A.M. Links: One-Year Anniversary of Charlie Hebdo Attacks, Knife-Wielding Man Shot Dead at Paris Police Station, Trump Still Pushing Cruz Birtherism


  • Credit: Todd Kranin

    On the one-year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attack, a knife-wielding man wearing a fake suicide vest who reportedly shouted "Allahu akbar" has been shot dead by Paris police.

  • "City of Chicago lawyers, after meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, demanded the Laquan McDonald family bury the video showing the killing of their son by a police officer."

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  1. Donald Trump is still pushing Ted Cruz birtherism.

    Well, someone has to.

    1. Hello.

  2. 1) This article on Slate complains that Christian groups are using anti-bullying and sex-education assemblies to covertly present their agendas to public school students without parents or administrators realizing. I laughed and laughed. I can’t decide whether the author deserves an award for least self-awareness in a progressive writer, or just for most brazen hypocrisy.

    I think my favorite part is here, where the author says Christian speakers are lying to students about sex:

    But facts never get in the way of Evert’s depiction of the dire consequences of premarital sex. “The sooner [a young woman] starts [to have sex] ? she becomes more likely to have more breakups, STDs, out of wedlock pregnancy, become a single mom, live under the poverty level, have a divorce, be depressed, and on and on,”

    Really? Teenagers having sex aren’t more likely to have STDs or get pregnant out of wedlock?

    1. It’s not intended, so no. Intentions trump results. Anyone who says different has bad intentions.

    2. Laugh all you want, JATNAS, but those Christian groups have been caught lying and using scare tactics and pushing anti-homo agendas. But I’m sure if you cherry pick your data, you can make them look good.

      WTF is it with the number reset on your little sermonettes? I thought you’d be more proud of how many times you’ve regaled us with your good advice.

      1. New year. Bible has chapters and verses.

      2. No doubt they have. So you’d think the author would be able to find an example of this.

        “WTF is it with the number reset on your little sermonettes?”

        Not sure what happened there. But maybe I should take it as a sign that I should reboot the franchise.

        1. But maybe I should take it as a sign that I should reboot the franchise.

          That’s certainly an option, but I can think of other, better ones.

        2. So you’d think the author would be able to find an example of this.

          Nikki seems to have found one below.

        3. Great. So we’re gonna have to sit through the origin story again?

      3. He’s using the Marvel Comics numbering system.

      4. those Christian groups have been caught lying and using scare tactics

        Uh, welcome to high school? The number of lies and scare stories used by “secular” authorities to “persuade” young minds is not trivial.

        1. When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all.

    3. Do they become more likely to break up? Live under the poverty level? Be depressed?

      1. Teenage pregnancy makes you more likely to live under the poverty level. Having sex is the best known way to get a teenager pregnant.

        1. That sounds like great reasoning behind telling kids that having premarital sex will make them depressed and poor. Why do you feel the need to excuse this kind of shit? It’s a pack of pathetic lies.

          1. Are you arguing that children don’t have the agency to control one of the most correlative factors of being poor? Or that the information is oversold?

            1. Both. How stupid do they think teenagers are? Yeah, adults who fuck before marriage are super unsuccessful. Here’s what comes right after what JATNAS quoted:

              “The longer a girl waits for sex, the happier she’s going to be.”

              For Evert, the dangers of contraception far outweigh any possible benefit. “Girls are just lied to about this stuff today,” he says. “They’ve got college girls in America getting hip replacement surgeries because their bones are so brittle from being on the birth control shot.”

              Yeah, he’s just delivering some tough home truths to the high school kids.

              1. He’s doing the Lord’s work in some of the toughest sex-den high schools in America.

              2. http://www.m.webmd.com/women/n…..-bone-loss

                Those using Depo-Provera continuously for three years had bone loss comparable to that seen in women going through menopause.

                It seems like that’s something they should know. I’m not a fan of sex ed overall because it’s not why kids go to school but the overall premise here that stating that there is a known downside to teen and premarital sex = Right wing extreme so on rhetoric strikes me as bullshit. It looks more like the opposite, facts that happen to align with traditional ideas on sex must be suppressed even if they’re true.

                1. If by “facts” you mean “statements completely different from what studies actually support,” then yes, facts happen to align with traditional ideas.

                  And you can see from the direct quotes in the story that Evert is not simply passing on facts, he is also passing on those traditional ideas about “the true meaning of love,” which are a bunch of religious bullshit.

                  1. Hey Nikki, maybe remember this for the next time we get told that no religious conservatives oppose contraception, just paying for it.

                  2. Love means never having to say you’re sorry, Nikki.

                  3. I don’t think Nikki ever read the conclusions in “The Social Organization of Sexuality” study. Religious women have better sex!

                2. I see you conveniently left out the part where their bone density improved back to where it was originally when they stopped taking it.

                  Additionally, as a user of the depo shot, my doctor talked to me at length before I started using it, specifically about the bone density thing.

                  But if you’re actually getting decent nutrition and doing things to improve bone density (progressive weight training), bone density loss is negligible. Just sayin’.

                  1. That’s hardly the point since taking it is the discussion. I guess there’s no side effects to smoking since your health can return after you stop.

                    Either way it’s just funny that so many libertarians on here are so militantly atheist that they advocate medical side effects be suppressed if it even happens to suggest that teen and premarital promiscuity have a downside. Because of course in your straw man world only some Jesus freak could possibly not see how great it is fuck as a teen.

                    I’m not religious, I’m just good at seeing when people are full of shit.

                    1. if it even happens to suggest that teen and premarital promiscuity have a downside

                      Who was talking about promiscuity? Evert is talking about premarital sex.

                      Guess your mask slipped a little.

                3. t looks more like the opposite, facts that happen to align with traditional ideas on sex must be suppressed even if they’re true.

                  Your link saying nothing about a secret epidemic of of college-age women getting hip replacements. But I guess lying for Jesus is OK?

                  1. I don’t know if it’s true, do you? But it’s absolutely a fact that it weakens your bones and is a side affect so it’s certainly in the wheelhouse of sex ed if sex ed includes discussing birth control.

                    What is your justification for ignoring a medical fact relevant. Is it Jesus?

                    1. What is your justification for ignoring a medical fact relevant. Is it Jesus?

                      I never said that DP didn’t weaken bones. And no one said medical evidence should be suppressed.

                      Any more lies you’d like to peddle?

          2. It’s a pack of pathetic lies.

            … did any of you people go to public school? Did you pay attention to what your teachers were saying? Selling a pack of pathetic lies is their job. The ones who don’t do that are going off script.

          3. It’s a pack of pathetic lies.

            Everything in school is a pack of pathetic lies. One more won’t make any difference.

    4. she becomes more likely to have more breakups, STDs, out of wedlock pregnancy, become a single mom, live under the poverty level, have a divorce, be depressed, and on and on

      I’m pretty sure that’s mostly? all? true, especially for teenagers. It certainly increases the risk of STDs, pregnancy, being a single mom, etc.

      1. That is about right for most, if not all of those things.

      2. But it’s evil when a religious organization says it. The state would never say such things because the more depressed teenage single mom’s there are, the more power the state gets.

    5. Honestly, I think it would be better to comment on what the man actually says rather than Slate’s ‘interpretation’ thereof.

  3. Joe Biden says he regrets not running for president “every day.”

    He’d been running for president every day for a couple decades.

    1. Maybe he knows something about the FBI’s determination to indict Hillary.

      1. Or her thyroid.

    2. I assume this is his way of saying, “We all now Hillary is terribly flawed. But I don’t want to raise money and campaign so just draft me when you’re ready.”

      1. Yes, it’s like that random text or email from an ex saying “I’m still here, but maybe things will work out for you with that other guy (whoo boy).”

        1. Biden is a booty call

    3. It’s kind of like his exercise regime.

  4. Reason is going to need a bigger rug to keep sweeping misbehaving, misogynist “refugees” under.

    1. SF’d the link.

      1. Dang…

        Johnny Longtorso covers it below.

    2. I don’t know what you did to that link, but the look of it makes me not want to find out what happens if its clicked.

    3. ‘Error encountered’.

      That’s what she said.

      By the way.

    4. Try this:


      Some of those involved in a series of sexual assaults against women in the German city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve claimed to be Syrian refugees, according to a leaked police report.

      The outbreak of violence was also far more serious than previously thought, and at one point senior police officers feared “there could have been fatalities”.

      If (I repeat, if) this pans out, then Merkel and the cops are in serious, serious trouble, because their public statements directly contradict this.

      1. Policy cover-ups have no consequences in America or Britain. Not sure Germany is going to prove to be any different.

        1. gah “Police”

          1. “Policy” works too.

  5. Pampered Millennial (and Long-Haired Daddy’s Boy) Is The Least Sympathetic Figure in the Global Refugee Crisis

    “It was a boring life there. Their food ? even a cat wouldn’t eat it,” Faisal said of his two months in an asylum center near the Swedish city of Malmo. “I went to Europe and discovered Europe is just an idea. Really, it’s just like Bab al-Sharji,” he said, referring to a Baghdad market neighborhood?

    Faisal concedes that he left for economic reasons, the kind of asylum applicant European authorities are trying to sift out from those fleeing violence. He said he decided to “arrange a story” about being threatened by Iraqi militias. “If I was in danger, I wouldn’t have come back,” he said.

    Faisal begged his father, who had spent $8,000 on sending his sons to Europe, to send more money so he could come home. “He missed the services here. At home everything is done for him,” said Faisal’s father, Uday Faisal Mohee.

    1. Iraqi Pajama Boy?

      1. Iraqi Kylo Ren

    2. Reminds me of this one earlier in the year:

      ‘Rude’ and ‘violent’ people in Manchester drive immigrant back to Iran

      How about, if you want Britons to respect you, don’t dress like a gold chain and track suit wearing, tatted up NED.

      1. like a gold chain and track suit wearing

        IOW, he’s dressing like a Chav.


        1. Non educated delinquent.

          Maybe it’s more of a Scottish term.

          You are right, chav is more widespread.

          1. Thanks. Cool term.

            A little present for you: You know who else was a non-educated delinquent?

            1. Shreek?

              1. Stone cold. Hint: “Maybe it’s more of a Scottish term.”

      2. He looks pretty clean-cut compared to most British youth lately.

        Asshole-level probably about the same, too.

        1. Yeah. My gut tells me the same.

      3. But that’s some beautiful mosque though.

    3. Wow, that sure punches a hole in the narrative.

    4. And then he gave Sweden 2 stars on TripAdvisor

  6. Is a volcano beneath Yellowstone National Park about to erupt?

    How many carbon credits does it have stored up?

    1. Won’t a volcano eruption drop temperatures? I thought cloud cover from volcanoes is what has sent us into ice ages in the past.

    2. I was hoping and praying for SMOD2016, but ‘big ass volcano’ works to.

      1. We’re several years overdue for the symptoms of CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN to begin showing. Trump et al are just trying to break down the walls of this universe and bring forth the ice giants.

    3. I wouldn’t worry about it.

      “Instances of volcanic eruptions are their highest for 300 years and scientists fear a major one that could kill millions and devastate the planet is a real possibility.”

      Seems totally legit. And well written.

      1. If the pressure is venting already, why would this make failure of the stone cap more likey instead of less?

        1. Pressure venting generally means there is an excess of pressure already- so even though some is escaping, there is still more than usual. When you have an uprise of magma into the chamber, it pushes the land up. If enough tunnels out onto the surface, it means the cap has been weakened. A bunch of bad stuff can happen, including the chamber collapsing, causing a major eruption.

          That said, last I read about the Super Volcano, its frequency is decreasing as the continent shifts over the hot spot. While we are “only” some 150,000 years off of an eruption, that timeline is increasing and the eruption potential is decreasing. This is a bunch of alarmist stuff, and it is noteworthy that the paper from the EU agency driving that article is calling for more government “preparation” (i.e. money).

      2. And if they are right, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

    4. I sleep soundly at night knowing that if the volcano beneath YNP were to erupt, everyone I love (including myself) would be pretty instantly dead.

      1. The loss of even a single elusive libertarian female is enough to keep the rest of us lying awake at night.

  7. A Failure by Germany’s Elite
    …The police failed to protect its citizens, the press dawdled in holding anyone to account (and see, too, those unanswered questions just above), and at least one politician even now seems to struggle to address the issue without suggesting that young women must somehow accommodate the possibility of assaults and “confusion.”

    This all carries echoes of the Rotherham scandal, in which British authorities had for years turned a blind eye to a child abuse ring among Pakistani men in the north of England, seemingly at least in part for fear of looking racist. By the time anyone put a stop to it, an estimated 1,400 kids had been abused, often horrifically. Like the German police and politicians in this case?albeit on a much longer and larger scale?the British authorities may have put the need to appear sensitive over the need to enforce core values and basic human rights….

    1. Suspects in Cologne sex attacks ‘claimed to be Syrian refugees’
      …But the leaked police report, published in Bild newspaper and Spiegel, a news magazine, claims that one of those involved told officers: “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me.”

      Another tore up his residence permit before the eyes of police, and told them: “You can’t do anything to me, I can get a new one tomorrow.”…

      1. “Another tore up his residence permit before the eyes of police, and told them: “You can’t do anything to me, I can get a new one tomorrow.”

        His experiences with the German bureaucracy must be very different than mine. So far as I can tell, it’s not possible to get a document in Germany without it being signed by four different people, each of whom has different hours on different days.

        1. That was my experience as well. The Germans are madly efficient and thorough like that.

          1. Oh yes. You can’t get the time of the day from the Germans until you have your notarised registered address, the Anmeldebest?tigung, with a notarised testimonial from the landlord. Then, you can apply at the Auslanderbeh?rde for a residence permit. Then you can apply for health insurance and a German bank account. Then and only then will a german employer sign your contract. In that order.

            1. Well, looks like their efficiency will be severely tested.

              1. True but if this keeps going as it is, the test will be of their efficiency of loading boxcars. And they have some experience in that.

                1. Germany is never going to live that down are they, huh.

                2. Except who is going on the boxcar? Especially when they consider the comments of right wingers on message boards at least as bad as the sexual assaults in Cologne?

                  1. Not sure Bard but when the Germans get pissed off, eventually someone is going in a boxcar. My bet it is the Muslims but it might be other Germans, though I doubt it.

                    1. Boxcars for some, tiny German flags for others!

                  2. Except who is going on the boxcar?

                    More and more, I think the real question isn’t “will there be trains running to camps”, the question is “who will be on those trains”.

        2. Apparently one of the big complaints is that the refugees are getting fast tracked in such a way that they really do have a different experience that you or the average german does.


          2. Yeah, because treating immigrants better than you treat your own people is a surefire way to cause unrest.

        3. His experiences with the German bureaucracy must be very different than mine. So far as I can tell, it’s not possible to get a document in Germany without it being signed by four different people, each of whom has different hours on different days.

          Clearly you are not a member of the right ethnic group, namely the one imported to replace and displace the people who look and think like you.

          1. Sometimes I wonder if self-hating societies even deserve to survive.

            1. I wonder as well. It’s like the entire West has decided to cede the future of humanity to inferior alternative social orders. But the tragedy of it is our ancestors who lived, accumulated economic and intellectual capital to give our modern civilization all things that we enjoy, and their descendants are not only pissing it all away, but pissing on their ancestors and their contributions too.

              Empathy is wonderful and great. But our societies are empathetic to a fatal fault. You can’t be unconditionally empathetic towards other societies and people that themselves are unempathetic, societies that don’t have any capability for self-criticism like we have (though we’ve taken it to an extreme) will consume us without thinking twice.

            2. It isn’t really a self-hating society, though, it’s a society-hating elite and people who respond to being propagandized in their views from birth. End public education and cripple the elite’s hold on mass media, and then it will just be a society-hating elite.

              The thing about propaganda is that it really only reinforces beliefs that people already have on some level. And when you’ve been taught that certain values are good, and that your society is bad because it failed those values in the past, and then you sense that the elites betray those values by empowering people who represent roughly the exact opposite (gay-bashing, bigoted, misogynistic anti-Semites), you feel the cognitive dissonance, and clever right-wingers will be able to capitalize on it.

      2. It’s been my experience they do use that kind of language and logic.

        It’s punchable logic and one only useful idiots tend to accept.

    2. I really don’t understand the desire to bring in so many muslims. I’ve seen outright bigots, people who claim all muslims are sexists and the religion uniquely oppresses women, turn on a dime and start calling for the importation of anybody who claims to be a Syrian refugee. It’s really freaky the sudden obsession, and I can’t find the reason behind it.

      1. Didn’t you see that picture of the drowned little boy?

        1. The one who was already a resident of Turkey and not fleeing Syria? That one?

      2. Allahu akbar.

      3. It’s game played by the elites to show who is most pious. “I see your 25,000 refugees and I raise by 50,000”

        1. Yeah, but the people doing this are grunts on the ground. Hell, I’m seeing a vet from the first Iraq war slowly shifting positions from understandable racist hatred of everything middle eastern and Muslim to we should let them all in. If we were dealing with aliens I’d think pod people, with the sudden love I’m seeing.

          1. It’s the fear of being called racist, or cold-hearted. This devolves, like so much else in progressivism, into teh feelz.

        2. I’m convinced Trudeau and the liberals are doing this because they’re in a rush to show Canada is not like Harper.

          Emotional politics works.

          1. Didn’t we later find out that all of the refugees to Canada were Christian Armenians? Emotional politics only works when the media covers for you.

    3. Like Rotherham, Reason has not touched this story as far as I can see.

      1. Come now John, that’s not entirely fair. Rotherham warranted three – three! – posts from Reason. I’m guessing this story will get zero since the victims were adult women who should know better than to go out on New Year’s Eve.

        1. I thought we had counted it up and it was two…. let’s just ask Nikki

          1. If there were more than two y’all would just start bitching about Lou Reed.

            1. Lou Reed would never let us down.

              1. If he dies, we’re all going to be in big trouble.

        2. It’s not really their society. The Muslim immigrants are the yard stick of civilization, they know what right and wrong for German women and they’re going to give it to them good and hard.

    4. Political correctness is another word for kindness and respect cowardice.

  8. City of Chicago lawyers, after meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, demanded the Laquan McDonald family bury the video showing the killing of their son by a police officer.

    They bring a video, you bring a bunch of cops and lawyers. That’s the Chicago way.

    1. Fuck You, City of Chicago lawyers. Seriously, there should be penalties for government employees attempting to suppress 1A rights.

      1. Penalties. Cute.

        Two minutes for roughing the 1A!

        1. Well, it’s more than they get now. Baby steps.

  9. reposted from previous link – lights shreeky signal:

    Soros: It’s the 2008 crisis all over again

    Billionaire financier George Soros is warning of an impending financial markets crisis as investors around the world were roiled by turmoil in China trade for the second time this week.

    Speaking an economic forum in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo, he told an audience that China is struggling to find a new growth model and its currency devaluation is transferring problems to the rest of the world, according to media. He added that a return to rising interest rates was proving difficult for the developing world.

    1. Goldbugs! My portfolio has doubled six times! Peanuts!

      (Just trying out my PBP call)

    2. Cue a Nelson Muntz laugh, please.

    3. Has anyone ever done any financial forensics on guys like Soros and Buffett to see if they profit off their doom and gloom comments?

        1. ….And? Where did you read it? Curious.

          I figured that out during my time in financial services but never saw an article.

      1. Anyone with a portfolio who talks about investing on the financial news outlets is talking their book, is my assumption. If they say “Buy Apple!”, its because they have Apple to sell.

        1. Also, if they say “Sell” it’s because they want to buy at a lower price.

    4. Soros has ulterior motives for everything. The economy is going to go off the cliff all on its own. He’s just trying to push it.

  10. RoK: Never Date A Woman Who Takes One Of These Prescription Drugs
    …I mean, we all expect the 250 pound piece of shit with the weird hair, Tumblr account, and see-through earlobes who breathes like a dehydrated Saint Bernard whenever she traverses a Golden Corral parking lot to be on antidepressants?it’s a given. She’s an unlovable loser who has no friends and no prospects. This article won’t focus on women like this at all because nobody wants to fuck them, talk about them, talk to them, look at them, or even think about them.

    The sole focus of this article will be on the stealth losers: the women who are generally attractive, successful, and have everything that feminism says should make them happy, yet are miserable to the point that they have to pop pills like a high school kid pops zits just to stay sane….

    1. I don’t want to click through. So what are the drugs?

        1. Haladal is not a red flag then?

        2. Serotonin uptake make it to the list?

      1. I know someone like that. She has a great career, is beautiful and has a great body. She is also on a 500mg daily dose of Zoloft, which I know because I happen to know her psychiatrist. According to her she is batshit crazy.

        1. Get her naked immediately.

          1. Are you a wizard? You read my mind! She sounds like a girl I dated in college. We were at party a few years ago where she met my wife for the first time. She pulled my wife aside and said she wanted to fuck both of us.


            2. “I know this is going to sound like a crazy fantasy, but every word of this story is true?”

        2. because I happen to know her psychiatrist

          No HIPAA violation there. And just to be clear, I’m blaming the psychiatrist.

          1. Yup. That said…it turns out lots of doctors are assholes too, just like everyone else.

          2. Oh, I know that, Restoras. Back in my youth I was on a road trip to a conference with a psychiatrist and the guy spent the drive spilling his guts to the car about the case history of a patient who had killed his family. That made me lose respect for both the man and the profession. FWIW, the conference was unrelated to psychiatry, so the doc’s chattiness could not be construed as professional knowledge-sharing or a consultation; this was also before HIPAA, but still…

            1. If he didn’t divulge the name there would be no HIPAA violation.

    2. Back in the day, I made it policy to do a hard target search for a women’s drugs early in the relationship.
      Mainly to steal the good stuff – and check for crazy pills.

    3. If a drug features the letter “X” multiple times, then you know it’s some pretty potent shit

      I’m glad we’re taking our cues on potency from Bugs Bunny cartoons.

    4. This article won’t focus on women like this at all because nobody wants to fuck them, talk about them, talk to them, look at them, or even think about them.

      No one thinks about the type of person depicted in the oddly detailed and specific profile I’ve obviously researched thoroughly…

      1. SOMEBODY’S ashamed of his Match.com history!

    5. So I take it all of the readers are also on anti-depressants.

  11. “On the one-year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attack, a knife-wielding man wearing a fake suicide vest who reportedly shouted “Allahu akbar” has been shot dead by Paris police.”

    What’s the point of a fake suicide vest? Highly likely you’ll get killed, but with a guarantee you won’t be able to take anyone else out?

    1. Does he still get his virgins in the afterlife?

      1. For a fake suicide vest he gets technical virgins.

      2. Yes, but they are fake virgins. And a couple used to be a dude.

    2. It’s a real suicide vest – just not a bomb.

    3. You could argue that is the only real _suicide_ vest.

    4. Suicide by gendarme.

  12. The Red Pill Balance
    …It took me a long time to be able to accept this. That is women’s true inferiority ? and women are profoundly inferior. And I take no pleasure in recognizing that, as if I’m somehow touting the superiority of team men. It’s awful, in fact. Dealing with it is the ultimate burden of performance for us as individual men, but also as a society. At some point we’re simply going to have to confront women’s moral inferiority. If we look at our institutions, the very same that are crumbling now all around us, we can see that previous generations of men already figured this out. We just forgot what they knew….

    1. Yawn. I’ve certainly met morally-lacking women, but I hardly feel like they have a monopoly there.


    3. Jesus Fuckin’ Christ.

      Remember when it was always Salon links? I want to return to that.

  13. I hate to break it to feminists, but ‘white male privilege’ is a myth
    …Yet towards the end of 2015 it was revealed that there’s a social group in Britain more derided and less successful than pretty much every other social group. Guess who? Yep, young white men. Especially young working-class white men. A large sector of the group that the new identity-politics mob loves to ridicule for sailing through life unmolested and unchallenged is actually having a rough time.

    Consider this: 18-year-old women are 35 percent more likely to attend university than 18-year-old men; and where 37 percent of black school-leavers go to university, only 28 percent of white school-leavers do. These stats were unveiled by UCAS in December, leading its chief executive to wonder if it isn’t time to initiate ‘outreach’ projects designed to get more white blokes into college.

    Also in December, a YouGov analysis of 48 surveys of public attitudes found that young white men are viewed as ‘the worst ethnic, gender [and] age group’. They are ‘the most derided ethnic group in Britain’….

    1. The silent epidemic of male suicide
      …Men have a shockingly high rate of death by suicide compared with wo?men. Across all countries reporting these data (except China and India) males show a suicide rate that is 3.0 to 7.5 times that of women.[10] In Canada, the male suicide rate is about three times that of women.[11] Figure 1 charts the age- and gender-specific incidence of suicide in Canada, based on data from 2001 to 2005. Two patterns are worth noting:…

      …Among US white men, middle age has historically been a time of relatively lower risk of completed suicide, compared with elderly men. Yet by 2005, the suicide rate of white men aged 45 to 49 years was not only higher than the rate for men aged less than 40 years but also slightly higher than the rate for men aged 70 to 74 years? suicide-prevention efforts have fo?cused most heavily on the groups considered to be most at risk: teens and young adults of both genders as well as elderly white men? Suicide in the middle-adult years has not been studied as extensively.[14]…

      1. And they leave women behind to suffer as a result. Just another example of male privilege Johnny.

        1. Yes, we all know the primary victims of men’s deaths are women. Just ask Hillary.

          1. I have that quote from her about how the real victims in war are the widows posted on my cubicle wall.

  14. “I regret it every day but it was the right decision”

    So, it was the right decision but you regret it every day?

    God love ya, Joe — You’re not fit to be president.

    1. Biden regrets doing the right thing because he sees how no other politician does the right thing – Obama and Hillary being examples 1&2.

  15. Intel launches x-ray-like glasses that allow wearers to ‘see inside’ objects

    Intel has launched a set of glasses built into a helmet that give x-ray-like vision using its RealSense 3D camera.

    The glasses-cum-hardhat was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas and has been co-developed with augmented reality company Daqri using Intel’s latest processor and camera technology. It has taken concepts ? like those of Microsoft’s Hololens ? and produced a real product.

    Unlike devices such as HoloLens or Google Glass, which have been marketed as consumer devices, the Daqri Smart Helmet is designed with industrial use in mind. It will allow the wearer to effectively peer into the workings of objects using real-time overlay of information, such as wiring diagrams, schematics and problem areas that need fixing.

    finally the comic book ad of my youth comes true

    1. I want a Daiquiri Smart Helmet that mixes and dispenses by reading my mind

    2. That is really awesome. Sadly, I doubt it would be very useful for seeing through women’s clothes since you have to wear a helmet and thus can’t do it without their knowledge.

      1. I’ll hide the helmet under my fuzzy hat and scarf.

        1. +1 Paradise Hot Dogs vendor

      2. But it should be easy to retrofit this into those miner’s helmets that gynecologists wear right? I mean it is a perfect application for this technology.

        1. totally ewww.

      3. I doubt it would be very useful for seeing through women’s clothes since you have to wear a helmet

        Plus, according to the article, you’ll be seeing something like this.

        1. Way to ruin our sick male fantasies, Rich.

    3. “glasses-cum-hardhat”

      Is that genuine Crusty Gear? Or some cheap knockoff? Us dyslexics want to know.

  16. …a knife-wielding man wearing a fake suicide vest who reportedly shouted “Allahu akbar” has been shot dead by Paris police.

    They’re pretty hard on poseurs there.

    1. You’re. the poseur, poseur!

  17. Vietnam: Officials probe mysterious ‘space balls’

    The largest object weighs about 45kg (99lb) and was found near a stream in Tuyen Quang province, the Thanh Nien News website reports. Another orb landed in local resident’s garden in the neighbouring Yen Bai region, while the lightest, weighing 250g (9oz), came down on a nearby roof before rolling onto the ground, the website says. Local people reported hearing what sounded like thunder in the minutes before the objects were found.

    An initial investigation by Vietnam’s defence ministry has so far determined that the objects are compressed-air tanks from an aircraft or rocket, and that – at least now they’re no longer airborne – they aren’t dangerous. It says the orbs were manufactured in Russia, but that its not clear if they were subsequently sold to another country for use.

    1. Oh shit. There goes the planet.

  18. You missed a spot! Giada De Laurentiis’ new boyfriend Shane Farley sprays her bikini body with sunscreen during romantic Mexican getaway


    Dang. That is one fine 45yr old woman.

    1. Giada De Laurentiis showed off her incredible figure

      She also, um, propped it up.

    2. She has way, way too many teeth, though. What is she, part shark?

      1. Google the rumors about her sex life. If even half of them are true, you won’t care about her teeth. Giada is by all accounts wild as hell in the sack.

        1. If she gets half as excited about sex as she does about food, then I can only imagine…

    1. I can’t help but agree, if for no other reason that justice demand that the consequences of Obama’s incompetence come to fruition before he leaves office.

      1. Are you suggesting this isn’t the fault of George Bush?

        1. Are you suggesting this isn’t the fault of George Bush?

          That’s just crazy talk.

    2. Down 260 points in first 20 minutes.

      1. IF the banks go down again, there will not be any money nor the political will to save them this time. If Congress tried another TARP, there really would be a revolt. All they did in 2009 was waste a few trillion dollars delaying the inevitable. And anyone with any brains could see that at the time.

        1. “IF the banks go down again, there will not be any money nor the political will to save them this time”

          You are quite optimistic. I think we’ll see much the same crap, Too big to fail are even bigger now.

          1. All they could do is print more money to pay for it. But if they do that the money won’t be worth anything so giving it to the banks won’t do any good. The only way to pay for it is to either come up with the money out of taxes, which won’t happen because the money isn’t there, or find someone dumb enough to buy the bonds, which won’t happen.

            They are fucked.

  19. China’s 29 Minutes of Chaos: Stunned Brokers and a Race to Sell

    With share prices going into free fall almost as soon as local exchanges opened, market gurus at Huaxi Securities Co. were at a loss to explain why. One manager of $46 million in Shanghai liquidated all his holdings. Other investors, including a top-performing hedge fund, tried in vain to cash out as circuit breakers brought trading to an abrupt halt.

    By 9:59 a.m. local time it was all over — except that it wasn’t. Next came a torrent of calls from angry clients upset by the carnage in a week that’s seen two abbreviated trading sessions and a 12 percent tumble in the benchmark CSI 300 Index. And it’s only January 7th.

    “We are dealing with a flood of angry phone calls from clients complaining about the market plunge and the circuit breaker,” said Wei Wei, an analyst at Huaxi Securities in Shanghai. “We are also feeling at a loss and confused today as we didn’t quite figure out what was going on in the market.”

    1. I don’t get the point of the circuit breaker. You’d cause more panic selling than you would otherwise.

      1. That is correct but the markets use them to pretend they have some measure of control. It’s kinda like all the security theater we see around us every day.

      2. The automated trading would cause selling to occur in greater volumes than it would have had you had to place the orders manually.

        1. Wouldn’t it be better to just build in a short ‘wait time’ before each trade and have the wait time increase in proportion to the deviation from the previous day’s price?

          1. No, it would be better to just let them trade freely.

      3. Well, you can’t just have free markets! There’d be chaos! Dogs and cats living together!

    2. China just suspended the 7% shut off, look for all shit to break loose tomorrow…..or not.

      1. Time to buy at a discount?

  20. The ‘world’s safest drone’ makes its debut at CES – and is promptly broken by BBC reporter who sends it crashing to the floor

    BBC’s Jen Copestake was reporting from the CES show in Las Vegas
    Named the ‘Fleye’, the drone is made by a Belgium start-up company
    Moving parts of the drone are kept in a cage so it’s safe around people


    HA ha!


    1. This is the drone that interests me. It follows you via a GPS transponder you wear so you can show off your awesome xGames Skillz

  21. There are so many drug murders in Mexico that overall male life expectancy has dropped

    Mexico’s brutal war on drugs is showing up in the country’s public-health data. A study from the University of California, Los Angeles, released Jan. 5, shows that between 2005 and 2010?the height of the federal government’s efforts to eradicate drug cartels?a spike in the country’s homicide rate cut average male lifespans from 72.5 years to 72 years in two-thirds of Mexico’s states. The life expectancy (the number of years left to live) for men aged 15-50 also dropped by six months across the country as a whole.

    The drop is a reversal after decades of steady gains. From 1940 to 2000, Mexican men could expect to live four to five more years with each passing decade, Hiram Beltr?n-S?nchez, one of the study’s authors, tells Quartz. Had the homicide rate stayed stable, male life expectancy in 2010 should have been closer to 76 years, he says.

    1. Mexico’s USA’s brutal war on drugs is showing up in the country’s Mexico’s public-health data.


    2. Holy shit! You know, they really should consider some common sense gun legislation down there…


      1. Alphas like me don’t play by your delta rules.

        1. Deltas don’t follow the rules either. Haven’t you seen Animal House?

      2. Hitler alert! *sounds alarm*

        1. What does the “Hitler alarm” sound like? I think the dive “ooga” horn.

  22. There are few real contingency plans in place to deal with the ticking time bomb, which they conclude is likely to go off within the next 80 years.

    Party like it’s 1999?

    1. Let’s say this happens and does trigger a significantly cold period of a few years or decades. It seems like we’d need a lot more energy per capita to keep everyone warm and to feed and light greenhouses. That means a lot of nuke plants.

      1. No, it means that we have finally angered Mother Gaia. Whatever happens to the climate, anything bad is our fault.

      2. Nuke plants take time. We’ve got more coal than we know what to do with though.

        1. I know that nuke plants take time. But it will be interesting to see what the mob does to anyone with a “Uranium: Leave it in the Groud!!1!” bumper sticker.

          1. That’s gonna be a lot of Priuses with foot-shaped dents in the door panels.

    2. Notice that the message of the paper is that the Government must invest more money to “prepare” for this highly unlikely scenario.

  23. Cologne sex attacks ‘require police rethink’

    Scores of women say they were robbed or sexually assaulted by men, reportedly of Arab or North African appearance.

    Mr Jaeger also warned that anti-immigrant groups were trying to use the attacks to stir up hatred against refugees.

    “What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women,” he said. “This is poisoning the climate of our society.”

    1. “What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women.”

      This is like the at least as awful chatroom evan!

      1. “What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women.”

        Waiting for the outraged feminist response….

        1. That WAS the outraged feminist response.

          1. So, they’re saying that sexual assault and rape are no worse than saying mean things about the ‘refugees’?

            1. No, they are claiming that saying mean things about “refugees” is actually worse than raping a woman.

    2. Live ammunition and an APD-level distain for human life, and the problem will go away one way or another real quick.

      1. Albequerque Police Dept?

        1. Oh, well played, Tonio.

          1. Except that is exactly the APD I was talking about. So it’s more of a “You got the reference”

    3. “What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women,” he said. “This is poisoning the climate of our society.”

      It’s at moments like this that my hatred of politicians is renewed and refreshed.

    4. “What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women,” he said.

      Dude, alright already, you’re forgiven for Nazism! Can you please stop conspicuously shitting yourselves at the vaguest hint of racism?

    5. “What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women,”

      It’s at least as awful, implying that the icky things right-wingers say is actually worse than a coordinated series of gang rapes and muggings by foreign imported welfare recipients.

      The left-wingers who imported these people sound very reasonable and I’d love to hear more of their thoughts about icky right-wingers. Perhaps there is a way to get all of them in one place at the same time so I could talk to them about their reasonable views. Preferably a place with solid walls or at the foot of a hydroelectric dam.

    6. “What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women,”

      Is this why they say a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged? The above quote sounds like it came from someone with the life experience of a spoiled toddler.

      1. It would be funny to ask them this:

        “OK, I have a mean tweet about refugees that I am going to send. Or I’m going to rape a teenager. You choose.”

        1. If the penalties meted by our judicial system is any indicator as to which is a worse crime…

  24. VA Officials Have Committed Thousands of Privacy Breaches Since 2011

    Officials at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs have committed 10,000 privacy breaches in the last five years, according to a report Wednesday.

    [The privacy breaches make] the VA the nation’s most prolific violator of laws protecting patients’ personal medical information. However, the government agency tasked with punishing providers who break the law, called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, took no disciplinary action against the VA, according to a review by ProPublica. Breaches ranged from employees accidentally mailing a veteran the wrong medical records to employees intentionally spying on patients’ records.

    Violations have included a VA official improperly accessing a veterans’ health records over 60 times and posting some of the individual’s medical information on Facebook. An Oklahoma VA employee was also found to have posted a photo of a veterans’ “exposed buttocks” to Facebook in 2011, according to a 2013 investigation by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

  25. Melbourne man faces stiff opposition to penis signature

    “But when I did this signature all of a sudden the shit hit the fan. I was receiving letters and phone calls telling me I couldn’t have it. I thought, that’s interesting, why not?”

    And so began a five year battle with Australia’s state and federal government agencies over the question of what constitutes a legitimate signature.

    Yes it’s SFW. I suppose.

    1. “Everything is just left hanging.”

      Heh. Well, at least it’s not an illegible scrawl like most signatures.

    2. I’m a little disappointed. I thought that he was one of penis puppeteers and he was battling to sign documents with his dick. Just drawing a dick on forms? Not so exciting.

    3. What a hero. My goodness, some people’s narcissism knows no bounds.

  26. TransCanada sues U.S. over Keystone XL pipeline rejection

    TransCanada Corp sued the U.S government on Wednesday to reverse President Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline, and also plans to seek $15 billion in damages from a trade tribunal.

    TranCanada’s lawsuit in a federal court in Houston, Texas, called rejection of its permit to build the pipeline unconstitutional. In a separate action under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the company said the pipeline permit denial was “arbitrary and unjustified.”

    The company’s U.S. lawsuit does not seek monetary damages but wants the permit denial invalidated and seeks a ruling that no future president can block construction. Its request for $15 billion under NAFTA reflects its desire to recover its investment in the pipeline.

    1. “Arbitrary and Unjustified”

      Now *that’s* a political slogan if ever I saw one.

  27. Bobby Knight? He was a pussy!

    1. No Koko B Ware fans on here, I see.

    2. High school coach. Come on, that’s like dads getting ejected from little league games.

  28. Police: Man eats crack in front of cop

    Hampton was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped by a Gainesville police officer Monday. When Hampton got out of the vehicle, the officer saw what appeared to be crack cocaine on the seat Hampton had been in, police said.

    Hampton then tried to eat about .6 grams of cocaine, but spit most of it out when he was ordered to do so, police said.

    That amount of cocaine is more than a typical “user” amount, police said.

    1. That amount of cocaine is more than a typical “user” amount, police said.

      But then again, aren’t quantities of drugs seized by the po po always described as large?

      1. Makes you wonder how they know so much about “typical” drug use.

  29. Colonel Gaddafi warned Tony Blair of Islamist attacks on Europe, phone conversations reveal

    In the call, lasting half an hour, Gaddafi insisted he was trying to defend Libya from al-Qaeda fighters. The presence of al-Qaedas would later be superceded by the rise of the so-called Islamic State.

    “We are not fighting them, they are attacking us, ” he said, “I want to tell you the truth. It is not a difficult situation at all. The story is simply this: an organisation has laid down sleeping cells in North Africa. Called the Al-Qaeda Organisation in North Africa… The sleeping cells in Libya are similar to dormant cells in America before 9/11.

    “They have managed to get arms and terrify people. people can’t leave their homes… It’s a jihad situation. They have arms and are terrorising people in the street.”

    In a second call made a little over four hours later, Gaddafi told Mr Blair: “I will have to arm the people and get ready for a fight. Libyan people will die, damage will be on the Med, Europe and the whole world. These armed groups are using the situation [in Libya] as a justification – and we shall fight them.”

    1. Gadaffi gave up his WMDs and was doing a lot to hold back the Jihadists. So of course President Wiley Coyote, Super Genius, had him killed.

      1. That’s the story that gets missed when people talk about Benghazi. Benghazi was the culmination of our idiotic Arab Spring policies that resulted in the deaths or removals of several important allies. I totally didn’t see the Gaddafi thing coming. Like you say, he’d disarmed voluntarily and was a pretty reliable ally against AQ and company. As I find myself saying again and again with this administration, I’m not sure if it’s just colossal incompetence or genuine villainy. Maybe both.

        1. I didn’t really see the Gaddafi thing coming either, but in retrospect it is pretty obvious. You have a strongman who has had his thumb in your eye for years and whose motives are always based on some arbitrary, opaque self interest. Then one day he takes his thumb out of your eye, and distracts himself to help build a fence for your neighbors. Are you going to suddenly forgive and forget? Are you going to just assume that in another few weeks that thumb won’t be right back in your eyes? Or are you going to take advantage of this momentary lapse of concentration and curb stomp the fucker?

          Not only was Benghazi the culmination of our disastrous Arab Spring strategy, but it is also the culmination of our disastrous Libya strategy. The point that gets missed is that Hillary and Obama had insisted that we could free Libya with some cruise missiles and leading from behind. The entire cover-up of Benghazi was caused by State not wanting to admit that they had created an unstable clusterfuck and were unwilling to put the troops necessary to protect our diplomats. They refused security because it would undermine their narrative of a remote liberation. They covered up the consequences because they didn’t want to admit that the strategy had handed the region over to Jihadis.

  30. Tired of the daily grind? Don’t want to show up at work any more but want to still get paid?

    Well, do we have the job for you!. We’re the Massachusetts State Police. And we have a vacation plan that not only lets you get that you extended paid time off you so desperately want. We let you fuck somebody up to get it!

      1. I’m not surprised.

        Also, what’s with the shirt/tie combo Fat Albert is wearing in that article? When did it become acceptable to just mail it in like that? Come on, people! You make a good deal of money sucking on the taxpayer teat. Buy something that contrasts sharply!

        1. I clicked the link just to see his “fashion” and yeah, what the heck?

      2. Why not? They won’t be held accountable for whatever they do with the gun. Penalizing them for having the gun would just be gauche.

      3. In contrast, if you have a PPO against you (or other restriction because of court complications) you can’t carry a weapon in the armed services because of the Lautenberg amendment.

  31. Black pudding hailed as a superfood

    Eat that full English breakfast, because science!

    1. It’s also a good weapon.

    2. It’s excellent for dieters, because the very concept of black pudding can put you off eating for days!

    3. I like that those Scotch eggs are duck, not like the cheap Americanized chicken knock-offs.

  32. And who is joining Trump with birtherism? Your guy, Rand Paul.

    “Sen. Rand Paul joined Donald Trump on Wednesday in questioning whether Sen. Ted Cruz is eligible to be president.

    “You know, I think without question he is qualified and would make the cut to be prime minister of Canada, absolutely without question, he is qualified and he meets the qualifications,” Paul told Fox News Wednesday.


    1. I guess the whole “joke” concept is a little alien to you.

      Somehow, I am not surprised.

  33. Greyhound Driver Stops At Motel To Rest With Bus Full Of Passengers

    SEE?! The safety of passengers *is* their primary concern!

  34. Was I not supposed to do that? Was that wrong?

    1. she has been constant with her statement of saying that at least on one occasion while he was on duty, in his uniform, that he had sex with her while she was 16-years-old

      Emphasis added. Must have been *rough* sex.

      1. Did he shot a dog while he ejaculated?

        1. Not sure. They haven’t shown the girl’s picture.

          But he has a bulldog face and neck,so,I,can’t imagine her being any kind of prize beauty.

    2. He’s got a very punchable pig face.

  35. On the one-year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attack, a knife-wielding man wearing a fake suicide vest who reportedly shouted “Allahu akbar” has been shot dead by Paris police.

    So was he a “youth”? Or a “French man”? I’d put my money on a Florida Man.

    1. Florida Man is less “Allahu akbar” and more “Hold my beer and watch this”

    2. Florida Man is less “Allahu akbar” and more “Hold my beer and watch this”

      1. *sets trash barrel on fire, places ramp…*

        1. *Tosses in copy of Koran, puts on Youtube. Obama outraged. Muslims abroad kill western charity workers*

    3. Eh, I’m starting to come around to the notion that we shouldn’t call these people Muslims. Revealed preferences and all — people insult God all the time in the West (and Jesus, for that matter, who is theoretically a co-equal prophet in their eyes), and yet it’s only insults against Mo that are punished with death. Clearly Mo is more important than God to them, so we should call them Mohammed-worshippers.

      1. There is already a term for that, ‘Mohamedans’. It’s kind of fallen out of favor in the same way as ‘negro’ or ‘colored’. So really it’s the perfect word to call them, primed and ready for use.

  36. I asked this yesterday, does anyone here either own a Bushmaster ACR or have experience shooting one? ACR vs XCR, which would you buy?

    1. I have limited experience, but:

      Cool idea, but looks/feels like it was designed by committee. Heavy. Reliable. Expensive. Bushmaster has a good customer service record, in my opinion.

      Cool idea, controls are a little more nicely placed (for me) than the ACR. Took a long time to get into production. Light (or at least it *felt* a lot lighter than the ACR – maybe partly my perception). Better price. Reliability was an issue, but this may be fixed by now. I don’t have firsthand experience, but complaints about customer service with RobArm are very common.

      But you know you *want* an FN M249S!

      1. Hi d3x / dt3, thanks for replying. I didn’t mention that I’m in Canada in my post.

        ACR: Was it the enhanced or the basic? I was considering the basic because of 1) how expensive the enhanced is and 2)not wanting to spend that much for a quad rail when all I’d be using it for would be a light and/or a bipod.

        XCR: Was it a keymod version? That’s one of the things I don’t particularly like about current production XCRs, my impression is it’s difficult to get a quad rail instead of keymod…kind of a problem with the upper being monolithic. Price here would be about the same as the ACR. I’ve heard reliability is still and issue (do they still have problems with steel-cased ammo?). One of the upsides to both the ACR and the XCR is that OEM spare parts are available up here. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s even worse/nonexistent up here. 🙁

        Of course I do, I’m not a Fudd. Unfortunately…Canada.

    2. I have a sig 516 I really like.

        1. The Norincos are $600 here, unfortunately it’s not possible to get 10 rounders for them. 🙁

        2. And non-chinese 308 ammo is super expensive here.

      1. Hi FloridaMan, thanks for replying.

        AR-heresy! 😛

        I’ve got two AR uppers already (two Colt Canada Diemaco IURs), and spare parts for ARs are surprisingly easy to buy up here – I don’t even know if parts proprietary to the 516/716 are available here. Which is a fairly major concern of mine due to the political climate in both provincially and federally :(…I need some 0% and 80% receivers.

    3. This is a libertarian website sir. We do not own guns or believe in the 2nd amendment. Although I heard that piston driven is the way to go…

  37. New Dietary Guidelines: Cut Sugar, Eat More Veggies

    The federal government’s new dietary guidelines come out Thursday, after a year of arguments, lobbying and directives from Congress.

    For the first time, the guidelines recommend limiting added sugar to 10 percent or less of calories.

    They also recommend that people eat more fruit, vegetables and whole wheat and point out most Americans do not eat a healthy diet, are overweight and risk getting heart disease and other illnesses as a result.

    The guidelines suggest cutting salt and saturated fat but stop short of telling people to eat less red or processed meat despite the strong evidence that both can cause cancer.

    wheat… lol.

    1. Wheat — the fuck?

    2. these articles are related. It shows that the government reads nutritional information selectively through a “puritan” filter. In the end they want no use of coffee, alcohol, meat or dairy and want to push everyone toward a vegan diet because it’s more aligned with Gaia. These “experts” ignore the mountains of science to the contrary of their puritan impulses.

      1. They are following the religion of environmentalism. Such policy is a clear violation of the 1A.

      2. That precautionary dial only turns one way. “Might be wrong? Well, yeah, but I might be right, too.”

    3. In fairness, cutting soft drinks would do a ton for people who haven’t. Ditto fruit juice. It’s astonishing just how much of that crap people drink.

      Oh Christ, I’m starting to sound like a vegan.

      1. Actual 100% fruit juice or the juice beverages with 10% plus sugar content?

        1. added sugar content…

          1. Honestly, if you’re not chugging the stuff it’s not a big deal. If you’re treating it like a water substitute, well…

        2. Negligible sugar content difference.

        3. Both are garbage.

      2. Are vegans not allowed to eat fruit? I thought that was one of the few things they could eat.

        1. I just mean the nauseating moral posturing. I *am* astonished with how much soda people drink and, looking back, how much I used to drink. But it’s not like I’d slap a coke out of someone’s hand and lecture them on sugar consumption. Yet.

    4. We get the government we deserve, good and hard.

      1. I dunno, man. I seem to be getting the government that a bunch of other assholes deserve.

    5. Wheat? Like I need my dick to shoot off and explode.

    6. These seem less horrible than the previous recommendations. And who pays attention to the fucking USDA dietary guidelines, anyway? Fat fucks, that’s who. Don’t be a fat fuck.

      1. Says a guy who eats an entire side of beef every morning, bones and all, and then spends the rest of the day alternately chugging gallons of Muscle Milk and whiskey.

        1. Muscle Milk???? What do you think I am? I’m a NOW Foods 100% whey protein isolate man, dumbass.

          1. Muscle Milk is so gross. There are way better proteins out there, for sure.

            Isolate is the way to go.

            1. Isolate, and a blend too. /brodown

              I went through an unflavored casein phase…never again.

          2. What do you think I am?

            You are this age’s incarnation of Thrakz??r, the Devourer, and your coming was foretold.

        2. But he isn’t fat… just HUGE.

          1. Speaking of er, supplements, I was going to ask your recommendations, el-Master of the Iron Plate

          2. He benches the half-cow before he eats it, of course. 600 reps.

    7. If government wanted to cut sugar intake, they’d put price controls on it SO LOW that nobody could profitably sell it at that price. Such a scheme is beyond the comprehension of central planning progtards because low prices on bad stuff is bad.

  38. I’ve been thinking over the last few months and I’d like to get you people thoughts on this.

    I’ve been a self identified libertarian over the last 10 years, and I’ve been trying to live my life according to those principles. Yeah, I’m a lurker, I don’t comment much mostly ’cause I’m a slow reader and, uhm… I kinda have a life to live every now and then…

    But, being out of a job since last September, I’ve been thinking; I’ve been an advocate of libertarianism for a while, and a vocal one at that. I did door to door for the PCQ last Quebec elections. I try to tell people that they are getting fucked, but, it’s as if they don’t care, and they keep voting for the idiots that will fuck them.

    My point is, if I’m going to be forced into gay-ass sex (NTTIAWWT) even if I don’t want to, shouldn’t the Virtue of Selfishness make it ok for me to try to be on top, at least ? I hate civil servants and I voted for the Woodchipper Act of 2015, but uhm… they are the ones that are getting all the perks right now… thinking of applying.

    1. I’m sorry, what’s your question? If it’s about sex, you are definitely in the wrong place and should go here instead.

      1. I think he’s asking if it’s okay to become a government worker… ?

        Based on the number of parasites civil servants we have as regulars, why not? Consider it going under cover.

        1. Consider it going under cover.

          Or being a watchdog. Or undermining from within.

          You do what you have to to survive. But as Restoras points out below, be aware of the risks.

          1. Like having to move to Russia?

            1. Remove the question mark.

              1. Funnily enough, I lived with a Russian flatmate that got here with his parents in 92. His dad told me he missed the old country because you could bribe anyone. He got himself out of serving in Afghanistan by bribing his commanding officer with a bottle of vodka. I kind of get his point.

      2. Not clicking on that

        1. [said cheerily, too cheerily for believability] It’s just SugarFree’s blog. What could be wrong or scary about that?

          1. Oh I’ve been lurking every now and then. Just enough to be well aware of KetoDiet’s literary reputation.

        2. Run. Now. Don’t look back.

    2. Personally, I see no conflict in that but just realize that if the libertarian moment does come and you lose your job, you are ok with that.

      1. Yeah, if I ever get a job in the public sector, there is definitely going to be a picture of Ron Swanson on my desk. I’ll tell them he’s my dead dad or something. They won’t know, and those who will won’t care. French-Canadians are that cut off from the Anglo culture.

        1. Nick Offerman…. [wipes flecks of drool from corners of mouth]

    3. I feel your pain. I look for government work too, from time to time, because student loan forgiveness. But there’s a ton of competition for those jobs, just fyi. And the timeline for replying to your interest seems to be “whenever the fuck we feel like it.” Oh, and the cronyism.

      1. I considered it once or twice but then I got to thinking that working for the government is probably no more fun than sitting around in a government office so I nixed that idea.

        1. Good point. I just see $$. (lol) even though I know if I wait a little longer I will be making more on my own . . . it’s just hard for me to be patient.

    4. You can be on the government payroll and be libertarian. I would guess that’s how a lot of people get here. It’s difficult to buy the benevolent and wise government story once you’ve seen how they make the sausage.

      That’s how Sowell came to some of his ideas (he’s not libertarian, but holds many libertarian ideas especially economically). Maybe it’s a bit hypocritical but it’s possible without completely selling out.

      1. That’s how Sowell came to some of his ideas

        And Milton Friedman (also not a libertarian). Of course, unlike Sowell, his pre-enlightenment phase had lasting consequences for all of us (income tax withholding).

    5. Door to door libertarianism? In Quebec? Better off trying to sell Bell products.

      1. Want to laugh ? I tried to present myself against Lis?e. Oh and I did tried to sell Bell products at one point…. geez I’m slow at learning….

        1. Lisee?

          The guy who thinks his political nonsense is akin to the Jefferson and Founding Fathers?

          Man, that letter to the editor in the NYT with Drainville was hilarious and sad at the same time.

    6. As penance, you must write an anonymous blog about how fucked up everything is there.

    7. Well I will provide a counterpoint to most responses here and say that anyone who works for the state is perpetuating the oppression of millions and living off stolen money while he does so. If you are a minarchist it might not be hypocritical, but as an anarchist I consider it totally unacceptable morally.

      1. Nikki as the voice of reason, yet again. I’m guessing she’s the worst because she has principles and actually adheres to them–and that makes some people feel bad.

        Seriously, why would you want to work for the government, anyway? Why would you willingly be part of the problem?

        1. Cause you gots to get paid. I’m an anarchist, but I don’t begrudge those who take a job with the gov. There are literally millions of them out there, someone’s gonna get that job, etc. But unless it’s exactly the kind of job you want and the service is practically monopolized by the government, I’d say you should look elsewhere. Chances are the job won’t be fulfilling anyway, and while there’s not likely to be any practical difference in the world, it’s certainly nice to hold to your principles and avoid voluntary association with the state.

      2. Thank you for your contrarian opinion. I think it’s only thru fruitful debate that you get to either change or reassert your opinion. See, Nikki, you are not the wellll I won’t say it.

        But… you do realize that that stolen money has been stolen from me for the whole of my adult life ? And even if I don’t want to. I could try to leave, but I don’t know anymore if there is any places worth moving to, (Yup, Alberta is starting to suck really bad, and don’t get me to talk about the US until Emperor Trump). But, I’m gonna get that money stolen from me anyway.

        And wouldn’t an anarchist be profiteering from the system instead of letting him or her or Xself abused by it if he or she or X had no choice in the decision ? Wouldn’t an anarchist not hesitate to abuse of the system he see as unfair just to better show how unfair it is ?

        1. I’m torn on this as well. As an ancap, should i be doing everything i can to avoid participating in an almost-all-encompassing system of oppression? Or should i seek to profit from what i cannot change, to loot while there’s loot to get? Can i afford my principles? It’s depressing.

          1. I don’t know, everybody’s got to make their own choices, but for me, I feel like there’s no sin in taking a government job if there aren’t better options. I actually saw an enlightening exchange with someone affiliated with the Blue Ridge Liberty Project (before it became this weird primitivist neo-Marxist thing) who was asked why they decided on NC instead of a state with no income tax. She basically said that they didn’t believe the state was legitimate and so certainly weren’t going to let state policies determine where they’d live. They picked Asheville for the culture and the climate, and could always find ways to work around the state as much as possible.

            I would say that taking a government job for the express purpose of “looting” would be wrong; after all, that’s just compounding the theft. I get the “burn it down” approach, but what people really see is a bad government employee, not a bad government. If you really don’t have a better choice, I’d say take the job and try to do it as much in accordance with your principles as you can.

            1. To me, the only reason to live in NC would be to be close to Sup Dogs in Greenville. Best hot dogs I ever had.

              But no, not my intention to loot, au contraire, but be a productive member of society (a bit) and maybe try to stop the looting. Or tune it down a bit.

              Oh and as a Canadian, I am sorry for the DC traffic. Been there, was really bad. WHY SO MUCH STOP LIGHTS !?

            2. To clarify, when i say “looting,” i don’t necessarily mean getting your corruption on, but taking advantage of what’s already been stolen (the theft of which you were powerless to prevent in the first place). In the context of having a government job, in other words, i mean “drawing a paycheck.”

              1. Yeah, I see what you mean. I think that’s sort of the same thing I’m getting at, too. I’m looking forward to a time when we have a society that’s ready to organize itself along purely voluntary lines without the desire for government, but in the meantime I want to at least mitigate the shittiness of the situation to as it is to the extent I’m capable while telling people that there’s a better way.

        2. Were you working in O&G? I’m in Alberta as well, and also worked in O&G.

      3. Whoa, man. I mean, I see what you’re saying, but I could just as easily take the argument further and say that, as an anarchist, if you obey any laws you’re tacitly conceding the legitimacy of the state, and therefore behaving hypocritically. And that would be petty, not to mention counterproductive. You work for the world you want to see, but you live in the world that is.

    8. I was in much the same boat. Look at it this way. If you’re, say, a carpenter, and the government has pretty much shoved all the private carpentry firms out of the market, you’re not betraying your principles by taking a government job. If your options are work for the government, starve, or live on the dole, the first choice is the least bad. And besides, within libertarianism there’s plenty of room for government in some form or another, so I would look at it as an opportunity to in some small way influence existing government in a more libertarian direction.

      I’m a web developer just outside of DC. Basically, if you work in any kind of IT or tech in this area and refuse to work with the government in one form or another you’re not going to work at all. I eventually found a job with the University of Maryland and even then I work right alongside the EPA. At the end of the day, I’ve got an infant daughter and a mortgage, and until I can afford to move out of the area, I gotta do what I gotta do. And honestly, a day doesn’t go by when there isn’t something I can point to and say to a coworker, “See, that’s why I’m a libertarian (or voluntaryist, if they won’t get freaked out).” So in a way it’s good PR, and if we’re gonna get this thing off the ground, it’s gonna take people developing positive associations with libertarianism.

    9. Hey Bro,

      My two cents. I feel that most libertarians believe in limited government. There is certainly a percentage who wish for no government but i think that most of us realize that some government is necessary if only for courts and defense.

      If there must be some government, then there must be by extension some government workers.

      Perhaps your moral quandary could be avoided if you can fully commit to the idea of being an actual civil servant. Meaning that you are there to preform acts to benefit the people whose taxes pay you. Not a petty bureaucrat, not an obstructionist ass, but rather someone who genuinely tries to add value thru the work they do.

      Every once in a while I run across a government worker is is pleasant and helpful. It always stands out in my mind and I think, ‘this person, at least, is not stealing from me”.

      1. I agree, there are what we call private goods and public goods, which is why I spent a few voluntary years in the reserve to learn how to use a gun properly, to defend myself and my fellow citizens, proud of that. Defense is a necessary function of government.

        Actual civil servant. I like the term. If I get a job in public, that is gonna be in my signature.

        That could be a certified title. ACS, like CPA or something.

  39. Was Barack Obama’s presidency just a short-lived experiment in leftism?

    As for the rest of Obama’s legacy, much of it is TBD. This year’s presidential election is, in large part, a contest over what will become of it?meaning Obama will have more at stake on November 8 than anyone but the contenders themselves. If Hillary Clinton wins, she will presumably be George H.W. Bush to Obama’s Ronald Reagan, establishing the durability of Obama’s electoral coalition, preserving his domestic policies from rapid reversal and perhaps forcing major changes in the GOP. If she loses, the Obama presidency will look more like an extravagant interlude, a gamble on a leftward lurch that devastated the Democratic Party at the congressional and state level without creating an enduring legacy at the federal one.

    1. Obama the liberal culture warrior is, in part, a function of his political base, what journalist Ronald Brownstein calls the “coalition of the ascendant”?the minority, young and affluent white voters who powered his election and reelection. Whether this coalition is the linchpin of an enduring Democratic advantage in presidential elections is one of the questions that will be answered in November. Regardless, it has cemented the indispensability of identity politics to the Democrats. To win, they must slice and dice the electorate and energize their favored bits of it, often through the politics of fear?the police dogs and the men in the white hoods are always lurking just out of view. This is why racism has been such a ready accusation during the Obama era, and why Clinton will lean as heavily on the charge of sexism when she is, inevitably, challenged and criticized. The Democrats have become the party of micro-aggression.

    2. Was Barack Obama’s presidency just a short-lived experiment in leftism?

      More like a long-lived experiment in polarization of the two “major” political parties distilled into 7 years.

      1. I got into it in face derp with the social circle of an ex boss who has a side business as a firearms instructor (naturally in the people’s republic of MA, everyone else thinks he has been deluded by the NRA). In the discussion of Obama’s actions, someone claimed nothing could be done because executive orders have no mechanism to be checked. Au contraire, I said, Congress can impeach, which in Obama’s case is well overdue.

        This erupted a firestorm; I was told by many that Obama hadn’t done a single thing to warrant impeachment.

        So I started listing things, beginning with the aggresive war on Libya that contrevened both the War Powers Act, *and* the foundational treaty of the United Nations. somewhere in the middle, I included the unlawful waiver of provisions of Obamacare and how it violated his oath of office to faithfully execute the laws passed by Congress. I concluded with the matrix of disposition and the inclusion of opponents of the Saudi and Yemeni regimes , pointing out that those who remembered Reagan’s support for El Salvadoran right-wing death squads should be particularly upset by the last one.

        Blessed silence afterward. I’m most proud of the latter. Yes, it was a nut punch. Yes it pandered to their anti-Reagan prejudices. But… they had it comin’.

        1. Nice. I am interested in your ideas, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

        2. because executive orders have no mechanism to be checked

          I swear I remember a court blocking his executive fiat on amnesty for illegals.

          1. Yeah, executive orders can definitely be checked, but they have to step outside of the lines drawn by the law. Congress is more than happy in most cases to grant wide latitude to the executive, lest they be tasked with actually understanding something before legislating on it. Which is all the more reason why treating the Presidential election as a popularity contest is so dangerous.

  40. “a knife-wielding man wearing a fake suicide vest who reportedly shouted “Allahu akbar” has been shot dead by Paris police.”

    Ugh. Racial profiling.

  41. Used to see “Dissent Is the Highest Form of Patriotism” stickers on prog cars in 2006. Haven’t seen one since.

    I Wonder why.

    1. Cash for Clunkers bought ’em all up?

  42. So, about this Yellowstone eruption thing: I live in Colorado. Should I be shopping for real estate on the East Coast?

    1. Unless you’d like to be living on the New Middle Coast, probably.

    2. Nah. Come to Arizona. We’ll be good down here.


    3. Be sure to buy an electric vehicle, too…. ’cause you know… TEH ENVIRONMENT!

    4. I imagine a lot depends on which way the wind is blowing that week.

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