Jeb Bush Might Have Run the Worst Campaign in Modern History, Matt Welch Argues Tonight on Red Eye w/ Tom Shillhue

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What's 82 seconds long, and should die in a fire? This video, by the money-burning super-geniuses who have helped propel Jeb! Bush all the way down to 4 percent in national polls:

As the bard once sang, this is the kind of awful, "professional" politics that ensures the survivors will envy the dead. Anyway, this ad, and the D.O.A. presidential campaign it aims to animate, is one of the many discussion points on tonight's Red Eye w/ Tom Shillhue on Fox News at 3 a.m., on which I co-panelize throughout.

Speaking of presidential politics, I appeared today on the great Warren Olney's KCRW program To the Point today, along with several other guests, to assess Barack Obama's last State of the Union address. It will perhaps come as little surprise that I was less charitable than the others.