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Independence Police

Independence, Louisiana, police officer Laquinton Banks has been charged with felony theft, malfeasance in office and hate crimes. Banks allegedly targeted Hispanic motorists, stopping them and asking for their wallets to check their licenses. When he returned the wallets, their cash would be missing.

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  1. that’s just the Latino tax kicking in…what? you didn’t know about the Latino tax?

  2. “The allegations are that money was exchanged so that a ticket would not be written,” Edwards said. “And in another case, looks like the person was brought to the police station and money was paid and the individual left the police station without being booked into jail.”

    One local woman said that word of Banks’ scheme spread, so much so that Hispanic residents would try their best to avoid the area.

    So he stopped because a) he was so greedy that his department could no longer look the other way, and/or b) he was stealing not from the public but from the moneymaking machine for which he works.

  3. Rule of law.

    Yeah, rulers rule and we’ll take it and like it.

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