Anthony Fisher Talks Bernie Sanders' Folk Album on NH Public Radio's Word of Mouth Today, 2p ET

Reason's musical review of We Shall Overcome is the subject of today's conversation.


Tune into New Hampshire Public Radio's

Bernie Sanders Hears You

Word of Mouth today in the 2p ET hour, where I'll be talking with host Virginia Prescott about Bernie Sanders' long-forgotten and now suddenly ubiquitous folk album We Shall Overcome

I reviewed the 5-song EP, which was intended to serve as Vermont's answer to "We Are the World," here at Reason last week:

Examining this record nearly 30 years later, what's most remarkable is how Sanders appears impervious to the influences of time. His voice and speaking cadence of 1987 are nearly identical to the present day, and his passion for peace and freedom remain admirably staunch, even if his simplistic utopian economic views remain trapped in the Dust Bowl.

Listen online here or check out the podcast later.