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Chris Christie Says Michelle Obama Has No Business Interfering with School Lunches—OK, Now Apply That Consistently

Christie might believe in food freedom but he's a militant drug prohibitionist.


At a town hall in Iowa yesterday, an 11-year-old asked Republican presidential candidate Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) about how school lunches have changed under the Obama administration, complaining his school cafeteria didn't serve pizza or crispitos anymore.

"The first lady has no business being involved in this," Christie answered, telling the boy he could eat whatever he wanted at school if Christie were elected president. There are plenty of good reasons to oppose Obama administration's school lunch program initiative, many of them articulated here at Reason over the last few years. Christie did not hit on them substantively, and shows no hint he understands them based on his other policy views.

"Using the government to mandate her point of view on what people should be eating every day is none of her business, it just isn't," Christie told the 11-year-old. Yet the same could apply to marijuana use. Using the government to mandate Christie's point of view on what people should be smoking or not is none of his business. Christie has argued he would enforce the federal laws against marijuana even in states that have legalized it. The new school lunch program initiative came via legislation too, the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, and efforts are underway now to replace (but not necessarily repeal) it.

For that matter, New Jersey considered raising the minimum age for buying cigarettes from 19 (already above the age of majority) to 21. Obesity may be unhealthier than smoking not just marijuana but also cigarettes. Christie vetoed the legislation.

Picking and choosing which parts of a free people's private life the government can intervene in doesn't make you any less of a nanny statist—Christie's answer on school lunches, juxtaposed with his militant prohibitionism on marijuana, helps illustrate that the primary difference in vision between Obama and the Republicans hoping to replace him is the particular flavor of authoritarianism.

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  1. So where does that leave him on pot brownies?

    1. He’s gonna need a few more to really determine his opinion.

  2. Chris Christie talks about people not being able to exercise self-control as a justification for continuing marijuana prohibition, yet he got lap band surgery and still managed to gain the weight back.

    Yeah, whatever you say, clearly you’re a good person to take advice on self-control from.

      1. “No one puts on 40 pounds of bone, Marge.”

    1. He’s projecting his own failures onto others.

      Besides, he’s a US Attorney. They believe the worst about everybody for a living.

  3. Christie might believe in food freedom but he’s a militant drug prohibitionist.

    Isn’t food Christie’s drug? A Dairy Queen his crack house? I’m sure there’s lots of alcoholics who average 0.05 BAC throughout the waking day who think heroin is just the worst.

    1. Those particular alcoholics need to drink more.

  4. OK Now Apply That Consistently

    This is a good way to reduce statists to name-calling.

  5. telling the boy he could eat whatever he wanted at school if Christie were elected president.

    Finally, a message Christie can deliver with credibility.

    1. I think Christie Creme’s PTSD gets triggered at the thought of being told what to eat, and that’s the only reason he opposes it.

  6. Leggo his Eggo!

  7. I’m guessing Chris Christie is against any policy which interferes with lunch.

  8. Picking and choosing which parts of a free people’s private life the government can intervene in doesn’t make you any less of a nanny statist…

    He was pandering to someone who can’t even vote. He just can’t find it in his fat-encased, prosecutorial heart to follow the winds of change to legalization.

    1. Sir Humphrey Appleby: [discussing how to stop the PM’s anti-smoking legislation] I think the crucial argument is that we are living in a free country and we *must* be free to make our own decisions. After all, government shouldn’t be a nursemaid, we don’t want the nanny state.

      Sir Frank Gordon: Oh, that’s very good.

      Sir Ian Whitworth: Excellent.

      Sir Humphrey Appleby: The only problem is that that is also the argument for legalising the sale of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, arsenic and gelignite.

      Sir Frank Gordon: Well maybe that’s a good idea if we can put a big enough tax on them.

      Sir Ian Whitworth: Politically difficult.

      Sir Frank Gordon: Pity.

  9. Christie should stop throwing his weight around, lol

  10. I have plenty of issues with Christie, but I’m still not sorry for voting for him the first time (I voted for the libertarian guy the second time even though I honestly had no idea who he was). NJ politicians are the worst. It’s amazing how many Democrats, and every newspaper in NJ, seems to have completely forgotten that Corzine and McGreevey existed. At least Christie’s trying to reign in the bloated government in some places. I’d take him over Trump or the Dems. Still wouldn’t actually vote for him if he miraculously won the candidacy, though.

  11. the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, and efforts are underway now to replace (but not necessarily repeal) it.

    Because repealing it would mean you want kids to starve.

    1. Another piece of legislation that, just like the Affordable Care Act, has the opposite effect as its name.
      Made kids hungrier by putting strict limits on calories and giving them shit they would just throw away.
      Made kids less healthy by putting stricter limits on dietary fat, at a time they’re still developing and need it most.

      1. Most of the reason some kids are obese is because they’re stuck in school too many hours each day, followed by 3 hours of homework afterwards. WTF do people think kids DO while they’re doing homework???

        1. That, and the pervasive belief that going outside is dangerous, and the most important thing for a child to work toward is going to college and getting a white-collar job.

  12. This is not right. If Michelle stops her mission everyone will think Pop Tarts are a food group!


    1. Everyone knows Pop Tart is a phrasal verb.

      1. I thought it was short for ‘Popular Tart’ to describe mean girls until recently.

        1. Like an Andy Warhol groupie?

          1. Any groupie really.

        2. Lack of Pop Tarts is at least the No. 3 problem with Quebec.

      2. Everyone knows Pop Tart is a component of a dangerous weapon.

  13. I find forcing people to eat broccoli is entirely consistent with forcing people not to smoke weed. This SCOTUS stuff is eeeeasy.

  14. You don’t want to know where he pulled that apple from..

    1. Or is a tomato?


      1. I think you are right. And to think I used to pride myself on my fruit recognition.


    2. What else could be stashed in those rolls?

  15. “The first lady has no business being involved in this,” Christie answered, telling the boy he could eat whatever he wanted at school if Christie were elected president.

    And then he ate the child’s entire lunch.


  16. I wonder,was Christie grass fed as a calf or grain fed?.I don’t see him as a open range kinda guy.

    1. BTW,what you consume is no one’s business,including drugs,so,fuck them both.

    2. I imagine carrying all that extra weight around is at least as much exercise as I get at the gym.

  17. Obesity may be unhealthier than smoking not just marijuana but also cigarettes.

    Oh, and who gives a shit. Even if mj was unhealthier, I own my own body. Why engage in the utilitarian argument with lunatics, Ed?

  18. I spend a lot of time in Iowa. Trust me, to them, Christie is borderline anorexic.

  19. It should be mentioned that Christie’s comment that “when I’m President you can eat whatever you want for lunch” is just nonsense too. Even doing away with Michelle’s guidelines isn’t going to leave the federal lunch program with no guidelines – the kid is still going to be handed a balanced* meal, not the Doritos and Twizzlers and a Mountain Dew he wants. “Freedom” is just being told what to do by the right Top Men.

    *A balanced meal includes foods from all the major voting groups politicians need to get votes from. You think the Dairy Board and the Beef Council and the good folks at ConAgra and Kraft don’t have some influence on deciding what a healthy diet is and a healthy bottom line isn’t part of the equation?

  20. Here’s the way it works for widget. In 2014 I stopped working three mornings a week so I could exercise. I earned $60k gross, and payed about $27k in taxes. I weighted in at 195 lbs at the end of the year. In 2015 I worked full time, earned $100k gross, and will pay about $51k in taxes (CA). I now weigh 214 lbs.

    If I were your serf, what you tell me do in 2016?

    1. Get a good accountant?

    2. I’d reduce your gruel ration.

    3. I already have an expensive accountant. Maybe I should become an accountant.

    4. Is the 19 extra pounds muscle or fat? Is the $19k extra worth three mornings per week? Is living in California worth living in California? If you were my serf I’d tell you to quit looking to me to provide you with an excuse for all the problems in your life and take responsibility for yourself.

      I’m guessing the 19 extra pounds are fat and you’d prefer to exercise more and the $19k extra are nice but it’s the extra $24k the state’s getting that chaps your ass. I’d suggest you consider leaving California for some place the taxes and the cost of living aren’t so high and maybe you can make a better living plus have time to exercise. You gotta make trade-offs, you can’t have it all. If you really love California, you gotta pay the taxes and decide if you want to be poorer and healthier or better off financially and worse off physically.

      /goes back to sitting on my fat ass in rural Georgia where I can live pretty damn well on $60k.

      1. You’re right, Jerryskids, on all accounts. There are a lot of reasons I can’t just bug out though.

        I was trying was pointing a weird trade-off that occurs with me, or the likes of me. The more fit I am, the less taxes I pay.

  21. Well, everyone likes their own things and don’t want anyone messing with them, and it’s quite obvious that Christie really, really likes food.

  22. Obesity may be unhealthier than smoking not just marijuana but also cigarettes.

    Is that a crack at his weight? I certainly hope so. Fat fuck…

  23. If you like your Department Of Education, you can keep your Department Of Babysitting and Indoctrination.

  24. Never get between Christie and his lunch

  25. Wow call me crazy, but I thought “The first lady has no business being involved in this,” because no one elected her.

  26. Alternate headline: “Morbidly obese man defends his cookie habit”

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