Brickbat: You're in Dutch Now


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Shortly after Mark Jongeneel tweeted that a proposal to send 250 migrants to the town of Sliedrecht was a "bad plan," he got a visit from cops who told him to watch what he tweeted, and if there were riots he was responsible. In fact, people across the Netherlands report they have gotten police visits over even very mild criticism of migrants. Cops say they just want to let them know that if there is violence they may face incitement charges.

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  1. Wow. He should tell tell them to fuck off.

    1. And then be charged with attempted rape?

      1. Well might as well make it count.

        1. True,and Europe is slowly becoming a cesspool and the U.S. military wants to put more troops and equipment there. Let those idiots take are of themselves. 70 years of U.S. security is enough.

          1. Yeah, I think Europe has large problems afoot

      2. Legitimate attempted cyber rape?

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    And have some Dutchmen with badges hop a plane to my house? No thank you.

    1. I thought you were everywhere and nowhere.

      1. That’s what they want you to think.

    2. they can come, but they have to bring their own hookers & drugs…

  3. Soooooo, lemme get this straight: All I hear (from the source that will report it, that is), is that Holland is facing hordes of unassimilable migrants that LITERALLY think a woman looking at them is permission to rape them, but the highest and best use of the state’s law enforcement agents is POLICING FUCKING TWEETS?!?!?!?

    I would renounce my citizenship of that country if I were Dutch….

    1. Yeah,that’s it in a nut shell.

    2. I renounce my citizenship and I’m NOT Dutch…thinking of emigrating just so I could renounce

    3. The slow suicide of the West continues apace.

    4. Which is why Europe is going to have a civil war. Sure, a lot of people will just roll over and become enslaved, but there’s going to be at least a good 20% that won’t go down without a fight. Given that only a minority of the rest actually support the government, that 20% might well be enough to cause massive chaos.

  4. Given Reason’s love of “migrants” and it’s love of big government when it suits their purposes (paying for abortions and for “migrants” to come over here, I’m surprised this is perceived as bad.

    After all, anyone against migrants is a “nativist xenophobe” or simply a racist that hates brown people (never mind most them are probably whiter than Italians)

    1. You’re forgetting about those of us that love aborted migrants – but they gotta pay for their own abortions and find their own way over here. Actually, both migrants and abortions are fine – but I ain’t paying for either one, which I think is a fairly libertarian position.

    2. Frankly, I’m here for love of sodomy.

      1. “For love of sodomy” would be a great made-for-TV movie

        1. Or maybe a sitcom.

          1. Pussy for me. Oh. Wait. That is a different tab.

    3. But this is not mere migration. This is a gov’t program to import refugees into a particular location, and probably to provide them with new housing at gov’t expense. If these people found new homes on their own, that would be migration.

  5. Being old and not on social media, why does the current generation seem to have a need to broadcast their every thought across this media?

    1. Maybe reality tv turned them all into attention whores.

  6. Given the Dutch made a hero out a little boy who stuck his finger in random dykes and eat rollmops, this sort of fishy behaviour should be no surprise

    1. a little boy who stuck his finger in random dykes

      Go on….

    2. “stuck his finger in random dykes”

      Sounds like hero to me. Certainly fishy though

      1. Two things smell like fish, and one of them is FISH….

      2. Dykes? Yum. And her girlfriend wasn’t bad either.

  7. Provoking the easily provoked is a crime.

    1. Then why isn’t Tulpa in jail?

  8. Mark Jongeneel says the increased attention has not changed his behavior online – nor will it.
    “Freedom of speech is very important, and I will not be silenced,” he said.

    Next up: Dutch judge sentences Jongeneel to convert to Islam.

  9. All of this is coming to a town near you. Open borders seem to invite centralized forced upon immigration of the oppressed De Jour

  10. For what it’s worth, the name is Dutch for “Young Neill” and is not some fucked up paki name as it kind of appears. Also, “paki” is short for Panjab something or other and not, as I for long thought, a reference to package stores.

    1. “Paki” is short for Pakistani and is considered really offensive

      1. Interesting how suddenly that became a pejorative. There used to be Libertarian Party of Queens Co. meetings at Paki-Hind Restaurant, whose name meant Pakistani + Hindi, and I’m sure its owners did not intend to offend the clientele!

      2. I consider it short for Pakistani, and find people who shriek their offense at the term offensive.

    2. that’s actually “packee” short for package store, and it’s where you buy liquor in New England (unless you have to go to a state run store)

  11. “Hello Mr. Kadura. How are you today?”
    “Women do not speak unless spoken to?”
    “I’m sorry, what?”
    “You heard the man, Angele. Better be quiet, don’t want to appear racist… or sexist, right?”

    When this all shakes out, what are feminists going to say to the Breiviks who are killing Muslims in the name of equality for their wives, sisters, and mothers?

    1. Given that the Kaffir Resistance is going to be a mass movement, they’ll either be cheering them on, shutting the fuck up, or getting the shit beat out of them as traitors to their people. That’s how zealots roll.

  12. It’s completely absurd to worry about Islamists taking over the government through immigration . . . when the government is already violating people’s rights in the name of defending Muslims from criticism–without Muslims having to take over the government at all.

    The government isn’t even capitulating–they’re collaborating.

    1. They’re not collaborating they’re instigating violence.

  13. “In fact, people across the Netherlands report they have gotten police visits over even very mild criticism of migrants.”

    Now it’s 1984
    Knock, knock at you’re front door
    It’s the suede-denim secret police
    They’ve come for your uncool niece.

    Mellow out or you will pay!

  14. What a disgrace. Refugees Not Welcome

  15. Disagree with a government policy get a visit and a threat from the police.

    Looks like the Danes need to Vote Woodchipper 2016.

    We’re going international, baby!

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