Police Abuse

As I Lay Dying


Pete Delio

The Orlando, Florida, police department fired officer Pete Delio and Sgt. William Faulker after Delio kneed a prisoner in the abdomen hard enough to rupture his spleen and the two left him screaming in pain for almost two hours before getting medical assistance. The prisoner, Robert Liese, had been arrested for not paying a $30 bar tab.


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  1. Delio told internal affairs investigators he heard yelling coming from the cell but did not know it was Liese, despite the fact that Liese was the only prisoner in the cell. There also was a computer where Delio could see video of inside the cell.

    He assaults so many people you can’t expect him to keep track of who all he leaves helplessly writhing in agony.

  2. According to Faulkner’s termination letter, he wrote in his report and told internal affairs that Liese said he didn’t need medical assistance. But in the video, Liese can be heard screaming for medical attention.

    Because of that, Faulkner, who was hired in 2003, also violated the department’s truthfulness policy.

    That policy is, of course, don’t lie about something that’s on video subject to discovery.

    1. my god, isn’t there someone, somewhere who can make this go away for these gallant officers of the law?

  3. cause they’re officers, they must be gallant q.e.d.

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