U.S. Marshals Seize Hoverboards from Consumer Electronics Show, Planned Parenthood Endorses Clinton, Identity Politics Run Amok: A.M. Links


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Brickbat: I Must Say
By Charles Oliver

France's 9/11: Will Europe learn from America's mistakes?
By Matt Welch

Obama's Legacy is Executive Abuse: The temptation to use the Obama model of legislating through the executive branch will become increasingly attractive to politicians and their supporters.
By David Harsanyi

California Poverty Plan Offers a Wealth of Bad Ideas: Donations flowing to statewide initiative that would impose surcharge on pricey properties.
By Steven Greenhut

Movie Review: The Revenant: Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in a brutal tale of survival and revenge.
By Kurt Loder

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  1. Obama birthers are now targeting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

    Kenya or Canada, who wants that for your leader?

      1. So last time I chekd, Mr Rufus, aren’t you running a daycare center in Montreal ?

        1. 2016, still no edit button, what is this ? the middle ages !?

          1. You could always use the “preview” button to check before you post. ……..

            1. preview button doesn’t always work with some things for me in this browser. Mozilla with script blocker, if I use preview, it squirrels into something else . . .

            2. Too much hassle.

        2. Yes. More like north of Laval.

          1. There is like, 10 000 pedo bear jokes that I could make but it is too early in the morning. But this is not for me. So I ll keep them for later,

            I’ve got this lady friend of mine that is studying in children care or whatever you call doing paint with jello for three years and HEY ! you got a DEC !. But still, she’s out of a job right now, so I have to ask, are you willing to take interns ?

            1. Actually, can you ? would be a better question because you used to ask your neighboor to check your kids and pay them for the few hours, but now, nope, daycare center, and the lady better be certified with 3 years of training in taking care of kids, or you are fucked.

              Seriously, fuck Marois… twice.

              1. Yes, we do.

                Feel free to contact me.

                  1. WILL YOU STOP BLOWING MY COVER?!

                    GOD YOU’RE ANNOYING.

                1. Sent you an email. Did a few mistakes, tried to correct them on the second one.

          2. Are you a jolly fat man in a red suit, using children as sl’elve’ labor?

            Because ‘north of’ anything in Canada sounds like it’s pretty north.

            1. I’m not North of 60 and can’t get my educators to agree using the kids as orphan slaves as a side business is a good thing.

            2. Detroit is north of Canada.

              1. And nobody wants to go there either.

                1. Unless they’re going fishing.

    1. Hillary is the gift that keeps on giving. Did she start the Cruz rumors, too?

    2. Hillary is the gift that keeps on giving. Did she start the Cruz rumors, too?

      1. Fucking squirrels. They hate child molesters.

        1. Or they enjoy them twice as much…. damn squirrels.

        2. We call them tree rats in my circle

        3. Because you are both after the same thing: small nuts.

        4. Because you are both after the same thing: small nuts.

    3. Good morning.

      I, for one, applaud their consistency.

      1. Our first president wasn’t born in the United States. HOW DID HE SLIP THROUGH THE CRACKS?

        1. Neither were the next four (at least).

          1. More than that. JQA, Jackson, and Harrison were all born before 1776. Martin van Buren was born before the signing of the Treaty, but after Independence.

            1. Martin van Buren grew up speaking Dutch and didn’t even learn American until he was 8!

              1. My grandmother’s first cousin was Chester A. Arthur so fuck you..

  2. 134) I’ve always been of two minds about living in the DC area. My wife and I moved to northern Virginia as newlyweds in 1998 to go to graduate school and stayed when we found good jobs. But I’ve never been able to whole-heartedly commit. Many of my classmates have ended up in New Orleans, and I admire the way they unabashedly love that city. The same seems true to a lesser extent of friends and classmates in Nashville, Tulsa, Atlanta, and Raleigh.

    In fact, I mostly identify with Fairfax City, a historical enclave. I like our house and our neighborhood, and we do have some close friends here. But once past the city’s boundaries, we’re clearly in the belly of the beast. The traffic, the smugness of so many civil servants I come across, the dumb old football team, the way the whole city considers itself superior to the rest of the country when it’s really just a leech. Really, the only area-wide local institution I’m a fan of without complication is the Washington Nationals.

    1. And we’re back on track with the numbering system which Tonio thinks is so obnoxious, although I think the word he is looking for is “pompous.”

      1. Marvel Comics numbering? You should have gone straight to #200

        1. For me they’re all 86.

          1. Is that some kind of sex reference?

            1. No.

              I became familiar with it in the restaurant biz, but we used it to refer to order modifications, as in “cheese steak, all the way, 86 (leave out) the mayo.”

              1. I always wondered about the origin of “eighty-six.” Seems it might have just been rhyming slang for nix.

                1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/86_(term)

                  I heard it while working in restaurants. There would be a black board in the kitchen with what was 86’d due to be sold out, etc.

              2. I always wondered about the origin of “eighty-six.” Seems it might have just been rhyming slang for nix.

      2. Self criticism is the most sincere form. -Chairman Mao


    2. I moved from New Orleans to DC about eight years ago. The wife’s family is from this area. I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said – terrible traffic, self-important smug assholes, terrible football team (they go 9-7 and everyone around here is acting like Cousins is Peyton fucking Manning or something). NOLA definitely has its issues, too, but I’d go back there without hesitation.

      And yeah, the Nats kick ass.

      1. acting like Cousins is Peyton fucking Manning

        Right now, I’d much rather have Cousins than Manning. He has been terrible this year. Should have retired after getting embarrassed by SeaHags couple years ago.

        But being a Donko hater, I’m glad to see they’re starting him.

      2. I like the idea of NOLA but the weather would kill me.

      3. terrible football team (they go 9-7 and everyone around here is acting like Cousins is Peyton fucking Manning or something).

        No sane person who follows the team actually believes this. Anyway this type of hyperbole happens in every city with sports talk radio.

    3. I lived in Foggy Bottom for five years during college. I can say I haven’t been happier since moving back to Texas. The town has some nice museums, but in a lot of ways it feels less like a city to be lived in than one to be networked in. Restaurants tend to be about being seen or presenting the right image. Little things like Spirit Halloween stores don’t pop up like in a normal city. It’s a bit like living in a display case.

    4. I grew up in NoVa, JATNAS; or more precisely I grew up in the northern part of the state in an area which had become part of the NoVa sprawl by the time I graduated college (far earlier than you). After a year of commuting I started looking for jobs out of the area, but close enough to easily visit DC. Totes happier.

    5. kind of mad we let span go.

    6. Move south to Charlottesville! We have our own special set of ass holes (actually most everyone is very friendly, but sometimes… often politically retarded) but people who live here *love* living here. Also, we make a lot of alcohol — beer, wine, cider, liquor. Awesome restaurants, nice people, good booze. Plus TJ’s house is just up the hill.

      1. Charlottesville is not a bad town at all. Virginia is actually pretty normal once you get past manassas.

        1. I hear Manassas was all right about 20 years ago, but the DC sprawl has pretty much consumed it.

          1. Manassas is all traffic and ugly houses as far as the eye can see. It has a cool old downtown, though.

          2. nobody new what manassas was 20 years ago.

            1. *knew.

            2. *knew.

              1. Gesundheit !

        2. I like Richmond, C-Ville and Staunton.

          I don’t know about Lynchburg, though. It’s like the shadowy place in the distance that Simba’s father says “you must never go there”.

        3. Charlottesville – used to live there when it was segregated.

          1. :-/ Yeah, was that before or after they bulldozed the black neighborhood for redevelopment?

      2. Charlottesville is the best, aside from all the yupsters driving up property costs and clogging up the awesome restaurants and dominating local politics.

        1. It’s a one party city and except for the black guy that just got elected to city council, it’s mostly people with connections to developers. I don’t know if it’s the yupsters driving that, or not.

          1. I’m pretty sure that if you buy a home for more than $700,000, the city will provide you with his ‘n’ hers Subaru Outbacks. There are no houses in Charlottesville for less than $700,000. You will never see more Outbacks in one place outside of the parking lot at Lillith Fair.

            1. Subaru Outback, Crosstrek, or Volvo (any model).

              There are actually plenty of houses that cost less than that but not in the old money, north of the downtown mall (NoDoMaCha) because they have these ridiculous historic zones that protect everyone’s property value and prevent any kind of redevelopment (i.e. no apartment is going to replace that 5,000 sqft colonial). Belmont still has plenty of more reasonably priced properties (away from down town but still pretty close, away from the projects, and away from the bow ties and sundresses of UVA).

          2. It’s Dave Matthews’s fault.

    7. + 10, 000 uninhabitable house tralers

  3. …marking the first time in Planned Parenthood’s 100-year history that it has endorsed a candidate in a primary.

    Hopefully they can funnel some government funding into her campaign.

    1. Hopefully they can funnel some government funding into her campaign.

      Oh, I think that’s a given.

    2. Well,money is fungible.

      1. Since they’re not spending it on abortions?

    3. Hopefully they prominently fund her and go all in on backing her right before she gets indicted.

    1. The law and order move. She broke the law and all laws must be followed.

      1. Tulpa’s mom, I assume.

        1. A true libertarian follows all law blindly. You’d know that if you had integrity like Tulpa.

          1. A true libertarian blindly follows all law.

            1. ?? Why is this here? Edit button. please.

          2. Or failing open boarder policies.

    2. “We answer to a Higher Authority.”

      1. Hebrew National are very good hot dogs BTW

    3. Keyser Soze showing those men of will what will really is.

    4. That is a very devout Muslim.

      He must read the book a lot.

    5. That is a very devout Muslim.

      He must read the book a lot.

      1. Twice!

    6. That’s a bold marketing statement.

    1. She is worse than Anne Lanza!


    2. I’m somewhat surprised the Post didn’t say “blasts”.

      1. “ignores his cries for mercy and blows to smithereens”

      2. Schlongs. It should always be “schlonged” now.

        1. Are you the slingity schlong sock Zeb?

          1. I have no idea how to answer that question.

            1. A simple yes or no will do? Have you not seen the slingity schlong guy? Post schlong in every comment.

              1. No, then. I guess I missed that. Haven’t been following so closely lately.

                1. Okay then. But I’m watching you…

                2. Rarely have so many followed so few with so little success. ?

    3. Man, she NAILED him. She got him to admit gun crimes are down. And then he went skating on the Rideau Canal.

      1. She’s very well spoken,unlike you bastards.

  4. South Korea resumes anti-North Korea propaganda broadcasts

    The broadcasts include popular Korean pop songs, world news and weather forecasts as well as criticism of the North’s nuclear test, its troubled economy and dire human rights conditions, according to Seoul’s Defense Ministry.

    Performers on Seoul’s propaganda playlist include a female K-pop band that rose to fame when its members fell multiple times on stage, a middle-aged singer who rose from obscurity last year with a song about living for 100 years and songs by a young female singer, IU, whose sweet, girlish voice might be aimed at North Korean soldiers deployed near the border.

    North Koreans are prohibited from listening to K-pop. Despite that, North Korean defectors say South Korean music is popular in their home country, with songs and other elements of South Korea popular culture smuggled in on USB sticks and DVDs.

    1. K pop is anti South Korean propaganda.

      1. Not into Asian girls then

        1. Not since I married one.

      1. You get your best orphans from there.They work hard and require very little rice.

  5. At the heart of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association?now before the U.S. Supreme Court?is a matter of free speech, not unions, says The Federalist.

    You think it will be a better sell to the lefties on the Court framed like that?

    1. Nope, remember how long and loudly they whined about that other free speech decision a few years back?

      1. “Whined?” Wrong tense; petitions calling for the repeal of Citizens United are still a near-daily thing on facebook.

    1. What Salon conveniently overlooks is that if it weren’t for this documentary existing, they’d be lambasting the Averys as white trash bitter clingers who probably vote Rethuglikkan. If Salon were really interested in writing an interesting article, they’d look into the fact that the same people eugenics supporters were calling ‘not really white’ are now the people attacked for being rednecks by leftists.

      1. They’d probably be embarrassed by the extensive overlap between the two groups

        1. They are incapable of embarassment.

  6. Oklahoma hit with 70 quakes in a week

    Oklahoma in 2014 had at least 5,415 earthquakes; 585 of them were magnitude-3 or greater. In comparison, the state had just 109 magnitude-3 quakes in 2013, according to the Oklahoma Geologic Survey. Statistics for 2015 are still being compiled.

    A state report last year noted a connection between hydraulic fracturing and some earthquake “swarms,” and state officials say there’s a potential risk to the public due to the increase in quakes. Experts say the quakes are likely being caused by injection wells, which are particularly deep wells into which drilling byproducts and wastewater are injected, rather than wells drilled to extract oil or gas.

    “The OGS considers it very likely that the majority of recent earthquakes, particularly those in central and north-central Oklahoma, are triggered by the injection of produced water in disposal wells,” the agency said.

    1. They are all small quakes that don’t seem to damage anything. So, what exactly is the big deal?

      1. They are obviously the result of fracking.

        1. Okay, but if they are not doing any damage, so what?

          1. Beecuz frakkiing bad!

          2. They will.
            This recent documentary shows the results of fracking:

          3. I say that fracking is a plus when it comes to earthquakes. What’s better, a couple hundred small quakes that don’t damage anything and relieve pressure, or one big quake that causes damage.

      2. They are going to awaken the Yellowstone Cauldera !!

        1. Release the kraken,I love saying that.

    2. From Wikipedia’s article on the Richter scale:

      “Magnitude 3.0?3.9: Often felt by people, but very rarely causes damage. Shaking of indoor objects can be noticeable.”

    3. Also, don’t smaller earthquakes release pressure that could result in a bigger earthquake if allowed to build up? I wonder if we might be preventing the next New Madrid earthquake with these smaller ones.

    4. Another one will come sooner or later.

    5. The question I have here is whether there is any evidence that this might lead to significant quakes. If not, so what? A magnitude 3 quake shakes less than a big truck driving by.

      If anything, I’d imagine that these little quakes make a large one less likely by releasing tension. Though I don’t think that the fault system in that part of the country is all that well understood.

      1. According to the documentary Princess Trigger posted, they do…

      2. Any faults in the Midwest are under about a mile of sediment, so there’s that, unlike Cal.or Japan where they are at many different depths, being suspect Terraine and all.
        Depth Counts

        Terraine is the correct spelling in this case

  7. Planned Parenthood will make unprecedented primary endorsement of Hillary Clinton

    And a(n) *historic* one!


      1. WAR. ON. WOMYNZ!!11!!!!!!

    2. I saw what you did there, but think spelling it properly gets your point better across– *hystoric*

  8. How the federal government became the West’s biggest landlord.

    And this will be defended by various Reason commenters. Which amazes me.

    1. None of the Libertarian ones, I’d hope.

    2. Personally, I really don’t care who Kanye and Kim rent from.

  9. http://www.dw.com/en/reports-a…..4-xml-mrss

    WamS also received information contradicting another official statement by the city police, which said the main intention of the men in Cologne was to steal from passengers and that assault was secondary. However, “what actually happened was the exact opposite,” a police officer said on condition of anonymity.
    “For the mostly Arabic offenders, sexual assault was the priority, or, to express it from their point of view, their sexual amusement was thepriority. A group of men would encircle a female victim, close the loop, and then start groping the woman,” WamS quoted the officer as saying.

    But we still don’t know what happened. It could have been Germans who did this.

    1. I have a feeling the next time a big event like this happens there might be bands of German men on the lookout to protect German women.

      1. I hope so. It is a real shame Germany has such awful gun laws. A thoroughly armed populace would certainly help. The other problem is even if they were armed, how much do you want to bet the German government would charge any woman who shot one of these animals with murder? And some kind of hate crime to boot?

        1. “What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women,” he said. “This is poisoning the climate of our society.”

          1. Maybe the rightwingnuts encouraged the innocent refugees, traumatized by war – to attack random women?
            All to so the rightwingnuts could then use it as an excuse to shut the borders?
            FALSE FLAG PEOPLE!

          2. I do not believe that any human population will just sit down and allow itself to be preyed upon by a foreign invader. It is just a matter of time before the people of Europe start to take matters into their own hands. Europe is not going to turn into Syria. It is going to turn into the Balkans, where you have various gangs of men from the two groups taking revenge on one another. Since the Muslims still are vastly outnumbers, I don’t think it will end well for them.

            1. It is just a matter of time before the people of Europe start to take matters into their own hands.

              If the multiculturists running those countries really wanted to stay in power, they would harshly crack down on any criminal acts that were the sort that incite people. They won’t, because their ethos doesn’t allow them to enforce cultural norms.

              And, since the laws about self defense are so horrendously bad in Germany, the “right wing” they so fear will gain a lot of support from people who don’t want to be robbed, groped or murdered.

              1. the “right wing” they so fear will gain a lot of support from people who don’t want to be robbed, groped or murdered.

                And then things get really ugly. This will not end well.

                1. Steyn pointed out that Weimar Germany also had hate speech laws, which it employed against one Adolf Hitler. So, good luck with that Germany.

                  Feel free to continue creating the impression you are on the side of those who prey on your people instead of your people; keep making Islamophobia your top priority while women are raped in the streets and the police are overwhelmed with fighting terrorist plots; maybe you can push things far enough that you won’t just be expelled from power but executed as traitors on top of it.

          3. Nothing could conceivably happen in a chat room that is as awful or worse than any kind of assault on anyone.

          4. What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women,” he said. “This is poisoning the climate of our society.”

            Someone actually spoke these words in this order? I wonder how this person functions in everyday life.

            1. Someone actually spoke these words in this order? I wonder how this person functions in everyday life.

              Considering the speaker’s the Interior and Local Government Minister for the most populated state in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia), I’d think he’s functioning quite well.

              The society he’s in isn’t functioning for shit in the face of this threat, but he sounds like he’s thriving. Pretty fucked up, isn’t it? It’s like the editorial board of Salon were placed in the executive positions of the federal government.

          5. “This is poisoning the climate of our society.”

            You know, if mean tweets poison the climate of your society, but gangs of men assaulting women doesn’t, your society may have a problem.

        2. Good gun laws really need good self defense exceptions to homicide laws to go with them or they aren’t worth so much.

          1. Down hear my CCW allows me to hunt black infants, or so the national media tells me.

            1. But where’s the sport in that?

              1. I would make a baby hunting joke, but I once offended a good chunk of the comitariat with a dead baby joke, so I’ll pass.

                1. Is there such a thing as baby bacon? Mmmmmmmhm baby bacon.

              2. Plenty, if they’re on the wing.

                1. That’s the joke I was going to make, thanks for making it, so I don’t get shouted down again.

          2. Castle Doctrine for the win.

            1. + civil immunity for a justified shooting.

        3. You bring up women and guns — it’s interesting to me that in the groups fighting hardest against these guys, it seems like women really have to be as responsible for combat as men. I wonder if that won’t be one positive, in some sense, to come out of this, shedding some unhelpful cultural norms.

    2. A group of men would encircle a female victim, close the loop, and then start groping the woman

      I would have to believe that this sort of ‘animal’ behavior is criminal even where they came from. Right??

      1. “Illegal” and “tolerated” can certainly coexist.

        1. “Three felony sexual assaults a day”

      2. Actually probably not.

        There is probably a law on the books making it a crime to to this to a woman who belongs to a proper muslim man (either his wife or daughter) but even that would only be enforced id the guy had sufficient pull to get the law involved.

        Assaulting an infidel foreigner is probably perfectly legal and acceptable in their view

  10. Planned Parenthood Action Fund is set to endorse Hillary Clinton for president, marking the first time in Planned Parenthood’s 100-year history that it has endorsed a candidate in a primary.

    Vagina at last, vagina at last, thank Gaia Almighty we can vote for a vagina at last!

    1. How can you be sure?

      1. Birth certificate?

        1. Ambiguous. And does not account for prolapse.

          1. Get someone (TSA? ISIS?) to, um, perform a test?

            1. I think this is a job for SugarFree.

              1. Well, he could certainly specify the procedure.

      2. Uh, you pick off the scab and check for yourself. Duh. Everyone knows this. It is known.

        1. So what did you smell when you did this?

          1. You have to cut out the olfactory center of your brain to attempt it.

            1. This explains much about you.

              1. Sweet’n’Low had his olfactory center removed after it became ulcerated on account of the diabeetus. He’s still kind of bitter about it.

    2. Isn’t it time we had a Vagina in Chief?

      1. If you saw the pic of Obama in mom jeans riding a bicycle you would know we already have one..

        Obama is a two fer.

        Maybe a 3 fer with a computer generated birth certificate.

  11. “How the federal government became dietitian in chief.”

    Do people even notice that the dietary recommendations will be dramatically different, even opposite, from those given just a few years earlier? Or does the average person just follow this stuff blindly?

    1. Muggles notice nothing.

    2. Worse, is celebrity chefs inviting the government into enacting diet laws for our own good.

      Fuck Bourdain.

      1. Bourdain really got on board with that?

        1. Yeah he made noise about it I believe.

          1. Can’t find anything to back that up. Did find this:

            It is repugnant, in principle, to me ? the suggestion that we legislate against fast food. We will surely have crossed some kind of terrible line if we are infantilised to the extent that the government has to step in and take the Whoppers out of our hands. It is dismaying ? and probably inevitable. When we reach the point where we are unable to raise a military force of physically fit specimens, or public safety becomes an issue after some lurid example of a large person blocking a fire exit, they surely shall.

            1. the government has to step in and take the Whoppers out of our hands

              It’s coming, and probably sooner than we think.

          2. The reason I asked, Rufus, is that he’s generally been pro-liberty and anti-regulation in the past.

            1. What did I say that changed this?

              This was a while ago and it was in relation to the obesity crisis. I believed he argued – perhaps tongue in cheek but I doubt it though I could be wrong – that it was a national security issue and the government should get involved. Hence, it should naturally follow top men doozies.

              1. I am not a “foodie” so I don’t much about him. But the quote sounded more like he thought it would happen, but that he dreaded it.

                1. If I was wrong, then I will admit it. But I think I heard right – but like I mentioned it was a few years ago and don’t remember where I heard it. Evidently, it stuck with me.

                  But fuck him anyway. In case.


                  1. Are you sure that wasnt Jamie Oliver you are thinking of?

    3. The average person doesn’t follow this stuff at all. The average person is more focused on eating whatever tastes good and the occasional stupid fad diet.

    4. Or does the average person just follow this stuff blindly?

      This, mostly. But it’s settled science, so how dare you question it!

    5. I don’t know that government food recommendations change that radically too often. It’s been low-fat and whole grains for a pretty long time now. Which is wrong, but fairly consistent.

      1. The low-fat thing can do serious damage though.

        1. Oh, yes. My point was just that they government guidelines don’t change as wildly as Mr. sermon suggests.

          1. Yeah I should have added the comment was in relation to the long duration of those guidelines. That is, the longer they go on the more it can potentially do damage. It’s amazing people still cling to this low-fat nonsense.

    6. Do people even notice that the dietary recommendations will be dramatically different, even opposite, from those given just a few years earlier?

      They don’t seem to, do they?
      Thanks again, Warty, for pointing me towards Taubes and Rippetoe.

  12. “Problems arise whenever identity politics dominates moral thinking and judgment.”

    Why don’t you linksplain it to me?

  13. Obama administration may have fumbled deportation raids in a big way

    But in the days since immigration agents first began the raids, the administration’s message has been undermined by a series of deportation orders that have been put on hold. Immigration officials may say they have the grounds to deport the families, but the courts say something different. The result has left the administration at risk of acting in haste and rushing to deport women and children who, in the eyes of the law, may face extreme danger if returned to their home countries.

    In justifying the raids this week, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson stressed that the feds were only deporting families whose legal options to remain in the U.S. had reached a dead end.

    “This should come as no surprise. I have said publicly for months that individuals who constitute enforcement priorities, including families and unaccompanied children, will be removed,” Johnson said in a statement.

    But just the opposite was true for many cases. Roughly a quarter of families swept up in the raids were granted 11th hour stays to their deportation orders by the nation’s highest immigration appeals court.

    1. So is it that men are not in danger in these places? That is rather interesting. Or do they just not count?

      1. If the father had drowned and washed up on a French beach instead of his toddler, there would have been no picture.

    2. But the government has a long track record of ineptly prosecuting people it doesn’t really want to prosecute, so why should this be any different?

  14. How the federal government became dietitian in chief.

    How best to control the population… Gun control? Taxation? Healthcare? Diet? Why not all of them?

  15. “Planned Parenthood Action Fund is set to endorse Hillary Clinton for president, marking the first time in Planned Parenthood’s 100-year history that it has endorsed a candidate in a primary.”

    Because endorsing one democrat over another makes complete sense. Seriously, they could have saved the endorsement for a time it might make a real difference. Instead they threw it away on a because she has a vagina vote.

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure why they’d bother at all. If “pro-choice” is your primary issue, there usually isn’t much doubt about which candidate is for you.

      I’d also like to see a law stripping all government funding of any organization that gets involved in electoral politics or lobbies for specific legislation.

    2. Money,fungible,tax whore,that is all.

  16. All two of them…

    Moderate Dems run from Obama

    Barack Obama will never be on the ballot again, but his new plan to combat gun violence is causing a fresh round of worries among centrist Democrats looking to disentangle themselves from his legacy before they again face voters.

    From his weeklong roll-out of a strengthened gun background check system to his handling of the environment and relations with Iran, the party’s shrunken moderate wing is showing increasing concern with Obama’s fourth-quarter agenda. They’re bracing for yet another round of criticisms in their next campaign over their support for Obama, regardless of who is president in 2017.

    While a small number of House moderates like Reps. Gwen Graham of Florida and Brad Ashford of Nebraska will be on the ballot alongside Democrats’ presidential nominee, likely Hillary Clinton, this fall, the far more troubling election for Democrats will occur in 2018. In that midterm, five Senate Democrats will be up for reelection in strongly conservative states from Indiana to Montana to West Virginia.

    1. They aren’t moderates, they just pretend to be in order to get elected.

      1. Manchin is a moderate.

      2. Yeah, Ashford’s kind of a dick, a career politician at the state level. Ran for mayor of Omaha in 2013 and didn’t make it out of the primary.

        He got elected out of the NE district that covers Omaha and Lincoln which means a large minority population and three major universities (NE splits its electoral college vote and this was the district that voted for Obama in 2008). The 2014 incumbent R – Lee Terry – was badly damaged in the primary. He has been a crony capitalist his whole life and in 2014 (or late 2013?) Terry voted to re-authorize the NDAA. He was excoriated on his own Facebook page and his campaign responded by deleting all the posts. So, a lot of R voters either didn’t vote, or voted for a Libertarian candidate.

        I suspect that, no matter who wins the presidential race, Ashford will be gone this year – Terry was re-elected even in 2008.

    2. The moderate Dems were all voted out in 2010 for supporting Pelosi and voting for Obamacare.

  17. is a matter of free speech, not unions, says The Federalist.

    Yeah, but when you want to combine two sets of data you’ll come crawling back to unions, won’t you?

    1. +1 set theory.

  18. Mo. bill defines sex between lobbyists, lawmakers as ‘gifts’

    Lobbyists in Missouri who have sex with state lawmakers or their aides would have to disclose that activity to the state ethics commission, under a bill introduced this week by a Republican state representative.

    The measure, pushed by Rep. Bart Korman, defines sexual relations between lawmakers and lobbyists as a “gift” to be reported on the disclosure forms that lobbyists file on a monthly basis. The bill does not assign a “dollar valuation” to the gift of sex.

    Korman’s proposal, reported early Thursday by The Kansas City Star, quickly gained attention on social media, and Korman told USA TODAY that he was fielding calls from reporters around the country, demanding to know more about his unorthodox proposal. “I guess this has gone viral or something,” he said.

    1. Lets make those bastards air every bit of their dirty laundry. I like this idea as much as drug testing the bastards.

      1. The poor bastards didn’t do anything wrong. Just because their parents were legislators and whore lobbyists doesn’t mean they deserve that.

        1. This doesn’t affect the kids. It says if a lobbyist or aide have sex with each other it must be reported.

          1. I was just making a joke on your use of “bastard”.

            I’m all for exposing whatever shenanigans legislators get up to.

    2. Does a BJ or a handie count?

      1. BJs don’t count per the Bill Clinton rule.

      2. Since happy endings cost extra in massage parlors, getting one has monetary value and would count as a “gift”.

        1. They’re charging you EXTRA for that? Oh man, your game needs help.

          1. If you go to the high end places, it comes ala carte. And in case you didn’t realize, hookers just pretend to like you.

            1. They don’t even pretend.

              1. For you? Yeah some things even money can’t buy. the rest of us? They pretend.

      3. Only if they can be said to have value.

    3. The bill does not assign a “dollar valuation” to the gift of sex.


    4. So finally officially equating politician and prostitute. Although that is insulting to prostitutes.

      1. “There are *some* things a *prostitute* just won’t do!”

      2. Actually, they are equating lobbyists with prostitutes, and politicians with johns.

        1. That is awfully rude to prostitutes and johns.

    5. This Mo. bill makes the three wisemen perverts.

  19. America’s first execution of 2016 took place in Florida Thursday.

    It wasn’t wearing a diaper, top hat and 2016 sash, was it? Because technically that would have been a late term abortion.

  20. Melbourne man faces stiff opposition to penis signature

    And so began a five year battle with Australia’s state and federal government agencies over the question of what constitutes a legitimate signature.

    The phallic symbol Hyams illustrated with the finesse of a bored schoolboy was also the catalyst for starting the law degree he is due to complete this year.

    “It sparked something in me,” he said. “I didn’t understand if these people were offended or had taken it personally.”

    Hyams decided to officially adopt the penis-shaped signature as his own and set about applying for a passport, drivers’ licence and proof of age card. But the Blackburn South man soon found that bureaucrats did not share his amusement for his little doodle.

    The AEC refused Hyams’ enrolment at the new address and his appeal to overturn that decision was dismissed for being “frivolous, vexatious” and a waste of taxpayer’s money.

      1. do you have something stuck in your throat?

        1. Getting an autograph?

  21. British groom gives two bridesmaids black eyes in drunken brawl at end of wedding

    “My whole wedding is ruined. Why is it always me?” she screamed, according to Mirror Online.

    The couple had celebrated with 100 guests during their special day and were enjoying a night of dancing and karaoke before things got ugly.

    Bridesmaid Walsh described the 1 a.m. brawl as a “10-minute nightmare” that started when she tried to stop Campbell from driving home because he had been drinking.

    She said Campbell “was in a rage” when he attacked the women and that the bride was “hysterical.”

    1. They’ll laugh about this at their fiftieth anniversary celebration.

    2. “Why is it always me?”

      Because you are addicted to drama so you surround yourself with people that will provide.

      1. Also, what a bitch. Your bridesmaids get punched out for preventing the groom from driving drunk and it’s all about you?

    3. Very chavvy

    1. Mr Wu’s pigs approve

    2. Don’t forget the taint.

  22. For economy czar of crisis-hit Venezuela, inflation ‘does not exist’

    President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday tapped the 39-year-old sociologist as vice president for the economy amid soaring consumer prices and chronic product shortages, signaling a move toward orthodox socialism in the OPEC nation struggling under low oil prices.

    Essays written by Salas describe scarcity and spiraling prices as the result of exploitation by businesses rather than government policy, offering an academic underpinning to the “economic war” explanation that Maduro uses to describe the current malaise of recession, runaway prices and widespread product shortages.

    “Inflation does not exist in real life,” he wrote in a 2015 pamphlet called “22 Keys to Understanding the Economic War.” “When a person goes to a shop and finds that prices have gone up, they are not in the presence of ‘inflation.'”

    Salas has argued against the idea that excessive printing of money causes inflation – an almost universally accepted tenet of macroeconomics. He insists prices rise primarily because corporations seek excessive profit margins.

    this is going to end well…

    1. 39-year-old sociologist as vice president for the economy

      That is enough information to predict the outcome. The rest of the article is unnecessary.

      1. He may only be 39, but he’s read The Complete Works of Paul Krugman 3 times.

    2. He’s wishing inflation away to the cornfield.

      1. Is this a Twilight Zone or Children of the Corn reference. Both applicable I believe…

    3. He ends up as a Bernie Sanders adviser?

      1. Too conservative.

    4. OPEC nation struggling under low oil prices”

      That’s not what they are struggling under.

    5. “President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday tapped the 39-year-old sociologist as vice president for the economy … “Inflation does not exist in real life,”….”

      So they”re going for full out denial as a national policy. Well, they’ll either be kicked out at the next free election or there won’t be anymore “free” elections.

    6. I’m glad Baghdad Bob is finding work again.

  23. Make this good folks. Give me a reason why I should waste one more second here instead of going to slap the puck around.

    1. Puck off, I don’t take orders from Canadians

      1. You should.

        We’re good waiters.

      1. /filing nails.

        Yeah, but will she do it?

        Besides, she said so publicly. I don’t understand why this is even an issue. If she was on People’s Court she would have lost already.

        1. *** kicks pebble ***

      2. Not that she ever would submit to that, of course, but I bet she wouldn’t even need to practice to be able to beat that machine.

      3. Hilliary could pass any lie detector test know to man.

        1. Ah, but could she pass any known to WOMAN?

      4. If she’s going to do a test, Benghazi is about number 50 on the list of things to ask her.

        You could start with accepting foreign bribes, follow up with some questions about her involvement in Whitewater, and work your way down the list from there.

        1. Make sure to work Mary Mahoney in there. I’m curious how far she went in enabling her husband’s sex crimes.

      5. I thought sociopaths could ace lie detector tests?

        Anyhow they are all Bullshit! anyhow.

      6. Hell, she blamed the video during her remarks when the caskets came home. There’s no question at all that she’s lying about it (and not for the usual reasons), because she is on public record at that location on that day saying exactly that.

        1. Yeah, that’s what’s amazing about all the denials.

        2. Holey Shi-ite!

          I had no idea that she really did say it was the video in her remarks.

          This has been a difficult week for the State Department and for our country. We’ve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took the lives of those brave men. We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with.

    2. I can’t keep up with all these euphemisms for masturbation.

    3. Statist youth – wants more government.

      More government – Federal marshals showed up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday to seize some hoverboards.

      1. So I have the typical libertarian reaction to armed agents. However, isn’t protection of patents a legitimate function?
        Understand not arguing, or even necessarily defending these types of actions. But honestly looking for others views.

        1. Libertarians as a group have fairly diverse views about intellectual property. One of the more common, though not necessarily majority, POVs is that copyright should expire upon the death of the author.

          1. I am inclined to agree with you. But in cases like the one mentioned above, it seems (at least on its face) as a legitimate investigation into one company outright violating another company’s patent.

        2. However, isn’t protection of patents a legitimate function?

          Not to me. I believe there are fundamentally in conflict with physical property rights. And I believe in those. So I don’t believe in patents at all. And only believe in copyrights and trademarks to the point where they prevent consumers/buyers from getting defrauded.

          1. ^they are

    4. I call my wife “Honey” not “Puck”. You’re weird.

    5. I went for drop-in at lunch yesterday. Only seven people and one goalie. I hitched my gear up and left. Not worth the $10.

  24. Two Palestinian-Iraqi refugees arrested on terrorism-related charges

    Two Palestinian refugees born in Iraq were arrested in the U.S. Thursday on criminal charges stemming from alleged aid and support to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, the Justice Department announced.

    The cases could reignite a debate over the threat posed by immigrants admitted to the U.S. as refugees and asylum seekers, the adequacy of screening processes for those individuals and whether such migration should be restricted or halted due to the terrorist threat.

    One of the two men detained Thursday, 24-year-old Omar Faraj Saeed al-Hardan, was charged in a grand jury indictment with attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State, along with seeking to become a naturalized citizen unlawfully and making false statements. The three-count indictment against Hardan was handed up on Wednesday, he was arrested in Texas Thursday and he’s expected to appear in federal court in Houston for arraignment Friday morning, a Justice Department official said.

    1. Interestingly, the Justice Department also claimed that these guys didn’t present a threat. Now THAT is something I can believe.

      1. I thought that a lot of the charges against the three were basically that they lied on some Immigration paperwork?

        “Have you had military training?”


        “Then why are you in this social media video fucking around with a PKM in Syria?” Etc…

        Not exactly, ‘they were going to blow up the Army-Navy game’ or anything.

    2. So I don’t know if anyone picks up on this, but notice this Palestinian “refugee” was born in Iraq. If Syrian “refugees” come to the US, their offspring are called Americans.
      The Palestinians are the only group that the UN has a special organization for, and is the only group in which second and third generation offspring are still considered refugees.

      1. only group in which second and third generation offspring are still considered refugees

        Interesting. Did not know that.

        1. Me neither but makes sense because otherwise how could the rest of the ME continue to use them as props.

      2. Gee, I wonder if there’s an agenda behind that

      3. Jordan is Palestine by another name. The “Palestinians” as we know them today and their unofficial little state and their very official UN designation is are all intended to form the basis of a lever to extract resources and moral support from the overactive empathy gland of the west.

        1. So Israel is occupying Jordan? Interesting.

          1. Not exactly. But no one expects you to look past the popular narrative.

    3. Well, at least they weren’t Syrian, right? Thanks, folks, tip your waitress.

    4. Two Palestinian refugees born in Iraq

      Wouldn’t that make them Iraqis?

      1. Jus soli is almost completely unrecognized in the middle east. I think only Iran has some limited version of it.

  25. This right here is the kind of sober judgement and emotional stability we want in officers of the law. Thank goodness his suspension will only last 10 days.

  26. Liberal group demands DNC chairwoman resign

    The liberal group Credo Action is demanding Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resign a day after the Florida congresswoman accused millennials of “complacency” on abortion rights.

    In a petition sent to the 3.9 million progressive activists the group claims as members, Credo cited Schultz’s comments on abortion, which infuriated many liberals, as well as a litany of other offenses, in calling for her to be removed.

    Credo also accused Schultz of “rigging the primary process to suppress Democratic turnout,” of “supporting warmongers by trying to undermine the president’s Iran deal,” and of courting special interest groups at odds with liberal values.

    1. Others were bound to call for it, but it looks like Credo shot first.

      1. George Lucas is on the case.

      2. I see what you did there…

    2. I’ve been hearing rumblings about this for a while. The woman has been stupidly and openly biased for Hillary. Actually, it might fuck over Hillary’s chances for election if this woman gets kicked out. She needs political cover if she is to have a chance.

      1. “The woman has been stupidly and openly biased for Hillary. ”

        The woman is the least intelligent high level politician in Washington politics. And it’s readily apparent every time she’s on a talk show.

    3. “3.9 million progressive activists”

      /Side Show Bob shudder.

      1. 3.9 million authoritarians

    4. CREDO Action is an interesting group. They’re basically a mobile phone provider who give a lot of money to leftist causes, maybe a nonprofit.

      1. Ah so their 3.9 million is really their mobile phone customers i am guessing

    1. He was a good boy.

      1. I heard he was turning his life around.

        1. The always are.

          1. None of these apply to this situation because he wasn’t killed by ‘da man.

            1. Yeah it does. Doesn’t matter who kills a punk, the punk was always turning their life around. Like a record, baby, right round round round.

        2. and only one day from retirement!

        3. 180 degrees so he could go back to the womb, or 360 degrees and end up in the same place?

    2. This picture is a classic

      Rest In Peace Jihad

      1. ji?had:

        Islam An individual’s striving for spiritual self-perfection.
        Islam A Muslim holy war or spiritual struggle against infidels.
        A crusade or struggle: “The war against smoking is turning into a jihad against people who smoke” ( Fortune).

        From Meriam-Webster. Full Definition of jihad:

        : a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty; also : a personal struggle in devotion to Islam especially involving spiritual discipline

        : a crusade for a principle or belief

    3. That poor kid really did never have a chance.

      1. I need a June Cleaver translation on that.

        1. Lol. Same here.

        2. Pardon me Lee,I speck jive.

      2. Can someone translate that for me? I only understood about half of it.

        1. Without punctuation it’s hard to be sure, but I think it goes something like this:

          “Niggas Better Think Twice About Jumping Me.”

          “My height puts my partners at a disadvantage when we play leapfrog”

          “What Nigga Gang Be On The Seen Fym”.

          “With whom do you intend to play tonight?”

          “I handled it now it calm still pull”.

          “I’ve found some playmates. However, they are not enthusiastic, and we need more people to jazz the group up.”

          “Boy Next Nigga Say Jrock Died I’m beating Up Stop Jacckin Brother Dead On My Gang”.

          “Oh dear. Someone shot my friend Jihad. I found out while masturbating, and I suggest we all stop masturbating because of this terrible news. My playmate has died.”

          Clearly an impromptu leapfrog went wrong, likely because of a lack of adult facilitators to help the kids play nicely with each other, and Jihad’s friend is despondent that he wasn’t there to help his friend because he had chosen empty pleasure over good wholesome fun.

          1. I literally cried I was laughing so hard. This might be post of the year…and we’ve only reached Elvis’s birthday (Jan 8).

          2. [stands and begins applauding]

          3. BRAVO!

          4. That was… much better than I deserve. Bravo.

          5. Wookin’ pa nub

            De dat Beddy dabis eyes


          6. You get the Reason Writer’s Award. Sorry to all you losers, but Tarran is a master, w/ orphans.

      3. Do gang bangers really take time out for social media? That, to me, is amazing.

        Is there a place where I can go and “friend” or “follow” gang bangers so I can not,only,keep up with the youth of America but that I may also learn to speak jive?

        1. Do gang bangers really take time out for social media? That, to me, is amazing.

          My understanding is that a lot of modern policework consists of checking these genius’s social media accounts for various mis-deeds. The North Texas college coed designated driver who got shot on New Year’s, her killer was tracked down largely through clues (his car, apparel, associations) that he’d left on his various facebook and instagram postings.

          Another +1 to tarran’s translation.


        New high? As in, higher than last year but lower than every year since like 1965?

        Now I remember why I stay far, far away from that stupid website.

    4. technically he was born before 9/11, so its possible the name was a coincidence

    5. I once had a Target checkout lady who was a pretty young black girl. Her nametag said “Taqueria”. My Puerto Rican buddy who was with me asked her if it was pronounced taqueria, like, you know, the places where you get tacos. She gave him A Look, and said, no, it was pronounced ta-kwer-ee-uh.

      1. And she had a sister, Acetominophen.

        1. Were they related to Ima Hogg?

          1. Don’the forget Bill (jet inventor) Lear’s daughter Crystall Shanda.

      2. The Sonic near my work has a carhop named “Lesteria”.

    6. THAT’S … well, you know.

  27. Federal marshals showed up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday to seize some hoverboards.

    At least none of the vicious pit-hoverboards were shot during the raid.

  28. In most walks of life, this would be considered a crime.

    FTA: Police Chief Paul Keenan said the internal investigation found that, on 21 different instances since May, Corliss’ regular city shifts with the police department overlapped with private details and/or other city work he was paid for. In addition, Corliss took nine vacation days that were not recorded in the department’s attendance records, Keenan said.


    said Thursday. “This is about public trust, and this is the department we rely on to enforce the rules.”
    Koch said the investigation found that clearly there were some violations committed by Corliss and that he “took advantage of some situations.”
    Prior to his suspension, Corliss, a 22-year veteran of Quincy’s police force, was on paid administrative leave for two months while the department conducted an internal investigation.

    I guess that two month paid vacation let him work enough private details to offset a good chunk,of the suspension. You know, the suspension for committing fraud.

    1. A police officer’s job is to commit fraud. Force and fraud is what they do. They’re just not supposed to commit it against their bosses.

      1. Well, not without their boss’s permission, at least. We all know a lot of the “overtime” they pull is effectively fraud, even if it is officially sanctioned.

        1. A few years ago Houston had a handful of cops scheming together and each ulled in over 100k in overtime by listing each other as witnesses on traffic stops so they had to be in court on overtime.

          1. Did anything else happen?

            1. This practice became department policy. For officer safety.

            2. A waitress at Hooters got tipped really well, but then was creeped on in the parking lot.

    2. Aside from the possible criminal investigation, if my boss had this level of documentation about me not coming into work and still billing for it, and double dipping hours, there wouldn’t be any paid time off. I would be summarily fired, and rightly so.
      But hey, when we get the competence of govt along with the corruption of unions, this is what we get.
      I tell progs that even FDR knew allowing pubsec employees to unionize was wrong.

      1. I tell progs that too, and they say even FDR had to be wrong about something.

        1. Wasnt the new deal started by Hoover and enhanced by FDR pretty terrible? And it didn’t take off until after the war?

          1. That actually is interesting, because it was Hoover who was leading the charge in many of these types of programs. And FDR ran on a platform against much of this stuff. But then spun around and the rest. as they say, is history.

            Of course, from what I understand, Silent Cal hated Hoover and thought he was an over educated idiot.

            1. But did the progs of the day scream HOOVER every time somebody tried to criticize the New Deal programs?

              Who did they godwin back before Hitler anyways? I’m sure people in some parts of Europe cried Bonaparte, but who would they godwin in the US a century ago?

              1. The Egyptian Pharaoh of Exodus.

                I’m not shitting you. I can’t find the reference but I distinctly remember reading about it in some essay.

              2. Rutherford B. Hayes

            2. Coolidge on Hoover, “That man has offered me unsolicited advice every day for six years, all of it bad.”

              1. Fun fact: the above is on reference as the longest sentence Coolidge ever spoke.

    3. A lot of public servants would get fired for this kind of behavior. Cops get special treatment even by government worker standards.

  29. Federal marshals showed up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday to seize some hoverboards.

    Daniel Suarez wasn’t writing fiction, the Bureau of Technology Control exists!!!?!!

    I am not surprised the real thing is filled by a bunch of bumbling morons

  30. This story’s got it all! International intrigue, cops taking on cops, porno bingo by a foster parent who works for SWISH (Single Women in Support of Homos), and some,serious free range parenting.

    The article might have been written by a seven year old, by the way.. But that might have already occurred to you when you saw NYDN in the link.

    1. Magistrate Judge Steven Gold [said] “Everybody wants that young person in the right place as soon as possible.”

      *** pounds gavel ***

    2. “Swish.” Seriously? Heh.

      1. Is it not out of bounds to use the word “Homos”, even if you’re an advocate?

        1. I didn’t even pick up on the word “homo,” but I was hugely amused by the term “swish.” It’s very old-timey, kind of like “darkie.”

          OK, I’m not a doctrinaire, politically correct homo, so I’m not the best person to ask. I use the phrase a lot, in the same sense that some black people refer to themselves as “nigga”. I do get a little annoyed when someone known to be actively hostile to gay people uses the term, but I don’t say anything because it would be hypocritical on many levels.

          The reason the term “homo[sexual]” is even considered offensive is that it was at one time a medical diagnosis; which is why they came up with the word “gay,” the movement wanted a term not tainted by medical or religious judgement.

          And I still remember your homo sight-gag fondly. Hope that Banjos and the young ‘uns all doing well.

          1. And I still remember your homo sight-gag fondly.

            Shit, I wish I did.

            Hope that Banjos and the young ‘uns all doing well.

            Very well, thank you.

            1. Shortly after the birth of Reason you posted a picture of you holding her in the room of ancestral human skulls in the US Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian, in DC) and referred to it as “with a bunch of homos.” It was an epic and merry trolling.

              1. Oh, yeah. Now I remember.

          2. Love that you’re keeping the old words alive. The Brits should save Polari from extinction too.

            I do wish I could get away with occasionally exclaiming “Oh Mary!”, but as a straight lady Australian it’s probably a phrase too far.

            1. Polari (or alternatively Parlare, Parlary, Palare, Palarie, Palari; from Italian parlare, “to talk”) is a form of cant slang used in Britain by actors, circus and fairground showmen, merchant navy sailors, criminals, prostitutes, and the gay subculture.

              Oh, thanks for that, IFH. There go a couple of hours of my life…

          3. Frank Sinatra: “How do you make a fruit cordial, Dean?”
            Dean Martin: “Buy him a drink.”

        2. Shut up, homo.

    3. “A London cop arrested for leaving her infant alone in a Manhattan hotel room is suing every agency responsible for placing the child with a foster mother who celebrated a birthday playing “porno bingo” at a gay men’s club, according to a bombshell lawsuit.”

      Every paragraph is like this. Does this person not understand you can have a paragraph composed of more than 1 sentence?

      1. The DN recently dropped its price by a quarter. A coincidence, I’m sure.

  31. “Federal marshals showed up at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday to seize some hoverboards.”

    Ban all the hoverhoards!

  32. Anyone want to go see “The Forest” with me tonight? I’ll cuddle you during the scary parts.

    1. It’s a Hollywood horror movie they churn out 12 at a time.

      There won’t be any scary parts.

      1. I think FM meant to say he wants someone to cuddle HIS scary parts.

        1. Thanks for reading between the lines. So I can count you ir or …

      2. Seriously though Irish I have a love hate affair with the horror genre. I want to get a good scare but very few movies are scary. I’m looking forward to the Witch though.

        1. I love good horror movies, they’re just very rare.

          Oh man, the Witch has an 88 on Rotten Tomatoes. I might have to see this.

        2. Have you seen The Babadook? That was a surprisingly good horror movie.

          1. I have it on my Netflix list. I’m waiting for my cousin to come over and watch it.

            1. ‘m waiting for my cousin to come over and watch it.

              Spoken like a true Florida Man.

              1. Especially if he has to wait until the cousin gets out of prison.

          2. It was a very good drama. I don’t know if I would call it a horror movie, as it wasn’t particularly scary.

      3. I’ve noticed every horror movie is PG-13 now. So yeah, no scares.

    2. /Side Show Bob shudder.

      1. *leans in to smell Rufus’ after shave*
        Mmm…old spice?

        1. Ha. Fooled you.

          My spices are always new and fresh.

  33. Hungary sees EU benefits deal with UK, poll shows Brexit support rising

    Hungary’s prime minister said on Thursday he believed central European countries could reach a deal on Britain’s demand to curb benefits for migrant workers from EU countries in a bid to persuade Britons to stay in the European Union.

    Viktor Orban told a joint news conference after talks with visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron they had agreed on most of Britain’s reform agenda for the 28-member bloc and he was convinced there would be a deal on social benefits too.

    “I think we, the Visegrad four, together we will represent the same stance and we will reach an agreement ” Orban said, referring to an alliance comprising Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    The issue has emerged as the toughest of a series of demands Cameron has put to EU partners in a renegotiation of London’s relationship with the bloc before it holds a referendum possibly as early as June on whether to stay in the union.

    An opinion poll published on Thursday showed that a majority of Britons who have made up their mind would vote to leave the EU, making Britain by far the most reluctant member.

    1. Perhaps, but how many more bandaids can they stitch on to the EU before it all comes apart?

  34. A Failure by Germany’s Elite

    Much about the New Year’s Eve attacks is still unclear, including whether the attackers were migrants or second generation (which would represent its own set of problems), how much of the crowd was involved in the assaults, and whether or how they were coordinated (was there, for instance, a social media component). What is apparent is that, during and since, there has been a widespread failure on the part of German authorities and elite institutions. The police failed to protect its citizens, the press dawdled in holding anyone to account (and see, too, those unanswered questions just above), and at least one politician even now seems to struggle to address the issue without suggesting that young women must somehow accommodate the possibility of assaults and “confusion.”

    This all carries echoes of the Rotherham scandal, in which British authorities had for years turned a blind eye to a child abuse ring among Pakistani men in the north of England, seemingly at least in part for fear of looking racist. By the time anyone put a stop to it, an estimated 1,400 kids had been abused, often horrifically. Like the German police and politicians in this case?albeit on a much longer and larger scale?the British authorities may have put the need to appear sensitive over the need to enforce core values and basic human rights.

    1. Ok, what’s everyone’s best prediction for when the indigenous european population starts to riot? Not isolated events like the recent protest at an immigrant housing facility, but widespread (multi-country) riots.

      1. The Europeans are pretty old. It’s hard to get a riot going when most of your population is middle aged.

      2. March of this year.

        Seriously, once the weather gets warm it’s going to be ugly.

        1. That’s a good point, tarran. Longer days, warmer weather, shorter skirts.

        2. I’d give it till Oktoberfest. When the refugees start demanding the party stop and when they start Rapefest II: Elektrik Bo?galoo, it’s gonna get ugly as fuck.

        3. I’ll be a “Price is Right” dick and say April.

      3. If they aren’t already i doubt they ever will.

        If your county government knowingly covered up a phedophile sex ring large enough and long enough for 1,400 kids to be molested would you still be sitting down ?

      4. I’ve seen reports that “refugee” camps or centers have burned down.

        Of course, sometimes its the “refugees” burning them down, but I think the locals have as well.

        1. I feel only one micro-iota for the Europeans. They spent the last 7 decades simmering in a lukewarm antisemitism, sneering at Israel, accusing the country of genocide every time an Arab stubbed his toe on a rock. Now, they get a mild taste of what the country has had to deal with for 70 years and they’re ready to fire up the ovens.

          Fucking hypocrites. This is what you were working for. These are the people with whom you stood in solidarity. You made your allegiance with the scorpion quite clear, so don’t act surprised when it stings you mid-river.

  35. My pro gun control friend insists that Obama’s statement that felons can buy weapons online is accurate. Evidently, so does Politifact. Assuming he meant legally, I asked my friend to show how you could possibly do that. Give me the state, site, delivery method etc. in specific detail. I’m waiting. Maybe my friend can do it, but I doubt it.

    1. Every seller on every site I’ve ever seen requires shipment to an FFL dealer for a background check.

      They must be talking about dark web / Silk Road reansfers–and these regulations aren’t going to do anything to stop that.

      1. “reansfers” = [transfers]

        . . . but you probably already knew that.

        1. Thanks, Ken. That’s why I said “legally”. I’m not familiar with US gun laws, but the quick searches I’ve done have turned up exactly what you said.

          1. Like using Craigslist to buy AC/DC tickets, you can set up a transaction between two private parties who reside in the same state. The seller had better not be in the ‘business of selling firearms’, and the seller cannot reasonably know or should have known that the buyer is a person prohibited from owning firearms. Do all that—many buyers will say things like, ‘CHL holders preferred, bill of sale required’—and you can “buy a gun online without a background check.”

            But any FFL is going to insist on a NICS check and 4473 from their buyer.

            1. Oh, and this assumes a face to face transaction. I’m not sure if one may ship a firearm through the US Mail to a buyer, even if both seller and buyer reside in the same state.

    2. Technically, anyone can buy a firearm online.

      But, they can’t take possession of it – because online firearms dealers require all purchases be shipped to an FFL.

      But differences like that are irrelevant to them.

      1. Technically. How would any reasonable person assume Obama meant “puchase” only and not “take possession”? Politifact is a joke.

  36. I don’t think we’ve discussed Waveya in a while. So…let’s.

    1. Hm, and it seems that Ari has a channel which features her petting cats.


    2. They couldn’t have but 3 or 4 kids with them narrow hips.

  37. 10 Anti-Feminist Trolls You’ll Meet on the Internet ? And What They’re Really Saying

    “Let Me Just Play Devil’s Advocate

    Listen, buddy, I think that as a general rule, if the person you’re advocating for is Satan, you’re probably already in the wrong. But I’ll explain this one to you anyway.

    When a troll wants to play devil’s advocate with you, what they’re really saying is: “I am in such a place of privilege that I actually believe that what I’m about to say to you is fascinating, intellectually stimulating debate and not just a regurgitation of the status quo that you’re already trying to dismantle. I have deluded myself.””

    Oh dear.

    1. Is there anything false consciousness can’t explain?

    2. Right. There is no good reason at all to consider both sides in any debate. Always go with groupthink and never question your assumptions.

      1. ^This. But who needs facts and reason when you have a narrative which pre-determines the outcome?

      2. When you consider both sides of a debate then you are legitimizing the illegitimate. Good tolerant, inclusive people with an understanding of equality would never do something like that.

    3. You forgot to add an Edith Bunker ‘Oh’.

    4. The term “devils advocate” originated in the canonization process of the catholic church; that process by which people are declared to be saints. The vatican assigned a “devils advocate” who was a canon lawyer whose duty it was to poke holes in the evidence presented by those advocating for sainthood. This was to avoid given the appearance that applications for sainthood were automatically and easily granted.

      1. And then they abolished the position, because apparently applying standards rigorously isn’t even acceptable in inconsequential things.

  38. Republicans Learned the Wrong Lessons From 2014

    Re?pub?lic?ans cel?eb?rated the res?ults, clearly be?liev?ing they had de?feated the tea-party threat. But that en?thu?si?asm masked the grow?ing in?flu?ence of the party’s grass?roots, one that is ree?m?er?ging with a ven?geance in this year’s pres?id?en?tial race. In fact, ex?amin?ing the res?ults of those Sen?ate primar?ies is like look?ing in?to a crys?tal ball pre?dict?ing the rise of a grass?roots move?ment pin?ing for out?spoken con?ser?vat?ive out?siders?with minor-league ver?sions of Don?ald Trump, Ben Car?son, and Ted Cruz com?ing aw?fully close to stun?ning up?sets in the pro?cess.

    “Any?body who was in?volved in 2014 could see the dy?nam?ics for 2016 com?ing. You have a really angry elect?or?ate who’s des?per?ate for change in Wash?ing?ton but doesn’t trust either party and doesn’t trust any?one who has spent time in Wash?ing?ton,” said Henry Bar?bour, a Re?pub?lic?an na?tion?al com?mit?tee?man who aided Sen. Thad Co?chran’s heated primary vic?tory. “They’re hungry for someone to tell them what it is they want to hear. Don?ald Trump has tapped in?to that.”

    1. Everyone is hungry to hear what they want to hear.

      What dissatisfied Republicans want is to see someone to do what they said they would do when they were running for office.

      They have heard what they wanted to hear too many times .

      Fool me once,
      shame on you,

      Fool me twice….
      won’t get fooled again.

  39. So this is the caliber of debate that is being held at the highest level of politics these days.

    In a CNN town tall special on Thursday, President Obama said that there are some neighborhoods in America where it is easier and cheaper for kids to purchase guns than books.

    “Part of the reason, I think, that this ends up being such a difficult issue, is because people occupy different realities,” he said. “There are a whole bunch of law-abiding citizens who have grown up hunting with their dad or going to the shooting range, and are responsible gun owners, and then there is the reality that there are neighborhoods around the country where it is easier for a 12 or 13-year-old to purchase a gun, and cheaper, than it is for them to get a book.”

    1. “”There are a whole bunch of law-abiding citizens who have grown up hunting with their dad or going to the shooting range, and are responsible gun owners, and then there is the reality that there are neighborhoods around the country where it is easier for a 12 or 13-year-old to purchase a gun, and cheaper, than it is for them to get a book.””

      Serious question: Does Barack Obama actually believe this or does he assume his supporters are idiots?

      In defense of leftists, the only person I hear making this claim is Obama himself, so I suspect most progressives realize this is pure idiocy.

      1. you skipped out on the best part: because people occupy different realities


        1. You laugh, IH, but there are people who truly, seriously and deeply believe that. I’ve encountered it with new agers. This viewpoint is even more dangerous than doctrinaire PC bullshit; it’s a deliberate denial of reality. Because without a consensual reality, there is no basis for anything.

          A: You murdered him.
          B: No, I killed the werewolf that was coming at me.
          A: Well, ok then.

    2. Where can you get a gun for under five dollars? Because there isn’t a neighborhood in America you can’t find some second hand store selling a book for under five dollars.

      1. Right?!? If there is a place to buy cheap guns I will clean them out and resell in Orlando.

      2. There are tons of books on Amazon listed for a penny. Once you factor in shipping costs, it’ll cost like 3-4 bucks. If you buy 10 penny books and ship them together you end up with a per book cost under $2.00.

        Because of the internet you don’t need to have a book store within 50 miles to have access to cheap books at any time.

        1. Not to mention the fact that you can buy a book on the Internet and not even go through a background check.

      3. Check your book desert privilege, you jerk.

    3. There not a poor neighborhood in America that doesn’t have a building full of books and a bunch of well-meaning librarians who will literally beg you to come there so they can give you all the book s you want for no charge whatsoever.

      1. Well, no upfront charge, anyway. You pay for that at tax time. 😉

        1. Gonna guess people getting free books in poor neighborhoods aren’t declaring that come tax time.

        2. Note that I didn’t not say free books… 🙂

    4. Duh , that’s why you just start selling guns out of your bookshop and make customers buy one book per gun.

    5. it is easier and cheaper for kids to purchase guns than books

      I’ve never seen a working gun for sale for less than $200. Outside of rare and collector’s editions, I’ve never seen a book for sale for more than $200.

    6. Perhaps they should waive the background checks for books?

  40. I was watching “Morning Joe” this morning where they reluctantly mentioned the Clinton connection to Jeffrey Epstein. What was fascinating was the confession that every “journalist” was discussing this issue behind the camera, and the huge detrimental effect this could have on the Hillary campaign, but none of them were willing to advance this issue in front of the camera.

    Two things come to mind:

    Would the media be so “respectful” if the candidate was on the other side of the political Spectrum ? (rhetorical, I know)
    This is why everyone hates the MSM.

    When will Trump go there ?

    1. Who’s Jeffrey Epstein? Seriously, I don’t know.

      1. Rich British guy who was friends with many rich and powerful people and was also running a pedophile ring on his private island. Bill Clinton flew to the island on several occasions.

        1. The thing with Epstein is that he was into teenage girls. He wasn’t molesting six year old kids. He was going for the classic under age hooker. I do not believe for a moment that Bill Clinton is a pedophile who goes for 8 year old girls. In all seriousness, however, given Bill Clinton’s history of allowing his dick to cloud his better judgement, do you honestly think that Clinton went to that Island with Epstein and turned down the opportunity to have an underage hooker?

          1. do you honestly think that Clinton went to that Island with Epstein and turned down the opportunity to have an underage hooker?

            Would you?

            1. Yes I would. I would not even go to that Island in the first place. No way am I risking my career and my freedom and my life on some teenage piece of ass, I don’t care how good it is. Anyone with even an ounce of self control and judgement would say the same. Not that the idea isn’t tempting but no sex is tempting enough to risk those consequences.

              1. I wouldn’t. I’d be afraid of bringing something home to my wife, and then getting a divorce. No fucking way.

                1. Also several of them were kept there against their will and I’d hope you have moral objections to sex slavery.

                2. I totally agree sarcasmic. Also, the reality of that Island sounds really disgusting from what I have read. Those girls really were there against their wills. Even if you were single and really thought you could get away with it, I can’t imagine anything fun or sexy about being with some poor girl forced into that. That just makes my flesh crawl.

                  1. The island thing had to be by design. Even the 16 year old girl who wants to be Bill Clinton’s sex plaything (maybe dropped on her head a few times?) Is going to occasionally have doubts. But an island is hard to run away from

                    1. It’s the implication.

          2. Exactly. Bill is not a pedo, but are you telling me he wouldn’t sleep with one of the sixteen year olds it’s known Epstein had on the island against their will? Please. The guy basically had sex slaves on this island, and you’re telling me Horndog Bill didn’t partake?

            1. If this ever breaks out into the mainstream, the cognitive dissonance of the “Believe the accuser” progs is going to be well within their capacity to handle.

              1. Yup. Doublethink is a real thing.

              2. Think of all the murals that will still remain standing!

            2. “I did not have sex with those women, teenage sex slaves.”

        2. Thanks, Irish. This was the guy who also was implicated in the (NJ Congresscritter) Robert Menendez scandal, right?

  41. Sen. Ted Cruz sings Amazing Grace to the tune of Gilligan’s Island theme

  42. Obama birthers are now targeting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

    Birthers Part Two: The Birthening

    1. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it…. I knew that the Obamabots would be more than happy to take up the “birther” position (that they so enthusiastically ridiculed) as soon as a Republican contender appeared who was not born on US soil.

      I remember some progressives I know having a conversation about how we need to “rethink” the requirement that presidents be born in the US. I wonder if they’ll still feel that way if Cruz gets the nomination.

  43. Immigrants in the Workforce, State by State and Industry By Industry

    Shift?ing demo?graph?ics na?tion?wide are chan?ging the face of Amer?ic?an em?ploy?ment. Im?mig?rants make up 13 per?cent of the pop?u?la?tion and 17 per?cent of the work?force, but their em?ploy?ment pat?terns con?trast with those of their U.S.-born coun?ter?parts across in?dus?tries and states. Un?der?stand?ing these dif?fer?ences na?tion?ally and with?in each state is vi?tal for poli?cy?makers as they con?sider strategies to boost their eco?nom?ies and de?vel?op their work?forces. To help give them the clear pic?ture they need, The Pew Char?it?able Trusts pro?duced first-of-their-kind data on the like?li?hood of im?mig?rant work?ers be?ing em?ployed in 13 ma?jor in?dus?tries, com?pared with U.S.-born work?ers, in all 50 states and the Dis?trict of Columbia.

  44. Peanut Econ Report:

    Jobs report +275,000, +262,000 private sector, record 69 straight months of private sector growth, prior months revised sharply upward.

    1. 69 months ago was April 8, 2010 which means 63 of those months occurred with a Republican OBSTRUCTIONIST KKKONGRESSSSSSSS!

      Even if you ignore the fact that labor force participation is down sharply, it amazes me that progressives will simultaneously declare that all of Obama’s ideas were obstructed by Republicans while also giving him credit for all job growth that occurred during this period of vile obstruction.

      1. You’ve never heard me complain about obstructionism. In fact, I have always applauded gridlock. The only good GOP Congress is the one where a Dem is POTUS.

        1. Welcome to Retardation: A Celebration. Now, hopefully, I’m gonna dispel a few myths, a few rumors. First off, the retarded don’t rule the night. They don’t rule it. Nobody does. And they don’t run in packs. And while they may not be as strong as apes, don’t lock eyes with ’em, don’t do it. Puts ’em on edge. They might go into berzerker mode; come at you like a whirling dervish, all fists and elbows. You might be screaming “No, no, no” and all they hear is “Who wants cake?” Let me tell you something: They all do. They all want cake.

        2. I can agree to this. I prefer gridlock


    3. Re: Peter Caca,

      Jobs report +275,000, +262,000 private sector, record 69 straight months of private sector growth

      They didn’t build that.

      prior months revised sharply upward.

      Sombra aqu?,
      sombra all?,
      maqu?llate! ?

      (Shadow here, shadow there, put on your make-up, put on your make-up)

      1. And those 262,000 private sector jobs are so great that many people are working 3 or 4 of them!


      1. I was expecting the actual peanut report, which I would expect to have improved over last year with all of the rain and mild weather acros the south.

    5. I love the way PB freely admits that these monthly reports are subject to sharp revisions post facto, and simultaneously cites them as good information.

    6. Lest we forget the lowest workforce labor participation rate in two generations. Or do you view that as a feature and not a bug?

      1. Increased government dependence means expanded powers and more Democratic voters

  45. Planned Parenthood Action Fund is set to endorse Hillary Clinton for president, marking the first time in Planned Parenthood’s 100-year history that it has endorsed a candidate in a primary.

    The baby-parts lobby has endorsed someone.

    Obama birthers are now targeting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

    There’s no way they can prove that Cruz was born in Kenya.

    1. An organization that takes federal money endorses a particular candidate? There oughta be a law.

  46. Presuming that some distance will aid in perspective, I’ll leave thiss here, hoping to be enlightened:

    “S.F. projects spending up to $4 million on Super Bowl”
    “The Department on the Status of Women estimates it will spend $100,000.”

    It is SF, so it might be for paid protesters agitating for the first female QB, but I’m not sure.

    1. No, they must spend it to combat the (mythological) sharp rise in violence against womyns that occurs every Super Bowl Sunday!

      1. Dunno if you caught it, but the (female) fire chief won’t let the fire fighters buy the commemorative badges, since it would ‘celebrate domestic violence’!
        Yes, she’s stupid enough to get suckered and to add irony to dumbth, she’s a husband-beater besides…

        1. I didn’t even need to read the article to guess correctly on that one.

          1. Not in that article; I AM-linked it earlier this week.

  47. protesters agitating for the first female QB

    Have they not watched Eli Manning play?

    1. You mean the guy that has 2 Super Bowl MVPs and hasn’t missed a game in over decade, despite a crappy O-line that can’t pass protect? That guy?

    2. You just can’t get over Romo never winning the big one can you?

      1. Yeah, I mean, the joke might have actually worked if he had said “Tom Brady”.

    1. An elderly actor best known for his role in a famous cowboy movie? I’m not sure we’re ready for that in the Oval Office.

      1. On the other hand, he’d be a much less embarrassing nominee than Bob Barr.

    2. Well, he’s got a good name for it.

  48. My first job out of High School was at St Paul and over the next 5 years Iearned so very much. Seeing the hospital torn down tears a small piece of my heart out. The Daughters of Charity and the doctors and staff of St Paul Hospital will always be with me.

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