one of those renegade libertarians who objects to importing welfare cases and anti-libertarians, so I am OK with deporting illegals and not importing more Muslims.

    Hillary would obviously be terrible, and geriatric commie Sanders would be worse. There is no “libertarian case” for a socialist. Never.

    1. Good review of the tallest midget contest.

      The SCOTUS is the prize here. Kennedy and Ginsburg will die soon, FSM willing.

    2. “. Eminent domain is a tiny issue compared to (say) Supreme Court appointments, and the SJWs need a kick in the pants. ”

      There is no reason to believe that Trump’s SCOTUS picks would be any better than Hillary’s.

      And I’m one of those renegade libertarians statist pants-shitters who objects to importing welfare cases and anti-libertarians, so I am OK with deporting illegals and not importing more Muslims.

      Let’s be clear about something: you’re not a libertarian. You hate freedom. You’re as libertarian as Bill Maher and maybe less so.

      1. SCOTUS picks? They’re impossible to predict except that the future Justice will seriously suck. Can we discuss the nuances of a turd now?

      2. I don’t want my freedom diluted by imported welfare cases, criminals, and anti-libertarians. That’s not at all contradictory with being a libertarian.

        Hillary and Bernie would go out of their way to pick left-wing justices. What’s your argument that Trump would? He’s big on the Second Amendment, for instance. You think Hillary’s picks would be? Based on recent decades, all D picks for the Court generally suck, but only some of the R picks. Hence, the way to bet on that score is for an R president.

        Here’s some Cytotoxic-style Canadian “libertarianism” for everyone. Remember, “Immigration is always and forever a good thing”! I’m sure those immigrants are making Canada more libertarian as we speak!

        1. “I don’t want my freedom diluted by imported welfare cases, criminals, and anti-libertarians. That’s not at all contradictory with being a libertarian.”

          Yes it is when indulging you means violating the rights of others. Sorry, but none of those people are diluting your freedom in the slightest.

          “He’s big on the Second Amendment, for instance”

          Oh he’s a HATER of the 2A alright.

          “”Immigration is always and forever a good thing”! I’m sure those immigrants are making Canada more libertarian as we speak!”

          It is and they are. Oh Christ you’re citing The Rebel? Was Breittard not retarded enough for you?

          1. Foreigners don’t have the “right” to move here, idiot. And certainly not on my dime.

            Plus the old “I don’t like the source, so I can dismiss it” fallacy.

    1. Well, Panera is an evil corporation isn’t it?

    2. One day, I had to buy a cake. So I happened by the Panera that has recently opened nearby. So ask the girl “How much for a cake?” She seemed confused by my request, which seemed odd given the wax paper lined wedges in the display case. They came from somewhere, right? A manager was called in. I got my cake eventually, but what kind of bakery has a problem selling whole circular cakes instead of wedges? Have never been back since.

      1. Yeah it’s more about bread than cakes.

        Although from what I hear they all want cake, so Panera is probably missing out on a lucrative market

        1. I want round cake! I want round cake! Pointy cake has germs! Boo!

          1. Angle-ist.

          2. Your terminology reminds me of Ralph Wiggum “the pointy kitty took it!”

            1. Kitties!

              *claps hands*

      2. what kind of bakery has a problem selling whole circular cakes instead of wedges?

        “Most people can’t afford a whole cake, Mr. Quincy.”

        1. Mr. Quincy has fat stacks, bitch.

  39. Lefty rag thrilled that some people didn’t low-ball their digs for Air BnB.

    “Price-gouging Airbnb hosts miss out on Super Bowl bookings”

    Uh, no, it isn’t “price gouging” and I’m not sure that even exists. They set a price which made the inconvenience worthwhile, and the market said ‘no thanks’.
    If there is an injured agent here, I sure don’t see it.

    1. I listed a corrugated cardboard box, nowhere adjacent, on AirBnB for $100 a night. No takers so far. A vote for Bernie should fix that, liketysplit.

      1. Affix a Bernie 2016 sticker to the aforementioned box and prominently display said sticker in advertisement photos.

  40. OT: here is an interesting article about the MS-13 gang of Honduras. In short, they are by far the nicest gang and also provide local governance where the official government has failed to do so.

    However, gangs also extort shopkeepers, mechanics, street venders and other small businesses. The contrast between the MS13 and its rivals is that the MS13 has made it a policy not to extort these small businesses in their areas of operation. The difference, as noted above, is fundamental, especially as it relates to its relationship with the local community where the gang can be seen as not just as a benevolent criminal operator but also a source of protection.

    The MS13 often takes this protection scheme to a deeper level. In some areas that our researchers visited, the gang has become the go-to arbiter for domestic and neighbor-to-neighbor conflicts, according to police and community association leaders in these areas. Domestic abuse — whether a parent beating their child, or spousal abuse — is not tolerated, they said. In the municipality of Tela, for instance, the MS13 will reportedly give a husband a warning after the first instance of abuse, a beating after the second instance, and banish him from the community after the third.

    They also send members to university to study finance.


    1. You’re a fucking moron…head back home, Canucker, your troll staus is confirmed…fuck off, bitch.

      1. You seem angry, stupid, and incoherent. Trump supporter?

  41. China is buying a lot of gold. The central bank is too even as they are dumping net reserves. This is what intrigues me the most:

    The government says its gold reserves have grown only a little in recent years. Experts question whether China is telling the whole truth.

    “China has a lot more gold than they declare,” says John LaForge, head of Wells Fargo’s commodities team.

    Why lie?


  42. The most distrubing part is that these jokers make Jeb sound pretty smart most of the time and George like a flipping genius. I don’t doubt that the intellectual prowess of Our Leaders has diminished greatly over the last couple decades, but at the same time it seems like the proficiency of their speechwriters has fallen much much further, faster. My nephew could write better speeches than these clowns. When he was eight.

  43. The entire article seems like trolling for commie-kid to show up and claim l-tarians are just dying to vote for the so-can flavor of the month.

    1. …and Cyto appears to make the trolling unnecessary. [see below]

  44. To answer the question: DUH yes libertarians should support Cruz. He’s a douche, and obviously the best choice.

  45. Libertarians gave GJ 1% of the total vote last time around. Why do we even talk about presidential elections other than what level of cuntery each candidate represents?

    1. .99% ’80 Clark/Koch was the only LP ticket to ever break 1%

  46. Sanders? Like seriously, there is nothing libertarian about the guy. WTF is wrong with Reason, and even Paul for giving credit to Sanders? He deserves none at all. He is a loser, hell bent on taking more and more from individuals to promote socialist/gov’t experiments that have failed time and time again.

    1. He’s a “non interventionist” and he apparently backs criminal justice reform, so he gets some libertarian cred.

      Conservatives will never consider Bernie Sanders as one of their own, even though he’s against open borders and was supposedly friendly on gun rights in the past. At the end of the day, he’s a socialist. Most real libertarians would never consider Sanders as a libertarians.

      But Reason writers and some anarchists in the Ron Paul mold like to deploy the van diagram and cherry pick what overlaps. Sanders wants to audit the fed (or something like that), end wars and hates bailouts, so he’s sort of….. a libertarian!

      The center right people who are voting for Trump and Sanders are populists. They detest the “establishment”. Big government kinda fits the narrative, but in reality, they would have no problem with the government overturning citizens united and ending free trade. Limited government will necessarily involve a hands off approach on the many things that disgusts the public for any random reasons.

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