Clinton Loses Young Women by More Than 60 Points in New Hampshire

Young male voters overwhelmingly feel the Bern, as well.



One of the most notable things about the New Hampshire primary results on the Democrat side is how severely Hillary Clinton got trounced by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders among young people—especially young women. 

Sanders' victory over Clinton in New Hampshire yesterday spans generations, of course, with Sanders getting 60 percent of the overall vote compared to Clinton's 38.3 percent. And broken down into all sorts of demographic categories, Sanders still comes out on top; only the olds and the rich broke for Clinton.

According to The New York Times, Sanders "won among those with and without college degrees… among gun owners and non-gun owners… among previous primary voters and those participating for the first time… among both moderates and liberals." Clinton and Sanders were tied among older Gen X'ers and younger boomers. Only Democratic voters 65 and older and those with a household income of more than $200,000 were resisting the Bern. 

Most interestingly, Clinton—who has long polled extremely well among women (leading by 20 points or more in Iowa and New Hampshire as recently as last fall) but less well with men—didn't win over New Hampshire women Tuesday. Among female voters of all ages, Clinton lost by 11 percentage points. 

Among young female voters, the divide is even more stark: 82 percent of New Hampshire women under age 30 voted for Sanders, compared to just 18 percent for Clinton. Among male and female voters aged 17-29, Sanders took 84 percent of the vote. (For more on millennial love for Sanders—and Donald Trump—see "Why Donald and Bernie are Bae, Not Rand.") 

As I noted here yesterday, the Clinton campaign has been striking a sour note with young women lately, as Hillary supporters have suggested millennial ladies only like Sanders because "the boys" do, that all attacks against Hillary are rooted in "sexism," and that women who don't support Clinton are probably going to hell. 

"In 2008, women helped fuel Clinton's comeback win [in New Hampshire] against Barack Obama, backing her by double digits over her Democratic rival," points out Carrie Dann at NBC News. It wasn't all sunny with women and Hillary back then, either, however. In the Iowa caucuses, Obama took 35 percent of the Democratic women's vote, while Clinton received 30 percent. "She did well only with women over 65," The New York Times reported then. "While older women tend to vote in higher numbers than younger women, that's still devastating news for her, since women were supposedly the backbone of her candidacy." 

In 2008, Clinton fared worst among the youngest female voters in Iowa, losing the under-24 crowd to Obama by 40 percentage points and to John Edwards by 8 points. In national polls from around this time in the 2008 election cycle, Obama outranked voters under 30 by a margin of 56-42. The gender gap was smaller than it seems to be with Sanders, but Obama still beat Clinton among female voters under 30 by a margin of 53-45. 

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  1. Rob Peter, pay Paul, something something.

  2. Gee, why would someone making over $200k not vote for Bernie?

    1. Progs are always saying they want to pay their fair share.

      1. You forgot "others" after "want".

        1. I was talking about what they say, not what they think.

          1. Who said anything about thinking?

            1. Emoting, damnit!

      1. Bernie is post racial. You know like when you pork an old lady and even afterwards you don't know if they were Puerto Rican or Samoan.

        1. He's Jewish.

          1. He's an asshole. So "Assholism" might be the answer.

    2. The most committed Bernie supporters I know are a marginally employed college prof with massive student loan debt and a couple who (I suspect) make at least $200K based on their house, cars, lifestyle, etc. I can understand the professor's support, even though I disagree with it; but the support from the couple is just incomprehensible. I suspect they think they won't be affected, that it will only be "the rich people" who take it on the chin; I hope they never know how wrong they were.

      1. People pretty much never think they're "rich"; the rich are always somebody else. But then, there are plenty of rich people who voice support for higher taxes, which is easy to do when their money isn't on the line yet.

  3. The young New Hampshire ladies are so boy crazy.

    1. It's like back when I was a teen. I used to take my GFs to rock concerts and then they started liking the same bands I liked. Only back then, the rock stars were musicians. Now the rock star is a geriatric old commie.

      1. Jesus Christ, young people today are so fucking lame. It's just sad.

  4. America doesn't want Hillary.
    The Democrats don't want Hillary.
    Now the FBI is after her.

    Nobody wants her
    She just stares at the world
    Planning her vengeance

    She told herself that she lost to Obama because of his charisma.
    But now she can't even beat a wrinkly old man.
    It isn't even about the issues for Hillary.

    I'd like to think she's rejected because she accepted private donations from foreign governments while she was the Secretary of State.

    But it isn't that.
    It's personal.
    Nobody wants her.

    America rejects Hillary personally.
    The Democrats reject her personally.

    Eight years apart.
    Completely different issues.
    No one wants Hillary because they don't like Hillary.

    It's personal.

    1. People hate her. I even know a couple progs who hate her so much that they say they'll vote for Trump if she gets the nom and runs against him. And they hate Trump, just not as much as they hate Hillary. Not even close to as much.

      And she'll most likely win the dem nomination anyway. I doubt that Bernie will win even one more contest before it's over.

      I bet Hilary has an enemies list that would make Nixon look like a playground bully compared to Stalin. She'll be a tyrant from day one if she gets in office. Even conservatives and libertarians will yearn for the good old days of Obama.

      1. Are there polls I'm aware of that say Hillary will do well everywhere else but Iowa and New Hampshire?

        Didn't she put her best efforts into those two states?

        Maybe she does better in South Carolina. Even the Democrats in Carolina are . . . How do I put it? . . . funny about people not being Christians?

        Why should we think people are different about Hillary elsewhere.

        I think a lot of Democrats supported her because they thought she was more electable than Sanders in the general election. That perception is fading.

        Look at those demographics that rejected her. The only Democrats who went to her were the ones St. Bernie would march up against the wall.

        Nobody wants her.

        Right now, I'm thinking the only person she can beat is Trump, and I doubt she can even beat Bernie anymore.

        1. She's up by about 30 points in SC. Then again, this is the state that keeps sending Lindsey Graham to the Senate.

          1. By that, I meant that Bernie isn't enough war monger for SC. Hillary is THE war monger candidate, so I guess it makes sense.

          2. I strongly suspect that may be about Sanders being a Jew.

            The press probably doesn't want to talk about antisemitism among Democrats in South Carolina, but being Christian may be just as or more important to Democrats in South Carolina as it is to Republican voters elsewhere.

            Nikki Haley had to be born again. If she'd been a Democrat, I suspect she'd have had to become born again to win in South Carolina, too.

            1. Perhaps that's the reason, but all the analysis I've seen says that the African-American vote is leaning heavily towards Hillary and South Carolina has a large African-American population.

              "A recent Fox News poll showed Clinton with 71 percent of the non-white vote nationally (it did not break out by race, but the majority of non-white Democratic voters are black), compared to 20 percent for Sanders."


              1. Yeah, the demographics being black is one thing.

                Being black also means the demographics are evangelical / born again Christian.

                According to wiki, there are 6,500 Jews in all of South Carolina. Of all the places where being a Jew might not hurt you as a Democrat, South Carolina may not be one of them.

                Like I said, the press really doesn't want to talk about antisemitism among Democrats in South Carolina. That conversation might lead to all sorts of problems.

                1. Reform Judaism in America probably started in Charleston, SC.

                2. Hillary ain't from hymietown.

                3. that would be... problematic

            2. Might it have something to do with his politics being too far to the left for many Democrats in South Carolina? Plus the fact that he was really not that well known before the 2016 presidential race? I'm just saying please be careful about painting with a broad brush.

        2. I can't see Sanders sweeping the south. But I could be wrong. Hillary is, at least, the wife of a good old boy from Arkansas. Still, that might not be enough.

      2. The thing is, the sheer scale of dirty tricks she'll have to pull to beat Sanders (and she probably will, thanks to the corruption in her own party) is going to absolutely crush morale and rip her party apart. If, like me, you were unfortunately too young to see corrupt cops working for the Dem machine beating the shit out of angry Dem students, I have some good news for you...

    2. "It's personal."

      I believe it is, and properly so; that woman is despicable.

      1. I've lost track of the posts I've read online on various sites, that are basically one or the other version of:

        She's corrupt
        She's not likeable
        I don't like her
        She'll probably be a horrible president
        She's probably a ciminal
        I'm voting for her anyway

        A large percentage of Democrat voters have no morals or principles at all.

    3. I hear Black Sab's 'Iron Man' in there'...

      Which makes me happy.

  5. My out of my ass prediction is that Bernie will not win a single state on Super Tuesday.

    1. Absent an indictment, what state going forward is going to give Sanders a majority? Even if he picks up 25% of the African American vote, he has little chance of beating Clinton in any more primaries.

      1. Vermont. Not that that will change things.

      2. New York?

    2. I dunno. Hillary has leads in those states, but they are also shrinking, and the black community tends not to be big fans of hers. We'll see, of course. A blowout of this magnitude in NH can only help Bernie, who apparently has also been building a decent ground game in ST states.

  6. I imagine that arranging your raison d'etre for running for president around having a vagina, it is infuriating to find women are not thinking that is a good reason to vote for someone

    1. Twat you say? I cunt hear you.

  7. I saw this article this morning: For older women who support Hillary Clinton, scolding of young voters by feminist icons rings true

    Old broads are not happy with the young broads, because the young broads just don't get it.

    Chicks, am I right?

    1. That's in part because after downplaying the significance of her gender in 2008..."

      I've heard nothing of this glass ceiling before.

    2. the young broads just don't get it

      No, it's the opposite of that. The young broads ARE getting it. That's how envy works.

      1. What you have done there, it is visible to me.

    3. I found this":

      "When women look at Sanders and Clinton, if they find that the candidates' political positions are similar to one another (which they are), then the fact that Clinton is a woman and would be our first president who is a woman, should weigh in her favor."

      It's on a Jewish Web site.

      Why doesn't the author apply her own reasoning and allow Sanders' Jewishness to weigh in his favor? I mean, a Jewish President would also be an historical milestone. And you'd have the fun of calling all his opponents anti-Semites.

      1. I live in a community that is probably more than 50% Jewish. And I cannot figure out the political views of these people. I've heard they are all Democrats, which would not be out of the ordinary here. So I don't know if it's just that they try to fit in wherever they are or what. I once was reading an article somewhere that quoted a Jewish immigrant to the USA (NYC) as saying something to the effect of 'we have to do this to prove how liberal we are'.

        But then again, these are people who worry about whether or not things are kosher, whatever the fuck that means. Whatever it means, I don't think I would find it reasonable in any way at all.

        1. strangely enough different jews have different opinions about politics. "israeli" tells you more about someone's politics than "jewish", and there are different parties in israel too.

  8. The funny thing is, if I was faced with a ballot with just those two, I would vote for Sanders too. Socialist v Felon is tough choice, but Socialist v Socialist Felon is easy.

    1. Bernie would probably do a better job crippling the economy, but the next question is who would repeal more of the constitution?

      1. There is only so much a president can do without the support of congress. De facto declaration of war is one of those.

        1. But, as I am reminded below, SCOTUS appointments. I don't know who would be worse.

          1. In theory those also require Congressional support.

    2. ...but Socialist v Socialist Felon is easy.

      Meh, I don't think of Clinton so much as a socialist as a garden-variety crook. And I'll take that over the True Believer any day of the week. The crook isn't going to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. As long as she gets her "piece of the action", the crook can be at least bought off.

      1. " I don't think of Clinton so much as a socialist as a garden-variety crook."

        The Clinton's are not "garden-variety" crooks. And Hillary will almost certainly be looking for payback from everybody that ever slighted her. How many stories have been written about Hillary's viciousness? Do you think that behavior is going to improve if she becomes President?

        1. And Hillary will almost certainly be looking for payback from everybody that ever slighted her.

          And why should I be concerned about Bill and Hilary Clinton's marital relationship?

          Seriously, though, what you're talking about is inside baseball. Some politician is going to be mean to another politician! The horrors! My concern is what will be the consequence for me as an individual citizen. And I think my original premise stands. The Clinton machine will take its pound of flesh. But, they aren't going to risk the economy or our civilization on their pet ideology.

          1. Think "vast right wing conspiracy" and IRS.

            Got it?

    3. Yeah. I'd actually vote for Bernie against Hillary. She has so much entitlement, resentment and rage built up, she could do some actual damage.

      1. Who do you think would be worse on SCOTUS appointments?

        1. Hillary, because she has a stable of people waiting for their payoff from keeping her out of jail for years.

          Although Bernie might try to pack the court like FDR. "Let's have 27 judges!"

          1. Yeah, I can't figure out if the appointments by Hillary in the form of payoffs or appointments by a true socialist like the idiotic Sanders ill be worse for freedom and the constitution.

            1. Sanders would probably have a hard time finding someone acceptable to both himself and Congress. Hillary knows where all the bodies are buried and can twist some arms.

          2. "Let's have 27 judges!"

            Nobody needs more than three judges.

    4. It's a difficult choice. What Sanders has going for him is that he's incompetent, what Hillary has going for her is that she's corrupt. When choosing the lease of evils, which is better: corruption or incompetence?

      1. Do I have to lease evil? Can't I just buy?

  9. So, young women are supporting a geriatric commie over a geriatric crook. Yay! Give those girls a participation trophy!

    1. Democrats, party of diversity!

  10. I was like, hey do you like Bernie? And she was like, yeah, Bernie is bae! And I was like yeah, Bernie is bae! And we were like, that's so bae! Bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae bae!!!

    1. Baa baa baa baa baaaa!!!

  11. 82 percent of New Hampshire women under age 30 voted for Sanders

    Maybe those fundy mooslims have a point.

  12. 82 percent of New Hampshire women under age 30 voted for Sanders, compared to just 18 percent for Clinton.

    That is not about gender, that is pure economic illiteracy combined with exactly no skin in the game. Team Free Shit FTW Baebees!

    1. Young women don't want free shit. They want to work hard and be judged on their merit.

      1. The 82 percent that voted for Sanders begs to differ.

    2. About right. Why anybody should be impressed that people voted to rob their neighbors rather than swear fealty to their vaginas is beyond me.

      1. Just about everyone votes to rob their neighbors.

        1. To some extent. But, I think we can fairly say that Sanders is upping that game to a whole new level. Sanders is guy who's billing himself as Robin Hood to steal from "them" to give to his supporters for no other reason than envy and that they can and fuck you. Really, as despicable as I find Trump, in comparison, he's noble and statesmanlike.

          1. I think the Robin Hood label he has been given is really ironic....considering he is all about tax collecting.

            1. True. But, the moniker has long been twisted in the popular psyche to stand for robbing other people to fund your charity.

          2. Bernie Sanders is running on one of the largest campaigns to outsource violence in my lifetime.

      2. Well, I think both candiddates were running on a "rob your neighbor" platform.

        The news is that the Iron Vagina failed to draw the vaginal vote. Big time. If Hillary continues to fail at identity politics, she can't win much of anything.

        1. Everything I'm hearing is that she still pwns Latinos and black folks. Because Bill Clinton. Oh, and the pollster who pointed this out said, and I quote, "Bernie is no Barack Obama."

  13. "Clinton Loses Young Women by More Than 60 Points in New Hampshire"

    Unless Bernie won 81% to 19% I don't think this headline is accurate.

    1. Ooops! Never mind. Okay, that is a staggering number.

      1. Read it in a tweet at first and thought it must be wrong, too, but nope

        1. Well, it would help if I also didn't somehow miss the operative descriptor of "young." Still, that is an astounding result.

  14. "Hillary supporters have suggested ... that women who don't support Clinton are probably going to hell."

    Not quite right. Hillary supporters like Albright know that all Democrats will eventually go to hell. They're just threatening that, when they get to their destination, they will prepare an especially uncomfortable place for Democrat women who don't support Hillary.

    1. But enough about that, let's talk about Republicans' divisive and hateful rhetoric!

  15. Hillary only won among Democratic voters 65 and older and those with a household income of more than $200,000.

    In other news, the RNC immediately began conversations with her about a possible Republican candidacy.

    1. Donald and Hillary 2016!

      (Searches for bottle of sleeping pills)

    2. Still with the myth that all rich people are Republicans? Catch up, Curt!

  16. About a week or so ago, a fellow reason commentator posted a link to an article in the Washington Post by a woman commentator lamenting Hillary's lack of support among millennials, and attributing it to the fact that Sanders is male.

    The article opened with a listing of all the Hollywood celebrities that had endorsed Hillary, including Kim Kardashian, and lamenting the fact that even these endorsements had not worked to win over young voters.

    Of course, it never dawned on this author that millennials May not appreciate having their intelligence insulted by a candidate who thinks she can win their support based on the highly coveted Kim Kardashian endorsement.

    1. yeah but Emily Ratajkowski endorsed Bernie, so Hillary even loses there.

  17. I find it surprising and gratifying that the identity politics bullshit isn't winning over younger women.

    After a weekend of harsh chastisement by the feminist faction of the sjws , it has basically nil effect on young women. They're still breaking 80% for the elderly white male.

    Refreshing to see identity politics doesn't completely rule the democratic party.

    1. Refreshing to see identity politics doesn't completely rule the democratic party.

      No, just envy and greed. Yay!

    2. No No No. Socialism is the ultimate identity politics. You're either with us or you're against us, friendo.

  18. Young male voters overwhelmingly feel the Bern, as well.

    There's a lot of topical creams for that...

    1. Yeah, too many topical creams when children are going hungry. Like deodorant.

  19. This just proves that young millennial women don't appreciate what they've been given by people like Hillary.


  20. By the way, a narrative I'm not hearing much about is that young millennials also overwhelmingly voted for Trump as opposed to his rivals.

    1. Because they don't teach Hoffer to j-school students. Probably because the implication that a longshoreman could be as adept a thinker and writer as ivory tower intellectuals (and I'm being very gracious to intellectuals with this comparison) might raise some unfortunate social questions.

  21. I do not understand how people miss the idea that if college is free it will mean nothing. You will have to have a degree to scoop fries. If everyone has it, it wont make you special anymore. Make it free and it will be as valuable as a ged.

    1. It has already been debased. Many college degrees are very poor financial investments, to say nothing of the non-graduates.

      Debt .gt. Addl income

    2. And if it's free, you could always give college a test drive and just drop out if it doesn't work out for you. Or they'll tack on a few more years to evade the economy.

    3. You'll just need a Masters Degree for anything worthwhile (more money for the education bureaucrats), and you'll still have the mountain of debt until the gimmie-chists start agitating for free grad school.

      Yay Progressivism


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