Donald Trump

Donald Trump's Post-Iowa Twitter Meltdown

Iowa's second-place finisher accuses Ted Cruz of stealing the election.


If you can't be a winner, be a whiner. In a series of tweets this morning, Donald Trump is insisting that Ted Cruz stole the Iowa caucuses and demanding a do-over:

I don't remember anyone getting a second shot at a contest on The Apprentice, but then, I stopped watching that show after season two. Maybe they changed the rules later on.

What does Trump mean by "the fraud"? He brings up a false rumor spread by the Cruz team, in which Ben Carson supposedly dropped out of the race; and he mentions a mailer Cruz distributed that aimed to shame nonvoters. Both were rather sleazy tactics, but neither is the sort of thing that's gonna lead any caucus to cancel its results. (In the case of the mailer, which came to light days before the voting, the backlash against it may well have cost Cruz more votes than it gained.) Then Trump gets to this:

So if a candidate doesn't like the way another candidate describes his record, the second candidate's victories get cancelled? By that standard, Trump disqualified himself ages ago, and so did pretty much everyone else in the race.

But of course Trump doesn't actually expect anyone to nullify Iowa's results. The real point here is to make an excuse for losing:

Snapshot from 2018: President Trump in his fallout shelter, mashing keys on a broken laptop, tweeting excuses for the apocalypse to an audience of zero.

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  1. As the voice of the people, I can only assume that means the people are a bunch of whiners.

    Donald Trump just said the American people are all whiners. Get him, whiners!

      1. Nothing resonates better with voters than when they are chastised like a dog that has peed on the carpet.

    1. You post that on blog with a page full of articles whining about The Injustice Of It All and you even have to ask that question?

      1. Reason isn’t the voice of the people; it’s the voice of elitists. Did you not get that memo?

        1. Wait, I think I have it over here… let’s see… TPS report… nope… parking spot assignments… nope… Hawaiian shirt Friday announcement… nope…

          Nope, don’t have it

          1. By “elitists” she meant “Jews”. Look in your siddur .

            1. I use the Kabbalah version. I thought Reason was all Ashkenazi.

              1. Sure, if you deign to include Harsanyi and his fellow Hungarians as Ashkenaz, as opposed to the remnants of a Turkic frontier state.

      2. What you are you whining about, loser? You lost to a loser like Ted Cruz, loser. Go lick your nuts somewhere else, 2nd place.

        1. “Losers always whine about doing their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen!”-
          */ best imagined being said in Darrell Hammond’s version of Sean Connery in Celebrity Jeopardy.

          1. + 1 Turd Ferguson laugh

          2. No, it’s best heard in Sean Connery’s original delivery, which should be seared in to every one of our brains by now.

            1. I wouldn’t be surprised if that line was ad lib.

      3. Whining is tone, not content.

    2. … have you not been paying attention for the last, well… ever?

      Between “take our country back [from the people the majority voted for]!” and “safe-spaces”, we *are* a bunch of whiners. Heck, I’d argue that Trump flip-flopping from whining to bullying is part of his appeal to many people.

  2. I’m sure Twitter-shaming Putin for stealing another country in Eastern Europe will fix our problems with Russia when President Trump runs the show.

      1. Unsatisfactory!

      1. Didn’t the Obama administration already try this? I seem to recall the State Dept. putting out a map of Eastern Europe, labeled “Russia” and “Not Russia.”

        Worked like a charm, obviously.

    1. And we all know such a tactic would be seen as cunning and strong by some, when it is done by Trump.

  3. High energy loser.

    1. That “loser” crushes a lot of top-class pussy, bro.

      1. Yeah? So does Ben Affleck and Justin Bieber.

  4. Trump-Biden 2016 – please please please.

  5. New election! Military coup! Bring back the guillotine!

  6. Snapshot from 2018: President Trump in his fallout shelter, mashing keys on a broken laptop, tweeting excuses for the apocalypse to an audience of zero.

    “No one told me selling nukes to ISIS was a bad idea!”

    1. “But . . . but I knew a bunch of smart people. They *worked* for me!”

      1. Did he do deals with them?

    2. You know who else ended up in a bunker?

      1. Meathead.

        1. ^winner

      2. Arnold Palmer? I think he occasionally missed a fairway.

  7. Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!

    No shit, Sherlock. Did you really think the Establishment would simply let itself be pushed aside by a billionaire playing politics on Tee Vee?

  8. I hope Trump shows up at his next event wearing two watches on each wrist.

    1. And a Flava Flav clock around his neck.

  9. So CNN had reported Carson was dropping out? Officialy reported or someone posted on a blog?

    1. If so, that probably helps Cruz.

    2. CNN reported that he was not going to NH or SC following the Iowa caucus. Carson was apparently planning to take a break at home following the caucus and this was understood by some in the Cruz campaign to mean he was dropping out. Seems to be like an honest mistake, but who knows

      1. Not so honest, they used that as the basis to say he was dropping out, and then never mentioned the subsequent clarification when it came.

        1. That voter notification was definitely slimy. No excuse for that.

          1. Isn’t that the responsibility of the Carson reps at each caucus? I would understand some whining in a secret ballot primary, but these are open events. Each candidate is supposed to have someone on sight to address these rumors.

        2. This should really be on voters, then to figure out for themselves. If they’re too stupid to figure out whether their guy (Carson, in this case) is actually dropping out or not, their vote has no value anyway.

      2. Is there a difference between “taking a break” from campaigning and dropping out a week before the NH primary?

      3. The report wasn’t offhand remarks, but “breaking news” and they were pretty breathless about it.

        It was a bit wink-wink-nudge nudge but they pushed it.

  10. I love how much Reason hates The Donald.

    1. In this instance it looks like Reason is pointing out how Trump is acting like a sore loser.

    2. He’s a loser. And you’re a loser for liking him. Buzz off, loser. Anyone what to take care of this loser? I’ll pay the legal fees.

  11. And finally, Cruz strongly told thousands of caucusgoers (voters) that Trump was strongly in favor of ObamaCare and “choice” – a total lie!
    ? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 3, 2016

    Well Trump, then you should have tackled that head on maybe? Instead of letting it go and hoping no one would notice? The fact that you bet on what turned out to be a sub-optimal strategy and lost doesn’t mean you get a do-over.

    Also – this is a crack in the dam for Trump. Even Hillary can lose with more (public) grace than this.

    1. Nah. This is Trumpbluster to get the news focused back on him for any reason. Takes away from Cruz and Rubio. Anything to keep people talking about him even if it’s not positive.

      1. There is no such thing as bad publicity*. We’re talking about Trump right now, aren’t we? Score one for The Donald! I’m sure the TV pundits are even now discussing “Trump Twitter Rant: Risky Strategy Or Brilliant Strategy? How This Could Work For Trump.” He makes a few comments, the media does its job of getting his message out there with the spin on it he wants – like taking candy from a dead baby.

        *That may not be a direct quote from Trump, but it’s a close-enough paraphrase.

    2. Trump doesn’t know what Obamacare is.

      When asked what he would replace it with he said “private insurance markets with subsidies for the poor so that everyone is covered”.

      He is policy illiterate but politically astute.

      1. This conveniently neglects to mention his numerous comments over the last 20 years that make it abundantly clear he supports universal healthcare on the taxpayer dime.

        1. He supports Obamacare – just by a different name.

          He will call it Donaldcare.

          1. Make your fucking donation.

      2. Pay your bet, dumbass.

      3. Maybe you should read the other 99% of the PPACA before you start lecturing anyone about “policy illiteracy”, but first you should post the receipt for your donation to Reason.

      4. To be fair, when you actually talk about what Obamacare is and does, but don’t use the name (either “Obamacare” or “Affordable Care Act”), it’s popularity soars, even among Republicans. Heck, of the few “alternatives” proposed by Republicans over the last six years, a majority have included major Obamacare provisions even as they promise to repeal every line of it.

      5. “He is policy illiterate but politically astute.”

        That puts him one leg up on the current office holder.

      6. “Trump doesn’t know what Obamacare is.”
        Just like most of its supporters.

    3. “Even Hillary can lose with more (public) grace than this.”

      Don’t count on it. I look forward to her giving a decades worth of wild-eyed, spittle flecked, alcohol slurred series of rants after her ass mops the floor in the general, if she makes it that far.

      Gore had a meltdown after he lost to Bush, I expect Hillary to fare worse. Her turn was stolen from her. What would make it even sweeter would be a series of scandals reported in the National Enquirer, preferably featuring Bill.

      “Hillary Defends Bill’s visits to Pedo Island, Denies Video is Authentic”

      1. Bill visits you? How the fuck can you stand it?

  12. Jesus Christ! Have some dignity, man! I would have thought Trump cunning enough to know that a better look on him would have been to graciously accept the results, knowing that he will trounce Cruz in NH. Considering part of Trump’s appeal is his purported “strength,” this whiny loser act is the worst thing he could have done.

    1. He tried that for almost 36 whole hours, dude.

      1. He tried that for almost 36 whole hours, dude.

        An act of almost Atlas-like strength!

        1. I’m just waiting until he manages to work in Muslims somehow, like tweeting a pic of a Sikh working a Cruz rally.

            1. Aidan T. Tierian @AidanTierian
              There is no chance in hell 2 beaners won more than 50% of the Iowan Republican (white working male) vote.

              The best tweets are the tweets you tweet at yourself.

              1. “Beaners”?

                Is there no good rude word for Cubans?

                1. “Is there no good rude word for Cubans?

                  Sir, let me introduce you to The Internet. On this Internet, there is Everything.
                  (Including, ‘The Racial-Slur Database‘)

                  Of course ‘cuban’ isn’t a race, but this is no time to get all pickles&pork;

                  1. My hat’s off to you, sir. I have been searching for something like this.

            2. Barbara Streisand, Old Man With Candy, Woody Allen, 9/11…anti-Trump conspiracy? I believe it.

    2. He ran away from a girl who with gussied up hair and giant, fake eyelashes. He can’t even live up to his stupid persona.

      1. His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay.

        1. Not sure how many got that reference. Nothing quite like BC era prophecy.

    3. Trump being a thin-skinned, spiteful, whiny baby is all part of his appeal.

      1. I’m not sure about that. At the subconscious level, at least, whiny losers don’t want to be reminded of their whiny loserdom. This is why they engage in live-action roleplaying (LARPing).

    4. Brashness overcompensating for being extremely thin skinned

      New York values?

  13. Donald Trump should be glad that here in America it’s not PC to openly mock pathetic losers like that one candidate who threatens to sue people that criticize him, suggested Mexicans are mostly rapists and murderers, openly mocked a reporter with a disability, routinely insults anybody and everybody, tells the most outrageous lies about how great he is and how big a pathetic loser everybody else is. You know the one, the fat-headed blowhard with the world’s worst haircut and the aesthetic taste of a trailer park crack whore who just won the lottery who brags about how well he’s done getting crony capitalism to work for him. The big Clinton supporter with the New York values, what’s-his-name. Because whining when somebody else wins sure sounds like a pathetic loser to me.

    1. Oh come on! His head isn’t that fat…well actually I guess it is.

    2. Oh come on! His head isn’t that fat…well actually I guess it is.

  14. It goes to show you that what is worse that a sore loser is a sore winner who then loses. Oh, boy.

  15. I thought we were supposed to get bored of him winning.

    1. Well, I did.

    2. Nah, bored of him whining.

  16. I have to say I’m enjoying every second of the trainwreck that is this election cycle. It’s fucking hilarious.

    1. I’m trying to. But I keep running into people who want to take it seriously, which ruins it for me.

  17. What does Trump mean by “the fraud”? He brings up a false rumor spread by the Cruz team, in which Ben Carson supposedly dropped out of the race

    To be accurate, the Cruz team faithfully related CNN’s report RE: the Carson campaign — that is, the exact same thing that Donald Trump did ad nauseum with any Iowa polls that had him ahead.

  18. I remember the old days, when people just lost votes.

    Those were the days.

  19. This twitter feed has to be the greatest thing in the history of american politics.

    1. It brought it us this:

      Hase @arierhase

      @realDonaldTrump not winning the #IowaCuckus is good news 4 Whites. Trump has a better chance to win as a 3rd party candidate #WhiteGenocide
      11:42 PM – 1 Feb 2016

      Iowa. Cuckus.

      That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

      1. ERMAHGERD! That’s amazing.

        1. There are three or four Abnormal Psych dissertations in the whole Cuck movement.

          1. I wish it were abnormal.

            1. The Ottoman army employed the loud booming sounds of mehter music as well as cannon shot to give the illusion of greater numbers while on the march or when laying siege to a city’s walls.

      2. Trump is the candidate for the White Man, as evidenced by getting less than a quarter of votes in a mostly white state.

        1. That’s why the dirty open-borders cuckster had to have cheaTED.

          1. Wait… cheatMARCOED.

            1. Wait… MarcHEATED!

          2. There is definitely something fishy about these results, since most of the votes went to Mexicans and a black fella. Iowan Republicans were probably signaling to the SJWs, to make sure the rest of the country knew they weren’t racist. Despicable.

      3. Aidan T. Tierian @AidanTierian

        There is no chance in hell 2 beaners won more than 50% of the Iowan Republican (white working male) vote. #MicrosoftRubioFraud #IowaCaucus

        Like my daddy always told me…. you can’t trust a man what’s made of gas

  20. Donald Trump likes to insult his opponents by calling them “losers”.

    In reality, there is nothing inherently wrong about losing in a competition. Every competitor in every endeavor has experienced a defeat.

    Trump’s behavior since his initial concession, however, is that of a sore loser. Nobody likes a sore loser.

    1. Trumps supporters do. Or at least, they should. That Trump is a sore loser isn’t/wasn’t a secret. So presumably, they should have known he was a sore loser when they decided to support him.

  21. Trump es un perdador
    He’s a loser baby, that’s why he don’t thrill me

  22. Snapshot from 2018: President Trump in his fallout shelter, mashing keys on a broken laptop, tweeting excuses for the apocalypse to an audience of zero.

    My fallout shelter’s YUUUGE! Very nice. And this is far better than Jeb!’s armageddon – which would be just terrible, low-yield kind of thing. Yeah, I said it but it had to be said – low yield – do you want a low-yield armageddon?

    1. That made me guffaw!

  23. For a Tough Guy who’s fabulous at negotiations and looking strong and will restore America’s Strength, Trump sure does whine a lot about losing and people being unfair to him.

  24. Sadly, with Paul gone Trump becomes the best choice out of the Republicans.

    The guy actually said he wants to withdraw all troops from countries that “can pay to defend themselves.”

    A candidate who actually thinks its about time we withdrew troops from Germany?? Haven’t seen that before.

    1. “”I will build a military so strong that we’ll never have to use it because they are going to be saying, ‘I’m not going to mess with that guy,’ ” he said, without explaining how he would bolster America’s defense.”
      – The Post and Courier – Jul 21, 2015

      Mr. Trump said he would like to “build a safe zone in Syria, build a big, beautiful safe zone, and you have whatever it is, so they can live.”
      – New York Times – Nov 13, 2015

      “Obama’s recent decision to gut the U.S. military by cutting $400 billion from our defense budget, a figure more than double what then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates identified as being prudent. Now here’s Obama, a guy who never met a spending bill h doesn’t love. But when it comes to funding our troops and giving them the equipment, training, and support they need, Obama is MIA.

      The reason conservatives support a strong and well-funded military is because they know that all freedoms flow from national security. That’s why we need a new president. It’s also why we need to get tough in foreign policy to deal with the threats and challenges America faces from rival and enemy nations.”

      Source: Time to Get Tough, by Donald Trump, p. 90-91 , Dec 5, 2011

      “Donald Trump touted the benefits of waterboarding in a campaign rally on Monday night, telling a crowd that “you bet your ass” he would bring it back into use.”
      – Nov 2015

      1. But those are all exaggerations and white lies. His claim that he will remove troops from Germany is honest.

    2. Obama pulled troops out of Germany.

      Our heavy tanks.

      then he had to send them back to Poland after Ukraine.

  25. Whatever Trump is saying this time, it’s only a ploy to get more attention and air time, same as always. And people keep falling for it.

  26. Donald Trump is an idiot who knows one thing – he knows nobody’s going to admit to being outwitted by an idiot. We will tell ourselves the idiot that outwitted us isn’t really an idiot, after all, he outwitted smart guys like us. We’re going to tell ourselves Trump is so brilliant he’s figured out that pretending to be an idiot is a winning strategy, but we’re so smart we can see the brilliance behind his disguise!

    It’s like a pathological liar who’s figured out everybody knows he’s a pathological liar and is now perfectly safe telling everybody about the dead hookers he keeps in his basement. Trump is perfectly free to be as idiotic as he wants because everybody has convinced themselves the idiot is a genius pretending to be an idiot. If Donald Trump really were an idiot, what would it say about us that we not only can’t recognize an idiot when we see one, we’re so stupid we’re about to elect him President?

    He’s an idiot preying on our belief we’re too smart to be fooled by an idiot. He’s walking right up and telling us he’s an idiot and we believe he can’t posssibly be an idiot, because we think we’re smart enough to know an idiot when we see one and we’re sure as hell smart enough not to be outwitted by one. We’re not.

    1. Donald Trump is an idiot who knows one thing – he knows nobody’s going to admit to being outwitted by an idiot.

      Do you really believe Trump is an idiot? All you have to do is read his book “The Art of the Deal” to understand his strategy. He’s not randomly tweeting on a whim.

      1. He’s actually a shitty negotiator.

  27. I clicked the link about Cruz’s “nonvoting violation” mailer. I am not outraged. Seems like a pretty typical campaign mailer. The false outrage by the Iowa Secretary of State probably has more to do with Cruz opposing corn mandates.

    Or perhaps he is just a humorless troll.

    1. Though honestly this reminds me that voting records are public. I had a candidate come visit me because he knew I voted in primaries.

      Not sure if I applaud the efficiency, or if I think it’s inappropriate.

  28. If the right wing media would give other candidates the air time they give Trump instead of reporting every time Trump farted they may actually do something good for the country

  29. Trump is a narcissistic fool and the fools in the Republican Party are fixing to put him in the Whitehouse. God help us

  30. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho has more class than Trump. And may be snarter.

  31. Trump is expressing valid concerns.

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  35. I believed Ted had played dirty pool with the tweet, until I heard the actual CNN Jake Tapper story.

    CNN totally played up the angle that Carson seemed to dropping out, by heading back to Florida for a few days and then to DC instead of NH.

    It wasn’t some flub or off-the cuff remark either. They played it up for a small segment and called it “breaking news.”

    Sorry, Ted’s excused for this one. Not so much the mailer.

  36. “He’s an idiot preying on our belief we’re too smart to be fooled by an idiot.”

    Does that mean he’s an idiot genius?

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